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Elite mode stealth game

Title: Splinter Cell Double Agent
Producer: Ubi Soft
For: X Box
MSWord: Courier New
Created: 2/25/07
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: [email protected]

This guide is dedicated to Congo, our African Grey who passed away last night.

If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I don't 
have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or being 
copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site though, 
just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please send me 
your sites URL.

As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, I'll give you credit for 
it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be used. 
As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without the 
use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for the X Box version of the 


2. BRIEFING (crap)
4. CONTRACTIONS (often used words or phrases) 
5. WALKTHROUGH (areas 1 through 9)

All changes to the guide will be dated and noted at the beginning of each level 
where they occur in the game. A summery will be given here; I hope I don't add 

(4/6/07, JBA HDQS, clear game wide SO&CD issue with RBG door inspections.)
(4/7/07, JBA HDQS p2, eliminate Mercury Lab RBG KO.)
(4/8/07, Snowbound Rooftops, eliminate Balcony RBG KO 1st bomb.) 
(4/8/07, Okhotsk, eliminate Deck RBG KO) 
(4/8/07, Prison, eliminate Security room PG KO),


If and when you decide to take advantage of anything in this guide, you've 
likely played at least one or two of the other difficulty levels before 
stepping up to Elite mode. Possibly you're into the SC series and maybe into 
ghosting the SC. So, you don't need to be schooled on Sam's trade tools, his 
objectives and or the functions of the X Box controller. Most of the goodies in 
Sam's arsenal go wasted in a ghosting game. 
I always choose the bare minimum bad options to get Sam by, so, if you're into 
picking JBA options instead of Echelon, there's no guarantee you'll be able to 
maintain my route or trust balance. 
You will find that tactics which served you well in the easier difficulty modes 
won't work in Elite. Sam's lack of lethal and non lethal projectiles in Elite 
mode will require you to spend more time brain working a situation.  

In some instances, BG movements may be somewhat altered, but not drastically. 
Many BGs have routes/routines, (ROVERS/PACERS) that they maintain and cycle 
through unless they're alerted by external sight or sound. These routes remain 
the same for Normal through Expert but portions may be changed slightly in 
Elite to make it even more difficult. 

Sight and sound, if you've already played through Expert mode, you couldn't 
have gotten far before noticing that you're getting bagged by the BGs doing the 
same thing you've always done. My metaphor, "They can hear a Ninja Ant wearing 
owl feather sneaker at 20 yards!"   

I have all 4 SC installments, one thing I've noticed is that the series seems 
to be slanting toward increased "in game" KO and or Kill counts. SCDA has more 
forced KOs in one half of one level, (OKHOTSK) than the total counts for any of 
the 1st 3 games.

An issue, which may affect your game play, is whether to KO or to allow your 
companion, (Jamie or Hisham) to eliminate obstacles. To those with high 
interest in low contact numbers, (KOs or Kills), letting Jamie and Hisham 
remove obstacles solves the problem. Although, regarding the issue of killing 
logged or not may be an issue unto itself, as in the Prison. Allowing Jamie to 
kill guards bothers the crap out of me, but not enough to change my MO. If 
they're an issue for you, all can be KO'd instead of killed.  

I do believe the loading engine is faster than previous games, although, I 
think that is eaten up by all the option windows you must surf through to 
actually get back to the game. I suggest, unless you're hooked on them, zap all 
cut scenes and FMVs, to get back into the game.



One important point to note, the AI, in some cases, can create up to 3 or 4 
routes for its avatars in many rooms. Some rooms, (small ones) may have only 
one route. A cycle is the duration of a route from start to finish. 
(The route may be a kind of circle around a room and back to the starting point 
or a yoyo out to a spot and then backtracking to the beginning position where 
Sam originally saw him). 
The routes and their cycles are stable unless pressed upon by Sam or his 
accomplices actions. What one you get may depend on the time or action spent 
prior to entering the room, or the number of resets/attempts to complete a 
room's objective. 
For example, you fail and or repeatedly fail in an action and reset one or more 
times from a save. You will notice that the AI can now hear and see much better 
and nab you sometimes without even moving from a well hidden position, or that 
the avatar route used before has changed to a different one.  
So, it may become quite apparent; the difference in AI movement in your 
scenario compared to the one described in the guide will change your actions in 
said room to avoid detection. Sometimes, the different routes do have a common 
point where they cross, in this situation; I almost always pick the convergence 
point of the different routes, they are usually the safest to act from. 


There are a few word strings and or phrases that will appear countless times in 
the guide, to minimize the tedium of repetition, I've created and logged 
contractions below for the most used, incase there's a problem with deciphering 

Bad Guy= "BG",
Computer/s= "Comp/s",
Grab and Choke= "G&C",
Electronically Enhanced Vision= "EEV",
Fast Creep= "FC",
Prison Guard= "PG",
Green Lasers= "GL",
Infrared= "IR",
Left Trigger= "LT", 
Night Vision= "NV",
OCP the Camera= "OCPC",
OCP the Light= "OCPL",
OCP the Big Light= "OCPBL",
Open and close the door= "O&CD", 
Optical Cable= "Cable",  
Optically Channeled Potentiator= "OCP",
Multi Beamed Security Laser= "MBSL",
Prison Guard= "PG",
Red Lasers= "RL",
Roving Bad Guy/Prison Guard= "RBG","RPG",
Slow Creep= "SC",
Stationary Bad Guy= "SBG",  
Stealth Open and Close the Door= "SO&CD",
Quick and Quiet= "Q&Q", 
Quick and Quiet Creep= "Q&QC",


3.	JBA HDQS part1
8.	JBA HDQS part2





I've noticed that in the Expert and Elite modes, jumping up onto tables, out of 
the water, into cubby holes or vents from the crouched position makes more 
noise than it does in the easier modes, or it may be that the AI hearing is 
improved, in either case, stand before making the jump, "it seems" to lessen 
the noise. Sam also makes more noise landing from vents, cubby holes and into 
the water, so when possible look for a place to stick to out of the light and 
preferably away from inspection from the AI.

Where Sam's light meter barely registered in Normal and Hard mode and he was 
invisible to the AI, in Expert and Elite, they see him, much more easily. You 
will need to find shelter, sometimes sticking to the wall works, other times 
not, so choose moving time carefully. When you combine the increased abilities 
of the AI sight and sound while in Elite mode the results are for a much more 
challenging game.

Doors can be stealth opened, bashed open, or just opened. In this stealth game, 
bashing doesn't occur. SO&CD and O&CD do. 
Using SO&CD to enter a room alerts any AI that comes within close proximity of 
said door, and opens the door for a vague inspection. O&CD doesn't produce this 
In a nutshell, unless an AI is very close to a door, O&CD works. Knowing the 
effects of an O&CD or SO&CD can become useful in the game. If you require all 
RBGs to maintain their original routes use O&CD. If you require subtle 
alterations use SO&CD.


Zap the cut scene, and move Hisham and Sam into the tunnel. Proceed to and 
enter the short tunnel on your right and behind the standing BG. Allow the BG 
to complete his convo and exit the area. Move Sam and Hisham to the entrance of 
the blocked tunnel and complete the hoist. Run to the area in the tunnel that 
activates Lamberts transmission and again at a run, return outside to the 
crates. Just before Sam makes the last turn right to the tunnel entrance, drop 
into a crouch. SC to the left side of the tunnel and up on BG#1 on the left. 
Allow the two BGs to complete their convo, once the talking stops, G&C BG#1. If 
you're quick and quiet enough, you can bag BG#2 before he moves off. 
Interrogate either or both.
There, 2 down and not a scratch on Sam. Return to the blockage for a hoist and 
proceed to the next room.

(If it didn't piss off Lambert so much I'd let Hisham kill one of the BGs to 
lower the KO count.)
(Quick Save)
There is some rough staging in here and further to the left, your exit from the 
tunnels. As you drop down into the room, you'll hear the beginnings of a 
conflict of interest outside the tunnel, (I'm thinking a jealous boyfriend 
thing. Don't stop to listen in). Quickly move over or under the staging. As you 
approach the exit, 2 of the 3 BGs outside should be down, if not wait inside 
the tunnel. As soon as the 1st 2 BGs are down, ensure that the 3rd BG is 
preparing to climb down the ladder, run to the rear of the truck and hide 
behind the crates. Hisham will follow and most times, quickly take out the 3rd 
BG without alarm, although, Hisham may die, and or it could be a protracted 
engagement, hence the quick save above. 
(You can stay in the cave on the staging and if you're lucky, the remaining BG 
will enter the cave and give Hisham a clear shot, more often than not, the BG 
kills Hisham and or Sam. The best approach is to meet him at a closer range and 
let Hisham take him out.)
Enter the shack and open the gate. Enter the structure and complete the hoist. 
Hisham will wander off to complete some other objective.

Next room, 1 RBG and some pipes for Sam to climb and shimmy about. Move into 
the room about 10 steps and jump to the pipe. Legs up and skooch toward the 
lighted area, stopping just as Sam's light meter activates. As soon as the RBG 
begins to walk back into the dark, move Sam to the end of the pipe and a climb 
up. No hokey pokey OK, there's an RBG pacing a route up above! Move quickly 
around the pipes and stop at the right end of the balcony. Wait for the RBG to 
move away before climbing up and into the room. Stay to the right in the 
shadows to avoid the camera, stick against the wall after passing the valves. 
Slide to the corner and wait for RBG to pass Sam on his way back to the 
balcony. Move to and climb the yellow ladder. Slash the plastic and continue 
(Quick Save)


Skip the intro, Push the gate button, climb down to the water and move into the 
next area. Locate the climbing pipe and climb it. Once up the pipe, slip over 
to the left a bit and wait for the BG to move off to the other machine. Climb 
up and on the Q&QC pass through the room to the exit. There's a short hall 
ahead and 1 RBG with a short route. Stay in the crouch, hug the big pipes and 
slowly position Sam almost behind him but not so he'll be seen when the RBG 
turns. RBG will move left to another location, follow closely. Once he turns 
toward the wall pass by and stop just before the next corner to OCPC. Move 
along the corridor, OCPGL, the 2 lower ones and stop at the next corner.
(Or, jump to the pipe and skooch past them)
Next room at least 3 BGs, 2 of them are talking near the entry door. Move Sam 
clockwise through the room around the big whatever they are things to the 
railing. Drop down, cross to the other side and climb up. Move beside the 
raised platform, as close as you can get Sam and still OCP the small light on 
the wall above the raised platform. Climb up, creep across the platform and 
OCPBL hanging from the ceiling. Pack Server#1 with explosives, crouch, and move 
up the stairs and OCPL near the exit door.
FC along the corridor to the glass doors, skip the cut scene, cross the room on 
the Q&QC, (sleeping guard) EEV the comp in the glass security area, solve the 
security code, get the goodies and then exit this room. Stop before the corner, 
OCPC and proceed to the next door.
You're on the 2nd level of the room you placed the 1st charge in and it has 2 
BGs up here. OCPL above, open and close the door, FC across the grated 
flooring, arousing the BGs to investigate. Stop at the railing, hop over and 
shimmy clockwise around till you come to the next set of railing. Climb up, 
look back to make sure at least 1 BG is walking toward where you came from, 
stick to the wall heading to the exit door and creep to the lighted area, stop, 
OCPL over the exit door and approach it. Pick the lock, SO&CD, OCP the laser 
and climb down the trapdoor.
(Quick Save)

(Here's one of the events that changes from the easier difficulty modes in the 
game. In Elite, to get RBG#2 to move from the middle of his route, you must 
create a distraction for RBG#1. To do this, OCPL over RBG#1s head from between 
the stair treads in his presence. Why? I don't know, but if you don't, RBG#2 
will stop at the middle of his route and stay there. Not a good thing for 
ghosting. I waited through 5 cycles of RBG#1s route and RBG#2 didn't budge.)

