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Hi guys. It's been a long time since I published an FAQ. I'll guide you through 
Story Mode and all the secrets of story mode.

Note: Completing a chapter the first time is beating it on Normal. The time you beat 
a chapter on a difficulty is the only time you'll earn tickets. For Hard you'll earn 
in addition custom parts from F-Zero AX. For Very Hard you'll earn tickets and a 
character from F-Zero AX.

Chapter 1: Captain Falcon Trains
How to Unlock(Htu): Watch Prologue
Description: Captain Falcon must train for the F-Zero Grand Prix.
Mission: (Normal: Collect 25 capsules and complete 3 laps in 80 seconds)(Hard: 
Collect 30 capsules and complete 3 laps in 60 seconds)(Very Hard:The same as Hard, 
except 5 more capsules)
Reward for Normal: 15 tickets
Reward for Hard: 25 tickets, Silver Sword, Rave Drifter, Jupiter-Q
Reward for Very Hard: 35 Tickets, Phoenix

Tips: On Normal, try to grab 18 capsules on lap one. Ignore the Pit Area and head 
for one of the sides of the Pit Area, then head to the other side on lap two and the 
Pit Area on lap three. Try to grab all 4 capsules on the stretch before the finish 
On Hard, there are four capsules scattered on the stretch near the finish line. 
Approach from the right, then sweep left to grab 2.
On Very Hard, you need to cut across the track more often to grab 2-4 capsules.

Chapter 2: Goroh: The Vengeful Samurai
Htu:Beat Chapter one and purchase chapter 2 for 20 tickets at the F-Zero shop.
Description: Goroh ambushes Falcon at Red Canyon to challenge him to a race.
Mission: Beat Goroh to the finish line.
Reward for Normal: 15 tickets
Reward for Hard: 25 tickets, Optical Wing, Cyber Fox, Comet-V
Reward for Very Hard: 35 tickets, Princia Ramode

Tips: Goroh will jump out in front at the start of the race. Use the boost once or 
twice, but save some energy for the final stretch. Dodge rocks that fall. If you 
bump into one, you can lose precious energy.
At the final stretch, Goroh will somehow mess up. When he does, hit the Y button 
until you cross the finish line or run  out of energy. On higher difficulties, there 
are more and faster rocks. Goroh will also try to hit you with spin attacks.

Chapter 3: High Stakes in Mute City
Htu: Beat Chapter two and purchase chapter 3 for 25 tickets.
Description: At the bar, Silver Neelsen begs Falcon to enter a bet race. Silver 
disguises Falcon and registers him as "Famicom."
Mission: Win the bet race
Reward for Normal: 15 tickets
Reward for Hard: 25 tickets, Megalo Cruiser, Heat Snake, Impulse 220
Reward for Very Hard: 35 tickets, QQQ

Tips: Every turn is 90 degrees. Look for a neon clown to point out the turn. Boost 
when you hit a jump plate to fly high and skip some of the track. on the 
straightaway near the finish line, boost on the Pit Area to hold your lead(if you 
are in the lead). On higher difficulties, the racers get tougher and faster. Boost 
as often as you can, hit every jump plate, and hit both Pit Areas.

Chapter 4: Challenge of the Bloody Chain
Htu: Beat Chapter three and purchase chapter 4 for 30 tickets
Description: On his way to stop Black Shadow, Falcon must deal with the Bloody Chain 
Mission: Destroy Michael Chain's machine and hit the finish line.
Reward for Normal: 20 tickets
Reard for Hard: 25 tickets: Giant Planet, Dark Chaser, Extreme-ZZ
Reward for Very Hard: 35 tickets, Don Genie

Tips: Lure the gang members to the edge of the track, boost, the use the spin attack 
on them. They can hit the wall or others. Pass some, only attacking them if they 
approach. There's one Pit Area on a huge straightaway. After that turn, Michael will 
slow down. Boost until you reach him. Pin him tot he wall and use the spin attack 
when he comes from behind or when you approach him with your boost. When he's out, 
race to the finish line. They become tougher and more combative on higher 
difficulties. Be careful.

Chapter 5: Save Jody!
Htu: Beat chapter four and purchase chapter 5 for 35 tickets
Description: Falcon and Jody Summer must escape a power plant
Mission: Escape the power plant in- a: 50 seconds on Normal, b: 45 seconds on Hard, 
and c:40 seconds on Very Hard.
reward for Normal:20 tickets
Reard for Hard: 25 tickets, Holy Spider, Red Rex, Bluster-X
Reward for Very Hard: 35 tickets, Digi-Boy

Tips: Boost as frequent as possible. Each blast door closes a certain way. There's 
an energy tank in the middle that replenishes some of your energy. This is the 
order: vertical, vertical, energy tank, vertical, energy tank, vertical, energy 
tank, sideways, energy tank, sideways, energy tank,(pillars start pooping up here) 
vertical, energy tank, diagonally(from bottom left to top right), energy tank, 
diagonally(from top left to bottom right), vertical, vertical, energy tank, X-
shaped, energy tank, sideways, sideways, vertical, vertical, vertical, 
sideways,sideways, sideways, 5 dash plates.
 Guys, I'm stopping here. The next one, I'll explain the last 4 chapters and more.

There's also the F-Zero GX Internet Rankings. The chances to be in The ruby and 
sapphirencups are gone. Th eEmeral cup started on November 20th and ends on December 
11th. This is what you do:
1. Play time attack on any course on the Emerald Cup. Select your best record on a 
2. Select a score to convert, then on controller 1, press these buttons while you 
hold the L button: R, A, Z, up on the C Stick, left on the C Stick, A, down on the C 
Stick, R, Z. Hit it correctly to see the Internet Rankings screen. The game will 
give you your name, ID, password. Go to f-zero.jp and the Internet Ranking section 
at http://ranking.f-zero.jp/gxe.html to enter all the required data- don't forget 
the course too!

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