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                           DODGEBALL TYPES
                   Monsters Inc. Scream Arena
           Hi. I am happy to be writing yet another FAQ to this site.
           I will be telling you what the types are,where they can be found,
           and the effects they have on opponents. Please make 
           use of this guide.
         Contents                    By ZeldaMaster20
        1. Basics
        2. Advanced
        3. Controls(bonus)
        4. Conclusion         
*****************************1.BASIC BALLS*************************************

-----------------------------*BIG RED*-----------------------------------------
             Description: This big red dogdeball is the only ball 
             that can be used to block, besides the glowing green ball,
             which is only seen in special levels. This ball is very 
             useful, but sometimes confusing when it comes to blocking.
             Unlike the BASHER, this doesn\'t ussually knock opponents
             down. Use it mostly when you need to quickly knock down 
             an opponent. You only get 5 points for hitting an opponent 
             in scoring levels.

             Locations: Mostly seen in every level. Most common in
             blocking levels, but averagly, there is about 2-4 balls
             in a normal level.

             Effects: Not much. One is blocking, which is most common.
             Otherwise, no effect other than hitting an opponent.

             Appearance: A big, red ball. pretty basic.


              Description: Small but powerful. This small ball is
              the most common in the game, and a very handy amount
              is in each level. You can not block with this, but
              use it to knock back an opponent before he strikes you.

              Locations: Do I even have to go through this? These are 
              seen in each and every level. Don\'t worry about losing these.

              Effects: This can knock an opponent back 99% of the time.

              Appearance: A small, violet ball. nothing more to it.

-----------------------*GLOWING GREEN BALL*------------------------------------
              Description: What a bunch of uselessness! You can not
              use this to throw. You can only use it to block like BIG RED.
             What you must do is hold this the longest on the special levels.
              Try too keep it away from your opponents!

              Locations: Only on the special levels which you need
              to use it on.
              Effects: When holding this, it records more time that
              you\'ve been holding it. 

              Appearance: A big, ball that is bright green with electric
              charges around it(don\'t worry, it won\'t shock you!).
*************************2.ADVANCED BALLS**************************************
                             *BUBBLE BALL* 
                Description: A small ball that can trap your 
                opponents in a bubble for a short time. It is a
                pretty useful dodgeball, so use it to stun them 
                and then wreck havoc.

                Locations: The APARTMENT level. Find an extra 1 
                by running into the TV. Also seen rarely in HARRY
                HAUSEN\'S, LOCKER ROOM and LAUGH FLOOR.
                Effects: Traps your opponent in a bubble for 5 

                Appearance: A small, clear ball.

-----------------------------*SLIME BALL*--------------------------------------

                Description: An incredibly disgusting ball. It is the
                first advanced ball in the game, and has the same 
                properties as the BUBBLE BALL. Use it wisely.

                Locations: Mostly STIMULATION ROOM, MONSTERS
                INC. LOBBY(run into snack machine), and LOCKER ROOM 
                AND LAUGH FLOOR.

                Effects: Sticks your opponent to the ground for 6 seconds.

                Appearance: A small, bright green ball.

------------------------------*YOYO BALL*--------------------------------------

                Description: Quite a handy ball. This is incredibly
                useful. First spotted in APARTMENT, i think you\'ll
                find a liking to this ball.

                Locations: Mostly APARTMENT, also LOCKER ROOM and 
                LAUGH FLOOR, and others.
                Effects: Same effects as others, but when you throw it
                and hit someone it comes back! It can come back up to 3
                times. If you move away to fast when thrown, It will fail
                to come back.

                Appearance: A small ball with 2 divided sections. 
                It is orange with white in the middle.

-------------------------*CRAZY BALL*---------------------------------------

                 Description: Not very exciting. I think this ball gets
                 as much respect as the basher, except for the cool contact
                 sound effect. I think this ball was misnamed.

                 Locations: Mostly MAIN STREET, also LAUGH FLOOR and
                 HARRY HAUSEN\'S.

                 Effects: Same exact as the BASHER. Hit an opponent
                 and it knockes \'em back. Slightly cooler than BASHER.

                 Appearance: A small, silver ball.

---------------------------*HAMPSTER BALL*-------------------------------------
                Description: This is one of my favorite balls in in the game.
                This is the funnest, but be careful. You can be knocked right
                out of it!

                Locations: ONLY MAIN STREET(What a big rip-off!).

                Effects: When you pick up this ball, you can roll
                in a hampster ball for 10 seconds. All you do is run
                into an opponent to knock \'em down. Simple enough?

                Appearance: A small, white ball with a black circle and
                2 lines inside(huge ball when picked up!).

-----------------------------*BEACH BALL*--------------------------------------

             Description: A cool ball. It is colorful, yet dangerous.
             This ball is very hard to block.

             Locations: MAIN STREET, not found in other levels.

