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Borderlands 2 : Walkthrough
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_______________BORDERLANDS 2________________

1. Main Story
2. Side Quests
3. Brands
4. E-Tech
5. Skins
6. Builds ! HD !

..............MAIN STORY MISSIONS ............

1.Get a Gun
3.Cleaning Up the Berg
4.Best Minion Ever
5.The Road to Sanctuary
6.Plan B
7.Hunting the Firehawk
8.A Dam Fine Rescue
9.A Train to Catch
10. Rising Action
11.Bright Lights,Flying City
12.Wildlife Preservation
13.The Once and Future Slab
14. The Man who Would be Jack
15. Where Angels Fear to Tread
16. Where Angels Fear to Tread PART 2
17. Toil and Trouble
18. Data Mining
19. The Talon Of God

............ Side Quest Missions............
Sir Hammerlock :

1. The Name Game
2. Mighty Morphin
3. Perfectly Peaceful
4. Stalking the Stalkers
5. Present For Mom
Bounty Board Missions / Misc :

1.  Assasinate The Assassins
2.  Rock, Paper, Genocide
3.  No Vacancy
4.  Neither Rain, Sleet or Skags
5.  Too Close for Missiles
6.  Out of Body Experience
7.  The Good The Bad And Mordecai
8.  No Hard Feelings
9.  The Ice Man Commeth
10. Minecart Mischeif
11. Arms Dealer
Dr. Zed :

1. Do No Harm
2. Medical Mystery
3. The Overlooked
Claptrap :

1. Talk to Claptrap
2. Claptrap's Birthday party !
Lilith :

1. Cult Following: Eternal Flame
2. Cult Following: False Idols
3. Cult Following: Lighting the Match
4. Cult Following : FINAL
5. Mine all Mine
Moxxi :

1. Moxxi's Tip Jar
2. Moxxi's Slots
Ellie :

1. Ellie's Ornaments
2. Clan War; Starting the War
3. Clan War; First Place
4. Clan War; Dead Drop
5. Clan War; End of The Rainbow
6. Clan War; Trailer Trashing
7. Clan War; Wakey Wakey
8. Clan War; Showdown

Tannis :

1. Splinter Group*
2. Hidden Journals
3. Torture Notes
Tiny Tina :

1. You Are Cordially Invited
2. Pretty Good Train Robbery
Marshall Friedman :	

1. Won't Get Fooled Again
Marcus :

1. Safe and Sound
Scooter :

1. Cold Shoulder



--------------1. New Improved Octo
--------------2. Swiss Splat Gun ( Video )
--------------3. Super Dart ( Video )

   | Bandit |

--------------1. Order Shield
--------------2. Slaged RoKsalt
--------------3. Slagged Fuster Cluck 
--------------4. Love Thumper

. | Tourge |

--------------1. Deadly Bloom
--------------2. Lobbed Bonus Pack


--------------1. Leather and Ornery Law
--------------2. Texas Triquerta
. |Hyperion|

--------------1. Hot Button Bane 
--------------2. Social Shotgun 1340 ( Video )
. Dahl

--------------1. Corrosive Teapot
--------------2. Close Quarters Teapot
--------------3. Loaded Spiker ( Video )
. Maliwan

--------------1. Flame of The Firehawk ( Video )
--------------2. Impetuous Chulainn
--------------3. Moxxi's Bad Touch
--------------4. Moxxi's Good Touch

. Vladof

--------------1. Verita
--------------2. Aquetia

. Eridian 
--------------1. Afterburner Relic
--------------2. Moxxi's Endowment
--------------3. Lucrative Oppurtunity
--------------4. Vitality Relic 38.0 %

. Anshin
. Pangolin

...........Rarity Types............

. White 
. Green 
. Blue 
. Purple 
. Oranage 
. E-Tech 

..........SKINS ..........

1. Tourge Skin
2. Bandit Incinerator Skin


-Loot Chest Locations by Mission-

1. A Dam Fine Rescue
2. Splinter Group


:::: Get a Gun ::::::

- You will start off with Marcus a pandora, weapons
dealer telling you the games story.

- After the tale, there will be a large train wreck
you are considered left for dead, but a guardian angel
tells you there is a reason you are still alive.

- You will then meet clap trap, a robot. He will tell
you to pick up a gun from his cabinet.

- Follow your DIAMOND shaped marker and do so
the diamond shape marker, is the jist of finding
items, quests and progressing through the story
throughout the whole game.

- Once you pick up your first gun you will get
 a new marker and must encounter our first boss
battle which will be against Knucle Dragger.


- Here we will learn about second winds. Knuckle 
duster seems immpossible this early on. The Trick
here is to really give him ALL you got. There will
be baby animals or his minions around him. They 
are much much easier to kill. Second winds happen
when you lose all your health, then get a kill.
The kill will give you full shields and a much smaller
percentage of your health back. Keep this in mind
for the WHOLE game, especially this early battle.
Use these tactics to win.

- Fire off as many shots as you can at knuckle duster.
Then When health is low or you fall, Attack his minions
for the second wind. You should pull through with this
- After the battle, pick up Claptrap's eye ball.
Now all we have to do is find someone, to fix his
eye. Claptrap Knows of Sir Hammerlock in Liar's Berg
So lets make way towards the elevator and through the 
way point to the next area.


1.Once we fast travel to liar's Berg, we have to 
meet Sir hammerlock, to fix Claptraps eyeball.

2.Unfortunately, the town will be covered with 
bandits. Take them all out with the following tactics
in mind.
Enemy Analysis- Bandits

* Flesh is Weak vs Fire Damage

- Yes flesh is weak to fire, to tell if an enemy
is "wearing" flesh look at there bodies, if it is
peach or dark brown and shirtless, chances are thats

* Bandits heads are thier critical point, try going
for thier heads.

* Midget Bandit's are very small targets, sometimes
melee is the best option.

* Large bandits are bigger targets high powered 
snipes to the head are easier to pull off.

3. Once the Bandits are disposed of. Follow the
marker to Sir Hammerlock. Give Him Claptrap's eye.
This will complete the quest and start the next chapter.


1. Claptrap has a ship and we now are informed that the 
enemy is HYPERION led by Handsome jack. Handsome jack
left us all for dead in Windshear Waste. We were contacted
by the guardian angel earlier to continue on. She also
informed us we have a destiny that we were not meant to
die. So this is the main story line. Get to sanctuary,
gain allies and fight against the HYPERION corportation
and of course thier leader Handsome jack.

2. Chapter 4's problem is that we need the keys to get
to claptraps ship. They are being held by a group of
nasty ice bandits and thier leader FLYNT. Follow your
marker from here and remember that FIRE elemental type
weaponry is great against Flesh based enemies.

3.Bandits and all humanoids WITHOUT armor, are very
susceptible to fire elemental type damage.

1. Bemn is a midget psycho path or something similar to
that. Take him out first, with a focus on your melee
if your Zer0 due to his small size.

2. Boom Will be in a large cannon that is susceptible mostly
to shock damage. Unfortunatley like the rest of his crew
he is not very vulnerable to fire, due to his armor.

3. First take out the Cannon once they are done
Kill the remaining bandits and of course Boom. Then
use the cannon to blast through the gate.

4. Follow The Claptrap at this point. Follow him
until he tells you he can go no more. Once he says
this he will tell you to find a lever to
raise an elevator as well.

5. follow your marker to the lever point. It
is up on the top so pay attention. Once you 
hit the lever the Claptrap will be raised, follow
Him into flynts domain.

1. Flynt will be up top of the deck very high. Sniper
is basically the best choice here, or a nice SMG.
Of course you CAN take him out with other guns, But
these are the BEST guns to use.

2. Once he comes down, be sure to be taking out
his army of bandits along the way. You should
Foucus on Flynt himself when you have the oppurtunity.
Using Zer0's deception with some melee perks works
nicely even on your 2nd playthrough.

