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			   Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
				   By: KOH13
			      Copyright 2014: KOH13
Table of Contents							[TOC]

Version History					[VH]
0. Introduction					[000]
1. Disclaimer					[001]
2. Controls					[002]
3. Induction					[003]
4. Atlas					[004]
5. Traffic					[005]
6. Fission					[006]
7. Aftermath					[007]
8. Manhunt					[008]
9. Utopia					[009]
10. Sentinel					[010]
11. Crash					[011]
12. Bio Lab					[012]
13. Collapse					[013]
14. Armada					[014]
15. Throttle					[015]
16. Captured					[016]
17. Terminus 					[017]
18. Achievements/Trophies			[018]
19. My Opinion/Review				[019]
20. Special Thanks				[020]
21. Contact					[021]

Version History								[VH]

December,08,2014		[VERSION 1.00]

- Guide is created and posted on GAMEFAQS

0. Introduction								[000] 

Hello and welcome to my guide for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, here I will 
tell you how to beat each mission with ease [I DID THE CAMPAIGN ON HARDENED 

1. Disclaimer								[001]

This guide is written by KOH13. This may be not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
website or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

2. Controls								[002]

Here are the controls for the PS4, I switched my controls to DEFAULT FLIPPED 
to play traditional style COD. 

[]: Reload/Action Button
/\: Switch Weapons
X: Jump
O: Crouch/Prone
L1: Aim Down Sight
L2: Tactical Grenade
L3: Sprint
Left Analog: Move Character
R1: Fire Weapon
R2: Lethal Weapon
R3: Melee
Right Analog: Move Camera
Options: Bring Up Menu
D-PAD UP/RIGHT/DOWN/LEFT: Exo Suit Ability or Scorestreak depending on MISSION

3. Induction								[003]

After watching the CUTSCENE you enter the POD, after you get hit you have to 
press SQUARE repeatedly to close the DOOR, after that exit your BRACE then 
KICK DOOR to exit, after you drop off into the HOUSE, there are 3 GUYS at the 
DOOR ENTRANCE, drop down then head to the OUTPOST.

After leaving the OUTPOST you will encounter 6-8 GUYS, 2 LEFT, 2 STRAIGHT 
AHEAD and 2 RIGHT, after killing everyone look right for a CAR DOOR to use a 
SHIELD then make your way through the SWARM to the TURRET and keep shooting 
till you the EMP charged then detonate to kill them all, keep moving forward 
and when you get up the stairs there will be 4 GUYS zip lining down then 3-4 
GUYS come in to help out, move up and another 10-12 GUYS on the stairs, keep 
going till you see the VTOL.

After seeing the VTOL go left and drop down and when you just reach the SUBWAY 
CARS there are 3-5 GUYS and 3 DRONES and 3-5 GUYS coming in from the right, 
keep moving forward till you get SMOKED and then use THREAT GRENADE to see 
them all and kill them, head up the ESCALATOR and then open the GATE and 
ALLIES drop down to open it for you, once you reach STREET LEVEL, there are 
about 4-5 by the CAR, kill them all here and take cover by the CAR, here you 
should hunker down and takeout as many GUYS on the STREET with you as well 
as the GUYS on the TOP FLOOR of the RESTAURANT before into the there, once 
on the TOP FLOOR take out any people on that FLOOR, move into the next room 
where there is SMOKE and 3-4 GUYS here, take out all the GUYS in the BUILDING 
ACROSS and then the GUYS below and 1 TURRET, drop down and finish off whatever 
remaining GUYS that are left here, once you turn the corner here there will be 
SMOKE and 3 GUYS, keep moving forward till you use the BINOCULARS.

Drop down and there will be 4 GUYS on the street with you then 2-3 GUYS zipline
down, go grab the CHARGES after killing everyone as well as the GRENADE 
LAUNCHER [MDL], drop down into the middle and take cover, there will be a lot 
of GUYS and DRONES here, just shoot the GRENADE LAUNCHER from cover to kill 
everyone, then push up to the VTOL and hand WILL the CHARGES and then watch 
the SCENE.

