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            Platform:   Playstation 3
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   4/05/2013

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O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

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 - Introduction......................................................[BSI-INT]
 - Controls..........................................................[BSI-CON]
 - Tips and Tricks...................................................[BSI-TIP]


 - Chapter 01:  The Lighthouse...............................[BSI-01]
 - Chapter 02:  Welcome Center...............................[BSI-02]
 - Chapter 03:  Raffle Square................................[BSI-03]
 - Chapter 04:  Comstock Center Rooftops.....................[BSI-04]
 - Chapter 05:  Monument Island Gateway......................[BSI-05]
 - Chapter 06:  Monument Tower...............................[BSI-06]
 - Chapter 07:  Battleship Bay...............................[BSI-07]
 - Chapter 08:  Soldier's Field..............................[BSI-08]
 - Chapter 09:  The Hall of Heroes...........................[BSI-09]
 - Chapter 10:  Inside the Hall of Heroes....................[BSI-10]
 - Chapter 11:  Hall of Heroes Gift Shop.....................[BSI-11]
 - Chapter 12:  Return to Hall of Hero's Plaza...............[BSI-12]
 - Chapter 13:  Finkton Docks................................[BSI-13]
 - Chapter 14:  Beggar's Wharf...............................[BSI-14]
 - Chapter 15:  Fort Franklin Pier...........................[BSI-15]
 - Chapter 16:  Worker Induction Center......................[BSI-16]
 - Chapter 17:  The Plaza of Zeal............................[BSI-17]
 - Chapter 18:  The Good Time Club...........................[BSI-18]
 - Chapter 19:  The Plaza of Zeal 2..........................[BSI-19]
 - Chapter 20:  The Gunsmith Shop............................[BSI-20]
 - Chapter 21:  Shantytown...................................[BSI-21]
 - Chapter 22:  The Bull House Impound.......................[BSI-22]
 - Chapter 23:  The Bull Yard................................[BSI-23]
 - Chapter 24:  Finkton Proper...............................[BSI-24]
 - Chapter 25:  On to the Factory............................[BSI-25]
 - Chapter 26:  The Factory Courtyard........................[BSI-26]
 - Chapter 27:  The Factory..................................[BSI-27]
 - Chapter 28:  Emporia......................................[BSI-28]
 - Chapter 29:  Port Prosperity..............................[BSI-29]
 - Chapter 30:  Downtown Emporia.............................[BSI-30]
 - Chapter 31:  Memorial Gardens.............................[BSI-31]
 - Chapter 32:  Comstock House...............................[BSI-32]
 - Chapter 33:  The Atrium...................................[BSI-33]
 - Chapter 34:  Warden's Office..............................[BSI-34]
 - Chapter 35:  The Operating Theater........................[BSI-35]
 - Chapter 36:  The Hand of the Prophet......................[BSI-36]
 - Chapter 37:  Hangar Deck..................................[BSI-37]
 - Chapter 38:  Engineering Deck.............................[BSI-38]
 - Chapter 39:  Command Deck.................................[BSI-39]
 - Chapter 40:  The Sea of Doors.............................[BSI-40]


 - Trophies..........................................................[BSI-TPH]
 - Version History...................................................[BSI-HIS]
 - Credits...........................................................[BSI-CRE]
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                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O

 Hey everybody, Bkstunt here with a guide for Bioshock Infinite.
 The original Bioshock is PROBABLY my favorite first-person shooter game
of all time. I've played a LOT of FPS games in my time and very rarely do
any of them grab me and become more than mindless slaughter. What fun is

 This is what made Bioshock different. It was not only more engrossing than
your average shooter but it made you THINK. With that fond memory firmly
implanted, I decided to take on this challenge.

 Hopefully you have your own fond memories and not only want to play
through Bioshock Infinite, but really EXPERIENCE it. That's where I come in
to help my friend. We'll go through the floating city together, and discover
everything we possibly can out of it. I'll make sure you are ready to get
through Columbia PHYSICALLY... so you can enjoy it even more MENTALLY.

 To those who have decided to join me again... welcome back. Good to have
you here with me once more.

 To all those who are new... good to meet you. Hopefully this guide is all
your looking for and more. 

 Enjoy the guide everyone!

 ~ Bkstunt


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~ Bk

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                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                               Controls                               >==O

 Here are the controls for Bioshock Infinite:

                _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |                            | _____  |
               |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

 |                                                                        |
 | Right Analog: Look Around.                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | Left Analog: Movement.                                                 |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Jump / Sky-Line Attach.                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square: Use / Reload.                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 |         Hold: Open Tear.                                               |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle: Melee. Hold to Execute.                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | Circle: Crouch.                                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 | R1: Fire Weapon.                                                       |
 |                                                                        |
 | L1: Fire Vigor.                                                        |
 |                                                                        |
 | R2: Switch Weapon.                                                     |
 |                                                                        |
 | L2: Switch Vigor.                                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 |     Hold: Open Radial Vigor Menu.                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | R3: Toggle Iron Sights.                                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | L3: Sprint.                                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | UP Button: Display NAV Aid.                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | DOWN Button: Replay Voxophone.                                         |
 |                                                                        |

                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                           MAIN WALKTHROUGH                           >==O

                          Chapter 01: The Lighthouse                  [BSI-01]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 We'll start out in a rowboat listening to the two characters in front of us
have an interesting conversation. The lady will also hand you a box containing
some useful items. Hmm, experiment, huh? Interesting. Soon we'll be at a dock
and you can climb the ladder on the left (try sitting there for a bit to hear
them make a remark about you).

 When you get out they'll leave you without so much as telling you when they'll
be back. Examine the shed to the left for [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] on the floor,
which is this game's currency. Head forward now and make your way up to the
lighthouse. When you reach the door go check out the path on the left to find
another [_SILVER EAGLE_] and a searchable [_BARREL_] in the corner. This barrel
is a "container" and will contain some useful items. There's a lot of these
types of containers throughout the game, much like previous Bioshock games.

 Head back on the door and knock. Booker will open it. You can check out the
note on the door as well. Once inside, ignore the basin in front of you and
check the dresser behind it. Here pick up the [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and eat the
[_FOOD_] if you wish. There's a [_BARREL_] back here too.

 Go use the basin if you wish (you get Booker to say a comment) and then head
up a flight of stairs.

 Up here search the [_CABINET_] to your left. Under the bed in this room is
a [_WALLET_] you should also grab for a nice cash infusion. You can also use
the radio and sink in here if you wish, although it's really not necessary.
Above the radio is some [_FOOD_] and [_SALT_] as well (neither of which we
need yet). Head on up the next set of stairs.

 Well, up here it looks like someone's been tortured. A message, perhaps?
On the table to the right are [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. You can also loot another
[_BARREL_] in here before heading up once more.

 You'll climb for a ways now but soon you'll be at the top of the lighthouse.
Once you see the bells, head past them to find a [_BARREL_], then go back and
use them. Here Booker will pull out a card:

 KEY x2
 This is the order which you're supposed to ring the bells in. Pretty simple,
right. Go ahead and ring them (Left to Right) and watch the scene. Soon the
door will open. Once it does go sit down. Sit back! Enjoy the ride!

                          Chapter 02: Welcome Center                  [BSI-02]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Well, here we are in Columbia. What a view! Once you are free you'll be
given an objective and also taught how to navigate to it by pressing the up
arrow. Handy! Of course you guys have me... what!? I'm handy too!

 o OBJECTIVE: Find a way into the City
 Search underneath the stained-glass window in front of you for some
[_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and then head left. You'll be in a circular room soon.
Head right here into a chapel area. In the right cubby is a [_BASKET_] to
search and [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] on the table with the candles. The center
area has [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] as well as a [_GIFT_] to search. Finally, the
left cubby has a [_HATBOX_] and [_FIDDLE CASE_] to search.

 Head back out to the central area and head to the other chapel area on the
other side. If you head right to get there Booker will talk to the man
standing nearby. Over in the other chapel area you can search a [_BAG_] in
the pews. In the right cubby is your first [_VOXOPHONE_], which are just like
the audio logs in previous games. Good stuff! The center area has [_SILVER
EAGLE x5_] while the left cubby has a [_GIFT_] and lone [_SILVER EAGLE_].

 Head back out to the center area and head down the stairs past the man.
Keep heading forward here as the preacher carry's on (they have a tendency to
do that, I hear). Soon you'll see the throng of people. Head forward and enter
the circle.

 Here you really have no choice but to "Accept Baptism". Go ahead and do it.
After the second plunge you'll wake up to someone banging on a door. Take a
look around for a peek at Booker's life and answer the door to see a scene.

  New Garden of Eden

 Once you come to, take a look at the statues. Key, Sword, Scroll. Makes sense,
given what our founder's did. We need to make our way to a landmark.

 o OBJECTIVE: Locate the statue of Columbia
 Climb the stairs and check the benches for [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and [_FOOD_],
which you actually need now. Head forward while listening to the disciples.
When you see the pond on the left jump in for [_SILVER EAGLE x4_] and some
more [_FOOD_]. As you go on you can check a gazebo on the left for another
piece of [_FOOD_]. Open the doors you find to continue on.

  New Eden Square

 Here you can find a [_TRASHCAN_] on the left to search. The popcorn stand
also has [_FOOD x2_] if you want it. You apparently don't have to pay for it
either (you thief you). 

 Wow, the statue out here is just... spectacular. To the right you can reach
a shop. To the right of the shop (outside) are [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and some
[_FOOD_] down on the ground near a bench. Inside the shop you can listen to a
man bellyache for awhile. More importantly there is a [_KINETOSCOPE_] in here,
which when used is similar to watching a black and white movie. Cool! Behind
the counter is a [_VOXOPHONE_] as well. There's a RADIO you can use in here as
well but it doesn't do much. Too bad we can't buy stuff!

 Head back outside and follow the objective marker. In the cafe on the right
are some [_FOOD x2_] on one of the tables if you still need it. Head down the
street. On the first steps to the right is some [_SALT_] (not that we need it).
Up the street on the left are [_FOOD x2_] on a table and a [_TRASHCAN_], so be
on the lookout for them. The mechanical horse here is pretty cool. At the end
of the street you'll have to wait a bit for a mini-parade to go by, which helps
to sum up how Comstock sees the future. Interesting.

 The road will open up once it passes. In the grassy area past the bridge is
some [_FOOD_] (Mmm, Cotton Candy!). Head up the stairs. In this general area,
you can find [_BARREL x3_] (one by the stairs, two by the store), a
[_TRASHCAN_] (by the stairs on the left) and a [_KINETOSCOPE_] to the left of

 In the Grocery Store, you can rob the "Honor System" of [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]
if you wish. There is a [_BARREL_] here as well as [_FOOD_] and [_SALT_] items,
including some BOOZE (which naturally makes you a bit tipsy). There is a box
of [_CULTERY_] here as well to search. The [_FIRST AID KIT_] here doesn't do
anything for you if your health is full.

 Outside you'll have to choose to go left or right. The game wants us to go
right so head left up the stairs. A barbershop quartet will rise as you do so
and began to serenade you. And yes, that is the Beachboys. And yes, this is
supposedly 1912. Yeah... good tune though.

 Past the bridge check the bench on the left for a [_PURSE_]. The lady here
will try to sell you a bouquet, which Booker will turn down. To the right is
a [_TRASHCAN_], and past that is a garden area. There is a [_TOOLBOX_] you can
search here and further in a [_VOXOPHONE_] on a table. The table also has
[_FOOD x2_] and a [_WALLET_]. 

 Head back now and take the right path. The left area by the fireworks has
a [_BARREL_] and [_FOOD x2_] and some [_SALT_]. Up ahead by the right hand
wall there are some kids playing. Behind them is a treasure trove of apples
which means [_FOOD x5_]. There is a [_BARREL_] nearby too. You should be well
over 100 bucks by now!

 Head up the next set of stairs and you'll see the statue. A kid will hand
you a telegram here as well. #77 huh? That's like ASKING us to pick it! Heh.

 o OBJECTIVE: Go to Monument Island and find the Girl
 Here, head to the left. You'll find a [_TELESCOPE_] here with a [_SILVER
EAGLE_] nearby. It really doesn't show anything useful though. Nearby is a
[_TRASHCAN_] with [_FOOD_] and [_SALT_] on top of it. Head back and take the
other direction now. Down the road to the left (below where you were) is
another [_TRASHCAN_] with [_FOOD x2_] and [_SALT_] nearby.

 After grabbing that, head back and up the stairs (the street to the left has
nothing interesting, but you're welcome to explore it). Up another set of
stairs will be a salesman preaching the wonders of VIGOR to everyone nearby,
with two assistants to demonstrate some powers. Feel free to check it out to
get a glimpse of what you'll be able to do in the future. The wall opposite
the salesman has a [_KINETOSCOPE_] by it. Hah, the video here is, well...
we know a lot more than we did a year ago...

  The Fairgrounds
 Wow, this is a spectacle.
 The cart on the right has [_FOOD x2_] in in. Let's explore this right street
first, shall we? Keep an eye on the right to find the SKY-LINE VOX tent. Here
you can interact with the AIR SHOTGUN to play the game.

 |  This mini-game is pretty easy. You have an Air Shotgun and need to
 |  blast moving Vox targets to bits. They come in on three separate rails
 |  but you can blast whatever you see: there are no bad targets. Focus on
 |  shooting them as soon as they show up and get in place for your next
 |  shot while you reload. With a little practice First Place will be
 |  yours easily enough!

 Behind the Vox booth is a juggler. Search the [_TRASHCAN_] behind him. To
his left is the HIGH STRIKER, a traditional fair game. Booker will win this
every time you try it and there are no prizes. Further down the street is a
mechanical horse display. Search the right wall for a [_TRASHCAN_] and a
[_CRATE_]. There's some kids smoking! Heh.

 Let's head back down the street to the entrance and play the "Cast Out the
Devil" game (the one with all the flames).

 |  This mini-game is VERY easy. You are basically looking for wherever the
 |  "Devil" is hiding and then using the vigor to lift him up! He'll always
 |  be hiding behind one of the chairs and is very easy to see. Just be sure
 |  to shoot at him when the woman IS NOT in the way.
 |  The game is so easy that you only get a single prize: SILVER EAGLE PURSE.

 Well, that was easy. Behind you is a skyline display. To its left is a
[_CRATE_] you can search. There is a VENDING MACHINE nearby as well, but it's
only got "Bucking Bronco" in it for $375... a little too rich for us right now!

 To the left of that is a game called "Hunt Down the Vox", a chance to
practice our marksmanship some more!

 |  This mini-game is more challenging than the other two. We have a rifle
 |  here and need to take down the Vox that pop up. They only pop up in
 |  three places though, so it's easy to get into a groove. However, the BEST
 |  tip I can give you is to use R3 and AIM down the scope. Doing this you
 |  should be able to hit your targets much more effectively!
 |  At some point during the mini-game, "Daisy Fitzroy" will appear and
 |  move in the FAR background. Go ahead and try to shoot him. You don't
 |  NEED to to win, but it can't hurt.

(-NOTE-) I'm pretty sure shooting "Daisy Fitzroy" here just ups your points
         or something. If you know better, send me an email.
 Well, that was fun. You can head up the stairs nearby to see a Voxophone
display (and try out a demo if you wish for some Booker dialog). Past the
rifle mini-game is a band and a Handyman on display. You just KNOW you are
going to have to fight one of these things! Ha!

 Go check out the nearby green both now. This is the POSSESSION both. Here,
grab a free sample of [_POSSESSION_] from the girl to get your first Vigor!
You'll see a sample movie of someone turning a machine into an ally once you
use it!

 POSSESSION: With Possession equipped, press L1 to make a machine friendly
             to you.
 Well, this can certainly come in handy. The booth also has a supply of
[_SALT x3_] in it but you should be full. Nearby is a TICKET BOOTH we need
to use POSSESSION on. Do so and open the way forward. You can turn around and
fill up your Salt with a nearby [_SALT MACHINE_] by the right stairs. There's
also some [_FOOD_] up there on a table if you want to explore this little
cubby but its hardly necessary. Enter the gate past the ticket booth once you
are ready.

 Here you'll have to flip a coin for an odd couple. Head or tails!? Booker
will pick tails here on his own and of course he is wrong. Look at the man's
billboard. Hmm...

 Path of the Scroll
 Here, check the left wall for the [_BARREL x2_]. There is a vending machine
in this area as well that sells Food and Salt, though we hardly need it:

  VENDING MACHINE - Path of the Scroll
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 Head up the stairs and in the center area the women will comment on you.
Heh! Search the [_BASKET_] here and eat the [_FOOD_] if you wish. There are
three doors up here as well. The middle one has [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] by it.

 Head down the road now and stick to the upper right. You can find a [_BARREL_]
and a [_TRASHCAN_] by the right-hand wall as you go. Head back and go down the
stairs now. There's a couple talking in a corner. They are actually leaning
against a [_TRASHCAN_] that you can search if you try (this one is hard to get
but if you duck and move slowly you can get it). Continue on and you'll see
some police officers with a skyhook. Looks fun.

 Continue down the road. You can hold square to look at a distant statue if
you wish, but grab the [_TRASHCAN_] on the right. To the right of the kids is
a [_PICNIC BASKET_] as well. Go search the bench below the statue for some
[_FOOD_] and a [_VOXOPHONE_].

 Further on look to the right for a [_TRASHCAN_] and then look by the cart on
the right for a [_BARREL_] and go up the left stairs to find some [_BARREL x2_]
near the wall. Head back down and the game will teach you how to sprint by
pressing L3. We may need that soon as a sign says the "False Shepherd" will
have the mark "AD" on his hand. Booker takes a second to notice that he has
that mark... where the hell did that come from!? This makes this entire
mission seem fishy...

                          Chapter 03: Raffle Square                   [BSI-03]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Past the big gate, go search near the far bench for a [_PURSE_]. Head up the
stairs now and notice the street to the left. You can find a [_BARREL_], a
[_MAILBOX_] and a [_PURSE_] by sticking to the left hand wall here. The wagon
at the end has a [_CULTERY BOX_] in the back of it as well. One of the benches
on the right-hand side has some [_FOOD_], [_SALT_] and a [_BASKET_].

 Head up another set of stairs. You'll see some people in a line. There's a
cart to the right with a [_BARREL_] near it. There's also another vending
machine up here, although again we don't need it.

 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19

 Head up the stairs to a fountain area now. There's some [_FOOD_] and a
[_TRASHCAN_] here. Grab them and carry on. You'll enter the main area soon
and will get trapped by people. Here a woman will yell over to you and offer
you a ball. We have no choice here but to talk to the woman (similar to the
baptism thing...). Go ahead and take a ball. You'll win, of course.
Go figure. Your prize? First throw!

 At this point a couple will come out on stage. A white man and a black
woman. Well, nothing screams party like good ol-fashioned racism. We have
a choice here:


 [7777 SELF NOTE: Need to replay this and insert differences]
 Let's throw it at the announcer here. As you try a policeman will grab your
hand and notice the AD on it. Watch the scene here as Booker demonstrates his
awesomeness and gets free. The game will also teach you to melee now by
pressing TRIANGLE, so go ahead and try it to kill the other policeman.

 o OBJECTIVE: Fight your way to Monument Island
 Two more policemen will come down, so take them out with melee attacks. The
game will teach you to HOLD triangle down on enemies with a skull over their
heads to finish them off. Keep that in mind as these finishing moves look
awesome. Once they are dead loot the corpses (ALWAYS try to loot the corpses!)
and continue.

 Up the stairs are two more policemen. Take them out. To the left is a
[_TRASHCAN_]. Up ahead the bridge will raise up and protect the civilians.
Some more police will come in now, and one has a pistol. Wait until he is
reloading to charge him by using the obstacles in the way to stand behind.
Once you take him out you will have a [_PISTOL_] of your own!

 The center stall has a [_FIRST AID KIT_] in it in case you took any damage,
and the nearby cart has some [_SALT_] and a [_CRATE_] in it. Keep on going.
Down the stairs is a [_BARREL_] to the left. Also check between the cages
down here for a [_VOXOPHONE_]. There's some Rotten Apples here too that will
actually hurt your health, so don't eat them.

 Nearby is a Vending Machine but by it is a [_SILVER EAGLE BAG_]. This
vending machine is actually different!

  VENDING MACHINE - Raffle Park 2
 o Possession Aid  $50
 This little aid adds the ability to possess humans who suicide when the
effect expires, making it a MUST BUY. Especially if you've been following the
guide since you are rolling in cash!

 POSSESSION AID 1: Press L1 to turn machines OR PEOPLE into allies!
                   Hole and release L1 to create a Possession trap.
 Man, that is sweet. We can create traps now. Grab the [_BARREL_] by the
ramp and then head up it. Search the [_CRATE_] right in front of you. Head
forward and a policeman will show up. I tried out my possession vigor here
and he beat himself to death with a club. Oh man!

 There's some [_TOOLBOX x2_] here to the left and to the right. Play with the
fireworks if you wish. Up ahead to the left is [_BARREL x2_] and to the right
is some [_SALT_] and [_PISTOL AMMO_]. Now, use Possession on the machine up
ahead. This will make the machine gun down some policemen that show up, saving
you time and ammo! Ha! Jump down and help it mop up as you'll kill six all

 You are now back in the first part of Raffle Park and need to head right.
You can use the first vending machine if you wish. It HAS changed its stock
and has now added pistol ammo in case you need it:

 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8
 Wow, that's some cheap ammo. Now, up ahead overlooking the street below
is another turret. Go ahead and use Possession on it as there are four
policemen down below. Be careful of it turning back though. I ended up taking
the turret out after it helped me by going over to the left of the vending
machine and shooting it, then ducking to the left when it fires, then waiting
for it to forget about me and shooting it some more.

 Down on the street you can loot corpses and approach the gate. To the left
of it is a blue police box with [_SALT_] and [_PISTOL AMMO_]. Past the gate
kill two more policeman. Search the left wall for a [_BARREL_]. There's a
small store here too that you can raid for a [_BARREL_] in a corner and the
[_COIN PURSE_] and [_CASH REGISTER_] on the counter. The doors in here open up
as well when you approach them to reveal [_SILVER EAGLE x3_], some [_BOOZE x2_]
a [_PISTOL_] and [_PISTOL AMMO_].

 Outside to the left (past the shop) is another [_BARREL_]. Down the street
in a cart is some [_SALT KIT_] and a [_FIRST AID KIT_] in the front and a
[_CUTLERY BOX_] in the back. When you're ready, open the gate!

 Here you will fight a FIREMAN! He shoots fire at you from a distance and
tries to close in on you. When he gets close he'll burn up everything around
him. Stay at range and unload on him. It'll take a couple of clips but you can
drop him rather easily.

 o OBJECTIVE: Take the Vigor from the Fireman
 When he's dead go ahead and pick up his lockbox and the Vigor "Devil's Kiss".
The animations that follow afterward and just plain awesome!

 DEVIL'S KISS: With Devil's Kiss equipped, press L1 to throw a fiery grenade.
               Hold and release L1 to create an explosive trap.
 Now that he's dead, let's explore. A blue police box to the left of where
you came in at has a [_SALT KIT_] and some [_PISTOL AMMO_]. Continue on and
head up the stairs on the right. With this high ground you can see another
turret up ahead. Use Possession on it.

(-TIP!-) Hold down L2 to easily swap between Vigors!

 This will make it kill several policemen that charge you. Be sure to retreat
and kill the turret afterwards (the gazebo is a good spot). Down below you can
search under the fireworks for [_CRATE x2_] and can find some [_SALT_] in a
blue police box. Head past the gate now.

 Up ahead is the Blue Ribbon restaurant. Behind the center hostess booth is
a [_PISTOL_], [_PISTOL AMMO x2_] and a [_SALT KIT_]. To the right around the
corner is a [_TRASHCAN_] and to the left is [_FOOD x3_] on a table. Go ahead
and enter the restaurant now.

                    Chapter 04: Comstock Center Rooftops              [BSI-04]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 In front of you is a [_SALT KIT_] and some [_SALT_]. To the right on the
counter are [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. Behind the counter is some [_PISTOL AMMO_]
and some [_BOOZE_]. There's a [_CABINET_] nearby you can search as well. Head
forward now.

(-NOTE-) If you played the pre-order game Industrial Revolution, you can
         get some of your prizes at this time. The game will tell you that
         you must get them before leaving to Monument Island.
 Up ahead of you are no less than [_KINETOSCOPE x3_]. THREE! They tell, in
a brief summation, how and why Columbia left America. Interesting.

 Check the nearby table for [_FOOD_], [_SALT_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x3_].
There's also a LOT of BOOZE and CIGARETTES in this area if you want to hurt
your salt. On the main bar is a [_CASH REGISTER_] and a [_SALT KIT_]. Behind
the counter is a [_FIRST AID KIT_], a [_WALLET_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. A
nearby room also has some Wine and a Sink in it... not that either of those
do you much good...

(-NOTE-) One of the tables in the back should have your Industrial Revolution
         items on it. You will get the following message:
  Gear is special clothing that grants you unique abilities.
  You can only wear 4 pieces at a time (one per type).
  Manage your Gear from the Gameplay Menu.

 Now, gather the items on the table for the below items:
 NEW BOOTS! [_FLEET FEET_]: When evading, movement speeds are increased.
                            Affects side strafing and backpedaling.
 NEW BOOTS! [_HANDYMAN NEMESIS_]: Increased damage against Handymen by 50%.

 NEW SHIRT! [_SUGAR RUSH_]: After eating a snack, move 50% faster for 3

 You should also find a [_GOLD BAR_] on the table (500 Silver Eagles!).

 If you DO NOT have an Industrial Revolution code... that kinda sucks. Oh
well, you can get by without all this crap, trust me. The table should have
some [_SALT_] on it.

 Now to continue on we have to take the [_SHIELD UPGRADE_] from the lady
standing in our way.

