DynoBlade level (Part 1 of 5) - Guide for Kirby Super Star Ultra

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First things first. Eat Sir Kibble at the very beginning and u will get
cutter. Keep him unless u find a copy ability u like more. When u find that copy
ability, press X and than eat the enemy. If Cutter is your favorite, than just
find another Sir. Kibble. U will come to a place with a bunch of stuff u cant
walk through. You just after hit the bombs. There will be one with a one-up in it.
I'm going to explain how to get that after i do all the how to beat this level
walkthrough Along with every other extra thing. Once you go up the second
ladder, dont stay right above it too long or u will get hit with a bomb. There
will be a door. In there is a mega-berry and sword Kirby. After a bit there will
be another door. Go in there and then, in the new room, just go straight. After
a while, u could go two ways. I would suggest hitting the bomb and going down
but going straight doesn't hurt either. The bottom way has more food and less
enemies. After a while there is a ladder. Go up that and then go up the other
one. U will reach a hole. U have to go down it. Once u fall down there will be a
mga pumpkin and a boss. It is CHEF KAWASKI. He's pretty easy, just keep your
distance. Once you beat him, there will be four enemies and a sparkly door. Go
through that and your finished!    

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