Everything or Nothing - Complete Walkthrough - Guide for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

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     @ 1. "Ground Zero" @

1. Follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Shoot about 4 or more guys.


3. Go and get the nuclear briefcase.


4. Shoot the guy with the rocket launcher.

5. Rappel up to that ledge the rocket launcher guy was on.

6. Get a rocket launcher on the table of this room. Go to your right.


7. Shoot the Hover Jet four times with the Rocket Launcher.

8. Rappel back down the way you came up here.

9. Quickly shoot the guys that are rappelling down the building near the big
hole that was made by the Hover Jet.

10. Leave through that hole in the wall.


     @ 2. "A Long Way Down" @

1. Rappel down passed the explosions. 

2. Turn left from where you landed and rappel up the building in front. Kill
the guy that you find up here. (There is armor in the far corner when you
need it)

3. Rappel back down this building.

4. To your left you can see a tunnel go down to the end of it and use the lever
on the right side of this tunnel almost at the end.

5. After shooting the guys here go over to the vent that is blowing out
steam. Throw the bomb into that vent.


6. Quickly Use that hole that was made in the roof in the scene to rappel
down this building.

7. Go straight down to another roof. Rappel straight down again.

8. You will come to a ledge that just had an explosion on it.

9. Land on this ledge shoot the guy behind you quickly. Go into this room
and shoot the guy to your right. Go over to the table on the left and use it
to put the table on its side.

10. Shoot the two rappelling guys that appear at the window and shoot the
person that appears behind you.

11. Rappel down to the building below through the window you shot those two
rappelling guys at.

12. Shoot the two guys that appear to your right quickly. Rappel down the
ledge right here to get some armor down below.

13. Rappel down and to your left is a Lever use it. Shoot the guys that

14. Go to the right of where those guys appeared and use the fire vent lever
here to stop the flames that are blocking your way from continuing.

15. Quickly wall hug at the wall near by and shoot the guy that appears.

16. Run into the burned out building and take cover behind one of the crates
in here. Use your bond sense to locate the weak parts of the ceiling and
shoot one when a enemy is near or under it. Get the armor in here if you need

17. Go to where the Flame vents were and rappel down to the bottom.



     @ 3. "Train Chase" @


1. Choose which Vehicle you want. Go left for the car. Go right for the
Motorcycle. Get on or in your vehicle quickly.


1. Drive Straight ahead going through the flames stay to the left to not hit
the wall. You will go off a ledge and land in front of a door. Crash through
that door and blow up the next closing doorway.

2. Drive along this road passed the rushing water and head straight up the
dirt ramp instead of going left. Blow up any cars that get in your way if
you can. Keep going straight down this road.

3. You will be going under where the train was through a tunnel. At the end
of the tunnel go left into the round rock structure. Make the jump and shoot
the motorcycle enemies here. Follow this dirt road those motorcycle enemies
were going on.

4. You will eventually come to a tunnel at the end of the tunnel you need to
shoot down the helicopter that appears.

5. Go straight ahead you will see a ramp with pillars collapsing in front of
it. Use that ramp to jump to jump over those pillars.

6. Go straight following this road. You will see the train here. Avoid the
missles being shot at you from it. Stay to your right. when the road forks
off continue on the right side of the rock formations.

7. Make a jump on the ramp here near the tracks.

8. Shoot the motorcycle enemy here and then start shooting missles at the
back of the train.

9. Once you have the back of the train on fire quickly speed up and get right
behind it in the center. When the center part of the tracks drops down
quickly go under the train.


10. Be sure to watch the entire scene and don't reset or restart your game
prematurely thinking you didn't pass it.


1. Go straight and turn left onto the ramp. If you go fast enough you can
jump onto the roof. if not go through the building.

2. Turn right at the end of this walkway go through the fire and through the
two glass doors.

3.  Go up this dirt hill to jump onto the railroad tracks.

4. You can see the train in the distance follow it.

5. You will end up dropping down onto a dirt road.

6. Look back and shoot a few missles at the helicopter shooting at you if you

7. Follow this dirt road there will be a jump at the end of it with the
helicopter in front of you. Shoot the helicopter with a few more missles.

8. Make the jump and quickly shoot the two motorcycle enemies.

9. Follow them up the dirt road they go up.

10. Follow this road to a tunnel. Shoot the helicopter that shows up at the
end of the tunnel.


11. Go straight ahead you will see a ramp with pillars collapsing instead of
using the ramp go to the right of the ramp and use your slide move to go
under the fallen pillar.