3. After you take out Flynt let claptrap open up
the gate, follow him through and pick up some chests
inside. Then follow Claptrap to the ship. Turn in
the quest and make way to Three Horns.

::: The Road to Sanctuary :::

1. Once you arrive at 3 horns divide make your way
to the marker, there will be some large BULLYMONGS.


1.These guys are huge and ferocious, with a large
focus on heavy melee attacks. They also launch 
large pieces of rock or debris at you from afar.

2. Thier heads are still critical points very
much like bandits, they are also mostly susceptible,
to fire and ignite damage, due to there fur and
basic flesh.

2. Make your way to the CATCH-A-RIDE station. 
Apparently it is malfunctioning. A new map marker
will appear and we must find the Hyperion adapter.

3. Head to the marker and kill all the BANDITS,
inside. On the ground where the marker is glowing,
will be a dead robot, the robot has the powercore.
the robot is yellow and white and could be hard to
see in the snow.

4. Make your way back a short ways to the catch
a ride. Plug in the adapter and spawn the vehicle.
Use the Vehicles speed boost and jump over the ramp.

5. Follow your marker to Sanctuary, except no one
will Let you in, but you will speak with Roland.
Roland will tell you to find Captain Reiss.

6. Search to the next marker to find captain
Reiss. You will find his audio log, pick it up.
Head to the next marker, where you will find
Reiss. He will be ambushed by bandits. Kill
all of the bandits, then talk to Reiss. Reiss
will then tell you to get the power core.
Roland comes up on screen to tell you the same.

7. Follow your marker to the Large green circle
with a large diamond marker inside. There will
be tons of blood shots in this area, kill some
and one of them will drop the power core. You
may continue to kill blood shots for more loot
and XP.

8. Follow marker to Sanctuary, go to the marker
and speak to the Crimson Raider. Remove the old
power core and replace it with the new one. Then
go to the gate Where Lt. Davis is. Speak with him
he will open the gate this will start PLAN B !

::: PLAN B :::

1.Once Inside Sanctuary, we must speak to the 
town mechanic. Introducing Scooter once again
from borderlands 1. He will have us do some 
chore fetch based tasks. Installing powercores.
Pick up the Eridium from scooter and the First
power core. Then pick up the next one on the first
floor via marker. The 2nd one is on the marker up
top the stairway.

2.Follow the Marker to the center of town, and install
the fuel cells. There will be 3 in total. They will
Not work and the town will not fly.

3. Next marker will bring us to a crimson raider.
Talk to him and take the Echo device. Now
we can open up the Door to Rolands Headquarters.

4. Go Inside and use the echo to turn in the PLAN-B
quest and you should get an eridian relic as well.


1. First take the Marker to Three Horns.
Then Make your way to a small bandit camp.
Take the Bandits out, then head to Frostburn

2. Follow Blood Shot Signs, is the objective.
But First look around the bandit camp here.
There is a chest on the rooftop, as well as
a bunch of bandits to take out for XP and Drops.
Then continue with the objective.

3. I would Like to say that Frostburn canyon is
pretty big and has a lot to discover. As well as
tons of enemies. So I would clear everything out.
then follow the marker to Firehawk.

4. Here are some more enemy analysis on 
new enemies you may encounter in frostburn.



1. These guys are tough, still considered human 
bandits though. They are more protected in the head
due to skull helmets but the head is still critical.

2. Susceptible to fire element, Fire grenades would
work nice. Save your action skills for these guys
and consider switching to gear with high action
cool down rates.

3. Also try keeping your distance from these guys
as much as possible, snipers are your friend at
the start of these battles.



1. Nomads come in badass form too, and thats just
scary when they have those huge shields.

2. If they have the shield your going to have
to go in for back shots this is easier with
an assassin.

3. Elemental Shock works great against these 
Nomads because shields are made of metal.

4. Nomads have armor or clothing of sorts,
they are not as susceptible to fire as bandits
with there shirts off or flesh on.

5.For nomads even unarmored, shock damage
for the win. Note also, slagging first, 
then possibly double damaging explosive assault
rifles, may cause harm to them as well .



1. Weak point is there large sack in the back.
Try and swarm around them to get to the critical
point on the spider ant. It is pretty big so
it should not be to hard.

2. Corrosive cloud grenades are nice here due
to the fact that spider ants come in many 
rather then loners. Cloud grenades spread a 
very large radius and corrosive is a nice
element to eat there armors. Unless of course
they are  a corrosive spider ant.

3. Double Damage explosive weaponry or 
grenades would also be great, don't bother
to much with trying to SLAG these guys.
Hitting there criticals with grenades should
be good enough.

4. Corrosive cloud grenades are great vs these
guys due to the radius damage.

5. Firehawks chambers should be up ahead at this
point, if your lost that is what the hung dead
bandits are pointed to.

6. Once inside you will see Lilth who is the
firehawk. Help her kill off a bunch of bandits
then give her some eridium.

7. At the end you will have to take out 2 
Badass Maniacs at once, with Lilth's help
though so it is not to bad. Eventually
give her one more eridum nugget and she 
will teleport you towards the exit.

8. This completes the quest, and you earn
some XP. This will start a Dam Fine Rescue.
So head to sanctuary to gear up, do some
side quest that you might have missed and 
level a bit because it is challanging.
Then head to Three Horns Divide.

:::: A Dam Fine Rescue :::::

1. Head to the Dust, then follow your marker
to Ellie, at Ellie's garage.

2. Get in a vehichle we have to harvest 5x 
bandit vechible parts. Follow giant green 
markers and begin looking for bandit
vehicles. Take them down. Keep driving
because sometimes it takes  a while
for them to respawn or spawn. Once 
all 5 are down, be sure to pick up the parts.
Then Return to Ellie.

3. Once you return to Ellie, install the
parts and Deploy the Psycotic looking bandit
techincal vehicle.

4. Now we must head for the Marker to Infiltrate
blood shot strong hold.

5. Make your way in vehicle to three horns divide.
Head to marker near bloodshot fortress. Honk the
horn at the door. Then go inside and start to fight
bandits. Once they are clear BAD MAW will appear.



1. This Guy is easier then you think. Explosive weaponry
and Slag work really nice on him. There are tons of areas
to hide in to avoid damage from him. Also he is a big target.

2. Take out his midgets first, slag him by running around
to his back. Then start using a strong Explosive based
weapon, SMG or SHOTGUN would work really good.

3. When he goes down, pick up the stronghold key
and the loot then use the key on marker to enter the
strong hold.


6. Inside the strong hold, there will be more
bandits, badass nomad at the start. Take them out.
The real problem is Satans Suckhole and bad mike.

7 BAD MIKE: a unique enemy not really a boss. He
usually is packed with HEAVY fire power. I died
countless times so I would stay near the save point,
after letting him spawn out and cheap shot him.
Do this for the win behind something so he can't
shoot or hit you. Once he is down go up to the
marker. Don't forget to clear as many bandits as
you can before doing this.

8. You will enter a room with a RED crate and 
more bandits. Take them out. For the crate,
follow the wire to a room with a super bad ass.
Go and take him out, then hit the electrical switch.
This will cause the electricity to shut down, then
go open up the loot chest.

9.  Keep heading towards the marker, which is
the jail cell area. Take everything out, then talk
to roland. He will Introduce him self, then be taken
by a huge drone. Kill off some of the loaders 
ahead of you then if you want open up the next crates.

10. To open the crates in the jail cell, you 
just have to climb up the ladder. There will be
a small crate to the left, then straight ahead
over some red pipes will be the control room.
The control room controls the jail cell doors.
Hit the green ones so they are all red, one 
of them contains a giant red DAHL crate. Open
it for more loot.

11. Point Destroy the Loaders and Make your
way outside the stronghold. The Next Quest marker
will be to destroy more loaders. Destroy them
to save Roland. This will end the quest and turn
it in for your reward, finally starting chapter
9, a train to catch.

