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this is a guide for the second third and fourth duties (if I got that far) for the 
Imperial legion,fighters guild, Mages guild, and theives guild.

Imperial Legion duties 2-4 : duty 2: Your second task as an imperial legionest is to 
heal the blighted queen in the gnisis egg mine. Darius tells you (if you ask) to get 
cure blight scrolls from Hetman somebody(I dont remember his last name but you only 
need to know his first)but doesent tell you where he is. he lives in the row of 
houses near the silt strider port(facing it to the right, away from it to the left) 
and should be the house farthest away(I’m pretty sure). inside you’ll find Hetman 
behind the fireplace. he sells a few things (I dont remember what) but the only 
thing you want are the scrolls. they arent called “Cure Blight scrolls” but they are 
the only ones he has. buy 1(I repeat 1!). they arent a penny out of your pocket and 
you wont need more than one (if you do just go back). now head up to the mine. go 
into where you killed lubgrub (described with the other first quests in my Balamora 
+ factions guide) now turn left but dont go to far at first(assess the situation!) 
you have some options. 3 to be precise. 1: you can go on a rampage trying to kill 
all the kwama warriors defending the queen (VERY HARD TO DO FOR LOW LEVEL SOLDIERS 
BUT IVE DONE IT!) and then healing her with the scroll. 2: you can try to sneak by 
the warriors (invisability/chamelion help but only do this if your sneak is 15+) and 
heal her then run for your life(out the door preferably). Or 3: you can run as fast 
as you can up to her heal her and run away(you might want a healing and fatige 
restore potion handy but its still the easiest way for most).
(the third tactic can be handy in many situations , even if your fighting you can 
retreat and heal then go back in. your not here to win medals, your here to live and 
win!) go to darius and he’ll reward you with an Imperial steel curiass.Duty 3: this 
quest is almost pointless since you dont advance and you dont get anything (it seems 
most third quests are like that). you need to go to some town (cant remember what 
its called but darius will tell you) and save a lady that was captured  by some 
ashlanders. It seems the fastest way is by foot. I can’t give specific directions 
but there are signs and darius puts it on your map(its almost a straight line) all I 
can really say is go out of the town by vabados’s hut and then follow the path until 
you reach a sign. the town name should be on one of them. simply follow the signs. 
you should be on a path and youll see a guard tower  with a building to the left of 
it(thats the guard tower of the town) go up to it (you can talk to people there if 
you want). If you talk to people about the woman they tell you to go past the 
lighted tree and up a hill. if you didnt know the lighted tree is the one you passed 
with the lanturn on it(lighted tree). simply go to the tree  then head right a 
little and up the path to the top of the hill. you should see a yurt (fur 
building/tent) with a person to either side (ones a woman but not the one you want).
(follow those directions because theres a deadric shrine near there(I think to the 
left facing away from the guard tower and you dont want to be there)
go into the yurt (the people wont attack) and youll see a woman in the back and a 
man to the right. the woman is the pilgrim you are supposed to save. talk to her 
about escaping or something like that and tell her not to follow you yet. kill the 
man to the right (hes not to tough but go outside and rest if he gets the best of 
you. stay near the yurt to make sure you arent attacked (the people outside wont 
attack you) and go back in to finish the man off. once you kill him go outside and 
kill the two people there(this is what I did,you can try just taking the woman if 
you want) its a good thing you only have to kill them one at a time(the other one 
wont notice,seemingly).now go back  and go inside the outpost (the tower/building). 
the woman will thank you(I dont know if she gives you anything,cant remember,sorry 
if you needed to know[who would?]) now go back to gnisis and talk to darius about it 
(as I said he doesnt give you anything and you dont advance, but you can get your 
next duty). Duty 4: sigh, duty 4. duty 4 is a tricky one. you need some strength, 
some brains, and most importantly merchantile/speechcraft. If you dont have 
merchantile/speechcraft(merchantiles better) I think you can get skills like those 
from the theives guild(one of them) but Im not sure. to start things off talk to 
darius. he’ll tell you about a tax collector who has been at thic manson for too 
long. he wants you to investigate. the tax collectors an orc. shes being held in the 
big building(manson) under the arc (the doors to the right of it). go in the door 
(youll hear squekings) if you open the door and turn left youll see a rat. kill the 
rat. now go right of the door(facing away) and up. open the door. its a bedroom with 
a rat (or two,not sure) in it. kill the rat(s) and look on the desks. you should see 
a key on one of them(to the right I think) take the key (summoning room key). now go 
out of the door and down through the other door to the left facing away from the 
bedroom. go down the stairs and in the next door. your now in a prison area. oh and 
look, another rat!!! kill the little bugger and look through the doors bars. youll 
see an ogre woman (shes the tax collector). ahhh so close yet so far. THE DOORS GOT 
get the key go out the 2 doors and to the left(where the first rat was.)NOTE: if 
your really tough and have some type of magic item you should follow the directions 
but turn right instead of left then go through the door to your right in the 
straight hallway(after the curved one). youll find two skeletons. watch out, there 
pretty tough if your not but once you defeat them the chests in the room have tons 
of stuff.and you can go in the left door too if you want. just a rat and common 
cloths. (now back to our program,laugh, kid . com’mon) now go to the left and follow 
the curved hallway(see note above on the right hallway) . keep going until you get 
to the up ramp(youll pass the straight hallway)  go up it until you see a door 
(summoning room) the key you got will unlock it. dont mind the allagator thing. it 
wont attack(heh the first time I was in this building wasnt even on this quest and I 
attacked it. I got pummeled with magic and was killed but defeated it later. then I 
found out you dont need to fight it). go up the stairs. (dont mind the dwemer thing 
either) youll see a man in a robe. this is the owner of the house(note on the 
monsters: if your lookin’ for scrap metal or just a good fight you can kill the 
monsters, oh he wont mind,seriusly he wont) he has the key. you can talk to him 
about the tax collector. watch what you say. if you chose the bottom choice(what am 
I, a computer, I dont remember what it says) he’ll start to dislike you(goes down by 
10 point of “likeness”or whatever it is). heres where those important skills come 
in. chose persuasion. if you better at merchantle and have a few hundred bucks or 
more bribe him at least 100 gold(hes a lowlife it works almost every time) until hes 
up to 80+ on liking you(this guarentees he’ll give you the key I think it might be 
75 if you go broke). If you better at speechcraft admire him a few times (make sure 
they’re succeses) if it fails and your moderate at merchantile do that instead. once 
again its prefered 80+. now talk to him on the tax collector again a click one of 
the 2 top ones (either works) he’ll belive you and give you the key. now go to the 
dungen and let the tax collector free. let her follw you and go out the door to 
gnisis(make sure shes close or she’ll stay inside, you can go go get her of course). 
shell thank you and say she can take it from here. now go to darius.  he’ll say 
thanks. advance you and give you some gaunlets and a steel helm.