 SHIELD: Adds a magnetic-repulsive field to improve defense.
 We now have a shield. And yes, it can recharge. The dialog after drinking
the tonic is quite funny. Who exactly ARE these people!?

 Well, let's continue on into the kitchen. There's a TON of FOOD and SALT in
here, so I won't point it out. To the right are some [_BARREL x2_] and a
[_CRATE_]. Past that is a [_VOXOPHONE_]. To the left of the doors we entered
is a pot full of [_SILVER EAGLES_].

 Continue on out the back and grab the [_BARREL x2_] you find and the single
[_CRATE_] past that. There's a bunch of [_BOOZE_] on a chair further on but
it's unneeded. Head outside now and follow the path to a dead end.

 Here, look to the left and you'll see a hook in the distance. The game will
tell you to hook onto it by facing it and pressing 'X'. Use it with the next
one and the next! You can drop down below to search [_CRATE x2_], but you want
to head to the last hook to see an enemy in the distance.

 The game will now teach you to hover over them and use 'X' to do a "Skyline
Strike". Try it out. You'll not only automatically kill him but you'll make
him drop his [_MACHINE GUN_]. This gives you a second weapon! The game will
also tell you to press R2 to switch weapons.

 Grab the nearby [_MACHINE GUN_] and [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x2_], as well as a
[_TOOLBOX_] to the right. Further on are some soldier with machine guns. Get
the drop on them and use cover. Your shield really shows how useful it is now.
Down below search the place for a [_SALT KIT_] and a [_BARREL_]. When you are
in front of the barrel you can turn around and search for [_TRASHCAN x2_].

 Continue on and stick to the right wall. There will be a small shop with
a [_SALT KIT_], a [_BAG_], a [_CRATE_] and [_BARREL x2_]. Outside is a turret
that I choose to kill while using the shop as cover. There's also a [_MACHINE
GUN_] and [_MACHINE GUN AMMO_] by some crates out there to the left (which you
may have got on your way over here).

 Further on you'll meet some more soldiers. Possession is good here. Up the
stairs to the left can give you an overview of the area but puts you in harms
way (there's some Booze and Cigs up here too). I'd use the ground path as it
provides more cover. As you press forward you'll see a ship with plenty of
soldiers on it. If you can, use Possession on the turret at the back of the
ship. I never did but it would undoubtedly help. Be sure to destroy it after
as well. Beware of enemies running around the area to melee you. This area
has [_SALT x2_] on the left wall near the ship if you need it.

 Once you clear out the ship head right. The right wall has a [_CRATE_] and
some [_BARREL x2_] on it. You can now jump down to the next rooftop. Here we
can break the windows and jump down into the building...

  Lansdowne Residence
 Home Invasion! Heh. You can grab the [_SALT_] from the table if you need it
and then search the [_PURSE_], [_CABINENT_] and [_DESK_]. Head downstairs now.
The desk by the bathroom has [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and some [_FOOD_]. The nearby
room has a CHEST in it that is LOCKED. The game will explain here:

 - Optional quests give you an opportunity to find valuable resources. Stay
   alert for a key that may open this chest.
 o OPTIONAL: Find the key that fits the lock

 Ok then. We can search the [_CABINET_] and [_NIGHTSTAND x2_] here. There's
also a [_WALLET_] on the nightstand. Be sure to grab the [_VOXOPHONE_] and
[_MACHINE GUN AMMO_] as well. Sounds like the "Feathered Brothers" have our

 Head down to the main floor now and search the [_DESK_] as the man tells you
he is a progressive. OK... grab the [_SILVER EAGLE PURSE_] and [_FOOD x2_] from
the table. The far cabinet also has a [_SALT KIT_] and a [_SILVER BAR_] on it.
Head back up to the top floor now and out to the terrace. There's some Booze
out here if you wish. Use the hook to advance. You can drop down to the
platform below you for [_CRATE x2_], so grab them and launch yourself onward!

 You can search this outside area for a table with Wine, [_FOOD x3_] and
[_SILVER EAGLE x2_]. Head into the doors to continue.

  Montgomery Residence
 In here the game will tell you to consider NOT shooting first... a foreign
concept to so many, I'll bet. The right cubby has [_BARREL x2_] in it. Grab
them and enter the next set of doors. You'll see these people run a few
printing presses. The police will come and go if you stay quiet. To the left
of the far doors is a [_PURSE_] you can search. Go down the hall the people
are in now. The bathroom here has a [_FIRST AID KIT_] in it if you need it.
The door across the way has a [_FIRST AID KIT_] as well as [_DESK x2_] to
search. I'm guessing that harboring black people is a risky business in
Columbia. The photo of Lincoln here is well placed.

 Head out to the big room now. The desk to your left against the wall has a
[_WALLET_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] on it as well as some Whisky. The chair
in the corner has some [_SALT_] and a [_MACHINE GUN_]. A small table in the
middle of the room has some cigs and a [_WALLET_]. The big table at the end
of the room has a [_BAG_] and some more cigarettes.

 Once you are done raiding the house use the doors to exit. Outside to the
left you will have to fight off a group of soldiers. This group includes a
Fireman in their midst, so try to Possession one of them and use the nearby
stalls as cover. Beware of any enemies coming out of the house you were in,
as I had one do that. There is also a turret in the distance that you can try
to Possess as well, but remember to destroy it no matter what you do.

 Once they are dead grab the nearby [_SALT KIT_] to refill. There is a
vending machine here as well. Note that it is now stocking Machine Gun ammo.

  VENDING MACHINE - Outside of Montgomery Residence
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8
 Once you're done with that go down the stairs to the booth. You can find
a [_VOXOPHONE_] here from the famous marksman Preston E. Downs. You can find
[_CRATE x5_] behind the display (one on it, one behind the cart, one by a
tent, two by some stairs). There's also a [_FIRST AID KIT_] down here as well.
Head back up and explore the stack of crates all the enemies were by. There
are [_CRATE x2_] here you can search (one of them is behind the wagon wheel).
Beyond the statue to the left is a [_TRASHCAN_] with some [_FOOD_] and [_SALT_]
on it and up above on the upper left street you can find [_CRATE x2_]. Once
you  have gathered up all these goodies feel free to carry on, following the
objective arrow through some doors into a creepy area.

 On the statue in here is a [_FIRST AID KIT_] and some [_PISTOL AMMO_] and
behind it is a [_SALT KIT_]. Enter the next set of doors now. Amidst the
rotten food is some [_FOOD_] (an apple) but... ewww. To the left under the
robe rack is [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and there's another [_SALT KIT_] past that.

 In the next room is a statue of John Wilkes Booth, one of the last people
you want a statue of. Head into the left room now and some people will see you
here, wait a second, and become hostile. Take all three of them out. Search
the [_CIGAR BOX_] on the first table. There is a LOT of booze and vices in
here. On the bar is a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Behind the bar is some [_PISTOL AMMO_],
a [_FIRST AID KIT_], a [_PURSE_] and a [_SALT KIT_]. The right end of the bar
also has [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. There is some [_SALT_] on one of the tables in
here too.

 Let's take the other exit out of the bar to find a library of sorts. The
table on the right here has a [_SILVER EAGLE_] while the far cubby has a
[_MACHINE GUN_]. The next room is a dining hall. There's another very wrong
painting here. The only thing that is interesting in here is halfway down the
table on the left side: [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and a [_PISTOL_]. Grab them and
follow the room around back to the lobby.

 Out here head up the staircase and continue on. You'll see a meeting taking
place down below you. Take note that the statue up here has a [_FIRST AID KIT_]
and a [_SALT KIT_] next to him. Now take either way downwards. Soon all those
cultist dudes will rush you! It's a good idea to either possess one, use a trap
or throw down some fire in the choke-point by the stairs. Others will take the
other way up. Most of them have melee weapons but a few have guns so be careful
and take them out, using the statue supplies afterward if you need to.

 Down below in the pews is a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Wow.. yeah, some people are just
nuts. Up on the stage is the [_KEY TO THE CHEST_]. Nice! Next, the [_INFUSION_]
Tonic which lets you either:

 - Increase your maximum health.
 - Increase your shield capacity.
 - Increases your salt capacity.
 This is really your choice, but I chose shield. Let's continue on to the next
area where you'll hear a radio announcement about you. There's nothing to do
in here besides listen, so once its over head left and enter the elevator then
push the button. You'll come up to another lobby area with a vending machine
on the other side of the room divider:

  VENDING MACHINE - Fraternal Order
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8

 Stock up and head into the next room. On the table here is a [_SALT KIT_],
a [_SILVER EAGLE PURSE_] and a group of [_SILVER EAGLES_]. To the left is a
white bookshelf that you can move when prompted.

 Behind it is a [_BARREL_], a [_CRATE_] and a package of [_GEAR_]!
 NEW PANTS! [_HEAD MASTER_]: Increases critical hit damage by 50%.

 Now THAT is a good piece of gear. Head out now and into the room directly
across from you. In here search the right cubby for some [_MACHINE GUN AMMO_],
a [_VOXOPHONE_], and search the [_DESK x2_]. Head onward down the middle path
now and you'll soon see a scene where a poor Chinese guy is just ripped to
shreds. The Crow (that's his name) will teleport off before you can engage.

 Don't worry, he didn't go far. Note the [_FIRST AID KIT_] and [_SALT KIT_]
nearby and chase after him. He attacks with the (new) Vigor "Murder of Crows"
and will try to rush you and stab you with his sword. He can also teleport
around when he's taking damage. Note that you can EASILY follow the trail of
crows and see where he pops up. It is recommended to use Devils Kiss and the
Machine Gun in this fight.

(-NOTE-) Do your best NOT to kill him down in the water areas as I've seen
         the Vigor disappear. If this does happen to you, go ahead and use
         the "Restart Checkpoint" feature and you'll likely get the Vigor
         to appear near his corpse.

 Once you drop him you can raid his body and pick up the "Murder of Crows".

 MURDER OF CROWS: Press L1 to summon murderous Crows to stun and damage your
                  Hold and release L1 to create a nest trap. Enemies take
                  more damage during crow attacks.

 After you hit accept a group of soldiers will charge you down the middle
lane. This is a great chance to try out Murder of Crows. Stun them and aim
for the head with your pistol to easily take them out. At the end of the
walkway is a [_SALT KIT_] as well.

 Head past the statue and up either set of steps. Up here is a broken-down
vending machine, but next to it is a piece of [_GEAR_]! This should be your
second piece!

 NEW HAT! [_BURNING HALO_]: 70% chance that a melee target is set ablaze.
                            Victim takes 300 damage over 4 seconds.
 VERY nice. Seriously makes melee worth it even more! Head onward. The PA
announcement is funny here. Through the next set of doors you'll be outside.
Out here to the left is a [_SILVER EAGLE PURSE_] and some wine. Also, be sure
to jump over to the airship to the left and use the [_TELESCOPE_] as it counts
to the "Sightseeing" trophy. Booker will notice the Gondola station soon as

 o OBJECTIVE: Go to the Gondola Station

 Now let's use our skyhook to grapple the hook in the distance. Down below
you can search the [_CRATE x2_]. Use the hooks again and on the next balcony
search the tables for some [_SALT_] and a [_BASKET_] on the ground. You can
head inside here. The first and second room have a LOT of food ([_FOOD x5_]),
but be sure to check the second room for [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. You can hear a
woman giving the police a description here as well.

 You can head downstairs and check the [_DESK_] and snatch a [_PURSE_]
sitting on it. Further in you can get in a fight with three policemen and
destroy your picture (which looks nothing like you). The big room has some
[_FOOD x2_] but that's all. Head back out to the balcony now.

 Use the hooks to continue and at the big area up ahead two soldiers will
be patrolling. You can take one out with a skyline strike easily enough. The
lower two floors have [_CRATE x2_] while the upper one has a [_FIRST AID KIT_],
some [_MACHINE GUN AMMO_] and [_CRATE x2_] of its own. Head to the doors now
(grab the [_TRASHCAN_] on the right) and enter the station.

                     Chapter 05: Monument Island Gateway              [BSI-05]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 o OBJECTIVE: Find a gondola to Monument Island
 To the right in here is a [_TRASHCAN_] and a [_KINETOSCOPE_]. To the left
you can find [_SALT x2_] on the ground as well as a Vending Machine AND a
Vigor Machine.

  VENDING MACHINE - Monument Island Gateway
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8

  VIGOR MACHINE - Monument Island Gateway
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241

 Well, those Vigor aids are DAMNED EXPENSIVE. I guess I'm passing on them
for now. In the next area you'll have a good fight on your hands. You can
bait and kill 2-3 policemen from the safety of the vending machine area.
Head into the next room and use the large columns as a shield while picking
off more enemies. There is a turret up ahead that you can possess by getting
in close using the sides of the area. Up ahead are 6-8 more policeman as well.

 If you need help (or when everyone is dead) you can find a [_SALT KIT_] and
[_FIRST AID KIT_] in the middle of the area by a [_CRATE_]. To the left by a
column is another [_SALT KIT_] and to the right behind the first police barrier
is some [_MACHINE GUN AMMO_] and a small [_FIRST AID KIT_].

 Head forward now. You can examine the office on the right for a [_PURSE_],
[_MACHINE GUN_], a [_FIRST AID KIT_] and a [_SILVER EAGLE_], as well as a
rotten banana (ew) and some booze and cigarettes. Let's go check out the
center booth now. Through one of the windows you can search a [_DESK_] as
well as grab [_SILVER EAGLE STACK x2_]. Very nice. The left office has a lot
to search including [_DESK x2_] and [_CABINET x2_]. Who leaves cotton candy in
a post-office box!? Really!? Be sure to grab the [_SILVER EAGLE STACK x2_] by
the safe as well before leaving through the far doors.

 Out here you can go through some doors on the right to get to the center
office. You can grab those items from earlier now as well as search some
[_CAINET x2_]. Outside there's another set of vending machines, but their
contents haven't really changed at all.

  VENDING MACHINE - Monument Island Gateway 2
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8

  VIGOR MACHINE - Monument Island Gateway 2
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241

 Head forward and the automated airship pilot guy will tell you the ride is
out of commission. Booker will mention taking the skyline manually here (over
and over if you stay still long enough). On the ship is [_TRASHCAN x2_], a
[_BAG_] you can search and some [_SALT_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. Well, I guess
it is time to take the skyline. Attach yourself to it the same way you would
as a sky hook.

 Left Analog Stick: Throttle
 L1: Lock-On Target
 Circle: Reverse
 'X': Strike
 'X': Dismount
 Using the Skyline is pretty easy. The most important thing to note is that
the left analog stick can slow you down and speed you up. You can lock on to
targets as well. Circle will make you travel back the way you came while the
'X' button is contextual and can hurt foes or make you dismount.

 Ride it forward and get a feel for it. You'll soon be by a docking area where
you can skyline strike a foe. Take him out and watch for another police officer
to rush you afterward. Out in the air there is a [_TELESCOPE_] to use. Inside
the building is an office with [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and a TON of beer. There is
also a rare [_INFUSION_] Vigor as well (I picked Shield again).

 Head back out and use the skyline to proceed. Once you get in the building
slow up and skyline strike the guard. In the left cubby you won't find anything
but to the right you can find a [_SALT KIT_] and a [_VOXOPHONE_]. The right
side also has a lever you can use to advance the cargo. Do so to open the way

 Continue on and you'll see a policeman airship. You can skyline strike
someone here and then either start a fight from the ship or jump down to kill
off 3 more policemen (or both!). Take them out and jump down. Down here there
is a total of [_BARREL x6_] and some items in the back of some of the carts
(some [_SALT_] and a [_SALT KIT_]). Once you've grabbed them all look for a
HOOK across from where the police ship is. This will get you up in the air.
Below you on the ledge is [_CRATE x2_] and some [_MACHINE GUN AMMO_]. You can
use the hook to get to the balcony on the building across the way.

 Here watch out for some police officers occupying the building. You MAY have
killed them already but maybe not. There's two of them. Take them out and
enter the building. To the right side of the bed, behind the dresser, is a
[_PURSE_], [_SILVER EAGLE x5_] and some new [_GEAR_]!

 NEW SHIRT! [_COAT OF HARMS_]: Enemies become easier to melee execute.
 Very nice. There's a [_CABINET_] here as well. Further in is another policeman
to take down as well as a dresser with a [_WALLET_] and a [_SALT KIT_]. This
path leads to another balcony where you can easily jump back on the skyline.
Take it to continue. As you carry on you'll get a new objective.

 o OBJECTIVE: Ascend the building to reach the Sky-Line
 Soon you'll be able to jump to a new building. Here there will be several
policemen but with the stand down order they will lay down their arms and
start to pray... Note that you CAN kill them here but, well... it just doesn't
feel right.

 Enter the doors to continue. More praying guards. Here use the lever in the
middle of the area to ascend and have Comstock talk to you. He knows WAY too
much. Exit the lift when you can (more praying guards) and once you leave the
middle area it will crumble down.

 o OBJECTIVE: Board Prophet Comstock's Zeppelin
 Head forward and you'll notice a gigantic hole in the building. The Zeppelin
fired on it! Huh. You can kill a few policemen from here or jump to the hook
in the distance and fire from there. There are three policeman outside. From
the hook you can jump down to the Zeppelin and search for a [_SALT KIT_] and
some [_CRATE x2_] outside before heading in.

 Inside are more guards of course. There's a [_CRATE_] and a [_TOOLBOX_] here
as well. Enter the door now to find a woman (Booker comforts here) and some
shrines. The Comstock one has [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] on the ground. Go ahead and
rig the steering now and you'll see a scene. Look behind you to see the woman
kill herself and start to bring the zeppelin down!

 o OBJECTIVE: Escape the zeppelin
 Damn! Head out the door and to the back. Look down into the sky to see an
"Attach" message. Jump down and grab a sky line! Sheesh! This line will lead
to Monument Island, so jump off when you can.

 o OBJECTIVE: Enter Monument Island
 There's some [_SALT_] on a bench on the right boarding platform. Up near the
doors are some vending machines and a [_TRASHCAN_] as well. These machines have
the same stock as before though.

  VENDING MACHINE - Monument Island Station
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8

  VIGOR MACHINE - Monument Island Station
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241

 Buy whatever you will and enter the doors to Monument Island.
                          Chapter 06: Monument Tower                  [BSI-06]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Well, we're on the island finally. Time to find the girl.
 o OBJECTIVE: Find the girl
 Hear forward. The gate is shut tight but there is a hook up above it we can
use to get past it. Head into the tower now. There's a chair here that's been
knocked down with some [_FOOD_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] near it. The opne
locker nearby has a [_VOXOPHONE_] and a [_WALLET_] in it. Head further in to
see a large blackboard. Huh. Underneath it search the [_DESK_] and grab the
[_SALT_] and [_SILVER EAGLE_]. Around the room in the far corner is another

 Move forward and use the levers here if you wish. Behind them on a table to
the left is some [_SALT_]. Enter the next door and hang a left so you go
through a metal door. In this room you can find a [_VOXOPHONE_] on the table.
There's also a [_CABINET_] in here, [_FIRST AID KIT x2_] and a [_SALT KIT_].
Head back out and check the next left room to see some photographs and search
a [_DESK_]. The room on the right has some [_SALT_] but not much else.

 Carry on and underneath the next blackboard is a [_VOXOPHONE_]. So, he has
cancer. Interesting. Head down the stairs and past the machine to find an

  Specimen Observation
 Up here there's a lever in front of you that opens up some nearby windows.
Use it if you wish. Go down the path and use the "Specimen Tracker" if you
wish. Dressing room. The door will open up regardless. Follow it to another
small room with a lever. Use it to see Elizabeth for the first time, although
she can't see us. There's some [_FOOD_] and [_SALT_] by the chair here. Push
on and the Specimen Tracker will state she's in the Dining Room now. Follow
the path and use the next lever to see her... whoa! Wow... um... ok...

 Well damn. Let's uh, keep going. In the next room you'll find a [_VOXOPHONE_]
and another lever. Open it up if you wish, but we'll need to continue on.
The path leads outside and concerns Booker a bit but its no big deal. You'll
be inside soon enough. Keep going until you see a scene.

 o OBJECTIVE: Escape the statue with Elizabeth
 Well, clearly the girl WANTS to leave. No surprise given the way they treat
her I suppose. Follow her past the door and onward. This whole place is falling
apart. Keep following Elizabeth and as you get to the elevator you'll see why!
The Songbird will create a path once it leaves, so keep following her and watch
whatever scenes may come.

 During the flashback, you have no other choice except to open the front
door to continue.
                          Chapter 07: Battleship Bay                  [BSI-07]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 After Elizabeth help revive you she'll hear some music and run off. It will
take Booker a bit to come to and you are low on health and salts, but at least
you are alive...

 o OBJECTIVE: Find Elizabeth
 On the beach you can find [_BASKET x3_] (Two BIG ones, one small one) and
over underneath the surfboards is a [_WALLET_]. Further down the left-hand
wall is some [_FOOD_] as well. In the back near the stall you can find some
[_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and underneath the cart is a [_VOXOPHONE_]. To the right
of the cart are some [_BARREL x2_] and in the far right corner is a searchable

 Now let's carry on. Head to the right exit and grab the [_TRASHCAN_] on the
left. Booker will note the airship poster. Further on in a baby stroller is
some [_PISTOL AMMO_] and past that is a [_BASKET_] and a [_KINETOSCOPE_]. Past
that is some [_FOOD_] and a [_SALT KIT_] (which we can use) and a set of doors
further on ahead.

 Head through them for a [_BARREL_], [_CRATE x2_], [_LOCKBOX_] and
[_LUNCHBOX_]. Should be pretty good on health by now. The man here will
complain about something or other. To his left is a [_SILVER EAGLE PURSE_]
and to his right is a [_TOOLBOX_] and [_BARREL_].

 Head back and out to the second beach. There's a cotton candy booth here
with [_FOOD x3_]. Yep, you can only eat three of them. Ha! To the left of
the booth is a horn-dog dude with a [_BASKET_] nearby. Behind the booth is
some [_MACHINE GUN AMMO_], [_FOOD_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x3_], as well as a
[_SALT KIT_] and [_TRASHCAN_] nearby.

 Following the back wall you also will come across a [_BASKET_] and, in the
far corner by the cart, some [_PISTOL AMMO_]. If you hang a right and head
past the people working out and continue past the last couple you can find a
[_CIGAR BOX_] to the left. By the nearby cart is a [_BASKET_]. The kid by the
cart also has some [_SALT x2_] near him. Y'know, if you want to take a kid's

 Ok, head over to the red cart in the middle now and grab the [_TRASHCAN_],
then head over to where the middle wooden walkway is (there is a [_CRATE_]
nearby). Head down it and you'll see Elizabeth enjoying herself. Here you'll
have to "Get her attention" with the square button. Heh. Booker will use
Paris to convince her to leave. Bad Booker!

 Head past the turnstile into a shop. To your left and further in are
[_BARREL x3_]. To the right is a set of doors. Enter in and search the back
of the room for [_CRATE x3_], a [_CIGAR TIN_] and a stack of [_SILVER EAGLES_].
Back in the shop check behind the counter for [_CIGAR TIN x3_], a [_FIRST AID
KIT_] and of course the [_CASH REGISTER_]. Don't know why the guy nearby would
let you steal, but oh well. There's some stairs up to an "Employee Only" area
as well you should check out. Heh. Head up the other set of stairs after
grabbing the [_TRASHCAN_] by them.

 Carry on and grab a [_TRASHCAN_] at the top of the stairs. The cart has some
[_FOOD x2_] but also a searchable [_BOX OF CARAMELS_]. Thr right hand side of
this area has a [_CRATE_] and [_BARREL_]. Soon Elizabeth will get caught up
with the two people who seem to be following and helping us. Talk to Elizabeth
to be faced with a choice!


 [7777 SELF NOTE: Need to replay this and insert differences]
 Well, for now let's choose the Bird.
 After your choice everyone will stop and look at the scene in the distance.
Look if you wish, then examine the area to the right for a [_CRATE_] and
[_BARREL x2_]. One of those barrels is behind the table to the right. Continue
on now and stick to the right wall for a [_PURSE_] and [_TRASHCAN_]. The carts
up ahead has some [_FOOD x2_] and the far cotton candy stand has [_FOOD x3_],
[_SALT_], a [_WALLET_] and a [_SILVER EAGLE_].  
 Keep on going and you'll hit a police search station. Visit both ends of this
place for [_TRASHCAN x2_] but follow Elizabeth to the right and try to open the
door. It's locked. Naturally. There is a big lock on it after all. However,
Elizabeth will display some talent here and unlock it. Nice!

 In this next area search the [_DESK x4_] and continue through the doors.
In here there is [_CRATE x2_] and a [_PURSE_]. Continue on to some more doors
and past them Elizabeth will throw you some money for the upcoming vending
machine. Not that you need it or the health with all the items we've dug up
lately. No new items either, by the way.

  VENDING MACHINE - Battleship Bay
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8

 Past the machine is a [_TRASHCAN_], [_BARREL_] and [_CRATE_]. Go through the
doors at the end for another [_CRATE_], a [_BAG_], a [_SILVER EAGLE PURSE_],
a [_VOXOPHONE_] and lastly some new [_GEAR_].

 NEW SHIRT! [_SKY-LINE ACCURACY_]: Increase weapon accuracy on Sky-Lines.
 Meh. Use it if you wish. Head outside and down the hallway and...
(-NOTE-) If you choose to "THROW THE BALL AT THE ANNOUNCER" back at the
         Raffle grounds, the couple will appear here with some [_GEAR_] for
 NEW PANTS! [_URGENT CARE_]: Decrease shield recharge delay by 1 second.
                             Increases shield recharge rate by 2x.
 OK, that is a FANTASTIC gear. I recommend equipping it right away!

 This hallway also has a [_CRATE_] and a [_TRASHCAN_]. Head on in further
and you'll be in a large lobby full of amusements. Here you can try out the
"Duke and Dimwit" cabinets. There are a lot of them. You can also find a total
of [_SILVER EAGLE x4_] by looking under the cabinets. Just do a quick scan of
the room and you'll find them, along with three Kinetoscopes! Wow! They are,
however, the same ones as earlier so they won't grant you anything new.