12. Go straight following this road. You will see the train here. Avoid the
missles being shot at you from it. Stay to your right. when the road forks
off continue on the right side of the rock formations.

13. Make a jump on the ramp here near the tracks.

14. Shoot the motorcycle enemy here and then start shooting missles at the
back of the train.

15. Once you have the back of the train on fire quickly speed up and get
right behind it in the center. When the center part of the tracks drops down
quickly go under the train.


16. Be sure to watch the entire scene and don't reset or restart your game
prematurely thinking you didn't pass it.


     @ 4. "An Old Friend" @

1. After the guy to your right is turning around quickly crouch walk over to
the guy on the left and kill him stealthfully. (Triangle or Square on PS2
when you are behind someone)

1a. You can also just shoot all of them just be sure to shoot and kill the
one on the right first to stop him from pushing the alarm.

2. Now do the same with the guy that is to the right of this guy.

3. Quickly shoot the guy on the right before he sets off an alarm or
anything. Shoot any six computer screens in this room and then continue to
the next car. Take out your silenced gun before going into next room.

4. When you enter this room quickly give the guy on the right a shot to the
head. Quickly aim for the next guy and give him a head shot before he turns
to the right. Finally shoot the guy in the head on the left walking away from
you. If you did this correctly you will get the bond moment.

5. Quickly go to your left and kill the guard here. next wall hug and wait
until you see the guard turn his back quickly sneak up behind him and kill
him. There is armor in this car if you need it. Continue to next car.

6. Quickly kill the guard on the left side walking away from you. Go back
towards the door and peek around the corner. wait until the guard on the
other side turns his back to you and quickly sneak up and kill him. Sneak
up behind the guard at the computer and kill him off and go through the door.

7. Use your thermovision in this room to see the enemies. Shoot and kill
everyone in here.There is armor in here if you need it. Continue through
the next door. 


Boss Battle "Jaws"

1. When you get control hide behind the black pillars to protect you from the
pillar he throws at you.

2. Hide behind the electricity on the other side when he comes to your side
to pick up those pillars.

3. You need to punch him into the electricity to lower his health. Until you
have defeated him. Be sure not to stand to close to him when he goes into it
as you will be electrocuted also. If you can also try to keep the electricity
flow between you if he tries to charge at you he will run into the

4. He also sometimes just walks into the electricity.



     @ 5. "Sand Storm" @


1. Fly straight and to the left drop a bomb or shoot the boat that is in the
water fly to the left and shoot more vehicles you will come to a bridge shoot
the vehicles on the bridge.

2. After the bridge there is another boat in the water destroy it.

3. Keep going you will come to a helicopter blowing up pillars shoot it and
go left there is another boat in the water to your left destroy it.

4. You will end up flying through some ruins.


5. Chase after the General's Helicopter avoiding his missles.

6. In the room with the fire coming out of the wall avoid all of it.

7. Chase the helicopter out of the hole at the end of the area.

8. Boss Battle "General's Secret Base"

1. Shoot all three forcefield generators.

2. Drop bombs on the platform to destroy it after you got rid of the


      @ 6. "Serena St. Germaine" @

1. Chase after and destroy the henchmen's car.

2. Locate 003's Hideout use the Map to locate it's location.


3. Drive up to the hideout.

4. Get out of the car and into the hideout.


5. Leave the same way you came in. Turn to the right and then turn left.
Follow this road into town 

6. Before you reach the first building in town be sure to use your cloak to
hide from the enemie's view (Use it sparingly).

7. Keep going down the road until it ends go to your left follow that road
around to the roadblock.


8. Drive straight and make a right at the last strret. Straight ahead is
where you need to hide to send your RC car out (I recommend backing into
this area to leave here quicker).

9. Guide it up the stairs of the fireworks factory to the vent on the right
of the building.

10. Use the laser on the vent and go into to use the laser on the fireworks.


11. Quickly drive to your left and turn to your right and go up the hill that
was once blocked by the road block.

12. At the top of the hill go right you will see a blue building to your left
go to the left side of that building and use the alley to get to the hotel


13. Drive straight make a right turn using your cloak before turning.

14. Make your way down the hill using your cloak to avoid detection.

15. Once you have made it to the bottom of the hill go left and then right
under the archway. Go straight down this road passed the archway with the
S on it.

