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                                        EMPIRE EARTH
                                         HELP GUIDE

Hello, First of all This is NOT a walkthrough. This is a helper designed for the
people who know how to play EE. (Empire Earth)

                 OK-------->                       THE TABLE OF CONTENTS!!!

                  1.->    Copyright Information (please read its kinda important!!)

                  2.->   Cheating >:)
                  3.->   Starting Procedures

                  4.->  What To Do When You Are Stuck

                  5.->   LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!


                            <1.>   Copyright Information (please read its kinda

               This guide is only to be read and not to be distributed, sold, or


                (C) 2004 by hahaha99101


                            <2.>          Cheating >:)

                      Cheating is a nice thing to do but it does not work in
multiplayer mode :(

                        Still you read this at cheatcodes.com so that means you want

                         Here is a list of all the cheats for Empire Earth:

                            Select "Random Map" mode, then enable the "Cheat Codes"
option at the setup screen. While playing a game, press [Enter], type one of the
following codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function:


100,000 of all resources            all your base are belong to us 
1000 more gold 		atm 
1000 more wood 		you said wood 
1000 more rock 		rock&roll 
1000 more iron 		creatine 
1000 more food 		boston food sucks 
Building of all structures
 completed [Note]		coffee train 
Display all codes 		display cheat 
Free upgrade to lvl.10 for
 all units (not citizens)                the quotable patella 
Full map 			asus drivers 
Full map and all resources 	my name is methos 
Instant building and research	brainstorm  
Lose game 		ahhhcool 
No resources 		the big dig 
No gold 			boston rent 
No wood 			uh, smoke? 
No food 			slimfast 
No iron 			girlyman 
No rock 			mine your own business 
Planes refueled in mid-air 	friendly skies 
Remove resources from map 	headshot 
Restore energy to selected
 Prophet/Hero/Mana user	i have the power 
View fish and animals 	columbus 
Win game 			somebody set up us the bomb 

Note: If the building has just been laid down and not started on by a civilian, you
can walk through the building. This is problem particularly with walls.

                   <3.>       Starting Procedures

              This part is easy...   

             Step 1.  Send out 15 canine scouts and if possible 5, spy sattelites.
             Step 2.  Use teams of 6 (send teams of 6 citizens to work on each resource.)
             Step 3.  Mass together an army and store them in fortresses. 
             Step 4.  Send citizens to build Walls, Towers, and AA Guns and if
possible, Space Turrets
             Step 5.  Start Researching!!!

                <4.>        What To Do When You Are Stuck

                            Ok  If you get stuck and don't know what to do:
                            Consult your Tech Tree to see what you dont have

                           If it is a software problem check the troubleshooter in
your manual.

             <5.>         LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

                      If you have any problems with this guide, or you have something
you want me to add, email me at [email protected]

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