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Author: Nur_ein_tier 
email: [email protected]
version 1.0
date: 3/14/12
website: http://www.alchemillahospital.net
Alchemilla Hospital, formerly Valtiel's Silent Hill Site


I...............Easter Eggs



---------------Version Notes------------------

v1: I am trying to gather all the references here. Then I will get to other 
things like plot themes, as well, I hope, as well as more information on
locating the easter eggs and references. 

Juke Box
In the diner, you can get some money out of the cash register and use it 
on the jukebox to play the theme from the first game. The juke box also
resembles the juke box in the hotel in SH2. The coins can also come in 
handy in other parts of the games.

The DJ
When talking to you, the DJ plays a few songs from previous games.

While these also are related to at least one of the bosses, they
 do remind me of Alessa, and the wheelchairs scattered throughout the other 
games, especially SH1 and SH3. Of course, SH4 had wheelchairs as enemies,
and the doll in the wheelchair, too.

The Radio
The first gas station radio plays music from SH2, but only a few bars.

TVs were also pretty important in previous games. There is one in the diner
basement that Murphy can interact with. It just plays static, but even this
could be a reference to the radio in earlier games. 

In previous titles, there were a lot of dogs, many of them either 
dead or they were enemies. There was a disembodied dog head under 
the basketball court in SH1, dog enemies in 1/3/4/SHH, and a lot 
of dog references in SHSM (Chery'ls pet dog, the dog run over by
Harry, the dog toys, etc.)

In Downpour, Murphy passes a "Have you seen this dog?" poster 
in the beginning of the game, on a gas station wall. It also 
brings to mind the missing cat poster in SHSM. In the hotel, 
there is a dead dog laid out on one of the beds right before 
you get to the room with the safe. This is also reminiscent 
of the dead dog in the restaurant in SH3. Later, you see a 
dog in a police car that is killed by a monster. 

Silent Hill 4
In Pearl Creek apartments, one of the rooms is exactly like 
Henry's room, complete with the chained-up door.

Murphy's cell number is 302, which was also Henry's apartment 

Silent Hill 2
A flyer in Devil's Pit asks, Hey kids, is Silent Hill a special 
place for you? Reference is to Silent Hill being James' and 
Mary's "special place."

There is a Welcome to Shepherd's Glen picture.

There is a book in the library by someone named Holloway, a 
reference to Elle and the judge.

There is also a Homecoming save logo thing in the Otherworld 
St Maria's, on a bell.

One of the prisoners in the Dead Man's Hand sidequest resembles
Adam Shepherd. Additionally, there was a dead man's hand in 
the first game's science lab.

Shattered Memories
In the theater, there are posters that were playing in the 
Cinema in Shattered Memories. Shattered Memories had four 
possible movies playing, and the movie playing changed based
on your actions in the game.

"Demon Samael"
There is an image of the last boss from SH1 labeled "demon 
Samael" in the Centennial building. Of course, it is implied that
this boss isn't really Samael. The same boss is also referenced
in Shattered Memories. In the school, one of the possible images
on the projector is the SH1 final boss. 

Shepherd House
A picture of this is also in the Centennial Building.

Real people
MENTON3: A newspaper clipping mentions a tourist named Menton, 
referring to Menton3 who illustrated the Past Life comics. 

RYALL: The name of the prison is taken from Chris Ryall, who 
worked on Past Life, as well. 

ROBERT BLOCH: Some of the orphanage notes are signed by a 
Roberta Bloch. There was a street in SH1 named after Bloch, 
as well. He is the author of Psycho. It is probably also a 
reference to the character of the same name in the film 
From Beyond, but given the existence of Bloch St. in SH1, 
I'd say it's a reference to both. 

Surprise ending
Contains various characters from SH2 and SH3. This is
obtained by completing the Digging up the past sidequest 
your second time through the game.

Queen Burger
This fast food joint also appeared in the first game. 
It's also a reference to Burger King.

There is a painting of a girl dressed like Alessa.

