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Halo 2 Enemies and Bosses Guide

Copyright 2004 dhwk

Version History

11/10/2004 - Version 1.00 Complete!

Table of Contents
I. Introduction

II. Covenant Enemies
 -Wraith Mortar Tank
 -Shadow Transport Bus
 -Stationary Turret

III. Heretic Enemies
-Heretic Grunt
-Heretic Elite

IV. Flood Enemies
 -Flood Infection Form
 -Flood Combat Form
 -Flood Carrier Form

V. Forerunner Enemies
-"Heavy Lifter"
-Sentinel Constructor

VI. Bosses
-Heretic Leader
-Prophet of Regret

VII. Questions?  Corrections? Suggestions?

VIII. Copyright Info.

I. Introduction
Hello and welcome to my very first FAQ.  It's fitting that I should create it 
for Halo 2, one of the most anticipated console games in memory.  It is a 
basic guide on how to tackle the numerous and diverse enemies that oppose you 
throughout this action-packed FPS game.  Since this is a work-in-progress I 
will try to update with more strategies as I discover them.  Please keep in 
mind that, unless specified, most of these strategies involve the NORMAL 
difficulty setting.

II. Covenant Enemies
No doubt your most numerous and deadly foe.  The Covenant is a coalition of 
alien races bent upon the annihilation of the Human race.  To this end they 
have put into use a diverse collection of soldiers ranging from the cowardly
Grunts to the powerful Elites.  Know their weaknesses and defeat them!

Orange (rookie) 
Red (veteran)
Black (spec. ops.)
White (command)
Green (gunner)

Plasma pistol, needler, fuel rod gun, plasma turret, plasma grenades.

The first line of attack in any given Covenant offensive.  The Grunts are 
perhaps the single most prolific of all Covenant aliens.  Small and sniveling,
Grunts also tend to be the most cowardly, never far off from their larger 
Covenant brethren.  It is very rare to find Grunts alone, and at the very 
least they tend to congregate in large numbers.  Although frail and 
vulnerable to every weapon, it is their sheer number that can become 

-There should be no problem when dealing with Grunts, even in Legendary 
 difficulty.  Simply pick them off with any weapon on hand. 
-Just be aware of the few brave Grunts who will attempt to throw Plasma 
 Grenades.  Luckily they give plenty of warning before they do this.  Grunts
 themselves are very vulnerable to grenades because of their slow nature.

-Killing a larger Covenant, especially an Elite, tends to scare all nearby

-Grunts are the most common race manning the Covenant Stationary Turrets.
 Use a rocket launcher or a sniper rifle and aim for the Grunt's unprotected

-In some situations, Grunts may be sleeping on the job.  Try to take out the
 nearby patrols and the Grunts with quiet melee attacks.

-Grunts carrying Fuel Rod Guns should be a priority.  Take them out first!

-In certain missions, look out for green Grunts and take them out first. They 
 are rushing to position Plasma Turrets, and in higher difficulties, they 
 can make quick work out of you.

Blue Shield (rookie)
Orange Shield (veteran)

Plasma pistol, particle beam rifle.

Fast-moving support infantry for the Covenant military.  The Jackal's single 
distinguishing feature is their large wrist-held energy shield, which gives 
this otherwise frail enemy a keen advantage in combat.  Once in position, a
single Jackal could effectively hold an enemy squad at bay so never
underestimate them.  New to Halo 2, certain Jackals have traded their energy 
shields for alien sniper rifles.  Firing from concealed locations, these new
foes are absolutely deadly in Heroic and Legendary difficulties!

-The Jackal's shield gives it a high degree of protection from many 
 conventional human weapons and some lower class energy weapons.  When using 
 ballistic weapons, always try to aim for the Jackal's body.  Especially good
 spots include the feet and the shield's "hand grooves" on the side.

-The Jackal's energy shield is useless against melee attacks.