::::::: A Train To Catch ::::::

1. First return to sanctuary, and speak
with Roland. He will send you to Tundra 

2. Follow marker to Tundra or walk there.
When you get there go to glowing markers.
Hit the switches to make a smoke signal.
This will introduce Mordecai.

3. Mordecai will now be assisting you from
long range. Roland will come up Via Echo
and tell you to meet Tiny Tina. Follow
marker to Tina's lair.

4. Tina although tiny is a master of demolitons.
She will have you pick up two Bodonkadonks at
a nearby bandit camp. Pick them up by killing
some bandits and following markers. One of them
is atop some stairs. Bring them back to Tina,
she will turn them into bombs.

5. Finally place them located at the 2 markers
in another bandit camp, then set them to launch.
They will take out the train, the bridge will
fall scale it to enter the End of the line.

::::::: :: WILHELM::: :: :::

1.Wilhelm CAN be really challanging but after
dying 50 or so times, I realized a cheap
but very effective tactic.

2. If you stand behind the Fast travel 
station and Wilhelm is directly north
of you. He wont see you. So keep blasting.
Rinse and repeat. Don't worry about the bots
just attack Wilheim.

3. Even if you feel this is to cheap, it
is still better to use the bots for
second wind. Meanwhile keeping focus
on Wilheim.

4. Pick up the loot and the power core.
Then Head back to Sanctuary.


:::: Rising To Action :::::

1. Head to Sanctuary and Speak to Lt. davis.
He will tell you to remove and install a new
power core from Wilhelm. Do so and Handsome
Jack will appear.

2. Handsome jack tells you his little secret.
Now Sanctuary is underattack. Head to the center
of Town quickly. Lilth will tell you to talk
to scooter right near the town center. Do so.

3. Help him by hitting the markers there are
two. Hit both markers or the fuel injectors as
they are called or something similar.

4. Then go get the eridium from a stuck Roland.
Give it to Lilith and she will Phase Blast you
out of sanctuary. Sanctuary will take off and
It will be safe for now. We must now head to
next marker which is the Fridge.

5. Head towards marker and up a hill from
Three Horns, towards the Fridge. Kill some
bandits and then just simply turn in the quest
At the Door. Get some XP and get ready for 
Chapter 10.

:: :: Bright Lights Flying City :: :::

1. Enter the Fridge. You will notice, fink's
Slaughter house to the left, but ignore it
for now. Head to the valve and turn it to
open the Door.

2. We will Encounter Rats in this area, as
well as Volatile Crytalik hulks. For the rats
just use traditional battle tactics. For the
Crystalisk, Hit the 3 golden crystal spots on
there legs, to take them out. Melee works great
here, especially when playing as Zer0.

3. Make your way to the marker and another
valve, use it to open the door. Then pull the
lever and head down the elevator into the next

4. In this area, follow marker until things
begin to explode. Lilth will contact you.
Try to fast travel to Sanctuary, but Angel
will tell you it is currently offline. We
have no choice but to still trust Angel.

5. Make way to the marker, past some stalkers
and hyperion bots. Get to the docking area.
There will be a large green marker in the 
center over the water. We have to cross
the water gap. The marker does not tell you
exactly where to go at this point.

6. Go towards the center of the dock until
you see a stair case, go up it and push
the button. Wait for the Lift bridge, to
come to you, then get on. Wait until it begins
to move you to the other side then get off.

7. Destroy the construtor bot. Best advice
is to get to that save point behind him fast.
Even if it takes using a second wind to do so.
Then you can keep respawning right near him,
until he is down. Secondly you should probably
duck and cover attack him as well until he is 
gone, there is plenty of cover nearby. Also
Destroy all loaders if it helps.

8. Well if that was not hard enough now
we have  A Giant bad ass thereser to worry
about. He apparently ate or mission item.
We now have to kill him to get it back.
Best advice is to wait for the loaders
to spawn from the sky. To do so, run around
the threser's area a bit. Let them attack him
and keep him occupied, while you use a distance
gun with some slag damage. While Slagged lob
some grenades with each Slag and he should
go down quite easily actually with this tactic.

9. Follow the next marker, because we have
to head to overlook now, so go through the 
waypoint door To the Highlands.

10. Once at the Highlands, Get In A Vehicle.
Travel to the marker which is Overlook. Go
try and repair the beacon. Jacks Hyperion
army will try to destroy it. 

11. Keep destroying the waves of robots.
Everything is pretty easy until the Constructor.
Once again for Constructors, use duck and 
cover tactics. Constructors, can't move
so you can cheap them in a various amount
of ways. Sometimes or most of the time
it is the best way to win, cheap or not.

12. Finally once all the ways are down,
repair the beacon. Then fast travel back
to roland at Sanctuary and turn in the quest.

::: Wild Life Preservation :::

 Next scene will eventually run us into
the wild life preservation. Be ready for a
large amount of skags, stalkers and of course,
bloodwing. A giant eridium enhanced dangerous
and evil bloodwing, that must be taken down.

Jack will kill bloodwing but at least we have
what we need. Mordecai is very upset.

:: CHAPTER 12 :::

The Once and future slab. Get ready to meet
the Slab king who is actually BRICK, from
border lands one.

Do battle with tons of bandit enemies to get
to him.

Follow his marker based quest and destroy
the mortars that threaten him and his slabs.

::: CHAPTER 13 :::

Level 21 or above for this quest which is
the man who would be jack.

Fight jacks doubles and receive his pocketwatch.
His watch has some of jacks bio data. We still
need his voice though.

Looks like guardian angel is back on our side,
as she will use a voice data module to interput
the door opening sequence which is very similar
to having a complete "copy" of jacks voice.

:: CHAPTER 14 ::

Where angels fear to tread. This is a very 
very good part of the story. So let me warn


We finally actually get to meet Angel in person.
Angel is a half cyborg and she has wings, so I guess
she actually is an angel as well. She is also 
Handsome Jacks daughter. Handsome jack is not
a nice guy though, He is pumping Angel with eridium,
because she is also a SIREN. We must basically kill
angel in this scene for the good of pandora.

Finally towards the end things get even worse, and
i am not going to spoil it for you.

This will complete where angels fear to tread.
Turn it in to mordecai at sanctuary to continue
the story missions.

::: CHAPTER 15 :::

After all that Jack is all that is left to be
dealt with at this point. Game Suggest, level
25 and or higher or around that level.

We must find info of where the vault key
is being held and or the WARRIOR.

heading to the hyperion info stockade,
to get the info be ready for tons of 
more robot battles. Once we are done
turn the mission into Mordecai and get ready
to end this.

::: FINAL :::

:::::: HANDSOME JACK ::::::::

Just beat him down he is around level 30. Get 
to that level or near it and take him out quick
he is pretty easy.

::::::: THE WARRIOR ::::::::::::::

This guy is actually not to bad, but he does fit 
the name and is also a great looking and pretty good
final boss battle.

- First Lilith will tell you to get to higher ground
get to the highest point then and try and avoid the lava.
The highest point is on the vault key looking floors,
which is basically north of Lilith and of course jack.

- If your playing Melee, wait until his legs come
near the ground. Attack the Volcanic Crystalisk, kill
them rinse and repeat on the leg of the warrior.

- If your playing ranged, do the same thing only
with guns, once again, having trouble refer to the 
other sections of this guideand of course level up
to at lesat 30.

:::::: CONGRATULATIONS :::::::::

But theres more.... LOTS MORE !


-----------SIDE QUEST MISSIONS----------------

::::Sir Hammerlock:::::
::::Sir Hammerlock:::::
::::Sir Hammerlock:::::

--The Name Game--

1. Start off by heading over to three horns Divide.
Markers will be huge, run into a big circular marker
and you will encounter BullyMongs.
* Refer to Bullymong enemy analysis if your having 
trouble fighting them.

+ Killing 15 bullymongs reaps in more EXP

2.Once 5 bullymongs are down, Hammerlock will
tell you to throw a grenade at one. Do so.