4. Atlas								[004]

After IRONS and CORMACK leave, PAY YOUR RESPECTS and then head towards the 
CAR where you will be approached by IRONS.

Then after the FUNERAL you will be in COMBAT MISSION, kill the GUY when you 
are PROMPTED then follow JOKER into the KITCHEN, kill everyone after you can 
see them with the THREAT GRENADE, head to the BREACH POINT and kill the GUY by 
PRESIDENT and to the left in the BATHROOM, then leave the area, when you reach 
the POOL AREA there are about 9-11 GUYS here then another 3-5 more, move up 
and wait for CONVOY to pass then head to the EXTRACTION ZONE where you have to 
have to hold out for about 1 MINUTE then put the PRESIDENT into the CAR but 
your ARM MALFUNCTIONS and then dies but it was all just a training session.

Get into the TRUCK and listen to IRONS tell you about ATLAS till you get out 
of the TRUCK, then follow GIDEON till you have you reach the LAB, move your 
HAND 3 TIMES and then head back to GIDEON and do the SHOOTING RANGE then the 
GRENADE RANGE then pick your weapons you want before do the TRAINING SESSION 

After coming out of the GATE you will get rushed by about 16-20 GUYS then you 
have to BREACH 3 AREAS, pick the BACK ENTRANCE to the right which is the 
easiest and has about 2-3 GUYS, then head back to the BREACH POINT but be 
careful of the GUYS to the rooms to the left, then BREACH THE ROOM where there 
are 3 GUYS now, leave the area through the LIVING ROOM and use your EMP to 
kill all the DRONES then leave to the POOL AREA and use the ASSAULT DRONE to 
kill everyone, head to the EXTRACTION ZONE and get the PRESIDENT inside, then 
to the right and hold out till the WARBIRD shows up and then IRONS comes out 
and you complete the session.

5. Traffic								[005]

Use the FLY to get into the CONFERENCE ROOM then move UP and DOWN to listen to 
the CONVERSATION, after HADES kills the HOSTAGE, it goes back to the STAGING 
AREA, just follow GIDEON and when you reach the TOP, look left and get onto 
the TRAIN TRACKS and make your way to end and then drop to the RIGHT and climb 
up the building and avoid the WINDOWS to reach the top, plant the MUTE CHARGE 
and fall through, head to the WAYPOINT and plant DEVICES to see through the 
WALL, here you need to TAG 4 GUYS before they execute a HOSTAGE, 2 are right 
in front of you to the LEFT AND RIGHT, the other 2 are in the back and look to 
the RIGHT with a HOSTAGE on the ground and to the LEFT before the end of the 
DESK, then take out 1 GUY and the rest will be taken out.

After freeing the PRESIDENT head out to find locate HADES to which you end up 
in TRAFFIC and get attacks, just hide behind cover just at the beginning and 
use your THREAT GRENADE to tag everyone so it makes it easier to kill them, 
also be sure to kill all the RPG and SNIPERS when they come out, just stay 
here and kill everyone for each WAVE as this is the best COVER, after you kill 
enough people head to the WAYPOINT, after you move up a little bit, there will 
be about 11-13 GUYS here, then move forward into the ALLEY where a TURRET 
comes in and must turn RIGHT to avoid it and up the STAIRS to avoid dying, 
once you drop 4 GUYS will come out on the TOP, head up the STAIRS and enter 
the room and 2 GUYS inside, once you come out the TURRET will be there and 
must go LEFT to avoid it, you then must FLANK it to kill it, head out and 3-4 
GUYS waiting, make your way to the RIGHT BUILDING and 4-5 GUYS then take out 
the TURRET and kill the rest of GUYS.