Fighters Guild duties 2-4: Duty 2: your second duty for the fighters guild is to 
find and kill some egg poachers(I know it sounds corny, dont blame me!) . the egg 
mine is a ways away from balamora. go out by the silt strider and follow the path 
(not across the briges) along the river odai. youll eventually come to two men by a 
fire. they say they are egg miners(they are,they arent the poachers) and they’re on 
a brake. they tell you the poachers could be anywhere in the mine(at first this 
scared me too, calm down, deep breaths, in-out-in-out, oh sorry) its really not that 
hard to find(its harder to remember the directions from memory). all you have to do 
is go in the mine and straight(only killing things that attack you, just like it is 
with people,of course I dont follow it with people, its one of those how strong am I 
compared to him things) until you see a door to your right(always a door to your 
right in eggmines, FYI Imperial  legion, gnisis eggmine) it should say mining camp. 
go in it go down and  then follow the tracks for mine carts. keep going until you 
see a door to queens area or whatever(always with some queens place too) be ready, 
the egg poacers are there and are quick to jump on you (no 1... 2... 3! thing. or im 
gonna count to 10.) beat the tar outta them. and go tell fire eye. she’ll reward you 
somehow(who pays attention to the fighters guild anyway...) but I know its underpaid
(even she says that if you talk about”balamora fighters guild”, now thats sad...) 
Duty 3:  in this quest you have to go to caladria(via mages guild teleporter) and 
kill some tellivani agents (ones from the theives guild so if your in that for 
bonuses or whatever I taunted him until he had 0 likeness   for me. I then beat him 
to death... no sweat, but your gonna have problems because although I havent done it 
the next quest is against the theives guild and youll have problems) go to caladria 
by teleportation(bottom of mages guildnear ajihera or whatever her name is)  go out 
of caladria mages guild. Now im not sure which way to go(I think its the one closer 
to the guild) but dont go the one that goes to balamora (unless both of them go to 
it,how I dont know) you should eventually find a naked man(hes got his undies on 
though) I dont tell what to do with him here so go look in hints or something or 
wait untill I make a sidequest thing(which will probably never happen but you never 
know) go to the north(left I think) untill you come to an area where a beaten pat 
goes up tinto some rock areas and continues on(I think theres a sign there that 
pointing towards the rocks says caladria mining) go up the rocky path youll see some 
towers and shacks(the mining company, if you need rest go follow the planks to the 
bunkhouse and sleep in one of the beds)    but if not go farther on the path and 
youll see a guard(the theif) if your in the theives guild taunt him until he 
attacks, if not attack him(he might attack you!). hes pretty easy to kill. now go 
into the door he was guarding. three people(the other televanni agents) will attack. 
pick them off. go outside to heal(they wont heal) rinse and repeat until you are done
(explore their cave if you want) now go back to balamora and talk to fire eye. shell 
give you 400 bucks but wont advance you.Duty 4:Fire eye wants a code book held by 
sottilde in the theives guild(corner club). if your in the theives guild shell 
explain that the book will help get the camonna tong in trouble with the authoritys 
and says the fighters guild is working for the comanna tong ever since radd hard 
heard became guild master. you can kill sottilde, you can steal the book, or you can 
raise her disposition(bribes) until she likes you.take your new codebook back and 
talk to fire eye to finish the quest.