3. He will change thier name to fervodore or
something similar. Now we must Destroy the 
Projectiles that the bullymongs, or fervodores
THROW at us.

4. Hammerlock will then change thier name
to bonerfarts, then tell us to simply kill
5 more of them. Once this is complete, return
to hammerlock in sanctuary and receive reward.

** REWARD **

Rewards MAY be different from time to time. 
Depending on character class as well as level
or playthorugh number.

For this quest you should get either a Shotgun
or a nice Pistol.

---Mighty Morphin--

1. Head to tundra express.

2. Go to large glowing green circle
and begin looking for LARVA varkids.

3. Wait for them to "morph" or dig into
the ground. When they do a POD will begin
to grow. Walk up to the pod quickly and 

4. This will cause a mutated varkid to
come out, it is usally difficult.

5. you must kill 4 of them and pick
up the CYAN items they drop all four.
Then bring all 4 specimens back to Sir
Hammerlock in sanctuary.

6. You will gain A TON of XP in this quest
so it is worth doing even though the reward
item is weak.

--- Perfectly Peaceful ------

1. Head To caustic caverns after speaking
with Sir hammerlock. We must pick up 4
echo devices. Spider ants, varkid and
crystaliks will be on the path to all 4.

2. Clear paths for bonus XP, but you don't
need to get them all if you dont want to.

3. The First 3 echos are simple to find,
just clear paths through enemies and follow
the marker.

4. the 4th echo is inside the Dahl deep core.
The Core is near the NETHER HIVE by spiderants.
So if your near nether hive you are close, it
can be a little hard to find because one side
of the entrance is locked.

5. After getting all 5 echos and listening to
an interesting plot, bring the turn in to Sir,
hammerlock in sanctuary.

--- Stalking the Stalkers ----

1. Head to Highlands via fast travel,
from sanctuary. Follow the big glowing
green markers, kill 15 stalkers for an
XP bonus.

2. Just smash the stalker piles, these
should randomly pop up, they are in 
several locations and can respawn even,
so it is pretty simple.Return to overlook
mailbox when done for green guns and some XP.

--- Present For Mom Kill Henry --

1. Go to marker and destroy Boss Henry a giant

2. He may drop some rares, so pick them up. He
will also drop the quest item, and box for it
is right nearby. Use it to get XP plus the Love
Thumper shield which does 8k ROID damage.

::::Bounty Board Missions:::::

-Assassinate The Assassins-

1.Fast Travel to Three Horns, Take Vehicle or walk
to the marker which is up a pretty big road hill.

2. Destroy all the bandits inside, then head to
south paw power station. There will be 4 markers
and 4 assassins to deal with. They all have a chance
of dropping nice rare loot, with a high % making
this a great quest to do.

3. Follow your markers to each assassin, you will
have to kill them and sometimes kill some bandits
to open up the next pathway, or to more of the 4

4. The last assassin will be Assasin Rouf, you will
also get XP bonuses for killing the assassins with
a certain weapon or melee attack.

5. Return to sanctuary bounty board for your
nice reward. Which should be a pistol or a magnum.
+ the XP of course.

-Rock, Paper, Genocide -

1. Talk to Marcus,In Sanctuary.

2. He will give you an elemental fire weapon.
Test it out on the bandit pinned to the target.
He will then tell you To use corrosive,shock 
and slag elementals as well. Turn in each of 
these for XP everytime.

3. This completes the quest, you just gain XP
It is quick so it is well worth it.

- No Vacancy -

1. First go to three horns divide. Then go
to the happy pig motel. Pick up an echo reader
there and you will learn the power is obviously

2. Scooter will tell you to turn the steam valve.
Turn it and it will still NOT work.

3.  a Bunch of markers will appear at this point.
Use them and go to the first nearest one. SHOOT
the ladder and climb up it for the first mission

4. Follow the next 2 markers and be sure to take
out a bunch of SKAGS.

5. Pick up the next 2 quest items. The last marker
should be near a SAVE point and Skull Spilter Bay.
Go to Skull Spilter bay and take out some bandits
for XP.

6. Climb up the staris in this area for a nice 
chest full of loot. Climb up another section of
staris for another nice loot chest.

7.Head back to happy pig motel with ALL the parts
then place the first one in near the marker.
Place the second one up the ladder, then jump
onto the next higher ladder and place the final
piece all the way up top. Finally hit the steam
valve. Then TURN IN the quest for a new Assassin Skin.
POSSIBLE skin for your current class pending upon
what your playing as.



1. Skags are vulnerable as well to FIRE damage mostly.
This is due to there flesh and fur based bodies.

2. Fire skags however will be immune to fire
same goes for corrosive skags / shocking skags.
In fact this goes for all enemies with an elemental
attribute attached to them.

3. Skags can spit corrosive balls at you, which
deals corrosive damage eating your armor away
which well take health down FAST. they also
leap and dragoon themselves at you.

4. Shotguns work nice vs skags, elemental even
pending on situation due to the fact that they
travel in packs.

5. For badass skags, take out the little ones
first obviously. Then work on the bad ass with
your best gear and weapons.


-- Neither Rain,Sleet, Or Skags--

1. Pick this one up from the happy pig motel
bounty board. You have 1:30 seconds to complete

2. You may want to take out all the skags
first and of course the bandits in skull
spilt bay. Once there out it makes this
a whole lot easier.

3. Take your vehcile and use your booster
quickly to the markers. Hit all 5 of them.

4. Be fast you gain some time back every time
you open a mail box to deliver a letter.

5. Once all 5 are complete you can turn in
the quest for a grenade mod/assault rifle.
And experience points.

-- Too Close For Missiles --

1. Pick up this quest at the Dust Off oF the 
Pilot type guy near Ellies garage near Ellies Garage.

2. Take a vechicle heads towards the marker, but
you have to boost over a high rock to get into
the buzzard camp.

3. Once inside it is optional to take down the 
buzzards, you should because they are annoying.

4. Follow markers picking up the volley balls
and exploding the TWO gas tanks.

5. Then Set the volley ball net on fire.

6. Finally Kill all the 3 shirtless men.

7. Collect Reward 

--Out Of Body Experience--

1. Find the A.I. core in blood shot 
stronghold. One of the bandits will drop it
after a death. 

2. Make sure you pick it up, And LISTEN to
what it says. It will tell you to install it,
in blood shot ramparts, which is outside of
the strong hold. We must walk there.

3. I suggest getting this quest out of
the way incase you forget, what the 
robot said. Or just use this guide.

4. Install it at a close marker, in bloodshot
ramparts. Then it will turn against you.

5. Kill the Constructer, then install it
into a war loaders. Kill them both from
afar with snipers if possible. Corrosive
damage eats the Loader away very quickly.

6. Finally Return to sanctuary via walking,
from the strong hold back to fast travel
station at the start of strong hold. We 
must put the A.I. core into a radio.

7. go To moxxi's and install the core into
the radio. listen to bad music, then destroy
the radio with a gun shot.

8. Pick up the core and bring to marcus
for a hyperion gun, or to zed for a hyperion
shield. Both are Blue and nothing worth 
bragging about. other then the fact it talks
to you.

--- The Good The Bad The Mordecai--

1. Pick this one up at sanctuary bounty
board. Then head to the Dust.

2. Follow marker and boost over the large
rock into a bandit camp near marker. Clear
it out or run through to the marker. Pick
up the item off of the dead body under the
piece of roof.

3. This will bring up another quest marker,
in friendship gulag, so follow marker
and head to it.

4. Clear out loaders and hyperion personel.
Then Head to the marker which is a jail cell.
Press the button on the cell to make it 
fall loose, then pick up another echo.

5. This one will lead us back to the dust,
near Ellies garage so head there, then
travel on FOOT to the next marker.

7. Follow marker up a hill until you
reach Boot Hill. Begin searching the 
graves. Dig up the Silver plated one.

8. Mobley and And Gettle will appear.
Once the church bell rings a 3rd time,
draw your weapons western style then kill
them borderlands style.

