Expert Chao Breeding - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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                           --THE ULTIMATE CHAO GUIDE--
1. Hatching
2. Gardens
3. Chao Types
4. Chaos Drives
5. Animals
6. Black Market
7. Chao grades
8. Reincarnation/Death
9. Chao Mating
10. Chao Torture
11. Brief Personality Info.
1. Chao Kinds(swim,fly,etc.)
2. Chao Advanced Kinds (Swim+Power,etc.)
3. Two-Tone Chao
4. Chao Breeding Glitch
5. Protector/Rainbow Chao
6. Jewel Chao

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1. Hatching
As soon as you come into the Chao Garden, look for two dotted eggs. These eggs 
contain the Chao in them. There are three ways to hatch your Chao. Here are the 
three easy ways.

A. Pick up the Chao egg, and nuzzle it for about 3 seconds. Then, put it down. The 
egg should start shaking. And, when the egg hatches, you got your very first Chao!

B. Now, take the second egg and set it down in a safe area, and wait for it to 
hatch. You now have your second Chao.

C. The last, and very cruel way to hatch the egg is to pick up the egg, and throw it 
against the wall. If you chose this way, the Chao might not like you when it grows 
older. Stick with the other two suggested above to be safe.

There are two good ways to hatch the egg. Although, you should try all three to see 
what kinds of faces your Chao can get. Depending on how you hatch them can affect 
the outcome of your chao's personality in some cases.

2. Gardens

There are 3 different gardens. One comes standard when you first enter the Chao 

A. Neutral Garden:
This is your standard garden. You will quickly come to find 2 standard speckled eggs 
laying around. if you are a beginner, I highly recommend you use them 2 to get the 
other 2 gardens, before getting creative.

B. Hero Garden:
To get the hero garden, you need to have a baby chao evolve into a Hero chao. This 
is very easy to do. It can be done by petting your chao alot with a hero character 
(sonic,tails,knuckles). Or you spend your rings on Hero fruits, and keep on feeding 
these to your chao. Eventually, they will go into a cacoon, and after they have 
successfully evolved you will notice stairs leading up in the lobby to the hero 

C. Dark Garden:
To get the dark garden, you need to have a baby chao evolve into a Dark Chao. This 
is very easy to do. It can be done by petting you chao alot with a hero character 
(shadow,rouge,Dr.Eggman). Or you spend your rings on Dark fruits, and keep on 
feeding these to your chao. Eventually, they will go into a cacoon, and after they 
have successfully evolved you will notice stairs leading down in the lobby to the 
dark garden.


There are 4 types of chao's you can have. But right now I am covering the basics of 
chao evolution. You can make your chao looks personalized depending on how you feed 
it, but right now I will explain to you how to get the types and what they look like 

A. The Neutral Chao:
The neutral Chao is one of the easiest to make. This is what you do.
Step 1: Get an egg.
Step 2: Hatch the egg.
Step 3: Now you can leave the chao until it evolves (it will become neutral) or you 
can feed it drives/animals (to change looks/raise stats * same goes for every other 
chao type*) and make sure to keep its alignment equal between dark and hero 
characters, or you can simply do that, but also feed in chao fruits. ( that will 
basically guarantee a neutral chao.

These chao keep a normal ball above there head.

B. The Dark Chao:
Step 1: Get an egg.
Step 2: Hatch the egg.
Step 3: Pet the chao with a dark character, or feed it dark fruits. Usually the 
dragon red wings and pointy arrow spike tail signifies it will be a dark chao after 
evolution. Also when the ball over it's head is a dark color.

This chao after evolution has a dark spiky ball for a dot above it's head. It has 
evilish dragon wings and a pointy tail. Also it's eyes look evil/mad.

C. The Hero Chao:
Step 1: Get an egg.
Step 2: Hatch the egg.
Step 3: Pet the chao with a hero character, or feed it hero fruits. Usually the 
light pink wings and stud-looking tail signifies it will be a hero chao after 
evolution. Also when the ball over it head is a sky-light color.

This chao after evolution has a halo for a dot. A studdy/fat looking tail, soft pink 
wings, and also has black eyes with ovalish-white eyes.

D. The Chaos Chao.
* Lets skip the get egg/hatch part, that's annoying *
Step 1: Reincarnate your chao twice.
Step 2: Feed your chao 1 of every animal once (the animals will be listed further 
down+ where to get them). No Chao Drives. Yes, you can feed your chao as many fruits 
as you want too, that doesn't matter.
Wait for your chao to evolve *I noticed everytime your chao reincarnates it takes 
longer for it to age a year* When he goes into the cacoon the yippy/skippy music 
plays, and when he starts to get out weird organ music plays.

