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                              1 on 1
                      Started on February 4,1999
  Written by Miko Jao([email protected])
[email protected]
Copyright 1999

Last updated on November 20,1999

Email the JOE Squad at  .Our leader is Gino 
The members of the JOE Squad are Me, Gino([email protected]), 
Patrick Coloma  and Ronald Papa.

I. Introduction
II.  Updates
III.  The Game
IV.  Characters
V.  Minigames
VI.   Secrets
VII.  Other FAQS
VIII.  Idiot List
IX.  Credits and Disclaimer


I. Introduction

Welcome to my second FAQ! Now most of you are probably thinking what the 
hell is One on One. You can check part III for details on that. You 
should try this game. There is no NTSC US or PAL version of the game 
though. This game isn't famous at all. In fact, only 2 people I know 
have this game and they only bought it because I showed them my copy! As 
the end of that simple introduction, please continue on and read the 
rest of my FAQ. Oh yeah, if your name is ALFONSO "KING" NADRES then 
please don't read this FAQ. Comments, corrections and additional info 
will be very welcome. I have very little knowledge of Japanese so please 
bear with me.


II.  Updates

v.0.5(February 4,1999-unreleased)Finished the intro and the layout.

v.1.0(February 11,1999-unreleased)Added Kirin an The Game.

v.1.02(February 26,1999)Added parts II-III,VI-VIII and Ron.

v.1.15(March 22,1999)Added some moves for Kirin, some contributors to 
the FAQ and most of the other characters and some additional info to the 
profile parts. Also removed some guys from the idiot list. They'll 
probably choo-choo.

v.1.20(November 20,1999)Sorry for that looooooong delay. More than half 
a year has passed since my last update! Anyway, I fixed some of my 
grammar and spelling and I also added some stuff in the "The Game" 
section. I also added a new section called "stealing" and added some 
other small things to the FAQ. If you read it before, read through it 
again to find some new stuff. I also added strategies for some of the 
characters in another new section called "How to defeat..." The new 
sections are both in the "The Game" portion of this FAQ. I also have a 
new e-mail address. The "The Game" section is now the most comprehensive 
section of my FAQ. Not all the characters have strategies yet though. 
This FAQ is still far from being finished.


III.  The Game

This is a game by Jorudan CO.,LTD and I.T Planning,INC. Visit Jorudan's 
page at http://www.jorudan.com/1on1. It is a very fun and creative game. 
It is a half fighting/basketball game. No game has been this creative 
but also fun since Bust-A-Move(Groove). It features explosive dunks, 
realistic movements and is a great party game. Here are some of the 
universal moves.

A.  Dunks 
This game has a lot of them. I haven't even figured them all     out 
yet. Oh yeah, each character has 1 super special dunk. Maybe some  have 
2. I'm not sure yet. Anyway, try these jams.

1.  back, forward, circle
2.  down, up, circle
3.  up, down, circle
4.  forward, back, circle
5.  Dribble towards the hole then press back. While your character 
nudges backwards, press circle.
6.  While under the hoop, press any motion then circle

Those are just the universal dunks. I'll put the special dunks in the 
characters section.

B.  Manual and Automatic and Shooting
This option appears after you select your character. The default is 
manual. If you are manual, when you are taking a shot(not a dunk or lay-
up), a meter will appear. Hold circle to start taking the shot. When the 
bar reaches the middle of the meter, release circle. Another meter will 
appear. When the bar reaches the middle of the second meter, release 
circle. If done right, the ball will hit nothing but the bottom of the 
net. The accuracy of the shot depends on the nearness to the middle of 
the meter. The first bar is for power which controls the force that your 
character exerts. If it is too low, your shot won't even touch the rim 
and you'll get an airball or the shot will brick. The second bar is for 
control over the ball. If it is far from the center, the ball will be 
REALLY off-target. If the game is set to automatic mode, no meter will 
appear and your character will take the shot automatically. The accuracy 
will depend on your character's shooting level or his/her shooting 

C.  Dribbling
You can dribble with the character's right hand using square or the 
character's left hand using triangle. You can press these buttons 
alternately and some characters will perform a crossover while some will 
do behind the backs, v-dribbling, between the legs, etc. Be sure not to 
travel or do a double dribble.

