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Sup im here to teach u how to beat driving school. Im a show u the difficulty 
based on my opinion, what ur supposed to do, the name, and tips to beat it.

       |||||||||| |||||||||||||     |
       |                |          | |
       |                |         |   |
       |    |||||       |        |||||||
       |        |       |       |       |
       |        |       |      |         |
       ||||||||||       |     |           |

1. The 360: Bronze difficulty:1/10. Silver:1/10. Gold:2/10

    Info: This is probably the easiest one because u only have to use 2 
buttons and the directional stick. All u have to do is do a donut.
    Tips: Just hold square and X and move either left or right. Just do one 
and try to stop exactly where u started in order to get gold. simple as that.

2. The 180: Bronze difficulty:1/10. Silver:2/10 Gold:4/10

   Info: Pretty easy all u have to do is make a turn and go back to where u 

   Tips: Use the handbrake on the turn to get max results stop right before 
cone in the middle at the end to get gold.

3. Whip and terminate: Bronze:1/10 Silver:2/10 Gold:4\10

   Info: Just make a sharp turn and stop before the cone.

   Tips: Use the handbrake (R1) on the turn and stop right before the cones 
for gold.

4. Pop and Control: Bronze:3\10 Silver:5\10 Gold:7\10

   Info: The first hard drill u face. it took me a few tries to get gold. All 
u do is get your wheel popped. However then u have to go through a swerve and 
stop right before the cone for gold.

   Tips: dont use a brake on the turn and let go of the X button once the tire 
is popped. Dont overturn.

5. Burn and Lap: Bronze:2\10 Silver:4\10 Gold:6\10

   Info: Pretty hard but after a few tries u should get it. Just do five laps 
around a small course with two turns as fast as u can.

   Tips: Stay close to the inside cones but dont hit them. Use the handbrake 
on the turns and do it right before u reach the last inside cone, This should 
give u the best time.

6. Cone Coil: Bronze:3\10 Silver:5\10 Gold:8\10

   Info: Getting Gold is very hard. just go around three rows of cones and the 
turn back and go back then stop before a cone.

   Tips: Dont press the X button the hold time, let go of it a little. Use 
handbrake on turn and stop right before cone for gold. Harder than it sounds.

7. The 90: Bronze:3\10 Silver:6\10 Gold:8\10

   Info: Very Hard. Just do parallel parking

   Tips:Use handbrake and go a little outside and then turn in the parking 

8. Wheelie Weave: Bronze:2\10 Silver:3\10 Gold:6\10

   Info: Although Gold is fairly hard this is easy, just do a 2 wheeler up to 
a certain point and then stop on the point.

   Tips: No Tips just do a two wheeler and stop on the marker, u will have to 
move a little to the left to do the 2 wheeler.

9. Spin and Go: Bronze:1\10 Silver:2\10 Gold:5\10

   Info: Just back up turn around and go forward then stop.

   Tips: Look backward when backing up and when turning let go of X button 
then accelerate and stop just before the cone.

10. P.I.T. maneuver: Bronze:2\10 Silver:4\10 Gold:7\10

   Info: Use a cop car to make a block by slightly ramming the side of the 
other cop car and get right next to each other with each facing the opposite 

   Tips: Dont ram the car and make sure u are right next to the other car in 
order to get gold.

11. Alley oop: Bronze:1\10 Silver:1\10 Gold:2\10

   Info: Very easy just do a barrel roll

   Tips: Get as close to the edge as u can and thats it.

12. City Slicking: Bronze:5\10 Silver:9\10 Gold:10/10

   Info: The hardest one and the last one. go to the edge of the city and come 
back with minimal damage and fast.

   Tips: Just combine everything you have learned and do it good to get gold.

   Congratulations U have passed Driving School and should now have at least 
50% handeling now go roam the streets master of driving!

               This FAQ was started on 1/22/08 and was finished 1/22/08.

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