Dungeon #2: Dodongo's Cavern: The Greatest Walktrough - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: The Greatest Guide Ever To Dungeon #2  

Dodongo's Cavern: Getting to the Castle(inside too)

You will have exited Kokiri Forest. Follow the path down to be stopped by a 
giant owl. He will tell you something(I don't remember). When he flies away 
follow the dirt path. At the end of it you should be in front of a castle 
drawbridge. It will already be nighttime by the time you get there. When It 
turns nighttime, be ready by the drawbridge and a fight. Skeletons will pop 
out of the ground. Fend off from them until it is daytime. Enter the 
drawbridge to appear in the Hyrule Castle Market. Go near the center of the 
market and talk to a red-haired girl named Malon.Then enter a path to with a 
castle to appear in the castle. Near a tree will be a girl. Talk to her twice 
and she will give you a weird egg. Go back to the market, then the castle, and 
the girl will be gone. Go to where she was standing. There will be vines. 
Start climbing the one in the middle to appear on a cliff. When you are on the 
other side of the gate, jump off. Go in between a gaurd by the gate from the 
inside and a gaurd on the path. In the grass ahead will be yellow flowers. 
Head toward them, then head to a small ledge with climbable stone rocks to the 
left of the flowers, past a single gaurd. It is near the castle steps. Climb 
the rock ledge and jump off from inside the gate of the castle. Hop in the 
river and at the corner of the first turn will be a small section of land. Get 
on it, and climb the ledge above. Head dowm the path to your left to find 2 
crates and a man dozing off. Wait for the weird egg to hatch. When it does, 
take it out in fromt of the dozing man. It will wake him up,and get him out of 
your way. Push the crates to where the man was, but farther until they fall 
off into the river. When you get them both there, climb on top of them and 
jump onto a ledgewith a small hole. Climb through the hole to find yourself in 
the castle courtyard.Ok, this is too hard to explain so I'll give you tips. 
First off, stay away from them as far as possible. Second, do not get in front 
of them. Third, don't be afraid to run past cautiously while waiting waiting 
for them to pass. Last, You can get pretty close(about 10 feet) to the gaurds 
from behind. Good luck! If you get past, you will find yourself in a courtyard 
with Zelda. Go to the other side and speak to her. Ok, you really need to PAY 
ATTENTION to what she says. It takes a long time. Also, remember to  Yes to 
all her questions. After she is done talking, she will give you a note. Exit 
from where you entered to be stopped by Impa, Zelda's Gaurdian. She will teach 
you "Zelda's Lullaby". Follow her notes on yours. After you learn it, you will 
automattically be transported outside the market.

  Dodongo's Cavern: Finding Saria

After Impa is done speaking, follow the path you followed to the castle back 
to Kokiri Forest. From where you entered, turn left to climb a small ledge. 
Turn to see another ledge with vines. Climb the vines and continue up the 
path. When you get all the way up, turn left to see another hollow log. Enter 
it to find yourself in the lost woods. Ok, so when inside, go in the hollow 
logs that are in these directions: Right,Left,Right,Left,Center,Left,Right.If 
you followed those correctly you will find yourself in the Sacred Forest 
Meadow. Approach the opening to be attacked bu a Wolfos. After it swings at 
you, hit it and he will be damaged. Continue this process until he dies. Then, 
enter the opening that was blocked and turn right while holding L and R to 
defend while walking. You will figure out why you must do this. Follow the 
path until you come across mint green grass. Turn right and follow that path. 
Jump through the pond to the other path and turn right at the staircase. 
Defeat the 2 mad scrubs and climb up the next staircase to find Saria on a 
log. Talk to her and she will teach you Saria's Song( I actually think you are 
supposed to pull  out the ocarina  in fromt of her. I can't remember,so try 
both.) Follow the notes she plays correctly to learn Saria's Song.

  Dodongo's Cavern: Getting to Goron City

 After you learn Saria's Song, Go back dowm the staircases and climb a ladder 
at the end for a shortcut. Hop across the ledges and exit the hollow log. Then 
walk through the log in front of the one you exited to go back to Kokiri 
 Forest. Exit back out the other hollow log and follow the dirt path back to 
the castle. Stop at the drawbridge and go right to go across the bridge and up 
the staircase. You will find yourself in Kakariko Village. Walk in the village 
and climb a path on a raised terrain to your left. Climb the next one to find 
a royal gaurd by a gate.Pull out Zelda's Letter in front of him and he will 
open the gate. Before you enter, though, go back to the castle and go across 
the drawbridge. When you enter, if you don't have 80 rupees, go in the door 
near the drawbridge from the inside and smash pots to get rupees inside. Go 
back out, come back in, and continue this process until you have 80 rupees. 
Then enter the market. From the market, turn left and go in a building 
called "Bazaree". Scroll through the shop and buy the Hylian shield. If you do 
this after you show the gaurd Zelda's letter, you will get a discount price of 
60 rupees. Equipt it and go back to Kakariko Village to go through the gate 
the gaurd opened. You will find yourself in Death Mountain Trail.

Sorry, I couldn't finish it It was too late. I will resume it tommorow(Monday, 
November 19). 

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