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"*" means "coming soon"
"?" means "need to double check"

- -ChangeLog
- -Introduction
- -Thank You's
- -Legal
- -Basic World Controls
- -Basic Attack Controls

- 01 First Job: MysTech Ruins
   - 000 Introduction to Glass
   - 001 Whackmaster
   - 002 Grumpy Old Dwarf
     - - Sidequest 1: 5 Brebulian Photographs
     - - Sidequest 2: Locate Valesta 
     - - Sidequest 3: Finding Simon Langer
     - - Sidequest 5: Five of Many
   - 003 Finding Reason *
      - - Sidequest 4: Old Friend *
      - - Sidequest 6: Speed Patrol *
   - 004 Eddie Knows *
      - - Sidequest 7: Symetrical Trees *
      - - Sidequest 8: Missing Plans *
      - - Sidequest 9: Tailed *
   - 005 The MysTech Tunnels *
   - 006 Sender Station 1
      - - Sidequest 10: Run on Detta *
      - - Sidequest 11: PAL Operational *
      - - Sidequest 12: PAL Repaired *
      - - Sidequest 13: Red Bidipri ?*

   #Boss: Stone Ruin -> MysTech Tunnels

- 02 Second Job: Locate the Doctor
   - - *


      -fixed line widths (sorry CjayC!)
      -reorgonized index again

      -added (some) missing notes

      -bundled some short areas together
      -corrected some names - still have more to do!
      -information for 01:005 through 01:007

      -verified "Run on Detta" (01:014)

      -added 01:008, 01:016 - 01:018      
      -removed "story" section - book, game, and my comments
       cover that well enough as it is.

      -version 1.2 will have more corrections and finish job 1

      -version 2.0 will be out this week, covering job 2

      -preliminary information, mostly. needed to distract my
       mind for a little bit while at work so I tried to type
       up as much of my notes as I was able to remember. I know
       that there are things missing but they will be filled in.

      -covers up through the first job, although not 100%..well,
       yes, I did do it 100% but I forgot to bring the notes with
       me to finish this up!

      -version 1.1 may have some organizational changes...


Welcome to the Anacrhonox v.1.0 gamefaq! It's been a long time
since anyone has seen a guide out of me. I wound up writing for
quite a bit at guides.ign.com professionally and, well, as 
everyone knows they kind of went financially belly-up (if you
didn't know that now you do!) I'm glad to see that they are
still holding on though - they do have some great people working

In-depth Character stats and full weapon information for each
character can be found within their own personal FAQ which I
will be compiling as the game goes (and as I meet characters).
I was going to place it all in 1 big FAQ but..well, let's just
say big is pretty subjective at times.

I usually do my best to make this guide a non-spoiler. This
time I am going to make a huge exception; this game has an
awesome storyline and I am going to spill as much as I can
without ruining it for you (this does mean i won't
share any cheats though) - enjoy!

* THANKyou'S

Eh, everyone places these at the end but I figured "If someone
really did deserve it then they must have really done something.
Why do I stick'em at the end like butt cattle?" so...

First and foremost to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without
Him I wouldn't even be here. Thank you, Jesus.

My wife, MyMelody (what, you thought I'd put her real name?)
for everything she's ALWAYS done ... alright, I lied, all I 
care about is the coffee iv she hooks me up with - well, that
and all the love she gives me =)

I'd like to get some shouts out to everyone whom I lost touch
with. Everyone who was contacted by escribes, especially -
unfortunately when IGN went under so did escribes, which is why
everything went kaput =( I did loose ALL emails so apologies to
all about this.


Dang it I hate this. But, it's got to be done:

1. NO ONE can use this guide for profit. IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME

2. NO ONE can use this guide without permission on their site. I am
   VERY happy with the way people responded to this on my Evolution
   gamefaq so PLEASE continue with this!

3. NO ONE can use, modify, or otherwise edit the content of this
   guide without my permission. 

4. By reading this guide you agree to the above provisions. You also
   automatically take any guilt and moral responsability for your

5. You also agree that if you do decide to violate the terms of this
   legal section you waive your right to claim innocent and agree that
   you are guilty and that you performed this act knowingly.