 Behind the Kinetoscopes is an area with [_DESK x2_] and look on either side
for [_TRASHCAN x2_]. There's also [_SALT x4_] in this room if you look (one
of the waiters is giving away three of them). Head down the "Whites" hallway
now and grab the [_TRASHCAN_]. Elizabeth will question color segregation here,
since she's been locked away. Smart girl!

 Enter the men's restroom for a [_TRASHCAN_], [_SALT KIT_], [_CIGAR TIN_],
and a [_VOXOPHONE_]. A very racist one. Now enter the woman's restroom ( O_O )
for another [_TRASHCAN_], [_SALT KIT_] and, in a stall, a [_PURSE_]. Head back
out to the hallway for a new [_KINETOSCOPE_]. There's nothing else here though,
so head back to the main lobby and up the stairs we haven't gone up yet.

 Up in this area search for [_TRASHCAN x2_] and head in to have Elizabeth get
confused for someone. Odd indeed. Head through the turnstile now and continue
on. At the top you can head further in or take the far stairs. The far stairs
lead to a dead end with a [_BAG_], a [_PURSE_], a[_SILVER EAGLE PURSE_] and a

 Head back up. To the left of the cart is another [_TRASHCAN_]. The music
here is rather interesting. Head into the station.

  Gondola Station
 Before going up to the ticket salesman, check the left area for [_DESK x2_]
and the whole area in general for a [_TRASHCAN_] and [_CUTLERY BOX_]. Once
you have those head over to the salesman. You'll have a choice to make here


 [7777 SELF NOTE: Need to replay this and insert differences]
 Here, I choose to Demand Tickets first, which is the wrong move as I got
my hand stabbed. Ha! It didn't matter too much though, but you do get jumped
here, so get ready to fight. Murder of Crows helps stun the crowd. Once you
deal with the first wave, Elizabeth will escape and run off, leaving you to
deal with a second wave coming in from the left. SHOTGUNS are introduced here
so feel free to grab them and start using them.
 [777: Self note: not pointing out food / salt anymore in brackets. Change
       the guide up to here when you can. Also, not pointing out weapons in
       brackets given how you can change them.]
 o OBJECTIVE Pursue Elizabeth
 FYI, there will be a [_SALT KIT_] over where the desks were. The fences
are open now (naturally) so check out the office on the right. You'll find a
[_VOXOPHONE_] here (ooo, Esther!) and a Pistol. There's [_DESK x3_] and a
[_BAG_] to search as well.

 Continue on now and go down the door on the left you find. Down here on
the desk is some [_SHOTGUN AMMO_]. The middle area has a rare [_INFUSION_]
vigor and [_CABINET x2_] you can check. Head back up to the hallway and enter
the doors on the left. In here grab the [_TRASHCAN_] and the [_TOOLBOX_] on
your way down the stairs. The table down here has some consumables, a [_FIDDLE
CASE_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. There's a [_DESK_] here too along with some

 Now go search the cubby behind the stairs for a [_VOXOPHONE_]. There's also
a [_PURSE x3_], a [_CASH BAG_], some [_WALLET x2_] and a [_LOCKBOX_]. PAYDAY!
There's a pistol here too with some [_PISTOL AMMO_]. Head back up now to the
main hallway and grab the one [_TRASHCAN_] we haven't checked before continuing
on to the left.

  Gondola to Soldier's Field
 Explore the left area here to find a [_BAG_] and then head over to the
right area. Elizabeth is here and will run away, wanting nothing to do with
you. There's some food here and a [_TRASHCAN_]. Head onto the gondola to see
her give up on trying to move the lever. Poor girl. Pull the lever to see a

 o OBJECTIVE: Take Elizabeth to the First Lady Airship
 Well, we've calmed her down I suppose. She'll tie some rags around Booker's
hand, which isn't really going to help a cut like that. Oh well, we'll be fine.
We had a HOT DOG! :)

 At the stop go search the left area for a [_TRASHCAN_], a [_GIFT_] and a
[_PICNIC BASKET_]. The right area has a [_LOCKBOX_], [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and
a [_PURSE_] back by a bench, as well as a shotgun if you want it. Climb the
stairs to find a [_TELESCOPE_] and [_TRASHCAN x2_]. One of the benches to the
left also has a [_BAG_] on it. Use the turnstile once you are done to enter
Soldier's Field.

                         Chapter 08: Soldier's Field                  [BSI-08]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 In this first area is a [_TRASHCAN_] to the left, near a particularly
offensive poster. The giant eagle saluting is pretty impressive. Head down
the stairs to the right to find a vending machine. Near it is [_LOCKPICK x2_]
and a [_TOOLBOX_].

(-NOTE-) If you played Industrial Revolution, you'll gain [_LOCKPICK x5_]
         at this time.
 This vending machine is an ARMORY vending machine and contains weapon
upgrades, making it different than the ones we've been going to!

  ARMORY MACHINE - Soldier's Field Welcome Center
 o PISTOL: Clip Increase  $275

 o MACHINE GUN: Damage Boost 1  $236
 I'd recommend buying BOTH of these. Beyond the machine is a [_TRASHCAN_],
[_PURSE_] and [_PICKNET BASKED_]. Down another flight of stairs is another
exhibit but behind it is a new [_KINETOSCOPE_]. There's some good dialog down
here too.

 Head up and check out the booth to the right of the exit. You can search a
[_DESK_] over here. If you get near the exit a gate will slam down. Huh.
Whatever, we're not done searching the area yet. Head to the other side for
a [_TRASHCAN_] and, at the other end of the hall, a [_LOCKPICK_] and a
[_TOOLBOX_]. The door here has a lock on it which you can have Elizabeth open
for the price of one lockpick.

 In here is [_DESK x4_], [_CABINET x4_], [_CRATE x2_] and an [_INFUSION_]
vigor. In the back is a whole mess of CARBINES, which is a new rifle we
haven't got to play with yet. Pick one up here if you wish. In the safe here
is a [_VOXOPHONE_] as well. There's another LOCKED safe here that requires
FIVE lockpicks. There IS a [_LOCKPICK_] on the desk to the right but unliess
you played Industrial Revolution you probably can't open this right now.

 If you DID, open it for some random items (I found 253 Silver Eagles).
 Head back out and try to open the gate that shut down earlier. You can open
it manually. Proceed forward into Soldier's Field proper.

  Soldier's Field
 Head forward and check out the path to the left when you can. There is a
[_KINETOSCOPE_] over here. Next head to the shop on the left where you can
find a [_VOXOPHONE_]. There's a [_TRASHCAN_] in here as well.

 [777 SELF NOTE: Try stealing from the cash register?]
 After that you can go check out the hotdog vendor for a quip about Booker's
age. Next, go take the middle path and search a [_TRASHCAN_]. The far right
path has a [_TRASHCAN_] too by a man selling songbirds. Whoosh! Continue up
the far right side to some booths. One of them has [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] on it
with some food. This path also leads to a vendor on the right wall. This is
the normal vendor who now stocks two new types of ammo for our two new guns:
  VENDING MACHINE - Soldier's Field
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Carbine Ammo [8]  $8
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8
 o Shotgun Ammo [4]  $8
 Past the vending machine is a [_TRASHCAN_] and an alcove. This back area
has a [_TOOLBOX_], [_SALT KIT_], [_CRATE_] and a [_LOCKPICK_] as well as a
Vigor Vendor. 
  VIGOR MACHINE - Soldier's Field
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241
 I actually bought the Crow's Trap one this go around.
 After that head back and explore the right hand wall for a [_TRASHCAN_]
before going down a flight of stairs. Here, head right into "Founders Books".
You can find a [_VOXOPHONE_] in here up the stairs. Head out now and nearby
is a live-action display of Duke and Dimwit. Elizabeth has some comments here.
Behind the play is a man taking a break and a [_CRATE_] next to him.

 Next let's go down the upper boardwalk to the "Toy Soldiers" shop.
  [777 SELF NOTE: Try stealing from the cash register and Heater Replica?]
 Past the toy shop is a carousel you can ride if you want. To the right of it
is a [_LOCKPICK_]. If you head behind it the worker will make a comment that
Booker has something to say about. Heh. Now that we're done with all that
continue on down the main path to the "Aerodrome". To the right before you
pass under the sign is a booth with a [_TRASHCAN_] nearby. Pass under the sign
now and at the end you'll see a lever. Use it.

 Well damn. Looks like we NEED Shock Jockey. So that means we need to visit
the Hall of Heroes. Fun.

 o OBJECTIVE: Find Shock Jockey at the Hall of Heroes.
 A PA announcement will come up now and the area will clear. Cops will be
posted up where we need to go, so get ready for a fight. Come in from the left
hand side for better cover and beware of people trying to flank you. You can
fight from the stairs pretty successfully by backing down them for cover and
killing any rushers.

 Once they are dead continue on and use the elevator past the Vigor vendor.
It will break down. Examine the fuse box behind the button and watch the
scene as the game introduces tears. Yeah...

 Once you regain control, head down the right stairs for [_SHOTGUN AMMO_] and
a [_FIRST AID KIT_] if you need it. Further on and to the right is a broken
vending machine with a [_LOCKPICK_] nearby. To the right is a [_TRASHCAN_].
Now, get a shotgun ready and enter the bathroom. There are two cops in here
that you can blast easily. There's also some [_MACHINE GUN AMMO_]. Go to the
other restroom now for [_TRASHCAN x2_] (one on the way, one inside), some
[_PURSE x2_] and a [_LOCKPICK_] inside one of the stalls. Head back to the
main area and check the right wall near the room's exit for a [_TRASHCAN_].

 Now, on the left side of the area is a LOCKED DOOR. You can open if for one
lockpick. Go open it and inside is a turret. Peek around the corner to see it
and then take it down in bursts.

 Head back there and search it. This room has a [_DESK_], a [_BAG_] and a
[_SILVER EAGLE PURSE_]. There's also a safe in here that requires FIVE
lockpicks to open. Again, big money and perhaps other items if you decide
to open it (I got 293 Silver Eagles and a Health Kit). There's also some
carbines in this room and [_CARBINE AMMO x2_].

 In the previous room check around for some [_GEAR_]!
 NEW PANTS! [_BRITTLE-SKINNED_]: Melee targets briefly vulnerable.
                                 Victim takes 2x damage for 5 seconds.
 I think I like my shield better. There is also a [_VOXOPHONE_] nearby.
Interesting! The rest of this room has a [_DESK_] and some [_CABINET x5_].
There's some random food and cigs here too. Grab what you want and let's go.

 Let's move on now. Past the room's exit will be a few crates. Here you can
pick up a new Vigor: Bucking Bronco!

 BUCKING BRONCO: Press L1 to launch enemies into the air.
                 Hold and release L1 to leave a Bucking Bronco trap.
                 Airborne enemies take more damage.
 Well, we can make things go airborne now! Could be useful!
 Further in you'll hear some soldiers hearing a speech from their leader.
Listen if you wish. A bunch of them are gathered together, so I would advise
trying out your new vigor on the group and firing away.

 This will of course start a fight in this area. Beware of soldiers from the
left and the right. Most of them are further ahead by a turret. A Crow will
show up sooner or later so be ready for him with a shotgun or some Devil's
Kiss. There's a booth in the middle of the area you can hide behind to pick
all the soldiers and turret of while recharging your shield.

 Once everyone is dead Booker will admit he'd like Elizabeth's help with
the tears. Ha!

 Now, to the far left of this area is a [_FIRST AID KIT_] past a general
vendor. The vendor has added RPG ammo to his inventory.

  VENDING MACHINE - Outside Hall of Heroes
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Carbine Ammo [8]  $8
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8
 o RPG Ammo [2]  $8
 o Shotgun Ammo [4]  $8
 Nice. The nearby shop is called the "Fellow Traveller". Looks like they
killed some Vox Populi here. There's Machine Guns to the left and some corpses.
In the room to the left is a dead dude as well as a [_VOXOPHONE_]. I'm liking
this Slate guy! Outside behind the bar is a [_SALT KIT_] and [_SHOTGUN
AMMO x2_]. Go around the nearby corner to the bathrooms to see a message
scrawled out on the wall.

 o OPTIONAL: Find the Cipher
 ~ Elizabeth can decrypt Ciphers that hide secret Vox Populi compartments.
   Find the Cipher and its corresponding Code Book to uncover hidden treasure.
 Cool! Search the corpse and pick up the [_SILVER EAGLE x2_]. Note the map
by this guy. It's got a cannon circled. Remember that. There's a [_TRASHCAN_]
here too.

 Examine the rest of the bar for a [_LOCKPICK_], more corpses, and a stack of
[_SILVER EAGLES_]. Head back outside now. The center area where you fought has
a [_SALT KIT_] if you need it. Head to the right wall of this area now. If you
head to the right you'll find a lower area that is a dead-end, but there's a
[_SALT KIT_] hidden in the corner. Up the steps look for a door leading

 In here you'll see the cannon! Go investigate the inside of it for a
[_CODE BOOK_]. Head back to the Fellow Traveller now and have Elizabeth
decipher the code. "Tip the hat to the Vox". That's easy, visit the other
bathroom and investigate the hatrack!

 This will open a secret area. Grab the [_BARREL x2_] you find and head on
down. You'll find a [_VOXOPHONE_] here as well as an [_INFUSION_] Vigor.
Various weapons are here including an RPG and [_RPG AMMO x2_]. You can find
a [_LOCKPICK_] here, [_BARREL x2_], [_CUTLERY BOX x4_] and near the safe
[_SILVER EAGLE x4_]. There's also a [_SALT KIT_] and [_FIRST AID KIT_].
Quite a good haul.

 Head back up now and back to the cannon building. Since you found a secret
there will be four new soldiers out and about, just FYI.

 Over in the cannon building search the right seats for a [_PURSE_]. The
cannon stand has a pistol and [_PISTOL AMMO_] by the way. The left seats
(the ones with the booths around them) have a [_WALLET_] on one of them.
There is a [_KINECTOSCOPE_] here as well. In the store behind it is a [_CASH
REGISTER_], [_SHOTGUN AMMO x2_] and a [_SALT KIT_]. There's also a TON of
food here. The far wall has [_CHOCOLATE BOX x5_] that are all searchable.
Be SURE to check out the Armory machine here!

  ARMORY MACHINE - Outside Hall of Heroes
 o PISTOL: Clip Increase  $275

 o MACHINE GUN: Damage Boost 1  $236
 o CARBINE: Damage Boost 1  $357
 o RPG: Damage Boost 1  $385
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Damage Boost 1  $349
 o PISTOL: Damage Boost 1  $199

 o MACHINE GUN: Accuracy Boost  $512
 o RPG: Clip Increase  $816
 Wow, a LOT of options. I'd get some of them though, depending on your weapon
preference and all. Now, nearby is a locked door that requires 3 locks. Inside
is some [_DESK x2_], [_CASH REGISTER x2_], [_LOCKPICK_], a [_CRATE_] and a
[_SILVER EAGLE BAG_]. There is also some [_GEAR_] in here.
 NEW HAT! [_SHELTERED LIFE_]: Grants brief invulnerability when gaining
                              health from snacks and health kits.
 Not bad. Choices are always good. Let's head back to the main cannon area
now and head upstairs (which we haven't checked yet). Up here you can find
a Carbine and [_CARBINE AMMO_], a [_SALT KIT_] and a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Near the
arcade machines, you can find a [_PURSE_], a [_GIFT_], a [_LOCKPICK_] and a
stack of [_SILVER EAGLES_]. Good stuff. Head outside now and investigate the
back of this area with the skylines. The path to the Hall of Heroes is closed,
but Booker figures we can use the lines.

 o OBJECTIVE: Clear the Sky-Lines
 Well, try pulling the lever back here. Easy. As soon as you do that we'll
get our original objective back. Booker will also tell Elizabeth to keep an
eye open for ammo.

 Ok, time to ride the line! Head up and at the end you'll need to jump to
the adjacent line. Do so and land when you can. This landing area has a
[_SALT KIT_], [_MACHINE GUN AMMO_] and [_TRASHCAN x2_]. Head down the stairs
and past the gondola is an RPG and [_RPG AMMO_]. Hehehe... Inside the gondola
look for a [_VOXOPHONE_] in the rear and a corpse in the front with some
[_PISTOL AMMO_] and a pistol.

 Now, check the other far side of the gondola for [_TRASHCAN x3_]. Head
forward to the main area now.

  Hall of Whores
 You'll be shot at by someone HIGH up. Elizabeth will throw you a Sniper
Rifle here. He's up and to the left, so zoom in and take him down.

 This will start a wave of soldiers coming out the front. About 5-6. A couple
will rush you so be ready with close weapons and then use the Sniper Rifle to
take the rest of them out.

 This area has some [_SALT KIT x2_] near the beginning (that you may have used
during the battle) and under the statue is [_SILVER EAGLE x5_]. The left area
has nothing while the right has a carbine, [_BAG_] and [_FIRST AID KIT_].

 Up the first set of steps to the left is a [_TRASHCAN_] and a machine we
can use later. To the right is another [_TRASHCAN_] and a general vendor.
We can buy Sniper Rifle ammo now.

  VENDING MACHINE - Hall of Whores
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Carbine Ammo [8]  $8
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8
 o RPG Ammo [2]  $8
 o Shotgun Ammo [4]  $8
 o Sniper Ammo [4]  $8
 Buy what you need. Up the steps from the vendor on a box is another
[_FIRST AID KIT_] if you need it. Let's head for the main steps now. To
the left is [_CRATES x2_] and in the corner is some food and a [_WALLET_]. 
To the far right is a [_KINETOSCOPE_]. Go enter the Hall of Heroes proper

                       Chapter 09: The Hall of Heroes                 [BSI-09]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Check the corpse here and pick up [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and the [_SALT KIT_]
if you need it. Further in is a Salt Machine. To the right is a Vigor machine
if you are rich:
  VIGOR MACHINE - Hall of Heroes
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241
 To the left is an Armory machine
  ARMORY MACHINE - Hall of Heroes
 o PISTOL: Clip Increase  $275

 o MACHINE GUN: Damage Boost 1  $236
 o CARBINE: Damage Boost 1  $357
 o RPG: Damage Boost 1  $385
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Damage Boost 1  $349
 o PISTOL: Damage Boost 1  $199

 o MACHINE GUN: Accuracy Boost  $512
 o RPG: Clip Increase  $816
 There is a door nearby you can enter. Inside is a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Further
in a soldier will come out for a smoke. It's ok, man. Grab the [_SILVER
EAGLE x3_] here and the [_WALLET_] out of the closet, search the [_DESK_]
and the corpse and look under the desk for a [_LOCKPICK_]. THEN head out and
kill the two soldiers you see.

 Head to the next room. There are some [_TRASHCAN x2_] here (on the left and
right sides) and a [_SALT KIT_] in the corner. Now, when you face the statue
to the right will be a door. It isn't a bad idea to set a trap there. Booker
will comment on the 7th Cavalry. Slate will show up and comment on it as well.
However, it seems he has gone quite mad and sicks his boys on you so they can
die to a "real soldier". Wow.

 At this point FIVE Soldiers will come our of that door I mentioned. You can
use a weapon like the shotgun or RPG, or powers like Murder of Crows, a trap
or bucking bronco and take care of them quickly.

 Head into the room they came from. To the right is a [_FIRST AID KIT_] and
[_TOOLBOX_]. Beyond that is a [_BAG_] and [_SALT KIT_] (Bucking Bronco). The
room also has a [_CRATE_], [_BARREL x3_] and in the back a [_LOCKPICK_],
[_SLIVER BAR_] and a rare [_INFUSION_] Vigor. Nice.

 Head back out and carry on. In the next room you'll get an objective:
 o OBJECTIVE: Defeat Slate's men
 The game ends a chapter here, so I'll break off right here and make a new
chapter header.

                    Chapter 10: Inside the Hall of Heroes             [BSI-10]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Grab the [_TRASHCAN x2_] here and the [_PURSE_] by the corpse near the middle
display. There are two vending machines here, but unlike normal I won't list
them below since we JUST saw some (although one IS a general vendor). Now, we
can either go left or right here: it doesn't really matter. We have to do both
anyways. Let's go right and take on "The Battle of Wounded Knee" first.

  Wounded Knee Exhibit
 This exhibit is pretty cool. Slate will start to narrate as well (even
cooler). Head forward as exhibits jump out at you. No need to worry! Soon
you'll hit a split in the path. The left has a door nearby. Enter it and kill
the guard in there. On the right (up high!) is a [_CRATE_] while further in
is a [_LUNCHBOX_] (to the left of the table), a [_DEPOSIT BOX_], an RPG and
some [_GEAR_]!

 NEW SHIRT! [_NITRO VEST_]: Increase radius of explosive weapon splash damage.
 Well, that is appropriate for the RPG at least. FYI: you may want to make
sure you get a shotgun right about now. Keep heading forward. Behind the next
statue is a [_SALT KIT_] if you need it. Head through the next doors and listen
to the display if you wish. The next room will be rather big which means a
fight is coming up. Enemies will drop out of the sky here (or seem like it!),
so if you have a weapon with some punch (particularly a machine gun or
shotgun), you can often wipe out the threat before they recover. Feel free to
use some Vigor here. You can use the sides of the room for a breather as well.

 Once they are dead, Slate will tell you to meet him in the Boxer area. This
room has a [_TRASHCAN_] in it but more importantly a [_SALT KIT_] on the left
and a [_FIRST AID KIT_] and food on the right.

 Head back out to the main lobby now. Two soldiers will be wandering in from
the Boxer exhibit, so take them down. Time to head on in!

  Peking Exhibit

 Head forward and grab a [_TRASHCAN_] on the left before going through the
doors. Soon enough the path will split. Head right first to a set of employee
doors. No guard in here, but if you wait long enough (I look around a lot, as
you may guess with the guide-writing and all) a guard WILL come in. You can
find [_CRATE x2_] in here, a [_SILVER BAR_] and some new [_GEAR_].

 NEW HAT! [_GEAR HEAD_]: Become harder to detect.
                         Affects Automated Turrets, Zepplins, and Motorized
 Not a bad piece of gear. Head on further and listen to the next display
if you wish. The room beyond will be like the big room earlier: we need to
get ready for a fight. There's not nearly as many enemies here. They'll come
from the right, so get ready. Among them is a Firefighter.

 Once you kill them all, search the room for a [_SALT KIT_] on the overlook,
a [_FIRST AID KIT_] by the Comstock statue and various weapons (a Carbine and
a Sniper Rifle can both be found). Time to make our way back to the main lobby.
On the way back you'll be able to sneak up behind two soldiers, so take them
out how you wish.

  The First Lady

 o OBJECTIVE: Find Slate past the First Lady's Memorial
 The door to the next area (The First Lady) is now open. Slate will invite
you in. As you get near the door, three Soldiers will burst out, making it a
great place for some Vigor.

 Continue on and admire the next room. Quite the tribute! The right Angel has
some [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] under it and a stack of [_SILVER EAGLES_]. Continue
on to the next room and Elizabeth will read the exhibit. Up the next set of
stairs is a Carbine if you wish. In the next room Elizabeth will learn exactly
who she is...

 Huh, I expected a bigger reaction. Check behind you for a [_TRASHCAN_]
and continue on. Have Elizabeth pick the lock (for free!) and enter the
next room. Here hang a right and grab the [_VOXOPHONE_]. The left area has
a [_PURSE_] on a table. Go check next to the statue for [_SILVER EAGLE x3_]
and a stack of [_SILVER EAGLES_]. Head forward now to the "Vengeance of the
Prophet" display. There is a [_TRASHCAN_] in here. Keep on going.

 In this next room Elizabeth will be able to fit through the bars but we
are too big. She'll be able to open a TEAR for us here though: a 'FREIGHT HOOK'
that we can use to get over the gate. Have her bring it over by holding down
the Square Button!

 We can now get over the gate. When you are on the hook two more tears will
be available. The 'MG TURRET' down below or the 'FREIGHT HOOK' up above. When
we have choices I will point them out, but the choice is, of course, yours. I
may suggest something but this is by no means a requirement of course. Here,
I'm going with the turret. Note that you CAN switch them mid-fight if you

 You can alternately delay that choice and drop down below. There is a [_SALT
KIT_], [_FIRST AID KIT_] and [_CRATE_] down here, as well as a sniper rifle.
The sniper rifle AND turret isn't a bad combo by any means.

 Start the fight one way or another and take the enemies out. It's mostly
just ordinary soldiers but one does have enhanced health and a RPG. There is
also a turret up the lower stairs you should be careful of. Stay out of its
range and you'll be ok.

 FYI, you can use the 'FREIGHT HOOK' to access the second floor here. The
right side has a door we can unlock later and the left has a RPG laying

 Back on the ground floor, note the doors on the left and right. Can't use
them right now. Further in past the turret you can make a vending machine
appear to the left but it'll be empty. Head past the door for some more
vending options. We have a new Vigor Upgrade here at least:

  VIGOR MACHINE - The First Lady
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241
 o Possession For Less  $1653
  ARMORY MACHINE - The First Lady
 o PISTOL: Clip Increase  $275

 o MACHINE GUN: Damage Boost 1  $236
 o CARBINE: Damage Boost 1  $357
 o RPG: Damage Boost 1  $385
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Damage Boost 1  $349
 o PISTOL: Damage Boost 1  $199

 o MACHINE GUN: Accuracy Boost  $512
 o RPG: Clip Increase  $816
 You can check out some new [_KINETOSCOPE x2_] in here as well.
 Head through the door and the exhibits will speak up. A talk with Slate will
also occur, followed by a fight against a new enemy: the Motorized Patriot!
This thing looks like all the George Washington exhibits. It wields a chaingun
and is dangerous if taken head-on. Note the three Tears in here: to the left
is 'SALTS', to the middle is 'MEDICAL KITS' and to the right is a 'TURRET'.