-Certain high-velocity weapons, such as the sniper rifles (human and alien) 
 and the shotgun can unbalance the Jackal, exposing him to further fire.

-Jackal's have low mobility when facing opponents, use explosives against them!

-Jackal snipers can be notorious enemies in higher difficulties.  It is best
 to memorize their locations and counter-snipe them.  In certain areas, 
 vehicles are a necessity to run the gauntlet of snipers. 

-Jackal snipers always throw away their sniper rifles and pull out a plasma 
 pistol when you get too close.  Use this to your advantage!


Plasma pistol, needler.

Quick and fleeting, the Drones make their debut as new Covenant aliens in 
Halo 2.  They are one of two Covenant infantry units able to fly, and are able 
to cling to walls and other hard-reach places from where they lay suppressing 
fire on you.

-It's hard to miss Drone encounters; the air starts to buzz when about half 
 dozen of these human-sized insects fill the sky.  Always expect to encounter
 Drones in large numbers.

-Although fast, Drones have little to speak for in armor, so they fall quickly
 to abuse.  Human ballistics weapons, with their faster fire rate, is ideal
 for dealing with these creatures.

-In later missions, Drones may appear in waves, so do not relax after the first

-Although I have read that Drones snipe, I have never personally seen this yet.
 Perhaps it's reserved for the higher difficulties?

Blue (rookie)
Red/Orange (veteran)
Gold (command)
Black (spec. ops.)
White (spec. ops. command)
Blue Jetpacker (aerial assault)
Honor Guard (Prophet guardians)
White/Silver "Praetor" (ceremonial)

Plasma rifle (can dual wield), needler (can dual wield), fuel rod gun, Covenant 
carbine, plasma sword, plasma grenades.

Without a doubt, the Elites are the iron heart of the Covenant war machine.  
Each individual Elite is at least an equivalent of the Spartan super soldier, 
and often can be seen leading the armies into battle.  They are also one of the 
few Covenant to man vehicles.  Equipped with personal shielding and wielding 
powerful weaponry, expect every battle with an Elite to be a challenge, a 
life-or-death struggle in the higher-difficulties!

-In higher difficulties, AVOID combating Elites at plasma rifle or pistol 
 range!  They are far better shots than you, and your shield will suffer!
 Either close the distance with powerful weapons (such as the shotgun), or 
 snipe them from beyond their range.

-Elites have a tendency to climb over crates or obstacles to give them a better
 view of the battle.  Use this to your advantage since they cannot shoot when
 they are doing this!

-Beware of White Elites.  In legendary difficulty they can be seen using
 optic camouflage and can pull out Plasma Swords once they close distance!

-Attempt to use weapons that can negate their energy shields.  Plasma pistol's
 overcharge, and the seven shots from a needler are effective.  A sticky plasma
 grenade can be a godsend against these foes.

-Certain classes of Elites, especially the jetpack Elites, can dual-wield 
 weapons!  Use cover wisely when battling them.

-Elites can and will try to hijack your vehicle, eliminate them before they
 can close in.


Modified fuel rod gun
Protective shield

The Hunters are the largest Covenant alien encountered.  Always found in
"bonded pairs," the Hunters act as living tanks and the primary heavy infantry. 
Bristling with protective armor, the Hunter's offense is bolstered by their 
hand-mounted FRG cannon and their thundering speed.

-The Hunters have changed from their Halo: CE counterparts.  Now only the
 sniper rifles and the rocket launcher can bring down the Hunter in a single
 hit, and only if hit in their orange fleshy weak spots.

-Hunters are more aggressive this time around.  They will not go into melee
 attacks unless they are fairly sure that you will not be able to avoid it.  I
 have personally gone inches in front of a Hunter before it went into melees,
 this made their attacks harder to dodge.

-Hunters now have a long arcing overhead strike that comes down fairly 
 quickly, and can also do a backward strike on enemies that are directly 
 behind them.  Be careful of this new move.