As soon as RBG#1 enters the stairwell, OCP the ceiling light from between the 
stair treads. While dark, move to the wall and squeeze between it and the 
stairs. Drop into a crouch and follow RBG#1 out into the caged elevated 
walkway. Be aware of the wider post supports along the sides of the caged 
walkway, they're easier to see in NV. Once RGB#1 stops stop Sam about 5 feet 
behind him and split jump. Stay in NV through the entire area. 
(Quick Save)

(The RBGs routes start at the openings of the caged in walkway. The ends are 
roughly about 1/3 2/3s with RBG#1 having the shorter route starting at the 
stairwell and RBG#2 having the longer route starting at the exit end of the 
walkway. Once Sam is past the halfway mark, Expect BG#2 to have the hearing of 
a hungry dog waiting to hear the can opener. This area will take 2 split jumps 
to get through.)

BG#1 will turn and walk back to the stairwell; BG#2 will return and leave. BG#1 
will return and again walk back to the stairwell, as he passes under Sam back 
to the stairwell, drop down stick to the right side of the cage and slide down 
to and around the corner, stop even with the inside edge of the corner and 
split jump. One or both may become slightly agitated and go beyond their 
regular routes to investigate, if they don't immediately shoot Sam down, not a 
problem. Once they settle down, wait for BG#2 to get almost to the end of his 
route to drop down and Q&QC to the exit. Turn the corner to block the RBGs view 
of Sam, jump up to the pipe and skooch to the end, drop to the floor and creep 
under the last GL. Stop at the corner to the next room to locate the 2 BGs in 
the room.
(Quick Save)


There are 2 BGs talking away, stay to the right between the wall and the 2 
tanks. Stop at the space between the 2 tanks and wait for the convo to end. 
Once both BGs are moving away, creep out into the area from between the 2 tanks 
and follow RBG#1 who continues up the stairs. BG#2 will crouch, face away from 
Sam and ignore him if Sam is quiet. Follow RBG#1 up the stairs, but stay in the 
deep shadow as you pass him by. Continue to FC past him as he begins climbing. 
Proceed to the end, move quickly down the stairs and hug the side of the 
generator to Sam's left at the base of the stairs in the dark spot. 
(Quick Save)
Don't move for a few seconds, wait for the BG to turn and face the glass wall 
to SC right along the base of the stairs and squeeze Sam between the wall and 
the next set of tanks. Continue along the wall and stop before the break 
between the tanks, eventually the RBG will turn and begin walking toward the 
server. Look up at the walkway, note Cunnin Punkin is taking a boo at the 
tanks; wait for him to move on before continuing along the tanks to the end. 
Wait at the end of the tanks for the BG to climb down and walk away, as he 
does, move out to the ladder and climb up. (He may also walk around the 
elevated walkway instead of climbing down the ladder). Activate the door, set 
the charge on the server and climb back down to the main floor below. Exit the 
(Quick Save)
OCPC at the bottom of the stairs, approach the next door, switch to IR and grab 
the door for a stealth open to see deeper and more clearly into the room. Wait 
till the RBG has approached and moved across the doorway, SO&CD and follow the 
RBG to where the metal fence begins. Wait for the RBG to pass the door on his 
route to OCPL. Move to the left of the door and hide against the wall. RBG will 
likely enter the door to inspect the disturbance. Once he returns, wait for him 
to be in the corner of the room where you entered to OCPL again. Now you can 
exit the room in safety.
Turn left near the end of the corridor where the red lighted area is. Squeeze 
through the pipes to the next room. One man is in the room working on a machine 
with a grinder or what I don't know. Find and climb the red pipe shimmy over 
and slide down the other side. Creep under the pipe, creep to the left edge of 
the water pool, stand and climb out. SC out of the room, stop just before the 
next corner and peek around it to see an RBG. Wait for the RBG to begin to 
enter the room. Q&QC passed him to the next corner and OCPC. Continue along the 
corridor to the caged area.


Climb the cage, climb the pipe, shimmy over to the landing and drop down. Climb 
the next ladder, move over to the opening and wait for the ore crane to return. 
Ride the crane over to the monitoring shack, SC over the top of the shack and 
drop down beside the door. Pick the lock, Cable the door to ensure no one is 
walking toward it and open the door. Move back left to the corner and hoist up 
twice to clear the light meter.
(Quick Save)
(It could take some time for one of the BGs to notice the open door so be 
Once the guard walks out of the shack, drop down and OCPL inside the shack. 
Move to server#3 and plant the explosive on it. The BG will turn toward Sam but 
will not see him. Crouch, SO&CD, OCPBL and climb the ladder to hide. One 
probably both BGs will pass through the door looking for the light disturbance 
and then leave. As the BGs prepare to leave the area, OCPBL, SC to the ladder 
and climb down. One of the BGs should still be just walking through the door as 
Sam begins climbing down the ladder to the floor below the shack. 

(This area is the 2nd example in Elite mode to differ from the easier modes. In 
all other modes, as soon as I closed the door, I would OCPL, peak around the 
corner to ensure BG#1 was walking back into the shack and as soon as he passed 
out of sight I climbed down the ladder to the lower floor and exited through 
the door to the next room. In Elite if you try it, you're either shot before 
exiting, or a stage 1 alert is sounded.)

Open the door; pass through the next room to the other side and stop before the 
corner and OCPC at the top of the stairs. Climb them to the exit door. This is 
the work shop, 2 BGs are hammering away on something and at the base of the 
stairs is server#4 go pack it with a charge. Climb back up the stairs and pass 
through the other door. OCPGLs, and then the light near the door around the 
corner before entering the room at the end of the hall. 
EEV the computer, get the goodies and return to the workshop. Move to the 
railing above the exit door and OCPL above it. Drop down from the railing and 
access the keypad. Exit the room, move into the next room and climb the stacks 
of whatever and OCPBL. Now move Sam into the next room, pass the forklift, and 
stop near the wall, pallets and truck to OCPL next to the truck. OCP the 
distant light to the right, move over to the exit door and exit the room.
(Quick Save)

Times Spotted; 0 time, 
KO 2 BGs, 



(4/8/07, Eliminate 1 KO security room PG. Initial escape where Jamie kills the 
last 2 of the 5 prison guards in the cafeteria looking place. I used to stay in 
the room till he killed the 2 PGs, climbed the fence to the stairs, and used 
the vent. The PG would always investigate the noise Sam makes while exiting 
from the vent. Since I've been climbing the table to the railing and the vent, 
the Security room PG isn't alerted to Sam exiting the vent.) 

(As mentioned earlier in the Briefing, you can pull a few G&Cs to alleviate 
your angst if you have a problem with Jamie killing innocents, ((the guards)) 
As usual, zap the cut scenes, turn, move to the cot and climb under to the void 
behind the wall. Jump up and over to hook up with Jamie. Hoist over the barrier 
and move through the obstacle course to the trap door. 
(Quick Save)
Pick the lock, drop down and SC to the desk, don't be seen by the RPG. Pick up 
the walkie talkie and Q&QC to the table, stand, climb up on the table, jump to 
the trapdoor ledge and hoist up before the RPG enters the room. Backtrack 
through the obstacle course to the room with the ladder and trap door. Drop 
down through the railing and shimmy to the right, drop down one more time and 
wait for the RPG to walk off. Drop to the floor, Q&QC to the opening in the 
wall, stand and jump up to and through the opening to the void behind his cell. 
Crawl back into the cell and wait for the RPG to open Sam's cell door.

Zap the cut scene, and make your way to the Courtyard. Zap through the next 
series of cut scenes. KO Barney.

I suggest quick saving before every shoot out, Jamie is a douche with or 
without a gun. Sam can't count on him to eliminate the PGs before they begin 
shooting him.)
When the game starts back, you're in the cell with Jamie. Take the lock pick, 
open the door, get the needle and exit the room. Proceed to the 1st hoist, 
complete it and do a soft drop down in the shadows on the other side. 
(Quick Save)
Pick up the can and throw the can past the cage to the opposite side of the 
room to gain the attention of the 2 RPGs. Let Jamie kill both. Move to the next 
hoist spot, complete it and get Sam onto the 2nd level of the block to follow 
Jamie. Once back on the lower level, Q&QC to the corner.
(Quick Save)
Wait for the PG to begin walking toward the inmate further along the corridor, 
as he does, Q&QC across to corridor to the corner on the left and hide. Jamie 
usually takes out the PG. 
{In the instance when he doesn't and Sam seems to get shot up a lot or Jamie 
gets vented, Try following the PG to where Sam can jump up to the pipe. Move 
further into the corridor and Jamie will follow. Stick to the corner and 
whistle. There are also times when Jamie Le Douche just won't take the bit and 
Sam is forced to KO the PG. There have been times when the PG has entered the 
next area to help the 2 PGs beat an inmate, and then, returns to the current 

Traverse the next series of corridors to the locked double door and pick it.
(Quick Save)

Enter the, cafeteria, I think? Move to the right side, Climb the first table on 
the right near the door, stand and jump to the railing for the elevated 
walkway. This puts you at the vent to the guard room. You may hear one or both 
of the guards in the cafeteria wonder if they heard anything, if you can make 
it into the vent before you hear any shooting, you will be good to go. 
(Jamie still kills both of them, but so far, he makes it into the short hallway 
to the security door.)
(Quick Save)
Exit the vent drop down at the end of the lockers. Access the comps, free Jamie 
and quietly exit the room, No Mo KO of the GUARDO! Jamie La Douche will 
disappear. Proceed through the corridors till you get to the steam leak. Pass 
through the door and enter the Old Cell Block.

(Quick Save)
Exit through the next door, locate the 2 RPGs in this area, ensure that both 
are either walking away and or facing away before moving Sam. Head left to the 
stairwell, stay in the dark and climb up halfway between the 1st and 2nd 
platform. Wait for both PGs to turn and walk away before proceeding to the pipe 
and the shimmy across the room to the 2nd level walkway. Once down, look over 
to the caged area for the 2nd level RPG, wait for him to turn away before 
moving to and entering the vent. Proceed through the vent and climb out the 
other side.
(Quick Save)


2 RPGs, wait for them to walk off to Sam's left, then exit through the slice in 
the plastic, cross the room, hug the wall to Sam's right and stop just behind 
both PGs. #1 to the left will return to his original position, #2 will continue 
on. Follow #2 along the room and turn right where he turns left. Exit the room.
Travel the corridor and enter the 1st door on Sam's left. Access the wall vent 
and stop at the exit.

(Quick Save)
(2 ways to get through here)

1. 2 blabbing RPGs here wait for them to stop. One will exit the room, the 
other will return to the control room. Wait for the RPG to enter the room 
before exiting the vent move to and behind the chair. Wait for the RPG to exit 
the room and then disable the Gas Chamber door lock button on the console. 
Follow the RPG down to the lower viewing area. Move to his right, as he turns 
left to move away, slide along the railing to remain out of his sight. Move 
over to the door and pick the lock as the RPG returns to the Control room. 
SO&CD then climb down the stairs to the Gas Chamber room door and wait for the 
RPG to leave the room. He will make a false start and then leave. SO&CD as he 
is walking down the stairs but don't close it. Open the chamber door and exit 
through the door Sam entered this room from. Return to the Viewing room door, 
stick to the wall on the left and move toward the door until you get a clear 
shot of the exit door. If you can't see the other RPG near the exit door as the 
Viewing room RPG walks toward the glass wall, you'll have to go to map to 
locate him. He must be either in this room or heading to the room Sam entered 
the vent from to get into the Control Room. If neither of these two scenarios 
is correct, you'll have to wait for one of them as the Control Room RPG is 
walking away from the viewing glass. Once out into the corridor, head to the 
stairwell that leads to the basement and the Chapel. Once in the stairwell, 
make Jamie stay while Sam drops down to the basement for the Disk in the 
Morgue. Once at basement level, follow the corridor till you see the 1st Morgue 
sign and the old style radiator on the left. An RPG will be in the next 
corridor, be quiet and hide. If the RPG doesn't appear in the hallway, go to 
map to find him. Once the RPG has turned and moves away. Follow on the Q&QC at 
a discreet distance. Stick to the wall in the dark area, just before the left 
turn he makes into the Morgue and wait for him to return. 
(It looks like the dark area is the end of a series of holding cells)
Wait for him to pass, move Sam into the Morgue, locate the disk and return to 
the dark spot. As soon as the RPG passes back into the Morgue, Q&QC back along 
the hallway to the stairwell and Jamie. 