Law & Order: SVU
Sewell, the prison guard you meet right in the beginning 
of the game, bears a large resemblance to Detective Stabler, 
played by Christopher Meloni in Law & Order: Special Victims 

Additionally, a memo regarding Murphy's son mentioned an 
Elliot Benson. The two main detectives on SVU are named 
Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. It's also worth mentioning 
that in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, one of Cybil's looks 
bears a strong resemblance to Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) 
from SVU. 

"Born Free" playing in the diner level could be a reference to the 
show, which is likely because Daniel Licht is known for his work
on Dexter. However,it could also be just a reference to Murphy
being in prison.

Past Life
The Silent Hill Past Life comics have tie-ins with the game, and 
were both written by Tom Waltz. Howard appears in the comics
as well as in the game.

Murphy can flush toilets, probably to bring to mind the 
importance of bathrooms in previous games. SH2 starts in a bathroom, 
and James reaches into one to get a wallet. There is a bathroom 
easter egg in SH3. Henry isn't "brave enough" to check out his own 
toilet in SH4, etc. Bathrooms are also pretty important in the first
game, because Harry finds a lot of items in them, like shotgun, ammo,
puzzle items, and one of the bathrooms in the school works like an
elevator. Heather refuses to stick her hand in the toilet, and also
finds items in bathrooms. Besides Henry's own toilet, there's the
mannequin thing holding a coin in the subway toilet, and Henry
spends the first half of the game using the bathroom hole in the
wall to transport to different areas. 

In the Making of Silent Hill 2, toilets are said to be important
in Japanese horror. That's why that game starts off in the toilets.
It also mentions that the toilets were the first area modeled for
the game. The James/toilet scene later in the game has become 
infamous, since no other characters would stick their hand in a 
nasty toilet. 

This is an important theme in the game, but I will add more later. 

Secret messages
Usually, the loading screen shows normal hints about enemies, items,
and so on, but sometimes it shows creepy messages:
    * Everyone knows what you did.
    * They're in the room. You just cant see them.
    * Stop lying.
    * They never loved you.
    * Are you sure you're alone?
    * She's lying to you.
    * I know you're lying.
    * It knows you're alone. 
Bonus Weapons
The following codes can be used on the green lockers in the 
game to obtain bonus wepaons.
    * Unlock Nail Gun and Double Headed Axe: 171678
    * Unlock .45 Pistol and Baseball Bat: 353479
    * Unlock Rifle and Golf Club: 911977 

Early Residents
of Devil's Pit

Did you know that Native Americans used to call Silent Hill home? 
Anthropologists know this because of the various artifacts found here, 
specifically in the cave systems surrounding Devil's Pit! A number of 
these relics indicate ceremonies being held for the deity Kwekwaxawe, 
suggesting his importance to the people here. In fact, one of the names 
given to this area was "Kwekwaxawe Kanesda" - "Nest of the Raven"



Voyeur's Notes (found on table in Devil's Pitstop owner's basement)

Room 5B -
- Returned to room at 7:51 PM. Showered.
- 8:10 PM (shampooed hair 2X). In bed.
- 8:42 PM w/ pink nighty and no panties! Lights off at 9:23 PM after 
reading (fashion magazine) and drinking a glass of wine (cheap zinfandel).

Room 102 -
- Ordered room service at 5:32 PM (house special fried chicken 
dinner w/ milk). Ate half while watching news program, then put 
tray outside door @ 7:10 PM.
Clipped tonails until 7:32 PM (left clippings on floor).
Watched TV rest of night until bedtime (10:35 PM).
Wore oversized men's button up (sheer!)

Room 6A -
- Shaved legs(!!) at 8:20 PM in bathtub.
In bed by 9:30 PM (sleeps nude). Snores loudly.

Room 103 -
Long phone call to a boyfriend(?) ended at 5:22 PM (argued the entire 
time). Cried herself to sleep.


Train Accident Article (Found on storage room door in the mines.)

Train accident at Devil's Pit causes death of 8 children
by Wally Thompson, Staff Writer

"In what Silent Hill law enforcement officials are calling an unprecedented 
tragedy, 8 children were killed last night when the tour train in which 
they were riding derailed in the Devil's Pit mines.

