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Table of Contents

1.0 Skills
1.1 Requirements
1.2 Places
1.3 Making Money
1.4 Credits

1.0 Skills

The skills we are using today are: Mining, Smithing, and Crafting.

1.1 Requirements

Lvl 40 Mining (Gold)
Lvl 40 Smithing (Gold Bars)
Lvl 40 Crafting (Gold Necklaces, and Crafting Guild)
A brown apron

1.2 Places

Crafting Guild (Mining and Crafting)
Falador (Smelting Furnace)

1.3 Making Money

1. Go to the nearest bank and get out your brown apron.
2. Get out your Pickaxe (I would recommend using Adamantite or Rune).
3. Head toward the Crafting Guild.
4. Mine at least 200 Gold Ore.
5. Go upstairs in the Crafting Guild and get the Necklace Mould.
6. Go back to Falador and get your Gold Ore out (LEAVE THE MOULD IN THE 
7. Go to the furnace in Falador and turn your Gold Ore into Gold Bars.
8. As soon as you get a full inventory put the Gold Bars in the furnace and 
right click "Make Gold Necklaces".
9. Select "All".
10. Put the Gold Necklaces in the bank for later.
11. Keep on repeating steps 6-10 until all of your Gold Ore are Gold Necklaces.
12. Make all of your Gold Necklaces notes.
13. Sell them to other players, to the General Store, or to the Grand Exchange.
I made 200K by doing this.

1.4 Credits

Author: Richboy1000
Information: RuneHQ
Other sites this is on: GamerHelp, CheatsGuru, ConsoleCheatCodes, CheatGenius, 
CheatCodesClub, CheatBook, and CheatMasters
Special Thanks to: RuneHQ for supplying everything I need for this easy way to 
make money 


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