To get hero,neutral,dark chaos chao's. I suggest you pet the chao with hero if you 
want hero, dark if you want dark, or just feed chao fruits if you want it to be a 
chaos neutral. IF you don't know what these chao's look like, and don't plan on 
making any of them soon, you can go to the super competition at the Chao Karate.

3rd opponent is Hero Chaos(golden Jewel type)
4th opponent is Dark Chaos(Aquaramine Jewel Type)
5th opponent is Neutral Chaos(Onyx Jewel type)

They always look the same, animals don't effect there appearance. The only thing you 
can change in there color, if you make a neutral chao into a chaos (poka-dotted egg) 
it will have a chaos chao's default colors (which look awesome), if you make it any 
other color, it will look the same except it will be all the same color as your chao 
was it's whole life.

4. Chao Drives
These items drop from the robot enemies from stages. They can effect your chao's 
appearance/type before it evolves into an adult. What types there are will be 
explain in heavy detail later on in the guide, but for now, here are the basics.

Yellow : Raises Swim By 2 or 3 Yellow points.
Purple : Raises Fly by 2 or 3 yellow points.
Red    : Raises Power by 2 or 3 yellow points.
Green  : Raises Run by 2 or 3 yellow points.

5. Animals
These animals are found in random spots throughout the stages, can drop from certain 
robots, and mostly come from the chao boxes. The third box usually holds the rare 
chao for that stage.

1. Rabbit : Found in City Escape..(pink/white)
2. Skunk  : Found in City Escape..(black/white)
3. Racoon : Found in City Escape..(Blue)
4. Sheep  : Found in City Escape..(white/black/pink)
5. Armodillo/Boar : Radical Highway..(Brown)
6. Whale  : Radical Highway.. (blue/sky blue)
7. Unicorn: Radical Highway.. (Third chao box) (pink/white)
8. Cheetah: Radical Highway.. (Pokadotted with brown/full yellow)
9. Gorilla: Egg Quarters from robots (grey face/ with blue fur)
10. Bear  : Egg Quarters from robots (purple)
11. Parrot: Egg Quarters from robots (red)
12. Peacock: Pyramid Cave from robots (looks actually like the real thing)
13. Condor: Pyramind Cave From robots (Pale with purple wings)
14. Skeleton Dog : Pumpkin Hill on Church Moutain (Looks like a zebra)
15. Bat: Caged on under church moutain at pumpkin hill (purple/spike tail)
16. Half Fish: Third Chao Box, pumpkin hill (Green)
17. Dragon: Aquatic Mine, where you find the air necklace (sky purple)
18. Tiger : Hidden Base from robots (Stripped/dark orange)
19. Penguin: From Monsters,Hidden base (Blue, unibrow, orange beak)
20. Sea Otter : Hidden base from monsters (Green/fin feet)
21. Pheonix : Mission street, third chao box (Firey orange bird)

6. Black Market

White Egg:   400 Rings
Blue Egg :   500 Rings
Red Egg  :   500 Rings
Yellow Egg:  500 Rings
Orange Egg:  600 Rings
Pink Egg:    600 Rings
Purple Egg:  600 Rings
Skyblue Egg: 600 Rings
Green Egg:   800 Rings
Brown Egg:   800 Rings  
Grey Egg:    1000 Rings 
Lime Egg:    1500 Rings
Black Egg:   2000 Rings

Shiny White Egg:      4000 Rings
Shiny Blue Egg:       5000 Rings
Shiny Red Egg:        5000 Rings
Shiny Orange Egg:     6000 Rings
Shiny Pink Egg:       6000 Rings
Shiny Purple Egg:     6000 Rings
Shiny Skyblue Egg:    6000 Rings
Shiny Green Egg:      8000 Rings
Shiny Brown Egg:      8000 Rings
Shiny Grey Egg:       10000 Rings
Shiny Limegreen Egg:  15000 Rings
Shiny Black Egg:      20000 Rings

Round Fruit:          80 Rings
Square Fruit:         80 Rings
Triangle Fruit:       80 Rings
Dark Fruit:           120 Rings
Hero Fruit:           120 Rings
Chao Fruit:           200 Rings
Heart Fruit:          300 Rings
Mushroom:             300 Rings