9. Once dead turn in quest at the chest we
just dug up. Earn Moxxi's Endowment Relic
which increases exp gain by 6% on vault
hunter mode.

----- No Hard feelings ----

1. Pick this up in an Echo device,
near varkid ranch observatory, on the floor.

2. Listen to the bandit over echo, and make
way to the close by marker from the save
point. Open the chest and run away from
the Dynamite. After the explosion bandits
will come out it was an obvious trap.

3. Kill all the bandits then turn in 
at the chest, and pick up a mild reward.
Which is the oppressed rifle or a 
unoriginal bandit shotgun, both are blue

---- The Ice Man Commeth ---

1. Head to Three Horns Valley Happy Pig
Motel. Pick up the quest at the bounty 
board. Head to Three Horns Divide, and 
locate the bandit camp, via marker and
using your vehicle.

2. Destroy all bandits inside. While doing
so place the dynamite on each marker.
So of them are up top the stairs.

3. After they are all placed and bandits
disposed of, Hit the detonator. This will
shut off the bandits furnaces. 

4. Unfortunatley they will come out and 
attack you. Now we must take out 8 of 
them. They are still rather simple, use
grenades with a good mod. They are very
clustered together. 

5. Once they are done, go back to Happy pig.
Return for mild reward not worth mentioning
and or random green weapons, even on TVHM-
( true vault hunter mode). You still gain
some XP though so If your going for everything
or Level 50 it is still worth it.

----- Minecart Mischeif-----

1. Go to Caustic caverns and look for the
exclamation point, it should be an echo device.
Listen to it, to pick up the quest.

2. Go to the marker where the mine cart is.
Begin running into it to push the mine cart.

3. First Air lock has Crystalisks before the 
door, so take them down. The 2nd has thershers,
And the last one has some Varkids. You must push
the cart through 3 air lock doors, hitting the 
marked valves along the way. 

4. Finnaly once you reach the crusher push the
cart inside, more varkids will appear. Take
them out, then pick up the eridium nuggets
that were crushed.

5. There is a red dahl loot chest here, And
some Varkids to farm for XP, after your done
you can turn in the quest right near where you
just picked up the Eridium. Beware though,
if you don't turn in the quest and die you may
be warped back to the Core of Dahl savepoint.

6. Reward is Low, just some Eridium x4 and XP.

--- Arms Dealer ---

1. Overlook bounty board has this one.

2. Seems impossible or at least really hard,
at first. The trick is to open the mail box,
in Overlook LAST. To make things even easier,
you can spawn your vechicle near the other 3
or the 4th one near the dock then get the other

3. - Pick up the mailbox on the dock
- Pick up the mailbox near the fire loaders 
- Pick up mailbox in the cave 
- Pick up mail box near the hyperion fort
- Finally the mail box in overlook.
- then deliver them near the bounty board.

4. Rewards are A green shield for Tanks.
Second reward is a Eridian vitality relic,
which is good as it increases Max Health,
by 38% on TVHM.

:::::::DR ZED MISSIONS::::::::
:::::::DR ZED MISSIONS::::::::
:::::::DR ZED MISSIONS::::::::


1. Talk to Zed to get the quest.

2. Simply use a melee attack on his patient
where the marker is. 

3. The Patient will drop eridium, bring it
to the next marker which is Tannis from 
borderlands one. You will then get some XP.

4. This will also open up more Dr.Zed Quest.
As well as the E-tech weaponry quest. Which
opens up the possiblity of more E-tech weapons

- Medical Mystery -

1. First head to the marker at three horns divide.
Then either walk or drive to the next marker.
Shock fossil cave is its name. Go Inside
and take out the bandits working your way,
to Dr.Mercy.

2. Take out Dr.Mercy and then search his body
for the E-Tech Weapon. Equip it and use it.

3. Now we must kill 25 bandits to complete
the quest. Problem is the gun is low on
ammo and eats it quickly. Try picking off
as many bandits as you can here.

4. Then just head back to South paw steam
and power via fast travel or walking.
Bandits are guranteed to be there as well
as enough ammo crates to complete the quest.

5. After Killing 25 bandits return to
Dr.Zed for an awesome Reward an E-Tech
weapon which is MAGENTA in Color ! 
not color of gun but LETTERS ! 

---- The Overlooked ---

1. Go to overlook in the highlands.
Scooter will tell you Roland wants you to check
this out, but pick up the start of the quest
in sanctuary.

2. Speak to Karima at the marker, she will
tell you to put 5 shields in the grinder.
to do this drop ONE shield at a time into
the grinder from a good vantage point. You
might have to buy more shields if you do
not drop them in correctly.

3. After your done speak to karima, and get
the XP + mild reward of green guns. Also
pick up the continued quest.

4. Head towards The new marker, which is
full of hyperion bots. Take them out
they can be quite tough.

5. Head to the mortar control, once
the hyperions are eliminated. Then use
the controls. First blow up daves house.
Then test the shields. After the success,
return to Karmina for your reward which
is a really good purple shield called
Deadly Bloom.

::::::::::: CLAPTRAP MISSIONS ::::::::::

-- Talk To Claptrap --

1. Talk to claptrap and listen to his boring
stories. You can talk to him then walk away,
and come back to him later. You will gain some
XP as reward and the Ability to use the SAFE.

2. The Safe lets you swap weapons between your

---- Claptrap's Birthday Party ---

1. Go see claptrap in sanctuary, it is his
birthday. Invite the 3 guest who all say NO,
to the invitation. Return to clap trap, and
enjoy the party, eat some pizza , blow into
a horn and dance a bit. It was pretty awkward.

2. After it is over turn into claptrap, for
some XP and mild green guns .

:::: Lilth Missions :::::

-- Cult Following Eternal Flame --

1. Go To Frostburn canyon after picking up the quest,
from Lilth in sanctuary AFTER learning she is Firehawk.

2. Follow marker to incinerator clayton. Talk to 
him. He will tell you to, burn 5 bandits with 
fire weapons or grenades. If you don't have
a fire weapon try just purchasing some fire 
grenades at the ammo dump.

3. Follow giant green circle marker and start
killing bandits, pick up ashes and return to
clayton for a reward and XP + the Next quest
of a series of quests.

--Cult Following : False Idols--

1. Make your way back to Incinerator Clayton
at frostburn Canyon. Talk to him he will
tell you of false idols. Scorn, must be 
defeated a giant badass spiderant.

2. Follow way to marker and destroy him
for your reward and the next quest.

---- Cult Following : Lighting the Match----

1. start in frostburn canyon. Pick up 
Match the Midget in the outhouse, return
to southern shelf with match.

2. Make your way to the ship where we fought
Captain Flynt.

3. Follow marker to dragon head and place the midget
that we picked up from the outhouse.

4. Pull the lever to incinerate him, then return
to frostburn canyon to clayton for reward and
the next quest.


1. Speak with Clayton in Frostburn canyon yet again.

2. Light the 3 Bird Statues on fire via following
your markers.

3. Go to the Enkindlement, which is a large
bon fire in the middle of ash mouth camp.

4. Pull the lever. Do battle with Clayton
and his bandits. Pick up the drops.

5. AWESOME REWARD, at least on your
2nd playthrough VAULT MODE. you will
get an ORANGE shield of the fire hawk.

6. First playthrough MAY be a purple shield.

--- Mine all Mine ---

1. Go to Tundra Express after speaking with
Lilth In Sanctuary. Pretty simple clear out
bandits at marker, once you kill 10 Zeke
will appear. Take out Zeke, then go to
Tiny Tina at her workshop for your reward,
which is some eridium and XP.

