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    /h/  /h/  /aaa\     |rrrrr\   \v\    /v/  |eeeeee/     /sssss/   /ttttttttt\
   /h/_ /h/  /a/ \a\    |r|_\rr\   \v\  /v/   |e|          \ss\         |tt|
  /hhhhhh/  /a/===\a\   |r|--\r/    \v\/v/    |eee)         \ss\        |tt|      
 /h/  /h/  /a/     \a\  |r|  \r\     \vv/     |e|           /ss/        |tt|       
/h/  /h/  /a/       \a\ |r|   \r\     \/      |eeeee\   /sssss/         |tt|     
         /\ /\      /oo\       /oo\       /\    /n/         (Y)
        /mmVmm\    /o/\o\     /o/\o\     /nn\  /n/         (0.0)       A A
       /m/\/\mm\   \o\/o/     \o\/o/    /n/\n\/n/        c(“)UU(“)    (0.0)
      /m/    \mm\   \oo/       \oo/    /n/  \nn/                    ~(")uu(")
                          ..::*A WOUNDERFUL LIFE*::.. 
                  Only for Gamecube! (Woo go Gamecube!)

P1.1…  Prologue
P1.2… Controls
P2… People Of  Forget-Me-Not Valley
P3.1… Rooms of your farm
P3.2… Animal Care
P4… Tools 
P5… Seeds
P6… Fishing
P7… How To Win Your Girl
P8.1 … Hints Tips And Cheats
P8.2… Best Bits and Worst Bits!
P9… Frequently Asked Questions
P10…Errors with the game
P11.1… My Say
P11.2…Your Say
P12… Contacting me 
P13… Legal Stuff
P14… Credits

Ok just for those of you who don’t know, spoilers are things that give away parts of 
the plot that MAY ruin your enjoyment of the game, i.e. in some games it could be 
who killed who for murder mystery games ect! Spoilers are also Hints, Tips (only the 
sort that may give away parts of the plot!) and cheats.


Your farther always wanted to be a farmer. Years ago he bought a farm with his best 
friend Takaru but never lived long enough to fulfil his dreams. Did the same calling 
draw you to Forget-Me-Not Valley? Or did you want to escape your dreary urban life? 
Maybe the real reason is that you wanted to know your farther. Takaru can teach you 
about farming, but its up to you to find your own path.

*thanks to the Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Booklet for that J

Ok confused? Don’t know how to pick things up? Well I’m here to help :D!

(O) Control Stick - This Moves You Character!

+ Control stick - (the more classic looking control part!) This scrolls though menus!

L Button - Centres the camera behind the your character, and also changes the page   
           in the status screen!

R Button - Whistle for Dog, press it twice to whistle for your horse, changes page   
           in status screen!

Z Button - See the view from your characters own eyes, (cool or what??)

X Button - Short Item menu, to toggle though your inventory, use control stick to  
           scroll though!	

Y Button - Function Button, Train Dog (I don’t know how to!) also Item Description, 
           Eat what you have in you hand, cuddle you animals, also play with  
           your child! (only when he ask’s to be picked up!!)

A Button – Talk, Open, pick up stuff, uses stuff.

B  Button – Put stuff into your back pack, cancel action.	

C stick  - Controls camera angle

Start/Select Button – access status menu,  pause game

Hope that helped!

…::: *People Of Forget-Me-Not Valley* :::…

* * WARNING * *

Some of the descriptions of what the characters do, contain spoilers, read at your 
own risk!! I will put a * next to the name of some of the ones that contain spoilers.

Ok here goes, over the years people will come and go in Forget-Me-Not Valley and 
here is what I know about them so far. 

Muffy – Well what isn’t there to say about her?? She is 1 of the 3 contestants for   
        your future wife. She works in The Blue Bar, which Griffin owns. She just 
        wants to have fun, she’s bubbly and really over active. She loves Discounted 
        Prices, Free stuff from your farm, Flowers, Pretty Ores And Old
        Coins, which you dig up from the ruins  by the water fall the Carter and     
        Flora runs. Her Diary is by the flowers in The Blue Bar.

Celia – Here is the 2nd future wife, Unlike Muffy Celia is the perfect farmer’s  
        Wife. She knows a lot about farms (well she should do seen as she works on 
        the farm with Vesta and  Marlin!!), and the child you get with her is so 
        CUTE!! She like Stuff that you have grown in your farm, flowers and pretty 
        Ores. Celia is a traditionalist, she loves farms and family is a big thing 
        to her.Her Diary is upstairs in the living part of Vesta’s farm, by her bed.

