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   Easy Way to get Great Chao
         Level 100 and Type

Table of Contents
How to pick a good Chao
All “S” Chao
Easy way to Level 100
Good Chao Types
Getting the Animal parts you want
Special Chao

In this guide, I will tell you how to get Chao to level 100 easily, how to pick a 
good chao, and other useful things.  Many people get confused about how to make 
good chao, and so did I.  Hopefully this guide will help you so you don’t have to 
go through uncertainty as well.

	Good chao don’t necessarily depend on levels, but grades.  If you have Chao 
with E’s D’s and C’s it is not a good chao.  If one has A’s, B’s, and S’s, you have 
a good chao.  Really good chao are very rare, so use the ring trick (buy an 
expensive item, put in garden, save, sell, reset, you know!) to buy many eggs.  
Really good chao are like A’s and S’s, and maybe one B.  Also, if you want to make 
one that will be your best, make sure Stamina has an A or S.  THIS IS VERY 
IMPORTANT.  The better grade for  Stamina you have, the better the other moves will 

All “S” Chao
The chances you will just happen to buy or breed an all S chao are 1 in 10,000.  
But, I can tell you the easiest way to get one.  First, get your best chao 
(read “How to pick a good chao for details).  Preferably, have it have almost all 
A’s.  DON’T PICK A CHAO WITH ANYTHING UNDER A “B”.  Now, this will take time, but 
it is well worth it.  There are two ways to get an All S Chao.  One is the longest 
I would say.  It is transformation.  If your Chao has (from top to bottom) A, B, A, 
A, S, then first evolve your chao into the B ability.  It should turn into A.  
Transform your chao.  Do the rest to the A’s, and then to the A you just got.  You 
should end up with an All “S” Chao.  The second way is breeding.  If you have one 
Chao that has AASSA, and another that has SAAAB, (you’ll have to do the 
transformation way to get here) you should get an SSSSA chao.  You see, If you 
cross an S with an A, you will most likely get an S.  If not, an A.  If you cross 
an A with a B, you will get an A.  Also, if you cross a D with an A, you should get 
a B or C.  Keep doing that, and you should get an all S Chao.

This way is easy out of all the things in the game that are not.  What you do is go 
to Wild Canyon with Knuckles, and get Peacocks, Condors, Dragons, Sheep, and all 
other animals.  Give them to your chao, and keep giving it to them by repeating the 
process.  This should make Flying and Running to level 100.  Well, its actually 
level 99, but when it gets to the last tick, it turns to the next level, so it is 
100.  Power and Swimming should be raised, if at 100 then great, but I doubt it.  
Then go to Egg Quarters with Rouge, and get Gorillas, and Bears for Power.  Give it 
to your chao, and repeat until at level 100 for power.  Now Swim, I would say, is 
hardest to get to level 100.  Just go to Dry Lagoon with Rouge, and get seals, 
otters, and other Swim type animals.  WARNING!  BY GIVING ANIMALS TO YOUR CHAO, IT 
use Chaos Drives to make up for ticks.  Once everything is at level 100, (except 
Stamina) you can go to Pumpkin Hill with Knuckles, and get skeleton dogs to take 
away animal parts.  It usually takes about 15 to 20, but I recommend using the 
Chaos Drive trick.  (Get close to your chao without giving him the Drive/animal, 
and press B to put it down.  Your Chao should pick it up, and throw it back.)  That 
is how you get an easy level 100.

	Through all my Chao breeding, I have discovered really good chao types.  If 
you look at the FAQ “Chao Type Guide” by Cheatcodes member Twee215, you will find 
many Chao Types.  By the way, thanks Twee215 I use your guide a lot, it’s an 
awesome FAQ!  Anyway, here are the good types I’ve found:

DARK Run/Swim Type: In case you haven’t guessed, it is a second evolution.  For new 
players who have no clue what I’m talking about, check out “Chao Type Guide” by 
Twee215.  Anyway, this chao is an awesome swimmer, and looks awesome, especially if 
you give it Dragon wings and tail.  Currently, my best chao.

 DARK Run/Run Type: This is the Shadow chao.  It does look like a mini shadow.  A 
little thing all guides left out that I haven’t: give your first evolution the 
correct chaos drives, then leave it in the garden while turned on, (it’s easiest to 
leave it on at night), and it should gradually change to second evolution.  

HERO Run/ Swim Type: This chao’s spike has its ends forking outward.  I used a 
shiney blue chao for mine, it looks cool.

HERO Swim/Swim Type: I like this chao a lot.  Its head wave things grow down long, 
and look very unique.

NEUTRAL Run/Run Type: The Sonic chao.  Same concept as all second evolutions like I 
stated in the Shadow chao description.  It doesn’t look a lot like Sonic, though, 
so don’t be disappointed if you thought I was exact.  

	C’mon people!  There’s no secret to this.  Just give your chao the animal 
you want.  If you don’t like how it looks, give it a skeleton dogs to take it 
away.  Or, if you want that animal but not all the parts, use skeleton dogs and 
keep giving it the animal till you get what you want.  Like, if I only wanted 
Condor Wings and hair things, and I got feet, claws, wings, and tail, and hair 
things, use skeleton dogs to eliminate what you don’t want.  If something you want 
is eliminated, give it another animal (the same, of course) and try again.  That’s 

	These chao are rare, and worth a lot.  Some you can only get through 
breeding, others would cost too much to buy.  Well here they are:

SHINY CHAO: No, no color.  This chao looks just like a normal child chao, but it is 
shiny.  I got this by mating a shiny blue with a normal hero chao.  I got a shiny 
sky blue.  I mated that with the normal hero, to get a shiny chao.  Once you have a 
shiny, you can mate it with any chao to get a shiny color of that chao.  

SHINY BLACK CHAO: Yes, my long anticipated quarry!  The shiny black is the rarest 
in the market.  I personally have never seen it in the black market, but it sells 
for 20,000 rings.  Now, if you get one, don’t be disappointed, but, it looks more 
like a shiny brown/black.  Why I say that is because its not black like a black 
chao, but like a black crossed with a brown.  Anyway, I bred my shiny with my 
black, and I got it.  Now, I think the rarer the chao, the better the grades are.  
Because my shiny chao was all B’s and an A, and my black chao was no bargain 
either.  But my shiny black chao was AASBS, so I was amazed.  By the way, it is now 
an all S chao because of my transformation technique I told you about in “All ‘S’ 

	Well I hope my FAQ helped you on your Sonic troubles.  If you would like to 
use this FAQ, or any of my FAQ’s on your site or whatever, contact me at 
[email protected]  Also, if you spot any errors or misinformation in this or any of my 
FAQ’s, or if you just want to compliment me, feel free to.  

This guide is copyrighted, (c) 2004, All rights reserved. If you place this guide 
on your site without permission, you will be tracked and found. If you would like 
to place this guide on your site, just contact me, Michael Ford, at [email protected], 
and I will be happy to let you use this FAQ. 

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