16. When you come to a roadblock go left down some stairs to avoid the

17. Go down the stairs at the end going left avoiding the tank shooting at

18. Follow this road.


19. Go to your left jumping off the cliff.

20. Speed up and make the jump from one cliff to the other driving up the
steep incline on the other side.

21. Go left when you get to the top.

22. Follow this road until you havereached the gates to the fortress.

23. Go through the roadblock signs on your left for the entrance to the


     @ 7. "Vertigo" @


1. Go to your right after exiting the elevator. Go into that dark tunnel to
your right. Be sure to be crouched at this point. Look around the corner
there is a guard here he will walk left go back towards where the elevator
was and hug the wall of the dark tunnel and shoot the guy with a sleep dart
when he appears.

2. Go to the other side of the dark tunnel and wall hug. Wait for the guy to
appear and walks to the right to shoot him with a sleep dart.

3. Go in the direction the guard came from around the mine cart to your left
wall hug again. Shoot the guard with a sleep dart and when the other guard
appears shoot him with one also.

4. Rappel up the mine shaft here at the end.

5. Shoot all the guys here. Rappel up the next mine shaft (There is an
elevator here to the right remember where it is you will be coming back here

6. Shoot the guy that rappels down here. Rappel up where he came down from.

7. Go to your right and push the mine cart on the right. watch out for the
rocket launcher guy.

8. To the right of where the rocket launcher guy was is a building with
barrels. Use your bond sense and shoot the barrels.

9. Follow the track to the left and at the end rappel down into the dark
mine shaft.

10. Use your thermovision to get to the end of this dark mine shaft to get
a rocket launcher.

11. Go back the way you came and rappel back up go right shoot the bottom
board of the boarded up tunnel. Send a spiderbot into that tunnel.

12. Go to the end of where the spider needs to go. Go to your right and
through the door here.

13. After that rappel up the wall to your left. Shoot the guys up here.

14. Go into this room for some goodies armor and weapons (Remeber this room
with the Junction box you will be back here shortly).

15. Go back out and follow the tracks and rappel up the next mine shaft.

16. Shoot the guys here and rappel up the next mine shaft.

17. Shoot the guys here and use the Uplink device on the table on the right
side of this room.

18. Go back down to that room with the Junction box and use it (the box with
the lightning bolt on it).

19. Go all the way back down to that elevator I told you to remember and use



      @ 8. "The Ruined Tower" @

1. Quickly shoot the two guards in here with sleep darts.

2. Wall hug the doorway on the right side wait for the guard to show up in
range and shoot him with a dart. Shoot the next guard with a dart that
appears to check on that other guard.

3. Go out the doorway and rappel up the wall on the right side of this area.

4. Rappel back down and go to your right making your way up to the back area
of this place. Shoot any of the guys in your way.

5. To the right of the mine cart tracks is a wall to rappel up.

6. At the top turn left and send out a spiderbot to go along the small ledge
at the bottom part of the wall to your right and go across the arch to it's

7. After that go down the stairs and make your way around this area killing
the enemies here.

8. You will find a hanging crate use the button to drop it.

9. Drop down the hole and use the lever behind you to move the mine cart.

10. Follow the mine cart to the end and use your bond sense to shoot the
dynamite it dropped. Go through the door that opened up.


      @ 9. "Death of An Agent" @


1. Send out a Spiderbot and go along the hallway into the vent shapped hole.
Make your way up above the three gaurds and drop the spiderbot on them to
kill all three at the same time.

2. After that go down to where 003 is.


3. Go through the doorway to your left. Make your way down the stairs past
all the enemies here.

4. You will locate a dark hole to jump into on the right. Jump into it and
go to your left. Use your thermovision in here.

5. Make a left at the first turn. Go to the end and make a left. At the next
place you can make a turn go to your right and go right again into the room
here. There is armor and a rocket launcher here.

6. Go out of this room and go left. Go straight to the end. Turn right and
then turn left. To your left is a staircase to go up to get out of this maze.

7. At the top of the stairs on the right there is a lever to pull.

8. Follow the tracks to the doorway you opened up. When one of those enemies
that came out of that door go near that propane tank on the left of the
tracks shoot it.


     @ 9b. "Death of An Agent - Leap of Faith" @

(Note: For those of you that actually liked this level. You may be interested
in Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma as it has a level that this one
reminded me of. Some didn't like it but I did so I thought i'd mention it.)