 To handle the MP (which is what I think I'm going to call them), call out
the turret, which acts as a distraction. You can then pump lead into him very
easily. If you have an RPG now is the time to use it. He'll fall fairly quickly
with Slate egging you on. Afterward you can view a [_KINETOSCOPE_] by the
middle area. There's some [_SALT KIT x2_] over by where the MP came out as
well. We need to head through the (free) locked door afterward.

 In here you can gather up [_CRATE x4_] and use [_SALT KIT x3_] if you need
to. There's also a safe here that requires 5 lockpicks. Open it if you wish
(I found 215 Silver Eagles inside).Open the "Shock Jockey" crate to see that
it's all gone! Wha!? Damnit...

                     Chapter 11: Hall of Heroes Gift Shop             [BSI-11]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Head back out now and you'll see the area has changed with some electricity
past the middle stand. Slate is here!

 o OBJECTIVE: Subdue Slate
 Watch out for the electricity and backtrack back to the wide-open room.
Slate will be on the far side here but we won't be fighting him... not yet.
Instead he'll send out some waves of soldiers. While you are fighting keep
in mind that the room has replenished resources including a [_SALT KIT_] near
the entrance to the left and a [_SALT KIT_] and [_FIRST AID KIT_] behind a
pillar to the right further in. The upper left walkway also has a [_SALT KIT_].

 We'll need to battle through three waves of soldiers. First will be a wave
from the front with just normal soldiers. Nothing major. I'd recommend having
Elizabeth call out the hooks again and take the high ground. You could also
make some 'SHOTGUNS' appear here now if you wished.

 Next Slate will throw some more electricity and open the lower left gate!
Yikes! There will be a Fireman in this group. Again you can gain safety and
an advantage on the high ground.

 The third wave is from the upper left door and includes a motorized patriot.
I'd recommend using some salt here (no sense in saving it) and trying to
firebomb him and the remaining soldiers. Don't forget the RPG up on the upper
right walkway! I'd go up there and use it to take down the patriot. Be sure to
pick up his chaingun afterward.

 Once they are dead the lower right door will be open and we'll be told to
follow Slate through there. FIRST let's go explore the other doors. The upper
left door has [_TRASHCAN x2_] and a pistol. The lower one has a Shotgun, a
[_LOCKPICK_] (BEHIND the stack of crates the Shotgun is leaning on! Sneaky!),
[_CRATE x2_], a [_VOXOPHONE_], a [_SILVER BAR_] and an [_INFUSION_] that is
actually INSIDE the toolbox here! Hah!

 Past the right door now (the way they want you to go) is a set of stairs.
To the right is a Carbine and [_SALT KIT_]. Head onward and you'll soon see
Slate throw out some more Shock Jockey while four soldiers close to engage.
You can either rush them and Murder of Crows/Shotgun (dangerous with the
electricity around) or use the crates here to pick them off from safety.
Follow the path and soon you'll see Slate sitting down as the game tells you
to collect the Shock Jockey from him. Try to do so to get a choice:


 [777 Self Note: Try to spare Slate sometime.]
 Here I chose to go ahead and kill Slate (after listening to that last
Voxophone and all). Afterward you can claim the Shock Jockey as your own.
 SHOCK JOCKEY: Press L1 to shock an enemy in front of you.
               Hold and release L1 to create shocking traps.
               These traps connect to form networks of damaging electricity.
 Well, you've definitely seen these traps for yourself and you know that the
electricity can open doors, so we are once again in business! You can pick
up his pistol as well if you wish.

 o OBJECTIVE: Return to Soldier's Field and power up the gondola
 Keep Shock Jockey out as you head back. We're going to use it soon. When
you get to the room with the water and bridge, two soldiers will run up to
you. Go ahead and use Shock Jockey to zap the water, which does bonus damage
and will kill them off. Keep heading back to the main hub where you'll find
three more soldiers wandering about. Feel free to try out Shock Jockey here
as well and stun them, then aim for the head. On your way out you'll have to
charge up a power conduit to open a gate. There's a Salt Machine nearby though.
I suppose they just put this hear to make sure you know how to open doors with
Shock Jockey. Smart. Head outside.

                 Chapter 12: Return to Hall of Hero's Plaza           [BSI-12]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Once you head outside you'll have another fight. There are easily 6-7 soldiers
out here. There will be a couple near you so take them out quick and then go
for cover. The BEST thing you can do for yourself here is to find the tear
with the 'MOSQUITO' in the air to the right and pull it into this dimension.
This will cause a machine gun to fire into enemy's backs. There's also a tear
with 'SNIPER RIFLES' nearby you can use. It's easy to pick off enemies with
these two things, but beware a duo of shotgun-wielding soldiers who rush you
during this fight.

 Once everyone is dead scan for supplies you have left behind and then head
for the POWER RECEPTACLE to the lower right. Remember it from before? You can
now use Shock Jockey to open a nearby door. This door leads up to the third
floor. Up here you can find [_CRATE x2_], [_LOCKPICK x2_], a [_HEALTH KIT_]
and some new [_GEAR_]!

 NEW HAT! [_THROTTLE CONTROL_]: Increased throttle and braking control on

 Huh. Well, if you want. The other direction has a corpse, a Sniper Rifle
and a [_CIGAR TIN_]. Nothing good. Head back down now. I should note here
that you CANNOT go back the way you came. The line is blocked. Instead, we
need to ride the rail on the right side of this area. Before you do, get
ready for a fight as there is a workshop on the way down with a group of
soldiers guarding it and we NEED to get off near it.

 On your way down the rail, you should notice you can pull a 'MOTORIZED
PATRIOT' through a tear down here. DO SO! It will help a ton as you get off
the rail. Clear the LZ (Landing Zone) once you dismount. Up above you are a
couple of soldiers and in the distance on an airship are a couple more. Some
of these guys are wearing armor, by the way, making them extra vulnerable to
Shock Jockey. I recommend going up the stairs on the far side of the ship
and killing the (likely distracted) soldiers up here first, then heading on
to the other end above the airship and mopping up the last of the resistance.

 As for goodies, the lower level has a [_WALLET_] and [_TOOLBOX x2_] you can
plunder. The upper area has a [_SALT KIT_] and a tear with 'MEDICAL SUPPLIES'
in case you got hurt. That's it for this area though. Ride the rail going down
from the airship to continue.

 Down near the shop and bar will be more soldiers waiting for us. One of them
is a Fireman who, with our new-found Shock Jockey, we can stun as he is
vulnerable to the stuff. Use that to your advantage to wipe these soldiers
out. This place likely has a TON of stuff you can use to replenish left-over
from our first pass through here.

 Keep going and in the next hallway you'll fight a Motorized Patriot. Feel
free to abuse vigor here as remember there is a crate of Bucking Bronco nearby
we can fill up on (there's also a [_SALT KIT_] behind a statue in here). Head
onward to the elevator that leads back to Soldier's Field.
  Soldier's Field
 There's a couple of things we can do here that's new. Certain areas of
this place have been restocked and what-not.

 First, head to the nearby Bookstore! Booker can open the gate in front of
it. Inside on the counter is a [_LOCKPICK_]. You can also raid the [_CASH

 Next head to the Souveneir Shop down the way. There's a [_HEALTH KIT_]
outside the gate. Open the gate and find the Shock Jockey Door in here and
open it with some juice. Inside is some [_SHOTGUN AMMO_], a [_CABINET_],
some [_DESK x2_], a Sniper Rifle and some new [_GEAR_]!

 NEW SHIRT! [_SCAVENGER'S VEST_]: Enemies provide ammo upon death 40% of
                                  the time.
 Not bad if you're always looking for ammo or don't want to change weapons a
ton I suppose. Next let's head to the hotel. Remember the hooks leading up to
the balcony? Use them and then open the Shock Jockey Door up here to get in.

 Inside you can find a [_BAG_], a [_SALT KIT_] and a [_LOCKPICK_] to the left
on a table. Further in are some Vox Populi corpses. There's a Pistol and some
[_PISTOL AMMO_] here. There's also [_CABINET x3_], a [_LOCKPICK_] by one of
the cabinets on the floor, a [_TRUNK_], a [_DRESSER_], a [_BAG_], a
[_VOXOPHONE_] and some near [_GEAR_].

 NEW SHIRT! [_FIT AS A FIDDLE_]: When revived, recover full health.
 We can also head back to the Ice Cream Store near the start of the area
(when we first got here). There's a gate here with [_SILVER EAGLE x2_]
outside of it. Booker can lift the gate and get in. Inside is that [_CASH
RESITER_] we had a choice to break into earlier, some [_CASHBAG x2_] and
a [_SALT KIT_] (shock jockey even! grrr!). 

 FYI, you can use the rail in this area to find all sorts of tears on the
top of various buildings. Keep this in mind. You can also find all sorts of
weapons up there (Sniper Rifles, RPGs) as well as [_SALT KIT x2_] if you need

 Now that we're done with that, let's head to our objective and use the
Shock Jockey to power up the gondola. This will cause a scene and start a
big fight in this area.

 Basically, enemies are going to come in from some airships. You'll face
5-6 regular soldiers who will try to hunt you down (some come in near the
hotel) as well as two RPG armored soldiers on the other airship who do nothing
but try to bombard you with RPGs. There will also be a Patriot who appears near
the Gondola.

 Here I would advise you to retreat back towards the Ice Cream area and wait
for some soldiers to follow you so you can kill them and thin out the numbers.
You can alternately call out the 'MOTORIZED PATRIOT' near the carousel to
provide you cover. After that I'd assault the hotel area. You can use the hooks
to Skyline strike as well. You can also use this to get onto the first non-RPG
infested airship. It DOES have an RPG you can pick up as well as a [_SALT KIT_]
and a tear for some 'SNIPER RIFLES'.

 Next I'd get a sniper rifle and ride the skyline to the area above the
souvenier shop. Here I'd pull out the 'COVER' tear for safety and use the
Sniper Rifle to pick off the two RPG soldiers on the second airship. Now
all you should have left is the Patriot, which is easy enough with some
Shock Jockey.

 Once you're done, head back to the gondola and have Elizabeth open the way
(for free, naturally). Inside is a [_LOCKPICK_], a stack of [_SILVER EAGLES_]
and a [_TOOLBOX_]. Use the lever once you grab those.

 o OBJECTIVE: Board the First Lady Airship
 Elizabeth and Booker will talk here some with Booker finally telling her
why he came here for her. Huh.

  The First Lady Aerodome
 Out here you can search [_TRASHCAN x3_] and find a Carbine to the left.
Head on in and get ready to fight. Up ahead five soldiers will pour in from
an elevator. Try to get some of them on the stairs and retreat past the wall.
Beware of the Shotgun Soldiers who will try to rush you: one on either side
of the wall. Take them out and mop up afterwards.

 You can find all three types of vending machines here:
  VIGOR MACHINE - The First Lady Aerodome
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241
 o Possession For Less  $1653
  ARMORY MACHINE - The First Lady Aerodome
 o PISTOL: Clip Increase  $275

 o MACHINE GUN: Damage Boost 1  $236
 o CARBINE: Damage Boost 1  $357
 o RPG: Damage Boost 1  $385
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Damage Boost 1  $349
 o PISTOL: Damage Boost 1  $199

 o MACHINE GUN: Accuracy Boost  $512
 o RPG: Clip Increase  $816
  VENDING MACHINE - The First Lady Aerodome
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Carbine Ammo [8]  $8
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8
 o RPG Ammo [2]  $8
 o Shotgun Ammo [4]  $8
 o Sniper Ammo [4]  $8
 I personally had all the WEAPON upgrades now except for the RPG CLIP SIZE
one. I also bought "Possession for Less".

 In this area search the [_DESK x2_], pick up the [_PURSE_] and check the
[_DEPOSIT BOX_]. There's a Kinetoscope in this area too but we've already
seen in once. Head up the stairs and into the elevator. Board the airship
after that.

 In here grab the [_SILVER BAR x2_], [_SILVER EAGLE x4_] and the stack of
[_SILVER EAGLES_]. To the right is some [_INFUSION_], and a [_SALT KIT_]. On
the way to the console is a [_PURSE_] as well. Once you've got all that go
ahead and use the console. Watch the scene and try to talk to Elizabeth when
you can. More scenes. Enjoy!

                          Chapter 13: Finkton Docks                   [BSI-13]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Well damn. Ugh.
 o OBJECTIVE: Find Elizabeth.
 Look behind you for some food and [_SILVER EAGLE x2_]. Head inside the
building on the left now for [_CABINET_], [_DESK x2_], some [_SHOTGUN AMMO_]
and a [_VOXOPHONE_]. There's also a Vigor machine here with some new stuff.
  VIGOR MACHINE - Beggar's Wharf
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241
 o Devil's Kiss Boost  $666
 o Possession For Less  $1653
 o Bronco Aid  $777
 Head forward now. To the left of the floor scrubbers is some beer and a
[_SILVER EAGLE_]. Further on behind the stairs is a [_LOCKPICK_] and a
[_TRASHCAN_]. Up the stairs is another [_TRASHCAN_] while inside the workshop
area you can find a [_TOOLBOX_], a [_FIRST AID KIT_], a [_LOCKPICK_], and
underneath one of the machines [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and a [_SILVER EAGLE

 Down the other set of stairs are [_TRASHCAN x2_] and a [_SALT KIT_].
(-NOTE-) As you walk forwards you can get on the airship to the RIGHT,
         but the guards will eventually attack you if you stay on it/take
         the [_PURSE_] / [_SILVER EAGLE_] from the deck. This starts a fight
         with four melee guards, 2-3 Mosquito enemies (Automated Machine Guns
         tied to balloons) and a Patriot. You're choice on whether or not to
         get into a fight.
 Head forward and get on the ship if you want to brawl (see the note above).
Past the ship in a container is container on the right you can enter for a
[_FIRST AID KIT_] and some [_PISTOL AMMO_]. Head up the next ramp and grab
the [_SALT KIT_] and [_CRATE_] if you wish. Past this ship is a ramp leading
to an "Employee Only" building and the main path leading off to the left.

(-NOTE-) If you go into the building and STEAL things or just stay in there
         too long, you'll start the fight I mentioned earlier. However, since
         there is some GEAR in here I highly recommend you get into the fight
         just so you can get that gear!
 Did you get into a fight? Good. In the employee office is a [_DESK_],
[_CABINET x2_], [_SILVER EAGLE x6_] a [_SILVER BAR_] and some [_GEAR_]!

 NEW SHIRT! [_LAST MAN STANDING_]: When very low on health, killing an enemy
                                   gives health.
 Not bad at all.
 Continue on now. There's [_BARREL x3_] on the way and against the right wall
you can find a [_TRASHCAN_] if you wish. The left "wall" of this area also has
a [_LOCKPICK_] behind a support beam. Continue on and you'll see a shipment of
vigor has spilled (if you need it you can be careful and pick some up). Head
up through the crate and drop down. There's a Carbine here with [_CARBINE AMMO
x3_] if you need it. Head forward and pry open the next set of doors.

                         Chapter 14: Beggar's Wharf                   [BSI-14]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Ha! She was trying to stowaway but got caught. She doesn't want to have
anything to do with us though...

 o OBJECTIVE: Pursue Elizabeth
 This is really simple, just keep following her. At one point you'll see a
marching band. Once you do you can check out the area to your right for a
[_CUTLERY BOX_], then keep following her. At the end she'll be captured and
we'll get a new objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Rescue Elizabeth
 Well damn. Turn around and check out the right cubby for a [_VOXOPHONE_].
We may have to deal with her later. Search the [_DESK x2_] here, grab the
[_SILVER EAGLE x5_] and pick up the [_PURSE_]. There's an RPG here too if
you want it. The other side has [_DESK x2_] and a giant set of doors to open.

                       Chapter 15: Fort Franklin Pier                 [BSI-15]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Yes, the previous "Chapter" was that short...
 Here you can find a [_BARREL x6_] on the pier. The first ship here has a
Sniper Rifle with some [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO_] and on the crates a [_FIRST AID
KIT_]. Further on you can find a [_LUNCHBOX_] and a [_SALT KIT_]. Up the stairs
you'll hear Elizabeth struggling. The room up here has a [_CUTLERY BOX_] in it
and another [_SALT KIT_].

 Now we'll have to take on several guards. They don't know you're here yet so
you have a chance to survey the area. Note the rail here as well, meaning
skyline strikes are possible. You'll face 6-7 soldiers here, mainly from the
right side (you can kill the one guy to the left with a strike and gain cover
that way). Reinforcements will come in from an airship from the right as well,
with an automated turret being on the airship.

 Once you have killed them off collect a [_CRATE_] and [_SALT KIT_] from the
lower area. There's a Carbine over here too. Take the stairs now to a jail
area. In here is some [_INFUSION_] you can reach through the bars and a
weapons locker. Now take the rail up to the upper area. Here you can find a
Sniper Rifle on the table. Under it is [_SILVER EAGLE x5_], a [_LOCKBOX_] and
a [_PURSE_]. There's also some vending machines here. The normal one has
several different types of ammo now, for the new Vox guns:

  VIGOR MACHINE - Fort Franklin Pier
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241
 o Devil's Kiss Boost  $666
 o Possession For Less  $1653
 o Bronco Aid  $777
  VENDING MACHINE - Fort Franklin Pier
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Carbine Ammo [8]  $8
 o Burstgun Ammo [30]  $8
 o Volley Gun Ammo [8]  $8
 o Hand Cannon Ammo [6]  $8
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8
 o Repeater Ammo [20]  $8
 o RPG Ammo [2]  $8
 o Shotgun Ammo [4]  $8
 o Sniper Ammo [4]  $8
 Go open the door that Elizabeth is behind to see she's tore open an escape
path with a rail system. Clever girl.

 o OBJECTIVE: Pursue Elizabeth
 Go ahead and follow her. When you can land you'll find a [_CRATE_] and
[_BARREL x2_]. Keep going forward and you'll soon see a scene. Very cool.

                     Chapter 16: Worker Induction Center              [BSI-16]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 A new objective for us:

 o OBJECTIVE: Go to Finkton and find the gunsmith
 Well, partners once again. Go check out the TELESCOPE to the left to work
on that sightseeing trophy. The airship here has a locked door that requires
FIVE keys. If you've been following the guide this is no problem. Inside is
a [_SILVER BAR_] and some new [_GEAR_]!

 NEW SHIRT! [_BULLET BOON_]: Increases clip size for all weapons by 50%.
 Very nice! You can also find [_BAG x2_] out here to search. Head up the
stairs now and at the top are some vending machines. The ARMORY machine has
a SLEW of new items to purchase. Also, note that the GENERAL vending machine
now SELLS lockpicks! You can never have enough of those!

(-NOTE-) You can only buy THREE lockpicks here. I'd recommend getting them.

  VENDING MACHINE - Finkton Docks
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Lockpick  $48
 o Carbine Ammo [8]  $8
 o Burstgun Ammo [30]  $8
 o Volley Gun Ammo [8]  $8
 o Hand Cannon Ammo [6]  $8
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8
 o Repeater Ammo [20]  $8
 o RPG Ammo [2]  $8
 o Shotgun Ammo [4]  $8
 o Sniper Ammo [4]  $8
  ARMORY MACHINE - Finkton Docks
 o PISTOL: Clip Increase  $275

 o MACHINE GUN: Damage Boost 1  $236
 o CARBINE: Damage Boost 1  $357
 o RPG: Damage Boost 1  $385
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Damage Boost 1  $349
 o PISTOL: Damage Boost 1  $199

 o MACHINE GUN: Accuracy Boost  $512
 o RPG: Clip Increase  $816
 o VOLLEY GUN: Damage Boost 1  $522
 o SHOTGUN: Reload Increase  $456
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Fire Rate Boost  $654
 o PISTOL: Ammo Increase  $404
 o MACHINE GUN: Clip Increase  $391
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Recoil Decrease  $288
 o CARBINE: Clip Increase  $484
 Buy what you will and go through the doors. 
  Finkton Proper
 Here look under the stairs you are on for a [_LOCKPICK_]. To the left is
a [_KINETOSCOPE_] and a Vigor vendor.
  VIGOR MACHINE - Finkton Proper
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241
 o Devil's Kiss Boost  $666
 o Possession For Less  $1653
 o Bronco Aid  $777
 Head inward now and Elizabeth will comment on the gunsmith. Chen-Lin. Huh.
Now to the left is a counter. Behind it you can search the [_DESK_] even
though someone is sitting there. Check out the office here for a [_LOCKPICK_],
[_PURSE_], [_VOXOPHONE_] and [_CABINET_]. Good stuff.

 The middle of this area has a recruiting bot, but Fink isn't hiring anybody
so we can't get in to the city. Grr...

 o OBJECTIVE: Find a way into Finton
 The other side of this area has a [_DESK_] to search. You can also find a
locked door in the corner. To open it you need 5 lockpicks. If you bought
some earlier this is no big deal. Inside is [_CABINET x4_], [_DESK x3_], a
[_PURSE_], a Volley Gun with [_VOLLEY GUN AMMO x2_] and more importantly an
[_INFUSION_] Vigor. Very nice. I was able to max my shields at this time.

 The only thing left to do now is take either staircase down to a door with
a hairpin lock on it (I'd have Elizabeth open both locks even though they
lead to the same area for the Going Rouge trophy). Down here you'll have to
fight 6 guards. There is a Patriot here as well and the guards from upstairs
will join in. Most of these guards only have melee weapons so if you want to
get in some execution time now is the perfect time.

 Take them all out and then search the lower area for a [_SALT KIT_],
[_CASH BAG_], [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO_], [_LOCKPICK x2_] (one in a corner, one
in a trashcan), a bag of [_SILVER EAGLES_], a [_MAILBOX_] and [_CABINET x4_].
Note that one of those cabinets is up one of the stairways, by a Carbine
rifle. The above items are whan you can find WITHOUT going into either of
the lower two rooms! Heh! Also note there are some vendors down here but they
have nothing new and we just had access to some vendors.

 Check out the office room now (the room we don't have to go to) to search
some [_DESK x2_], find a [_LOCKBOX_], some [_SHOTGUN AMMO_] near a Shotgun,
and a [_SALT KIT_]. There's also a safe here you can unlock for ONE lock,
which is a steal. I'd recommend doing so (I found 164 Silver Eagles inside
my safe).

 Now head over to the Service Elevator area. Inside is a [_DESK_], a [_PURSE_],
a [_LOCKPICK_] and, inside one of the green lockers on the wall you can find a
[_VOXOPHONE_] with an interesting audio track. Hmm.

 Go ahead and call the elevator now. While you wait Elizabeth will discover
Slate's locker and a journal. Oh man... Inside the elevator you will also get
a phone call. Seems like Fink is watching us.

 At the end of the ride you'll meet the secretary and will be given a stash of
goods: a [_SALT KIT_], [_FIRST AID KIT_], [_PURSE_] and a Hand Cannon. Heh.
I don't know if this is good or not. The man will open the door for you soon.

                        Chapter 17: The Plaza of Zeal                 [BSI-17]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Well, seems like we've made it.
 o OBJECTIVE: Find the gunsmith Chen Lin
 Feel free to watch the "auction" in front of you. It's really something else.
There is a [_TOOLBOX_] here too. Head down the right stairs and grab the [_SALT
KIT_] if you need it. If you stick to the wall you'll come to a pier. There's a
[_BARREL_] and [_CRATE x2_] here. Search the stacks of crates for some [_SILVER
EAGLE x2_] and [_LOCKPICK x2_] as well. There's a locked door nearby that you
can use ONE lockpick on. Do so.

 Inside is a Hand Cannon and [_HAND CANNON AMMO x2_]. There's also a [_WALLET_]
and a [_LOCKPICK_]. More importantly there's another Vox Populi cipher here
that leads to an optional mission.

 o OPTIONAL: Find the Cipher
 It's likely at the "Good Time Club". Hmm.
 Head out now and check behind the auctioneer guy for [_TOOLBOX x2_].
 OK, now we can either explore and go where we are supposed to. I say we
explore, which means stirring up the pot and getting into a fight. Now if
you take the right street you'll run into a blockade. Try to go past and
you'll be in a fight. Go ahead and start a fight. You'll face 3-4 police
officers, a Mosquito and a Gun Turret.

 After you've freed up the streets, go down the right side and check out
the very right hand corner, past the carts with the logs. There is a
[_VOXOPHONE_] over here, as well as a [_TRASHCAN_] and some [_PISTOL AMMO_].
If you look to the left of the wood piles you'll see a platform (by the
white wall) with a [_LUNCHBOX_] and [_TOOLBOX_] on it.

 Head back now and to the left of where the turret was is The Good Time Club.
Note that it says you have your audition today... okay... There is a cart on
the road here with a [_SALT KIT_] and an exit to the left road down here as
well. There's a turret over there if you didn't kill it yet (do so if you
haven't). Head up the stairs and search the [_TOOLBOX_]. Now, while you may
be tempted to enter the club there's really nothing there for us at this time.
We'll come back later.

 Let's explore the left side of the street now. From the main entrance, head
to the left and enter the building. There's a [_SALT KIT_] here and a Sniper
Rifle. In the back is a [_TOOLBOX_], [_CRATE x3_] an Armory Machine (same old
stock) and [_CARBINE AMMO x2_] by the carbine.

 Out on the streets and up by Chen Lin's shop (which we aren't going into yet)
you can find a total of [_BARREL x5_]. There's also [_CRATE x2_] behind the
building on the platform. The large doors on the left have a lock that
Elizabeth hasn't seen before. Gotta find a battering ram! Hehe.

 Now let's go check out the shop in the corner. In here you can use a tear for
some 'MEDICAL SUPPLIES' but you probably don't need it. Another rogue tear in
here will make some music play. Way ahead of our time. Search this place for a
[_SHOEBOX_], [_TOOLBOX_], [_CIGAR TIN_], purse of [_SILVER EAGLES_], some
[_LUNCHBOX x2_] and a [_LOCKPICK_]. There's also a [_BARREL_] next to a Vigor
Vending machine (that has the same old stuff in it).