D.  Controls
Here are the controls:

With the ball
square: dribble with right hand
triangle: dribble with left hand
circle: field goal
X: cancel shots
L1: hide the ball from the opponent
start: pause
left: try to pass the opponent from the left(make sure to dribble)
right: try to pass the opponent from the right(make sure to dribble)
directional buttons: dunk motions
up: keep body up
down:keep body down(do this while dribbling to avoided stealing)
R2: change positions to keep opponent away from ball

The ball with opponent far from rim
circle: try to grab the ball
triangle + circle: steal
double tap towards opponent + circle: charging
R2: defend

The ball with opponent near rim
circle or up: jump 
circle while jumping: block

Nobody has ball
circle or up: jump
square + directional buttons: run

E.  Charging
If you charge at your opponent while they have the ball, they regain 
possession of the ball. This is a good and bad thing. If you charge at 
your opponent while they are about to shoot, the ball will most probably 
go in and they will still keep the ball. Use it in this situation: you 
are ahead of somebody, there are only a few seconds left and he has 
possession of the ball. Keep charging at your opponent so that he/she 
has no time to shoot and you will win.

F.  Shooting Level
The higher the shooting level, the better your character shoots the 
ball. It's as simple as that.

G. Winning Strategies
Here are some cool strategies to win against the computer:

If the computer is easy, just keep getting pass it and perform a lay-up 
or dunk. To get pass the computer, try faking to the left and right 
repeatedly and add a few crossovers. 

If you are ahead of the computer, there is very little time left and it 
has possession of the ball, keep charging until the time is over. The 
computer won't be able to shoot! Humans are smarter. They will probably 
figure out your plan and change their position or keep the ball away 
from you after a few charges.

If you are ahead, there is very little time left and you have possession 
of the ball, keep the ball away from your opponent with R2 and L1. Works 
great on the bosses of this game.

When the computer is behind by a few points and it has possesion of the 
ball, Just hold R2. If it tries to shoot, press up and it will cancel 
the shot. It will then either drive to the hole or attempt to shoot 
again. If it tries to go past you, be ready to block a shot. This can 
stall time very effectively.

Please e-mail me if you have more..

H.  Menu Screen
At the menu screen, you can press triangle to bounce the ball around.

Story Mode

VS. Mode

Practice Mode
(one is defense and one is offense, I'll check)

1.  Vs. Free Throw(Thraw..haha!)
2.  Vs. Free Thraw 2 players
3.  3-point shootout



Omake Gallery

I.  Gameplay
Here is how the game works:
The start of the first round starts with the first player behind a line 
and the second player at the other side of the line. The first player 
can either shoot or go to the hole and attempt something more fancy or 
shoot nearer. If the defender manages to get the ball, the possession 
will change. It will start off with the person who stole the ball with 
the possession of the rock and the one who had the ball on the other 
side trying to defend the hoop. If a player shoots and misses but makes 
an offensive rebound, he/she can start dribbling again and shoot/dunk. 
If the ball is rebounded by the opponent, the same thing will happen as 
if the defender stole the ball from the person with the ball. The first 
round will end when the time runs out or one of the players gets half of 
the score needed to win(ex. 6 over 12). If the number cannot be 
halved(like 11), it will end when the number after the number that 
cannot be halved is halved. In the second round, the round begins with 
the second player in possession of the ball. The round will end when the 
time runs out or the required score to win is achieved. If the time runs 
out, whoever has a higher score wins.(Phew!)It sounds really complicated 
but trust me, it ain't as complicated as it sounds.

J.  Universal Moves
Auto Shoot(while in Manual mode): double-tap circle

H. Stealing
To be able to steal properly, there are some techniques. When your enemy 
is dribbling, preparing to shoot or just standing there, press CIRCLE. 
If your grab hit the right place, you will get the ball. Sometimes you 
will have to hit him several times to knock him back and while he is 
dazed, grab the ball. The Special Steal(TRIANGLE + CIRCLE)
does not work well in this situation. If your enemy is keeping the ball 
away from you(low dribbling, back facing you, pivoting around), circle 
will not work. Press circle a few times to fool your enemy that you 
can't get the ball from him/her/the computer. Your enemy will keep doing 
it(keeping the ball from you)and when they do this, execute the special 
steal. You will steal the ball from them very easily.

I. How to beat....
This new section contains strategies on how to beat the computer if the 
computer is using a certain character that you can't beat.