Witnesses claimed by JP Sater, the train's operator, was visibly 
intoxicated at the time of the accident, and that negligence on his part 
may have led to the derailment.

"The train guy was drunk," said Phillip Menton, a tourist from Chicago. 
"He was belligerent to everyone, even the kids. There was no way he 
should have been operating anything"

"We've just begun investigating this terrible accident and it's far 
too soon to speculate on anything." Detective Edward Rogers told reporter 
this morning. "Rest assured, we will utilize all available police resources 
and personnel to uncover the cause."

The Silent Hill Tourism Authority has shut down all Devil's Pit operations 
indefinitely, and has released the following statement: "We are saddened by 
the horrific accident involving the tourist train at our facilities, and we 
pledge to fully cooperate with law enforcement officials in all aspects of 
their investigation."
Wilkes' Poem (outside train station)

Beneath the slate burns wicked ash,
And the children cry for blood.

Outside, the fir trees blow
In a wind that knows not what happened here.

Or that Toluca's subterranean claws
Seed blood. Always blood.

- Wilkes

Charlie Pendleton


(617) 555 - 4475

Boston Police Report (Hillside; Found on police station floor, 
one room east of entrance)

Boston Police Department

Case Number: MA 0/814/1/969
Incident: Vehicle Theft
Reporting Officer: Sergeant Matthew Baker
Date of report: Feb. 26 [XXXX]

At about 2240 hours on 2/25 suspect  was observed by a number 
of witnesses (see Appendix A) at 4050... Bromfield Road forcibly entering a 
parked police cruiser (Appendix B). Suspect was then able to start the vehicle 
and depart the scene in a reckless manner, approaching surface street speeds 
far in excess of the posted limits.
At approximately 2245 hours, patrol officers in the area, as well as Air 
Assets from the Sherrif's Department, answered the stolen vehicle call from 
dispatch and becan pursuit of the suspect. At 2310 hours, Suspect exited onto 
Interstate 94 (southbound) on Route 5 off-ramp. 
The suspect continued southbound 
on Interstate 94 at excessive speeds, and pursuing officers maintained a 
safe distance to reduce colliateral risk to nearby civilians.
At approxinately 0820 hours on 2/26 the suspect crossed the state line into 
Ashfield and exited onto surface streets. At that time, local officers 
cordoned off the area to civillian traffic and dispatched road spikes. 
The spikes disabled the stolen vehicle, bringing it to a complete stop at 
approximately 0835 hours.

M Baker

Annual Felony Crime Survey (Hillside; Found in police station rear, 
by barricade)


From the Desk of Chief Ronald Doyle
Annual Felony Crime Survey

Property crime

Dear Shithead

I'm on to you, you junkie asshole. Next time something goes missing from 
my apartment, you can expect the cops to come knocking on your door. 
and if it's not them, it'll be me, and my knock is 12 gauges if you catch 
my drift. So if you don't want an ass full of buckshot, I suggest you 
stay the fuck away from my apartment. Last warning.


Letter from Mother (Pearl Creek; NW corner of Lansdale and Brite)


Mommy has made a new path for you to follow how.
Remember the rules...

Yellow Ribbon = Turn Left
Red Ribbon = Turn Right

I know you sometimes get confused, so just be a big girl and look for 
mommy's ribbons and you'll be fine.
Whatever you do, DON'T BREAK THE RULES! Mommy will be waiting for 
you at home.

Hugs and Kisses,
Prison Riot Article[*] (Pearl Creek; Sidewalk of Brite St., east side)

Today in the News

Riot at Ryall State Prison results in four fatalities

A full-scale riot at Ryall State Prison was finally brought under control 
late last night after prison guards stormed the facility utilizing large 
quantities of tear gas, riot batons, and shotguns. As of this writing, four 
fatalities have been reported, all prisoners, whose names are being withheld.

"After a tense stand-off with a rather brutal physical confrontation, we 
were able to reestablish full control of the prison," 
said Warden Glen Milton. 
"Rest assured, we will get to the bottom of this and find out just what and, 
most importantly, who was the cause of this unfortunate disruption to normal 
prison operations."

