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All Star Pro Wrestling II FAQ
By Kiyoharu
[email protected]

Credits go to myself and Wantatsu for the informative page!



1.  Controls
2.  Learning Moves
3.  Combo moves
4.  Hidden characters
5.  Sign collection

1.  Controls

Analog key - Wrestler movement, roll out of ring, and rope hold in irish whip
Control pad - Controls tag partner for double team and pin cuts
L1 and L2 - Taunt
R1 - One hand capture
R2 - Two hand capture
Square button - Pin and enter/exit ring
X button - Low tension moves
Circle button - Medium tension moves
Triangle button - High tension moves
Start - Pause

*In a grapple, press the analog key TOWARDS the opponent and press a tension 
button to execute more moves.  

*In a grapple, press the analog key AWAY from the opponent and press a tension 
button to execute an irish whip maneuver.

*Use the capture buttons on the guardrail to get a weapon.

*Capture buttons can also be pressed to reverse moves.

*Some moves can only be done when the crowd is chanting your name.  These are 
the big moves that are done in desperate times.

2.  Learning Moves

*These moves can only be done when you unlock them via these methods.  This 
will all be remembered by the memory card.  It's not like you have to do all 
those moves in one match.


Takashi Iizuka - Front necklock - Fight 5 times in IWGP mode

El Samurai - Vertical drop reverse DDT - Use reverse DDT 20 times
El Samurai - Samurai style Romero Special - Receive Lyger's Romero Special 4 times

Koji Kanemoto - Somersault kick - Receive 5 Misawa flying lariats
Koji Kanemoto - Dragon suplex hold - Receive Ohtani's Spiral Bomb 3 times
Koji Kanemoto - Face wash kick - Receive two of Ohtani's face wash kicks

Kendo Ka Shin - Victor style crucifix knee hold - Use Victor style jujigatame 15 
Kendo Ka Shin - Face wash kick - Receive two of Ohtani's face wash kicks

Shiro Koshinaka - Apron side tope con hilo - Fight 10 times in IWGP mode

Satoshi Kojima - Moonsault - Use corner dive 30 times
Satoshi Kojima - High angle powerbomb - Use the powerbomb 10 times

Kensuke Sasaki - Kensuke Hammer combo - Use Kensuke Hammer 10 times
Kensuke Sasaki - Strangle arm hold - Use Strangle Hold Gamma ?? times

Jyushin Lyger - Dragon screw-???
Jyushin Lyger - Stardust press - Fight IWGP Jr. Single 20 times
Jyushin Lyger - Green mist - Fight Muta 5 times
Jyushin Lyger - Face wash kicks - Fight junior Ohtani 5 times
Jyushin Lyger - Shooting star press - Use frog splash 20 times

Battle Lyger - Shooting star press - Use frog splash 30 times

Scott Norton - Top rope vertical drop brainbuster - Use a top rope superplex 30 

Minoru Tanaka - Moonsault attack - Fight 5 times in IWGP junior tag
Minoru Tanaka - Minoru style double arm suplex hold - Fight 5 times in IWGP 
Junior single

Riki Choshu - Power slam - Fight 5 times in Kanto Hall

Masahiro Chono - Cross STF - Use downed opponent STF 10 times

Hiroyoshi Tenzan - Mountain Cross - Use reverse boston crab 10 times

Don Frye - Knee lifts - Use kitchen sink 10 times

Manabu Nakanishi - Muffler hold - Fight Hashimoto twice
Manabu Nakanishi - Placha suicida - Fight ??? times in IWGP single

Yuji Nagata - Nagata style front facelock - Fight Akiyama once
Yuji Nagata - Nagata style wrist clutch Exploder - Receive Shining Wizard 5 times
Yuji Nagata - Left jab - ???

Tatsumi Fujinami - Dragon suplex hold - Use full nelson 30 times
Tatsumi Fujinami - Powerbomb - Use the drill a hole piledriver 10 times

Keiji Mutoh(skinhead) - Corner Shining Wizard - Use a running Shining Wizard 20 
Keiji Mutoh(skinhead) - Face crusher - Use space rolling elbow->face crusher ??? 
Keiji Mutoh(skinhead) - Green mist - Receive Muta's green mist 5 times
Keiji Mutoh(skinhead) - Dragon suplex - Use dragon fullnelson ??? times

Keiji Mutoh - Backflip kick - Use rolling koppo kick 10 times

Kokushi - Corner Shining Wizard - Use running Shining Wizard 30 times
Kokushi - High angle powerbomb - Use the praying powerbomb 10 times
Kokushi - Green mist - Fight Muta once

Great Muta - Final Frankensteiner - Use rope throw frankensteiner 10 times
Great Muta - Backflip kick - Use rolling koppo kick ??? times

Jun Akiyama - vertical drop Exploder - Use Exploder ??? times
Jun Akiyama - Nagata Lock II - Fight Nagata once
Jun Akiyama - Neck and arm bridge - Fight in Kanto 6 Hall ??? times
Jun Akiyama - Akiyama style STF - Fight Kobashi 5 times

Masao Inoue - Diving lariat - Fight 5 times in Kanto 6 Hall

Takao Omori - Top rope Frankensteiner - Use rope throw frankensteiner 15 times

Yoshinari Ogawa - Tiger Driver - Fight in tag tournament 5 for 5 matches
Yoshinari Ogawa - Figure four leglock - Use the figure four jackknife hold 10 