1. Kirin
This guy is TOUGH! When he is on defense, he is not to much of a threat 
but his offense is hard to defend against. When he is on defense, change 
your position constantly. You should be able to get pass him easily but 
he is a good jumper so he could block your shots well. When he is on 
offense, try to stay with him. From the tip-off, he can either shoot, 
drive, pass the ball to himself or waste time easily. His threes are 
good and go in more often than not. You could easily block that but he 
is also quick to the dribble so stay with him ALWAYS. Never get too far 
from him or he will rack up the points. If he is trying to waste time, 
it is tough to get the ball because he is constantly changing from 
dribbling and keeping the ball away from you so just charge at him and 
he might change his tactics in the next tip-off. Hang in there and stick 
with threes and you should be ahead enough to waste some time or make an 
easy shot to win. try to get behind him(while he is facing opposite of 
the rim)and shoot from there. You will get a three point shot without a 
defender and he will probably push you and get called for a charging and 
if you are lucky, you would have already released the ball and made a 
big three while retaining the ball. Remember, be careful of dunking and 
lay-ups when he is near you for he could easily block your shot.

2. Ron
Ron likes to drive. When you are on the outside with him, just hold R2 
and wait for him to makes his move. Try stealing if you want but there 
is a risk of you getting caught up in the middle of a grab and Ron could 
then just drive to the rim while you are still in you grabbing 
animation. If he drives, go with him and keep him from dunking or making 
a lay-up. If you force him to take a shot, make sure it won't go in. 
Rebound the ball and get possesion. If he dunks, try to block it. 
Otherwise, just try to make up for it when it is your turn. When Ron is 
on defense, he tends to get agressive. Try moving back a bit and pulling 
off a three but if Ron gets the ball, you're back on defense. Another 
way to score is to do all that fancy dribbling and stuff. Once you get 
past him, you get a choice to make a quick three or make a fancy dunk. 
Ron KICKS to steal the ball and that gives him some range. Never do the 
same dribbling technique over and over. Change your dribbling to keep 
Ron from getting the ball. If you manage to get past him but he stays 
with you, you can make a risky dunk or do some more fancy dribbling and 
take a shot.

3. Furin
She takes threes with ease and is quick enough to drive past you. She is 
weak though so grab the ball when she is dribbling. Be very careful 
about spacing with her because threes will lead to your demise. Never 
stay too close or too far so that you can block her shot or steal it. 
Use Kirin's strategy for your offense.




1.  Kirin
Power:  ****
Speed:  *********
Dunks:  **********
Inside: *******

Height:175 cm
Weight:68 kg

Kirin is one of the most well rounded characters in the game. He is one 
of the quickest, has some explosive dunks and is an above-average 
shooter to boot. He reminds me of either Kobe Bryant or Allen Iverson.

Dunk Descriptions
See above at The Game for dunk motions.

1.  Jumps up, charges the ball backwards with one hand then jams it down 
with much force.
2.  Weaker version of number 1.
3.  Same as above
4.  Same as above
5.  Same as above
6.  From one side of the area under the basket, he flies past to the 
other side and on his way there, he executes a beautiful one-handed 
reverse dunk.

Special Moves:
Behind the Back Shot: back, back + circle, circle
Kirin will shoot the ball from behind the back, like a behind the back 
pass. Primarily for showing off.

Special Dunk!
Down, forward, circle
Kirin will throw an elbow forward then he will do a very "Kobe-esque"  
maneuver. He does Kobe's 49 point dunk at the last Slam Dunk Contest.

(there are probably more)

2.  Ron
Power:   ******* 
Speed:   ******
Dunks:   *******
3-point: ********
Inside:  *******

Height:196 cm
Weight:90 kg

One of the game's larger characters, Ron is the quickest big man. He 
plays like Shawn Kemp or Toni Kukoc(in my opinion of course..).

Dunk Descriptions

1.  Pumps the ball back with one hand then jams down the rock while 
a split in mid-air.
2.  A weaker version of number 1 and has no split too.
3.  Same as above
4.  Same as above
5.  Same as above
6.  Does a strong 2-handed reverse dunk

Special Dunk 

Motion unknown

Jumps and throws the ball up with a somersault and then he uses his feet 
to finish the job.

Roundhouse kicks the ball into the rim.

Special Moves: Coming Soon


Height:176 cm
Weight:58 kg

A good character, Furin can shoot well inside and outside the arc well. 
She is incredibly quick and versatile. Reminds me of Glen Rice.

