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Game:                   Xenoblade Chronicles
Guide:                  Extra Skill Trees
Version:                Riki, released on 8/27/2011
Author:                 Ryan Berry (yavian2001)
Text editor used:       Microsoft Notepad
Copyright 2011 Ryan Berry

In the game there are two extra skill tree branches for each character.

If the stated NPC does not give you the skill branch quest you need to do more
side quests around the area the NPC is found (particularly quests involving 
other NPCs with affinity towards the NPC you are trying to get the skill quest

You must talk to the NPC with the character you are trying to get the skill 
branch quest for
talk to Desiree with Shulk as your main character.


---------     ---------     --------------     ----------------------
Character     Quest NPC     NPC time frame     Where the NPC is found
---------     ---------     --------------     ----------------------
Shulk         Desiree       [18:00-06:00]      Colony 9 near Gem Man's Stall 
                                               at night.

Reyn          Ma'crish      [06:00-18:00]      Colony 6 Near Reconstruction
                                               HQ during the afternoon.

Sharla        Rasha         [06:00-18:00]      Frontier Village near the outer
                                               ring of the Sacred Altar.

Dunban        Dakuku        [06:00-06:00]      Nopon Camp on Valak Mountain.

Riki          Dabidabi      [18:00-06:00]      Frontier Village diving board 
                                               into reservoir at night on 7F.

Melia         Shalen        [06:00-06:00]      Eryth Sea Lighthouse 2F at 

Fiora         Karlos        [18:00-06:00]      Near entrance into Hidden
                                               Machina Village at night.
                                               Need "Mechonis Key" key item
					       given by Rizaka via questing to 
					       activate skill quest with 

You can attempt these 5th skill tree branch quests after you have reached the 
point in the main storyline where Junks lands in Colony 6 and you regain 
control of Shulk.


---------     ---------     --------------     ----------------------
Character     Quest NPC     NPC time frame     Where the NPC is found
---------     ---------     --------------     ----------------------
Shulk         Miller        [06:00-18:00]      In the Military District in 
                                               Colony 9 next to three crates 
                                               during the afternoon.

Reyn          Moritz        [09:00-18:00]      On the Southwest tip of the 
                                               Residential District in Colony
                                               9 during the afternoon. One of 
                                               three children playing.

Sharla        Don Argentis  [06:00-18:00]      Northeast from Junks in Colony
                                               6 sitting on a bench in the
                                               street during the afternoon.
                                               Must complete immigrant 
                                               daughter's love quests before
                                               Don Argentis gives the skill 

Dunban        Orkatix       [06:00-06:00]      North of Junks on the pipe 
                                               surrounding Hidden Machina 
                                               Village during the afternoon.
Riki          Nopon Sage    [12:00-15:00]      Northeast from the Divine
                                               Sanctuary Landmark by an ether
                                               deposit in Makna Forest during
                                               the afternoon.

Melia         Talia         [18:00-06:00]      Below the Ether Plant 
                                               Landmark in Eryth Sea at night.
                                               Need the "High Entia Emblem" 
                                               key item gained via quest with
                                               Scarlen.  Scarlen can be found
                                               in Satori Marsh near the Oath 
                                               Sanctuary at night.

Fiora         Dulland       [06:00-06:00]      North of the Refugee Camp
                                               Landmark on the Bionis' Leg
                                               during the afternoon.
                                               You must complete Dulland's 
                                               quest while he is near Junks in
                                               Colony 6 before he will move to
                                               the Refugee Camp.

Most information taken from this webpage

To Nintendo and Monolith Soft for this wonderful game...
You for reading this..
Feel free to send comments/feedback/tips and ill add what I can when I can and
give credit where due.

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