2. Note that this will open up another
Tiny Tina quest, so it is worth doing,
despite a mild reward.


- Tip Jar -

1. Tip moxxi about 15k she will give you a 
unique weapon or smg.

2. Tip her around 25k for another one.

3. There may be more of these !

::: Ellie's Quest ::::
::: Ellie's Quest ::::
::: Ellie's Quest ::::

----Ellie's Ornaments---

1. Talk to Ellie In the Dust.

2. Take  A Vehicle to the markers. We will
be taking down bandit vehicles again.

3. This time 6 of them. After taking each one down,
be sure to pick up the ornament or quest item.

4. After collecting all 6 bring them back
to ellie's garage and place them at marker

5. This Will complete the quest netting you a nice
Eridian Relic Which will Enhance Vehcile Booster 

----- Clan War; Starting the War -----

1. Go To ellie's garage in the dust. 

2. Pick up the emblems and the explosives.

3. Head over to the Hodunk Speed way marker
and place explosives, you do NOT have to
kill the Hodunks.

4. Head Back to the Highlands, then go near
Overlook and the marker point to the Holy
Spirits Bar. Place explosives On Distellery.
Then place the Hodunk emblem.

5. Mick Zaford will invite you inside, talk
to him and Turn in the quest with him for
the reward, which is some green guns and XP.

6. Finally this will also continue, the clan
war quest through Mick Zaford.

--- Clan War ; First Place ---

1. Pick up the explosives, at Mick Zaford
Holy Spirits bar in overlook, highlands.

2. Go back to the dust and the hodunk 
speedway. Place the Explosives on the 4 markers
on the bridge.

3. Kill the pyrotech from the circular marker,
which is the vantage point. Jump up the ladder
from the bridge to get there.

4. Finally Hit the explosives when the hodunks,
come over the bridge, it should kill 2 of them,
or all of them. If you don't get them all, finish
them off manually. Return to Ellie, for some XP,
and green weapons as a reward.

5. This will open up another quest exclamation
point or marker, so go to it, it is the Hodunks.

6. Talk to the old Hodunk with 1 leg, playing 
banjo at exclamation marker point. He will give
you the next marker, which is to go to dead drop.

7. Go back to holy spirits bar in overlook. Head
up the stairs, by the Ammo Dump, and pick up
the Echo. Turn in the quest there as well, for
Some XP and the Final part of the clan war quest

--- Clan War End of The Rainbow --

1. Follow marker, to the Bagman. Don't 
get to close to him. You can just wait,
until he arrives at destination to play
it safe.

2. Once at the save point, wait until
he is further ahead of you. then follow
into the Zaford Ale house stash cavern.

3. Finally once there, we must kill the
bagman. He is a little hard, but nothing
over the top.

4. Loot the stashes full of money if you
would like. You may also then use the Key
to complete the quest, then return to Jimbo,
in the Dust at hodunk speedway for the reward.

5. You get a really powerful Jakobs Shotgun,
for this quest. + More From Zaford another
quest pops up the in the Dust.

6. Reward is Texas Triquerta, in TVHM ( true 
vault hunter mode) it does around 20k damage per
shot at Level 40.

--- Clan War ; Trailer Trashing ---

1. Meet steve near lynchwood, in the dust.

2. Go To Hodunk Speedway at night, and 
use the mission item the fire gun.

3. Open all 4 gas valves, then use the fire
gun on them to blow them up. Kill the Hodunks
if they are in the way then return to Steve.

4. Pick up mild reward and some XP + another
Exclamation point marker for the Hodunks, 
at hodunk speedway.

-- Clan War; Wakey Wakey ---

1. Talk to Jimbo Hodunk, at Hodunk Speedway.

2. Go To Moxxi's Bar in sanctuary. Have 3 drinks
Then head back to the Holy Spirit bar.

3. Kill everyone in the bar. Then Head back
to Ellie for reward of XP and two nice blue
rares. You may only choose one.

4. Verita is a gun with 20% Critical hit 
damage +. Aquetia is a very interesting shield
with a nice second wind mod, pending how
many in your party are using it. It also
absorbs bullets .

-- Clan War; Showdown --

1. Talk to Ellie, then Travel near Lynchwood marker
in the dust.

2. Witness the Zafords and Hodunks speaking, once
they are done shoot either side to start the battle.

3. After destroying them all, you get a gun based
upon which side you took. Both are slag weapons,
that give you constant slag state and aura !

4. Siding with Zafords gives you the Slag Smg,
siding with Hodunks gives you the slag shotgun.
See Weapon section for more information.


---Splinter Group---

1. head to Moxxi's and pick up the pizza.

2. Head back to bloodshot strong hold. Follow
marker go into the sewer, then save and head 
up the ladder to the LEFT OF SAVEPOINT.

3. Follow the marker which will lead to
some lab rats, take them down. Then buzz
yourself in at the marker voice com.

4. Jump down and deliver the pizza.
Then do battle with 4 ninja rats.
Shotguns work nice here because they are
small fast targets. after they are done
Head back to sanctuary for reward.

5. Don't Forget to loot the DAHL RED crate
on your way out !

6. * Thanks To Blood Daemon for the following
easter egg. You may also fight splinter in
the room near the Television !

-- Hidden Journals --

1. Get this one from tannis after chapter 12.

2. Go to Highlands, we must find 4 echo devices.

3. The first one is the hardest, go to Blake bridge.
There is a stairway hard to see on the bridge, take
it down towards the marker. The marker is in a little
shack, but YES we have to jump to it. Best advice is 
to go to the bar closest to the shack then do a
little jump. It may take you a few tries but you
should eventually get it.

4. Go to Frothmill section in the highlands.
There will be a large truck with a cage that 
is impassable. Shoot the Red Hives behind it,
to open the door in the back and pick up the

5. Go To The Hyperion base in the highlands.
This base has 2 turretts usually outside and 
a save point right next to it, if your lost.
You must get to the top near the marker, so
cross by the bridge, then look for marker.
You will see the Echo behind a shock wall,
don't worry the fuse box is right above it.
Shoot the fuse box and grab the echo.

6. The 4th final echo is at cranky's pond.
Be careful and either fight the Badass fire
therser there, or run quick to the boat
and grab it. Either way return to Tannis
in sanctuary when complete and earn some
eridium X4 and XP. Also you will get the 
next quest which is easy .

-- Torture Notes --

1. Follow markers around sanctuary, picking
up the journals. Listen to them if your 
interested. After you have all 5 easy pick
ups. Return to Tannis for more XP.

::::: Tiny Tina Quests :::::

---You are Cordially Invited---

1. Talk to Tina, she will tell you to find
Sir reginald. Follow marker to a giant Varkid
Hive. Kill the Giant Varkid Inisde.

2. New quest markers will pop up, Find 
Ms Fluffybutt, some crumpets and buzzard
parts, then return to tina.

3. the first 2 are simple enough, Just Follow
marker. But the Buzzards can be hard. You
will also enter a bandit camp for this.

4. Make sure to take out buzzards and pick
up THREE pieces from them.

5. Return to Tina, then get ready to protect
the generator. You will deal with 3 pretty
tough waves of bandits. Grenades work GREAT
here because they come in packs.

6. After they are done, return to Tina to
receive the Corrosive teapot, or the Close
quarters teapot, pending on game mode.

-- A Pretty Good Train Robbery --

1. This quest is only availble after
completing the mine all mine quest.

2. Head to Tina, and follow the marker 
after picking up the Dynamite. Clear out
all bandits in the area. 

3. Dislodge the bridge, then follow marker
again a ruin the tracks so the train will
stop, all by marker points. Finally, Place
3 dynamite in all 3 marker locations.
Then run away from explosion. This will spawn
some auto cannons but a ton of money as well.
Pick up the money fast then run back to tina,
to turn in the quest for some awesome grenades.

4. Reward, Is Slag Fuster Cluck Grenades.
- See bandit Items for more information.

::: Sheriff Friendman Quests ::::

-- Won't Get Fooled Again --

1. Get this after Returning to flying sanctuary,
After chapter 10. Go near town center and fast
travel. Speak to Friedman at exclamation point.

2. Gather information at the following markers.
Whether you are wrong or right, you will receive
a Law pistol as your reward. Leather for normal mode,
and Ornery for TVHM.