Mages guild duty 2-4: Duty 2:  
 all you need to do is put a fake soul gem in gabadirs(something 
like that)  desk. your kahajit  duty giver will give you the fake soul gem. you need 
to put it in the desk while gabadirs downstairs(as soon as you learn of this shell 
come down) simply go to the top floor and put it in the desk(if you want steal the 
valuable soulgems,but I havent found anyone who has enough money to buy the best 
ones, I suggest using them) now go down and tell the kahagit. shell give you 
something. now go to the steward to advance and presto! your done!Duty 3:Ajira wants 
you to get her some flowers for a new report. She needs Gold kanet,stoneflower 
petals, Willow anther, and heather. You can get these by searching alchamists shops 
or by doing what she says and going to lake amaya. To get to lake amaya either head 
toward fort moonmoth(past the silt strider) and go through the pass east or go to 
sedya neen and follow the signs toward peligad whick lies near the lake. most of the 
flowers are on its northern section. use stealth to evade kagouti and guar and dont 
attack the netch! return to ajira to finish the quest.Duty 4:make sure you do not 
leave the mages guild again or you will not get the very easy quest. all ajira wants 
is a bowl from ra'virr . the trader in balamora. she even gives you ten drakes to 
buy it.IF YOU MISSED THE BOWL QUEST OR DUTY 5:i put this here because i wanted to 
give you at least 4 quests and if you missed the bowl quest you would have this as 
your 4th. ajira wants her reports that galbadir stole back.one of the reports is in 
between the baskets at the bottom of the stairs(to the second floor) and the other 
is under the dresser by the beds.return them both to ajira to finish the quest.

Theives guild dutys 2-4: Duty 2: once again some type of invisibility power/potion 
is handy.  Sugar lips wants you to get the key to nerano manor. according to him 2 
people have a key to nerano manor. 1 is ol’ nerano himself and another is his 
servant in the council club (not corner club, council club) right in front of the 
silt strider. you have three options(youll probably end up doing number 3 even if 
you want to do number 2). 1: you can go to nerano manor  and try to steal the key 
from nerano(pickpocketing, sneak,make sure he cant see you by looking for a little 
box near your spell area, it will be on, and then press “A” to look in his 
inventory.) you might not see the key and go out and try again if he doesnt catch 
you (he will sooner or later). if he does you have to kill him. habasi wont give you 
aything now for the key ‘cause nerano is dead. 2: go in the council club, find 
neranos servant(youll know his name) , and try to pickpoket him. he to will find you 
out which brings us to number three. 3: KILL NERANOS SERVANT! this can sometimes be 
difficult because the whole council club will attack you except for the guy you pass 
at the top of the stairs. go to the top of the stairs and pick them off one by one 
(three or 4 attack including neranos servant) until neranos sevant (along with2/3 of 
the council club) are/is dead. now take the key and run like mad. go to habasi and 
give him the key. he’ll reward you and advance you. good job!.Duty 3: sugar lips 
wants you to get 3 dwemer artifacts frm Ra'Zhid in fatlegs dropoff in hla oad. its 
not harsd to reash hla oad. look at your map that came with the game. if you lost it 
(stupid stupid stupid) follow the odai river (the one that goes through balamora) 
south and then head west (roughly) once you clear the mountains. if you reach the 
shore follow it south (id guess) a ways or if you dont find it go north. i think 
sugar lips puts it on you in game map. once your tyhere enter fatlegs. dont try to 
bribe ra'zhid. you could bribe him up the whazzo and not have him talk. its in the 
lock level=30 chest between some barrels by the door.return to collect some 
lockpicks from sugar lips.Duty 4: sugar lips wants some 500 dollar word brandy from 
the LATE mr. ralen hlaalu and wants you to get it. if you can get up to the terrace 
(via the stairs of the guard tower) do it the doors like 20 points less and guards 
cant see or get you. if not be real careful no ones around when you pick the front 
door. the brandys on the first floor on the top middle shelf. dont drink it or you 
will forever be stuck here in the theives guild (at least for sugarlips) unless you 
get the gameof the year addition which has another vintage brandy in it.(i dont 
remember where unfourtunately but it was in tribunal)
if you do kill people (or your found out while stealing) go to the person behind the 
bar at the south wall and talk to him about a price on your head. he’ll relive it 
for half the price(cool thing is you dont need to have the money, he’ll just take 
all you can give and still relive it.)
Invisabilty helps while pickpocketing(so does chamelion)
you can run from the fight in the council club and go back in they wont heal.

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