Apple:                 2000 Rings
Cardboard Box:         2000 Rings
Pan:                   2000 Rings
Paper Bag:             4000 Rings
Empty Can:             4000 Rings
Stump:                 4000 Rings
Bucket:                6000 Rings
Flower Pot:            6000 Rings
Watermelon:            6000 Rings
R. Wool Beanie/Hat:    8000 Rings
B/SB. Wool Beanie/Hat: 10000 Rings
B/W.Wool Beanie/Hat:   20000 Rings

Tasty Seed:           200 Rings
Round Seed:           300 Rings
Square Seed:          300 Rings
Triangle Seed:        300 Rings
Dark Seed:            400 Rings
Hero Seed:            400 Rings
Strong Seed:          500 Rings

Omochao Theme:        10000 Rings
Amy Theme:            20000 Rings

*Extra Notes*
You can get all that except the shiny black egg, at about 145 Emblems, maybe less, 
but 145 emblems is my estimate, *Never seen the shiny black egg yet*

7. Chao Grades

Chao Grades can be seen at the doctor. They have a major impact on your outcomes on 
Chao Karate/Chao Racing. There are the following ranks:
To make your chao a pro at competition, try not to get anything less than B, but 1 C 
in something stupid like fly or Swim is ok.
To raise your chao's grade, you must train it before he evolves, (say your swimming 
is a C, and your chao is a baby, put the most levels into swimming, and when he 
evolves it will become a B. To keep on raising stats, you'll have to have your chao 
reincarnate into a maybe again *after 5 years of life* keep in mind you can only 
raise one grade per life time). To raise stamina make him evolve into a 
chao with plain attributes(normal type). IF your getting your grades up before you 
make a chaos, 
don't worry about stamina, that'll go up one grade when it evolves. Or otherwise, if 
you don't care about competition, and just in it for the looks, just forget about 
the stats it's doesnt effect the outcome of looks.

8. Reincarnation/Death

Sometimes the best or worsttime of your chao's life. It's good if your going working 
towards your chaos, bad if you got addicted to your current one. But 5 years is 
about 15 hours. Usually when I am reincarnating to get a chaos, I just leave the 
game on while I sleep. But anyways, on with the explanation.

When your chao ages 5, it will either die or reincarnate.

-Usually they'll reincarnate, it is tough to make it die, you'd have to torture it 
to the extreme and starve it of any food. When they reincarnate, they'll keep the 
old body parts. 
Pink cacoon = Reincarnate into egg
Grey Cacoon = Disappear

9. Chao Mating

If your live in america, and your in 8th or 9th grade, maybe even earlier, you'll 
learn alot about DNA, and genetics. Chao Outcomes after mating have alot to do with 
Genetics and DNA, which is why I am not going to go in depth about this. Very 
confusing. But basically, to get your chao to mate, feed it a heart fruit, or you 
can wait for mating season. To tell your chao is ready to mate, a circle of flowers 
will pop up around him. When your chao start to mate, they'll just barely kiss 
themselves and an egg will pop up from under the ground. But, me being so kind, is 
offering you a little example of how Chao Genetics/Dna works, I'm not going in depth 
with the genetics table, only first-generation chao.
Lets say you have a shiny white chao and a blue chao ready for mating.
The possibilities are:
White chao
Shiny White chao
Blue Chao
Shiny Blue Chao

Grade possibilites:

Say your both your chao's had grades like A B C D A, and your other chao had the 
same. Your neborn chao won't have lowsy random stats, they'll most likely have the 
same grade ratings. (this applies to first generation mating)

Thats just a first generation example. I ain't going any further in this section, 
but throughout the guides when i'm teaching you how to get rare chao through mating 
tricks, that's when you'll get some of the real combinations. But that's a brief 
explanation for now.

10. Chao Torture ):

As mean as this may sound, yes, chao torture does have some positive sides(funny). 

Not torturing them in general, but a few tricks I learned. This is how you get 
a "Bully" Chao. Bully chao usually lean towards you and make that funny "Eck-Duh" 
sound and give that squirmy face. To make them a bully, you got to, 

-starve them, 
-hit them occasionally, 
-wake them up during there sleep, 
-make them feed theirselves when they are real hungry, 
-and spoil other chao's while it sits infront of you. 

Then eventually it will start walking up to people and punching them. Eventually 
they'll start hitting you (lol). But, I never want to torture my chao's again.. but 
you can feel free to try on your own.

11. Brief Personality Info.

Here are some personalities I've learned from past experience and what they do.