-The Hunters carry modified FRGs that send out a concentrated beam of energy.
 They have a distinctive sound that can be easily recognized and avoided. 

-Contrary to popular beliefs, the plasma sword is NOT one hit kill on a Hunter.
 I have tried many times, and even with the "red lock-on" it does not bring
 them down.

Yellow (rookie)
Brown (veteran)
Honor Guard

Brute plasma rifle (red), Covenant carbine, Brute shot.

Large ape-like enemies that the player encounters in the late half of the game,
the Brutes are the second new Covenant alien species in Halo 2.  Their large
size masks their surprisingly fast melee attacks.  Their large amount of hit
points and deadly weaponry will make them powerful opponents.  Brutes are also
the only high-end Covenant infantry to move in large groups.

-Brutes have no energy shielding, but they have the most hit point of almost 
 any infantry unit (maybe besides the Hunter) to make up for it.

-Armor protects parts of the Brute's body, especially the head.  However,
 concentrated attacks will knock off this armor.  Head shots are perhaps the 
 most important with Brutes than with any other enemy.

-Sometimes when enraged, the Brute abandons his weapon and starts charging
 around the map like a football player.  They are very noticeable when they
 do this, and are often some distances away.  However, once you see this, make
 them priority targets because they can close the gap VERY quickly and
 unleash fast, punishing melee attacks on you.  Use high-velocity or explosive
 weapons to bring them down faster. 

-It seems that Brutes of all classes fight in similar fashions, preferring to
 keep distances.  However, don't make this fool you into thinking they are weak
 close range fighters!

Crew- 1
Armaments- Dual plasma cannons
Special Features- Speed boost (weapon's inoperative when using this feature).

The single most common vehicle in Halo 2 is the Ghost.  A reconnaissance 
vehicle, the Ghost is still no stranger to the battlefield.  Piloted by
Elites (and later Brutes), the Ghost can make quick work of ground infantry 
with their plasma cannons, or when subtlety isn't an issue, a quick run-over.

-Always attempt to combat Ghosts while in other vehicles, or when armed
 with a rocket launcher.  Ghosts can be deadly to players on foot.

-The Ghost's weapon accuracy has been increased from Halo: CE, now you can
 hold down the fire button and unleash a stream of blue death without missing.

-Use the speed boost to quickly run over enemies and avoid having them 
 boarding your vehicle.  Of course you should always try to steal a ride 

Crew- 4 (one driver, one gunner, two side passengers)
Armaments- Single rapid fire Plasma Turret
Special Features- Speed boost (weapon's inoperative when using this feature).

New to the Halo universe, the Spectre is the Covenant's answer to the Warthog.
Like other Covenant land vehicles, the Specter hovers above the landscape, and
therefore can travel smoothly over any terrain.  

-The Spectre, like all Covenant land vehicles, is capable of strafing, 
 use this ability to combat enemy vehicles.

-The Spectre is actually quite fragile and vulnerable to rollovers. Beware when

-Wraith Mortar Tank-
Crew- 1
Armaments- Mortar cannon, dual plasma cannons (AI only)
Special Features- Speed boost (weapon's inoperative when using this feature).

The premier heavy vehicle in the Covenant army, the Wraith mortar tank rains
destructive plasma down on all enemies.  As expected, they are much more 
durable than other Covenant land vehicles and can withstand a direct rocket

-When fighting Wraiths, do one of two things, attack from a distance or close
 quickly and hijack the vehicle.  When close, beware of the dual plasma cannons
 that comes into play.  Wraiths may also try to ram you with their speed boost.

-The Wraith's arcing shot makes it a fairly slow projectile when firing on 
 long-distance targets.  They can still prove to be quite accurate, 
 particularly in higher difficulties.  Always be on the move when engaging
 a Wraith.

-The Wraith boasts one of the most powerful weapons in the game.  Accuracy is a
 non-issue, use splash damage against enemy infantry and vehicles.