Dunks: Coming soon
Special Dunks: Coming Soon
Special Moves: Coming Soon

Brown(and Jackie)

Height: 210 cm
Weight: 135 kg

A pretty weak guy. Really slow and easily gets the ball stolen from him. 
He can use his squirrel to distract his enemies or block shots but he is 
a good dunker. Never bothered using him.

Dunks: Coming Soon
Special Dunks: Coming Soon
Special Moves: Coming Soon 

Dunks: **

Height:150 cm
Weight:38 kg

Great shooter! Extremely quick and versatile but his dunks are far from 
impressive. He is weak and can get knocked back easily with a well-
placed hit. His quickness makes up for it though. Reminds me of Steve 

Dunks: I saw one but...
Special Dunks:??
Special Moves: Coming Soon


Height:203 cm
Weight:85 kg

A good beginner character thanks to his almost evened out skills. Can 
actually fly around. The only drawback is if he lands, it's instant 

Dunks: Coming Soon  
Special Dunks: Coming Soon

Special Moves:
Fly: tap up repeatedly


Height:175 cm
Weight:60 kg

Despite his er... unusual appearance, Manbe is a good character. His 
are unrealistic but thanks to his way of moving, your opponent will have 
a hard time stealing the ball from you while you are in possession of 

Dunks: Coming Soon 
Special Dunks: Coming Soon
Special Moves: Coming Soon


Height:183 cm
Weight:64 kg

One of the best characters in the game. She is quick, stylish and well-
rounded. Reminds me closely of Michael Jordan.

Dunks: Coming Soon
Special Dunks: Coming Soon

More to come.


V.  Minigames

Here is one of the two minigames:

VS. Free Thraw(it is really like that, even lay-up is spelled rayup)

You take turns with another player shooting free throws. Whoever has 
more shots wins. If it is already impossible to win, the other player 
wins automatically. If it ends in a tie, another two shots, one shot for 
each player will be allowed. This continues until someone somebody wins. 
(can be vs CPU or vs player)

Three Point Shootout

Choose a character. You shoot three point shots on manual mode and try 
to get big points. You will have a choice to start from the left side or 
right side of the 3 point arc. Choose a side and get ready. The shooting 
is similar to the real game. You get 60 seconds and 25 balls. There will 
be five spots for you to shoot from. If you started from the left the 
order will be left, middle-left, middle, middle-right and right and 
vice-versa for when you start from the right side. You will get five 
balls for each spot which makes the total 25 shots to take. After 
letting go of the ball, wait for it to go in before pressing the SELECT 
button. The select button brings out another ball. If you press select 
while the ball is still in mid-air, it will magically disappear and you 
will get your next ball. That will be counted as one ball but it is also 
a good thing. If you are sure that the ball won't go in, press SELECT to 
save time as you only have 60 seconds. The scoring system is like this:

1 point-The ball went in but touched the rim or the backboard.
2 points-The ball went straight in with a swooshing sound. It didn't
         touch the rim or backboard.


VI.  Secrets(I have no GameShark so I'm not sure if these will work,ask 
Jimmy Teo)

Play as Mash: Beat the game with somebody while meeting Mash and you 
will be able to play as him.

Play as Oscar: Same as Mash but instead of meeting Mash, meet Oscar.

Play as King: Beat the game with all the characters(even Mash and Oscar)
Or you could just enter 8019bc68-0007 to be able to select all 3 of 

Open Omake mode: Beat the game with a character and you will get three 
pictures of him/her. One is the one that shows during the ending and two 
are sketches of that character.

Play as Dr.T: Beat the with somebody while meeting Dr.T to use him or 
just enter 8019bc68-0008.


VII.  Other FAQS

By me: Alundra

By my pals:
Xenogears by Gino Caparas([email protected])
Knockout Kings by Gino Caparas
Oddworld:Abe's Exodus(is that how you spell it?)by Gino Caparas

FAQS to watch out for
None are planned due to no free time available
I have no idea what my friends' next FAQS will be


VIII.  Idiot List

My little brother for busting most of my stuff

King Nadres for being a jerk and almost forced me to stop making this 


XIV.  Credits and Disclaimer

Francis Tan for giving me the Manual/Automatic tip

Jimmy Teo for his GameShark codes on how to select Dr.T and the other 
hidden characters.

The JOE Squad for some help and free money at Timezone(hehehe.)

Dance Dance Revolution for being a cool game.

Copyright to Miko Jao 1999
Contact me through ICQ. My no. is 9530082



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