(In a number of runs through this level, there have been a few instances where 
the Viewing Room guard and or the Gas Chamber Room guard won't allow Sam to 
enter the Gas Chamber without getting suspicious and investigating. It seems 
that the RPGs here have the ability to see and hear through concrete walls.  
Sometimes neither option 1 or 2 works, forcing me to restart from a 
considerably earlier save. I have also restarted the level over when neither 
work. This isn't the only place where this happens in this level, the Chapel is 
the 2nd place. In this case, Jamie won't move over to the exit door on the 2nd 
floor of the Chapel.)

2. After disabling the Gas Chamber door lock, instead of following the RPG to 
the glass wall, exit the room through the upper level door. Cross the hallway 
to the dark corner, stick to the wall and wait for the RPG to pass. Continue 
along the corridor to the stairwell that leads to the Morgue and the Chapel. 
Head to the Morgue and stop at the 1st Morgue sign you see and stick to the 
left side wall near the radiator. Wait for the RPG to move away and follow him 
at a discreet distance. Stop in the dark spot on the left, just before the RPG 
turns into the morgue area. As he passes Sam on the way out, Q&QC into the 
Morgue locate the disc and return to the dark spot. Wait for the RPG to pass 
Sam on his way to the Morgue Q&QC to the Gas Chamber room and enter. SC into 
the Gas Chamber room, stick to the right side wall and stop about half way into 
the room at the vertical white support column. Be aware of the RPG in the room 
and the one that may appear above through the Execution viewing window. Once 
the RPG leaves the room, open the chamber door and exit the room through the 
door near the gas chamber. Pick the door lock at the top of the stairs and then 
stick to the left side wall for a clear look at the exit door. If the 2 RPGs 
are in the viewing room and the Viewing Room RPG returns to the lower level, 
laughs and turns back to the guard shack, grab the door for an SO&CD. When the 
2nd RPG opens the exit door to leave, enter the Viewing Room and head for the 
exit door via the right side of the room. Exit the room and head straight for 
the stairwell.
Once there, proceed to the Chapel. Do the hoist thing at the bars.
(If the 2nd RPG is not in the Viewing Room, go to map to locate his position. 
If he's on his way to the room Sam uses to enter the vent, then exit the room 
as the RPG walks away from the glass wall. If not, wait for him to return to 
the Viewing room before executing this maneuver.)
(Quick Save)


Enter the Chapel, Wait near the double doors, there are 2 RPGs, 1 spends most 
of his time on the balconies the 2nd, stays on the 1st floor, and enters the 
chaplain's room. Turn left, stick to the wall and slide about 1/3 the distance 
to the Chaplin's room. Wait for the RPG that patrols the area where the pulpit 
and alter is to exit the area and walk around the perimeter of the chapel. He 
will be heading for the Chaplin's room. The other RPG will be up on the balcony 
area. Follow the RPG into the Chaplin's room; stop at the doorway for a second 
longer after the RPG moves deeper into the room, to prevent the door from 
closing. He'll peel off to the left as Sam continues to the computer. Complete 
the records change drop back into the creep and move to the doorway as he 
exits. Stay inside the room and only into the doorway enough to prevent it from 
closing behind the RPG. The second RPG will likely walk by the door, after he 
passes the door exit the room, turn to the stairs and stick to the wall on the 
left. Wait for the balcony RPG to pass Sam before climbing the stairs for the 
pipe skooch. Climb the pipe skooch across and free the rope. Turn back toward 
the front of the chapel and drop off the balcony. Q&QC counter clockwise around 
the perimeter to the rope and climb it.
(Quick Save)

I'm not sure if they're glitches or what, in this section. In the 7 times 
playing through for writing and pleasure, 3 times Jamie wouldn't be waiting at 
the balcony door, he'd wait till Sam opened the door, then he would sprint to 
the balcony from the lower floor causing a shootout with the 2 RPGs and die or 
be dead already. In one play through, he survived, but wouldn't pass through 
the door to the stairwell. In one game Jamie wasn't at the door, so I restarted 
from a couple of earlier saves till he appeared. In another, he wasn't at the 
door; I went down to the exit area anyway trying to call him and to make him 
wait. Once at the blown out wall, Sam got the hoist message, hoisted and was 
pulled up by an invisible Jamie. I wasn't able to exit the game though. In the 
last play through, he wasn't there, I called him, he was killed trying to get 
up, restarted from the same save he was there but wouldn't enter the door, I 
tried calling him and he went back to the Chapel entry point and was killed. 
After I think 5 restarts from the same save point Jamie appeared in the proper 
spot and followed Sam out to the exit point for the level. 
I at 1st attributed it to getting one of those "Did I hear or see something" 
alerts. In all other cases of playing the game, these types of alerts are 
inconsequential. I thought it might be a save bug, but I would restart as far 
back as entering Old Cell Block and it still happened, so I really have no idea 
what the problem is.) 

Once on the roof, crouch down and SC counter clockwise around the roof behind 
the RPG, but, at a discreet distance, he hears really well. Once clear, head 
for the door and pick the lock. Head down stairs to the 1st door and let Jamie 
enter. Continue down to the parking lot.
As long as Jamie passes through the Chapel door, you're good to go. Just try 
not to fall from any high parts.

Times spotted 2,
KOs 0         


3. JBA HDQS part1

(4/6/07, Note change from original posted game file, I discovered that if you 
SO&CD the stairwell door and the door to Enrica's room, the server room RBG 
will become suspicious. He will open the stairwell door, quiet down and 
continue on a now altered route. If you just open and close the door as you 
move through, he stays oblivious (no verbal alert) and maintains the original 
The original route has him pacing from the server room door to the corner near 
the door to Enrica's room. The altered route is more convoluted and actually 
gives Sam more albeit (unneeded) time to act, but also requires more time spent 
waiting in the server room. The new route still follows most of the original, 
but now has the RBG stopping at the corner near the end of the server room, 
making multiple stops into the server room and a number of faux moves in the 
hallway outside the server room door. I prefer the original route, it's 
I believe the O&CD method will solve many investigating BG problems regarding 


Skip the cut scene, the level starts in an alley, turn to the end of the alley; 
see the light on the right with the door below. Enter the door, adjust the fuse 
box and proceed around the corner. Once at the door, Cable it to see if a BG is 
about. If clear open the door and OCPC. Enter the room, climb the ladder to 
Sam's right and enter the crawl space. 
If the room is not clear, switch to IR, and grab the door for an SO&CD, 
(clearer look into the room). Wait for the BG to exit the room and then open 
the door.
Once in the room, climb the ladder to Sam's right, enter the crawl space and 
exit it at the other end.
(Quick Save) 
Immediately climb down, stay in the shadows as much as possible and discreetly 
follow the 2 BGs to the other end of the warehouse. One BG will pass through 
the doors the other will hang in the room. Move to the left of the double 
doors, climb up the table and boxes to the raised platform. Approach the fuse 
box while remaining in the dark. Eyeball the BG in the room to ensure that he 
is walking away from your direction and then adjust the fuse box. Position Sam 
above the double doors, Move to the wall and drop or slide down against the 
wall to the right of the doors. Allow the BG that left to return to the room, 
SC Sam through the doors and OCPC. Enter the room with the camera and locate 
the next set of double doors. OCPL on the wall, SO&CD and enter the next room. 
Stay in the dark move right through the room to the metal shelving at the base 
of the metal stairs.
(Quick Save)
Your objectives are in the room to the left of the top of the stairs. It has a 
security camera and an RBG that patrols the elevated walkway and enters it as 
part of his route. At the moment, there are at least 3 men in the large room, 2 
of them on the ground floor. The RBG on the elevated walkway could be anywhere 
on his route, you must sit and wait till his cycle has him exiting the room. He 
makes a series of stops along the route, three of them after leaving the room. 
One is at the door opening, the 2nd about right in front of Sam and the 3rd to 
Sam's right. Once the RBG makes the 3rd stop, pull the pistol. As soon as you 
here the RBG start to walk away, OCPC and then do a Q&QC into the room. Once in 
the room, climb up onto the table, EEV the comp and then stick to the wall. 
Wait for the RBG to reenter and then leave the room before quietly climbing off 
the table and then sticking to the wall near the opening. Wait for the RBG to 
walk away from his 3rd stop before adjusting the fuse box. Return to the table, 
stick to the wall and wait for the RBG again. This time, as he walks away from 
his 3rd stop OCPC and do a Q&QC back to the ground floor. Move over to the 
double doors on the left and to the right side of the double doors. Go to map, 
if the BG isn't in the room, enter and pass through the double doors on the 
left. If he is in the room, it may take a bit, but eventually the BG will 
emerge from the double doors, pass through the open door before it closes. Move 
to the left of the new room pass through the doors into a room with 3 of the 
MBSLs. You can OCP them or time your moves past them to the door at the top of 
the stairs.
Once at the door cable it, if clear, open and close the door to the hallway and 
do the same to the door to Enrica's room. Load the scanner and scan the hair 
brush on the table at the far end of the room. Exit the room when clear; ensure 
that you open and close instead of SO&CD, back track to the beginning of the 
level in the alleyway. Climb up the metal ladder to the lower roof. Stay in the 
dark, and make your way along the left wall past the penthouse to where the 
large horizontal pipes are. Hoist up, check to ensure the RBG is either walking 
or facing away and climb up. Stay in the dark, jump over the low wall and 
adjust the fuse box when clear. Move over to the door at the far corner of the 
upper roof, wait till clear and enter. SC around the hallway until you approach 
the Server room section. Stick to the wall in the dark and wait and watch the 
movement of the server room guard. This is the part of his route you are 
interested in.
(Quick Save) 

(He exits, reenters the server room and exits again. He fakes a return to the 
room and then moves to the end of the hallway where you are hiding. He makes a 
fake withdrawal from the end of the hallway and then eventually walks toward 
the camera and then past Enrica's room)

Once the RBG reenters the server room SC along the hallway and stick to the 
wall near the door. When the RBG exits the room slip past and stick to the wall 
to the left of the door. The RBG will make his fake return and then head down 
the hall. When he does, move to and OCPGLs, then move to the dark corner of the 
room. If no alarm, (SAVE) EEV the server, and make your decision. I protect 
Yeager for an NSA pickup. OCP the 1st laser, stick to the wall on the left and 
slide along it to the corner. The RBG will return to the room and break the 
laser connection, wait for him to turn before doing a SC around to his rear. 
Follow him out of the room and exit the area back out on to the roof. Stay in 
the dark and return to the starting point of the game. Report to Emile and then 
exit the level.

