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 ________    DD   RR
/    |   \   D D  R R
\____|___/   D D  RR   ..
             DD   R R  ..
M A R I O 64

Guide To Dr. Mario 64

Version 1.5 - About half the guide's complete

1. Basics

Dr. Mario 64 is a tetris-based game that was meant to be tetris until Dr. Mario 
needed a cold to cure.  That's how viruses got into the act.
The aim of the game is to destroy all viruses.  That was the original Dr. Mario's 
aim was.  The aim of Dr. Mario 64 is to destroy all viruses before your opponent(s) 
can.  Now, sometimes this can be as hard as trying to make an elephant fly with 100 
mice on board.  Sometimes this can be a walk in the park.  It all depends on:
A. How good you are
B. How good your opponent(s) is/are
C. How many viruses there are
You need to get four colors in a row in order for it to vanish.  Place three reds on 
a red virus, three blues on a blue virus, and three yellows on a yellow virus.

2. 1-P Mode

In 1-P Mode, you can go compete in the story as either Dr. Mario or Wario.  The 
story differs depending on who you are.  There are more than five characters to 
compete against, and as always, the last is the toughest, even on Easy mode.
Also in 1-P Mode, you can do the Classic Dr. Mario (no opponents), or go against an 

3. Multiplayer Mode

Here, the players can be one, two, three, or four.  The ones that aren't playing are 
CPUs.  You can do an everyone versus everyone, or a team battle.  Just like before, 
you need to get rid of all viruses before the others do.  There is a treat, however, 
on this mode.  Garbage.  In case you get rid of two or more viruses in one go, you 
send garbage to your foes.  The color of the virus you first deleted depends on 
where it's gonna go.

4. Hints and Tips

Try to send as much garbage as possible to your opponents before they can do to 
you.  Just remember, that if your bottle fills up, you lose (but, CPUs can do that 
aswell!).  When you get three viruses or less left to take care of, make sure that 
you don't fail.  In the options menu, there is a How To Play menu.  Go through all 
of those to learn a few good stuff!

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