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This is my first guide so it might not be amazing.  I am going to skip stuff about 
the card game because I'm not good at it, but you can get some valuble items with 
Quezacotl's card thing. 

Balamb Garden
    First Dr. Kadowaki asks for your name.  Then all you have to do is follow 
Quistis to the classroom until she dismisses the class.  If you want to, speak with 
the other students, but then go back to your desk and press "x".  Pick the tutorial 
section so you can get your 1st 2 Guardian Forces(GF), Quezacotl and Shiva.  You 
may want to go through different things in the tutorial to learn the basics.  Then 
maybe check your other choices on the panel until you decide you want to play.  
    Out in the hallway you run into a girl and asks if you can take her on a tour.  
It's a good idea so that way you will also learn all the places.  When that is 
done, I suggest that you visit the training center to level up.  Be sure to eguip 
your GF's though.  In the training center you'll come across this purple thing sort 
of on the ground.  This is a draw point.  You can take magic from it and then use 
it in battle.  It will refill, but it may take awhile. After you level up a bit, go 
to your Dormitory.  Go into the bedroom and press "x" to observe the bed.  Choose 
rest up so you and your GF's will heal.  
    You hopefully have learned to teach your GF's different abilities.  You should 
teach Quezacotl T Mag-RF which will uncover Mid Mag-RF.  When you learn Mid Mag-RF 
you can change 5 Blizzard spells into a Blizzara spell.  This will help you greatly 
in the Fire Cavern.  
    Next you should go to the front gate and meet Quistis.  She will give you a 
tutorial there, and when you get to the fire cavern.  While on your way to the fire 
cavern, you may run into some enemies.  You should have one of you draw some magic 
from these while the other attacks or uses a GF.  You should stockpile as much 
magic as possible and junction it to one or both your characters.  

Fire Cavern
    For this test, you have to beat the boss Ifrit within a timelimit you choose.  
If you have leveled up a bit and got Shiva up to level 6 or higher, you should 
definately choose 10 minutes.  The less time remaining on the timer when you beat 
Ifrit, the higher your score.  
    Ifrit has 1068 hit points.  Use Shiva and ice magic against him.  Do NOT use 
Fire magic because he absorbs it and it heals him.  After you win, you get a G-
Returner, Ifrit's Card, 20 AP(helps GF's learn abilities), and Ifrit becomes one of 
your GF's. 

Dollet SeeD Field Exam
    When you get back to Balamb Garden, you should go back to your dorm and change 
your clothes the same way you rested.  Then you should rest again.  I suggest you 
use the save point here too.  Go back to the main hall when you want to start your 
    You will be with Seifer and Zell for your mission.  First you have to go to 
Balamb, just follow the road and you'll get there.  Then board the assault boat 
    You will recieve your orders on the boat.  They are pretty simple.  Since Zell 
and Seifer are in your party, make sure you junction them with GF's.  Remember that 
you are being graded here.  For every conversation you will lose a point, except 
when you get to the town square, you will have to talk to Seifer.  You just have to 
be patient and keep talking to Seifer until he orders you to go to the 
Communications tower.
    Soon you'll meet up with Selphie, who needs to deliver a message to Seifer, but 
he's run off.  Do NOT take Selphie's shortcut, you will lose 5 points, go around 
the long way.  Make sure you give her Seifer's GF, she will have any magic that 
Seifer had.  When you go in the tower, get the draw point and save the game.  Then 
go up the elevator.
    After a cutscene you'll be fighting Biggs.  Be sure to drw Ensuna magic from 
him, it is very good.  He is very easy to beat so make sure you stock up.  Wedge 
will show up in the middle of the battle.  Wedge has a cure spell you can draw and 
use on your group when needed.  When you inflict enough damage, they will be blown 
away and Elvoret comes.
    The 1st thing you want to do is draw Siren(a GF) from him.  Try drwing double 
also, which can help you in future battles, but he has a great defense against 
magic, so just use your GF's.  After you win, you get 2 Elixers, 2 Cottages, 3 G-
Returners, and Weapons Mon Mar(March edition of weapons monthly)
    Go back down the elevator and save, you may want to use some potions or cure 
magic to heal up a bit for yet another boss fight.
    You now have only 30 minutes to get to the transport ship on the beach.  But X-
ATM092 is trying to stop you.  Use thunder magic and Quezacotl to bring down its 
hit points.  After so much damageyou have no choice but to run.  If, however, you 
are at level 17 or higher and Quezacotl is at level 15 or so, you can try and kill 
it.  It is worth 50 AP, but it will still regenerate, only fight it if you know it 
will be quick and easy, otherwise just run.  When you get back to the Centra 
lSquare, talk to the dog to save it or else you lose 10 points on your exam.  The 
more time left on your timer, the higher your score. 
I will continue to add more guides for this game as I have the time.

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