All -0-



Skip the cut scenes and open the level standing next to Miss Yummy. Exit the 
tight fitting clothes ... I mean room and give Enrica a boost up. Once up, drop 
back down to the floor and proceed into the next room where you get to do it 
all over again. Move over to the fan and wait for it to stop spinning. Climb up 
and through to the other side. Drop down; wait for the electrician to saunter 
by and SC to and along the short corridor. Stick to the left wall at the end, 
wait for the RBG to leave and then follow him into the next room.
(Quick Save)
Once in the room, you must turn right and exit the room. There is a welder in 
the room, don't dawdle or pass too close to him. Close the door as you leave.
Q&QC through the corridor, find the Policeman and follow him down the stairs, 
stick to the wall on the right and move close to him, (under the med kit) while 
remaining hidden in the dark. Listen to them banter, as he moves to the left, 
(near the floor grate) follow him and stay close to the portable outhouse. When 
he begins climbing the stairs, move to the grate and drop down into the sewer.
Q&QC along the trough till the door above opens stop and switch to "MAP". Use 
the map to note when the 2 whatever they are leave the area through the door 
around the corner. They hear too well to risk an alert. Once they're gone 
proceed along the trough to the intersection, go right to the metal bars and 
climb up. There are 2 men in this room, a guard and a welder. The guard may be 
next to the manhole, so be quiet when you climb up. Turn right and SC to the 
corner, the guard should walk to and under the train car to the other end. Wait 
for the welder to move to the next work area, before crossing the gap to the 
next dark area, SC around the end of the train car and stop near the exit door 
just behind the guard. Position Sam near the guard, if he indeed walked under 
the train car, when the guard moves away, pick the lock and exit the room.
Pass through the next door to the big drain room, rappel down, pass through the 
crawl space, climb the pipe and enter the crack in the wall. Locate the vent 
and crawl into it. Wait for the guard to leave, exit the vent and OCP a monitor 
in front of the remaining guard, as soon as the OCP has recharged, OCP a 
different monitor, also in front of the guard. 
(Sometimes you may only have to OCP one monitor to get him to move toward 
them). As the guard moves toward the monitors, SC around the corner and stick 
to the wall before he mock turns around, otherwise, Sam gets shot. As soon as 
the monitor guard settles down, SC over to the left side of the door and wait 
for the guard that exited the room to appear through the glass in the door. He 
may be walking passed your door, or he may be pacing back and forth along the 
far side of the room. In either case, watch and wait for him to be walking and 
or facing away before exiting the room. Once out of the room, Q&QC along the 
right wall of the next room to the corner, and slip along the short hallway, 
locate the keypad and then do a split jump up the wall.
(Quick Save) 
A train guard will exit the next room wait for him to pass and drop down, 
access the keypad and solve the pass code. Cable the door to locate the 
Director monitoring the comps in the room. Wait for him to walk to the left, 
SO&CD, SC across the room and stick to the wall between the comps and the exit 
door. EEV the comp for the keypad code and stick back to the wall, wait for the 
Director to walk away from the keypad before moving to it and using the code on 
the door. Exit the room, SC around the corner and stick to the wall. Wait for 
the 2 guards to stop talking and for the one that remains to move to his final 
position. Cross the doorway and SC through the cell to the vent. Enter the room 
and SC over to the base of the stairs. Slide past it to the corner. Wait for 
the guard that left the room to climb back down the stairs and exit the room 
before climbing up and stopping in the shadow to OCPC. Climb the stairs, stop 
before the platform, OCPC and continue up to exit the room. Stay along the 
right side of the room in the dark, stop behind the standing guard and wait for 
him to leave. SC down the stairs while crossing over to the other side and stop 
at the base. Wait for the 2 guards to meet before doing an SC along the wall 
and then dropping down to the track level. If you can jump up to the train car 
without being seen, do so. Otherwise, wait for the guard to pass Sam before 
climbing up onto the back of the train car.

Enter the train car, one guard sitting on the right; there is a small niche on 
the right just before the guard SC to it and OCPL to your left. Turn right and 
OCPL above the guard. Hit "WHISTLE" and Q&QC to the left, stop at the metal 
railing and stick to the wall. Wait for the guard to pass and then move to and 
through the exit sliding door. Enter the 2nd car, 2 guards, about half way 
through the car, talking. Stop just before the security camera and OCP the 
little light at the far right end of the car. Turn left and OCPL near the 2 
guards, Q&QC to the right and creep between the wall and the crates. Snake 
around the crates and exit the car before the guards return. 3rd car, OCP all 
the lasers required to exit the car and detach it from the rest of the train.
(Quick Save)


Climb the ladder onto the car and begin creeping toward the front. There are a 
series of 6 small box thingies on the top outer edges of the train cars spaced 
3 per side. One box located at each end of the car and one at the middle. Use 
them as guide points. If Sam is hanging from the side of the train car he can 
skooch to a box thingy but must climb up and over once he reaches it. 
There are 4 guards in all, stay to the right and start creeping. Once Sam 
passes the middle box thingy on the right, drop off the side and skooch to the 
front of the car. By the time Sam makes it to the end of the car, both RPGs 
will have climbed up and passed his position. Climb up and drop down between 
the two cars. To date, I haven't had an RPG turn and see me or shoot, mostly 
because the guard smackers usually get them 1st. 
Climb up onto the 2nd car, stay to the right and drop off as soon as the RPG 
climbs up. You'll hear the thump of the guard smacker, climb back up and 
continue to the front of the car. The final exterior guard will be standing on 
the platform between the two cars. OCPL to Sam's right to get the guards 
attention. He will begin to climb the ladder, as he does, drop off the car and 
climb up onto the next one. You'll likely hear him getting a taste of the 
Make your way to the car behind the engine and enter it.
(Quick Save)
Sam should have about 00:4:30 left on the clock, more than enough time. Creep 
into the car, OCPGL, enter and exit the crawl space, grab the guard and choke 
him out. 
(Quick Save)

(For me, this is one of the hardest spots in the game. The timing must be 
perfect, I suggest saving at all the points I do for safety sake)

Drop into the crouch, pull the pistol, and switch to NV, OCPL near the guards 
creep out onto the open floor a few steps and "WHISTLE". Q&QC over to the med 
kit, stick to the wall and creep onto the fork lift. Wait for both to walk by, 
and then make your way to the circuit. Adjust the circuit; turn back toward the 
light, ready Sam to OCPL it again as soon as the 1st EMP wears off. Begin 
backing up, OCPL, the guards may be coming back already, and one of them may 
have said, "Did I see something?" Move back toward the gold and the very dark 
spot, the guards will single up coming at you in a single line, move to the 
left and hug the wall and proceed past both guards. Continue back to where you 
KO'd the first guard.
(If they aren't close to or past the forklift, and haven't become anxious, OCPL 
and return to the forklift, wait for them to pass and return to the spot where 
you KO'd the guard)   
(Quick Save)
OCPL, the laser, enter and exit the crawl space and exit the car.
(Quick Save)
Skip the cut scene and enter the next car. 2 guards and one engineer, this may 
also be a cojones buster. SC past the narrow partition on the right, Sam will 
kind of be in the dark, stick to the wall.
(Quick Save)
Enter the engine car, move Sam to the right and into the little niche. OCPL to 
Sam's left, turn and OCPL near the guards. Q&QC up to and beside the cart with 
the bag on it on Sam's right, "WHISTLE", and Q&QC past the closet thing on the 
left and stick to it. Wait for the 2 guards to pass, then Q&QC to the door and 
open it.
(What makes this area so difficult is the engineer, he seems to be able to see 
and or hear you and begins crying like a sissy, which gets Sam ventilated. I 
seem to have better luck sticking to the closet thing than sticking to the 
wall, which in reality would put Sam further away from the guards.)

Times Spotted, 0, (Sometimes the guards on top of the train see you before you 
drop off or they get KO'd by the guard smackers)
KOs 1



Skip the cut scene, switch to pistol, enter and exit the room. There are 2 
guards in the hallway, move over to the right side of the hallway near the 
luggage carrier, OCPL on the wall down the adjoining hallway and Q&QC to the 
end. Turn left; continue to the end of this hallway open the door to the next 
room, OCPC, cross the room and exit.  FC to the first door on the left with a 
green light and enter.  
FC through this connecter hall and slow down just before the double doors, open 
the door, OCPC, close the door and Q&QC to the left as Manny wakes up his 
buddy. FC through the lounge to the sliding doors, OCPL above the double doors 
with the twin waves painted on them. Creep into the pool area, move to the 
left, locate the light switch to the pool lights and shut them down. Move over 
to the pool, find a safe place to drop down into the water and wade toward the 
other double doors. When you get to the other side, climb out when it's clear 
and exit the room. Turn left, SC to the top of the winding staircase, OCPL on 
the wall on the left just before the glass partition. Q&QC forward, OCPL on the 
right and then SC past the glass partition on the left. Stick to the wall and 
slide toward the exit door, the guard may stop at the doorway, but Sam can slip 
by him to the open deck. Creep over to the Conning tower and climb up to meet 
with cutie muffin. Complete the task, climb down and assist her with the hoist 
over the barrier. Make your way back to the doorway Sam used to exit out onto 
the open deck.
(Quick Save)
There should be one guard patrolling the deck and the 2 inside. One of them 
should be near the door and the other will be walking back and forth from port 
to starboard. OCPL near the door and SC into the hallway, I prefer to have the 
2nd guard to the right of the opening, it seems to allow me to creep behind the 
1st guard to OCP the next light just past the glass partition. Once done, SC 
your way to the stairs and down. Retrace your steps through the pool area and 
back into the lounge/bar.
Creep over to the edge of the corridor where the 2 guards are, switch to map to 
locate the patrolling guard. Ensure that he has stopped at your end and turned 
away. Once done, creep out enough to EEV the comp on the table for the 
passenger manifest. As soon as it's safe to approach the exit door, turn around 
and exit the room through the door with the green light. Don't rush around and 
down the stairs, the lower deck RBGs can hear dust drop. When you get to the 
double doors with the green light on the lower deck, exit straight out the door 
and to the railing. Turn left, the 2 guards should still be walking ahead in 
the same direction. Stay in the dark and stick to the railing before they stop 
and turn around. Wait for both to pass before moving to the end and sticking to 
the rail again. Once they have turned back for the 2nd time, enter the double 
doors and wait for Enrica to transmit the pass key. 
Enter and exit the elevator
(Quick Save)
Q&QC along the hallway till you come to the box on the wall on the right with 
the cables coming out the top, stick to the wall and wait for the RBG to pass. 
As he passes, Q&QC to the left, stop just after the corner and OCPL. Q&QC down 
the next hallway and enter the niche on the right. Wait for the RBG to pass and 
creep to the end, turn right and locate the Engine room door. Cable the door, 
if clear, SO&CD, stay in the dark, turn right, hop over the railing hang and 
drop to the lower level. If clear drop down to the deck, turn left and exit the 
Engine room through the cage and Engine room doors. Once out turn left and SC 
around the corner, 1 guard, a laptop and a light. Stay to the left side of the 
corridor and stick to the wall. Move as far left as possible and OCPL. Q&QC 
past the area to the next exit door and pass through it into the caged storage 
room. Hack the keypad and do a Q&QC to the end of the large storage area. Wait 
for the guards to clear out then jump the railing into the water and wade to 
the stern of the small boat. When clear, climb up and access the bomb, exit 
when safe, return to the spot you jumped into the water from and climb out.
(Quick Save)
Climb the ladder and stop just before the top. Wait for the guard to approach 
the end of the walkway and turn away before climbing onto the elevated walkway. 
Stay about 20 feet behind him the entire way around the walkway to the door 
leading to the camera records computer. SO&CD, move to the little niche across 
the room, stick to the wall. Ensure that no one moves back toward the door and 
opens it. Once clear, access the comp, move back to the niche and click map 
again to locate the 3 RGs. Make sure that at least 2 of them are on the lower 
level and either walking away or are under the elevated walkway. Ensure that 
the 3rd guard is walking away before creeping out. Once out, turn right, Q&QC 
to the railing, hop over, locate the trap door on top of the cage and drop 
down. Exit the Storage area; Q&QC along the corridor till you get to the corner 
that leads to the corridor with the lone guard.
(Quick Save)
Wait at the corner till you see him exit the little room, SC out and around the 
corner, while staying in the dark, stick to the wall on Sam's left and slide 
down as far as possible while staying in the dark and stop. The guard will 
slowly walk past Sam, SC across the corridor, stick to the wall on the opposite 
side and slide down till you bump up against the metal partition. The guard 
will return to the room, once he turns into the room, SC into the next corridor 
and stop at the Engine room door. Cable the door, ensure its clear, enter and 
exit the caged room, proceed down to the end of the engine, turn left and stick 
to the wall close to the metal shelving. Check the map to see where everyone 
is, as soon as it is safe to move, cross the engine room. Turn right continue 
along the short walkway to the crawlspace, enter and exit to Enrica's position. 
Complete your task with Enrica, skip the cut scene, and download the virus to 
her phone. Exit the crawl space when clear and move to the console with the 
engine controls, stick to the wall if any guards are near, once clear, stop the 
engines and exit the Engine room. 
(Quick Save)
SC around the corner, stick to the wall on the left side of the corridor in the 
dark, wait for the guard to turn away and EEV the comp in the little room. If 
he is still walking along the corridor and isn't close to the end, cross the 
corridor and stick to the wall on the right in the dark. Otherwise, wait for 
him to return and repeat his route, and then follow him and likewise stick to 
the wall on the right about half way between the metal bulkhead posts. Wait for 
him to pass Sam and then exit the corridor for the Storage room and the small 
boat. Once in the Storage room, keep to the wall on the right and in the dark. 
Once at the end, jump back into the water and board the small boat. 
All zeros across the board


(4/9/07, I finally brained out how to deal with the Deck RBG on the way to the 
bridge. The maneuver begins in the Engine room. Instead of exiting the engine 
room from Bomb #4, cross the engine room and return to the vent. Exit the vent, 
the RBG is gone; you are on the main deck level where you started the boat 
section of the level. It takes a bit of work, but it eliminated another KO from 
the game.)