*Nami - And here’s constant number 3, humm lets see now, she’s the hardest of the 3 
        future wife’s to WOO. She has travelled far and wide, all around the world 
        to try and find her soul mate. And well she’s ended up here in Forget-Me-Not 
        Valley, can you fulfil her needs?? Well she likes, flowers, crops that you 
        have grown and things you dig up from the ruins. She is the smartest out of 
        the three, and she leaves after one year… so if you don’t want her to go 
        marry her! Her diary is in the left hand room on the second floor in the 
        Inners Inn, which Ruby and Tim run, along with there odd-ball of a son Rock. 
        You can only see her diary at certain times of the day though. 

       *~             Now that’s the wife’s out of the way,           ~*
       *~         now here’s the rest of them! (it will be in         ~*
       *~               order of  all boys then all the               ~*
       *~                         girls!)                             ~*

Takakura – Takakura was an old friend of your fathers, He and your father were the 
           original owners of your farm. All the way though the game he helps you 
           out by telling you what you could do to improve on things, he also take 
           your dairy products and eggs ect to sell in Mineral Town. He will also 
           buy things you order for you out of your money. In the trail year (the    
           first year you do!!) he buys you a horse.

Carter – Carter runs the excavation at the ruins by the waterfall, he will let you 
         help Out and keep anything that is not of any value to him, you can sell    
         the stuff You dig up to Van the travailing sales man when he comes to     
         visit. He lives In the tent next to the excavation point with flora. If you 
         get really good friend with him he will give you a cinchowa (or what how  
         ever its spelt :p ) as a pet.

Merlin – Ok here the low-down on Merlin, He works with his sister ( Vesta ) on her 
         farm. He’s more of a loner, when he finds out that your marrying (if you 
         decide to!!) Celia he become cold to you (well more cold lol!) but after you
         marry her he becomes alright with you!.

Tim – Well I don’t know a lot about Tim, but what I do know is this, He and his wife
      Ruby and son Rock have travelled the world and finally ended up in Forget-
      Me-Not Valley, he runs The Inners Inn and knows a lot about cooking.

Rock – Rock is Tim’s son, he likes to party, he lives with his mum and dad in the
       Inners Inn. There is not much really to say about him.

Gustafa – One of my favourite characters Gustafa is a poet and a musician, his 
          house is like a tent, become friends with him and he will give you this 
          really cool cool sickle which looks like it has blood on it!! ( COOL or 
          what??) go to his house during summer and you will get a scene where you 
          and other town folk are singing with him, this is the summer festival!!

Daryl – Daryl is the town MAD scientist (empathise on mad!), he conduct’s lots of
        experiments in his house which to me looks like a princess castles meet 
        Frankenstein’s house, during year 1 (the first year when you get a wife! if 
        you are good friends with him and you visit him at 1pm – 2 pm there will be 
        a little movie scene where he is going mad saying people are stealing his 
        ideas,  he will give you a seed maker. (this is a reason why he’s a      
        Favourite character of mine, he saves you 6000g!!) he likes fish that you 
              especially snelts!

Cody – Cody is an artist, he lives in a caravan near the beach, in year 3,4 and 5
             If your good friends with him he will give you works of art he has done
             For your house. You can put them up. 

Kassy & Patrick – these a the towns pyrotechnicians, (really big fancy name for 
                              Firework maker!)  these are my least favourite 
characters, no real
                              reasons why, they just are! They make fireworks. They 
live in the 
                              house that looks like a rocket! You use the rope to 
get in and out of 

Wally – Married to Chris, dreams his son Hugh will grow up to be an athlete like 
             him!  Lives in the 3rd residential houses.

Hugh – Cute, Funny, Sporty, Hot mom, sporty dad what can we say this kids got it 
             all! Hugh dreams of being like his farther Wally, when your son is 
older, if he 
             works for Hugh he will become an athlete.

*Galen – Lived in Forget-Me-Not Valley for most of his wife, sadly though in the 1st 
              real year, Nina dies. However, if you visit it him during year 1 at 
6:30 am in 
              his new home on top of the hill near Vesta’s farm he will ask if you 
              like to polish Nina’s grave! In the trial year he and Nina live next 
to Wally, 
              Chris and Hughes House, Nina and Galen are grandparents to Hugh. I am
              Unsure who they are parents to, I think it is Chris but I’m unsure!

*Sebastian – Sebastian is Romana’s butler, he has been her butler for many years 
                     and  enjoys his work. When you first meet him (he’s in his 
room, it’s the 
                     second door that you come to, on the side with the piano!) go 
up to the
                     picture on the dressing table, and he will say something and 
you can 
                     choose what to say, reply with ‘is that Romana?’ and he will 
reply yes, 
                     and tell you some secrets. He lives in the Villa with Romana.