 Now let's do some aerial exploration. From the entrance of this area (which
is a good starting point) notice to the left up in the air are some hooks. Use
them to get to the left portion of the roof. Up here is a Sniper Rifle and some
new [_GEAR_].

 NEW HAT! [_HILL RUNNER'S HAT_]: Shield breaking increases movement speed.
                                 50% faster for 5 seconds.
 Heh. The rest of this central room has is a [_TOOLBOX_], [_LUNCHBOX_], a
[_LOCKPICK_], some [_RPG AMMO x2_] and some [_VOLLEY GUN AMMO x2_] near a
Volley Gun. There's also a [_TOOLBOX_] on the upper left roof but none of
the other roofs in this area have anything.

 And with that we've explored the streets! Whew! Let's make our way to Chen
Lin's shop now, on the left side of the central building. Head inside to see
a bench. Hmm, may as well raid the [_DEPOSIT BOX_], grab the [_VOXOPHONE_],
search a [_TOOLBOX_], [_CRATE_], [_BARREL_] and grab the [_LOCKPICK_] behind
the toolbox. The other side of the room has [_CRATE x2_] and a pistol if you
want it. Use the next set of doors to enter the shop.

  Chen-Lin's Shop
 The area in front of you and to your left (around the small corner) is
[_BARREL x3_], [_SALT KIT_], a [_TOOLBOX_], some [_SHOTGUN AMMO_] and
[_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. Take the right path now and head up the stairs. Grab
the [_TOOLBOX_] along the way. You'll see a Gautma Buddha shrine in a corner
and Elizabeth will enlighten you on it. Head on to the top and you'll see it
has been ransacked. No Chen-Lin here. Grab the [_CRATE x2_], [_BARREL x2_] and
a [_LOCKPICK_] before going downstairs to investigate the crying.

 You'll see Mrs. Lin at the statue. Talk to her to learn the cops have taken
Mr. Lin over to the Good Time Club. Hmph. Time to head over there now I guess.

 o OBJECTIVE: Go to The Good Time Club and rescue Chen Lin
 Head back out to Finkton.
  Finkton Proper
 Out here you'll (in a few seconds) be attacked by a HANDYMAN! This is the
first time we're expected to kill it. He isn't too hard but can wallop you if
you stay too close. Use Shock Jockey and aim for his heart in the center of
his chest (which you can eerily see) to do critical damage. Don't stay in one
place as he can jump to you quickly. Also watch out for his ground slam as it
can shoot electricity at you.

 After you kill him, he'll drop some [_GEAR_]!
 NEW SHIRT! [_PYROMANIAC_]: When stuck, 50% chance to burn nearby enemies.
                            Victims take 400 damage over 3 seconds.
 Well, I don't plan on being stuck any time soon. Now let's head behind the
central building to The Good Time Club.

                       Chapter 18: The Good Time Club                 [BSI-18]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 The show is about to begin, eh? Fun. Fink will talk to you a bit here.
Grab the [_SALT KIT_] or Carbine if you wish. You can search the corpse
here as well. Take the stairs up and view the [_KINETOSCOPE_] here. This
Armory vendor doesn't have any new stuff, by the way.

 In this next area we'll have to fight off a few waves of enemies. Well,
this IS out "Job Interview". We'll face three waves in total. All the enemies
come from down below. If you do a quick scan of this area you'll notice some
tears you can take advantage of: 'MEDICAL SUPPLIES' to your right, 'RPG' to
your upper left and 'VOLLEY GUN' underneath you. Honestly, this starting area
is a FINE place to hold out. Enemies will come to YOU and you can kill them.
The stairs to the right are EASY to defend and the left path gives you plenty
of time to defend. You also have some nearby cover naturally for your shield
to recharge behind.

 The first wave is comprised of some soldiers (about 5 of them) and a Fireman.
Most of the soldiers will come to you so kill them off as they come. However,
the Fireman will stay on the lower stage. To take him out I'd recommend taking
the left path and you'll find yourself up above him. You can electrocute him
and shoot him from here.

 The second wave is soldiers with a Crow enemy. Shoot at the crow as soon as
you see him to make him come to you fast. You can then fight him one on one
up above. Use Devil's Kiss to help yourself out. From there all you need to
do is play mop up with whatever soldiers are left.

 The third fight is pretty easy. You versus the machine! A Patriot will start
to climb up towards your location. Focus all your firepower on him as he comes
up the stairs. After that you'll need to face two Mosquitoes and two gun
turrets on the stage, which is pretty darn easy as you can use the cover and
pop in and out as you wish.

 Once you have killed them Fink will try to get you to accept his job offer.
Hmmm. Let's gather up the goodies. This starting area has a [_SALT KIT_] and
some [_HAND CANNON AMMO_]. Downstairs the left side of the area has some
[_SALT KIT x2_] and a [_FIRST AID KIT_] underneath a counter (just south of
the Bucking Bronco Salt Kit). The toilets in the back have a [_LOCKPICK_],
[_PURSE_] and [_FIRST AID KIT_]. There is a [_KINETOSCOPE_] here near a
Vigor Vendor as well.

 The right side of this area has a General Vendor (he has THREE MORE
lockpicks - be SURE to buy them). Nearby is a [_SALT KIT_] and a Shotgun.
Near the machine is a set of doors. Head through them. In here you can find
[_BARREL x5_], [_SILVER EAGLE x5_], a [_LOCKPICK_], a [_SALT KIT_], a sack
of [_SILVER EAGLES_] and a rare [_INFUSION_]. Behind the counter is a Pistol,
a Shotgun, a [_PURSE_] and some [_SALT KIT x2_].

 Head up the right side now to find another [_SALT KIT_] and then head up
to the stage. Loot if you wish. There's a [_PURSE_] up here. In the back you
will find a door leading to a dressing room. There's a [_VOXOPHONE_] in here
as well as a [_DESK x2_] and a [_TRUNK_].  Head down the stairs and grab the
[_CRATE_] and [_BARREL_] on your way. There'll be two soldiers down here you
can take out.

 Once they are dead grab the [_CABINET x3_] and [_CRATE_]. The doors to the
left lead to another [_CRATE_], a mess of Carbines and a [_LOCKPICK_] near
the trash. Keep on going to see a blackboard. Chen Lin, cell #9.

 o OBJECTIVE: Find Chen Lin's cell
 Pick up the [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x2_] here and the nearby [_WALLET_], then
pick the lock on the next door. In here kill the two guards you run into.
To the right is the [_CODE BOOK_] for the OPTIONAL MISSION at the clock

(-OPTIONAL-) It's easy to head back to the Clock Room now if you wish.
             Once you do so Elizabeth will decipher the code. The giant clock
             on the wall will then move aside and grant you your reward: some
             [_LOCKPICK x3_], an [_INFUSION_] a [_VOXOPHONE_] and a Volley Gun.

 Head onward and Elizabeth will turn on a projector. In here you can find some
[_PISTOL AMMO_], a [_SALT KIT_] and [_CRATE x2_]. Continue on and kill the
guards you find patrolling the cells. To the right is a [_VOXOPHONE_], a
[_LOCKPICK_] and a [_BARREL_]. Heck, this entire hallway has [_BARREL x13_].

 Now let's investigate these rooms. First right door has some [_HAND CANNON
AMMO_]. First left has a [_SALT KIT_] and a corpse. The last two are locked.
The left door require FIVE lockpicks. Inside is a corpse with some [_GEAR_].

 NEW BOOTS! [_NEWTON'S LAW_]: Landing off a Sky-Line knocks back nearby
 Meh. Open the next door (free!) to have Fink talk at you some more. Grab
the [_BARREL_] here and the [_WALLET_] to the left. Head down to the bottom
area now and check the right table for a [_LOCKPICK_]. Enter into the cell
and hit the light.

 Geez! Go figure. Go ahead and investigate the body to see a scene. Hmmm,
it's all a matter of perspective, indeed. That couple should know I suppose.

 o OBJECTIVE: Open the Tear
 Go ahead and have Elizabeth open it. Wow...
 o OBJECTIVE: Return to the Gunsmith's Shop
 You can go ahead and pick up one of the Repeaters if you wish. Head out now
and note all the changes. Booker and Elizabeth have a lot to comment on. I
especially like the two guards being back alive. Back out in the main area you
will face 5-6 guards. They are mostly melee so retreat a bit and kill the ones
who rush you, then mop up the rest. Elizabeth will note one of them was hooked
up on a wall earlier.

 Once you leave the main room, be sure to grab the [_PURSE_] by the Armory
vendor and watch the new [_KINETOSCOPE_]. That helps to explain things. At the
bottom is a [_COIN PURSE_], [_CIGAR TIN_] and [_FIDDLE CASE_] continue on out
and leave The Good Time Club.

                       Chapter 19: The Plaza of Zeal 2                [BSI-19]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Out here we're going to get in a fight again. We are forced to head left
here due to the gate, so use said gate for cover and to take out some enemies
from range. Up near the entrance an enemy will use a Volley Gun to bombard you
over and over. Getting a Sniper Rifle here would help immensely. You could
alternately get your own with the 'VOLLEY GUN' Tear to the left. There is also
a turret on the right side of this area (left side if you're facing the main
building) that needs taken care of.

 Once you've cleared the place out (again) go ahead and enter the gun shop.
                        Chapter 20: The Gunsmith Shop                 [BSI-20]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Another short chapter. Oh well.
 Here just head upstairs. Notice the statue change. Heh. At the top go ahead
and try to talk with Chen Lin. He'll eventually tell you to wait downstairs.

 Head back down to the shrine and talk to the woman. Looks like she's a
white woman now. Huh. She'll mention that his tools were taken away and our
duo figure that's the only way to get his mind straight.

 o OBJECTIVE: Find Shantytown's Police Impound
 Well, we got our next objective. Let's head to Shantytown.
   Finkton Proper
 Head towards the entrance to Shantytown and you'll run into a group of
soldiers leaving the docks area. They are fairly grouped up if you have an
RPG or something (Bucking Bronco / Possession, etc). Take them out and
continue on past the doors to Shantytown.

 Here you'll find some vending machines (nothing new), a [_SALT KIT_], a
[_TOOLBOX_] and a lever. Use the lever to move the carts out of the way.
Elizabeth will talk about her finger some here. Huh.

  Path to Shantytown
 We have a fight on our hands here but there's a number of things you can do.
First of all, note the tears for 'COVER' and 'GUN AUTOMATON' here. The gun one
helps a ton. Most of these are just normal soldiers, but there is an RPG
soldier up on the platform ahead. You could take him down easily with the
Sniper Rifle to your right (and the [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO_]). There is also a
'FREIGHT HOOK' to the left if you want to get personal.

 Once they are dead you can pick up the [_SALT KIT_] and [_TOOLBOX_] under
the platform. If you use the freight hook you can also find an RPG, [_RPG
AMMO x2_] and a [_TOOLBOX_] on the platform. The right walkway hides a [_SALT
KIT_] behind some crates and also has an Armory Vendor in a storage area
(he has nothing new though).

 Keep on going to enter a building and see an office area nearby. Here you can
find a Shotgun, a Hand Cannon, [_DESK x2_], [_CABINET x2_] and a [_LOCKPICK_].
There's a gate here that's shut too. Head onward and use the elevator.

                           Chapter 21: Shantytown                     [BSI-21]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Listen to the preacher down here if you wish. There's some [_CRATE x2_] in
the area but they likely don't have anything. Follow the left wall around the
corner to find a shelter where you can find [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] and a
[_LOCKPICK_]. Now, in this corner are two men guarding some food, but there is
an infusion over there. If you go for it you'll have to fight them and two more
men down the nearby stairs. It's worth it for the [_INFUSION_] and [_CASH BAG_]
though, so go ahead and do it.

 Head down the stairs now to kill the other hostiles. Down here check near the
sewage pipe for a [_LOCKPICK_] and behind the stalls for a [_CRATE_]. The left
corner has a Repeater and [_REPEATER AMMO x2_] while the right corner has a
[_TRASHCAN_] and [_BAG x2_]. The doors down here lead to the "Graveshift Bar".

 In the bar, look to the right for [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and a [_LOCKPICK_] by
the vending machine. There's a [_CRATE_] and [_BARREL_] here too. All three
types of vending machines are here, but no new stock. Behind the counter are
[_CRATE x4_], but you'll get in a fight if you take them. There's a
[_SALT KIT_] back there as well.

 Head through the right door and head downstairs. Here you can find a
[_VOXOPHONE_] and some [_KEYS_]. Picking up the keys gives you an Optional

 o OPTIONAL: Find the box to unlock
 Fun. You can look beyond the desk for [_REPEATER AMMO_] near the Repeater
if you wish. You can play the GUITAR down here, which is pretty neat as it
shows a special scene with Elizabeth singing. Next go check out the area to
the right of the stairs to find a cubby in the back. There's a [_CASH BAG_]
and [_LOCKPICK x3_] back here.

 Head back up now and head down the right street. At the very end, without
going down more stairs make a left and you'll see a barrel with some fire. To
its left is a [_LOCKPICK_]. Some stairs will lead to a lower street where a
group of people are beating a vending machine. To their right is a 'FOOD SACKS'
tear. Open it up to give them food and at the same time give you [_SILVER
EAGLE x6_] and a [_CASH BAG_].
 Keep heading down the street past the people and past the men in the stocks.
When you enter the tunnel thing look to your left for a [_CRATE_]. Keep on
going and you'll be in The Bull Yard soon.

                     Chapter 22: The Bull House Impound               [BSI-22]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 The first thing we should do is find the broken green stall to the right
and grab us some near [_GEAR_].
 NEW BOOTS! [_OVERKILL_]: Killing with excessive damage stuns nearby enemies.
 Head forward now and you'll see a group of soldiers talking down below. If
you have a weapon like the RPG or Volley Gun fire on them. The impound is
ahead but it's guarded by some massive turrets:

 o OBJECTIVE: Destroy the defense turrets
 This is pretty fun. First of all, look to your upper left. Note the hooks?
Jump up there. This platform has a Sniper Rifle which you WILL need, along
with a [_SALT KIT_]. Jump back down now and walk along the left wall until
you are behind cover. From here you can zoom in and shoot the huge turrets.
These things will fire mercilessly on you, but you have cover and can always
shoot whenever they stop firing. It will take some time but you'll kill them
both eventually.

 Now let's explore a bit. You can use the hook to get higher up and then use
another hook further on for some [_SALT KIT x2_] and a [_CUTLERY BOX_]. From
here use the Sniper Rifle to kill a soldier on the roof to the right and a
turret by the impound. You can jump to the rails from here. If you wish, down
below on the pier is a [_TRASHCAN_] and on the ship is another [_SALT KIT_].

 Now, let's take the Rail to the left. I'm going this way for a reason. It is
the likely place where whoever you didn't kill when you first attack went, so
follow them and kill them. This area is a shooting training ground. In the
booths you can find [_HAND GUN AMMO x2_] and [_VOLLEY GUN AMMO x2_].

 Notice the tear for 'ROCKET AUTOMATON'? Go ahead and use it. There will be
7-8 soldiers in front of the Impound, along with a Patriot. Let the rocket
turret give you cover while you use your Sniper Rifle to thin out the ranks.
You can, with a little support from Elizabeth (for ammo), take down everything
from the training ground. Or you can alternately use the rail to get in even
closer if you wished. As yet another alternative, you can use the rail to get
to the other side where you can find an RPG and [_RPG AMMO x2_]. You mave have
to do one or more of these things to kill EVERYONE.

 Some more options here: you can use the OTHER rail to access the roof above
the RPG / right side of this area to find a 'MOSQUITO' tear and 'RPG' cache.
Be SURE to visit this area sooner or later as there is a [_VOXOPHONE_] here
in the back, as well as a [_LUNCHBOX_]. You can follow this same rail to yet
another lookout point with a 'SNIPER RIFLE' tear and a [_SALT KIT_] nearby.

 Once they are all dead, ride the rails to the front door. You can likely
scavenge a lot off the bodies. Head to the front door and have Elizabeth
pick the lock. Head inside the impound.

                          Chapter 23: The Bull Yard                   [BSI-23]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Head forward here and through the gate. To the right is an office you can
get into with [_DESK x2_] and a [_KINETOSCOPE_]. Head out and through the
next set of doors. Get ready for a fight.

 Here you'll fight 5-6 Soldiers. Most of them come in from the right, but
one or two come in from the left. One will also probably be above you. Note
that you can use the 'COVER' tear or to the right is a 'CRANK GUN' tear. A
Patriot will also show up at some point so be ready.

 After they are dead check the right office for a [_CABINET_], [_DESK x2_] and
a [_SILVER BAR_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x4_] in the safe (which you can just barely
get given how the safe is only just cracked a little). Check the center office
area for a [_SALT KIT_]. Next, head to the left and search the area over there
to see an office under the stairs. Inside is a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Past that in the
room is a [_FIRST AID KIT_], a Pistol and some [_LOCKPICK x2_].

 Head back out and let's head upstairs now. You'll find three more guards up
here (more or less depending on your first fight). Once you dispatch them let's
go explore. From the stairs to the right is a room with a locked door that you
need FIVE lockpicks for. Go ahead and open it. Inside is an [_INFUSION_], a
RPG, a [_CRATE_], a crap ton of Carbines, and some [_GEAR_]!

 NEW SHIRT! [_EXECUTIONER_]: Melee strikes against staggered enemies add 60%
                             chance to critical hit. Victims take 25% more
                             damage when struck.
 Not bad, but I have better. Continue on and search the left offices. There
are [_DESK x4_], [_CABINET_], [_LOCKPICK_], [_SALT KIT_] and some weapons to
find (Hand Cannon). The back office has a [_VOXOPHONE_] and a LARGE CHEST
though. The Voxophone basically tells you the keys for the chest are in the
"Graveshift Bar". If you've been following the guide, you'll have the keys
right now. If not, scroll up a short ways and read starting at the section
beginning with "Shantytown".

 Inside the chest is an [_INFUSION_].
 Head back to the walkway and continue to the Locker Room. There's not much
in here but you can find [_BAG x2_] to search if you wish. Let's head back
downstairs now and even further down.

 Down here search the [_DESK_] and nab the [_BARREL_] before having Elizabeth
open the lock to continue. On the way down you can nab [_BARREL x4_]. On the
ground floor check the first cell (poor woman) to find a [_LOCKPICK_] past
the corpse. There's a [_CRATE_] opposite the cell as well.

 Head forward and you'll see all the machinery. No way we can carry that.
Like before though, a Tear will appear, meaning we can enter it to have the
tools show up back at the shop. Wow...

 BEFORE going into the tear, head down the way and enter the iron door on
the right side. There's a [_SILVER EAGLE BAG_] here. There's also a ton of
Carbines and [_CRATE x3_]. Now go ahead and enter the tear.

  o OBJECTIVE: Return to the Gunsmith's Shop
 Wow, that's a lot of guns. There's [_BURST GUN AMMO x4_] here. Pick up some
new weapons if you wish (I'm still rocking Sniper Rifle, Volley Gun, trying
to get kill trophies). Head back up now.

 On your way up you'll hear the impound being bombarded. Huh. At the top
look for a [_VOXOPHONE_] on the desk. Keep heading up. You'll see some more
conflicted souls. Go ahead and leave the impound now.

  The Bull Yard
 This place will be CRAZY now. All your tears are gone and a fight between
the Vox and the Founders is raging. You can actually use this time to get in
quite a few kills if you are going for weapon trophies. The founders just love
to use the rails to get up high to the left and right and shoot at you, making
this a grand place for the Sniper trophy.

 I didn't count but there's at least 15+ Soldiers to kill in this area. It may
be best for you if you just push on and kill any resistance on your way out.
You do have the bonus of having 3-4 Vox acting as a distraction. Don't worry
either, they won't hurt you at all.


 Make your way out of the impound area and to the tunnel. Underneath the
singing lady (Hehe) there's [_LOCKPICK x2_]. Head forward for a VERY
interesting scene. Oh boy...

 Continue on and look out for a [_LOCKPICK_] on the right. Head forward
and make your way to the Graveshift Bar, enjoying the scenery. The Handyman
in front of the bar has a [_VOXOPHONE_] on him. A very sad one. Enter the
bar and grab another [_VOXOPHONE_] from the counter. Interesting.

 Head to the elevator now and leave the area.
                          Chapter 24: Finkton Proper                  [BSI-24]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
  Path to Shantytown

 Here, go visit the central office. The door we couldn't get open before
is busted open in this dimension, meaning you can acquire the [_CHARGE_]
 CHARGE: Press L1 to charge into a foe and damage him.
         Hold and release L1 to charge even harder. You can only Charge at
         an enemy you can reach.
 Oh man. I can see this pairing very well with a shotgun. Oh look, there's
one nearby! *Evil Smile*

 You'll get to test it soon. Out on the pathway are two soldiers you can
test it out on but BE CARFUL as up on the platform is a Sniper and his bullets
HURT like hell. Further on is an airship with an armored soldier firing an
RPG at you. Once you take out these four pests the way forward will be clear.

   Finkton Proper
 Out here you'll have a fight between the Vox and Founders (naturally).
Help the Vox out here and destroy what little resistance remains. The far
end of this area has a Turret, and that's about the biggest threat here.

 Head back to the workshop before the Gunsmith to find a pile of bodies.
To the left is a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Go ahead and investigate the bodies. They
should look familiar. You'll talk with Elizabeth here for a bit.

                        Chapter 25: On to the Factory                 [BSI-25]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Well damn. That's not exactly what I thought was going to happen. Elizabeth
is torn up about this as well, but we have to press on.

 o OBJECTIVE: Go to the factory and take back the First Lady Airship
 Head outside and you'll see a group of Vox ready to storm the factory.
Head through when they do. To the right is a general vendor. The Vox will
open the next door and the fighting will be on.

(-NOTE-) BEFORE going through the door I was able to kill enemies from a
         distance with my Carbine. I went from 0 kills to 100 here, as the
         enemies did not stop coming and Elizabeth kept feeding me ammo.
         You could probably do the same thing with a weapon (Carbine, Sniper
         Rifle) to get that weapon trophy.
 Head forward and note the Sniper Rifle. Up ahead are three turrets that you
will want to take out. You can do it from range or push forward a bit and find
an RPG and [_RPG AMMO x2_] on the right side.

 Keep on pushing. You'll have several tears here to support you. 'MEDICAL
SUPPLIES', 'ROCKET AUTOMATON' (a very handy one) and 'COVER'. Up ahead is
two more turrets with a Patriot, but between the Vox, you and whatever tears
you open they have NO chance. At the end the Vox will start to open the gate
when a Zeppelin appears and destroys everyone!

                      Chapter 26: The Factory Courtyard               [BSI-26]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Well damn...

 o OBJECTIVE: Take out the zeppelin
 There's a sky line above you here. We need to ride it until we can jump onto
the zeppelin. There will be a very obvious landing spot. Ride it and do so
(Ignore the hooks; they don't lead anywhere) and kill the guy on the wing.
There's a [_SALT KIT_] here and a Shotgun. Fight your way into the zeppelin.
Inside are three more soldiers and a Patriot. Unload on them all (Traps are
good here) and clear the area of danger.

 Near the entrance is a [_SALT KIT_] and a [_TOOLBOX_]. The opposite outside
deck has a Sniper Rifle if you wish. There's also a mess of Machine Guns in
the inside. You can find a Volley Gun here as well with a [_FIRST AID KIT_]
and [_VOLLEY GUN AMMO x2_]. There's a [_TOOLBOX_] and [_SALT KIT_] after
that as well.

 Head over to the engine and press Square to sabotage it. Easy. A door will
open up to your left. Use it to jump out and hook onto the rail. You will be
near the door, which the Vox have opened. Head up and enter the factory.
                           Chapter 27: The Factory                    [BSI-27]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Head inside with the Vox group and you'll encounter a central turret and
three guards. No match for you, but you can use the pillars here to hide
behind just in case. Head in one more room and before entering the elevator
search the area for [_SALT KIT x2_] and some new [_GEAR_].

 NEW BOOTS! [_VAMPIRE'S EMBRACE_]: Melee kills give health.
 Heh. Up by the elevator is [_LOCKPICK x3_]. Grab it and enter the elevator.
More dialog here, followed by another phone call. This doesn't sound good...

 Sure enough, as you get out of the elevator the Vox will (in a second)
attack you, so be ready to mow the three soldiers down. Once they are dead
check behind the sign for items. In the right corner is a [_VOXOPHONE_].
You can also find [_SILVER BAR x2_], a [_GOLD BAR_], some [_SILVER EAGLE x4_],
[_DESK x4_], a stack of [_SILVER EAGLES_], [_LOCKPICK x3_] and near the corpse
a new VIGOR called [_UNDERTOW_]!

 UNDERTOW: Press L1 to wash away your enemies.
           Hold L1 to grab enemies and release to reel them in for punishment.
           Airborne enemies take more damage.
 Oh, interesting. I'll bet water and electricity make a good combo (hint hint).
Water in particular is "Super Effective" against machines. Be sure to play
around with it.
 Before going on, go check out the room on the left. It has several vending
machines in it. Go look behind the general vending machine for some [_GEAR_]:

 NEW HAT! [_SPARE THE ROD_]: 30% chance melee target becomes Possessed.
                             Possessed victim is an ally for a few seconds.
 Ah, neat. Of note here is the new items in the Vigor Machine and the new
items in the Armory machine!