            Effects: When you throw this ball, it makes a bird sound
            effect. It also goes flying everywhere, but sometimes hard
            to hit someone with.

            Appearance: A small ball with various colors such as blue,
            red, and yellow on it.

-------------------------------*GHOST BALL*------------------------------------

                  Description: A spooky ball. Sometimes hard to hit someone
                  with. Don\'t worry about this ball being blocked!

                  Locations: MONSTER\'S INC. LOBBY, HARRY HAUSEN\'S,
                  LOCKER ROOM, and LAUGH FLOOR.

                  Effects: This ball is easy to get your hands on,
                  and when thrown, it can\'t be blocked. But don\'t
                  get too happy. Make sure it\'s not used against you!

                  Appearance: A small, white ball with 2 ghost fins 
                  and a menacing smile.

-----------------------------*MORPH BALL*--------------------------------------

            Description: Another favorite. This is one of the funniest balls
            in the game. Have fun with it!

            Locations: MONSTER\'S INC. LOBBY(run into soda machine for extra 
            and rarely HARRY HAUSEN\'S.

            Effects: When you hit someone with this ball, they turn into
            a ball themselves! Do you now know why it\'s a favorite?
            You can pick them up and throw them in ball form.
            The ball form lasts 10 seconds.

            Appearance: A small, bright orange ball.

---------------------------*BACKWARDS BALL*------------------------------------

            Description: This ball is complicated when hit with it.
            All I have to say is BE CAREFUL!

            Locations: MONSTER\'S INC. LOBBY and LOCKER ROOM.

            Effects: WHen hit with this ball, it reverses your controls.
            It lasts only about 7 seconds.

            Appearance: A small, dark green ball.

-----------------------------*CHICKEN BALL*------------------------------------

            Description: A funny ball. These are smilar to ghost balls,
            but only in a certain way. These are very hard to catch.

            Locations: HARRY HAUSEN\'S and LAUGH FLOOR.

            Effects: When you throw this ball, it knocks your opponent
            back. It also can\'t be blocked itself.

            Appearance: A small white ball with orange legs and a chicken

-----------------------------*DISCO BALL*--------------------------------------

            Description: An effective ball. It is easy to find in
            HARRY HAUSEN\'S, but otherwise difficult to locate. I enjoy
            all the monster\'s cruddy dance moves.

            Locations: HARRY HAUSEN\'S and LAUGH FLOOR.

            Effects: When you hit someone with this ball, they will
            dance for about 5-6 seconds.

            Appearance: A small yellow ball.

-----------------------------*PEPPER BALL*-------------------------------------

           Description: A pretty useless ball if compared with the other 
           stun balls. It is 1 to use when in desperate need of stunning.

           Locations: HARRY HAUSEN\'S and LAUGH FLOOR.

           Effects: When you hit someone with this ball, they will sneeze
           for like 3 seconds. USELESS!!!

           Appearance: a small black ball with red dots.

----------------------------*SLOW-MO BALL*-------------------------------------

           Description: A descend ball! This only appears in 1 level 
           sadly. But enjoy it when you can!

           Locations: LOCKER ROOM ONLY.

           Effects: A ball that, when hit with, slows your opponent down.
           they will goes in slow motion when moving and throwing balls for
           about 8 seconds.

           Appearance: A small white ball with black stripes(or
           is it the other way around?).

-----------------------------*SCATTER BALL*------------------------------------

          Description: A ball in similar appearance to SLOW-MO BALL.
          it is dangerous. Just don\'t get near it when it\'s thrown!
          Locations: LOCKER ROOM and LAUGH FLOOR.

          Effects: When this ball is thrown once,whether it
          hits an opponent or not, will imploid as several BASHERS.
          Appearance: A small black and yellow ball.

----------------------------*PET BALL*-----------------------------------------
          Description: A ball that is simiar appearance to the CHCKEN BALL.
          It is capable of doing minor stunning multiple times.

          Locations: LAUGH FLOOR ONLY.

          Effects: IF you are the first to pick this ball up, you will
          \'own\' it. It will follow you around until you\'ve thrown it 3
          times. Be careful though. Try to pick up someone else\'s pet
          ball and it will bite, stunning you temporarily.

          Appearance: A small white ball with a doggy face and pink ribbon.

---------------------------*TICKLE BALL*---------------------------------------

              Description: Yet another stun ball. This is the
              rarest stun ball out there, and stuns for about 6 seconds.
              It is annoying too. Be careful!

              Locations: LAUGH FLOOR ONLY.

              Effects: When hit with this ball, you will laugh
              uncontrollably, which also stuns you. Lasts for about 6

              Appearance: A red-orange ball with a smily face and 2
              masive tickle hands.


    A button- pick up or throw balls.

    B button- use rapid sprint

    X button- Pick up or throw balls.

    Y button- NONE

    Z button- NONE 
    Right conrol stick- NONE

    Left control sticks- Move

    R button- Defend DOWN
    L button- Defend UP

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