Before crossing the STREET, kill all the GUYS that come out of CAR across from 
you, use BOOST SPRINT to get across easily instead of SPRINTING to avoid the 
TRAFFIC as they will INSTANTLY KILL YOU, once you make it the CAR, about 3-5 
GUYS then look right for another 3-4 GUYS, when you make it across look right 
for another 1-2 GUYS and 2 DOGS, go to the FENCE where you need to jump onto 
the BUS 

ATTENTION], once you get onto the 1ST BUS, look left for 2 CARS with GUYS
inside which will kill you really quickly if you don’t take them out fast, jump
across to the next BUS where you FALL OFF, here you can only use a PISTOL and 
must pay attention now, careful of SIDE SLAM so avoid it, then prepare to jump 
onto the CAR and rip off the WINDSHIELD then jump back to the BUS, careful of 
another CAR then HELICOPTER then crash into WATER and swim to the TRUCK to 
free SCIENTIST and then swim back up but then BLACKOUT but don’t worry you’re 

6. Fussion								[006]

After you can aim your weapon, you need to clear off both the LEFT and RIGHT 
ROOFS before you get out, after you kill everyone use the ZIPLINE to shoot and 
get down, run out right away and grab the RIOT DRONE which will make your life 
so much easier, after getting the RIOT DRONE equipped, head to the far left 
side and stay there while moving up to reach the STINGER, while doing this be 
sure to always clear you side before looking to the RIGHT SIDE as you have 
SHIELD to protect you, once you pickup the STINGER, lock-on and you run out of 
ammo and must head to the RIGHT SIDE to get AMMO for it, after getting the 
AMMO head back a bit to some COVER and must shoot the TANK 3 times before 
destroying it, then follow GIDEON into the BUILDING.

After you head down the ELEVATOR SHAFT, keep following GIDEON till you reach 
the BIG VAULT DOORS where GIDEON kills someone behind it, now this part is very
annoying as there are INFINTIE amount of enemies, you must push up little by 
little to limit the amount of enemies that come in, they appear from the LEFT, 
MIDDLE and TOP RIGHT sides, take cover and play patience to make it across 
with little problems, once you reach the ELEVATOR, PRONE by the CVER and use 
your ASSAULT DRONE to kill about 30 GUYS, head to the other end to get easy 
kills as they are all grouped together, after killing everyone head to the 
CONTROL ROOM and try and stop the MELTDOWN but cant.

You have to ESCAPE before it comes down on you, you have to be careful here 
because even though the enemies are running away there are some trying to kill 
you, so keep an eye out for the enemies trying to shoot you, keep going till 
the TOWER falls down.

7. Aftermath								[007]

Just keep following GIDEON till you reach the BIKES where then you have to 
follow him again, then when you reach the SCHOOL, keep following GIDEON till 
you FALL DOWN to the BASEMENT. Here you have no weapon and must kill to get a 
weapon, wait before going outside the DOORWAY for a GUY to pass then sneak up 
on him and kill him to get his weapon, now head right and get the GUY while 
his back is turned before the PIPE BURSTS, then head upstairs and see a GUY 
run away, keep moving up and the GUY that run away will attack you from the 
LEFT where it becomes a QTE then after you kill him his friend will come out 
to check on him where you take him out too then link back up with GIDEON.

After linking back up with GIDEON, 2 GUYS will come across to the right where 
you kill 1 GIDEON will take the other out and then all hell breaks loose and 
about 11-15 GUYS + 2 DOGS, get into the BUILDING to left you and camp in there 
to take them out, after killing them out, move into the building where there 
are about 4-6 GUYS inside, move up and 6-9 GUYS in the 1ST ROOM then another 
5-7 come in, move into the next room and 7-9 GUYS but be careful as they can 
be on both LEFT and RIGHT sides, then head to the WAYPOINT by the WINDOW and 
grab the SNIPER RIFLE and take out the 4-5 GUYS below you then drop out.

Head to the AMBULANCE where GIDEON is and start pushing it but before you do, 
use the SNIPER RIFLE to take out some far ranged enemies before pushing 
forward, don’t always keep pushing as they can come from either side to shoot 
you and your AI does not shoot and kill them allowing you to die, keep doing 
this till you reach the HOSPITAL, head up to the BREACH POINT where there is 
QTE and 2 GUYS, restrain the DOCTOR and start heading to EXTRACTION ZONE where 
you get ambushed but then saved, head to the BIKES and make your way back to 
the base.