  VENDING MACHINE - Finkton Factory
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19
 o Lockpick  $48
 o Carbine Ammo [8]  $8
 o Burstgun Ammo [30]  $8
 o Volley Gun Ammo [8]  $8
 o Hand Cannon Ammo [6]  $8
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8
 o Repeater Ammo [20]  $8
 o RPG Ammo [2]  $8
 o Shotgun Ammo [4]  $8
 o Sniper Ammo [4]  $8
  ARMORY MACHINE - Finkton Factory
 o PISTOL: Clip Increase  $275

 o MACHINE GUN: Damage Boost 1  $236
 o CARBINE: Damage Boost 1  $357
 o RPG: Damage Boost 1  $385
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Damage Boost 1  $349
 o PISTOL: Damage Boost 1  $199

 o MACHINE GUN: Accuracy Boost  $512
 o RPG: Clip Increase  $816
 o VOLLEY GUN: Damage Boost 1  $522
 o SHOTGUN: Reload Increase  $456
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Fire Rate Boost  $654
 o PISTOL: Ammo Increase  $404
 o MACHINE GUN: Clip Increase  $391
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Recoil Decrease  $288
 o CARBINE: Clip Increase  $484
 o HAND CANNON: Reload Increase  $656
 o HAND CANNON: Damage Boost 1  $448
 o CARBINE: Recoil Decrease  $333
 o BURSTGUN: Damage Boost 1  $423
 o PISTOL: Damage Boost 2  $199
 o MACHING GUN: Damage Boost 2  $236
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Damage Boost 2  $349
  VIGOR MACHINE - Finkton Factory
 o Crows Trap Aid  $1485

 o Devil's Kiss Aid  $1241
 o Devil's Kiss Boost  $666
 o Possession For Less  $1653
 o Bronco Aid  $777
 o Shock Chain Aid  $1265
 o Crows Boost  $545
 o Charge Aid  $1614
 o Bronco Boost  $421
 Buy what you will (damage boosts are always good, but damn that Charge Aid
looks awesome) and continue on to the other room's center door. Have Elizabeth
unlock it and head forward. Near the corpses out here is a Volley Gun and a
Sniper Rifle, with [_VOLLEY GUN AMMO_] and [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO_]. Before going
up the stairs, take a look around down below. See all the bulbs? At the far
end is a [_TELESCOPE_] you can use and near the console nearby is a [_SALT
KIT_] and [_FIRST AID KIT_]. There's also an RPG here with [_RPG AMMO_].

 You can also use a 'TESLA COIL' tear here (save it for now). There's also
a vending machine in the middle of the area. Lastly, note the rail circling
around this area. It leads to a platform overlooking the area that also has
a 'SNIPER RIFLE' tear. Good stuff to know!

 Go back now and up the stairs now and watch the scene. Daisy will sick her
men on you. Your first threat comes in from the left on an airship. A couple
of soldiers with a Fireman. Using a Sniper Rifle now is a good idea. I actually
went and used the rails to jump on the ship and shotgun blast everyone.

 Next you'll face a stream of soldiers accented by a Handyman and another
Fireman. Here it's best to either stay on the overlook and Snipe, running
away when you get overwhelmed, or ride the rails and use Skyline Strike to
your advantage. Whatever you do, stay on the move and don't get cornered.
Make use of that RPG I mentioned earlier as well as the rail. Bring out the
Tesla Coil. Do whatever you have to do to stay mobile and keep killing. This
is one fun fight.

(-NOTE-) The HANDYMAN can shock rails and hurt you when you're riding them.
         Be careful of this attack and jump off if he starts to do it.

 Once it's over, gather up all the spoils. The Handyman should have dropped
some new [_GEAR_] for you as well!

 NEW PANTS! [_ANGRY STOMPERS_]: When extremely low on health, deal 2x damage.
 Head back up and see what Daisy is up to. Elizabeth is right! Help boost
her up when you are ready. Once you do, head over to the window and "Distract
Daisy". Watch what happens. Once the kid is safe, go "Comfort Elizabeth".

 Once we have control again, go check out the room on the left for a rare
[_INFUSION_], then go check the right room for a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Damn! Head
back out and follow Elizabeth onto the airship. Use the [_FIRST AID KIT_] if
you still need to, then go knock on the door to the right.

 No answer. Hmph. Well we'll need to go set the coordinates now. Go ahead
and do so. Soon Elizabeth will come out in a new outfit and short hair.
A good look. More dialog here. Soon your local friendly avian protector will
show up. There's nothing you can do here accept "Change Destination" on the
coordinate panel. Go ahead and do so and watch the scene.

                             Chapter 28: Emporia                      [BSI-28]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Once you wake up, go help Elizabeth out. The mysterious duo will be here,
trying to get a piano tune down. Approach them and take the card that the man
hold out for you. Huh...

 After that, go ahead and push the piano out of the way.
  Prosperity Plaza
 Up ahead Elizabeth will point out Comstock House, which will turn into our
next destination.

 o OBJECTIVE: Go to Comstock House
 The people here are trying to leave as the Vox are coming. Grab the
[_TRASHCAN_] here and down by the people go search the [_BAG_], [_TRUNK x2_]
and grab the [_PURSE_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x4_]. What? They can't take ALL
those bags! We're just helping!

 Continue up the stairs and search the [_PICNIC BASKET_] and [_TRASHCAN x2_]
up here. Past the small bridge is another docking zone. You can find [_BAG x2_]
and [_TRUNK x2_] here along with a [_WALLET_] and [_SALT KIT_]. To the right
is a [_TRUNK_] and [_TRASHCAN x3_] near some [_REPEATER AMMO_] and an Armory
Vending Machine. This one has some new stuff. I'm only listing the new stuff
this time.
  ARMORY MACHINE - Finkton Factory
 o SNIPER RIFLE: Damage Boost 2  $349

 o REPEATER: Recoil Decrease  $711
 o HEATER: Reload Increase  $752
 o RPG: Damage Boost 2  $385
 o HAND CANNON: Damage Boost 2  $448
 o SHOTGUN: Damage Boost 2  $255
 o CARBINE: Damage Boost 2  $357
 Now up ahead are some Vox Populi troops. Mostly normal troops. One in the
far distance by the building has a Hail Fire gun which is like a Volley gun,
so he can be dangerous. You can start the fight with Sniper Fire or by going
up the upper path and killing the soldier who can't see you.

 From there you can call in a 'MOSQUITO', 'COVER' and in the far distance
you can even call in a 'WATER PUDDLE'. I'd call in the Mosquito and help it
kill things. If you get hurt 'MEDICAL SUPPLIES' are nearby via a tear as well.

 Once you've wiped these killers out check the area between the vending
machine and the door to go onward. There's a total of [_TRUNK x3_] and
[_TRASHCAN x4_]. There's some civilian corpses as well (again, killers).
The cart on the upper level in particular needs checked as it has some
[_SILVER EAGLE x4_], a [_PURSE_] and a [_LOCKPICK_]. Head forward now and
have Elizabeth unlock the door.

 As she picks the lock she'll share more about the Songbird. Interesting.

  Port Prosperity
 Check the corpses in front of you and the (rather disgusting but still
somehow cool) sign here.

 To the left is a LOCKED door that requires 3 Lockpicks to open. Go ahead
and have Elizabeth open it. Inside is a Heater with [_HEATER AMMO x2_] and
in the back is a [_TRUNK_] and an [_INFUSION_] vigor. Worth it!

 Head back out now and look above the door you entered from. There is a
'FREIGHT HOOK' here. Have Elizabeth pull it in and use it. Now look around
for some nearby scaffolding to jump to. Here you can find a [_LOCKPICK_],
[_SHOTGUN AMMO_], a [_PURSE_] and some new [_GEAR_]!
 NEW SHIRT! [_DROP CLOTH_]: Landing off a Sky-Line increases movement speed.
                            50% faster for 5 seconds.
 Meh. Head down and check out the area underneath the ladder. You'll find a
stack of [_SILVER EAGLES_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x5_]. Check out the back now.
Grab the [_TRASHCAN x2_]. Near the Vigor Machine is a [_SALT KIT_] and a
[_LOCKPICK_] behind the Salt Kit. The machine has one new Vigor as well:
  VIGOR MACHINE - Port Prosperity

 o Undertow Aid  $306
 You can also stock up on the General Vending Machine here. It now carries
more Vox ammo types.
  VENDING MACHINE - Port Prosperity
 o Health Kit [80%]  $36

 o Health Kit [20%]  $14
 o Salt [100%]  $67
 o Salt [25%]  $19

 o Carbine Ammo [8]  $8
 o Burstgun Ammo [30]  $8
 o Volley Gun Ammo [8]  $8
 o Hail Fire Ammo [5]  $8
 o Hand Cannon Ammo [6]  $8
 o Pistol Ammo [12]  $8

 o Machine Gun Ammo [35]  $8
 o Repeater Ammo [20]  $8
 o RPG Ammo [2]  $8
 o Shotgun Ammo [4]  $8
 o Heater Ammo [1]  $8
 o Sniper Ammo [4]  $8
 Take the right door now. In this hallway is a total of [_TRUNK x4_] and
[_TRASHCAN x4_]. It also has a [_BAG_], but more importantly there are two
Vox enemies around the corner, so be ready to blast them before they notice
you are there. Easy.

 Head out of the hallway and into the air. Out here note the 'MOTORIZED
PATRIOT' tear to your right and the 'GUN AUTOMATON' in front of you. Soon
a gondola will show up with two soldiers and a Patriot. Call out your own
Patriot and challenge them (which should make this easy work).

 After they are dead search the top area for [_TRUNK x3_], [_TRASHCAN x2_]
and a [_PICNIC BASKET_]. You can also find a [_WALLET_] in a trunk on a cart
in front of the entrance you took here. Heh. Down below is [_TRASHCAN x2_]
and a [_TELESCOPE_] you should use.

 Get on the gondola now and check near the open door for a [_LOCKPICK_].
Inside the room is a corpse and a [_SALT KIT_]. One of the outside seats
also has a [_LUNCHBOX_] near it. Have Elizabeth pick the lock. Pick up the
Sniper Rifle and/or [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO_] if you wish and pull the lever.

                         Chapter 29: Port Prosperity                  [BSI-29]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Elizabeth will explain what she knows about the mysterious two while we
get to watch them in all sorts of odd behavior. I particularly liked the
fact that she was posing for him while he was painting a picture of himself!

 Once we arrive, search the bottom area for [_TRASHCAN x3_], a [_TRUNK_] and
a [_PICNIC BASKET_] on a bench to the right. On the top area is [_TRASHCAN x5_]
and [_TRUNK x3_]. Be sure to check the corpses too. You can see two Vox goons
to the left up here and even get the drop on them. Kill them both quickly. Use
the oil near them and Devil's Kiss for some fireworks.

 In their room is a [_TRASHCAN_] and a [_WALLET_] on the counter. Head through
the doors to the left to find a SAFE that requires 3 Lockpicks (I found 181
Silver Eagles inside). Further in is a [_LOCKPICK_], [_SALT KIT_] and even more
doors. Behind those doors is a Hail Fire with [_HAIL FIRE AMMO x2_].

 Head out now and use the vending machines if you wish (no new stock). Beware
of soldiers coming in on you though (I fought off two of them). Head down the
next hallway now. Grab the [_TRUNK x2_] near the start, but search near the
first trunk for a [_WALLET_] in the open trunk and a [_CIGAR TIN_] behind it.

 Up the stairs is a [_TRASHCAN_] behind a trunk and, to the left, a very
interesting [_VOXOPHONE_]. There's a [_LOCKPICK_] on the trunk as well. Keep
going and you'll be in a rather large area. Let's explore!

 The office on the left has [_DESK x2_], but one is behind the doors. There's
also a [_SALT KIT_] and [_HEATER AMMO x2_] behind the doors. The office also
has a SAFE that requires 3 lockpicks (I found 201 Eagles inside).

 The large area is mostly empty, but it does have [_TRASHCAN x2_] and some
[_TRUNK x2_] here. There's a general vendor as well. Of particular note is
the LOCKED door on the right wall. You can open it with 3 lockpicks, so do
so and enter "The Salty Oyster".

 Inside are three soldiers trying to be sneaky. If you wait a second you can
see them peeking at you. Find them and rush them to strike first. After killing
them check out the left area for a [_SALT KIT_], a [_CASH REGISTER_] and a
stack of [_SILVER EAGLES_]. The right area has [_TRUNK x2_], a [_LOCKPICK_]
under the trunks to the right, [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and some new [_GEAR_]!
 NEW BOOTS! [_TUNNEL VISION_]: Aiming increases damage by 25%.
                               Hip firing reduces damage by 25%.
 Now let's check out the back of the area. There's a [_KINETOSCOPE_] back
here and in the back bathroom a [_SILVER BAR_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x3_], near
a Pistol, RPG, and [_RPG AMMO_]. That's all the bar has so head back to the
main area.

 Head up the stairs and get ready for a fight. Some Vox are harrasing a man
up here. You can get the first shot if you are quick. There's three soldiers
here and a Fireman, so you can't kill them all fast. There's also a tear
nearby with a 'GUN AUTOMATON' but it's very unnecessary.

 Once you've killed them search the area for [_TRUNK x3_] and [_TRASHCAN x5_].
In the back is a corpse and to his right is [_SILVER EAGLE x5_] and a
[_WALLET_] in the open trunk nearby. Head up the stairs once you're done.
 Up here is a HUGE area. You're in for quite a fight. Near the entrance are
some soldiers and a Patriot (Undertow!). Once you kill off the initial
opposition, you'll face reinforcements from the left and right stairs up
ahead. To help you out TREMENDOUSLY, use the 'TESLA COIL' tears to the left
and/or right. These will shock the enemies that try and rush you and make
defending yourself easy. There are mostly normal troops but there will be a
fireman at some point so be ready.

 If you need some guns, the upper areas have a 'CRANK GUN' to the left and
a 'VOLLEY GUN' to the right that you can grab through some tears. There's
also some hooks up above you that you can use if you want a height advantage
or want to get fancy.

 Once the excitement is over, search the lower area for [_TRUNK x7_] and
[_TRASHCAN x11_]. Yeah, there's a lot of them. You can also use the hooks to
get to some scaffolding (the left hooks, to be precise) and make your way
behind the giant statue. Over here is a Burstgun and [_BURSTGUN AMMO x2_]
as well as a [_WALLET_] and [_LOCKPICK_] in a tub.
 There's also a door on the lower area to the left of where you came in at.
Inside is [_DESK x2_], [_MAILBOX x4_] and a 3 Lock Safe (I found 228 Eagles
inside). There's some more doors here with an RPG and [_RPG AMMO_] as well as
 Next go look to the lower right corner of the area where you'll find another
door. In here are [_CABINET x3_], [_MAILBOX x4_], [_HAIL FIRE AMMO_], a
[_DESK_], a [_SALT KIT_] and a [_FIRST AID KIT_]. There's more doors in here
too with a [_PURSE_] and [_LOCKPICK_] inside.

 The upper area on each side of the room has a bunch of corpses and a total
of [_TRASHCAN x5_]. Go grab them and continue on. At the top of the area is a
TON of corpses to search. Have Elizabeth pick the lock on the gate.

 Up ahead call on the 'COVER' tear immediately! You'll face two snipers here
and you'll die quickly without cover. Use it to pick both of them off. Our
exit out of here is straight ahead, but don't use it yet. Go forward and grab
the [_HAND CANNON AMMO x2_], then call on the 'FREIGHT HOOK' tear so you can
get higher. Up where the snipers were is [_TRUNK x4_] and an Armory vending

 Jump down now and head towards the bookstore to the left of the hallway.
The rest of the vendors are here (nothing new) as well as [_TRASHCAN x2_].
The door to the bookstore is locked, but it's only 1 lockpick so go ahead
and do it.

 Inside look to the right for a [_VOXOPHONE_], then go raid the [_CASH
REGISTER_]. There's some [_PISTOL AMMO x2_] here as well as some [_GEAR_]
on the main counter!
 NEW HAT! [_QUICK HANDED_]: Decrease weapon reload times by 30%.
 Head downstairs now. Once you do, four Vox soldiers will come after you.
You can hide and get the first shot in if you wish. Once they are dead explore
the area for a [_SALT KIT_], [_FIRST AID KIT_], [_CASH BAG_], [_LOCKPICK_]
and a [_VOXOPHONE_] near a Sniper Rifle. This Voxophone gives us an optional
mission back at The Salty Oyster. Fun!
 OPTIONAL: Investigate the Bar
 Ok, let's do the optional mission before going on. On your way out to the
hallway, four more soldiers will drop in. Be ready for them and shoot as they
recover from their drop, them wipe up the rest. Back out in the HUGE area,
you'll have to face two HEAVILY armored soldiers with Hail Fire guns. No big
deal. You could just possess them and kill them like that if you wanted.

 Back down at the bar, search under the cash register to see a button. This
opens the nearby door. Inside is a new Vigor!
 RETURN TO SENDER : Press L1 to drop a magnetic shield in front of you.
                    Hold L1 to carry the shield in front of you. Holding the
                    shield drains Salts. Releasing the shield throws bullets

 Huh, well, that is interesting. A new toy to play with. Anyway, there's
also some [_INFUSION_] here, a [_POT_] and [_PURSE_] to search and even a
[_VOXOPHONE_]. Time to head back to the turnstile.

 On your way back you'll get a chance to try out Return to Sender. It's
REALLY useful at protecting you from damage. You can get in nice and close
with it active. Wow... Kill the four soldiers that appear and head for the

 Past the stile near a cash register is a stack of [_SILVER EAGLES_] and
some loose [_SILVER EAGLE x4_]. Go look at the elevator. It's locked. Huh.
We need a combo. Go check the first news stand (the one furthest away) to
get a prompt to check for the combo. Do it and watch a scene. Man, that was
kind-of touching. Get in and use the elevator afterward.

                        Chapter 30: Downtown Emporia                  [BSI-30]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 As nice as it is,  your elevator ride is about to be cut short. Jump out
of the elevator to the Sky Line to be safe.
 Out here you'll face more Vox soldiers. Notable among them is the soldiers
on the airship, a Handyman that joins the fight, and an RPG soldier who
sticks around the central statue.

 We have a LOT of ways to deal with this fight. First of all, there is a
VERY twisty Sky Line here. It's one big line but it curves around a lot.
There's a number of Tears here too. Below the elevator is a 'SALT' tear and
even a [_SALT KIT_] nearby, so you could start the fight there and snipe a
bit if you wished (I did for a bit).

 The main area has a number of tears. TWO 'MEDICAL SUPPLIES', an 'OIL SPILL',
a 'DECOY' and a 'WATER PUDDLE'. I actually went and killed the Handyman over
by the Water Puddle with Shock Jockey's help. Not a bad option. Just remember
that he can shock the Sky Lines. If you need firepower, the area near the
center statue has some stairs leading down to a 'CRANK GUN' as well.

 If you ride the Sky Lines you can also access some upper areas where you
can access a 'VOLLEY GUN', 'RPG' and 'MOSQUITO' tear. You can also land on
a roof for a Sniper Rifle and [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO x2_]. All good options.
With all these options you should be able to defeat your foes with no

 Once they are dead search the central area for a total of [_BARREL x2_],
[_TRASHCAN x2_] and over by the water puddle a [_SALT KIT_]. The UPPER area
has [_BURSTGUN AMMO x2_] and a [_SALT KIT_]. There's also a LOCKED door up
here you can pick with 3 lockpicks. Inside of it is a [_FIRST AID KIT_], a
[_SALT KIT_], a [_VOXOPHONE_], [_CRATE x4_] and some [_HAND CANNON AMMO x2_].

 Note that the Handyman should have also dropped off some new [_GEAR_] for
you when you killed him!

 NEW SHIRT! [_SHOCK JACKET_]: When struck, 50% chance to shock nearby enemies.
                              Victims take 50 damage, vulnerable for 2 seconds.

 We can also use the various vending machines here on the center area. Note
that the Armory and Vigor ones both have some new stuff (only going to show
the new stuff here):
  ARMORY MACHINE - Downtown Emporia
 o HAIL FIRE: Radius Increase  $415
 o BURSTGUN: Recoil Decrease  $822
 o RPG: Speed Boost  $333
 o VOLLEY GUN: Radius Increase  $536
 o VOLLEY GUN: Damage Boost 2  $522
 o BURSTGUN: Damage Boost 2  $423
 o REPEATER: Damage Boost 2  $416
 o HAIL FIRE: Damage Boost 2  $688
 o HEATER: Damage Boost 2  $554
 o SHOTGUN: Spread Boost  $360
 o HAND CANNON: Recoil Decrease  $350
 o VOLLEY GUN: Clip Increase  $740
 o BURSTGUN: Ammo Increase  $672
 o REPEATER: Clip Increase  $449
 o HEATER: Spread Boost  $467
 o HAIL FIRE: Clip Increase  $399
  VIGOR MACHINE - Downtown Emporia

 o Shock Duration Aid  $575
 o Charge Boost  $555
 o Send For Less  $898
 o Sender Aid  $1287
 o Undertow Boost  $1143
 Wow, that's a LOT of stuff and it's all so very expensive. Sheesh...
 OK, now we can continue by picklocking one of these three doors:
 - Bank of the Prophet (Under Central Roof)
 - Market District (Near Water Puddle)
 - Alley Entrance (Near Vending Machines)
 For the sake of conformity and ease of writing, let's go through the central
door for now, since it is a dead end. Note that you can unlock ALL of them,
which should also greatly help for one of the game's trophies (Going Rogue).

  Bank of the Prophet
 As you enter grab the [_TRASHCAN_], [_SILVER EAGLE x3_] and [_SILVER EAGLE
STACK_]. To the left and a bit higher of the money is a [_LOCKPICK_]. Nearby
are [_DESK x2_] and a [_SILVER EAGLE BAG_].

 Head in further and scour the room for [_TRASHCAN x5_]. That's all we can do
in here though as the place is closed up. There's three kinetoscopes but they
are old ones. Head back outside.

(-NOTE-) The other TWO gate options both eventually lead to Comstock House.
         For the sake of the guide, I'll be going down the Market District
         Route FIRST, then upon reaching Comstock house I double back and
         cover the OTHER path. If you wish to get everything there is to get
         in the game I recommend the same.
         TL,DR: Just follow the guide and the ensuing notes.

  Market District
 Before going up the stairs, grab the [_TRASHCAN x2_]. Head up and enter
the door in front of you. Here you can search the [_CASH REGISTER_]. Head
over to the stairs and search near the top for a [_LOCKPICK_]. Down the
stairs look in wooden boxes by the stairs for [_LOCKPICK x3_]. Time to put
these to work. There is a safe here that takes 3 Lockpicks, which you should
definitely have (I found 160 Eagles inside). Search the rest of the place
for [_TRASHCAN x2_], a [_PURSE_] and a [_BOOK_]. This book is a CODE BOOK
and will let us crack a cipher later on.

 o OPTIONAL: Find the Vox Code
 Head back up now. At the top of the next stairs, to the left is [_BARREL x3_].
Further on is a Fireman. Take him out. Past him is a [_TRASHCAN_] and a [_SALT
KIT_]. Head further on to see the Market District.

 To the right is a Locked Door. Go have Elizabeth unlock it for 3 picks and
inside is an [_INFUSION_] and a [_CASH REGISTER_].

 Head back out and go through the Market District arch. Behind the curtain on
the left is a [_BARREL_]. Up ahead a man will be clutching a [_SALT KIT_]. To
the upper left is [_BARREL x3_] in the far corner and on the bench a [_WALLET_]
and a [_PURSE_] nearby.

 Up ahead you'll get to fight some Vox who are gunning down citizens in the
street. They have a Patriot with them, so be careful. Hide near the burning
building on the left if needed and use Undertow on the Patriot.

 After they are dead search the burning building for a [_SALT KIT_]. Can't
believe the woman in here is cleaning. Heh. The streets where the killing was
going on has [_SILVER EAGLE x6_] and a [_SILVER EAGLE STACK_], along with
[_PURSE x2_]. Up the right stairs near the bench is another [_PURSE_] and
[_SILVER EAGLE x3_]. The first stand here also has a [_WALLET_] on it.

 Up here amongst the houses you'll find a LOCKED door. For 3 picks you can
open in. Inside is [_BOX x17_] (A TON of chocolate boxes and other things),
[_SILVER EAGLE x2_], [_SILVER EAGLE STACK x2_] and some new [_GEAR_]:

 NEW HAT! [_ELECTRIC TOUCH_]: 50% chance that a melee target is stunned.
                              Victim is vulnerable for 3 seconds.
 Head back outside. The BIG house on the right has a [_MAILBOX_] on it.
Now let's enter the store beneath the "Our Prophet" sign. In here you can
find [_SILVER EAGLE x6_], [_SILVER EAGLE STACK_] and behind the counter on
the floor [_LOCKPICK x2_]. In the back is a Pistol and [_PISTOL AMMO x2_].

 Head up the left stairs now. Behind the first pile of junk is a [_CRATE_].
As you head onward, two armored soldiers will come out. Take care of them.
Past them is a general vendor for you to stock up at and to his left are
[_BARREL x3_]. Head up the stairs now.

 To the right in the cart is a [_SALT KIT_] if you need it. Down the street
you can jump into a house on the right. Do so and listen to the music, then
search the corpse and [_CABINET_]. There's a [_VOXOPHONE_] here as well.
Jump out and keep on going. You'll soon see Memorial Gardens to your left.
We'll head there in a bit so ignore it for now.

 To the right is a Kinetoscope we've seen before. Inside the shop is a SAFE
that takes 3 lockpicks (I found 231 Eagles here). Behind the counter you can
find a Machine Gun and [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x2_]. In the next shop over look
behind the counter for a [_LOCKPICK_] and [_SILVER EAGLE BAG_].

 Keep heading down the street and use the [_TELESCOPE_] when you see it.

(-NOTE-) Past the Arch is the area outside of the Comstock House. At this
         point, if you wish to see everything, head ALL the way back to the
         area where we had to choose the gates and take the ALLEY gate over
         by the vending machines. If you don't care about items (and yes, I
         mean gear and Voxophones too), then by all means skip the next
         section and search for "Z. H. Comstock Victory Square" down below.