1. Walk out to the side of the cliff.


2. As soon as the scene is over quickly run forward to jump off the cliff.

3. Quickly Aim and shoot the guy right below you and move left to avoid that

4. Head straight down the center between those two wooden ledges coming up.

5. Quickly after passing those two move to the left and right again to avoid
the wooden ledge below them and the rock ledge.

6. The next wooden ledges blows up so don't worry about that one.

7. You will see a big long ledge coming up move to your left to avoid that
ledge and the rockets. When you get in range of it go into bond sense and
aim for the dynamite right in front of the guy nearest to you.

8. Move back to the right to be in the middle again and shoot the guy that
comes out on the ledge with mine cart tracks on it.

9. Shoot the guy on the long narrow ledge that is coming up and move left to
avoid this cliff.

10. You will see a rock ledge and a wooden ledge coming up with a very narrow
gap between them. Move yourself so you can fit into that gap.

11. Right after you have passed through that gap go into bond sense again and
shoot the Propane tanks that are right near the guy on that big ledge. Move
left to avoid this big ledge that those propane tanks are on and right after
passing it move to the right near that blown up wooden ledge. If you did this
correctly without hitting any ledges you will catch the girl right at that
wooden ledge.


     @ 10. "A Show of Force" @

1. Blow up the gate at the very start.

2. Use your Machine gun to take care of enemy vehicles.

3. Once you make it up the hill with the trees there will be a helicopter
you need to shoot down.

4. You will come to a staircase shoot all the enemies on both sides of the
big staircase.

5. When you reach the top of the stairs after you turn right blow up the red
barrels near the enemies.

6. Use your machine gun on the tank near the fountain. Use your Tank cannon
on the arch when you stop in front of that archway. Destroy the next couple
enemies that appear leading to the gas station.


7. Shoot the Gas Pumps of the gas station.


8. Get on the motorcycle go over the ramp. Turn to your right use your
missles on the vehicle that appears. Turn right and go over that dirt hill
you see on your right Turn right onto the shorcut here. and go straight up it
to the top staying to your left to avoid hitting the little wall at the top.

9. Turn to your left at the end of the road use the ramp to jumponto the
runway Quickly chase after the plane. Drive to the ramp at the back of the



      @ 11. "Mardi Graw Mayhem" @


1. Follow the road you are on and turn into the Park's parking lot when
you get to it. Get out of the car.


2. Quickly turn around and turn right onto the street you were just on.

3. You will see arrows that point left in the distance, but instead of going
left go through that little rest area on your right and drive up the ramp
here to make a jump.

4. Go through the hotel and down into an alley go straight all the way to the
street near the building in front of you. Turn right onto that street and the
diner is to your right.

5. Park behind the truck and get out of the car. Push the button on the left
side of the truck to open up the back door. Get back in your car and drive it
into the back of the truck.

6. Drive to the Warehouse. Just follow the street that you were on to get to
this diner.


7. Drive into the warehouse and park the truck. Get your car out of the back
of the truck. After you have done that place a tracking device on the back
right wheel of the other truck nearby.


8. Drive out of the warehouse door that was opened in your car.

9. Turn to your right at the end of the building and use that big cement pipe
to jump into a building through it's glass roof. Leave the building to the
left through it's glass door.

10. Turn right onto the street in front of you and turn left at the street
you come to follow it. Be sure not to hit any regular cars on the road or
mission fails.

11. Locate the Limo and use a electromagnet shot on it. Get in front of it and
use a Acid slick on it.


12. Follow the road your on and locate the club.


     @ 12. "The Kiss Kiss Club" @

1. Rappel up to the window to your right

2. Massage the woman on the table.

3. Go out the door (And no you don't go looking for her drink)

4. Go to your left and out the door to your left kill the guys here and
use the button on the security console to open a door downstairs.

5. Go down to the door you opened up.


6. Go to the left of the bar and pull the lever to drop the lights on the
guys shooting at you.

7. Shoot any guys taht remain and go to either side and shoot one of the guys
on the second floor to make them fall down to you.

8. Use the elevator near the stage to get up to the second floor.

9. Go to your left after exiting the elevator. Locate the office and get
the keycard on the desk. Go back down to the ground floor and use the keycard
on the door in the back of the stage.

10. Kill the guys in here and go up to the brick wall on the right to find a
secret passage way. Go through it killing the guys that get in your way. Go
to the door at the end.