A number of guards were reported injured in the incident as well, one 
seriously. Their names are also being withheld pending the investigation.

Storage Space Owner's Envelope

Aaron Ashfield
Apartment # (8)
(2)909 Witmer Road
Silent Hill, 0420(7)

Dear Mr. Rice

October 3rd

Dear Mr. Rice,

The DeLalla painting in your collection needs to be in a public gallery, 
not the private home of an eccentric recluse who selfishly hoards such 
treasures for his sole amusement. I have tried repeatedly to get you to 
accept my generous offer to purchase the painting, but once again you rebuff 
me, leaving me no choice but to take drastic measures.

It would be extremely unfortunate if certain details regarding your son's 
suicide were made public. Give me the painting, and I'll assure you that 
these allegations will never see the light of day. Refuse me, and face the 


Melissa Matlan


Matlan's Personal Notes

How large is the map? 3x3 grid? Maybe I don't need the entire map to find 
the treasure...

Who has the missing paintings? (Cross-check with Art collector Quarterly. 
Who's buying New England 19th century oils?)

Mr. Rice (won't return calls)
Ms. Brite [name crossed out]
Dr. S[XXXXX] [name crossed out]
Mr. Barker (refuses to sell)
Mr. Strad [name crossed out]

What do the symbols mean???
Native American. Maybe Algonquian? Call Pat at SH Historical Soc., 
maybe he knows?

Ravens - Death - burial site?
By Harold Ulysses

Brahms - A 6-year-old boy is believed to ave been abducted by an unknown 
kidnapper while walking home from his school yesterday afternoon. [XXXX] 
who attends Robbins Elementary School, was last seen departing the school's 
campus at approximately 2:30 PM. He was walking alone and no witnesses have 
been identified at this time.

"Right now, we have very little to go on," said detective Elliot Benson, who 
is heading up the investigation for the Brahms Police Department. "As with any 
suspected kidnapping, the first 48 hours are crucial, so we are asking anyine 
who may have information about the disappearance to please call our anonymous 

Police have been actively interviewing school employees, students, as well as 
residents who live and work near the Robbins Elementary. As of the writing of 
this article, the parents of the missing child remained 
unavailable for comment.

"As you can imagine, the parents want nothing more than the safe return of 
their child, and all their energies are focused in that direction," Detective 
Benson told reporters.

A statewide AMBER Alert has been activated for [XXXXXXXXXXXXXX]. If you have 
any information regarding his disappearance, please contact 
the Crime Breakers Tip Line.
Parole Status[*] (Centennial Bulding; On entrance door)


From: Parole Committee
To: Glen Milton
Subject: Prisoner Pendleton, Murphy (273A); Parole Status

This letter is to inform you that parole has been approved for Prisoner 
Murphy Pendleton (273A), effective June 26. Mr. Pendleton has met all
qualifications for early release and by all accounts is a model prisoner. 
We feel he is prepared to make the successful transition from a prisoner 
to citizen. Further, due to the non-violent nature of his conviction, it is 
our general opinion that he poses no physical threat/danger 
to the general public.

Please feel free to contact our office should you have any questions and/or 

Judith Zaragoza

Judith Zaragoza
Parole Committee Chairperson

* Filed as M-10-14, Ryall State Prison stamped 3-55147
Status Update - Internal Investigation 


From: Captain Bryan Handley
To: Warden Glen Milton
Subject: Status Update - Internal Investigation

Per our recent conversation, my department has initiated an aggressive 
internal investigation into the prison guard staff. In order to keep you 
appraised of signification developments, please note that we are paying 
particular attention to the activities, past and present, of Corrections 
Officer George Sewell. we have received an eyewitness testimony from 
Corrections Officer Frank Coleridge that suggests C.O. Sewell has been 
engaged in a number of illegal activities in the course of his duties.

Other than C.O. Coleridge's testimony, however, our evidence against 
Sewell's alleged violations remains circumstantial at this point and 
our investigation continues. I will keep you promptly appraised of any 
new findings.