Skip all the cut scenes, FC to the ledge and wait for the BG, drag him off the 
ledge like a hungry crock waiting for a stupid fat and slow Gnu. If not, catch 
up with him on the path and G&C him. Creep around the corner, climb up 2 
levels, wait for number 2 to walk under Sam and drop down onto him. Climb back 
up, creep up and over the crevasse to the other side, and position Sam beside 
the big honkin icicle. Wait for the next BG to pass under Sam for another drop 
down. Crawl through the tunnel wait for the BG to move away, crawl out, G&C him 
through the ice sheet. Move to and grab the rope, slide down and drop onto the 
RBG, if not, G&C him. Creep around the tent, cut the material, SC up to the 
opening and do a G&C, and then disable the Radar console. Exit the tent SC past 
the wall mine, locate the green lasers and wait for the RBG, he will approach, 
and block the laser. Once he turns, SC and G&C him. Move over to the right of 
the machinegun, stay close to the rock wall, wait for the RBG to begin his 
return leg of his route and do a Q&QC and G&C him. Disable the radar console, 
and backtrack past the machinegun, SC past the 2 wall mines. FC out into the 
open, slow down as you approach 2 of the 3 BGs in this area. Stay in the dark, 
SC around and between the snow mound and truck. Wait on the small hill for 
RBG#1. SC up to and grab him, pull back into the dark swing out to the snow 
wall and then pull him back to the Detonator before choking him out. Disable 
the detonator and SC to the rear of the mobile drill rig. Note the RBG at the 
far end of the area, wait for him to turn and walk away before creeping out to 
grab BG#2. Drag him back to the detonator and choke him. Move to the right side 
of the truck, in the dark, wait for #3 to turn away before creeping out and to 
the left of the radar console. EEV the Radar console, wait for #3 to return and 
do a G&C on him. Jog over to the flare, crawl into and out of the tunnel, creep 
over to the crates and wait for RBG#1 to approach, grab him as soon as he turns 
away to avoid RBG#2, drag him back into the exit tunnel and choke him. Move 
back out to the crates and wait for #2, creep up behind him and G&C. FC over to 
the water near the flags while staying in the dark, SC over to the crate, climb 
over it and sneak to the rear snow wall. Wait for him to walk by for a G&C. 
Exit the area through the crevasse, continue to the next area. See the 
Generator truck, stay in the dark against the snow wall. Wait for RBG#1 to walk 
by for a G&C. Move around the rear of the truck, between the truck and the tent 
and to the rear of the tents. SC around the rear of the tents, following RBG#2, 
let RBG#2 pass BG#3. G&C BG#3. Backtrack around the tents and hold up between 
the boxes, old truck and snow wall. Q&QC up to RBG#2 and G&C him. Enter the 
middle tent for the radar console; exit the area through the rear by way of the 
high crawl space.
(Quick Save)
Exit the tunnel and disable the mini generator. Move over to the right side of 
the cave entrance and wait for RBG#1 to enter, grab him from behind and drag 
him to the far side of the cave to choke him. Move out to the entrance of the 
small cave and OCP the light bulb. Creep out into the larger cave and disable 
the 2nd generator. I prefer to follow and KO the RBG that walks around the pool 
of water first. Then wait for RBG#3 to exit the radar console area, follow and 
KO him. I EEV the radar console, then continue around the walkway to a position 
about 20 to 30 feet from a stop point for RBG#4, I wait for him to turn and 
walk away to Q&QC for a G&C. Once completed, I backtrack to the generator truck 
area and locate the codes on the cot in the first tent then make my way back to 
the ship for a rope climb up the starboard side stern of the ship to end this 
portion of the level. Even though this section is one of the easiest levels to 
do, I like it the least because of all the KOs involved.


You begin at the stern of the tanker, there are 3 BGs in the area, 2 on the 
port side, 1 on starboard, and we're going starboard. Stick to the wall, listen 
to Lambert and wait for the BG to stop at the end of his route. Once he turns 
and begins to walk back, follow him, Q&QC up the stairs and wait at the top. 
Once the BG begins his route again, SC down the stairs, turn, move over to the 
other stairwell, and then Q&QC down 2 levels to the 02 deck. Locate the 
crawlspace, enter it and crawl to the end. Wait at the end of the crawlspace 
till the RBG walks by, climb out, grab him, drag him back into the dark, 
interrogate then KO him. Re-enter and exit the crawlspace, turn left and 
continue on till you find the engine room sliding door. OCPL, enter the engine 
room and close the door. There are 3 BGs in this area, stay in the dark, jump 
the rail near the door as soon as the BG passes under and by Sam's position. 
Hang, ensure that it is clear and drop down to the lower deck. Creep forward to 
the bulkhead and wait for the 2 BGs to walk off. Q&QC past the stairs on Sam's 
left, to the rear of the engine room. Slide along the wall till you come to the 
ladder and climb up. Locate the light to the right of the ladder, OCPL it. 
Creep over to the ladder, climb up into the vent plenum, locate the crawlspace 
near the big fan, enter it, crawl to the end and wait.
(Quick Save)
There is an RBG pacing back and forth in front of Sam he also makes a momentary 
stop at a doorway to Sam's left. The flashlight on the wall kind of pointing at 
Sam isn't an issue. Wait for the RBG to walk past Sam to his left or right, 
climb out and Q&QC through the doorway to Sam's left. Keep going left into the 
next corridor and stop at the Captains door for a boring convo. I suggest the 
quick save; because there is another RBG that patrols the corridor to the right 
of the corridor you enter on your way to the Captain's room. The RBG may be at 
the doorway as Sam walks through. Once you've skipped through psycho puppies 
blathering, backtrack to the Engine room via the vent. 
(Quick Save)
(Reason for save, most often, if you move Sam quickly enough, you can creep 
straight to and enter the vent without notice, sometimes not, the save gives 
you the opportunity avoid the Captain's speech again)

Leave the Captains door, stop before the corner to ensure that neither of the 2 
RBGs is standing in a doorway at the connector hallway. Once you are clear to 
move, Q&QC to the crawlspace and return to the Engine room and le boombs. 


(The Engine room RBGs can be anywhere in the engine room, so much of this 
maneuver will rely heavily on the vents under the two front engines and the 
map. I've played through here umpteen times from mission starts and there is no 
set positioning for the RBGs, or what direction they'll take under the 
conditions of the moment. I'm going to describe my last event through the area. 

I'm going to delineate the effected area of the engine room and your entry 
point at the ladder as the front "A" side of the engine room. The engine 
closest to Sam is Moan and the one beside it Groan. Groan and Moan have an "A" 
side and a "B" side. Sides "A" are facing the elevated walkway at Sam's entry 
point and sides "B" are facing the other elevated walkway. I think this will 
help orient and lower the confusion of defusing the bombs. Bomb #1 is on the 
walkway Sam is on, Bomb #2 is on the "A" side of Moan, Bomb #3 on the "B" side 
of Moan and bomb #4 is on the other elevated walkway. Is everything clear?)

Once in the Engine room, OCPL near the ladder, FC toward the end of the walkway 
and defuse Bomb #1. Return to the ladder before the light comes back on.
(Quick Save)
OCPL near the ladder, drop, hang and release from the ledge. 2 RBGs this side 
of the engine room. Creep around the front of Moan, OCPC and defused Bomb #3. 
Enter the vent under Moan, peeked around, saw 1 RBG switched to map, located 
all 3 RBGs. Backed out from Moan, entered and exited vent under Groan. Climbed 
the ladder and defused Bomb #4.
(Quick Save)
Map, located 3 RBGs, waited for RBG to pass railing, dropped down and crept 
along front of engine room to "A" side of Moan and defused Bomb #2. Find a safe 
dark space to stick. When clear, OCP the flashlight climb the ladder, OCPL near 
the camera, FC to ladder and climb up into the vent. Exit the vent, the RBG is 
gone never to return. The Captain's suite is now open, good thing too; it needs 
to be aired out. Enter the Captain's room, grab a bottle and return to the 
doorway to the room with the flash light. Turn right, enter the dark room, 
slide the door open to the next room. Position Sam far enough into the room to 
break the light, break the light and FC back into the dark room and stick to 
the wall. The RBG will open the door investigate or not and leave. He will 
likely drop back down into a crouch facing the stairwell. 
(Quick Save)

(I tried tons of ways to get him out of the doorway; bottles, whistles, 
jumping, and OCPL. The best you get is for him to enter the room for a very 
short time and often thoroughly venting Sam. The trick is to get Sam past the 
door before it closes.) 

Once big boy has settled into his crouch, move back into the room, just past 
the doorway. Arm with the OCP and get a good bead on the light outside the 
room. Switch to NV, OCPL, and "WHISTLE". Holster the pistol, creep right to the 
wall and slide along it to whatever the dark thing is. Allow the RBG to enter 
the room and turn toward the spot where you made the sound before getting too 
close to the door. Exit door, creep about 5 feet out of the doorway, jump up to 
and legs up on the pipe and then mad skooch to the other end before he comes 
back out and or the light comes back on.
(Quick Save)
Drop down and SC to the other side of the ship. Climb up 2 decks through the 
stairwell, as you begin the 3rd deck, you'll hear the whine of the turret gun. 
Turn around and do a run and jump up to the 3rd deck, ending up beside the 
machinegun. Move to and cable the purple door behind the machinegun. Wait for 
the RBG to turn away before exiting. Follow him around the deck and stop behind 
the winch. The RBG will return to his route in a second, when he does, enter 
the red door to Sam's right with an O&CD. Pass through the 1st door, but only 
slide open the 2nd door; the RBG may be standing at the doorway. Wait for him 
to move off, follow him and enter the short corridor on the left. Slide open 
and close the door and then stick to the wall to the left of the door to Sam's 
right. 2 BGs in this room, one walks back and forth through the door Sam is 
next to, the other seems to be reading gauges on a control panel. Wait for the 
walker to enter the room, pick up the object near Sam and throw it over the 
structure in the middle of the room to distract the 2nd BG long enough to by-
pass the circuit. Return to the spot where Sam stuck to the wall and do so 
(Quick Save)
Wait for the walker to reenter the room and move away from Sam. Exit the room, 
stick to the wall and wait for the RBG in the corridor to show himself. Once 
you know which direction he is walking, stick to the same side he is walking to 
so that he won't see Sam when he slides close to the opening. Exit the area and 
return to the door leading to the exterior. Move Sam up to the door and go to 
map, locate the Deck RBG, when he comes around to the area where Sam is, exit 
map and switch to IR. Wait for him to turn and leave. Wait until the RBG has 
left the area before creeping out to the ladder leading to the next higher 
deck. Once on the upper deck, SC over to the flag pole and wait for the next 
RBG to arrive. When he begins to walk away, OCP the machinegun and follow him 
to the other side of the ship. Creep right around the ship till you see the 2 
rows of life raft containers, stop at the 2nd row and wait for the last RBG to 
appear. When the RBG turns and begins to walk away creep away from the rafts 
and OCP the machinegun at the other end of his route. Follow him to the other 
side, while being careful passing the wall mines and stay in the dark to his 
right. Once he begins to walk away, move to the door end enter, then "Enter the 
Command Center" to end the level.

Times spotted 0, 
(KO's 22,) 
(No way to get around the 21 from the 1st half of the level. As for the one 
aboard the ship, you must KO the cargo RBG for the drug info.)