     @ 13. "Death's Door" @

1. Go out the door way here.

2. Kill the few guys that are here. Follow the path to the left notice the
boarded building to the left you will need to go there in a bit. First kill
everyone around. Go to your right and kill more guys here while avoiding the
snipers shooting at you (don't kill the sniper in the tower yet though).
Right before you reach the tower in front of you there will be a guy running
to the gate on the right kill him before he opens it. Kill the other guys
around and then rappel up the tower (the one you saw in the scene at the
start). Kill the sniper here (I recommend kicking him out of the tower but
that's just me). Grab the Skeleton key up here. Rappel back down the tower.


3. Go back to that building that use to be boarded up.

4. To the right of the doorway there is a vent hole to send your spiderbot in
to get some armor.

5. To your left is where you use the skeleton key. Use your thermovision
and shoot everyone here. Go up stairs and shoot everyone here. Go out to the
balcony and shoot the sniper on the roof across the way.

6. Aim your sniper rifle lower and to the right and shoot the Electrical box
that is there.

7. Make your way out of here and go to the door to the left of the electrical

8. Go down the passageway.


9. Boss Battle "Jean Le Rouge"

Use the switch to stop the Mya from going towards the fire. Use your bond
sense in this fight shoot a barrel or pipe when he is near one to cause major
damage. When there is none around him just shoot him. Be sure to stop Mya's
hook from going towards the fire if he starts it up again.



     @ 14. "Battle in the Big Easy" @

(Note: Do all of these steps quickly to get the bond moment at the end)

1. Drive straight and make a sharp turn into the building at the corner you
come to. Make a left turn at the next street going through the corner of the
building like the last one.

2. Use your smoke screen at some point of this drive to blind one of your
chasing enemies.

3. Follow the road you are on. Stay to the left of the street  a enemy car
will try blocking your path if your to the left you can avoid him.

4. Next stay to the right and avoid the enemy car here keep going straight.
Where the street curves left go to your right through the parking lot here.
Make a right on to the street up ahead. Use the stairs to jump and The bomb
should have been defused by now. Make a left at the street here on your left.
Make a sharp left at the corner to get into your hideout.


5. Drive out of your hideout and shoot a missle at the car in front of you.
Sharp turn to the right and go straight shoot another missle at the car
coming towards you. Turn right onto the street it came from and follow that
road all the way to the warehouse.

6. Park in front of the warehouse and send out your RC car. Drive it up the
drainage pipe to the left of the door you drove into with the truck on
"Mardi Graw Mayhem".


7. Drive the car forward and laser beam the steam pipe in front of the ledge.


8. Drive straight ahead through the steam. Drive straight down this walkway
make a left and then a right. Follow the curve in the ledge and jump off it.
When you land to your left is the place you need to use your laser beam at.


9. Drive down the road use missles on the three cars you come across.

10. Make a left at the Main street the one with lights in the center divder
of the road.

11. Shoot the cars you come across here. To your right is a staircase Go down
the street in front of it. Make a left after the staircase and follow that
road to Mya's Apartment. Be sure no enemy cars are following you.



     @ 15. "Faded Splendor" @

1. Crouch and move to the corner to your right. Look towards the opposite
corner of the room.

2. Wait for the guard to come in this room and shoot him with a sleeper dart.
Shoot the other guard when he comes in here to investigate.

3. Run out of this room and rappel up the wall on the right corner. Shoot the
sniper up here to your left. Shoot the guys that are up here and use the
stairs to go down one floor. Go into the center doorway and use your bond
sense to aim and shoot the chandelier down. Go down to the bottom floor and
locate the two rooms on the sides of the stairs with the switches in them to
open up the doors on the second floor.

4. Make your way to the door you opened and go down the stairs (shoot the
sniper high up on the wall to the left before going down the stairs).

5. At the base of the stairs use a spiderbot. Follow the path in the vent to
the second floor and blow up the spiderbot at the middle of the painting.

6. Go to the second floor and the room to the left has the room you just
opened up.

6. Rappel up to where the sniper was in the attic (the brown wall on the

7. Go left and rappel down at the end of the path.

8. Shoot everyone in this room and head into the next room.



     @ 16. "The Machinery of Evil" @

1. Go out the metal doors to your right.


(Note: You can do these chambers in any order. I'm only telling it in the way
I see as easiest).

2. Go into the far left chamber first. Push the button in there. When
leaving this chamber go down the stairs to avoid the electrical charge.

