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Besitary FAQ
Created by: gameman250
Version 1.05 - 1/12/2010

/// Contents ///

1 - Legal Schmegal
2 - Contact Info
3 - Version History
4 - FAQ Intro
5 - Game Information
6 - Reading the List
7 - The Bestiary List
8 - Sources
9 - Closing

/// 1 - Legal Schmegal ///

This guide is copyright 2009 Sam Marcinko (gameman250).  You may download this
guide for personal use, but you are not allowed to sell it for profit.  You
cannot claim this guide is a work of yours, either.

This guide is intended to be hosted on GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).  They have
some stuff in their help section that says their affiliates and partner sites
can link to this, but whatever.  Don't ask to have this guide hosted on your
site.  For my two other FAQs I did a long time ago I did this and am keeping
no track of who is featuring my guides where.  But as long as they credit me
for the work I don't care.  This time around I'm keeping it on GameFAQs.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

/// 2 - Contact Info ///

[email protected]

Use it for questions about the guide, mistakes you want to point out, or extra
information you want to add in.  Specify in your subject line that your email
is on one of those items.  Something along the lines of "Spelunky Bestiary FAQ
Question / Correction / Suggestion" will work.  Anything else will most likely
be junked.

And yes, Gmail.  Blah blah blah, insecure, all because of a freakin' security
question to recover the account.  Well I use the security question as a "second
password" to prevent getting hacked.  Basically just put in some random garbage
unrelated to what the question is in.  Thieves will have a hard time figuring
it out.

/// 3 - Version History ///

[Version 1.05 - 1/12/2010]
- Addition of Version History section (>_>) and update on Giant Piranha and
Damsel entries.

[Version 1.0 - 12/28/2009]
- First version posted.  Contains nearly everything there is to know on the
enemies of Spelunky!

/// 4 - FAQ Intro ///

It's been awhile since my craptacular Metroid: Zero Mission FAQ, huh?

So why the call for an FAQ of any sort?  Well there's an entry for Spelunky! on
GameFAQs but it lacks any FAQs or Cheats/Secrets at all.  Probably because
there's a Spelunky Wiki available to detail all there is to know about
Spelunky!  But I wanna add an FAQ just so it has something.  One on the game's
enemy roster is a start, plus it lists all the enemies in a simple file instead
of having to click through multiple pages to find information you want.  I may
get around to putting up other In-Depth FAQs for the game, covering treasure,
weapons, and anything else I can probably think of.  That is unless someone
beats me to it.

/// 5 - Game Information ///

Spelunky! is a roguelike platformer that has randomly generated levels every
time you play.  The game centers around exploring cave levels, collecting
treasure, and combating enemy creatures.  The deaths you experience may be
cheap, but at least it's nothing the likes of I Wanna Be The Guy cheap.

You can download the latest version of the game for free at:


/// 6 - Reading the List ///

{Enemy Name}
[Areas found: --- (---)]
[HP: - | POW: - | Corpse: - | Stunnable: - | Favor: -]
Description goes here.  Multiple paragraphs will be used as it becomes

- Enemy Name: Name of the enemy.  You can figure out the appearance of the
enemy from there.
- Areas found: Which areas you'll see the enemy in.  In parenthesis is the
level feeling the enemy appears in if it's exclusively found in that type of
level.  Special level types will be thrown at you at random, and a line of text
at the bottom of the screen will let you know what type of level you've
- HP: Enemy's health.
- POW: Amount of damage the enemy can deal.
- Corpse: If the enemy leaves a corpse when killed, thus allowing you to pick
it up and use it as a throwing weapon.
- Stunnable: If the enemy can be stunned, thus allowing you to pick it up and
use it as a throwing weapon.
- Favor: How much favor you get for leaving it stunned or dead on an altar.
You'll get half as much favor for the dead corpse of the enemy.  Favor earns
you prizes when you get enough of it.  Destruction of altars gets you negative
favor and some punishments to boot.