6. You agree that all jurisdiction will be within the locality of the
   author's choosing.


Controlling the characters throughout the world of Anacrhonox
can be a bit difficult. The instruction manual covers this part
fairly well so I will not dwelve into details about it yet. However
there are some tips that I would like to pass along to you.

1. You can use the mouse, like in any FPS, to control the direction
your character is facing. Using this in conjunction with the direction
keys will make your travel a lot smoother -once you get the hang of it.

2. The game on a pc monitor has a bit lower gamma display. Tweak it up
accordingly. I do suggest you bring it up higher than what you would
assume is normal because there are hidden items throughout the game
that are behind boxes and hard as stone to find with the gamma low.

3. Get used to checking your status regularly and your quest notes
with Fatima.

4. Don't rely on Fatima to get ALL the notes. All Fatima will keep
track of are notes pertinent to the overall case you are involved in
and will not jot down any sidequests you may find as you attempt to 
finish your overall case. Loosely translated, this means 
"keep notes on paper!"

5. If you have ZoneAlarm or any program running in the background
that pops out alert windows disable them during play. Apart from it
being extremely annoying I've noticed that it resets your gamme,
regardless of wether or not you have changed it.

6. There is a bug with the 1.1 patch as you use the elevator to Ghalla.
If you keep hitting the buttons the elevator controls will appear again
and may even cause the animation to restart =( so don't hit buttons
even if it looks like it didn't read your input!

7. On a general note you really want to do as many sidequests as you 
can that won't affect future events before going on to the next 
objective. Granted, almost all of the sidequests will not affect the
main quest itself but it may affect the way some characters and species
react with you. I'm still in the process of testing this, however. For
now, as a general rule, if a NoxGuard asks you to do something about a
specific race, don't.


The battles in this game are active - in other words, if you sit there
you will get hit regardless of what's going on. Think FF7 and you've
got a good grasp on this concept. 

There are two serious innovations that need to be discussed at this
point. The first innovation is the ability to interact with the
battle field. Granted, this may sound like little stuff right now
but with the right areas you will be able to not only fight
using your hands but use the environment to your advantage. You'll
see an example of this at Whackmaster Jack's place.

The second innovation is in-field movement. While this may not be
as innovative (think 3/4 view rpg's, such as Final Fantasy Tactics)
it is still fairly cool to see in what can be considered a standard
RPG. You don't move square to square, you move to any avaiable opening
around you. It's fairly realistic too; for example, if you are holding
a gun you can't shoot an enemy behind a character because (DUH!) the
bullet may hit them as well.

The game does have some of its own language for the battle controls.
I'll go through these in version 1.1

* 01 First Job: MysTech Ruins

====> 01:000 Introduction To Glass

Welcome to the world of Anacrhonox. No one knows where Anachronox came
from nor how it was built. Heck, people around these parts don't even
bother to find out how it even works - mostly because it hasn't been
figured out. We do know that Anachronox is constantly rearranging
itself - and we have been able to keep track of it and time its changes.

The world, in a sense, is alive. Just for what reason, no one knows.

Enter one Jack Boots. Jack is a washed-up private eye that has an
office on top of Rowdy's bar ... well, not even an office. He just uses
Rowdy's old supply room to have his make-pretend office. He's flat broke
and what little money he has usually goes up in Liquor.

He did have a secretary once named Fatima who worked with him cloesely.
Something happened to her one day and she wound up inside of Jack's 
LifeCursor. She's still alive...just not corporaly.

Anachronox is just what you would expect out of a futuristic mega-city...
aliens, technology, and even unsolved mysteries all over.

Too bad Boots had to meet the glass.


After Boots is thrown out of the glass by the fixer Boots will get some
help from Rowdy and Fatima about cleaning up his life. You'll get control
of the character at this point. Take some time now to associate yourself
with how the controls feel and how perspective changed according to how
you move around.