3. To your right there is a steam pipe between some enemies you need to

4. To your left is some pipes you need to shoot to get to a rocket launcher.

5. Go towards the stairs on the far side of this area (the one without the
electrical charge).Before reaching the stairs send a Spiderbot in the vent
here. Follow the path and lead it to the door that is partial open to the
right of that door is a control panel for taht door blow up the spider bot
on that panel.

6. Go into the chamber you just opened up. Use the button in there. Leave this
chamber and go into the one directly in front of this one. Use the button in

7. Finally go to the only other chamber you haven't been to avoid the
electrical beam and push the button.


8. Shoot and destroy the two transformer cores to finish off Yayakov.


     @ 17. "The Pontchartrain Bridge" @

1. Go left onto the wooden bridge at the end go through the pond. Line
yourself up with the gate to jump the gate. Try to jump left to  take the
left road.

2. Shoot the house that is here with guys shooting at you from.

3. Go through the tunnel and make it to the main highway. Stay in the center
lane and use the overturned car as a ramp to jump.

4. Use your flame thrower and speed passed the motorcycle enemies setting
them on fire.

5. Continue down the highway avoiding traffic and speed passed the next
motorcycle enemies with the flamethrower again.

6. Change to your missles and speed up in the left lane use the half
built highwayto jump to the other side of the highway. Watch out for
oncoming traffic. Quickly lTurn to your right the first chance you
get to get back on the right side of the highway.

7. Shoot the two cars here with your missles 2 or 3 to their trunk area
usually destroys them.

8. Speed down the highway more.


9. Change to flamethrower and speed towards the tanker truck.Slide under the
tanker truck (Use L1 for Ps2). While sliding set the guy jumping over you on
fire (you don't have to it's just fun).

10 Change to missles and Shoot the two trucks that are throwing fire barrels
at you. If you run out go up close and shoot the guys in back with the shot
gun and try to blow up the trucks just so they don't get in your way while
chasing jaws.

11. Use your flamethrower on Jaw's Truck tires. After 3 miles Jaws will
change sides of the highway to avoid oncoming traffic try to drive behind
jaws until your ready to go on the side of him to burn his tires. Burn the
tires until the health bar is gone and your done.



     @ 18. "A Simple Exchange" @

1. Shoot the guy you see in front of you with a sleeper dart.

2. Crouch-walk and go through the doorway to your left. Use your Emp grenade
on the three cameras here if the guy in the patio area comes to investigate
shoot him with a sleeper dart. If he does not sneak over and use a sleeper
dart on him. Pick up the keycard he drops you will use this in the "Ambushed"

3. To your right throw the switch on the security laser power box.

4. To your right is a cabinet you need to go to and use to move it to reveal
a secret passageway. Go in to get some ammo.

5. Make your way back to the lobby go up the stairs partially and use an EMp
on the camera at the top of the stairs.

6. Use a sleeper dart on any guards that come to investigate.

7. Take out the cameras up here one at a time with an Emp and any guards you
come across with a sleeper dart.

8. Make your way to the far right cornered room. Go inside and go to the left
and go into the room to the left. Use the clothes on the door on the far
right of this room to complete the level.



     @ 19. "Red Line" @

For this Mission a walkthrough is a bit pointless since it's a race I'll
list tips of how to do well in this race. These should help you in getting
gold and Platinum Icons.

1. At the very start of the race after the first left curve use the little
grassy hill on the right to jump. Make hard left turn and avoid hitting the
fire barrels. On the right is  a dirt hill  use it to jump and go to the left
of the tree in front of you. If you did this correctly you should be in
second place at this point.

2. Hug all the turns as close as you can. Don't hit any of the walls but try
to stay as close to them as you can.

3. Try to do a P.I.T Maneuver on the first place car. This is to stop him
from slowing you down by trying to pass you when your neck and neck with

4. Use the shortcut near the end of the race to help you stay ahead of the

5. Use both of those bond moments for each lap to help you stay ahead of the


     @ 20. "Ambushed" @


1. Counter attack the guy that is holding you. Throw the guy in front of you
against the wall.

2. Run out the door to the left around the corner and go near the railing
and throw a guy over it (The guy needs to have his back to the railing to
do it. You can do this on any of the railings on the second floor it's just
easier to do it with more railing to work with). 

3. Go out onto the balcony near the race car drivers room and shoot the fuse

3. Go down stairs and go to the cabinet with the secret passage behind it.



     @ 21. "The High Road" @


1. Hit the two motorcycle enemies with the car.

2. Take the shortcut you used in "Red Line". Go left and then right around
the curve. There will be two tanks here blocking your way use the stairs to
the right of them to jump past them.