The enemies are ordered by area they first appear in, followed by a more
complex setup as to how they're arranged.  Generally it's by their threat
level, but some enemies are grouped together, such as small enemies and then
larger, sub-boss versions of enemies.  Trust me when I say it won't be very

/// 7 - The Bestiary List ///

[Areas found: 1]
[HP: 1 | POW: 1 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
You can't have a game with a guy looking like Indiana Jones without some
snakes!  All they do is slowly move back and forth, so they're easy to kill.
In all areas of the game, a pot may contain a snake inside.

[Areas found: 1 and 2]
[HP: 1 | POW: 1 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Bats attach themselves to the ceilings and fly at you when they come near.
They're generally easy to get rid of unless you trap yourself in a small gap
below them.

[Areas found: All]
[HP: 1 | POW: 1 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
See those skull heads lying around?  Most of them can be picked up and tossed
around as weak, fragile throwing weapons.  But some of these are actually the
heads of skeletons, lying around and rising up to attack you!  But these guys
are absolutely weak and pathetic; they just move forward in a direction and
that's it.  The only reasonable way they'll damage you is if you try to pass by
them as they rise up (because you don't suspect they are skeletons).

[Areas found: 1]
[HP: 1 | POW: 1 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Spiders hang on the ceiling and try to drop on you if you pass under them.
They jump around a lot and can be tricky to kill.  The best strategy for taking
them out is to throw an item while they're still on the ceiling.  Like the
snake, some pots may contain spiders inside (applies to all areas in the game).

{Giant Spider}
{Areas found: 1]
[HP: 10 | POW: 2 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
A bigger spider means bigger trouble.  But there's an easy way to kill one.
There are two patches of webbing right under where the giant spider hangs.
Throw a bomb at one of them and, provided it stays put, you're guaranteed to
blow him up!  You'll also get Bomb Paste and a few Jewels for the kill.

[Areas found: All]
[HP: 3 | POW: 1 | Corpse: Yes | Stunnable: Yes | Favor: 2]
Cavemen show up in all areas, but most frequently in Areas 2 and 4.  In Area 3
they are actually encased in some of the ice blocks, and bombing those open
will free them.  Normally they'll just walk around, occasionally hop something.
But once they catch sight of you they start charging at you.  Then you dodge
them and they continue running until they hit an obstruction in their path.  At
that point they turn back around and keep trucking.

[Areas found: All]
[HP: 4 | POW: 1 | Corpse: Yes | Stunnable: Yes | Favor: 8]
Okay, so the Damsel is not an enemy out to hurt you.  The POW stat of 1 refers
to the damage she can deal as a thrown object.  The idea is to pick up the
damsel and take her to the exit (alive).  Doing this rewards you with a kiss,
which gives you an extra point of health.  Damsels themselves don't take fall
damage and they only lose 1 HP from thrown items or arrows.  Firearms inflict
normal damage, spikes will auto-kill them like anything else.  Your whip does
nothing but serve to fufill your S&M desires. o_o

Damsels in kising parlors will give you a kiss for upwards of $20,000
(pricey!), or you can take the whole damsel for $100,000.  If you have the
money for it you can get multiple kisses out of a damsel instead of buying her
entirely and carrying her to the exit for one single kiss.  Don't pick her up
unless you're either prepared to buy her for $100K or steal her from the
shopkeeper.  If you put her down she'll start running after a stun period, and
when she runs outside of the shop the shopkeeper will consider you a thief.

Damsels can be sacrificed on the altar for 8 favor.  Is it worth it, though?
If you're doing a City of Gold run you'll have to kill yourself in a level in
Area 3 that has the Ankh statue while you're in possession of the Ankh in order
to get the hedjet.  You'll be revived with 4 HP, regardless of what your prior
HP count was.  So don't save the damsel if it'll put you over 4 HP.  Sacrifice
her instead.  Sacrificing is also encouraged once you get the Kapala, as you
can collect blood from damaged / killed enemies to increase your health.  A
much more reliable method.  That, and offering the damsel on the altar puts you
towards more prizes.