-When swarmed by large numbers of Ghosts, use the speed boost offensively.
 Know that using speed boost on Ghosts can damage or even destroy them!
 At the very least, this will herd the vehicles, making them easy targets
 for the mortar.

-Shadow Transport Bus-
Crew- 2 (one driver, one gunner), 8 passengers.
Armaments- Single rapid fire plasma turret.
Special Features- Can transport Ghosts.

The Creep is another new Covenant vehicle.  It only appears in one campaign 
mission however.  Although you can man the single plasma turret on this
vehicle, you cannot pilot it.

-Being a transport, the Creep is lightly armed.  Take out the gunner in the 
 overhead turret first, then take out the driver or the vehicle itself at your 

-The Creeps carry Ghosts, an ideal ride if you happen to lose yours.

Crew- 1
Armaments- Dual plasma cannons, fuel rod gun (SP only).
Special Features- Speed boost, barrel rolls, and loop-de-loops (weapon's 
inoperative when using these features).

The single fighter in the Covenant army, the Banshee nevertheless lives up to
its role with powerful weaponry and nimble agility.  Present only in specific
campaign missions (you are almost always in vehicles when encountering 
them), the Banshee is a deadly unit in its own right.

-The plasma cannon is more accurate.  Hold down the fire button and let
 it loose!

-The Banshee is more fragile now, use its numerous maneuvers to avoid enemy
 fire.  Especially beware of fuel rod shots from ground troops.

-Use the speed boost to quickly close or gain distance against foes.

-Although this has never happened to me, it may be possible for Elites to 
 hijack Banshees, do not approach them.

Crew- Unknown.  Multiple passengers.
Armaments- Three rapid-fire plasma turrets.
Special Features- None.

With the invasion of Earth on hand, the Covenant has unleashed their newest
assault transport, the Phantom.  Compared to the older horse-shoe shaped 
troop transport, the Phantom is ton by ton a superior craft.  Able to hold an
entire squad of Covenant troops, the ship is well protected by triple rotating
plasma turrets.  Laying withering covering fire, the Phantom quickly drops
off troopers via a miniature gravity lift.  Phantoms also carry Ghosts.   

-First of all, know that Phantoms cannot be destroyed, so do not waste your
 time.  Its plasma fire can be punishing on higher difficulties so take cover!

-The three plasma turrets can be destroyed with enough fire power.  One rocket
 per turret, or a Scorpion tank shell can take out multiple turrets at once.

-Stationary Turret-
Crew- 1
Armaments- Single rapid-fire plasma turret.
Special Features- Energy shield array.

A new improvement on the older Shade stationary turrets, this new Covenant
weapon can pin down an ill-prepared enemy squad.  

-Very noticeable due to the large shield array, you should attempt to take out
 any potential gunners as quickly as possible.  Grunts are the most common
 aliens to use these turrets, aim for the exposed top of their bodies.

-Despite the shield array, a prolonged energy fire or explosive will negate
 its protection.  Enough firepower can destroy the turret entirely.

III. Heretic Enemies
Early on in the game, you learn that not all members of your alien enemies 
follow the Covenant.  It appears that there is at least one splinter faction
that is directly aligned against them.  Leading this rebellion is an Elite,
who speaks of the false promises given by the Prophets.  Obviously the 
Covenant will not stand ideally by and let this heresy continue, they shall
suffer no heretic to live!

-Heretic Grunt-

Needler, fuel rod gun, plasma grenades.

It is not know what drove these otherwise cowardly creatures to move against
the Covenant.  But because they have abandoned the technological gifts given
to us by the Covenant, you can see these heretics as the vile beasts they are!
Strapped to primitive methane breathing mechanisms, these creatures will not
stay your wrath!

-Like Covenant Grunts, the Heretic variety should not give you too much 
 trouble.  However, they are more proficient with the needler, so avoid 
 fighting more than a few at a time.  Use stealth to avoid unnecessary 

-Some Heretic grunts employ fuel rod guns in battle.  These are especially 
 deadly and should be dealt with quickly.