3. Make your way up the winding road going up the hill. At the top go past
the road block and turn right you will see a blue building. Go through the
alley on the left side of that building and curve left to get to the hotel


4. There is a road block in front of you use the Stairs to jump past the road

5. Make your way down the winding hill. At the bottom go down the road that
you blew up the archway to in "A Show Of Force". Go straight along this road
past the S archway. Take the shorcut to the left when you see the buildings
and head down the staircases all the way to the bottom turn left and go into
the blue lighted area there.


6. Use the doorway that it shows you in the scene. Up the two staircases.
Turn left to go up another two staircases. At the top here there is another
staircase Speed up it and up the ramp to make a jump up to the  higher roof.

7. Follow the path to another jump. Make a left turn to jump and go through a
building. Go left again and make a jump to another two buildings. Go through
the double doors you can see in front of you. Follow the greenish pathway to
another rooftop. Stay on the left side of this roof and go through the
railing landing on another building. Follow the roof tops towards the left.
Once you get to the little tunnel be sure to be going fast to make the jump
to the waterway there.

8. Follow this path.


9. You will be on a water slide drive down it and use your slide (R1 for ps2)
to go into the mouth of that stone head at the end of it.


10. Speed to the end of the cave.



     @ 22. "Diavolo's Plan" @

(Note: There is quite a few places to get the first bond moment. I will only
give one of the places.)


1. Change to your EMP to free yourself.

2. Find your equipment to the right of the doorway.

3. Hide on the right side of the doorway and shoot the guards that comes in.

4. Use your bond sense and shoot the propane tanks in the corner. Get all
the weapons in that locker.

5. There will be two guys that will appear eventually on two ledges high up
across from you. Use your bond sense to shoot the propane tank of the Lower

6. Go to the right as you exited the door to locate the elevator switch and
use it.

7. Go to the elevator that you opened that is to the left of the room you
started in there is also armor near there.

8. Use the elevator and shoot the guys you come across after you exit the

9. Shoot the vavles to the right of the crushers on the to get by them.
There is Armor and battery on the side of the conveyor belt.

10. Go up the stairs and to your Shooot the guys rappelling down at the top
of the stairs.

11. To the left of the stairs you just came up is a yellow flashing light on
the wall. Shoot the gear system next to it to destroy it. Now walk across the
walkway to the right of those stairs to locate and destroy the other gear
system (it's on the wall behind the armor).

12. A timer starts quickly rappel up the wall to the left of this gear

13. Go through the door here and go into the door to the left of the laser
door. Remeber this laser door you will come back to it later.

14. Go down the stairs to your right and go through the door on your left.

15. Go down the stairs here and shoot everyone here. Use the control panel
in front of the Laser door.

16. Go behind the stairs and use a spiderbot to get the armor.

17. Continue using the spider bot going into the doorway protected by the
lasers. To the right of the door you want to blow up the power controls to
the lasers (it's right next to the door).

18. Go inside and get a rocket launcher. Go to the left and try to use the

19. Go back to the laser door I told you to remember the one all the way back
up the stairs and to your left.

20. Go through the door there and use the elevator. Shoot the guy behind you
and get into the elevator and use it.



     @ 23. "The Platinum War" @

1. Go straight and turn left.

2. Shoot the wall in front of you.

3. Turn to the right and use your nano shells on the arch above the tank
coming at you.


4. Turn to your left and blow up the tanker up the street.


5. Go through the hole you just made through the mall and out the doors on
the other side.

6. Go to your left and shoot the tank here.

7. Go down the hill and to your right and blast the double doors to your
right. Go in and go straight ahead there is three pillars at the end of
the tunnel use your nano shells on all three.

8. Go back up the tunnel you came in with and go down the tunnel on your

9. Destroy the tank in this room you get to and then use the nano shell on
the bomb's ledge.


10. Go out the way you got into these tunnels back to the double doors and
shoot the tank to your right.

11. Go up the hill and shoot the helicopter with a nano shell.



     @ 24. "Dangerous Decent" @

1. Turn around and use a spiderbot walk it quickly over the gap in the boxes.
Go across the ledge on the left to ge to another box and go down the plank to
get into a window. Go through the door on your right wait for the guy to open
the door and then kill him. There is an alternative way of doing this
If you go into the room the guys come out of at the start. Go to the second
floor and drop on the crates near the window you can send a spiderbot into
that room to blow up the thing blocking the door from opening.

