Easy Exp for Morwen - Guide for Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

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Right after you get morwen (You should be at about level 35 with everybody if 
you do a lot of battling) you should go and just keep going in a circle until 
you get a battle.  Ok so your in the battle have Hadhod, Idrial, and Morwen in 
the battle screen,  then use Hadhod's mountain shield, and use Idrial's haste 
of the elves on Morwen.  After that keep using theif craft with Morwen until 
you get drain experience and get like 936 or something like that from orcs and 
people.  If you battle a wring wrath.  It gives you right about 4200 exp per 
attack.  You will gain levels really fast until you get to like level 65 to 80 
and then it will take awhile to gain a level.  You know you have gained a level 
when all of a sudden your Ap was higher than it is supposed to be when you 
didn't use an Item.

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