Cry baby: (yes I get this alot,ugh) They cry spontaneously and/are hard to please.

Short temper: (Stomps feet, get's mad instead of cry, and usually acts like Wacky on 

Energetic: (always on the go, stomps feet and goes crazy most of the time)

Big Eater: (you can usually feed these guys a bunch of fruit before they start 
throwing them behind *lol*)

Naive: Not sure...

Carefree: Not sure...

? No personality ? : I have a few of these, these guy's do any of the above, they're 
like a combo-mix.


Remember, you can only get the chao the special colors, if you are using some sort 
of neutral/starter chao. Otherwise, you'll just get the shape, I left you a few 
examples to see what I mean in the first couple.


Red Chaos Drives: Power Chao 
If a starter chao, *not plain white* the Chao is orange and has yellow zig zagged 
stripes on it's hands, feet and head and also has four spikes. 

Yellow Chaos Drives: Swim Chao 
This Chao (If a starter chao, *not plain white*) is green and yellow, has a blue 
marking on it's head, and has a spike coming from the back of it's head. 

Purple Chaos Drives: Fly Chao 
This Chao (If a starter chao, *not plain white*) is pink, with two curvey like 
spikes with purple stripes, his hands and feet. 

Green Chaos Drives: Running Chao 
This Chao (If a starter chao, *not plain white*) is lime-green with three spikes, 
dark green stripes on them, and has red feet points. 

B. Hero Chao:

Red Chaos Drives: Power Chao 
This Chao is white with red hands, chest, three ears on its head and chubby. 

Yellow Chaos Drives: Swim Chao 
This Chao has lots of colors. It is white with green and yellow stripes on it's 
hands, feet and chest, and has two floppy ears. 

Purple Chaos Drives: Fly Chao 
This Chao has two feathers coming from it's head, has purple hands, feet and chest. 

Green Chaos Drives: Running Chao 
This Chao has one blue and yellow striped spike coming from it's head, it's chest is 
blue, and it's hands and feet are blue and yellow striped too.


Red Chaos Drives: Power Chao 
This is dark maroon chao with a red/striped  waterdropped shape head, red/orange 
striped hands and feet, and has a orangish-like tummy. 

Yellow Chaos Drives: Swim Chao 
This Chao has one spike on it's head, is black and has green and blue feet and 

Purple Chaos Drives: Fly Chao 
This Chao is dark purple with two jester-like spikes. 

Green Chaos Drives: Running Chao 
This Chao has three bended spikes with green stripes on them, has a neon chest ring 
and striped hands and outlined neon feet.

This part is very complex, and yes I have made almost all of these. For some I can 
only guess what they look like based on information.

A. Neutral(gradual Evolution)

This Chao is all red and has three big long spikes on the top of his head/

This Chao is red, has two little spikes coming down from the back of his head, has 
purple chest, feet and sometimes hands. 

This Chao is red with three spikes coming from the top of it's head. 

This Chao is orange, has two little spikes followed by a big one, and has orange 
hands and feet. 

This Chao is green and yellow, and has a very huge belly. 

This Chao is green and light blue, has two long ears that flop way down, and has 
yellow feet. 

This Chao is five colors. Green, yellow, purple, orange and blue, and has an orange 
beak like a duck. 

This Chao is blue and green, and has two small ears. 

This Chao is red, has two pointy spikes on the top of it's head that is black at the 
tip, with some small points.

This Chao is orange, has red stripes on it's hands, feet, has two jester spikes, and 
has two boomberang like things coming out of the spikes. 

This Chao has a dark pink color to it, and has purple stripes on it's hands, feet 
and on it's head spikes. 

This Chao is very light pink with jester spikes with purple stripes on them along 
with it's hands. It has a yellow body and feet. 

This Chao is bright purple with dark purple striped spikes, red stomach, hands and 

This Chao is turqoise with a green stomach, feet and hands, and also has three 

This Chao is dull purple with pounted feet that curl at the end, has a big spike 
with dark blue stripes on it. There are two others in back of it on both sides too. 
It has a dull yellow stomach, and hands. 

This Chao looks exactly like Sonic! It is dark blue with a few spikes and, hands and 
feet fade to a very dark blue. 

B. Hero Advanced (Gradual Change)

Red + Red
This Chao is just like the first evolution Hero Power Chao, only with bigger ears on 
it's head. 

Red + Yellow
This Chao is very fat, has two pink fat head ears with a skinny one, and a pink 
chest, hands and feet. 