::: :: :: MARCUS QUESTS : : : : :

-- Safe and Sound --

1. Head to Sanctuary hole, from three horns
divide, you must drive there. This quest is
only available after bright lights, flying
city chapter 10.

2. You may kill 25 bandits for XP bonus. If
not run past them all going up. Eventually
until you reach an elevator with a valve.
Turn it to go down. Fight some more bandits.
Turn the second valve to get to Caustic Caverns

3. Once inside Caustic Caverns, Kill
the Varkids while following marker.
Destroy the Acid Crystalisks. You will
run into the marker and the chest, but
it is strapped onto a giant Enemy named
Blue. Destroy him just like any other
Crystalisk enemy, For loot and the quest
item. Open the chest pick up the quest 

4. You may return them to marcus or moxxi.
If you choose moxxi you get a rare shotgun.
For marcus you get the Lucrative oppurtunity
item which is more interesting, as it
speeds up shop change speed times.

:: : : Scooter's Quests ::: : :::

-- Cold Shoulder--

1. Go to the Fridge after speaking with Scooter.

2.Pick up all the dirty magazines in the green
marker area, some are inside cars for bonus XP.

3. Then collect the flowers on the floor below.
There are 5 of them, you may want to clear the
area first.

4. Then Pick up the Food, or pizza. The first 4
are easy, but the last one is up a bit higher.
From the pizza car jump up to see it. Then walk
around to the top of the hill, look for it
then drop down softly to get the 5th slice.

5. Place them all at the marker. Then you must
Kill laney, who can be rough at a low level.

6. Return to scooter, for the reptile skin
or reptillian skin pending on character choice.



############ TEDIORE ############
############ TEDIORE ############
############ TEDIORE ############

Tediore weapons i have found limited only to
basically SMG's they are the fastest shooting
and possibly even easiest or fastest weapons
to reload with decent magazine sizes.

Since we are using Zer0 as our main right now
I don't think Tediore is better then the melee
jakobs, slaged sniper method. Although if you
do happen to run across a nice Tediore pistol
or smg use it.

- Elemental Damage and Tediore -

Elemental damage is always nice, Corrosive,
shock,fire, and even double damage explosive

With tediore since they fire so fast, it is
even sweeter and just a cool side note I thought
I would put in here.

Chance to ignite/corrode/shock :

Say it is 22.6 % then you have basically a one
out of 5 chance to ignite/corrode etc on the enemy.
But since a tediore fires so fast that chance is
easier. Do this with an SMG first even using slag
or slag attempts with an SMG is rather nice.

So you will have your enemy corroded, With Zer0.
They will all be losing damage over time. With 
another weapon BRAND this is much more difficult
due to the lack of speed other then Tediore.

One other thing to note though, is that Tediore
is much lower on elemental damage total then a 
the enemy, but also look at the damage done per 
second which is usually right under the elemental
chance type !

1. Get this one from Sir hammerlock, which is called
slap happy. You will have to defeat a Giant Thresher.
In one of the hyperion bases in the Highlands. He will
be in the water. He will also drop some other rare items.

- Awesome thing about this gun is NOT the grenade
explosion, it's the fact that it shoots 9 shots 
at once that kind of rivet through the air, making
for one BAD ASS, looking graphical effect. At higher
levels also does some nice damage !

              ( VIDEO )
              ( VIDEO )

- Swiss splatgun is a shotgun with a grenade
reload. It also has a blade on it for extra melee
damage. It is corrosive by nature, thus the name
splat gun.

- What it does is LOB, grenade like balls of 
corrosivness. Best part about it is the spread
when the balls drop, which can corrode the
enemies in a certain radius. The Spread is 
real nice, the weapon is cool looking.

3.  Super Dart : TEDIORE : E-TECH : Pistol:

- This one bounces off walls, and does pure 
corrosive damage, with  the ability to fire
off 17 bounces shots per magazine.
             ( VIDEO )
             ( VIDEO )


- Bandit guns have big magazine sizes and often
are used for brute power. They would be nicely fitted
on a character such as a gun zerker. Dual wielding
some of these would be extremely sweet due to
the power. They come often, in assault rifle types
and can even be powered with E-techonlogy which is
the dark purple colored weapons.

- Bandit weapons are good to combine with
on a bunch of slagged enemies. Say you have 
a slag based shotgun, it spreads use it
on the enemies then switch over to a very high
powered assualt rifle and start reaping !

- Bandit brand also comes in shields as well,
here is a very very awesome one, which you can 
get later during the games main story line.


--Special thing this shield does, besides 
basic decent modifications pending on level.

* It absorbs health with any LAW based weapon
on any enemy in the gain pending on how much
damage you dish out. If it was not for this shield
I probably would not have beaten the game as quickly
as I did.

** You can pick up this quest in sanctuary off
of the 4 treasure stealers and shoot any of them.

2. Slagged RoKsalt : SHOTGUN : BLUE

- Slags Enemies
- Purple Shots 
- Consumes 2 ammo per shot
- Get it from Tannis after Splinter Group quest
on Vault Hunter Mode.

3. Slagged Fuster Cluck : Grenade : Blue

1. really good grenades even at low levels.
They do nice damage and spawn 5 grenades with
one throw and for the price of one.

2. Slag radius is big as well. Get these from
The Pretty good train robbery quest. See quest 
section it's a Tiny Tina quest.

4. Love Thumper

- High Capacity
* Pick it up off the present for mom of sir 
Hammerlocks, series of quests.

########## Tourge ##########
########## Tourge ##########
########## Tourge ##########

- Tourge is a powerful brand maker, that usually
specializes in awesome uber rocket launchers and 
even high powered shotguns. Tourge does and dishes
out crap loads of damage.

- It is not to be on the elements as a side note.
Other then explosive.

1. Deadly Bloom : Shield : Tourge : Purple

- This is a shield that added a completely wild mod
compared to the boring yawn shield mods of borderlands.
This one when your shields are depleted will release
an explosive NOVA damaging all enemies in a circle 
radius along the way. It will also cast a NOVA when
you die, giving you the oppurtunity of a second wind.

2. Lobbed Bonus Pack:Grenade Mod: Orange: Tourge :

- Find these off of Boom one of the earlier, game
bosses in southern shelf.

- Spawns 9 grenades X2. So one throw will spread
one grenade into 9 smaller or child grenades. then
one of those will spawn into 9 more child grenades.
This makes for a total of simple math 18.

- Also it does explosive damage so damage is


 Jakobs guns are family made, supposedley. They are
also high powered but base more around hand guns,
magnums and usually dish out extra melee damage.

Jakobs guns are great for the assassin class using
Zer0. The reason for this is the extra melee damage
usually associated with a jakobs gun.

Once again, say you have an enemy slagged. All
of your skills are based around putting out more 
melee damage. Say it gives 600% melee damage with 
a backstab. On a slagged enemy it would do double
Start thinking big numbers at this point.

1. Leather and Ornery Law

- These guns can do combined Law effects with
other items, like Order shield. Order Shield 
Combined with either ornery or leather law gun,
will leach a large amount of health, off every
attack which is very awesome.

- They also do 100% + melee damage, and fire as
fast as you can pull the trigger. Get these two
off of Wont get fooled again quest.

2. Texas Triqueta : Blue : Jakobs : Shotgun

- Puts out about 20k damage, with a nice
shotgun spread and quick reload time.

- fires as fast as you can pull the trigger,
but only holds 5 ammo that it consumes. So
basically you only get one shot, per reload.


- Hyperion weapons are just awesome, they have
changed the color scheme for most of them to
a yellow and blue color rather then the traditional
red colors. 

- They are basically the most well rounded guns
in the game, they often come with an elemental trait
as well as nice speed and decent power.

1. Hot Button Bane ( cursed ) : Blue : SMG : Hyperion

" In spain stays Mainly on the plain "

To get this gun complete story mission where angels
tread. Then you will be able to pick this quest up
in LYNCHWOOD. Which you will hear rumors about from
MARCUS in sanctuary. The quest name is actually even
called the Bane.

