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    Hello, my name is WARRIOR MAGE. This is my first walktrough, so bear with me if 
this isnt much good. I've beaten this game countless times and im telling you, its 
very easy once u get started. Keep in mind this wont contain any cheat codes, so 
dont send me that kinda e-mail. T hx. Also, plz no e-mail about me not finishing 
this, i will in time. Note: in order to advance to the next level of the game, you 
need to beta eve4ry duelist at the current level 5 times.


Tomino Town 1

Tomino Town 2

Ancient Egypt


Rulers Of The Heavens



                      Tomino Town 1:
   These guys are very easy. You dont have to make significant changes for these 
guys, but i strongly suggest entering the password for Grandpa(found in the chats 
section along with the other cheats(ive checked-every possible cheat for this game 
is in there at some point)). Then try some stronger monster cheats and add them to 
your deck. At this early stage, just go crazy with passwords. Or, if you want to 
play fairly, just duel the duelists more that 5 times.


Weakest duelist in the game. Really. One of his better monsters is the Skull 
Servant. All he will do is play his horribly weak cards in defence and do nothing. 
Just dont play cards that have weaker stats than 300 and youll win easily.


Much stronger that Tristan. This guy is tough if youre a Yugioh beginner. The best 
advice with this guys is watch out for the RED-EYES BLACK DRAGON!!!!! You currently 
have no way to beat it (unless you made extreme changes). He will use his Mountain 
Warrior and a weaker monster to summon it. Beware! Mountain Warrior is 600/1000, 
which poses a big threat. Othewise, he is screwed. I finf it strange that he has 
Time Wizard in the deck but no Baby Dragon. Also, you should know that fusing the 
wizard with any dragon creates Thousand Dragon (but Joey doesnt seem to know this).


One of the two tougher duellists in this level. A good idea would be to put some 
more Forest type monsters in, but you can win without that. She tries to make the 
powerful Harpie trio: Harpie Lady, Harpie Lady Sisters, and Harpie's Pet Dragon. All 
are Wind type, so use a Forest type against them. While she waits forthe cards 
needed for the trio, she likes to beat down with Witches Apprentice, and play 
defensive with weaker cards like Griggle. On no account use any Earth cards against 
the Harpie trio, as these will get pummeled quickly.


This is the toughest duelist on this level. This guy uses Aqua cards to beat you 
down as quickly as possible. As Thunder type cards are rare in this game, you will 
have to just defeat him in the same fashion that you defeated Joey. Watch out for 
one of the better monsters in the game: Fortress Whale. If he summons this, you're 
doomed. The whale is Divine type, and those types have no weakness. Mako will also 
power his fish up with Umi and Power Of Kaishin, which is a very bad thing. In 
short, make do with the very few Thunder cards you have, and just beat him down.

Small Yugi:

This is a weaker guy, better than Joey but worse that Mai. (this is not Yami Yugi. 
In this game, the two Yugis are in different bodies. This guy will give you helpful 
hints about how to win, like introducing Card Construction. Watch out for this guy
's Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, the Girl especcially bevause its the first 
1-sacrifice monster youve battled. Use a Dreams card against both.

Tomino Town 2:

The next level is tons harder. Youll find the guys wielding Blue Eyes White Dragon, 
Dark Magician, and even EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But dont get too 
scared. These guys are really hard, but you can beat them. In time. The first thing 
is to make some serious changes to your deck. Put in some monsters with more that 
2000 attack, preferably Summoned Skull and King Of Yamimakai (which is 2600/2300 in 
this game for only 1 sacrifice). Youll need to use cheat codes, as youre unlikely to 
have these from winning duels. 

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