*Murrey – Ok here is the scruff of the valley. I can’t help but constantly help 
                Sorry for this character, as he has a wife and kid’s in a place 
called Po-Po
                Valley, Murrey can found wondering Forget-Me-Not Valley. He also 
                Begs for money, and picks up ‘dropped’ food! When you get your son,
                Go and show him to Murrey, Murrey will say he’s cute and how he 
                Reminds him of his son. At some part of the game in the trail year he
                He stop by your food storage and you will have to make a decision of 
                Whether to let him eat some of the food (If you do this he becomes 
                And returns again and again for more! I think it once a month!) or 
to say
                NO (he become upset and never returns there again!). Ok that’s all I 
                on him, but if any one how is further knows whether or not he 
                leaves Forget-Me-Not Valley or not please contact me and I will add 
               a.s.a.p. you will find how to contact me in the COTNACT ME chapter.

Grant - Grant comes in the second chapter, he moves in with his wife Samantha
            And daughter Kate. All I know about this character is that he works in 
            Town, and he is a business man.

Van – Van the travailing sales man, hum other than being able to sell nearly 
absolutely anything to him and buying stuff from him he does nothing else.
           In the trail year he sell you some tools, in the first year he sells you 
toys for
           Your child and a goat. That’s all really.

Hardy – Oh I hate this character, I absolutely despise him!! Ok expect from
              Being a Dr Evil (out of Austin Powers©) wanna be he’s just annoying.
              He serves as no purpose what so ever, well not yet anyway so when I 
              Out more about this character I will right more.

OK and here is The Girls. (Apart from Celia, Muffy and Nami as they have already 
been mentioned!) 

*Flora – Other than working with carter at the excavation site I don’t know anything
            About her. But supposedly if you become really good friends with her she 
gives you a puppy dog.

*Vesta – Vesta runs the other farm, she is also the mother role to Celia.
             Go to Vesta’s farm to buy seeds ect. If you become great friends with 
here she gives you the Weird Hoe. 

*Ruby – Wife of Tim, Mother to Rock, she is funny bubbly and a brilliant chief. If 
you become really good friends with her she gives you here special spice, known as 
Ruby Spice.

*Nina – Nina, well apart from being my one of my most favourite characters, and 
              being shortly lived seen as the stupid people at Nintendo ect decided 
to kill 
              her off in the first chapter, she is fun and bubbly for her age, she 
is Hugh       
              grandmother and at least we get to tend to her grave. L

Samantha – ok I don’t know to much about her apart from she is a good mother, wife
                   And friend. But she has a rather short temper. She lives with her 
                   Grant and daughter Kate. She appears in Happy Birthday Chapter 1.
                   And she lives in between Wally’s House and Nina’s old house, 
which is 
                   Now that stupid doctors house.

*Kate – She a B****, She a Tomboy, She’s a Bully, She’s a Sinner, Not A SAINT!
             Kate is Samantha’s and Grants Daughter. I don’t personally like here 
             that’s all. If your child works for her when he is older she bully’s 

Romana – Romana is coming to the end of her long lived life and well I don’t want  
                 her to go, she gets out when she can and try’s to help anyone in 
                 possible. When you get really good friends with her she gives you 
                 Watering CanW. This is a pointless tool as it only has enough water 
in for 
                one square, and doesn’t change anything (tried and tested!)  but 
it’s  cool to 
                have anyways.

Lumina – Ok here is what I know about her. She’s sweet, kind and a good on a piano.
                Lumina likes nothing better than to please her grandmother Romana. I 
                Know what happens if your son works for her, so please contact me if 
               do know thanks.

OK well now that’s all the people done, know here is four more characters

The Harvest Spirits,
Nik, Nak & Flak – One Small & Blue (CUTIE) That’s Nik, The Santa wonna who’s 
                              Nak, and then there’s the fat one Flak, they help you 
out with 
                              Things like naming new chickens ect. They also give 
you the blue 
                              Feather. They live in the BIG tree in the forest, eat 
one of the red
                             Mushrooms to go and see them. 


..::*Rooms Of Your Farm*::..