Zap the cut scenes and move forward to activate the car alarm. Once done, move 
into the garage; locate the bottle on the curb and position Sam for a clear 
shot at the light above the exit door. Once safe, kill the light, once clear, 
approach and SO&CD. Turn right 2 times stick to the wall on the left side of 
the short hallway just before entering the room. 2 BGs will be talking; one 
will enter the room walk over to a table and stare through the window linking 
the 2 rooms. Once he passes Sam, follow him, SC past him into the narrow 
corridor. There will be a sleeping BG here, SC past him to the elevator, enter 
and rise to the 8th floor. When the elevator stops, wait for the BG to stop 
yapping then climb up onto the cage, jump up and hang from the 9th floor 
elevator opening. Wait for the next blackout, climb up, Q&QC across the room to 
the door and exit. 
(Quick Save)
Peek around the corridor to locate the RBG, stick to whatever side of the 
suites entrance niche that will cover Sam from being seen by him when he passes 
if he does. As soon as it's clear, make for the stairwell to the right and 
climb up to the 10th floor. If the lights return before you get to the 10th, be 
careful not to be seen by the RBG near the end of the corridor. Once clear, 
locate the 1st door on Sam's left, hack the keypad and enter the room. Use the 
comp, soon, 2 BGs will enter the room, one to the comp and one to the living 
room near the TV. If you have the time before they enter the suite, locate and 
enter the bedroom, locate and search the file cabinet. If not, book into the 
bathroom and wait for a blackout to creep out, enter the bedroom and access the 
file cabinet. Wait for a blackout, SO&CD and exit the suite.
Check the hallway for RBGs, if unseen, go to map to locate the RBG patrolling 
this area, determine which direction he's moving to make the best decision for 
cover in the open sitting room. Turn left and enter the open sitting room on 
the right side of the hallway, be very careful if the RBG is close and or 
you're tailing him, the floor in the sitting room is covered with glass. Move 
over to the other opening. The RBG may be coming or going depending on when you 
arrive in the sitting room. Regardless of which direction he is traveling, 
creep out and enter the 1st door on the right, suite 1002. However, if he is 
already at the opening where you entered the sitting area stick to the wall and 
pray he doesn't see Sam. Once in suite 1002, kill the lights. Locate and grab 
the key card in the room. Move to the door linking the 2 suites, stick to the 
left side and wait for the BG to approach the comp, from this point he may do 
one of 2 things, either enter the room Sam is in or walk back to the entry door 
of said room. If it's Sam's room, wait for him to pass Sam, SC into the next 
room, over to the entry door, switch off the light and exit the suite.
If he walks back to the entry door, Q&QC over to the left side of the short 
hallway and stick to the wall at the corner, just before the bathroom door. As 
the RBG passes, move into the hallway, kill the light and exit the suite. Stick 
to a side wall in the suite's niche, likely a RBG will be roaming about the 
corridor and or foyer. If there is, as soon as he moves off or another blackout 
occurs, Q&QC out, turn right twice into a new short hallway, locate the niche 
with the fern on the left, stick to the wall and wait for the next RBG.
(The comp in the last suite tells about a rat at Langley? HMMMM? Williams? 
(Quick Save)
Wait for the next BG to arrive turn around and leave. As he does, follow him at 
a discreet distance, (broken glass on the floor), Take the 1st door on the 
right, use the key card and enter the suite. 
From this point, you have two options.
1. Crouch near the giraffe and wait for the next blackout, if it comes soon, 
creep around the balcony position Sam behind the BG and grab him as soon as he 
stops talking.
2. Enter the suite, slow creep around the fern, stick to the wall and slide 
down to the bathroom. Open the door, enter and wait for another blackout 
The BG may approach the balcony railing before another blackout occurs, if you 
made it to the bathroom, SC out, position Sam behind the BG for a grab as soon 
as he stops speaking. 

Once you have the BG, drag him to the Retinal scanner, and then into the 
bedroom for a choke out.

(More than one time I've had a blackout occur as I enter the suite, crept along 
the balcony, made it into the room and grabbed the BG before he walks to the 
balcony to talk to the BG on the lower floor. If you allow him to complete his 
convo with BG#2 he may walk off along the balcony, I never got that far into 
the scenario, so I haven't ever found a solution beyond the points mentioned.) 

Grab the stuff from the safe, move to and over the railing of the balcony at 
the opening to the room with the Retinal Scanner. Drop down to the floor, if 
the 2nd BG is climbing the stairs, move to the table and pick up the throwing 
object. Return to the darkness and throw the object at the light over the 
table, when done, access the comp. When done, creep to the railing, hop over 
and wait for a blackout to exit the room. Once in the hallway, locate the RBG, 
stick to whatever side of the niche needed to cover Sam. Be mindful of the 
camera at the end of the hall. When the RBG passes during a blackout creep out 
grab him and drag him to the closest end of the hallway for a choke out. Hide 
him from the camera and visit Emile. When done, exit the room, wait for a 
blackout and travel the corridor, stopping just before the elevator area. Stick 
to the left wall and wait for another blackout, preferably when the RBG is at 
Sam's end of the elevator area. Enter the elevator when safe and scoot to the 
ground floor.
(You can creep out to the dark cove on the right at Sam's end of the Foyer, the 
BG may or may not see Sam, but he will eventually make his way to Sam's hiding 
spot. You can sneak around the column and lights, but I find it more difficult 
than the reward, and I hate multiple restarts not to mention that a 2nd RBG 
patrols the far end of the corridor. At worst, and there are no blackouts, 
follow the RBG as he leaves the dark cove from your position at the corner. 
Enter the elevator and drop to the next level.)
(Quick Save)

FC left until Sam comes upon a grand staircase, hop over the left side into the 
ferns, SC to the left and stick to the wall near the end. Someone will yell, 
"Find cover there might be more!" This will prompt the BG close to the turret 
gun to walk past Sam and into the center of the room, when he does, move to the 
turret and disarm it. SC back into the darkness, stay in the shadow and stick 
to the walls as you make your way counter clockwise around the room to the exit 
opening. As soon as it is clear SC along the hallway to the intersection, 
enter, move to the right side and SC into the niche. Stick to the wall and wait 
for the RBG to stop talking. 
(Quick Save)
When he does, he'll turn toward the double doors, and eventually walk the 
length of the hallway. As the RBG passes by Sam SC to the doorway enter the 
room and stick to the wall on the left. You're now in the kitchen.
(Quick Save)
This part is going to take patience; you must wait for both BGs to be walking 
away from Sam before making your move to position him below the pipe on this 
side of the kitchen and hoisting up to it. 
Once on the pipe, skooch almost to the end, stop as soon as the light meter 
acts up, there is smoke or something coming out of one of the pipes or the 
ceiling to assist in concealing Sam.
I recommend a quick save here if you fail on attempting the next part of the 
(Quick Save)
The waiting game returns for the opportune time to drop and Q&QC out the exit 
door. Once you make it out the door, move quickly, but stay along the left side 
of the hallway and turn left at the corner. Stick to the wall and ensure that 
the RBG you passed by at the other end of the hallway is not walking in Sam's 
direction. When clear cross the hallway to meet up with Hisham.
Q&QC through the shower room stop at the corner to the pool area and tell 
Hisham to hide. There are 2BGs in the pool area; one of them patrols the end of 
the pool where the 2 of you are. Wait until he is looking toward the pool at 
your end before you SC out along the wall on Sam's right to the corner near the 
exit door. As the RBG passes Sam at that point, move Sam to the door and pick 
the lock. Once completed, return to Hisham, direct him to follow Sam. Wait for 
the RBG to return to the pool end and begin to leave, as the RBG moves away 
from your end of the pool, follow behind and pass through the exit door. Take 
the door at the end of the new hallway you're in and tell Hisham to hide.
Position Sam at the opening to the 1st garden area and go to IR to locate the 
RBG. Find him and then pick your route to the next opening to garden #2. (I 
prefer going to the right side, but the RBG doesn't always give me the option)
Ensure that the spot light doesn't spot Sam. (In this game, it doesn't sound an 
alarm, but it doesn't leave you either, as bad or worse.) 
I also prefer to move about the 2nd garden in a clockwise manner to avoid the 
SBG guarding the opening to the 3rd garden. Move Sam to the left of the 
standing guard, but far enough away to prevent the spot light from tracking 
him. Note an RBG that paces from front to back in the 3rd garden, you must time 
your entry into the 3rd garden when he is walking to the rear of and the spot 
light is moving away from the 3rd garden. Attain a safe position in the 3rd 
garden against the inner wall and near the door to the parking lot.
(Quick Save)
Lastly, when clear to do so, (either when the RBG is walking to the rear or to 
the front, but after he passes the tree in the middle of the garden), enter the 
left side of the double doors and leave it open. The next set of doors leads to 
the parking lot where Hisham will make his exit from the game. The 2 BGs in the 
parking lot are easy to KO, I wait behind the car with the rear end facing the 
exit gate, KO him as he passes, then sneak around the area to KO the 2nd BG. 
Locate the throwing object in the glassed in area and bring it along with you. 
Open the left side door of the double doors so it swings out and leave it open. 
Make sure the RBG is walking away from Sam; hug the wall on the right with the 
fern and SC into the darkness.
(Quick Save)
Move over to the inner garden wall toward the front, you need cover from the 
RBG when he's there and a clear shot at the SBG. Once set, wait for the RBG to 
walk back to the rear of the garden and chuck the can at the SBG. Move forward 
into the dark and stick to the wall behind the fern. Both will investigate, the 
RBG will return to his route and the one hit by the can will move over to the 
double doors leading to the parking lot. Once you have a clear shot out of 
garden #3, back track to Hisham and then have him follow Sam back to garden #2.
(Quick Save)
Stop at the left rear corner of garden #2, you need to be able to tell when the 
RBG is at the front of garden #3, once he turns away, SC around to the front of 
garden #2 near the opening to garden #3. Slide along the inner wall far enough 
to see the steps that the RBG walks up, otherwise, go to map to locate him. As 
soon as he turns away, enter garden #3, move left all the way over to the dark 
spot. Tell Hisham to hide. 
(Quick Save)
Stick to the wall and slide over to the fern niche. 
(Eyeball the BG near the door, he gets fidgety and then settles off and on, 
make your move into and out of the fern niche as he settles down)
SC into the niche on the left and stick to the wall behind the fern. Watch for 
the RBG to be walking toward the front of garden #3, as soon as he passes the 
tree, SC along the wall and pass through the double doors to the parking lot. 
Once into the glassed area, call Hisham to you and help him over the gate.
(Quick Save)
Take your time and return to the room just before garden #1. Creep to the other 
end of it and exit into garden #4, Q&QC to the right side of the garden, stop 
at the corner of the inner wall and switch to map to locate the RBG in garden 
#5. Figure out the pattern of the BGs route. Place Sam in his path so he can 
intercept him at one of the far corners. Sam should KO the BG as far away from 
the 3 BGs in garden #6 as possible, garden #4 will do for safety.
Return to garden #5, proceed counter clockwise through the area and approach 
the entrance to garden #6 from the right side and in the dark.
(Quick Save)
 There are 3 BGs to take out in this garden before you can end the level; one 
of the BGs is standing close to the entrance to the garden. Once the spot light 
has exited garden #6, SC across the entrance to the left inside corner. There 
is a narrow space for Sam to slide into, take your time. 

(Note: on one occasion, I was unable to enter garden #6 without RBG#1 lighting 
a torch and having a look. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the RBG 
in garden #5, I think he heard me, lit a torch and then dropped it at the far 
end of garden #5 across from the openings from gardens #5 and 6.)

SC through the narrow area to an opening on the right, it faces the center of 
garden #6. One of the RBGs will eventually walk toward Sam, when he comes to a 
stop creep up behind him, grab him and drag him into the narrow area. Choke him 
out during a barrage of gun fire, do the same thing to all 3 BGs. When all BGs 
are sleeping, plant the demo charge on the AA, detonate and request for 

Times Spotted, 0	(A couple of times playing through here, I got spotted 1 
time, although, I haven't figured where)
KO, 8 (No way to get around these KOs)

8. JBA HDQS part2

(4/7/07, Change from original game file. I was able to figure a work around for 
the 2 RBGs in the Red Mercury Lab area this morning, very frustrating. JBA HDQS 
p2 is now KO free. The solution is quite convoluted and takes a bit more time 
to complete, not to mention many more saves within the area. The RBGs get very 
agitated throughout the event, Sam must do some clever maneuvering to stay 
clear of both and is able to ghost the area and level without being seen or 
confronting any of the BGs in it. 
In the Lab area, I suggest saving to different files each time, don't rely on 
overlaid quick saves, you're likely to want to restart from a safer save, 
different files allow for this.
I have also slightly modified Sam's route through the bunker area, cutting down 
the distance and rooms entered.) 


