Drivers and their Abilities - Guide for Destruction Derby Arenas

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Q: Who is the best driver in the game?

A: All depends on your purpose. Read on.

Q: Who is the strongest driver in the game?

A: There are three powerhouses: Danni Brennan, The Victim, and Lady Cassandra.

Q: I keep crashing! Who has the best grip?

A: Toffee and Yin Yang.

Q: I need to get better position. Who is fastest?

A: Jared Crane zooms past the competition.

Q: Which drivers should I avoid?

A: Sebastion Noire and Mako.

Q: Which driver should I take out first?

A: Jana Makucha is a nuiscanse. (How do you spell that?)

Q: I need a good starter!

A: Always begin your DD adventure as Set.

Q: In your opinion, who is the best driver.

A: Oh, very well. My favorite is The Victim, but be careful going around corners with
him. He didn't get his nickname for nothin'!

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