B Handley

Captain Bryan Handley
Chief of Guards

Prisoner Patrick Napier Memo (on a desk in the first floor archives)


From: Warden Glen Milton
To: Captain Bryan Handley
Subject: Prisoner Patrick Napier

Concerning the recent unsolved murder of the subject-named prisoner in 
our facilities, a full and complete review of all isolation and segregation 
procedures will be undertaken by you and your staff, with findings turned 
into my office no later than close of business 21st November. Included in 
your report will be full investigation results regarding Napier's murder, 
including those responsible for overseeing the victim's activities during 
the time of the incident - specifically how another prisoner was allowed to 
access the segregation area. Please note, your guard staff is not exempted 
from suspicion and should be treated thusly.

This investigation should be considered our highest priority. 
I am determined 
that we will respore Ryall's reputation as a top-notch prison facility. 
Consider this your first and last warning.

WG Milton

Warden Glen Milton

Probationary Hearing Prelim Memo[*] (Centennial Building; Drawer of room 200)

Ryall State Prison

From: Dr. Wayne Sara
To: Warden Glen Milton
Subject: Psychological Evaluation - Probationary Hearing Prelim

[XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] is a male, 43 years old. 
He is serving a [XXXXX]-year 
sentence for multiple felony accounts, 
including third-degree murder and sexual 
assault of a child below the age of 14.
 He appears to be in satisfactory 
physical health. The prisoner is 
currently being considered for probation.
 After multiple sessions with the 
prisoner, I have concluded he does not suffer 
from any psychotic or physical disorders. 
Rather, he has shown continually to have 
an inordinate interest in young children and 
manifests significant predatory traits. 
As a result, I feel he poses an imminent danger 
to the community should he be 
released from custody, and is therefore a 
poor candidate for probation.

Wayne Sara
Dr. Wayne Sara
Chief Psychiatrist
Ryall State Prison
Annual Employee Review (Centennial Building; hidden in a book in the vault)

Ryall State Prison

Name: George Sewell
Position: Corrections Officer
Years of Service: 20

Areas of Concern:
There have been numerous reports 
from prisoners and fellow corrections officers 
that Officer Sewell maintains suspicious 
contact and/or relationships with certain 
prisoners under his care. There have 
also been allegations of abuse of power by 
Officer Sewell, including physical 
threats. Officer Sewell adamantly denies these claims.

Until further investigation is 
conducted into the various charges against Officer 
Sewell, promotion and/or merit wage 
increase cannot be approved at this time.

Positive Contributions to Team:
Officer Sewell had perfect work attendance 
throughout the entire review period 
and consistently reports to his duties 
in a punctual fashion.


* Filed as R-11-89, previously filed SW 65764(0?)2

Film Splicing Guidelines[/n] (Chastain Heights; Movie Theater)

Picturedrome Projection Services LLC.
Film Splicing Guidelines

1. Only authorized theater employees may access the film splicing equipment.

2. The Film Splicing Equipment can be used to join two or more segments of 
film to create a single edited piece, seamlessly splicing Reel A to Reel B.

3. Many of the film reels stored within the Silent Hill film archive are 
decades old and irreplaceable. Always wear protective 
gloves before handling film.

4. Before loading the film Splicer, ensure that the film you're using has 
been cleaned in a methyl chloroform solution.

5. The repair adhesive will not bind to wet film. Ensure that all film 
segments are thoroughly dry before attempting 
to splice two film segments together.

6. Ensure that you provide at least 24 - 27 inches of leader tape for the 
start of each new reel before splicing additional film segments to it.

7. The Film Splicing equipment is solely for the use of repairing damaged 
films or joining two shorter sequential feels into a single reel. Any other 
alterations or edits must first be cleared with the copyright holder.


Thanks to:

Everyone on silenthillcommunity.com

Everyone at silenthillforum.com and

Whitney from silenthillhistoricalsociety.com

Mike from silenthaven.tumbler.com

Everyone at silenthill.wikia.com

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