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1.)  Q: I can't get passed the tank in the Basic Training. What do I do?
     A: It's alright if you can't get passed it the first time, but the second ime 
isn't too good. You have to go to the alley where the tank is visible, then call a 
mortar strike as commanded; Stay out of sight!

2.)  Q: I forgot how to call recon and want to know where the enemies are. How do I 
do that?
     A: One of the worst things is forgetfulness. To call recon, you must NOT be 
under any enemey fire. Then you have to take out your PDA and press the square 
button. Then wait until they say they're done.

3.)  Q: I burned up all of my ammo using suppression fire and i'm still under fire! 
What next?
     A: Well, not to be mean but I have to say that you weren't very smart. There's 
not really a good answer but I can give you a tip. If your ammo is in the 20s then 
go back to the CASEVAC to resupply. But for this problem, it's really every man for 

4.)  Q: My grenade exploded on my men and I failed the mission. How did that happen?
     A: Well there is a grenade aimer on the screen. It killed your men because the 
aimer was red and was too close. When you see that it's red, move it around until 
it turns white then throw it.

5.)  Q: There's a tank nearby that I was ordered to destroy, but there are gunners 
preventing me from moving. What's the safest way to destroy the tank?
     A: First of all you should know that the Zekies are easily distracted. Move 
Bravo and Alpha teams slowly behind each car, DONT move them behind the same object 
or  together. They will be shot and mot likeley killed.

6.)  Q: A man went down while advancing to the wall by the tank, I can't retreat! 
What now?
     A: Keep that man on your back and continue with the airstrike on the tank. 
After that you must wait. The CASEVAC then arrives just in time, get the man there 
quickly and get ammo for both teams. Then save your game.

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