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Post Exam
    Stop and talk to Quistis, Xu, and Cid in the main hall.  Then go find Seifer 
outside the library and talk with him.  Then go tgo the 2nd floor hallway and just 
talk to everyone.  Eventually the weird-looking dudes will call you and Zell.  You 
are taken to Cid's office.  After the graduation talk to Cid.  He'll give you a 
battle meter.  It gives you different info on how you are doing, how far you 
walked, # of battles fought, won, and how many you've run away from.  Then go back 
to the classroom.  You will get your SeeD rank after this, a good start is about 
level 6 or so.  Now you will get paid regularly.  The higher the rank, the more Gil
(currency) you get.  You can take tests to increase your SeeD rank, find the 
answers in the cheats section.
    Now you go to the dance and this one girl dances with you and stuff.  Then 
Quistis asks you to meet her in the Secret Area.  Just go to the training center to 
meet her.  Make sure you have GF's junctioned to both of you.  To get to the secret 
place go left twice and you will find a save point.  There's a hallway to the 
immediate left, go down it.
    When you leave go back the way you came, make sure you save.  You'll hear a 
scream and you'll see Granaldo.  Granaldo and his Raldos have protect and shell, 
you should stock up on these.  Do NOT kill Granaldo 1st, then the Raldos will beat 
the crap out of you, they are pretty strong.  You may want to put Granaldo to 
sleep, then the Raldos won't attack you, so you can concentrate on killing them.  
When the Raldos are dead, use Quezacotl.  After you win, go back to your dorm.
    In the morning, check your desk to find a copy of Weapons Mon Apr.  It is a 
good idea to start taking the tests now and also level up as to make future battles 

First Mission
    Meet everyone towards the front gate to get your assignment.  Remember the 
password phrase, "But the owls are still around."  You'll need this phrase when you 
get to Timber.  After the meeting, talk to Cid, he will give you a Magical Lamp.
    The Magical Lamp can be used at any time, however, you should save your game 
before you use it.  When you use it, you will get a chance to get the GF Diablos.  
He is very hard, I had to use so many potions and cure spells and phoenix downs, it 
may be smarter to level up a lot.  Diablos' attack Gravija leaves each member at 
1/4 health.  There are two strategies to fight Diablos.  When you win, you get 
Diablos as a GF and his card.

Strategy 1
    First you can draw Diablos' Demi magic and use it against him, I don't 
recommend this if you have leveled up a lot, but if you are at like level 15 or so, 
it may be your strongest attack.  Demi will NOT kill him, so have 1 or two 
characters use physical attacks and attack magic and Quezacotl.

Strategy 2
    Diablos' Gravija will lower everyone's HP to where they can use their Limit 
Breaks.  Selphie's is useful because she can continue to cast full-cure spells 
after each Gravija attack, but you may have to use the "o button trick" (if 
Selphie's Limit Break doesn't appear when it's her turn, keep pressink the "o" 
button until it appears)  You might have to pick "do over" instead of "cast" to 
hope that the next spell is good.  If you can't do the limit break with whoever has 
Quezacotl then use that GF.  
Once again I will still continue to write more when I have more time.    

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