8. Manhunt								[008]

You have to CYCLE through 3 people before getting the RIGHT GUY, the 1ST GUY 
is in between the MARKET STALLS, cycle to next camera and look for the GUY 
standing still left to the BIG CROWD, cycle to next camera and GUY standing 
beside STALL then back to the beginning camera and wait for a GUY to walk into 
FRAME and scan him, now head down the ALLEY where ILONA heads the other way, 
stealth kill the GUY facing ILONA and then head up to the DOOR, there are 3 
GUYS in this room where you have to kill them really quickly, head upstairs 
and ILONA kills him and wait for the GUY in next room to finish talking to 
HADES before killing him, setup when ILONA tells you.

After you gain control of the DRONE, look for HADES inside the BUILDING then 
look below right to the TEAM, wait for the GUYS to move up and take out one of 
them as the other is killed by the TEAM, you need to have to kill 2 
OVERWATCHES, one to the LEFT and one to the RIGHT of the 3 GUYS in the 
COURTYARD, wait for the TEAM to BREACH then then follow GIDEON as he needs 
some help, look below him and shoot the GUY by the WATER where the TEAM takes 
the rest out, move to the left and see that there are 4 GUYS UP TOP and 4-5 
BELOW, you have 20 SECONDS to take them all out, move to the left and kill 
the 2 GUYS up top, shoot the CAR to set off the ALARM to make the 3 GUYS come 
to you and take them out, cycle to the left and shoot HADES where they will 
BREACH the room and then EXPLODE, move back to the PARKING LOT and provide 
COVER FIRE for the TEAM before getting shot down.

Exit the BUILDING and kill about 4-5 GUYS, keep pushing ahead through the 
crowd where 3 GUYS are and 1 starts firing into the AIR, after this you must 
keep pushing forward as there are INFINITE amount of enemies, go to the left 
BUILDING where there is a AMMO CRATE and good vantage point for the amount of 
enemies, kill enough of them before you make your move to the RIGHT BUILDING 
across from you, inside there is another AMMO CRATE and small force outside 
which shouldn’t pose a problem.

Now you have to backup the team from the SNIPER so just follow ILONA, protect 
her when she is opening the DOOR by firing at the BELL TOWER, then keep 
following her till you can get the STINGER where you are attacked by DRONES, 
then destroy the BELL TOWER, head to the TRUCK and move and then PLANT CHARGES 
for AMBUSH and wait for ILONA to tell you when to set them off, grab the 
GRENADE LAUNCHER [MDL] and stay to the RIGHT SIDE and look across, below and 
in front of you for enemies, when you reach the end there are a lot of enemies 
holed up for their last stand, after killing everyone, head to the TRUCK but 
get hit CAR then QTE and kill HADES.

9. Utopia								[009]

Follow GIDEON to the BASEMENT where you meet ILONA and then some time later 
you get FLASHED, wait for the SPRINKLERS to come on to takedown the GUY and 
then to the ELEVATOR and hold them off so the DOORS close, climb up the WALL 
and when you reach the TOP, you have to run away from the SWARM, after 
avoiding them the VOICE will tell you jump off the ROOF, FLASHBANG and run to 
the edge and jump off.

Make your way through the TOWN while killing all the enemies that appear, stay 
on the TOP FLOOR to make it easier for yourself, just keep following ILONA 
till you reach the DOCKS, about 3-6 GUYS and then an AST, after killing them, 
get into the BOAT and keep driving till you reach your DESTINATION, you have 
to avoid MISSILES and other BOATS by diving underwater.

Once you crashed into the BUILDING, get out and look up to GRAPPLE UP, keep 
doing this while killing enemies to reach the TOP where you have to DROP 
through the GLASS, keep moving forward where you finally reach the CRANE then 
jump off and then SCENE.

