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    Final Fantasy VIII
 Disk 3 bosses 
By: Cloud_XIII (13)

                  ***Disk 3 bosses***

                     Now, idn't this helpful! At the start of this battle,Squall 
tells the group Abadon's weakness, cure magic. By now you should have some Curaga 
spels in someone's inventory,(if you don't, Abadon has cure magic you can draw. What 
an idiot, having his own weaknes in his draw list, stupid.)but the real winner is 
Leviathan's Recover ability, it causes 9999 damage to Abadon.You can also make a one 
hit kill with an Elixer, X-Potion, or a Pheonix down.


                     This is kinda hard, but not to hard. Defeat the first purple 
Propagater( Lets call them Props. for now, O.K.?), the one you first see, and then 
go thru the giant door and go thru the door on the left before the red Prop. gets 
ya. then beat this purple Prop. O.K., time for the reds, kill the one you saw in the 
hall, then go back twards the place you first got to the Ragnarok, then kill the 
other red Prop. Then keep going to the place where Rinoa asked for a hug from 
Squall, then kill the yellow Prop. After that go to the place where you killed the 
seccont purple Prop., then go thru the door on the left and run past the green Prop. 
on the elevator and go thru the door on the left. Exterminate this aggresive Prop. 
and then kill the one on the elevator. ONE LEFT!! head back to the place where you 
killed the first purple Prop. and go thru the tiny door on the right. Kill this guy 
and get back on the elevator where the first green Prop. was and see a cute movie 

                    #3/Fujin-Rajin combo

                     These guys are back for more, and this time theyr'e ready. cast 
reflect on both of them 'cause Fujin casts support magic on both herself and Rajin. 
Summon Doomtrain and then do what ever you want to do( don't worry, the negitive 
status efects Doomtrain does won't backfire on you party.) to defeat them.

                    #4/ Mobile Type 8, left/right pod  

                     Steal items from all the parts of it's body, but don't worry 
about it's counter attack, Twin homing laser, it only does around 600 dammage to a 
single character. But do watch out for the corona, it takes all but one of your HP, 
draw curaga to heal party members before it uses Medigo flame, witch does about 2300 
dammage to all of your party members. Use Quezacotl,Thundaga, and phisical attacks 
to defeat him.

                     #5/ Final fight with... Seifer! (last boss) 

                      Draw aura from Seifer and try to get 100 of them in stock. 
This is an easy fight, sow play around a little. Also, if you have Odin at this 
point in the game, he'll show up, but Seifer cuts him in half... He pay because 
latter in the battle Gilgamesh will show and say " I have the fourth... did you give 
it to me? Then dodge my sword!!!" or something like that, this time Seifer gets cut 
in half! HAHA!!! from now on Gilgamesh will show up instead of Odin, and he can even 
show up durring Boss battles! But he has different swords, they are:

 Zantetsuken: Instant death to all
 Massamune: Increadably strong attack against all
 Excalaber: Strong attack against all
 Excalipoor: 1 dammage to all

  ( Massamune is the name of Sephiroth's sword, from Final Fantasy 7, remember?)


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