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Some people have trouble with the elite four, so here is a FAQ to guide you 
to the championship. The Elite Four are....

WILL -- Psychic Master                                  
Xatu -- L.40                                     
Exxegutor -- L.41                                      
Jynx -- L.41                                           
Slowbro -- L.41                                        
Xatu -- L.42                                            
KOGA -- Poison Master
Ariados -- L.40                                          
Venomoth -- L.41                                    
Forreetress -- L.43                                     
Muk --L43                                                                   
Crobat -- L.44

BRUNO -- Fighting Master
Hitmontop -- L.42
Onix -- L.43
Hitmonlee -- L.44
Hitmonchan -- L.44
Machamp -- L.46

KAREN -- Darkness Master
Umbreon -- L.42
Vileplume -- L.42
Gengar -- L.45
Murkrow -- L.44
Houndoom -- L.47<-------- (may be wrong)

LANCE -- The Champion/Dragon Master
Gyarados -- L.44
Dragonite -- L.47
Dragonite -- L.47
Dragonite -- L.50
Charizard -- L.46
Aerdoactyl -- L.46

    These are the elite four and the champion. There are some type advantages 
so you better read up. Will uses psychics, so a pokemon that uses bite but isn't 
nessacarily a darkness pokemon, such as Feraligatr, would be a good pick. If he 
Ice beam, even better. Use a the bite pokemon to destroy Will's team. Watch out fo
r some of his pokemon have 2 types. But they alll are vunerable to bite. To 
defeat Koga,
 it was probably smart to have gotten some paralyse heal, and maybe some 
or cure poison berries. That's what he uses, status effects. It is quite simple. 
a fire pokemon with you, they are less vulnerable to poison and etc. Also, the 
 flamethrower. The only exception in this team is Forretress, which I think is a 
 type. Be careful. It uses spikes so you can't switch pokemon.  hope you can 
 it. The classic way to beat Bruno : use a psychic. These pokemon knock out 
fighters as
 easy as you step on bugs. But, remember that feraligatr that I sadi you should 
have? Bruno
 has a Onix. Knock it out with as water attack from Feraligatr. The next trainer 
is the last
 elite four official, which uses dark pokemon. I just use normal attacks on them 
and a
 good water attack on the houndoom. The fire pokemon I said you should have will 
 useful with getting rid of her vileplume. And for her gengar, use bite.Now, for 
Dragon Master, Lance.Of course, you'll need a ice pokemon.  I suggest Dewgong, 
should know Ice beam.  Adn, maybe a nice elctric pokemon like Raikou or Raichu.
Electrify Gyarados, and move on. Kill the dragonites with ice beam. Wrap up 
with a water attack , and do the same to Charizard, and youre the new 

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