10. Sentinel								[010]

Wait for the speech to finish before getting the SCENE. After the scene you 
are behind a WATERFALL, wait for them to GRAPPLE ACROSS and then GRAPPLE UP to 
the COMPOUND, wait till you can get the AR OPTICS to TAG ENEMIES, GRAPPLE 
ACROSS and wait in the BUSHES for the group to come by and kill the one that 
doesn’t go inside, GRAPPLE UP to get to the COURTYARD and onto the GAZEBO and 
then across to the LEDGE to the RIGHT, make your way to the BUILDING and get 
in and then HACK THE SYSTEM and get out.

After getting out you have to head to IRONS OFFICE, head back to the LEDGE 
where you came from and go LEFT till you reach the BUILDING with 2 people 
patrolling it, wait for split to kill them both, head through the BUILDING 
and GRAPPLE UP to the left and continue your way to the WAYPOINT but be 
careful of the DRONES patrolling, once you reach the OFFICE, start the HACK 
and then get caught.

Just follow CORMACK after this, killing anyone who comes out, wait till you 
get to the part where you see IRONS AND MANTICORE, follow CORMACK to the TOP 
where the PLANE is, FLASH OUT and kill anyone you gets in your way and then 
GRAPPLE onto the PLANE and plant the TRACKER and then detach to drop into the 
WATER and done.

11. Crash								[011]

Fly to the PLANE and LAND onto it then move to the WAYPOINT and PLANT CHARGES 
to blow up the plane to crash it, keep following the plane till you can land 
and meet ILONA, after talking a little bit, ATLAS will drop down to retrieve 
their lost cargo, here you must PUSH UP as there are INFINITE amount of 
enemies, move up little by little to the CARGO then get it into the VTOL, it 
takes off a little bit then gets shot down and you get attacked by a lot of 
AST MECHS, keep fighting them off till you fall through the ICE.

Just follow CORMACK till you meet some GUYS, CORMACK and ILONA will start 
shooting on your shot, there aren’t a lot of GUYS here, after you have killed 
them all, move to the ICE BRIDGE where you get attacked by an AST where you 
get some QTE in and after you fall down again.

Follow CORMACK down the stream of water till you cant go any further where the
water rises and you must swim under, once you resurface there will be a lot of 
GUYS here, just play patience and take them all out, head up and get the MORS 
CUSTOM which is super insanely cheap, take out all the GUYS from here then 
after you have killed them all, head to CORMACK where you fall under the ICE 
and must swim quickly to resurface where you meet GIDEON then must grab the 
CARGO with a QTE.

12. Bio Lab								[012]

Just keep following GIDEON till you have to climb the TREE BRANCHES and 
reactivate your CLOAK, climb up then wait a bit for DRONE to pass then start 
moving again where you MELEE him, then just keep following GIDEON and listen 
and do whatever he does till you reach CORMACK and KNOX.

Rappel down and then kill the 2 GUYS here then go BREACH THE DOOR, once you 
get inside there are 2 GUYS to the right and then 1 more a little bit further, 
go UPLOAD and then BURN the place down, move up and about 6-8 GUYS, keep 
moving forward and either pick LEFT or RIGHT but you have to PUSH FORWARD 
while taking out anybody who gets in your way.

Once you reach the COURTYARD, push your way to the left as it the easiest 
path, careful of the RPGS near the DOOR you need to open, you need to plant a 
JAMMER to get through the DOOR, look behind you to the TENT and look for the 
LADDER which leads to the ANTENNA you need to JAM, after planting it, kill 
some people while you are up here and then head back to when the DOOR IS OPEN 

Head into the TANK and make your way to the EXTRACTION ZONE, use the CANNON to 
destroy TANKS, MISSILES for the SMALL ENEMIES, EMP for the WARBIRDS and 
HELICOPTERS, if you run out of the TROPHY SYSTEM you will die, just pay a
ttention to what GIDEON says and you will be fine.