-Heretic Elite-

Covenant carbine, plasma sword, plasma grenades.

Profane traitors to the Covenant cause, these former Elites now lead a
fight against the Prophets!  This cannot be allowed to continue.  Know that
while they have foregone the Elite combat suits, they still possess the
energy shields.  

-Not quite as aggressive as the Covenant variety, these warriors prefer to 
 stay back and open fire with their accurate Covenant carbines.  Three 
 headshots will slay you, so beware when playing in higher difficulties.

-Some Heretic Elites will use plasma swords against you.  Counter with plasma
 grenades or powerful close-range weapons.

IV. Flood Enemies
The cancer of the galaxy, the Flood sweep across the universe, consuming all
sentient life in their path.  Even the mighty and ancient Forerunners were
forced to construct the giant Halos, or "Fortress Worlds" in a desperate 
attempt to stem the tide.  It is not known at this time where the Flood  
originated from, or whether they operate under any organized hierarchy...

-Flood Infection Form ("Spores")-

Smallest and most prolific of all Flood variants.  The infection forms vaguely
resemble jellyfish.  Their only purpose in life is to find sentient organic
life forms and "infect" them.  It uses its numerous tentacles to pierce the 
unfortunate victim's nervous systems, sending the host into a deep coma and 
leaving the infection form free to slowly and insidiously take over their 

-Although their numbers have significantly decreased from Halo:CE, these
 relentless foes have made up for it in cunning and deadliness.  Each 
 individual infection form will do more damage to your shield, and if you have
 no shield, death is quick and absolute.

-Flood spores are more intelligent now.  When alone, they are actually known
 to scale ceilings and wait for opportune moments to strike.  I have 
 personally experienced a game where I lost track of an infection form.  While
 searching for it, I was attacked by a combat form.  As soon as I lost my 
 shield, the infection form dropped from the ceiling and killed me!

-Infection forms can actually recognize plasma swords and act accordingly.
 They may randomize their movement to confuse players.  Sometimes, they may
 even retreat, enticing players to give chase, to which they respond with a 
 sudden jump attack. 

-Infection forms can now sacrifice themselves to revive dead combat forms.  If 
 you see a dead combat form "convulsing," it means that they are seconds away 
 from returning to the fight!  Take these down quickly.

-Flood Combat Form ("Warrior")-

All Human and Covenant weapons except the sniper rifle (human and alien),
fuel rod gun, and Brute shot.  Can also use Sentinel lasers.

The result of a Flood infection.  These twisted beings once used to be Elites
and Humans.  Now completely overwhelmed by the Flood, they no longer have a
will of their own, and mindlessly fight to serve the cause!

-As before, Flood combat forms are pain resistant.  This makes them resistant
 to low class Covenant energy weapons such as the plasma pistol, plasma rifle,
 and the stationary turret.  Also, melee attacks prove to be less than 

-Because of their tendency to rush the player, use powerful close-range
 weapons.  The shotgun is still the best anti-Flood weapon, with the new
 Sentinel laser and the plasma sword joining the category.

-Sometimes when alone against the player, a combat form may opt to hide and 
 wait for a better chance to strike.  Keep an eye out for such tricky 

-Remember in Halo:CE, where taking out the tentacled arm of the combat form 
 took away their melee ability?  It no longer holds here.  Combat forms can 
 melee attack with both arms, and perhaps even without any arms?

-The Flood have now adapted to Covenant and human technologies far better than
 before.  Watch out for Elite combat forms equipped with shields and plasma
 swords, and the combat forms driving vehicles!

-Flood Carrier Form-


Those combat forms too damaged to serve the Flood are converted into the 
bloated carrier forms.  Easily recognizable because of their immense size,
they serve as incubators for new Flood infection forms.  They aid in the spread
of these spores by detonating themselves near potential hosts.  