- Now this weapon is cursed, as in you can NOT move
while using this weapon. It puts out an extremely nice
amount of fire damage, and the chance to ignite is high
as well as is base damage. Problem once again, you can
NOT move, or you move like your over encumbered.

- So best tactic I found to use with this weapon,
is when you are down, trying to get a second wind.
Use it then and even stronger enemies will go down
such as big badass loaders with criticals to there 
eyes setting them ablaze in fire and wrath and hell.
(sorry i get emotional)

2. Social Shotgun 1340

- Get this one as a reward from MARCUS for
completing Out of Body Experience.

- Nice gun fires fast and increases accuracy
with every shot. 

- Looks cool, and it TALKS awesome

- " I like being a gun "

########### DAHL ##########
########### DAHL ##########
########### DAHL ##########

1. Corrosive Teapot : PISTOL : DAHL : BLUE

- This one is fun and can be gotten off of Tiny
Tina, from one of her quest in Tiny Tina's workshop.
Complete a long quest of killing bandits and proctecting
sir reginald !

- This baby, is full of pink and unique colored hearts
as the guns main look. Not to mention it deals a crap
load of corrosive damage and puts out pretty nice
physical as well. Also it fires fast and reloads fast
making this a pretty nice one. * Really HIGH corrosive
damage. " Having a tea party drinkin mah Tea."

2. Close Quarters Teapot : PISTOL : DAHL : BLUE

- Another nice weapon, actually much better then
the original. The reason is that this one does 
MELEE damage + 50% as well. So it is real sweet
on top of all the corrosive/pure damage you
will be doing.

- Get it from Tiny Tina on TRUE vault hunter mode,
After completing the side quest; Cordially invited.
Check side quest guide of this FAQ for more information.

3. Loaded Spiker : Dahl : E- Tech : Pistol

              ( VIDEO )
              ( VIDEO )

The Loaded Spiker Is a MAGENTA so just be 
sure you know that E-Techs are Magenta
or a bold purple. This one in particular
has a fire camouflage in black orange
and yellow look. It is a Dahl.

- This one in particular at higher
levels would be amazing. It fires
small fire like projectiles that Stick
to the enemy then explode, finally even
setting them on fire with a nice chance to
ignite. It also has a red line a yellow burst
at the end so it looks really cool. Also
has a nice scope on it.

######## Maliwan ########
######## Maliwan ########
######## Maliwan ########

- Maliwan is the biggest manufacturer, of elemental
type weapons in the game. If you want to set something
on fire, corrode, shock then use a maliwan. 

- They probably have the highest chance to ignite
enemies as well. Don't forget that the damage output
of the elements are WAY higher then the other brand
weapon names.

1. Flame of the FireHawK : SHIELD : MALIWAN : ORANGE :
            ( VIDEO )
            ( VIDEO )

-"From the ashes she rises"
-Creates a Fire Blast (continued) after being depleted.
-Creates a Nova once depleted

2. Impetuous Chalainn : SMG : Blue : Maliwan :

- Constant Slag state
- Slag close by enemies with slag aura !
- Fast reload
- good damage
- unique purple/black hawk emblem

* Get this for completing the clan war of ellie's
quests. See quest section under Ellie.

8. Vladof

######## VLADOF ########
######## VLADOF ########
######## VLADOF ########

1. Verita : Pistol : Blue : Vladof

- Get this off Clan war quest from Ellie,
Wakey Wakey.

- 20% Critical hit damage increase

2. Aquetia : Shield : Blue : Vladof

- 10% Increase to second wind capability,
Increases by 10% more for every party member
using it.

- aborbs Bullets and Adds them to your ammo
count by a % pending on item level.

--- Eridian Relics---
--- Eridian Relics---
--- Eridian Relics---

1. Afterburner Relic

- See Ellie's Quest for more information -

+ This one Will Increase Vechicle Booster Capabilities.

2. Moxxi's Endowment

- Increases XP gain by 6% on vault hunter mode.
- Get this from The Good the bad the mordecai 
quest as a reward.

3. Lucrative Oppurtunity

- This item speeds up shop times. So if you
want to shop for a while, use this and store
it in your safe.
- You can get this off of Marcus for his safe
and sound quest. Make sure to give the pictures
to Marcus and NOT Moxxi.

4. Vitality Relic

- Increase in Vitality by 38.0% 
- Pick this up as a opional choice,
for completing the Arms Dealer Quest in
overlook, in the highlands.

10. Anshin

Anshin specializes in health based shields and products
if you want something that increases health, get an
anshin shield and or class mod.

11. Pangolin

Pangolin corporation is big on shields. Defense
is primary when it comes to pangolin, if that is
your play style hook your self up with some of these
awessome sheilds.




1. Whites

- Whites are common and usually have the least
amount of availble modifications to your guns and
or shields, mods, etc. Whites can be found everywhere
off enemies and such. This does NOT mean that it can't
be better then a green or even an orange. Weapon level
determines damage usually and damage is very important.

2. Greens

- Greens are basically considered to be uncommon.
Greens can have more mods then white items. 

3. Blue

- Blue items are given out in many of the games
side quest. Many of them are considered to be
Unique, Such as the corrosive teapot. They
can have even more mods then green and white
items. Shields/class mods can also be blue
as well.

4. Purple

- Now things are getting amped up, although
far less common the blue green and white.
Still more common then oranage.

5. Orange

- Some say they are the rarest breed of guns in 
borderlands..... But thats only people that did
not kill crawmerax.

6. E- Tech

- E-Tech weaponry begins to drop and you can
earn one of them, from Dr.Zed in Sanctuary
just start beating the story missions until
you get there, then take on Zed's E-tech weaponry
mission to let it roll.

1. Loaded Spiker : Dahl : E- Tech : Pistol

The Loaded Spiker Is a MAGENTA so just be 
sure you know that E-Techs are Magenta
or a bold purple. This one in particular
has a fire camouflage in black orange
and yellow look. It is a Dahl.

- This one in particular at higher
levels would be amazing. It fires
small fire like projectiles that Stick
to the enemy then explode, finally even
setting them on fire with a nice chance to
ignite. It also has a red line a yellow burst
at the end so it looks really cool. Also
has a nice scope on it.

2. Swiss Splatgun :  TEDIORE : E-tech : Shotgun

- Swiss splatgun is a shotgun with a grenade
reload. It also has a blade on it for extra melee
damage. It is corrosive by nature, thus the name
splat gun.

- What it does is Lob, grenade like balls of 
corrosivness. Best part about it is the spread
when the balls drop, which can corrode the
enemies in a certain radius. The Spread is 
real nice, the weapon is cool looking.

- One more note, is that names MAY slightly
change pending on E-tech weapon technology,
per every weapon in the game, due to weapon
randomization system.




1. Skins are new to borderlands series. Skins
can be bought and found and earned through out
the games various quest/ side quest.

- Yes, you can now see your main character on
the menu screen, so why not add some specilization
or customization to the avatar.

- especially cool one and one of my current favorites
is the TOURGE skin, which looks like something out
of nascar. Hopefully there will be more weapon 
brand skins in the game, this is a hint that
it is very likely and I will keep this 
section updated.

1. Tourge Skin


{ Class Builds in HD }

1. Bloodshed Ninja

                ( VIDEO )
                ( VIDEO )




. A Dam Fine Rescue

- After Satans Suckhole area, Hit the Electrical
Switch  near where the Badass Maniac is. This
will shutdown the Electricity to a Red Dahl Chest.

- In the Jail Holding Cells, Climb up the Ladder
Then go across the pipes, shut down the jail cells
by hitting the green nodes. Go inside the Red Dahl
crate and open it for more loot.

. Spilnter Group

- After beating the Splinter Group, head out towards
the marker and satans suckhole ladder. There will
be another giant red DAHL crate.

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