  Beggar's Alley

 Head forward to the end of the hallway. You can find a [_SALT KIT_],
[_RPG AMMO_] and a [_LOCKPICK_] down here (the pick is by the ammo). Head
further in to see all three vendors. There's a [_TRASHCAN_] in the corner
and up the stairs to the left is another [_TRASHCAN_].

 Now further in will be FILLED with Snipers. There's a sign to hide behind
here with a 'SNIPER RIFLE' tear to use. Get yourself a gun and try to locate
where the four snipers are. Once you do, put up the Return to Sender shield
and pop out and kill one of them. Between Return to Sender and your natural
shield, you should be able to do this, but be careful as they can hit HARD.
ALWAYS retreat behind the sign if you need to. There is a 'DECOY' tear here
as well you can likely exploit.

 Once they are dead check the left wall of houses for [_MAILBOX x2_] and a
[_TRASHCAN_]. One of these doors also has a LOCK on it that you can have
Elizabeth open for free. Head inside and be ready to be attacked by two thugs
as you look around. Finish them off and check the back left corner for some
[_LOCKPICK x2_]. That's it for here.

 Head back outside and hang a left. Take the path under the bridge to get
across, as there's a [_LOCKPICK_] and [_SALT KIT_] down here. At the end
grab the [_TRASHCAN_]. Head inside the business on the right now.

 Behind the counter is some [_HAND CANNON AMMO x2_], a [_SALT KIT_] and a
[_FIRST AID KIT_]. Check all the corpses and head downstairs now.  There's
two Vox Populi thugs here harrasing a man. Take them out. In the little cubby
where the man is, check to the right to find a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Wow...

 Search the rest of the place a whopping [_BARREL x18_]. Yep. You'll likely
get lots of food and ammo. 

 Head back up to the streets now and search the left side of the street for
a LOCKED door requiring 3 picks. Have Elizabeth open it. Kill the hostile
inside (which is likely just a resident, you monster you) and check the
downstairs for a [_MAILBOX_], [_TRASHCAN_], [_SALT KIT_] and [_HEALTH KIT_].
Head upstairs now to find the real prize: a piece of [_GEAR_]!
 NEW SHIRT! [_BLOOD TO SALT_]: Enemies provide Salts upon death 40% of the
 Not bad for a heavy salt user. Head back to the street now. Check the next
cart for a [_SALT KIT_] and [_LOCKBOX_]  on the ground. The street ends soon
so take the next right.

  Harmony Lane
 Check all the corpses here ("Harmony", indeed) and head up. You'll come to
a new street soon enough and will see fighting off to the right. The left end
of the street has nothing for us, so go join in the fight. Most of these guys
are regular soldiers, but there is a Fireman in here just FYI. You can use
the 'GUN AUTOMATON' on the bridge to help if you wish.

 Once you're done let's do some exploring. Note that under the bridge you
have all three vendors. Now, head up to the upper left street and search the
houses for one with a 3 pick LOCKED door. Have Elizabeth unlock it (off to the
left are [_BARREL x3_] in the corner). Head inside.
 In here listen to the [_VOXOPHONE_] and check out your new [_GEAR_]:
 NEW HAT! [_STORM_]: Killing with Devil's Kiss, Shock Jockey, or Bucking
                     Bronco causes effects to chain to nearby enemies.
 Not bad. That's all for in here. Head down the street and ignore the big
open path to the left (that leads to the objective, but we're still exploring).
At the far end is a Sniper Rifle and [_SALT KIT_]. Above the gate leading
onward is a roof with a Volley Gun, [_VOLLEY GUN AMMO x2_] and a [_SALT KIT_],
if you wish to use the hooks to get up there.

 The far right side of the street had a [_SALT KIT_] in a box near the bridge
(all the way back at the beginning of the area) as well as an RPG and some
[_RPG AMMO_] on a roof to the right of the giant statue at the end of the
street (you need to use hooks to get up there).
 All the lower street has on it is corpses and a single [_SALT KIT_].
(-NOTE-) Feel free to follow the objective up to outside the Comstock House
         at this time. If you haven't already, consider going back and
         exploring the "Market District" section. For those following the
         guide, ignore this note.

  Z. H. Comstock Victory Square
 This area just... looks awesome. Note the massive number of corpses here.
Aside from all the dead bodies there really isn't anything to do here. All
the armor booths make me wish we could have battled our way in here. Be SURE
to check behind the "Lady Comstock" statue for a [_VOXOPHONE_] (check behind
her on your way up the stairs), as it's the only thing worth grabbing here.

 Head to the gate and try to open it. The thing is automated. It does think
that Elizabeth is her mother, but it requires a biometric scan, so we have no
choice but to head to Memorial gardens!

 o OBJECTIVE: Find the Crypt of Lady Comstock
 Those who went through the Market District know where we're headed. Take the
street on the left here and follow it down until you see a path off to the
right. This is Memorial Garden.
  Memorial Garden
 Head inside and grab the [_SALT KIT_] on the right as you enter. This area
is more or less a graveyard, with a street-like overlook, a tunnel under that,
and an upper area off to the far right. Head into the area and you'll hear
some Vox talking. They are out in the graveyard area trying to rob a body of
its gold fillings. Yeah, take them out (there's only two of them). The body
they were stealing from has a [_SALT KIT_] by it and a nearby cart has a
[_FIRST AID KIT_] if you need it.

 After that let's explore a bit. There's a lot of bodies here to loot if you
wished. Head to the upper area on the far right where the fires are burning.
Up here to the left in the back corner you can find a [_CRATE_] and some
[_LOCKPICK x2_]. The other corner doesn't have anything for us.

 Some other things we can find (if you need them) include a [_SALT KIT_]
on the lower alcove area, some [_HEATER AMMO_] in the tunner area, some
[_HAIL FIRE AMMO_] behind one of the graves over by where the enemies were.
None of that is nearly as cool as this next part though.

 Over by where the enemies were is a gate barring a coffin. To the left and
right of the gate are two (unlit) torches. Use you DEVIL'S KISS power and
light both of those torches. This will unlock the gate and grant you access
to the [_GEAR_] inside.

 NEW PANTS! [_FIRE BIRD_]: Jumping from a Sky-Line has a 100% chance to burn
                           nearby enemies.
                           Victims take 400 damage over 3 seconds.
 OK, time to go investigate mother's tomb. Head over there and you'll see a
tear for lock. Go ahead and use it. Head on in and listen, then go around and
try to use the lock. Watch what happens and save your ammo (trust me!). After
awhile, the tomb will be empty, but Lady Comstock isn't quite gone...
 o OBJECTIVE: Defeat the ghost of Lady Comstock
 Well damn. This is a unique fight. Not really tough (if you are prepared like
we are), but definitely unique. In this fight Lady Comstack (also known as
"The Siren") will move around the graveyard and re-animate the dead bodies.
The bodies will than attack like any normal soldier would.

 Lady Comstock herself can be hurt though. She's got quite a big life bar on
her, so it's going to take awhile. Your general strategy should go something
like this: shoot the hell out of Comstock (duh), kill any reinforcements she
brings out (self-preservation), find out where she went off to and repeat.

 To help yourself out you have the 'SHOTGUN' and 'CRANK GUN' tears in the
area. The shotgun is very useful as it makes wiping out the reinforcements
much easier. Elizabeth will be especially useful in this fight by tossing you
ammo when the moment is right. If you get hurt, seek out the 'MEDICAL SUPPLIES'
under the tunnel or in the crypt in the far left-hand corner.

 Once she's "dead" we'll have a new objective:
 o OBJECTIVE: Find the three tears
 Hmm, so now we have to find three tears now huh? Ok...
                        Chapter 31: Memorial Gardens                  [BSI-31]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Head back to the entrance of the cemetery and you'll see Lady Comstock's
ghostly footprints. They actually lead to the left AND the right. Eerie.
Let's to right first.

 Head past the broken up street and take the right into the Market District.
Head down to the main square and be ready for a fight. There will be five
Vox soldier here. Some of the closer ones have Heaters so be careful and use
the previous street for cover if needed.

 Once you kill them off, head to the large building they were coming from.
This is Lutece's Lab.

  Laboratory Lutece
 Behind the counter in here is a [_SALT KIT_] and behind the partition to
the left is a [_LOCKPICK_]. That's it for here so head further in. You'll see
some stairs here. They want us to go further in so take the stairs up. You
can check the dresser behind you up on the second floor for a [_WALLET_] and
[_PURSE_]. Grab them and head into the bedroom. Near the bed on the left side
is a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Intriguing. Grab the [_PURSE_] off the nearby dresser and
then go grab the [_INFUSION_] up here.

 Return downstairs now and head further in. Have Elizabeth open up the tear
here to hear something of the past. Huh.

 o OBJECTIVE: Find the next tear
 Grab the [_VOXOPHONE_] that remains. There's a [_DESK_] in this room to the
right and in the room on the right is another [_VOXOPHONE_], some food, and a
[_FIRST AID KIT_]. Grab it all and head out of the lab.

 Now let's head to the Bank of the Prophet. You remember where it's at? I
hope so. Take a left outside the lab and follow the path back to the big area
we fought in with the rails.

 Now, you PROBABLY expect another fight here. And you'd be right. But we can
prepare for it easily because our actions trigger the fight. The area has no
enemies until you APPROACH the bank, so get ready before hand (in particular,
take some time to check out the pile of burning bodies in the middle of the
area as they are new and you can find items on the corpses).

 Get a high-damage weapon and strong vigor ready now and approach the bank.
You will be greeted by TWO Crow enemies. Start blasting! More enemies will
start pouring out of the bank as well, so stun moves (Crows, Shock Jockey)
are useful here. Once you start taking too much damage (Shield breaks, etc)
go ahead and run away with the rail. You should have at least killed the two
Crow enemies with your fore-knowledge, but a Fireman will come to take their

 Mop up the rest of the soldiers with Skyline strikes and fall the Fireman
with a good undertow and you'll be fine. Head on into the bank.
  Bank of the Prophet
 Wow... lots of new corpses here. Huh. Inside you'll see some freaky stuff
but hey, at least the door is open now. Head into the elevator and press the
button to head further down (aka "Let the game load").

 To the immediate left is a General Vendor if you need it. Further in you
will have to fight a mess of soldiers. At least eight of them. Hey, this IS
a rather big area after all. I'm particularly fond of Undertow/Shock Jockey
(or Undertow/Shotgun) at this point. You could alternately use the 'FREIGHT
HOOK' tear in the center of the area to help you out.

 Once they are dead let's explore this area. To the right of the elevator
you can find a [_SALT KIT_]. The upper left walkway has nothing except a
Sniper Rifle. The upper right walkway has some [_BURSTGUN AMMO_] near a

 Onto the lower floor. The left rooms/offices have a total of [_CASH REGISTER
x3_], a [_SALT KIT_], a [_DESK x4_], [_SILVER EAGLE x10_], a [_SILVER EAGLE
STACK x4_], a [_CABINET_], a Carbine, and a SAFE that you can unlock for one
measly lockpick (I had 129 Eagles in mine).

 The right room had a total of [_CASH REGISTER x2_], [_DESK x4_], a
and some [_HEATER AMMO x2_] near a Heater (of course).
 After gathering up all the loot head to the very back near the vault.
You can find [_DESK x4_] back here (two on each side). They want us to
go to the right, so head left instead. In the hallway here are [_CABINET
x2_]. The path off to the left is a dead end, so head into the next room
to find [_CABINET x2_] again and on one of the left desks [_LOCKPICK x3_]. 
 Head further in (grab the [_CABINET_] to the left) and enter the doors.
This room (which is open to the left) has a ton of corpses and [_DESK x5_].
On the far wall you can find a [_SILVER EAGLE BAG_] and nearby some [_SILVER
EAGLE x2_] and [_SILVER EAGLE STACK x2_]. On the other wall near a corpse is
some [_LOCKPICK x3_] and some new [_GEAR_]!

 NEW PANTS! [_GHOST POSSE_]: Killing with a Vigor trap has a 50% chance to
                             cause the enemy gun to become a ghostly ally for
                             a few seconds.
 Huh. Weird. Head out to the hallway now and head to the back room. In here
you can find [_SILVER EAGLE STACK_] and [_SILVER EAGLE x2_] on the desk, along
with some [_LOCKPICK x2_]. This room is also special for another reason. If
you have been following the guide (and if not, why not!?), Elizabeth should
have a CODE BOOK. She'll use it here and the TYPEWRITER on the desk will give
you a prompt to "Enter the Code".

(-NOTE-) If you do NOT have the Code Book, it's not too late to go get it.
         You can find it in the guide easily by searching for "Code Book"
         above the paragraph above. It is in the basement of the house right
         past the gate leading to the Market District. Go get it!
 Go ahead and enter the code. This makes a secret door open, giving you a
a [_VOXOPHONE_], a [_CABINET_] and some [_LOCKPICK x3_]. Wow. Quite a haul!

 Let's head back to the main vault now and take the other hallway (the one
they want us to take). This leads to a path on the right that, like before,
is a dead end but does have a [_CABINET_]. Follow the path to a room with a
TON of Cabinets, but only one searchable [_CABINET_] (one of the ones in the
middle). In the next room a Crow enemy will disappear as you approach. Grr...

 Head in and get ready for four soldiers to attack. You can use the center
cabinet as a good shield and take them out from there, just watch out for
anyone rushing you. In the distance (in the next room) is a sniper you should
be careful of. He's not too much of a threat though since you can approach the
door on either side safely and pop in and shoot him down rather easily. No
sign of the Crow guy yet.

 Search the first room for [_DESK x8_], [_LOCKPICK x2_] on the first right
desk, [_BURSTGUN AMMO_] on the first left desk, a [_SALT KIT_] and finally
[_CABINET x3_] (they are all in the middle). Head into the next room now
for [_SILVER EAGLE x3_], [_SILVER EAGLE STACK x2_], [_DESK x2_] and some
[_HAIL FIRE AMMO_] on the pedestal to the right.

 Continue on and in the next big room you can find a whopping total of
[_CABINET x11_]. The most important thing in here though is in a trashcan
behind the corpse: some new [_GEAR_]!
 NEW PANTS! [_SPECTRAL SIDEKICK_]: Dropping a weapon creates a ghostly ally
                                   for a few seconds.
 Head down towards the tear now. As you get close the Crow will finally
attack. This one has more health than normal, but acts the same. Use Devil's
Kiss and you can take him easily (especially with a shotgun).

 Go ahead and use the tear now and listen to the past again. Afterward you
will be able to obtain and listen to another [_VOXOPHONE_]. Very nice.

 o OBJECTIVE: Find the final tear
 One left. Let's explore a bit. In the right room is [_REAPEATER AMMO x2_],
but that's about it. The left room is much better with a [_CABINET_] up the
left stairs and in the back [_HEATER AMMO x2_], a SAFE that requires 3 picks
to open (Inside I found 216 Eagles) and behind the safe a [_VOXOPHONE_]. Wow.

 You're likely hearing a lot of angry screaming, I would imagine. Yeah...
We're about to face Lady Comstock again. Round Two! It's definitely rougher
this time around. Head forward and the vault door will open. Now, when you
walk out into the open area the fight will start. Before you do that, let's
take a moment to go over our game plan:

 There are NO good tears here (unlock the last fight). That's one reason why
this is harder. Secondly, she will often float UP and go revive people up on
the higher ledges in the room, which often puts her out of reach. This lets
her escape damage while sending foes at you! Ugh.

 So those two things kind-of suck. She still acts much like she did before
though. Try to blast her with a heavy weapon ASAP and as she pushes you away
get ready to kill whoever she revives. When she goes up I would recommend
hanging back and killing the soldiers that drop down (or, if you are fancy
you can try to chase her up there and/or use the 'FREIGHT HOOK' tear). Keep
FOCUSING your fire on her and near the end start using Return To Sender to
make the last push toward defeating her.

 During this fight I actually ran out of ammo, so I think it's worth noting
that you can find a Carbine in the right rooms and a Heater and Machine Gun
in the left rooms. If you take too much damage, be sure to seek temporary
refuge in the rooms and be aware of soldiers coming in after you.

 Once she's dead use the nearby vendor to stock up (I know I had to refill
my Shotgun ammo) and head for the elevator so we can leave the area.
 Next let's head down the "Beggar's Alley" path. You know, the one near the
Vending Machines? Head down that path and you'll soon see Lady Comstock's
footprints. Follow them to a big green house that you'll now be able to get
into once Elizabeth picks a lock.

   Cunningham Studio
 Once inside, grab the [_CASH REGISTER_] on the left and go open the tear
on the right. More interesting tidbits from the past. Once it is over, grab
the [_VOXOPHONE_] that was left behind. Very interesting.

 To the right of the door is a small area. Over there is a [_PURSE_] near
the chair in the back. Head to the back of the store now and to the right
by the desk is [_LOCKPICK x3_]. That's it for here.

 o OBJECTIVE: Return to the Comstock House Gate
 Time to head back to Comstock House. The big street ahead does have a small
fight for you by throwing four soldiers at you. Two of them do have Volley
Guns though, so be careful and watch your shield. After the fight I recommend
equipping yourself with a close-range weapon and a Sniper Rifle. There's a
Sniper Rifle on the upper right side of the street, near the statue.

 Once you get back to outside of the Comstock House, you just KNOW something
is going to happen. I mean, just look at all these corpses. As you may have
guessed, we are about to fight the Siren / Lady Comstock a THIRD time.

 Before you head up to the statue (which starts the fight), take a look
around. There's a 'MOSQUITO' flying around and some 'SNIPER RIFLES' in a
tear down on the street.

 The best way to handle this fight is actually by hanging back and shooting
at Lady Comstock over and over with your Sniper Rifle. If you've been following
the guide you already have a Sniper Rifle and the 'SNIPER RIFLE' tear ensures
you'll have ammo. While you are doing this, call forth the 'MOSQUITO' for
additional support / enemy distraction. Most of the enemies during this fight
will hang back and fire at you, but every now and again a melee enemy will
try to rush you. Swap weapons and take them out when this happens.

 With a steady aim and Elizabeth's tear support you'll be able to snipe Lady
Comstock to death. MUCH easier than being in the thick of things up on the
steps (although that IS possible as well, especially with Return to Sender).

 Watch the scenes that follow as Elizabeth talks to the Siren. The door
leading into Comstock House will now be open.

 o OBJECTIVE: Go to Comstock House
 Head past the gate and interact with the door to enter the next area.

                          Chapter 32: Comstock House                  [BSI-32]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 You'll be out on a bridge now. Check out the statues in the distance. Use
the lever that you find and watch the scenes that occur. When you are back in
your office, go open the door that isn't blocked to continue.

 More scenes. Well damn... this isn't turning out smoothly at all...
 Head down to the bridge again with the help of the hooks. After that,
continue pressing forward as the screen whites out. You'll soon be in a

 o OBJECTIVE: Search for Elizabeth
 Keep heading forward and listen to the tear. The next room will have a
very eerie statue with a PA announcement. This isn't good. Head into the
next room.

  "Her Loving Embrace"

 Man, the screams here are overbearing. This room has a [_FIRST AID KIT_]
and Pistol in the left corner, and on the right is a [_SALT KIT_] near some
rubble. Further in the room by a door is a new enemy: the Boy of Silence.
I should note right now that you CANNOT kill him. As you can see, he sweeps
the area with a beam of light. If he spots you with the beam, he will scream
and flood the area with light, causing everything around to attack you. NOT
good. Unfortunately, we have to trigger him this time.

 This event will make 7-8 inmates attack. Thankfully, they are all melee-only
fighters. I'd recommend some Murder of Crows here to stun them en-masse and
deal with them that way.

 Afterward, head to the door the Boy of Silence was guarding and use the
intercom. Like they're going to open the door for you!

 o OBJECTIVE: Go to the Warden's Office
 Turn around and listen to the tear in the newly-arrived elevator. There is
a [_VOXOPHONE_] here as well. Listen to it and then take the elevator up.

                            Chapter 33: The Atrium                    [BSI-33]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 At the top of the elevator you'll see a room here with another Boy of
Silence. We can either choose to be stealthy and try to avoid him or just
get in another fight with 7-8 more melee attackers. It's no big deal either

 If you choose to be stealthy use the pillar on the left to get behind when
he isn't looking. You can search the left wing now to find a [_KINETOSCOPE_],
a [_HEALTH KIT_], a [_BAG_] and a Carbine in the rubble (good for if you are
running out of ammo).

 Head back and get behind the pillar. Now watch as it sweeps the room and
run to the next pillar when the light passes you. You have a bit of forgiveness
here as even if he does catch you you can get into cover quickly and be OK.
Near the right pillar is a [_SALT KIT_] if you want to risk being seen. Getting
to the next room is easy from the right pillar.
 In here go grab the [_DESK_] to the north, then check out the "Where we weep"
area beyond that. There's a Heater in here in a coffin on the left. Check out
the area near the furnace for a [_SALT KIT_] and [_VOXOPHONE_]. She sounds
tremendously different now. The right side of the room has a [_SILVER EAGLE
STACK_] and a [_WALLET_].

 Back in the previous room go check out the caged area for another tear.
There's also a [_FIRST AID KIT_] in here. You can search this room to find
a Hand Cannon and a [_TOOLBOX_]. Head to the "Where we Cleanse" area now.

 Stupid wheelchair. The back of this room has another tear. It's like we're
in the future or something. There's also a [_FIRST AID KIT_] in here on a
table near the entrance. Head to the "Where we Sleep" room now. 

(-NOTE-) You may or may not encounter a Boy of Silence in here. I've seen
         the game glitch and not have one. When it glitches, it has a lot
         less people as well.

 There's a bunch of people standing around here and a Boy of Silence in the
middle of the room. He scans the room 360 degrees here, and often focuses on
one side or another over and over, so with patience you can easiy run by on
the right side to the tear in the back. Near the tear you can find a [_SALT
KIT_] and underneath a nearby table a Pistol and some [_PISTOL AMMO_]. Head
to the Atrium.

 Up ahead on top of the stairs will be two turrets. You can destroy them
VERY easily with a Sniper Rifle or pop in and out of safety to destroy them.
Once you do some staff will come out to fight you. Of note here is a Crow
enemy that you can fight in the hallway safely. After that 2-3 staffers will
either shoot at you from the stairs or possibly come down to you. Be careful
here as one of them has a Sniper Rifle.

 After the fight go check out the right hallway near the entrance to this
area. There's a tear here and a [_SALT KIT_]. The short area to the left has
a Carbine and [_DEPOSIT BOX x2_]. Head up the stairs now and enter the door.
To the right is a [_TRASHCAN_] and around the corner a [_SALT KIT_] and a
[_HEALTH KIT_]. We are forced to go to the left now.

 You can find a [_TRASHCAN_] here and further on a tear. Behind the tear
is a [_CRATE_] and a [_TOOLBOX_]. Head down the hallway now (the box of
masks is creepy) and watch the [_KINETOSCOPE_] at the end. In the next room
you can listen to a tear behind the central table. On the right side of the
room is a [_BAG_]. On the left side underneath the table is a [_TOOLBOX_].
There's also some [_LOCKPICK x3_] on the table itself.

 In the next room is another Boy of Silence, once again looking around in
a 360 degree sweep. To the left you can find a Shotgun, but we need to go
right. The key to getting through this area is ducking, as there are several
hiding spots but they are all short. Stick behind the crates against the
right wall and then when you can go duck behind the crate up ahead. From here
you want to wait until he's looking off to the left and run and duck behind
the crate further in on the right.

 Now, note that to the Boy of Silence's right is a piece of [_GEAR_]. Run
past him to the back when you can, then turn around and wait for a good moment
to sneak forward and grab it (then retreat):
 NEW PANTS! [_HEALTH FOR SALTS_]: When out of Salts, you will use health to
                                  cast Vigors.
 Huh. Well, back in this back area you can find a [_SALT KIT_] and a
[_VOXOPHONE_]. You can now follow the path out of the room easily from
this location.

 Head forward and into the "Where we Learn" area. The PA will say some very
hurtful things here! The right wall (near Comstock) has a [_SILVER EAGLE
PURSE_]. The middle podium has a Hand Cannon and [_FIRST AID KIT_]. Head
through the window on the left now and down the hallway. You'll find a
[_KINETOSCOPE_] to your right as you go, so be sure to watch it.

   Security Center

 In here check out the right office area for a [_CABINET_] then head back
and enter the center area. To the left is a [_DESK_] and some new [_GEAR_]!
 NEW HAT! [_RISING BLOODLUST_]: After each successful kill (up to 5), weapon
                                damage is increased. Resets 10 seconds after
                                last kill.
 Oooh, getting fancy now. Head past the stairs to the lockers to find a
[_LUNCHBOX_], a [_BAG_] and to the left some Shotguns and Carbines. To the
right you can find a [_VOXOPHONE_], a [_FIRST AID KIT_] and a [_CRATE_].

 Head up the stairs now and through the doorway. To the left is a Pistol
while the right room has a [_SALT KIT_] in it. Exit now and follow the
walkway back to the Warden's Office. In here grab the [_CABINET x4_] and
check out the VERY interesting [_VOXOPHONE_]. This is all shaping up, it
seems. Once you are ready open the security gate with the switch.

                         Chapter 34: Warden's Office                  [BSI-34]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 We'll get a new objective now that the door below is open:

 o OBJECTIVE: Rescue Elizabeth
 Turn around to see a Boy of Silence RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. Save your ammo and
wait for him to sound an alarm. Five guards will appear near the stairs now.
You can take them out from the office easily (I had fun with my Sniper Rifle
here). Head down now and the door to the outside area will be open. Out here
there will be five soldiers patrolling the open area and another three soldiers
out on the distant catwalk. You can ambush them though, so I'd put Possession
on one of them to the left or right and then clear the opposite side. After
that just mop up and focus on the far soldiers.

 Once the place is cleaned of guards head down and check out the elevator
in the middle of the area for another [_VOXOPHONE_]. Don't know how it got
there considering we rode this thing earlier. Go ahead and use it again.
Head through the now-open gate.