-Although no longer as numerous as in Halo:CE, the carrier forms should not be
 underestimated.  Their detonation roughly equals the force of a grenade, and 
 the Flood spores they unleash are deadlier than before.

-As before, a valid strategy is to attack and detonate a carrier form while 
 it's still surrounded by other Flood.  The explosion will quickly thin out 
 their ranks.  

The Flood are now capable of using the vehicles of their fallen enemies against
them.  This clearly demonstrates the intelligence and deadliness of these 

-Flood can now drive the Ghost, Wraith, Warthog, Scorpion, and even the 
 Pelican!  Luckily they are not quite as maneuverable as the player.

-Be especially wary of Flood-driven tanks.  Although the Wraiths are often
 preoccupied and allows easy hi-jacking, the Scorpion tank can prove durable 
 and deadly.  Use its inaccuracy against it and either attack from long range
 or avoid it entirely.

V. Forerunner Enemies
Mechanized servants of the ancient Forerunners who built the Halos.  These 
robotic beings have unceasingly served their masters for untold years.  Now,
despite the absence of their creators, these automatons blindly carry out their
primary purpose, to maintain and protect Halo from all foreign life forms.

Gold (shielded)

High-intensity laser.

The most common robots seen around Halo, the Sentinels serve various functions 
ranging from transportation to combat.  Relatively fragile, Sentinels employ 
laser weaponry and the more advanced Sentinel classes are equipped with 
low-power energy shields.

-Sentinels are armed with lasers.  This means that the more you are exposed
 to its beam, the greater damage it does to you.  Be on the move and bring
 down these machines quickly.

-Sentinels are more vulnerable to Covenant weapons, use it effectively.

-The Silver and Gold Sentinel variety have respective laser beam strengths.
 Gold Sentinels are by far more powerful and their lasers serve as effective
 weapons against the Flood.

-Explosions that occur near them can send Sentinels hurtling against walls and
 crashing onto the floor.  Though dormant when this happens, know that they
 will reactivate if left undisturbed.

-"Heavy Lifter"-

Rapid-fire energy projectiles, multi-missile, lifting claws, dual shields.

For lack of a better label, the term "heavy lifter" is the most appropriate 
name to give to these large hulking machines.  Never encountered in Halo:CE,
the "heavy lifters" are enormous floating automatons that dwarf any other
Forerunner robot.  Judging from their weapons and abilities, heavy lifters 
seem to be the main Forerunner anti-vehicle weapons.

-The heavy lifter is probably the most unique Halo 2 enemy in terms of all the
 exotic weapons it deploys against its enemies.  It can fire a series of energy
 projectiles (resembles needler rounds but is red and does not track) and 
 multiple missiles against troop clusters and vehicles.

-Beware going underneath the heavy lifter when in a vehicle.  It can use its
 lifting claws to eject you from your ride, even killing you in the process.

-The dual shield array protects the lifter from direct fire.  This energy 
 projection is resistant to all but the most damaging weapons.  Either use 
 heavy explosives against them, or bypass the shield and hit the machine from 
 the sides or the bottom.

The tiniest robots in the Halo installations, the Workers simply serve as
repair units.

-Workers are absolutely no threat to the player.  They can be targeted and
 destroyed if the player bores of watching them flying about in their tasks.

-Sentinel Constructor-
Appearing to be vents attached to the walls, these deceptive machines are 
responsible for the manufacturing of Sentinels!  Quickly shoot into their 
brightly-lit openings and destroy them.

-These constructors are often placed near the ceilings, but always on walls.
 Listen for the distinctive "charging" noise that it makes before creating a 
 Sentinel to locate them.

-Sometimes these vents are sealed when you enter a room, but can open once the
 player has wandered far enough into the chamber.  Listen for these 
 reactivating vents.

VI. Bosses
As if the life of a super soldier wasn't hard enough, these unique 
"individuals" serve to complicate your Halo 2 experience.  

