Elite Four and Champion Cynthia - Guide for Pokemon Diamond

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This is my guide to beating the Elite Four and Cynthia

Elite Four Aaron

Dustox lv.53      (Shield dust)
Heracross lv.54   (Guts/Swarm)
Vespiquen lv.54   (Evolution: Combee)  (Pressure)
Beautifly lv.54   (Swarm)
Drapion lv.57     (Evolution: Skorupi) (Battle Armor/Sniper)

Money 6940

"I lost with the most beautiful and toughest of the bug
Pokemon, We lost because I wasn't good enough, That's it!
Back to training camp, Let's hear it for me, No... that was wrong...
Anyway... Go onto the the next room
Three trainers are waiting for you.
They're all tougher than me."

Elite Four Bertha
Ground/Rock Type
"Well... Well... You're quite the adorable trainer, but
you've also got a spine, Ahaha! I'm Bertha.
I have a preference for Ground type Pokemon.  Well would you 
show this old lady how much you've learned?"

Quagsire lv.55    (Evolution: Wooper)    (Damp/Water Absorb
Hippowdon lv.59   (Ability: Sand Stream)      (Evolution: Hippopotas)
Golem lv.56       (Evolution: Geodude -> Graveler)   (Sturdy/Rockhead)
Whiscash lv.55    (Evol: Barboach)     (Oblivious)
Sudowoodo lv.56   (Evol: Bonsly)     (Sturdy/Rockhead)

Money won 7080

"You're quite something youngster, I like how you and your pokemon earned
the win by working as one, That's what makes you so strong, I think that you can
go as far as you want."

Elite Four Flint
Fire type
"Yo, Trainer! You had me counting the days on my fingers waiting for you to
come, I heard from Volkner what you did in Sunyshore, You managed to light a
fire in that guy's heart again.  How could you not expect me to look forward to
seeing you in battle?"

Rapidash lv.58    (Evol: Ponyta)    (Flash Fire/Run Away)
Infernape lv.61   (Evol: Chimchar -> Monferno)  (Blaze)
Lopunny lv.57     (Evol: Buneary)   (Cute Charm/Klutz)  
Steelix lv.57     (Sturdy/Rockhead)
Drifblim lv.58    (Evol: Drifloon)   (Unburden/Aftermath)

Money won 7320

... Burnt right down to cinders...

Elite Four Lucian
Psychic type

" Ah you timed your arrival well, Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lucian
I am a user of the Psychic Type, I must say you've already proven yourself to be
outstanding by coming this far.  They say I am the toughest of the Elite Four. 
I'm afraid I will have to go all out against you to live up to that reputation.

Mr.Mime lv.59     (Evol: Mime Jr.)     (Soundproof/Filter)
Medicham lv.60    (Evol: Meditite)     (Pure Power)
Alakazam lv.60    (Evol: Abra -> Kadabra)   (Synchronize/Inner Focus)
Bronzong lv.63    (Evol: Bronzor)      (Levitate/Heat Proof)
Girafarig lv.59   (Early Bird/Inner Focus)

Money won 7560

Congrats, You have now beaten the Elite Four.

Heal your Pokemon now because you won't stand a chance if your Pokemon's health
is below half of its MAX HP

Hint: Press L repeatedly to do extra damage

Champion Cynthia
Psychic/Water/Ice Types 

Spiritomb lv.61      (Pressure)
Gastrodon lv.60      (Evol: Shellos)    (Sticky Hold/Storm Drain)
Garchomp lv.66       (Evol: Gible -> Gabite)    (Sand Veil)
Lucario lv.63        (Evol: Riolu)      (Steadfast/Inner Focus)
Roserade lv.60       (Evol: Budew -> Roselia)   (Natural Cure/Poison Point)
Milotic lv.63        (Evol: Feebas)    (Marvel Scale)

Money won 13200

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