[Areas found: All]
[HP: 20 | POW: 1-24 | Corpse: Yes | Stunnable: Yes | Favor: 12]
Hell hath no fury like an angered shopkeeper.  If you steal from their stores
or attack them they will not hold anything back.  An angry shopkeeper will
break out his shotgun and blast at you, and your chance of survival is minimal,
depending on if you can get to a safe spot or not.  And he chases you pretty
fricken' fast, too.  That, and his jump is pretty high.  If stunned he will
recover really fast, so going for his dropped shotgun is a big risk.  If
killed, the shopkeeper will yield some gold nuggets (plus you can salvage the
shotgun).  Unfortunately, this will make every shopkeeper you encounter later
kill you on sight.  AND they stick an angry shotgun-toting shopkeeper near the
exits of every level afterwards.  If you don't kill a shopkeeper but still piss
him off all future shopkeepers will be displeased with you for only a few more
levels.  Make them angrier and the punishment extends.  In short: if you take
on one shopkeeper you take on many (or all of them).

If you are crazy enough to want to fight a shopkeeper you will need some
strategy behind it.  The simplest method is to walk right up to him with a
shotgun and blast him in the face.  Twice, to be on the safe side.  You can
even use a shotgun for sale in shop without having to buy it!  If you have a
pistol, shoot him once at point-blank, and keep firing until he's dead.  For
something a little more fun yet a bit risky, pick up a web cannon and shoot him
with it, then immediately jump and start hoping on his head.  He'll be trapped
in the webbing while you can pull an easy jump chain!  After enough of this 
jumping he'll drop dead.  There are some other methods out there, but a shotgun
or a pistol will do the job with the most efficiency.

NOTE: Since shopkeepers have a really really short stun time it'll be
practically impossible to get the whole 12 favor when sacrificing them on an
altar.  You'll have to kill him and take 6 favor instead for the sacrifice.

[Areas found: All]
[HP: Infinite | POW: Insta Kill | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Ghosts are your punishment for dwelling in a level for too long.  At two
minutes in, you get a warning in the form of the music slowing down and a
message that says "A chill runs up your spine!  Let's get out of here!"  Thirty
seconds later the ghost appears and chases you around.  It can even pass
through walls!  It will kill you in one hit, and you have no way to kill it,
so just get to the exit and it won't bother you again until you trigger it in
the same fashion.  If you're willing to risk it you can make the ghost pass
over jewels to turn them into diamonds, thereby increasing their value.

The ghost can be spawned by two more things:
- In the Restless Dead Level (Undead infested level that you may randomly get
in Area 2) there may be a Crystal Skull treasure.  Picking it up will spawn the
ghost.  But you can always bomb the ground the Crystal Skull rests on to
bypass triggering it.
- Destroying your third and every subsequent altar will spawn the ghost.  Plus
it will make the level dark.

The ghost will not spawn under these conditions:
- You won't see the ghost on Level 1 or Level 16.  It's a little too harsh to
spring the ghost on you when you start a new game, and Level 16 is the final
boss fight which can drag on past two and a half minutes.
- If you have the Hedjet item the ghost will never appear!

{Golden Scarab}
[Areas found: 1, 2, and 4 (Dark Level)]
[HP: 1 | POW: 0 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: NO | Favor: n/a]
A Golden Scarab is not really an enemy, but a treasure instead!  Found only in
dark levels, the Golden Scarab emits a small area of light, unlike any other
enemy in the game.  Collecting one of these earns you quite a sum of money (a
little less than what the Golden Idol is worth, and it all varies by area, but
since there are several of these in a dark level it's a better deal).  But it
dies from anything.  Even your damn ropes!  Additionally, Golden Scarabs try to
avoid you, so you'll have to chase it a little.

{Blue Frog}
[Areas found: 2]
[HP: 1 | POW: 1 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Blue Frogs jump around when you come near them.  Be wary of their jumping;
they can either do a short jump or a long jump.

{Red Frog}
[Areas found: 2]
[HP: 1 | POW: 1 | Corpse: Yes | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Red Frogs are exactly the same as Blue Frogs, but if you kill one it turns into
a bomb and explodes a few seconds afterwards.  You can either stay clear of the
imminent explosion or use it to your advantage (you can pick it up, if you
want).  Explosions from red frogs are actually a bit smaller than from your
bombs.  Bombs can blast through two tiles in the ground while red frogs can
only blast through one.