Enter the building; take the stairwell down to the closed door, leave it open, 
it will make your life easier on the way back to Emile later in the game. 
Approach and OCPGL, ignore the MBSL run down to the next opening, drop to a 
crouch, another MBSL, slip around it and stick to the wall in the dark spot 
beside the wall bump out.
(Quick Save)
Most likely an RBG is standing outside the window to the Control Room, wait for 
him to pass Sam on his route, OCPL in the floor grating at the Control room 
corner from the darkened bump out area, Q&QC along the left side of the 
corridor to the bump out and then to the right side of the corridor at the 
corner. Follow the darkness across the floor to the bump out to the left of the 
Control room door and right of the Control room window. The BGs in the Control 
room will become excited and move to inspect the area. Do a Q&QC around the 
bump out, past the Control room door and down the ramp. Turn left, stick to the 
wall and listen for an all clear from the Control room BGs that enter the 
hallway. O&CD the Lab room door. 
Once in the Lab, move forward and then stick to the boxes on the Red Mercury 
room side. Locate RBG#1, he could be anywhere in the Lab area. It's safest to 
wait for him to be walking up to or be on the elevated platform. EEV the 2 
comps on the elevated platform for the pass codes to the Red Mercury Lab.
Once done and clear, move down to the lower area and locate the throwing 
object, (can). Position Sam for a throw at the wall light near the Green Laser 
and break it. Once done retrieve the can and maneuver around BG#1 when he comes 
to investigate. Odds are BG#1 will make a fake move to return to the platform 
and then walk down to inspect the lower level, when he does, move back to the 
boxes and break the lights to the elevated platform.
When safe, OCPGL, creep to the top of the stairs and Cable the door. Locate 
BG#2, he could be anywhere in the room, Allow him to complete his route for 2 
cycles to get a feel for his route and the time he spends at each stop. 

This is my solution to grab the files from the cabinet and book clean from the 

(Problem; BG#1 is the problem. If he's on the elevated platform, walking from 
it to the lower level, turning to go up the short steps or climbing the stairs 
to the platform, Sam will be seen in the 2nd level room whether he's at the 
file cabinet or not. You'll either hear a Bunker Wide Alert calling everyone to 
the Lab or an audible bass down beat alerting you to the fact that BG#1 is now 
on active prowl looking for Sam.)

Go to map, watch the movements of both BGs, for a few cycles and note even 
though BG #1 is now on alert with wep in hand, he still maintains his route, 
albeit at a slower pace, (which is a good thing) 

This is the pattern you're looking for; BG#1 has left the elevated platform and 
is walking toward the short steps to the lower level, (he always stops at the 
med kit on the wall). BG#2 has walked around the desk and is approaching the 
entry door, (he looks at some posters on the wall). This pattern gives Sam the 
time he needs to access the file cabinet and slip out of the room clean. 
Exit map.
(Quick Save)
Grab the door for a SO&CD, enter the room but do not close the door. As BG#2 
turns and begins to move away, follow him closely, being nearly beside him to 
his left side. You can actually move past him as he approaches the blue wall 
thingies. As Sam is accessing the file cabinet, turn the camera to face the 
exit door so that as soon as he's done you can Q&QC him to the door and close 
Creep to the bottom of the stairs, OCPGL, climb down to the lower foggy level 
and locate the 2nd can. Position Sam for a throw at the light near the camera, 
break it, retrieve the can and play keep away from BG#1 as he comes down to 
Position Sam along the exit door wall; watch as BG#1 eventually makes his way 
down to the lower level and the med kit. BG#1 will either make a short walk up 
to the 2nd level and come back or return directly to the elevated platform. Be 
prepared to move clear if BG#1 uses the walkway near the exit door to return to 
the platform, if not, position Sam near the med kit and break the light. This 
will likely call both BGs to investigate, stay around the boxes, for more 
maneuvering options.
You can no longer OCPC when BG#1 is anywhere but the lower level or the stairs 
to the 2nd level. Wait for either of these opportunities to OCPC, enter the 
door code into the keypad and open the door. Move back to the boxes to 
Go to map, the next move requires BG#1 to be on the platform and BG#2 to be 
near the desk. Exit map, turn to the camera and wait for it to begin turning 
toward the exit door so that you can move Sam into the Red Mercury Lab and into 
the escape vent.
Go to map, watch the movements of both BGs. BG#1 must be secure on the elevated 
platform and BG#2 must be rounding the desk heading to the 2nd level door 
before you can move Sam out of the vent to sample the Red Mercury. Once out of 
the vent, access the keypad and sample the material. Turn the camera toward the 
escape vent so as soon as the event has concluded you can re-enter the vent.
One or both of the BGs will now be moving down into the lower area. Wait for 
BG#1 to pass the exterior section of the escape vent to open it and drop down 
to the lower level. OCPC, climb up to walkway and move around the boxes to the 
exit door wall. Locate both Lab BGs to maintain safety, Cable the exit door to 
ensure that the hall RBG isn't there and exit the room.
(Quick Save)

(It took some time and was quite frustrating, but worth the effort to lower the 
KO count to -0- for the JBA HDQS p2.)
Go to map and locate the hallway RBG, ensure that he is walking back to the top 
of the bunker, if not, move further along the corridor and around the corner to 
hide. Once it is safe, backtrack to the control room level. As you approach the 
top of the ramp, move to the right side and stop. Wait for the MBSL to give you 
a clear shot at the Control room door then enter. Do a SO&CD, Q&QC to the 
darkened inside corner of the room near the door and then stick to the wall. 
Go to map to locate the hallway RBG, you need him to be at or still be walking 
up to the top of the bunker or walking down the Control Room area ramp to the 
Lab door. This will give you the time you need to access the comp, do the right 
thing and safely exit the Control room.
Once any of these conditions are met, EEV the comp and pass on Lamberts data.
(Quick Save)
Emile will get pissy yet again and ask to see Sam pronto. Slide to the door and 
grab it for a SO&CD. Push it open a little look for the MBSL, if it isn't at 
the door exit the room. Move Sam over to the ramp, by hugging the wall to Sam's 
left side. OCPL in the floor grate, and backtrack to the Control Room door and 
the bump out. The Control Room BGs will be on their way out to see what's up. 
Proceed across the area to the MBSL and stick to the wall in the darkened area 
at the bump out.
(Quick Save)
If the Hallway RBG was at the Lab room door, proceed past the MBSL and up to 
the next MBSL, deal with it and speak to Emile. If he was in the upper level 
then wait for him to pass Sam on his way back to the Lab area. Pass the MBSL to 
the next level, deal with it and then talk to Emile. In either scenario, you'll 
have more than enough time.


Don't waste any time, head outside and climb the ladder to the roof. Creep 
clockwise around the lower roof jump up to the penthouse roof near the big 
pipes. Go left and climb over the low wall. If you made good time, the 2 BGs 
should be over near the fuse box talking, which will give Sam more than enough 
time to defuse the bomb. 
(Quick Save)
Q&QC over to the bomb and defuse it. 
(If you dally at Emile's door, the RBG could be anywhere on the roof, near the 
bomb, the welder or the sign. I have been able to defuse the bomb and get back 
to cover in the time it takes him to walk from the low wall near the chopper to 
the sign, or from the sign to the welder, however, I had to fail a number of 
times figuring out the disarm sequence first before I could rip through the 
disarm sequence)
Once complete, while staying in the dark, return to the lower roof and enter 
the vent opening at the base of the penthouse. Exit into the warehouse area, 
drop down to the floor and locate the double doors to Sam's right. Stay in the 
shadows, FC to and exit the area through the doors. Continue left, see the 
MBSL, avoid it and move to the right of the door.
(Quick Save)
Move to and Cable the door, an RBG will approach and then leave the doorway. He 
will move out into the dock area about 10 to 20 feet and stop. Open and close 
the door turn right, jump over the railing and crouch. Wait for the RBG to move 
past the crates before you OCPL above the door. Stay along the fence, jump over 
the debris into the darkness near the tanker. The other BGs on the dock will be 
alerted to the light and some may investigate. It is possible that they all 
will converge at the door with the RBG, but more often, 2 remain near the bomb. 
Creep to the left of the crates and "WHISTLE". Both BGs will investigate, slide 
along the tanker, slip over to the bomb and defuse it. Odds are 3 of the BGs 
will return to the bomb area of the dock. Stay along the tanker and move as you 
can as they disperse. Emile will give you a hoot and ask for you to show 
yourself, so time to get back to the tyrant.
(Quick Save)
Climb over the debris along the fence and position Sam to OCPL when the RBG 
moves away. OCPL, it will alert the BGs, but Sam will get to, climb up and exit 
the area through the door before any of them will discover the problem.
(You can also OCPL, wait for the RBGs to investigate and do it again as they 
Return to the alley, I'm backtracking through the warehouse and penthouse vent 
to the lower roof. Slide down the ladder to ground level, and report to Emile, 
then Extract.

Times Spotted 0
KO 0


(4/8/07, I brained out a work around for the RBG on the 2nd floor balcony 
pacing between Moss and the bomb. The maneuver is simple, but the AI senses are 
very high and it relies much on the map. After today, it looks like Rooftops is 
now -0- KOs)  

Cut off the heads of the snake and the body dies.
Zap the cut scenes.

Once on the roof, move forward to the wall and wait for the 2 RBGs to begin 
walking away. Follow them, move to the middle of the area with the laser to 
walk under it. When you approach the lighted area with the fenced in 
transformer thingy, move to and hug the wall close to the shed style glassed 
roof on the left. Wait for the 1st, 2nd and then a 3rd RBG to pass Sam heading 
back before creeping out and continuing on. OCPRL and enter the door. Stop at 
the next door and Cable it, wait for the RBG to walk away from Sam before 
entering the room, preferably not until he passes the square white column in 
the middle of the room. Once in the room, locate the wind blown curtain, SC 
through the curtain, up the ramp and through the door. Stay close to the door 
and in the dark, there are 2 RBGs in this large room. Move to the railing, hop 
over it to the floor. Ensure that neither RBG is facing and or moving in Sam's 
direction and climb up unto the metal shelving. You'll have a clear line of 
sight on the RBG on the elevated walkway, ensure that he and the floor RBG are 
looking away from Sam and move Sam into the next set of metal shelving. Again, 
ensure that both are either moving and or looking away from Sam and move him 
over to the stairs leading out of the room. Climb up the railing to the right 
of the stairs and exit when safe.
(Quick Save)
Exit through the next door straight over to the wall, hug it and slide along 
the wall to the end. There may be one or more RBGs to the far right. Locate the 
rappel point and do so the lower roof top. Proceed to the next corner on the 
right, mindful of the wall mine. Listen to Sykes and Jamie as they argue over 
who will kill Sam. SC over to the staging and wait for Jamie to present himself 
for a grab, drag him over to the wall and choke him out.

(Be aware, in this level, Sam will deliver a death blow to all important 
characters regardless of what trigger you pull.)

Defuse the bomb, climb the ladder and stop before reaching the top. Allow Sykes 
to stop near Sam and then begin walking away before climbing onto the staging 
and Doing a G&C. Locate the zip line and proceed to the next building and 

ROOF TOPS part 2

Locate the elevator and Enrica, skip the cut scene, exit the elevator, turn 
right and locate the next door. SO&CD, move to the corner and wait for the RBG 
facing Sam to move off before climbing up onto the raised area with the water 
falling into a trough. Creep along the water line about 3/4 of the way and 
stop. Wait for the 2nd RBG to turn and walk away before climbing out and 
following the 1st RBG around the partition. Stick to the left side of the 
stairs in the light and wait for the 1st RBG to return to the room. Once his 
back is turned to Sam, move along the corridor and OCPRL. Continue around the 
corner, locate the pipe, and jump up shimmy to the wall, turn and legs up.
(Quick Save)
Wait for the RBG#3 to pass by, drop down and approach the next door. Cable it, 
ensure that RBG#1 is walking toward and passing on Sam's right to the end of 
RBG#1s route. SO&CD creep around the railing and stick to the 1st lighted 
column, exactly in the middle in the standing position.