OK here is a map of YOUR farm. 

|  ________________________________________________________________________  |
| |    	                                Fertile Field          Very Fertile| |
| |                Unfertile Field          [][][]                 Field   | |
| |         |??????|  [][][][]   |????|     [][][]       |???|       [][][]| |
| |  Dog    | Home |  [][][][]   |Coop|     [][][]       |   |       [][][]| |
| | House|?||______|  [][][][]   |____| .-. [][][]       |___|       [][][]| |
| |       ?                             '-'                          [][][]| |
| |                                     Well                         [][][]| |
| |                                                                  [][][]| |
| |                                                                  [][][]| |
| |                          _________________________________       [][][]| |
| |               Tool Shed |                                 |      [][][]| |
| |    Food         |????|  |                                 |        |???  |
| |   |?????|       |____|__|                                 |        | |???
| |   |     |       |       |                                 |        | |
| |   |_____|       | Barn  |                                 |        | |
| |   Storage       |       |            Pasture              |        | |
| |                 |_______|                                 |        | |
| |                         |                                 |        | |
| |  Takakura's             |_                                |        | |
| |   |?????|               | |                               |        | |
| |   |     |               | |                               |        | |
| |   |_____|               |_|Water                          |        | |
| |    House                |                                 |        | |
|_|                         |_________________________________|        | |
    <-Town                                                             | |
      _____________________________________        ____________________| |
     |_____________________________________)      (______________________|

*this took me hours to do!!

Takakura's House
Takakura lives here, but most of the time he's not home.  He's always
wondering around town so don't expect him taking a nap when you walk in.

Food Storage Room
You can store food in here, ship your dairy products, order animals+tools+items+
upgrade buldings, and ship vegetables after getting 2nd generation crops.

Dog House
You never have to put your dog to his house, but you can set food for your
dog here in his food tray.

There is your castle and here you go to sleep, save, cook, watch tv, read
info on game tips, play your music records.  Your child and wife will
stay with you in your home once you're married (starting 2nd year).

Chicken Coop
This is where chikens go, you can put chiken feed in there to feed them.  
Incubator here too where you can hatch eggs, sometimes even ducks after 
you get them ~_^

Fill up water here in your watering can to water your crops. 

Tool Shed
All your tools are located here as well as all your other equipment. You
can find a music record in the cabinet here and also your seeds, etc are
in there too.  You can enter the Barn from here also.

All your animals stay here where you basically milk, clip, hug, talk, etc. 
A switch in the back allows all the animals to come back inside if you
let them out into the pasture to have some fun in the sun.

Unlimited grass can be sickled down here to make fodder and might I add that 
finally no more spending 500G a bag to buy grass seeds (HM:FoMT).  Also a
switch is located outside on the Barn letting all the animals outside in the
sun keeping them happy.

Bring your animals next to it to wash them with the brush.

Un-Fertilized - I would use this for the crops
Fertilized Field – I would use this for the crops
Very-Fertilized Field – I would use this to plant the tree in!


..::*Animal Care*::..
(Cows) - Keep all your cows outside when its nice outside & wash them 
         (makes them happier).
       - Bring them back inside when the weather is bad (raining, 
         snowing, etc...).
       - Don't bother your cows if they are sleeping
       - Feed them 2 times a day
       - you can Milk them 2 times a day	 
       - Cows can be milked for four seasons after giving birth
       - Feeding them good fodder (order from Notebook in Food Storage 
         Room) will make them happier, thus giving you grade S milk (natural
         happiness is better).
       - You can keep your cow & impregnate it again or you can sell it once
         it's done producing milk and buy a better cow.
       - Don't Seed more than 1 cow, they must be 10 days or more apart
         before seeding another.
       - Pregnant cows must be fed accordingly due to their lack of movement
       - Once you get the Milk Processing Room, cows will milk themselves

(Calf) - Feed them "Special Milk" twice a day right after it's born
       - Feed it regular milk once the "Special Milk" is no longer available
(Additional Info) - You must also pay to have a cow seeded. A heifer will 
                    not give milk until she has a calf, and will only give 
                    milk for about a year after the calf's birth. Then the
                    cow will have to be seeded again. However, if you have 
                    a heifer mate with one of the bulls on your own farm, then 
		    it will cost nothing to have it seeded.
                  - Cross breeding is possible between Normal, Brown, Marble 
                    and Star cows.  

(Chicken) - In order to incubate eggs you must have a hen and a rooster with 
            a fertilized egg.
          - Before buying a chicken make sure you have enough money to buy
            the Chicken Feed
(chicken feed must be ordered from the Food
            Storage Room).
          - Taking good care of chickens can result in Golden Eggs, which 
            sell for 300G each.
	  - Eggs take 5 days to hatch & it takes baby chicks another 5 days 
            before they can mature.

(Sheep)   - They are clipped once a season (be sure to have a pair of 
	  - Keeping them in great condition results in Golden Wool (hug it 
            twice a day).
          - Keep in mind that Sheeps cannot be sold.
          - Don't bother your sheep if they are sleeping.
	  - Wash it & Brush it!

