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       Hitman: Contracts

Table of Contents:
1. Movement of a Hitman
  a. basic controls
2. Silent assassin rankings
   mission 1.
   mission 2.
   mission 3.
   mission 4.
   mission 5.
   mission 6.
   mission 7.
   mission 8.
   mission 9.
   mission 10.
   mission 11.
   mission 12.
3. Weapons / Items
  a. How to use the weapon / item

1. Movement of a Hitman: the controls are almost the same as the controls for 
2: Silent Assassin.
a. X - action / use
square - holster / unholster
circle - drop
triangle - inventory / exit sniper view
up - Zoom in / scroll up
Left - lean left
Down - Zoom out / scroll down
Right - lean right
R1 - fire (shoot)
L1 - map
R2 - reload
L2 - crouch / Sneak
R3 - look up and down / turn left and right (push in to switch between 1st and 
person view)
L3 - move foward and backward / strafe
Select - the mission briefing
Start - pause / options menu

2. Silent Assassin Rankings

Mission 1. 
     This is the easiest mission to get silent assassin on. First you have to 
up the car key from the dead guy in the glowing white room. Then walk through the 
double doors and you can look on the map and follow the green line. Walk through 
doors until you get to a room with a red blinking lit on the roof go to the door 
that is not locked. then walk through the doors that would get you through. Then 
when you get to a hallway with a deadend stop and look to the left and you will 
a patient choping up one of your clones just ignore him and walk through the 
and past the room he is in. Walk straight and there should be a guy on the ground 
bouncing back and forth in a corner. Walk to the left. After you keep on goin 
through doors you will end up were there is a place with a guy on the right and a 
door down a ramp and another door to the left of the ramp. Go to the door left of 
the ramp and there are about five patients left in the basement. So walk were 
are no more doors. Then there will be a hallway were there is a door at the end 
a turn to the right. Turn right and go through the doors and go into the 
Remember DO NOT SHOOT OR KILL ANYBODY. Once in the elevator take it up to the 
floor. Then walk out and look to the left you will see a dead swat team member 
laying against the wall. Walk up to him and take his cloths and gun (spas 12). 
to the elevator and then turn around and go through the doors that are straight 
across the room. And you will see swats shooting the octor (dont shoot back they 
not shooting at you). So keep on walking until you reach a flight of stairs. Turn 
the right and go down those steps. You will see four or five swat members at the 
bottem. Hold down the sneak button and walk behind the first guy and infront of 
guy behind him. Then go to the doors on the right there will be another swat 
and walk casually past him and go outside. Once outside go to the right and you 
see another swat member around a car sneak up when he is not looking and go to 
drivers side and click the action button when it says Escape. Now you got a 
assassin ranking.

Mission 2.
   This mission is quit hard to get a silent assassin but it is possible. First 
start inside a meat truck with a passed out butcher on the ground. First take his 
cloths and walk out and if you look on the side of the truck you will see a 
red light. Go up to it and click it and that will close the doors so when the 
butcher wakes up he wont tell everyone. Then drop all your weapons you dont have 
worry about the suringe, fiber wire, or the meat hook. Then walk around the 
and go until you see a few people outside walk up to the guard and let him check 
you. Rember to not have any guns at all or he will shoot at you. Once inside the 
compoundgo straight and go into the door on the first right there will be a 
hall way. Then go to your left and you will see double doors on your left and in 
front of you. Go through the ones in front of you. Then go into the ones on the 
once you have passed the others. Another butcher will tell you to take a chicken 
plat up to Sturrock. Before you pick up the chicken pull out your meat hook and 
place it inside the ckicken. After turn around and leave the way you came in. 
go left through the double doors and and another set of double doors. You will 
see a 
whole bunch of people dancing and lights flashing. Then you should see a walk way 
(Not a curtin) but a walkway with nothing in it. Then follow into there and you 
should see more people danceing and sleeping. Go up the little flight of steps 
turn to the right. You will see a large set of stairs go up there and a guard 
check you so make sure you have no weapons at all and make sure you dont recieve 
weapon. When he lets you go through go to the left set of doors and you will see 
single door straight but to the left a little. Go throught there and there should 
lye Sturrock. Once inside there go up to the wall and you will see another red 
little button which should say "Close Curtins" do it. Then when the girls are all 
gone recieve the weapon and give Sturrock his chicken. Then pull out the hook and 
give him one good wak in the face. After just walk out casually as you always 
Go back down the stairs were you came from and go to the double doors were you 
the chicken at. Only this time go to the ones before it. There should be many 
of lockers like a gym. There may or may not be another waiter with a girl in 
but if so wait until the both leave. When no one is in there go get those red 
cloths. At this point save the game. It should say at some point the laywer is 
waiting for an pipe. So you should go through the double doors like before and g 
were everyone is dancing. Pick up a pipe at the bar and go into the room with the 
red curtins all the way at the end to the left. Sneak in and you will see the 
and lay the pipe on the nightstand. Now you should go to were the kitchen and the 
double doors are once more and you should see a single dark gray door go in 
After a few minutes if you look on your map you will see the only target left 
walking towards the room your in go into one of the stalls. The laywer will wach 
and the only guard there will check every stall. Wait in one of them when he is 
checking making sure not to be seen. When he gets to the stall before you sneak 
one he had already checked but try not to get caught. If you do he will say to 
but just sneak into the other stall he already checked and close the door. Wait 
until the laywer goes into a stall. He went into the same one i went into so be 
careful and hug the corner were the door opens. When he is in there sneak up to 
he is at and use the fiber wire. Here is a tricky part so save the game here. If 
guard is still outside try to sneak up behind him and use the suringe and drag 
body in a stall. Now run out and make it quick to turn right though the little 
hallways and turn left until you see a flight of stairs. Not the ones on the side 
the wall they are in the middle of the one main room. Go up them and turn around 
to the left and look on your map you will see a enemy. Wait until he is in a room 
away from the one with the "!" in it. When he is go in through the door and you 
see a girl there then a cut scene. Pick up her choped off arm. Run down from were 
you came from (down the steps). Go the were the lockers were and go get the 
cloths and walk through the kitchen and out side until you see three big trucks 
go to the drivers side and you should have a Silent Assassin Rating with Micro 

Mission 3.
This mission is kind of easy. First you start on a plane

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