2. Go down the stairs and use your bond sense to shoot a crate on the side of
the pit (near the red container).

3. Send out another spiderbot and maneuver through the boxes to the window that
you can see behind that box you just shot. Blow up the control panel here.

4. Rappel down the pit avoiding the lasers. When you reach the bottom the
lift will stop go into the door you are closest to.

5. Go to the right and get the armor and battery.

6. Go to the other way and use the control panel to your left.

7. Go around the corner and use your bond sense to shoot the fan's motor.

8. Hide behind the crates that are behind you near where the armor is.

9. Send out a spiderbot send into down into the tunnel to the right before
you get to where that fan's motor is. Follow the tunnel and kill all three
guys at the end of the tunnel here all at once.

10. Use the control panel near where those three guys were.

11. Get back on the lift.


12. Shoot the wires on the four corners of this lift.


13. Boss Battle "Jaws II"

1. Hide behind thecrates when he is using his flamethrower if he is pointing
it directly at the crate you are behind get away with it. Just keep shooting
him and when he turns his back to you shoot his backpack. Do this until his
health bar is depleted do it quickly though. Once you have depleted his life
bar run over to the cockpit of the jet and use it.



     @ 25. "Red Underground" @

1. Rappel up the wall and Shoot the guy on the ledge directly in front of

2. Network tap the Tank right in front of you.

3. Go to your right and use the lift to get the sniper rifle.

4. Make your way over the ground floor of this area down to the basement
stairs on the left.

5. Make your way to the third row of passages and shoot the control panel
there to drop the tank on some enemies.

6. Go to the lift and use it. Don't shoot the guy up here instead go into the
control room and use the paltinum sprayer control panel on the guy that is
under the sprayer.

7. Make your way across the bridge.


8. Use the Computer to open the door in front of you. Quickly Throw a Strobe
at the Two rocket launcher guys.

9. Go through the next door.


     @ 26. "The Final Card" @


1. Get to the Back of the room and use your network tap while crouched behind 
some cover (Aim for the backsides of the turrets).

2. Try to shoot The guards in groups killing all of them in one shot each.

3. Shoot the other Turret with the one you are controlling.

4. Shoot the Glass Dome that Diavolo is in.

5. Use the Three Vent switches.

6. On your way to the fourth switch use a spiderbot and send it into the vent
near the door blowing up the guys inside before going into that room.

7. Use the fourth and final switch.

8. Before leaving use an Emp on camaflauged enemy. After that go out the exit


9. Boss Battle "Hover Jet"

1. Use your Dive button and to the left or right when it shoots missles at
you and hide behind the crates or the beam in the middle when it uses it's
machine gun.

2. Use the rocket launchers that are found in the crates on the hover jet.
Just keep shooting it until it's life bar is gone.

3. Try to shoot it only when the Updraft of the fire throws the jet upwards.
Besides that just shoot when you can otherwise avoid it's attacks.



     @ 27. "Everything or Nothing" @


1. Shoot the enemies that come out of the door near you.

2. After the area is cleared of enemies send out a spider bot to the same
room you sent the spiderbot to on step #1 of "Dangerous Decent". Blow up the
spiderbot at the door that is barred. After all that go into this room to get
all the ammo and armor you could need.

3. Go out this door and to your left use the door in the corner to continue

4. Take cover again and make your way through the enemies. You will
eventually get to rocket launcher guy you need to kill (Use thermovision to
kill the camouflaged guys or EMP to make them visible whichever you prefer).


5. Go to your right and to your left. You will need to go between a few
shipping containers here.

6. Go to the right and go to the right again. Use your bond sense and shoot
the Redlight over the Red shipping container up at the roof to drop it on the
guys coming towards you. Stay here and shoot more enemies that come.

7. Make it to the building in the back of this area and through the door on
the left.

8. Take care of the guys in this room and go in through the red door on your

9. Continue through the next red door. Pick up the rocket launcher in here
and go down the stairs. Before going out the door notice the big gun in front
of you at the end of the boss battle a gate in front of it will open up.


10. Boss Battle "Diavolo"

Shoot the tower Diavolo is in until it's destroyed.


Go into that big turret gun that I referred to earlier. Shoot the rocket that
is launching.

Congratulations you have now completed James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.

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