Single focused plasma cannon, "needler" anti-aircraft turret, varied numbers of

Description- The single largest ground vehicle employed by the Covenant.  The
Scarab is a rarity on the battlefield, and seems to be used only in the most
demanding circumstances.  Fitting, since no other ground weaponry is effective 
in disabling them, perhaps except a Spartan...

-No amount of weapon fire is going to bring down the Scarab, so don't bother
 aiming at its leg joints, etc.

-Instead, you will come to a part in the stage where the Scarab passes under
 a series of catwalks.  Use the nearby rocket launcher and sniper rifle to
 eliminate the Covenant infantry that are firing at you from the back of the
 Scarab.  Once the way is clear, jump onto the vehicle from above (you have 
 about four chances).  Try to land near the back, since this will cover you 
 from additional Covenant forces.  Once onboard carefully descend into the 
 control room and take out all Covenant forces.  Mission accomplished.

-Heretic Leader-
Dual-wielded plasma rifles, two holographic projector orbs, jetpack.

The leader of the Heretics show his proficiency in battle by fighting the 
player one on one... at least you wish it was that way.  Instead, the Heretic
Leader employs two orbs that emit identical holographic projections of himself.
Despite this, the illusions are quite real in terms of damage, so they cannot
be ignored.

-In lower difficulties, it is simple to defeat the Heretic leader, merely 
 lock in and use the lunge attack of the plasma sword to kill him.

-But in higher difficulties, the concentrated firepower of the Leader and his
 holograms make it a difficult fight.  Use the cloak ability strategically to
 dash from cover to cover.  Do not let him see you when you are without cloak!
 The best way to defeat him is to either use the Covenant carbine located near
 the elevator to take out the holograms (the holograms are weaker and distort
 when enough damage is taken.  One more shot disables it completely), or cloak
 and tag them with the plasma grenade.  Although the Leader can take cover in
 the ceiling vents and return with more holograms, you will eventually defeat 

-Prophet of Regret-
Two focused plasma beam turrets, high-output energy shield.

Finally Master Chief faces one of the leaders of the Covenant in combat.  Do 
not be put off guard by the relative frailty of the Prophet's appearance.  His
hover chair has enough firepower to melt any enemy in his path so take cover
when you hear the weapon powering up.  In addition, the Prophet is equipped 
with a powerful energy shield, making him nigh-invulnerable.  In addition, he
is escorted by a contingent of Covenant infantry including the Honor Guards.

-Attempt to take out the numerous Covenant forces protecting the Prophet before
 you attack him.  Beware of Honor Guards armed with energy swords.

-When the forces have thinned out somewhat (they will respawn), close up on 
 the Prophet and board his hover chair.  Now strike him directly with the melee
 attacks and the Prophet will not last long against the Master Chief's 
 titanium fist.

Large chieftain war hammer.

The Brute chieftain Tartarus faces you in the climax of the game, and he proves
to be no easy foe.  Despite the simple melee nature of his attacks, Tartarus 
seems to be equipped with "shamanistic" powers that seems to bolster his 
defense and offense.

-In the beginning of the fight, large numbers of Praetor Elites equipped with 
 plasma swords will rush Tartarus.  Don't be taken along with the crowd and
 rush in yourself.  Stay back as his melee attacks are devastating, and your
 shields cannot protect you.

-Periodically, Tartarus will be enveloped in a strange "fog," this makes him
 immune to plasma swords or melee attacks.  It can be dispelled with enough
 gun fire, but it doesn't seem to make him any more vulnerable to melee 
 attacks.  Stick with long range fire power.

VII. Questions?  Corrections?  Suggestions?
This was my first FAQ and there will be lots of things that I miss out on or 
make a mistake.  If you wish to provide feedback to this FAQ, please send your
e-mails to [email protected]  Please title the e-mails as "Halo 2 FAQ" or 
something similar.  Thank you. 

VIII. Copyright Information
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
of copyright.

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