(Horse)   - Randomly given to you by Takakura anytime of the year.
          - Keep it outside when nice out, Ride it, Wash it.
	  - Be sure to feed it everyday, brush & talk to it.
	  - Drastically shortens the time getting around town by riding it.
	  - Don't bother your horse if they are sleeping.

(Goats)   - Van sells goats in Chapter 2, Spring (each spring every year)
            (costs 4500G), but you can hagle with van to gte it for cheaper, just 
            reject his prices, i think it 2000 you can get it for so keep me     
            informed if anyone knows. Thankies 
          - Gives milk for about one year
	  - Don't bother your goats if they are sleeping
	  - Brush & Wash it

(Ducks)   - A Pond must be built during Chapter 1 (ordered/bought from 
            storage room).
          - Must be raising less than 6 chickens
          - You can choose weather or not to keep them or not 
          - Placing some of the eggs in the incubator can hatch ducks 
            instead of chikens.
	  - Can be sold for 500G.

(Dogs)    - Be sure to feed it everyday if you want it to be happier
          - Once the dog becomes happy you can hug it
	  - If you kept your dog really happy he'll follow you, bark, 
            & maybe even learn tricks.
	  - Chihuahua can be available after collecting all the Tablets 
            in the Mines.
          - The dog also chases away strangers.

(Cat)     - Romana stops by with a cat (Fall, 1st year of Chapter 2).
          - You must be good friends with her in order for her to bring
            the cat.


Tools are some of the games most important items. So you’ll need to be careful of 
what does what so you don’t end up chopping down that 1800g banana tree.

Coming soon!


 |      Spring      |      Summer      |      Fall      |      Winter      |
 |     Tomato       |     Tomato       |     Tomato     |     ------       |
 |    Watermelon    |    Watermelon    |   Watermelon   |     ------       |
 |   Strawberry     |     ------       |   Strawberry   |   Strawberry     |
 |      ------      |      Turnip      |      Turnip    |      Turnip      |
 |      -----       |      Melon       |      Melon     |      -----       |
 |      Potato      |      ------      |      ------    |      Potato      |
 |      ------      |      ------      |     Carrot     |      Carrot      |
 |   ------------   |   ------------   |  Sweet Potato  |   ------------   |

- Crops can be used more for making home cooked meals.
- Don't buy seeds that belong in a different season, they wont grow.
- You can water your plants more than once a day (watering more makes it 
  grow faster).
- Fertilizer helps make high grade vegetables (Grade-A, Grade-S)(sells 
  for more $).

a. (Fertilizer)
 - Fertilizing is expensive but it is well worth it because when you use 
   S-Level vegetables in the seed-maker, you'll get S-Level seeds to grow 
   S-Level crops.
 - Plow->Fertilizer->Plant Seed (A-Grade 4X, S-Grade 8X)
 - The more Fertilizer you use the higher the Grade of vegetable (don't 
 - Water as much as you can.

b. (Planting)
XOXOXOX - Plant in Checkered formation (results in faster growth & less 
OXOXOXO - 3rd generation crops + sweet potatoes in checkered formation.
XOXOXOX - Every other crop can be bunched up together.

c. (Trees) - Can be planted any time of the year
        - Keep crops 2 spaces away (failing will result in dead crops)
        - Plant them in the smaller fields (add fertilizer)
	- Trees take 30X of Fertilizer for S-Grade fruits
	- Although fruits make ok profit, the seeds go for alot of $money$ 
          so after getting the seed-maker, take the fruits and put them 
          through the seed-maker resulting in bags of seeds which can be 
          sold for 1000+ (save fruits for the seed-maker).

d. (Watering)
	- You start out with a regular watering-can, but you can buy a 
          Large Watering can which is definetly helpful so less trips 
          are taken to the water pump.
	- Water twice a day (water more if you can)
        *(Wooden Watering Can) - grows trees much faster
                               - become good friends with Romana for it

e. (Tools)
	- Just like every HM game, you can upgrade your tools, but here we 
          can go ahead and just buy the upgraded ones (example. Heavy Hoe, 
          Hoe, Light Hoe).
	- Pros & Cons. Heavier tools builds up stamina, but makes you tired 
          faster. Lighter tools lets you work more, but takes longer to 
          build stamina.


Q. What does the locked room do?
A. NOTHING, some say its for your son, but tried and tested and so far it serves 
no perpose.

Q. How do I upgrade my house?
A. You cant, it updates every new chapter

More to come soon
                                  Leagle Stuff

Copywrite By Me,
If You Would Like to use any of this please contact me by email and i will tell you 
yes or no a.s.a.p
ummmmmm more to be added shortly!

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