Kenta Kobashi - Apron side half nelson suplex - Receive the apron side Tiger 
Driver twice
Kenta Kobashi - Black Crush - Fight Akiyama 5 times

Akira Taue - Coconut Crush - Chop to the head 10 times
Akira Taue - Ore Ga Taue(Mou 1 Ko) - Use Ore Ga Taue 10 times

Yoshihiro Takayama - Tiger suplex - Fight Misawa 5 times

Vader - Corner dive plancha suicida - Use the moonsault 20 times
Vader - Tiger Driver - Receive Misawa's Tiger Driver 10 times

Tamon Honda - Top rope superplex - Use diving cut superplex 5 times

Naomichi Marufuji - Triangle bufadora - Use shooting star press 20 times
Naomichi Marufuji - Phoenix splash - Use the triangle bufadora 10 times

Mitsuharu Misawa - Top rope Tiger Driver - Receive 5 wrist clutch Exploders

Mitsuo Momota - Tope suicida - Receive tope suicida 5 times
Mitsuo Momota - Powerbomb - Use the drill a hole piledriver 10 times

Takeshi Rikioh - High angle powerbomb - Use powerbomb 10 times

Shinjiro Ohtani - Tiger suplex hold - Fight Kanemoto 3 times

Tatsuhito Takaiwa - Turnbuckle powerbomb - Fight 5 times in IWGP Junior Single
Tatsuhito Takaiwa - Face wash kicks - Fight Ohtani 5 times

Shinya Hashimoto - Dash jumping DDT - Use jumping DDT 20 times

Tadao Yasuda - Diving body press - Fight in single league play 10 times

Antonio Inoki - Low angle German suplex - Use the octopus hold 30 times
Antonio Inoki - Stamp hold - Use powerbomb 30 times

Rikidouzan - Missile dropkick - Use the diving double sledgehammer 50 times

Jumbo Tsuruta - Faint powerbomb - Use regular powerbomb 20 times
Jumbo Tsuruta - Jumbo style backdrop hold - Use the teezu backdrop 10 times

3.  Combo Moves

Takashi Iizuka...Snap suplex - Cross armbreaker

El Samurai...Hammer punch - Hammer punch

Kendo Ka Shin...Ka Shin style elbow - Ka Shin style elbow

Satoshi Kojima...Corner elbow attack - Bakayaro elbow drop

Jyushin Lyger...Romero Special - Kabelnaria

Battle Lyger...Romero Special - Kabelnaria

Scott Norton...Norton powerbomb - Norton powerbomb appeal

Minoru Tanaka...Snap suplex - Cross armbreaker

Masahiro Chono...Drop toe hold - STF

Hiroyoshi Tenzan...Eye claw - Sleeper - Mouth claw

Don Frye...Left jab - Left jab - Right hook

Manabu Nakanishi...Bearhug - Bearhug suplex
                   Argentine backbreaker - Stomach block

Tatsumi Fujinami...Sleeper hold-Dragon sleeper

Skinhead Mutoh...Shining Wizard - Pin
                 Fullnelson - German suplex hold
                 Frankensteiner - Cross armbreaker
                 Space rolling elbow - Face crusher

Jun Akiyama...Elbow pat - Elbow rush
              Akiyama elbow attack - Northern lights suplex

Takao Omori...Omori style elbow - Omori style elbow

Yoshinari Ogawa...Thumbing - Chin crusher

Kenta Kobashi...Sleeper hold - Sleeper suplex
                Powerbomb - Jackknife bomb

Akira Taue...Cobra twist - Taue style goumon cobra twist

Vader...Big van crush - Pin

Naomichi Marufuji...Hammer punch - Hammer punch

Tatsuhito Takaiwa...Takaiwa powerbomb - Lyger bomb
                    Takaiwa powerbomb - Death valley bomb - Death valley driver

Shinya Hashimoto...Kesagiri chop - Kesagiri chop 

Tadao Yasuda...Yasuti attack - Double arm suplex

Antonio Inoki...Reverse Indian deathlock - Bow and arrow
                Reverse Indian deathlock - ???
                Sleeper - Choke sleeper
                Knuckle arrow - ???

Jumbo Tsuruta...Faint powerbomb - Pin

Mitsuharu Misawa...Shoulder arm breaker - Modified arm breaker
                   Misawa elbow pat - Elbow rush - Rolling elbow

Takeshi Rikioh...Bearhug - Bearhug brainbuster

Mitsuo Momoto...Slap - Slap combo 

4.  Hidden Characters

Yuusaku Yuri - Defeat Rising Mode

Kenichiro Jinnai - Defeat Rising Mode

White Mask - Use Inoki as your "second" in a singles match

Kazuo Yamazaki - Win the IWGP belt with Yuji Nagata

Shinjiro Ohtani(Junior version) - Beat heavyweight Ohtani with a junior

Kotetsu Yamamoto(Referee) - Use Tiger Hattori as your ref and KO him

5.  Sign Collection

*In order to collect all the signs in the game, set your PS2's internal clock
to the birthday of the wrestler you have in mind.  

***This FAQ is copyright Kiyoharu 2001***

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