Red + Purple
This Chao is white, has two very large head ears, hands and feet that are purple, 
and has a purple chest. 

Red + Green
This Chao has three head ears which are light red with yellow spots, along with it's 
hands and feet. It also has a red chest. 

Yellow + Red
This Chao is a little fatter than the normal Sumo Chao! That's FAT. It's white with 
green and yellow hands and webbed feet, with two very long ears that go straight up, 
and they are also green, yellow and white. 

Yellow + Yellow
This Chao is very colorful! It is white, purple, blue and a carribean green on it's 
hands, feet, uper chest and on it's two slicer ears, which are long that go all the 
way down to the bottom of it's head! 

Yellow + Purple
This Chao has two head ears , with green, yellow and white on them, it's hands, feet 
and upper chest. 

Yellow + Green
This Chao is white, but this Chao has three different shades of blue on it's long 
floppy ears, uper chest, hands and feet. 

Purple + Red
This Chao has two purple head spikes that split into two on each

Purple + Yellow
It has squiggly feathers on it's head that are purple and blue, the tummy is bluish 
greenish, and the rest of the Chao is mainly white. 

Purple + Purple
This Chao is more white, has four very long feathers on it's head, and it's hands, 
tummy and feet are purple. 

Green + Red
This Chao is just like the main Hero Run Chao, but it has purple and yellow stripes 
on it's hands and has a head spike with a ball at the top, It also has a light 
orange tummy. 

Green + Yellow
It has an ice green tummy, with blue, purple and green striped hands and also has a 
head piece that splits into two more head pieces, they also have the purple, green 
and blue stripes. 
Green + Purple
This Chao is white, and has purple and blue striped hands, feet, stomach, and the 
head is shaped like a heart

Green + Green
This Chao is white with light blue and blue striped hands, and has three head pieces 
that are also the color of theses stripes. Oh, and it also has a yellow pudding-like 
tummy this Chao also has a head piece the shape of a Heart.


Red + Red
This Chao looks alot like the regular Dark Power Chao, only the cone on it's head is 
zig zaggy, and it's arms have very tiny spikes on them. 

Red + Yellow 
This Chao is so dark green, it's almost black! It has a light green tummy, and light 
green striped arms. 

Red + Purple
Very dark purple, It has dark red striped hands, two little spikes on the back of 
it's head, and has a purple tummy. 

Red + Green
It is black, with a yellow tummy, yellow striped hands and cone, and at the top of 
the cone are two little spikes that stick up. 

Yellow + Red
Green and black, has three spikes. 

Yellow + Yellow
This Chao is black and green, has webbed hands and feet, and three spikes.

Yellow + Purple
It is blue and black instead of green and black. 

Yellow + Green
It is black with icy blue color, and has two long spikes on it's head that go up. 

Purple + Red
This Chao is very dark red, it has two long spikes that curve upward, and are light 
red at the tips. it's arms are red and purple, along with it's feet. 

Purple + Yellow
This Chao is a very dark blue with two spikes that go straight out wide and are icy 
blue at the tips. It's hands and feet are blue. 

Purple + Purple
This Chao is a very dark purple with long jester-like spikes, which are light purple 
at the end, along with the tips of it's feet and hands. 

Purple + Green
This Chao looks like a mouse. It is dark purple with purplish-bluish tips at the end 
of it's feet and hands. 

Green + Red
This Chao is a very dark blue color, it has two spikes going down to it's chest, and 
has one major spike with light blue on it. 

Green + Yellow 
This Chao looks nothing like Sonic. It is black with a sort of peachy colors on it's 
hands, feet and on it's three spikes. 

Green + Purple
This Chao is like the normal Dark Run Chao, but this Chao has yellow stripes. 

Green + Green
This Chao resembles Shadow a lot! It is black, has five spikes with red stripes on 
them, and has a red chest ring.


If you can this far down the page to find out what one of these guys are + how to 
make your own, continue reading:

Well you all know a normal chao, they are adjustable by who you pet them with, say 
you pet a neutral chao with a dark character they're soft sky blue skin will slowly 
turn darker maroon red shade by shade or pet by pet. But when you buy one of them 
boring colored/shiny chao, they never get evolution effects or turn any other 
colors. But now's your chance with a simple breeding combination, and I'll tell you 
what your outcome should look like if you do this right. And Heres a personal tip 
from me:
(Need a certain chao as an adult, before you breed it? Feel discouraged because you 
need to evolve 1 or more which takes hours? My tip is just to leave the game on 
while they sleep! I do it all the time, it won't effect your chao in any bad ways, 
this is also what i do when i am trying to reincarnate my chao once)

Ok how to get one of these two tone, this is actual a literal/not made up name.. two 
tones of skin color.

