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     I have this game and this game alone for my GBA, so I play it without stopping 
hardly ever. One of the main parts of this game is persistence. Most of my friends 
played it until they could beat Dracula at the end of the game but for me its a 
breeze because I'm at level 99(which is the highest you can go to by the way), and I 
have more equipment than a wealthy machine shop mechanic has.

The first thing you have to do in this game is get to the save point. you go down 
two levels of rock then jump over onto a ledge and enter an opening. Once inside 
stand in the middle of the platform of the save point and push up. The game will ask 
you if you want to save. Put in yes. This gets you started on your game. There are 
many of the save points throughout the game and they all help you a whole lot.

Another of the wonderful things in this game is the "jump" points. There are only 
five of them but they help more than you could know. These rooms are just like 
saving rooms but with a lit up doorway that you walk into to "jump" to the next 

Mind Power is one of the most important things once you've gotten a couple of DSS 
cards. DSS (Duel Setup System) uses cards that can be powered or turned on by 
pressing the L button as explained in your instruction booklet. Even though I like 
most of the other card actions my favorite IS the Uranus+Cockatrice. This summons up 
the Cockatrice and I find that this attack is the most powerful on ALL of the 
enemies in the game. I say that the worst of the cards is the Black Dog Card. It 
doesn't do to much good, and does a lot of bad. While going through the castle try 
hitting all of the lanterns with your whip and knocking them out. The effect of this 
is knocking out hearts that help you throw sub-weapons. (Most powerful is the 
crucifix for attacking). Use these wisely. They run out quickly.

Before you can get the Uranus and Unicorn cards the best healing card application is 
the Jupiter plus Mandagora card which makes you stay in one spot to get healed but 
still heals you when you are far away from a save point which also heal you when you 
walk up to them.

Don't forget that you can use the slide manuever to get through the first part of 
the game when the poisonous worms slide towards you. Good Luck, and happy Vampire 

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