[Areas found: 2]
[HP: 1 | POW: 1? | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Monkeys can climb around on vines and ropes, if you've left some for them.
What they're known for is clinging to your back and either stunning you or
trying to steal some of your items.  Or both.  And I swear, some of these may
have inflicted a point of damage at one time or another.  If you've got a
monkey on your back (>_>) mash some buttons and you may kill him.  A more
effective strategy is to flip over a ledge, and this will dislodge the monkey.
Do this over a spike pit where they frequent the most and you'll have him dead

{Man-Eating Plant}
[Areas found: 2]
[HP: 3 | POW: Insta Kill | Corpse: No | Stunnable: Yes | Favor: 2]
It's not a human that eats plants.  It's a plant that eats humans.  It'll eat
you, damsels, and cavemen.  It won't eat cultists or yeti.  I tested that in
the Level Editor.  Don't jump on it unless you have the spike shoes, cause
it'll eat you there!  And be careful carrying a stunned one to an altar.  If
it wakes back up mid-trip it eats you in the blink of an eye.

[Areas found: 2]
[HP: 1 | POW: 1 | Corpse: Yes? | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Piranhas can be found swimming in bodies of water of any size.  They'll chase
after you once you enter the water.  They're easy to kill, but if you want its
corpse you'll need to remove it from the water.  To do this, bomb a part of the
wall that causes all the water to leak out (or disappear, actually), and you'll
see the corpse.  But you can't get favor for it, so the only reason you'd bomb
the wall next to water is to clear a path.

{Giant Piranha}
[Areas found: 2 (Rushing Water Level)]
[HP: 40 | POW: 1 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
In the lowest parts of the Rushing Water Level the Giant Piranha swims about.
While it'll inflict little damage it is flanked by a bunch of smaller piranhas.
For that matter, fightning the giant piranha is not recommended.  It'll drop
some random crates if you do kill it, but can you trust any of them to give you
something really useful?  If you're going for the kill anyway use either a
shotgun to clear away the smaller Piranhas in the process, or use a Sticky Bomb
if you can aim it right.

{Jiang Shi}
[Areas found: 2 (Restless Dead Level)]
[HP: 1 | POW: 1 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
These zombies shuffle along slowly and do small jumps.  They're pretty much
downgraded versions of Blue Frogs.  Jump on them or whip 'em and they're done.

[Areas found: 2 (Restless Dead Level)]
[HP: 6 | POW: 1 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: Yes | Favor: 1]
Vampires are very quick enemies and will pursue you like hell.  And since they
can turn into vampire-bats to fly around you're in some extra trouble.  There
are two pluses to fighting vampires.  One, they take extra damage from arrows.
Either bring a bow along or salvage an arrow from an arrow trap (from Area 1,
because there are no arrow traps in Area 2).  Two, they drop a Cape when

[Areas found: 3]
[HP: 5 | POW: 1 | Corpse: Yes | Stunnable: Yes | Favor: 4]
Yetis are completely immune to your whip, so you'll need to throw something at
them, jump on them, or bring a carryable weapon.  Yetis can throw you around if
they touch you.  While you won't take damage from the throw itself, you will
take damage from whatever you hit afterwards.  But it could be worse.  Since
Area 3 has a bottomless pit at the bottom of each level you may be thrown
towards that.  Or get thrown towards a Flying Saucer and get blown the hell up.
Or maybe fall into a spike trap, if available.  Any Yeti that blocks your path
in tight passages or on higher ledges is a real pain to deal with, at least
with nothing but a whip.

{Yeti King}
[Areas found: 3 ("Smells Like Wet Fur" Level)]
[HP: 30 | POW: 2 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
A giant version of the Yeti.  He has two attacks.  Number one is throwing you
around, and number two is making a growl noise that causes ice blocks fall from
the ceiling.  You'll need two shotgun blasts, a bomb blast, a UFO-kamikaze,
or a successful chain of jumps to kill this fool.  Your reward for killing it
is some blue jewels, ropes, and Spike Shoes.