(2 things, 
1. In this case, you want to call attention to the entry door by SO&CD-ing it. 
Once RBG#1 calls interest in the door, it then causes RBG#2 to alter his 
original route by approaching the stairs near the offending door. It also 
causes RBG#3 to freak out at the door when he returns to the room. From that 
event on, RBG#2 will always extend his route to the stairwell eventually giving 
Sam a clear and safe line to the exit door from the 3rd lighted column. 
If you O&CD, RBG#1 is not alerted, RBG#2 continues on his original route 
stopping in front of the 3rd lighted column. This is a bad thing if Sam is 
stuck to it.  

You can still pass through this room if you O&CD the door. Once you move Sam to 
the middle column save. Wait for RBG#2 to walk toward the exit door and RBG#1 
to pass Sam on his return route; you then creep off to the exit door behind 
RBG#2. Move to the left side of the room and exit door, wait for RBG#2 to head 
back to the corner, hop over the railing and exit the room. 

The problem pops up in the next room, with the long bar if you O&CD in the 
previous room. RBG#3 continues on his route into the next room down with the 
long bar. This messes Sam's MO big time by putting 2 RBGs in the next room 
instead of one. RBG#3 usually enters the room while Sam is creeping down the 
hallway with the RL to the room near the stairwell. This most often causes Sam 
to become vented.

2. I seem to have better luck not being seen by any of the 3 RBGs when standing 
and stuck to the middle of the columns instead of crouching. I also let the 
RBGs make one pass after each move before quick saving to ensure the maneuver 
is correct. There's nothing worse than getting killed immediately after quick 
(Quick Save)
Have patience, this is going to take a little time. At points, you "MAY" have 
to deal with 3 RBGs in close quarters. Ensure that the RBGs are facing and or 
walking away from Sam's position before doing an SC to the 2nd lighted column. 
Once stuck to the middle column adjust to the center.
(Quick Save)
The same MO for the 3rd lighted column, however, once there, the 3rd RBG "MAY" 
be back in the room. Stand your position and wait; he'll exit the room leaving 
the 2 pacers. As RBG #2 follows RBG #1 along his route, do a Q&QC to the exit 
(Quick Save)
Enter into the large room; locate the stairs and the light pattern on the floor 
to the right of the stairs. Slide along the bar to about 2 feet from the end of 
the stairs, stop, turn left and creep forward about 2 feet off the bar. Swing 
the camera around to get a face on of Sam, make sure he's bathed in light and 
the light meter is reading about 3/4 full. 
Swing the camera around to see from behind Sam; you see the end of the stairs 
to the right and the string of chairs to the left. You want to have Sam facing 
about 60% of the distance toward the chairs. This should light Sam up enough to 
obscure him from the RBG's optics.
(Quick Save) 
Wait for the RBG. As soon as the RBG passes Sam, SC up the stairs, OCPRL, then 
stop at the corner and stick to it. Wait for the RBG in the small room to 
(Quick Save)

(He could be at either side of the room, wait for him to turn either toward the 
door or back into the room, you'll be heading for and through the door on the 
other side of the room.)
Once through the door creep up the stairs, allow RBG#3 to exit and for the door 
to close, approach it and go to map. RBG#3 exited the stairwell, will walk 
across the room and exit. RBG#2 paces from the entry door to the Security room 
and exit door. RBG#1 circles a desk set up at this end of the room. You need to 
wait until RBG#1 walks away from the entry door toward the desk and RBG#2 heads 
toward the Security room, preferably at the same time before moving Sam into 
the room. 
(There is a bug or what, I don't know, it seems, RBG #2 often gets stuck 
against a column on his route back toward the entry door. I can either restart 
from an earlier save, some times multiple times till he doesn't get stuck or I 
have run back and forth along the walkway till one of them becomes alerted. I 
don't care for this option.) 

O&CD turn and follow RBG#2 to the security wall, always staying behind and to 
the right. Stick to the glass wall and follow him to the exit door. Slide past 
him as he turns and walks away. Move to the lighted corner, turn and EEV the 
comp through the glass wall. Get the pass code for the security door and enter 
the code as soon as RBG #2 has passes the lighted corner heading back to the 
other end of the room. 
(Quick Save)
Enter the next room; position Sam behind the BG and against the wall in the 
light. "WHISTLE" and creep across the room toward the light on the wall. The BG 
will turn say something stupid and begin walking toward the door. Q&QC to the 
end of the room, look up and see the ceiling tiles, jump to and climb up. Q&QC 
along the ceiling tiles into the room with the 1st bomb and 4 RBGs. Stop at the 
last corner to the room for a quick survey. The RBGs are all lit up with NV 
goggles, and I think they've all had cross species ear transplants with dogs. 
(This room will likely test your patience and hand control ability, I suggest 
saving to different files often incase you decide to start from an earlier save 
if you begin to get punished by the AI. Truly, it is an easy set up, and you'd 
think a piece of cake, which in the end will likely have deceived you into a 
possible conniption fit. Always remember, your Xbox is too expensive to kill.)

You are currently at the corner and above the turret gun, 2 RBGs are close by, 
"WHISTLE" before moving out from its cover. SC counterclockwise over the 
ceiling tiles around the room. Locate the lighted area of ceiling tiles on the 
far opposite corner of the room. It seems too close to the RBG who happens to 
be Moss I know but he can't see you, the glass and the light blinds his optics, 
however, he can hear dust hit the floor. At least one of the main floor RBGs 
will stay in the room moving about, so be alert to his position through the 
next series of maneuvers.
SC over to the edge of the ceiling tile above the base of the stairs and switch 
to map to locate the floor RBG. Ensure that he's away from Sam's position and 
the balcony RBG is near the door to the stairs and the bomb before dropping to 
hang from the tiles. "WHISTLE" and drop to the floor. The two balcony BGs will 
complain, Q&QC up the stairs and enter the balcony.  Position Sam so that his 
right shoulder is against the lighted column and his rear abuts the coffee 
Sam's light meter should be at least 3/4 lit up. The RBG will return to the 
doorway, stop and then repeat his route. Go to map; locate the floor RBG watch 
the pattern of his route. He paces to the exit door area and out into the room. 
You want him to be out in the middle area of the main floor and the balcony RBG 
to be near the bomb and stairs. As the Balcony RBG begins to walk away, creep 
out to the left and along the coffee table to the back of the room. Stay behind 
his left side just enough to stay clear of his scan. Follow him over to the 
desk behind Moss, quietly slide against the box and stop at the desk. The RBG, 
if not alerted will turn left as he leaves. As the RBG moves away SC over to 
the glass wall and stick to it. Quickly go to map, locate the floor RBG, and 
ensure he is walking away from the exit door area. Go after Moss, grab him and 
Drag him back to the rear of the caged area. You must turn Sam into the corner 
and wait for the main floor RBG to be at the other end of his route and the 
balcony RBG to be near the bomb to kill Moss. You will likely hear Man down, 
but everyone will remain calm. Pick Moss up and snug him into the corner.
Now you must return to the lighted column and coffee table. Wait for the RBG to 
return to the desk and turn away for his walk back to the bomb. Retrace your 
route back to the column.
(Quick Save)
Once the RBG has begun to move across the room to the desk, SC out to the bomb, 
defuse it and creep back to the column and table.
(Quick Save)
As the RBG walks to the far end of the room, SC to the doorway, down the stairs 
and stop at the corner. Locate the floor RBG, once safe, move to the exit door, 
pick it, enter, place the charge, exit to a safe distance and detonate. Exit 
the area.

Locate the climbing pipe near Sam, climb and shimmy over to the elevated 
walkway and drop down. Locate the fuse box and bypass the circuit. Move back to 
the big and long walking pipe and do an FC almost to the end, stopping short of 
the lighted area. Wait for the RBG to walk off toward the other end of the 
walkway and jump over to the walkway and climb onto it. Exit the area. Continue 
along the narrow corridors till Sam meets up with a wall mine. Locate the light 
switch and kill the lights. Move to the door, pick it then Cable it, locate the 
2RBGs in the next room and decide when best to exit this one. Once in the next 
room, stay along the right side wall in the dark and creep over to the monument 
thingy near the exterior glass wall. Drop down between the monument and the 
glass wall, creep to the end and drop down into the water. Move to the railing 
and climb up when safe. Creep around the partition over to the exit door.
(Quick Save)
Grab the door for an SO&CD and switch to IR. Wait for the two RBGs to move off 
before exiting to the outside. Turn left, creep to the end of the railing and 
jump over. Stick to the wall and wait for the 2BGs to start back. Let them get 
excited and move off, then jump the railing, continue to the other end and 
retrieve the Flash Bang and back track to the other end again. Sit and wait for 
them to move down to the entry door before you OCPBL in the middle of the area. 
They'll go to investigate, while you creep over to the 2nd level railing and 
OCPBL near Sam as they walk off to the far end of the area. Jump over the 
railing, climb to the upper level and over to the exit door. OCPL over the exit 
door and enter the building. Q&QC right to the next door, switch to map to 
locate the 2 RBGs in the room, make sure that both are facing away and 
preferably moving away from Sam's position. SO&CD, stay to the left, jump the 
railing, creep over to whatever the heck the thing is and climb up onto it. SC 
across the bridge like thing to the opposite end and stick to the glass wall.
(Quick Save)
Wait for the 2 RBGs to be facing away before climbing down, if possible, before 
the 3rd RBG enters from the opposite end of the room. Drop down and SC to the 
door, pick it and exit the room. Exit the building, skip the cut scene.
(Quick Save) 
Sam is without any weapons except 1 Flash/bang canister. Emile will be at the 
far end of the area and shooting up a storm. 

This is my solution, let Emile empty a few clips to get the feel of his 
shooting rhythm, then as soon as it sounds like Emile is close to emptying a 
clip; move Sam to the left park seat.
(Quick Save)
Pull the flash/bang out, while in a crouch, creep right to the edge of the 
stone park seat. You need a line of sight for a throw at Emile, aim for the 
base of Emile's feet by having the throwing icon placed about 2 feet over his 
head and throw the F/B. As soon as the F/B goes off, jump over the seat; move 
to the seat just ahead and to the right, Sam's pistol is near it. Climb the 
seat, stand and run to Emile, get to him ASAP, eliminate him and defuse the 
bomb. Skip or don't skip the cut scenes, and check out the stats for the final 

KOs 0 
Dead 4  



Total KOs	33
Total Kills 4

Regarding the KO count in SCDA, Okhotsk with (22) and Kinshasa with (8) 30 
out of a game total of 33 KOs come in two levels. Of Okhotsk 21 of the 22 BG 
KOs are inescapable, you can't progress to the second half of the mission 
without KO or kill. 1 of them can surely be avoided although it would affect 
the mission objective. 

In Kinshasa, 7 of the 8 KOs are mandatory to complete the level. 1, the 
Retinal Scanner BG is to complete the mission objective. I (personally) can't 
allow Hisham to die, so I don't know if the 2 RBGs in the garage must be 
eliminated to complete the level. 
If one counts, as I see it all forced KOs in the game, meaning all contacts 
mandatory so that the game can continue one must include the train guard in 
the car where Sam disables the breaker. That brings the count up to 30. 30 
out of 33, that's an enormous amount of contact compared to the 1st 3 games 
in the series, although preferable to forced killing. Of the remaining 3 BGs, 
(2 Iceland and 1 Kinshasa); are NSA mission objectives and truly can be 
avoided, however, because Sam is a loyal Echelon operative I believe he is 
ethically compelled to attain as much insurance as possible to protect the 
country. As for the train guard, I just haven't been able to figure a work 
around to deal with him and I don't believe there is one. If anyone spends 
the time and figures it out let me know. 


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