If you try to exit Rowdy's bar Fatima will pop out and tell you to first
find a job and get your gear - a camera and some cash. See the little
jumping white bug next to the door? That's a TimeMinder, a little 
creature that's said to bend time itself. It also acts as your save point
- click on it and save.

In the bar you will find a lady named Valesta. She wants you to find 
her friend Daenema and ask her about a job working with her. You'll 
have no choice but to take it. Now that you  have your job head to the
back of the bar and talk to the white haired girl (Marina) and her
bodyguard (Mardoman). Head to the right  and  into the corner to find
a ramp that leads upstairs to Boot's office. 

The camera is on the desk but the money is behind the locked door.
Go up to the door and hit the CTRL key to bring up Boot's WorldSkill,
the Lockpick. Click your cursor over the door and you'll enter the
lockpick skill screen.

(check the lockpick section for Boots in the Boots FAQ)

Once you have your items in place and you've spoken to everyone
leave. Make a special note of the white-headed woman you met and exit.

You'll get into your first fight - don't worry about the beating,
just take it.

Fatima will then appear, mock you a bit, and then suggest you freshen
your skills up at Whackmaster Jack's. Follow the signs near the
passageways and find the Whackmaster.

I can't stress enough that you absouletly need to talk to everyone
you come buy in this game and learn to notice oddities and the like.
People who stick out do so for a reason so don't forget about them
as the game progresses.

====> 01:001 Whackmaster Jack's

Whackmaster Jack's is going to be easy to find. It's got a ton of
blue neon lights around it and it will be (more than likely) south of
when you enter the Fountain Spiral.

Save your game at the TimeMinder and continue up the ramp; speak to the 
apparently elderly man to meet the Whackmaster. He will guide you on the
path of whack and beefiness so be perpared for the beatings! 

While at the Whackmaster you will learn:

1. Fighting
2. Moving in-battle
3. Using items in-battle
4. Recuperative items vs. Attack items
5. Using the area for fighting
6. Battle Skills

After you get done at the whackmaster's hut you will be able to fight
back. As a parting gift the old Whackmaster will give you an old
Vestra gun. It's extremely weak and will be a pain as you get started.
However the Fatima Screen that you can now use will allow you to cut
your damage back by almost 50%  so use it as often as you can
during a battle.

Now that you've gotten the whack down head out to the tenaments to
find Daenema, Valesta's friend.

====> 01:002 Grumpy Old Man

Follow the signs again to Fred's Flophouse. Once you arrive there
you can do two things:

1. Ask Fred where Daenema is and loose 5 loonies.
2. Pick every lock int the joint.

I suggest the latter ;) But to make things easier for you Daenema is
located in room A. Go in and talk to her.


Geeze, she looks like she's seen hell. Apparently Daenema is -well,
was in the shape she's in- a thief, and a very good one. She was hired
by a man named Maestrevos Grumpos, a MysTech researcher, to go into the
MysTech ruins and locate some MysTech for her. However, she wasn't ready
for what she found in there.

Whatever it was, it ripped her arm and leg right off. She barely made
it back. To top it off, the old man never paid her.

Boots wants to work for this guy?


After you talk with her you need to head off and find Maestrevos 
Grumpos. There is a bracelet located on the desk (Valesta's Bracelet)
that can up your agility.

You can perform a couple of sidequests here:

Sidequest 1: 5 Berubilian Photograhps

As you go through to find Frank's Flophouse you'll come across a
NoxGuard who is patroling the area near the path to Fountain Spiral.
He'll go on in a long tirade about Berubilians and how dirty and
evil they are. He will offer you 500 loonies to take pictures of
5 Berubilians - including their feet.

This is fairly easy and can generate a lot of cash. However, I asked
myself these questions:

1. Why would the game allow me to have such a huge amount of cash for
something so simple?
2. I can't understand what the berubilians say (at this time) - how do
I know he is telling the truth?

I decided to go ahead and not take the pictures. However, if you must,
you can find 1 at Rowdy's, 2 at the Junkyard Area, 1 in the Ghainax area,
and 2 at Whackmaster Jack's. Apart from these you may find a couple
talking to guards, especially around the tenemants area. 