{Flying Saucer}
[Areas found: 3]
[HP: 1 | POW: See Below | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Flying Saucers fly around and shoot plasma blasts downward when you pass under
one of them.  They can sort've follow you around as well.  If you destroy one
it explodes.  If you stomp one it'll fall down and then explode.  Sometimes the
alien piloting the saucer will survive the wrecking of his ship and float down
with a parachute.  It acts the same way a snake does, so I won't make a
separate entry for it.

Damage the Flying Saucer can inflict:
- Touch: 1
- Plasma Blast: 3
- Explosion: A whole hell of a lot.

{Giant Alien}
[Areas found: 3 (Psychic Presence Level)]
[HP: 10 | POW: 1 | Corpse: Yes | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
The Giant Alien hides in what appears to be a giant spaceship and has a barrier
in front of it to stop thrown objects (but oddly enough, bullets aren't
stopped).  It can also shoot psychic bubbles that tail you and stun you with
1 point of damage inflicted.  Normally I try to ignore the Giant Alien but my
source I'm using to write this FAQ tells me the big guy is guarding a Jetpack.
If you have a few bombs to spare it may be worth it.

BTW, it apparently leaves a corpse, but you can't lift it and get it to an

[Areas found: 4]
[HP: 10+ | POW: 1 | Corpse: Yes | Stunnable: Yes | Favor: 6]
Cultists wear red masks and are more dangerous than normal cavemen.  These guys
can jump fairly high and if you come in contact with one of them they'll throw
your hind around.  And that's bad, especially when Area 4 has lava among a lot
of other traps.  Keep your distance when dealing with cultists.

{Magma Man}
[Areas found: 4]
[HP: See below | POW: 2 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Hang around any body of lava long enough and you might see this guy pop out.
He'll just move along, minding his own business, killing any enemy that runs
into him.  He has an HP amount of 200 to start, but his HP drops by 1 for each
frame that passes.  This game runs at 30 fps, so he'll be dead in about...
*does the math* six and a half seconds.  Why does his HP drain?  Probably
because he's being exposed to air or something.

[Areas found: 4]
[HP: 20 | POW: 2 | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
The mummy can shoot swarms of flies at you, so stay the frick out of the way
of this.  The mummy itself moves slowly.  To kill this fool, you can drop on it
from a higher platform and try bouncing on its head, or more simply: plant a
Sticky Bomb on him and he's toast.  Killing a Mummy on Level 13 rewards you
with the Scepter, which lets you shoot those psychic bubbles the Giant Alien
fires.  Sadly, if you are doing the City of Gold quest you'll need the Scepter
(plus the Hedjet) to open the door to the city, and the Scepter disappears
once you open the door.

{Giant Head}
[Areas found: 4 (Level 16)]
[HP: Infinite | POW: Insta Kill | Corpse: No | Stunnable: No | Favor: n/a]
Well this isn't so much an enemy as is it the FINAL BOSS OF THE GAME!  He hops
around... slowly.  If you run under him he'll try to smash you, crushing any
ground under him.  So in essence, this is like playing the final boss of Super
Mario Bros. 3.  You can speed up this battle by bombing some of the ground
away.  Often, the Giant Head will spawn enemies from previous areas when he
smashes the ground.  This includes bats, frogs, snakes, and spiders.  Good luck
handling this dude. o_o

/// 8 - Sources ///

- Spelunky Wiki (http://spelunky.wikia.com/) - Used primarily as a checklist to
keep track of which enemies I have covered, and borrowed stat information from
- This YouTube video of a Spelunky Speedrun
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRnhHvHexsM) - Where I saw the trick with
killing a shopkeeper with the web cannon.  Jump to 0:45 in the video.  I've
tested this myself and it works.

/// 9 - Closing ///

...Nothing else to really say.  Stay tuned for more Spelunky! related FAQs.
And be sure to email me with mistakes and suggestions.  You'll be credited in
the sources section if I take it.

Gameman out.

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