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Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar/Falzar
Ending FAQ
By Ali1mg
My email is [email protected]

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Since I'm the author of this FAQ I give permission to these websites which are 
IGN and 1UP. Also no selling. If you see this FAQ on another 
website that's not the ones I said, email me thanks.


Uh... let's see uh well basically this FAQ gives you complete description of
the ending so enjoy.


After you beat Gregar/Falzar...

Gregar/Falzer dies and it turns out that Colonel and Iris beat the other Cybeast.
After that they talk. (blah, blah, blah) Suddenly Megaman turns into Gregar/Falzer.
So it turns out that Colonel and Iris had to fuse together and Dr. Willy created Iris
and Colonel and Iris and Colonel are brother and a sister. (Iris is younger) But if they
fuse they explode so they fuse and Megaman turns out to be okay. Then Colonel tells Lan
that he got deleted in his will or something like that. So Megaman jacks out and then
Chaud, Maryl, Yai, and Dex come in and talks to Lan. Barl wakes up and Lan tells Colonel
got deleted in his will or something like that. So the base starts to shake and everyone
else except Lan, Dr. Willy, and Barl talk for another second and so it starts to explode
and Barl threw Lan to the door and when Lan goes out the place explodes. After that it turns
out that Lan and his family has to move back to ACDC for some reason. Also there also in school
for a little while when they graduate from Elementry School. After that Lan gets a package from
Barl who turns out to dissapear when they checked the place. So in the package there was a 
copy bot. Then Lan and friends talk what they want to be when they grow up. So Lan wants to be a
scientist like his father. Mick wants to be a Elementry School Teacher. Tab wants Aster Land to be
more famous. Dex wants to be the ACDC Mayor. Yai wants to take her father's company. Marl doesn't
know what she wants to be. Chaud... let's see well I forgot. After that they want to go on the net.

After the credits...

It dosn't show anyone but it tells what happens to everyone 20 years later. So everyone got to be
everything they wanted to be and Chaud becomes the best Official and Lan and Marl get married and
have a kid name Patch. Also Megaman never got deleted in 20 years.

Well... that's the end of it so see ya later.

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