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It's been a long time since Square has entered the fighting arena, and this time
things are a bit different. Japanese RPG developers are often criticized for not
taking risks, but Dissidia Final Fantasy is a defiantly experimental blend of
one-on-one fighting and RPG character building. It lacks a complex combo system
and many of the subtleties of traditional fighting games, but it has plenty of
its own to add. It's equal parts Power Stone and D&D, and getting through this
40 hour quest can be quite intimidating. here is a custom essay about the EX which most of
the players are not paying much attention into.

EX Gauge

One of the meter you need to be aware of is the EX Guage. This vertical bar is
similar to a "super meter" in other fighting games. As you clash with your
opponent, you'll notice small orbs of light appear. Passing through these
increases your EX a tiny amount. EX Cores (which look like glowing bells)
appear. These fill your EX meter by much larger increments.

Once your bar is filled, it will turn yellow. Holding R and tapping Square will
send you into EX Mode, and the bar will slowly deplete. There are different
perks to EX Mode, which you can select outside of battle, that include stat
boosts and regenerating health. In addition, the moment you engage EX Mode is an
opportunity, as it will break any combos that your opponent may be inflicting on

Most importantly, EX mode allows you to initiate a Burst Attack. This is done by
landing an HP Attack (if this attack is a combo, you must land the final blow).
A prompt will appear, and you can press the Square button to engage. This will
initiate a series of blows, and will involve some sort of a minigame. This is
usually some variation on Simon Says or mashing button(s), but some of them are
more unique. Your success in this (which is sometimes all or nothing and
sometimes has degrees) will determine the effectiveness of the final blow.

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