   "The Operating Theater"
 To the left is a [_SALT KIT_]. Head forward to hear a tear and have the
Lutece's talk to you. We'll walk a bit slower now, but keep on pushing
forward. You'll see Elizabeth in the distance. Walk over to here and take
her hand when she offers it.

 The next scene is just... simply amazing. Soon we'll be warped away yet

                      Chapter 35: The Operating Theater               [BSI-35]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Turn and walk down the hall. You'll hear some screaming again. Open the
door and you'll see why. Dammit... we got to get in there!

 o OBJECTIVE: Turn off the machines
 We can go left or right here. Head right and grab the [_SALT KIT_] if you
wish and head through the door. In this hallway is a turret. Take it out and
get ready for four ARMORED soldiers to come around the corner. Hopefully you
have been upgrading your weapons as these guys have quite a bit of health.
Still, smart vigor and strong weapons can take them out. If you have to,
retreat and pull them one at a time with Undertow (and shock them). For my
part I just used Charge on them followed by a shotgun blast.

 In the next room will be two more turrets with two more Armored soldiers.
You can take out the turrets from a distance before fighting the soldiers or
you could Possess a turret and make things easy on yourself.

(-NOTE-) If you wish you can check out the far hallway for another turret
         and a [_SALT KIT_]. This far hallway of course leads back to the
         lower lever room Elizabeth is in.
 From this upper room, take one of the two doors with the cables coming out
of them and pull the lever at the end. The man here won't stop you. Head back
and get ready to face some resistance out of the other door. A Motorized
Patriot will barge out with four armored soldiers to help you. QUICKLY Possess
one of the soldiers and then use Undertow on the patriot to stun him, then lay
into him. This strategy requires a lot of Salt but it's a very easy way to
take care of these foes (I recommend possessing two soldiers and stun-locking
the Patriot with Undertow). Make sure to backtrack and go get one of those
Salt Kits you may not have needed earlier.

 Head in the other door now (this one has a [_SALT KIT_]) and use the lever
there. This will stop them from sucking her power and will let her exact some
revenge. Way to go!

 o OBJECTIVE: Release Elizabeth
 Head back down now and you can now get into the central area. Release
Elizabeth and watch the scenes, using square to advance them whenever you
are prompted to. Damn good scenes.

 Once you have control, head to one of the side doors to advance the dialog
a bit and get a new objective.

 o OBJECTIVE: Go outside and find Comstock's Flagship
 Head back up to the upper area now and have Elizabeth open the Locked door
that was between the rooms with the wires going out of them. It costs you
3 locks but you likely have a ton of them. Inside is an [_INFUSION_], a
[_VOXOPHONE_], a [_GOLD BAR_], [_DESK_] and [_CABINET x2_]. That voxophone
helps tell what they were doing to her. Ugh.

 Head back down now and open the door in front of you. Use the elevator you
find here to leave the area.

                     Chapter 36: The Hand of the Prophet              [BSI-36]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

   The Library
 To the right in here is a [_DESK_] and [_GIFT_] to search. There sure are a
lot of corpses here. Looks like the Founders and the Vox were fighting. To the
left is a [_NIGHTSTAND_], [_CRATE_] and [_DRESSER_].

 As you head into the area to the right you'll see Comstock's ship outside.
He'll even talk to you a bit after you and Elizabeth bicker.

 o OBJECTIVE: Board Comstock's Flagship
 The bar area here has a [_SALT KIT_] behind it, a [_DESK_] and a [_CABINET_]
nearby. There's also an ARMORY vendor here with a [_LOCKPICK_] behind the
machine's right-hand side. In the back is a [_PURSE_] (by a corpse), a
[_CABINET_], a [_HEALTH KIT_] by another corpse and a [_NIGHTSTAND_] in the
far left corner.
 Have Elizabeth pick the lock to the outside to continue.
   Comstock House Roof
 Out there search the area for [_CRATE x3_](one to the right) and continue.
You'll soon have to fight your way forward as troop transports are inbound!

 OK, we'll be facing quite a few soldiers here (7-8) as well as TWO Motorized
Patriots. This back area is a good area to snipe from if you can and also has
a Volley gun (with [_VOLLEY GUN AMMO_]) sitting back here. You can also find
[_CRATE x3_] and to the far left a [_SALT KIT_] and shotgun near the dead

 To help you in facing this onslaught of enemies you can call forth some
helpful tears. These include the basic 'COVER' tear on the left path, a
'MOSQUITO' tear floating around, and a 'ROCKET AUTOMATON' on the left path
as well. I would take care of the forward Patriot with Undertow to start off
the fight and then call forth the Rocket Turret to provide a distraction and
possibly some kills as you advance. You could also just choose to snipe or
bombard the enemy with the Volley Gun.

 In this middle area between buildings you can find a total of [_CRATE x5_]
and a [_SALT KIT_] near the end of the skybridge. You can also find a Hand
Cannon and RPG down the left path, which can add some much-needed firepower
as you fight forward. The RPG comes with [_RPG AMMO x2_] even.

 Push forward and wipe the enemies out leaving only a pocket of resistance
to the right near the airship. To the left is a crashed airship. Behind it
you can find a corpse with a RPG and a [_LOCKPICK_] nearby. If you follow
this path behind the building you will see a locked door with a corpse near
it. You can search around the corpse for a [_FIRST AID KIT_].

 Time to go assault the airship position. There's [_CRATE x2_] right before
the stairs. Up ahead you'll see six regular soldiers on the airship. They
REFUSE to leave it so use something like an RPG or Volley Gun to make quick
work of them. Search the area for [_CRATE x4_], a [_TOOLBOX_] and above all
a [_TELESCOPE_]. Now go get on the airship and pull the lever you find to
make the automated pilot take you to the Hand of the Prophet. There's some
dialog here (haunting stuff) but as you ascend you'll soon have to fight for
your life!

 o OBJECTIVE: Repel the airborne assault
 We will be attacked by several airships in this section, interspaced by
Mosquito attacks. It's important to note that your airship has a Carbine on
it (a decent range weapon) and a [_FIRST AID KIT_].

 The first airship will appear on your left. You can either fight it from
range or, if you want, use the hooks on it to get over there and deal with
the threat personally. Honestly, the best course of action is a bit of both:
clear a few enemies out and then jump over there. The reason being that all
of the airships we come across have items on them we can use. However, if you
kill the enemies from afar, they will leave and you'll miss out on getting any
of those items.

 Be VERY careful though, as some enemies (at least one on airships 2-4) are
not only ARMORED, but have heavy-hitting weapons. This makes boarding airships
VERY dangerous as a direct hit can send you reeling. I still did it though, I
just used Return to Sender to help me out coupled with running around the
middle section that all these airships have. If you DO choose to stay on your
own ship, be wary of enemies jumping aboard, ESPECIALLY if you are aiming and
can't see your immediate surroundings! One more quick note: we will come
across a LOT of Salt Kits in the next few segments, so feel free to abuse it
a little when needed.

 The first airship on the left will have [_CRATE x2_] and [_SALT KIT x2_],
so don't be afraid to use vigor. After you clear out the first airship, two
Mosquitos will show up (it's not a bad idea to possess one). After that
another airship will show up. This one has an armored foe so be careful and
take them out. If you choose to jump over there you can find [_CRATE x2_], a
[_SALT KIT_] and a [_FIRST AID KIT_].

 Next you'll face a Vox airship from your right. They too have an armored
foe with an RPG so be careful. If you jump on their ship you can find another
[_SALT KIT_] and [_CRATE x2_]. After sending them packing a grand total of
THREE Mosquito's will show up: two right away with a third one on their tail.
It is a GREAT idea to either use Return to Sender or Possession here to cut
down on the damage you take.

 Following the Mosquito bombardment is one more airship. This airship is
actually the first one you faced, as it will have items aboard it that depend
on what you took the first time (for example, it you didn't take the two
Salt Kits the first time they'll be here now).

 After fighting off the assault be patient and soon you'll be boarded at
The Hand of the Prophet, ready to begin your assault.

                           Chapter 37: Hangar Deck                    [BSI-37]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
   Docking Bay
 Here you can find [_SALT KIT x2_] on a crate to the right. We'll get
another objective after Booker and Elizabeth have a chat (and after Comstock
has a word or two):

 o OBJECTIVE: Find a way to the top deck
 As you may have expected, we're in for a fight here. A soldier will come out
to your area soon, so be ready for him. Now here you can a Sniper Rifle to
the right (with [_SNIPER RIFLE AMMO_] along with a 'ROCKET AUTOMATON' tear
and to the left you can find a 'MOSQUITO" tear. You can take the fight to
either side of the area.

 For the sake of direction, let's head right. There's a turret over here you
can destroy (the Sniper Rifle helps) and soon 3-4 enemies will show up out in
the area the turret was at. Use the Rocket turret if you wish or just snipe
them all, but be careful of soldiers coming in from your left both from the
first area and from the nearby door.

 Enter the door now and head inward to see a VIGOR machine. To the right on
a table is [_LOCKPICK x2_] and there's a door here out to the balcony where
the turret was. In the room to the left you can find a [_SALT KIT_]. This area
leads to a back room with TONS of weapons, a [_MAILBAG_] and a [_HEALTH KIT_].
It also has a door nearby with another docked airship that leads to the left

 Let's clear this area out of enemies (they are just going to hamper our
exploring). Head to the left and head to the bow of the airship. Another
airship will come up and drop off three soldiers while two turrets try to
kill you. Kill the two turrets if you can, but be ready for the soldiers to
come around to you from the left. Take them out and then kill the turret
over there (that path has a turret just like the right path).

 Further in this area are those two turrets you just saw and 5-6 more
soldiers on the forward deck. Take out the turrets from range and go hit
the soldiers. You can often find them clustered together so Fiery Crows
(Murder of Crows + Devil's Kiss) helps a ton, as do RPGs and Volley Guns.
Wipe up whoever remains and kill the last turret if you haven't done so
already. Feel free to use vigor as we get a lot of kits coming up.

 Once you kill everyone and everything you'll get a new objective:
 o OBJECTIVE: Clear the hangar bay sky-line
 Let's finish our exploring. The middle airship has a [_CRATE_]. The left
area has a kitchen in the back with food, a [_BARREL_], an [_ICEBOX_] and a
[_SALT KIT_]. There's a map nearby too showing the various decks of the
zeppelin we are on. There's an armory nearby with a TON of weapons as well
as some [_SHOTGUN AMMO_] and [_SALT KIT x2_]. To the left of that is an
ARMORY vending machine and on the table to the left [_LOCKPICK x2_].

 Outside again, head to the third airship for a [_TRUNK_] on one side of the
cabin and [_LOCKPICK x3_] on the other. To the right of the airship near the
rails is a [_TRUNK_] and [_TOOLBOX_]. Up the staircase you won't find much
aside from a single [_SALT KIT_]. That area is mostly used for storage I
suppose. At the front of the area you can find another [_SALT KIT_] (man,
there is a LOT of these things) and a [_FIRST AID KIT_].

 The center console up here has a button that let's us "Clear Sky-Line".
Go ahead and do so to hear Comstock prattle on. After he's done the line
will be clear.

 o OBJECTIVE: Ride the Sky-Line up to the next deck
   Pod Launch Bay
 Up we go. This skyline head up and down from the 4th Deck to the 3rd. Up
here you will encounter only light resistance: about five weak Founder
soldiers. They are all near the "front" of the area (if you call where we
ascended the back). Take them out. They should pose no problem. We'll get
another objective once everyone is dead:

 o OBJECTIVE: Clear the main deck sky-line
 Well, exploring time. If you don't care about exploring, what we need to
do is hit the button at the "front" of the area, on the upper deck. For those
who want to explore with me head back to the lower right corner of the area
where we first came up at.

 Here you'll find a [_SALT KIT_] on a crate. To the left you'll find another
[_SALT KIT_] near a LOCKED door that requires 3 picks. Have Elizabeth unlock
it. Inside is an RPG with [_RPG AMMO x3_], [_SALT KIT x3_], [_CRATE x2_],
[_TOOLBOX x2_] and finally some [_GEAR_].

 NEW SHIRT! [_WINTER SHIELD_]: Jumping to or from Sky-Line grants brief
 Not bad. Head back out and now let's head to the very front of the area.
There's another locked door up here that only requires 1 pick. To the left
of the locked door is a [_SALT KIT_] and to the right past the Patriot bomb
thing on some crates is a [_HEALTH KIT_]. South of the health kit a bit, near
the 'GUN AUTOMATON' is a [_TRUNK_] and [_SALT KIT_]. Enter the locked door

 A room on the right has a [_SALT KIT_], [_BAG OF SILVER EAGLES_] and a
Crank Gun. Further in on a table is a [_VOXOPHONE_] and a [_SALT KIT_]. To
the right of that are [_CRATE x2_]. In the very back you can hit a button to
open the door here, giving you a quick exit to the back of this area.

 Head up to the second level now. There's some Vending Machines up here (a
general one and a Vigor one). Between them on a table is a [_LOCKPICK_]. Up
here you can find a TON of different weapons just laying around, so be sure
to stock up on your favorites.

 Now let's go clear the sky-line. Head to the front of the upper deck and
you'll see another button. To the left on the table is a [_LOCKPICK_]. Grab
it and push the button
 After you press the button the line will start clearing but it will take
some time. We will be attacked in the meantime and will have to hold out!

 Two airships will come in from the left. Feel free to use the 'GUN AUTOMATON'
over here to help you and start shooting at the enemies. One will have a Hail
Fire so be careful. They'll try to come in on the wing, so hold out. They are
just normal soldiers so this isn't too hard.

 Once that is done two more airships will come in on the other side of the
deck. THESE ones each have a Motorized Patriot, so be ready. Use Undertow to
help yourself out. With all the Salt Kits around don't be afraid to spam
some vigor if you need to. Use the 'GUN AUTOMATON' over here as well.

 Once they are dead it's time to ride the line:
 o OBJECTIVE: Ride the sky-line to the next deck.
 Go ahead and do so and land on the wing when you can. Comstock will taunt
you some more as you head up. Oh man, the dialog in this game is fantastic.
Head over to the door and use it to enter 3rd Deck Interior.

                         Chapter 38: Engineering Deck                 [BSI-38]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /
 Grab the [_SALT KIT_] and head up through the door to a wide-open area.
Note that you can head down through the door opposite you to find another
[_SALT KIT_] if you need it since the entrance to this area is symmetrical.

 Down the stairs here is a valuable resource cache: [_FIRST AID KIT_],
[_SALT KIT x2_], Carbines, [_CARBINE AMMO x3_], Volley Guns and [_VOLLEY GUN
AMMO x2_]. Holy crap. We'll need it though. Peek further in and you'll see
soldiers walking around. There's a 'ROCKET AUTOMATON' in the middle of the
area here as well.

 Let's start our assault. Call on the Rocket Automaton and start assisting
him. You are facing 4-5 soldiers here but they'll soon be assisted by a
Handyman, who is the real threat. Draw him back to you and subdue him with
Undertow while aiming for his heart. He should fall rather easily. Abuse
Vigor here since we have a lot of refills. You can also call in some more
tears such as the 'MEDICAL SUPPLIES' on the left and a 'GUN AUTOMATON' on
the right.

 Mop up the rest of the soldiers in this area. After that, check by the
Rocket tear for [_VOLLEY AMMO x2_] and [_LOCKPICK x2_]. Further in on a
table on the lower floor is [_SALT KIT x2_]. You should be good on salt!

 Head forward and you'll have to fight some more. In this next area are two
turrets: one on the left and one on the right. There's also some soldiers
back here. Take out the turrets from range (I recommend using a Machine Gun
here as you can use it temporarily from a previous dead soldier) and mop up
the soldiers once the turrets fall. If you need it, there's a 'MEDICAL
SUPPLIES' tear on the right up ahead.

 Head to the back area now. There's an ARMORY vendor here that you can use
if you wish. Ride the sky-line onward and the prophet will haunt us some
more. At the far end jump off on the deck and open the central door.

 o OBJECTIVE: Confront Comstock
 Inside the door is a model of Elizabeth's tower, which shows why her powers
were weaker for so long. Hmmm. Head past the display and watch the scenes
here between Elizabeth and Comstock.

 Once he's grabbing here and she fights back, go up and press square to
intervene. More scenes. Wow...

 Soon it'll be over. We'll have a new objective afterward.
 o OBJECTIVE: Find the controls
 Head past Comstock and up a flight of stairs. Up on the second floor, head
into the right room to find Comstock's bedroom. There's a wealth of guns here
if you want as well as a [_VOXOPHONE_] on the bed.

 Head back out and take the left door now to his office. There's a [_CIGAR
TIN_] to the right and a [_DESK_] and Hand Cannon further in. There's also
a second [_VOXOPHONE_] here. Interesting stuff.

 Heck back out again and continue up the stairs. At the end of the deck is
a door Elizabeth can unlock. Do so to find the control room and then use
the steering wheel to "Steer Zeppelin".

                           Chapter 39: Command Deck                   [BSI-39]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 Watch the scenes that occur here. Well, well, well... we have ourselves
a new ally!

   You can now command Songbird to attack enemy threats.
   Aim at any highlighted target and press SQUARE to start the attack.
   Larger targets will cause a longer cooldown.
 Oh my, this will be fun. We're under attack from the Vox here. To try out
your new attack, target the BARGE in the distance, and hold down Square to
have Songbird appear and, well... destroy it. Holy crap, now THAT is power!

 In this section we need to HOLD OUT against the Vox attack. Doing well on
this section is probably your biggest challenge yet. As far as strategy goes,
I've played this section about five times to come up with something decent.
Before we delve into that let's take a second to understand what we are doing

 Jump down and take a look at the massive power source in front of you. We
HAVE to protect that from attackers (who will flat-out TARGET that at times
instead of you) while silmultaneously shooting down zeppelins. In additon, we
have two new HUD displays:

 1. In the top-right corner is a glowing blue bar. This is the power source
    health bar. We can't let it get destroyed.
 2. Below that is the SONGBIRD bar. You can sick Songbird on Zeppelins,
    Gun-Ships, Barges and wide areas of the deck. After sicking him on
    something the circle will start a cooldown. Just like the instructions
    up above say, larger targets (Like a Zeppelin) mean a larger cooldown.

 We will face WAVES of soldiers until the zeppelins are all destroyed. The
zeppelins will only come at certain times though, so we do have to hold out
for awhile.

 We will face barges (they drop off the enemies), soldiers, armored soldiers
(who always have RPG's), Motorized Patriots, Gun-Ships and Zeppelins. Note
that ALL soldiers and Patriots are PROGRAMMED to attack the Power Source
unless you get too close. Soldiers in particular will quickly switch over to
you as a target (whereas Patriots will often just walk past you).

 To help we have A TON of spread-out resources to help us out. Near the back
and on the left upper deck we have 'MEDICAL SUPPLIES' and you WILL need them
as this will be a long fight. We have Sniper Rifles and RPG's situated up
front for the taking , along with Shotguns and (I believe but need to verify)
Volley Guns. There is also health on each side of the upper deck near the
start of the walkways.

 We also have 'COVER' by each of the walkways. You'll also note that there
is a rail in this area. It actually leads up to a sniper's perch up on the
top of Comstock's Zeppelin. There's even a 'SNIPER RIFLE' tear up here to
use if you want it.

 All that being said, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND both a hard-hitting weapon that you
can use quickly and a fast-firing weapon. Hard-hitting includes a Volley Gun,
Sniper Rifle or Shotgun (I find the RPG to be too slow for my taste) while
the fast-firing weapon can be a Crank Gun or Repeater (both of which you can
harvest off of enemies. As for Vigor (which you should definitely use), I
recommend using Possession on regular enemies and Undertow on the Patriots.
Since the Patriots love to run by you, you can often shock them with Undertow
and get behind them easily to shoot their gears.

 Since your survival is important to me, here's a quick rundown of all the
Health and Salt you can find in the area (minus those Medical Supply tears
of course). I'll throw in ammo too (there's also [_CRATE x3_] to find down on
the lower deck, but that should be a last resort until after the fighting is

 HEALTH: 1 Kit on upper left walkway.
         1 Kit on upper right walkway.
         1 Kit near center console near Power Supply.
         2 Kits in box to the right near RPG's.
         1 Kit on upper left walkway in the middle.
         1 Kit on the lower deck (near the right missiles).
 SALT: 1 Kit on upper left walkway
       2 Kits near center console near Power Supply.
       1 Kit to the right under RPG's.
       2 Kits in box to the right near RPG's.
       1 Kit on upper right walkway in middle.
       2 Kits on the lower deck.
       1 Kit on the lower deck (left of left missiles).
 AMMO: Sniper Rifle x2 near start of left walkway.
       RPG x2 near start of right walkway.
       RPG x2 on the lower deck.
       Repeater x1 on the lower deck.
       RPG x1 on the lower deck (near missiles).
       Repeater x1 on the lower deck (left of left missiles).

 Mop up the remains of the first attack wave and get ready for a second wave.
Enemies will be dropped off on the upper deck. I prefer to snipe them from the
core. They'll often jump down and come up that way. Soon another wave of
enemies will show up with a Gun-Ship firing rockets from the front. Have
Songbird take care of the rocket ship while you focus on the enemies. Of
particular note here are the two armored soldiers, one on each upper level,
who hang back and fire RPG's at the core. Go say high in person or snipe them

 Things get interesting now as a Zeppelin approaches from behind and pulls
up with Comstock's ship. These Zeppelins are unique as they have large white
balloons to distinguish them, meaning THESE are the Zeppelins you need to
take down. There will be three of them in total.

 o OBJECTIVE: Destroy all Vox Zeppelins
 You will likely have Songbird back by now, so target the Zeppelin and have him
tear it to pieces (you will have to wait before you can target it, by the way).
These Zeppelins launch Motorized Patriots onto the ship. To take them out
easier (as it still isn't easy), go meet the Patriots and soldiers and have
some Possession ready. Posses a soldier, then Volley Gun / Shotgun the other
soldiers to prevent them from targeting you. Then use Undertow on the Patriots
as they pass and hit their gears from behind (since they often don't bother
fighting you).

 Another gunship will show up soon, but your Songbird is likely waiting on
a cooldown after that last zeppelin, so destroy it yourself when you can. I
find the sniper rifle to work from a distance or if you are near the front of
the ship use a fast-firing weapon and aim for the rocket launcher attachment.

 Next you'll have two more Zeppelins pull up on either side. Hopefully you
have Songbird ready to go but if not save him for the remaining two white
Zeppelins. You will now face wave after wave of Motorized Patriots with
several soldiers mixed in. Use the same tactics to take them out. These
waves are accented by the occasional arrival of armored soldiers. You will
face two more on the upper deck and two who arrive and storm the back deck
near the power supply with several other soldiers. This is one of the most
dangerous parts of the fight as a whole, and you should attempt to possess
the CLOSE armored soldiers as soon as you can and deal with the regular

 Keep fighting off the assault and have Songbird destroy the two white
Zeppelins ASAP. Destroying the Zeppelins is what is going to END this fight
and you WILL want it to end. I had around half of the power source's lifebar
left when I finished this fight, but as long as you have even a little you
did OK in my book!
 Once you are done Elizabeth will go stand at the bow of the ship:
 o OBJECTIVE: Join Elizabeth at the bow
 Head up there and Elizabeth will point out the tower and say we need to
destroy it to learn the truth.

 o OBJECTIVE: Order Songbird to destroy the siphon
 Go ahead and take the Whistler from Elizabeth and use it. Watch the scenes.

                         Chapter 40: The Sea of Doors                 [BSI-40]
\     Infusions:  X   Telescopes  X   Voxophones:  X   Kinetoscopes:  X      /

 From this point on all you really need to do is follow Elizabeth and do
whatever is asked of you until the end of the game. This includes pulling
levers and "accepting Baptism".

 At times you'll have a choice on which path to walk, but the choice is
merely an illusion (like other choices) as you'll end up going to the areas
Elizabeth wants you to go to. Just keep on following her and doing the
obvious choices until the game ends (you have little choice otherwise).

 Enjoy the ending scenes. They are fantastic.
 After going through them all, you will have beaten Bioshock Infinite.

(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email!

                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                         Trophy Information                           >==O
 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game along with my best
description on how to obtain them. I'm sure that you Xbox 360 players out
there have the same exact "achievements", so this should help you out too.
(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

                   ___                   ___
                  | _ )                 |_ _|
                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 0.10: March 26th 2013

 A very early rough draft, this version is mostly me just making headway
into the story and scouring the game for items. Still need to finalize the
structure of the walkthrough and add in plenty of sections.

 This version was only at Cheatmasters.com!
 Version 0.20: March 27th 2013

 Another very early rough draft, still plowing through the game and getting
the main guide started. Still need to finalize the structure of the walkthrough
and add in plenty of sections. I decided not to point out food, salt, booze
and cigarettes in brackets. I'll take out any that I did put in in another
version. I also won't point out weapons in brackets either.

 This version was only at Cheatmasters.com!

 Version 0.70: March 28th-April 1st, 2013

 Good progress was made! I have a feeling I'm close to the end, but I really
have no way to tell. Was hoping to be done by now but not so lucky. Still,
I've found a ton of secrets and made good progress. Shouldn't be much longer!

 This version was only at Cheatmasters.com!
 Version 1.00: April 3rd-5th, 2013

 Beat the game. What a good story. Took some time and formatted the structure
of the walkthrough itself according to how the game divides itself up. The
guide itself is 100% done but need to add in (the few) things I've missed as
well as extra sections I plan on doing (trophies, enemies, etc).

                   ___                   ___
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                  | _ \ I O S H O C K    | |  N F I N I T E
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o Maybe you? Send me an email!

 o Jeremy Wise from Cheatmasters.com for the support.
 o DomZ for the awesome title ASCii Artwork.
 o Johnathan Sawyer for the ASCii Artwork.
 o Gamefaqs Contributor board for the support (You know who you are!)

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