I have NOT verified wether or not this one affects the game and from what
I've seen so far it may very well do so. AVOID IT unless you want to test
it for me ^_^

Sidequest 2: Locate Valesta

This particular sidequest won't give you any cash but it can help your rep
a bit. I don't know if this will help or hinder you in the future but I
did it 'cuz i'm such a nice guy. Daenema will tell you she feels lonely
and wants to see her friend. Go back to Rowdy's and talk to Valesta; she
will head out to see Daenema.

====> 01:002 Continued

Finishing the sidequests before this point isn't neccessary but it
can get them out of the way for future events that you can perform. 

Grumpos will be in the Ghallax area inside Building 5 - it's to the
left of the MysTech theater. You can walk around and talk to the people
before going on. Take the opportunity to locate the Berbulian in
the alley. 

***note - you can't understand him yet but I have a hunch he will
eventually do something. I'll keep checking with him and let you know.

Once you enter Building Five you can take a look at the apartment
directory to find Grumpos (C19). If you are having a hard time looking at
the apartment directory step back, face the directory, and use your
camera. Zoom in to find your target. 

Head to the "C" elevator and ride it up to the fourth floor. 

Find C19 on your right hand side and enter the cut scene


Hehehe so Boots is trying his old tricks. He used to be able to
pick almost any lock in the area in less than thirty seconds but
he's so out of practice that he'll probably get caught one day.

He's pulled off trickier stuff in the past so I don't put it
past him to get through...

Ah well, won't compare to the rough surprise he'll get once
he opens that door.


After Grumpos whacks you with the cane you'll get to talk to
him. He's looking for someone to go into the MysTech ruins and
aquire a rare MysTech item. It's dangerous down there - and
it's currently owned by private parties. 

If you want the job, you'll have to prove to Grumpos that you
can get what you need. In other to prove it you need to find a
size 5 NoxGuard helmet.

The normal way of doing this is by just walking around and
talking to every NoxGuard. The easy way is to go to your office
back at Rowdy's and check the sendernet on your pc to see a
message of an officer in the Platform Area who was complaining
about his ridiculously small helmet.

Or you can just go to the first floor of the Platform Area :D

While talking to the guard pick all the nice, persistant
answers. He'll eventually give you the helmet. Don't get greedy
because if you try to get more out of him he will fight you
and you WILL lose. 

Head back to Grumpo's apartment and go out the back way. He will
still be up in his workroom. Grumpos will give you the job but
he will have to go with you.

There's three sidequests you can perform at this point:

Sidequest 5: Finding Simon Langer

On your way around Anacrhonox you may have come across the 
Fountain Spiral Overlook. There is a lady there next to a
TimeMinder who will talk about her father's death at first.

Now that you've got Grumpos go back and talk to her. She will
ask you if you know where to find the man that killed her
father, Simon Langer. Pick the "Yes" option and you'll
answer her. You will get 75 loonies for the job.

Sidequest 6: Five of Many

There's a large ox-like alien within Whackmaster's Jack place
that is standing by the ring (to your right as you enter the
ring area). He'll ask you if you are part of the five. Say
"yes" to get a power up item for Grumpos (I still haven't
found the spot to do it at!)

====> 01:002 Continued

Go to the MysTech tunnels - they are in the same area that
Grumpo's Apartment is. You'll see a Midori Doorguard - these
guys are genetically bred to guard ANYTHING they are hired to
guard and do so excellently. Fighting one means sure death.

Fatima will suggest that, instead of dying, you try to find
the "Eddie" character that you've been hearing so much about.

====> 01:003 Finding Reason

*coming soon


I apologize for throwing this up so fast; like I said I had a couple of
minutes free and decided to start writing this out. Version 2.0 will 
have a ton of changes and more locations so keep an eye out!

This guide can currently be found on:

http://www.cheatcc.com (best bet!)
http://www.jonothonortiz.com (coming soon)
http://www.gamefaqs.com (best bet!)

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