Simply, mate a normal/beginner chao with the chao you want to two toned.
Here's a chart:
Beginner + Lime Green = Green Chao with dark tips on feet/hands/head(basically 
normal but green overall cover) The color can also be altered by petting, so you can 
have an adjustable green before he's an adult! And than when he evolves, he won't be 
a dark maroonish color, he'll be a dark greenish color!

Beginner + Shiny SkyBlue = Shiny blue chao with dark tips on feet/hand/head. Totally 
awesome! you get a shiny color with the detail effects! I made a sweet looking 
shadow chao this way!
(**Remember those are examples, do it with any color you want!**)

Don't expect the outcomes right away, personally, took me like 10 tries or more with 
a second generation chao. So remember, you get a different colored chao, with the 
dark tips/adjustable-by-pet color, than theres a two-tone.


Well, this isn't a breeding in general glitch, but an out come glitch. Here's the 

Shiny Grey + Jewel Chao
Shiny Yellow + Jewel Chao
after a few tries, or just one, you should get a complete invisable chao! Nice!

5. Protecter/Rainbow CHAO
****Unofficial Name*****************
heres a brief explanation, you know when you transform a chao, and for say its a 
dark running chao(Shadow) they will get neon stripes supposedly, this is like the 
new tone but one major difference, check out the combo below.

Combination to get, "Protector" Chao (Dark)
Normal Chao + White Chao = If you get this outcome keep it, any other, reset if you 
saved or just say good or whatever you want. 
**The outcome you want is another normal, nothing may seemed as it happened, but in 
actuallity something big happened. Now when you evolve this,(make sure it's into a 
dark) where there should of been certain colors there will now be a pure white. 
After this formula make a shadow chao and you'll see what I mean.

Combination to get, "Rainbow" Chao (Neutral)
Normal Chao + White Chao = Again keep the outcome that gets you a normal chao.
My test example is too :
***Make into a running, instead of it being green, it will be white with rainbow 
colored streaks**

6. Jewel Chao

Ok so you ask yourself,
" I know about the Shiny/normal chao, but what the heck is a Jewel?"
Jewel chao's can only be obtained in the Tiny Chao Garden.

" Ok how do I get this Tiny Chao Garden? "
Simply get sonic advanced and the GC/GBA cable and play your sonic advance, you'll 
than be able to transport from your garden to the main game.

"But I don't have the Sonic advanced? "
Ok than the cheapest way than is to buy a GC/GBA cable only, I personally got one 
for about 1 buck + shipping off e-bay. Simply plug it in from Gameboy to GC, turn on 
the GameBoy, And drop off a chao. Than a normal Chao Garden Will be loaded. To 
Access the black market, tap L.

"Ok..Ok, just tell me what this has to do with this jewel chao?"
Be patient, now, to get a Jewel egg, you have to buy the egg from the black market. 
All but the normal speckled one is jewel.

"These are like 500-20,000 Rings, how you expect me to get that?"
There are mini games at the top, any other way I do not know since I do not have 
sonic Advanced.

"Omg.. I only get like 10-40 rings per game.. Forget it?"
Yeah i basically said that too, but After playing the mini-game to the left, i 
started earning like 60-70 rings per game, as i got better. That is still slow, but 
it than only takes like 20-30 minutes to get 1000 Rings. And you don't have to sit 
there and play until you get 20,000 You can just leave your gameboy on, with the 
charger plugged to the wall or with the cord plugged to gamecube. Be Patient, get a 
thousand every now and than, and than you'll soon have what you want. :)


1. Contact me Please! With ANY QUESTIONS! Don't be discouraged, Unlike most people, 
I get back to E-mail Quickly! Simply E-mail at [email protected] Or 
[email protected]!

2. My Faq On your site?
You like the faq, so detailed, so long, so good? You want it on your site to make 
you the man? Just e-mail me above and I'll tell you the requirements before you have 
my faq on your site.

** All This Stuff was written in my own words/own experiences, therefor making it 
I do Request simple things IF you do want to use this information on your own 
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Still need help? I got a lot of guides on my personal website. Got a gameshark and 
like to do things the fast way? I have archives full of Snapshop files for Chao. I 
can even make you a personal Snapshot file at your request. So punch in into your browser! It's a clean site for anyones use, so try 
it out!

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