13. Collapse								[013]

Just drive on the highway while following the WHITE VAN and shoot down any 
ENEMY CARS that get in your way, after you crash you get out and must continue 
on foot to the VEHICLE. This part is really simple to do and doesn’t really 
need much explaining as all you have to do is push forward and kill waves of 
enemies that jump over the ARS to kill you, use your THREAT GRENADES wisely 
and have TARGET ENHANCER SIGHTS to see all the enemies easily, keep doing this 
till you reach the WHITE VAN.

14. Armada								[014]

You have to PLANT JAMMERS on 2 RAILGUNS, get the 1ST one to the LEFT which 
very close to you where you start, kill enough across from you before going to 
the LEFT RAILGUN, then look across and get back up to the PLATFROM behind you 
and take cover and kill the GUYS across from you, push up to the next RAILGUN 
where there are 2 GUYS there protecting it, after you have JAMMED both of 
them, WARBIRDS will come down to rain hell on you then follow CORMACK to the 

Keep moving till you have to use the NIGHT VISION, here there are 7-9 GUYS in 
the MESS HALL then once you get onto the DECK again there are 8-10 GUYS then a 
VTOL drops down 4-6 GUYS, after you have killed them all, look left where the 
GATE lifts and 5-7 GUYS + an AST come out to kill you, keep moving till you 
reach the SERVER ROOM where there are 4-5 GUYS on the bottom and 5-8 GUYS on 
the top, make your way to the BRIDGE and use the controls for the RAILGUN, use 
it to shoot the CARGO SHIPS and nothing else, once you destroy the first one, 
you turn around and another CARGO SHIP to destroy.

15. Throttle								[015]

Just fly through the CANYON without crashing and getting crushed by debris 
while shooting down other AIRCRAFT till you reach NEW BAGHDAD, once you reach 
the city you will get shot down and eject to escape, follow GIDEON till you 
reach the BALCONY overlooking the MAIN BUILDING, kill enough people from here 
before dropping down and stay to the right when dropping down, go up the stair 
and look left by the FOUNTAIN where there are 4-6 GUYS, GRAPPLE UP to the 
TURRET behind it and get inside and take out the other 2 TURRETS then kill 
enough people for you move out, when you get this head back to the TURRET and 
shoot the AST MECHS and WARBIRDS that attack.

After you have killed all the AST MECHS and WARBIRDS, get out and head onto 
the SUBWAY TRACKS and make your way to other end where there is the last AST 
MECH but be careful from the GUYS below to the left of you when crossing, 
after you have killed the last AST MECH, you have to get the STINGER which 
when you pick it up you get SCENE.

16. Captured								[016]

Just keep following the GUARDS till you are chained up and meet IRONS, wait 
for GIDEON and ILONA to break through the glass to free you. 

Follow GIDEON and ILONA till you reach the CONSOLE till some GUYS come in where
you kill them, follow GIDEON and you learn about the STRIKES on the UNITED 
STATES, the DOOR opens to your right and 3 GUYS are waiting for you, keep 
moving up and 4-6 GUYS then 6-9 GUYS, move forward some more and another 6-9 
GUYS, reach the LABS and open the DOORS and go down the HATCH, push the CART 
when GIDEON tells you to then CRAWL under to escape the FURNACE.

Once you reach outside, 3 GUYS to the right will come down the RAMP, move up 
and about 10-12 GUYS will come out from the left to get you, careful as some 
of them have lots of armor, go through the DOOR, and make your way to the 
HELICOPTER and then CRASH, when you wake up there will be a AST which you get 
into and have some fun in it as you cannot really die until you fight about 
4-6 AST which you hide behind COVER to take them out, once you reach GATE you 
have to hold it open for GIDEON to get through but then get damaged enough for 
you to eject from it.

17. Terminus 								[017]

This part is really fun to do as you pretty much get to blow up anything with 
the AST while being flown to your DROP ZONE, when you reach the WATER, just 
reach the  WAYPOINT to enter PIPE and into the BUILDING, just trample and 
shoot your way through all these small GUYS to which TOP and BOTTOM FLOOR, 
stay up top here and take down everyone till the BLAST DOORS open and 2 AST 
come in with the SMALL GUYS and when you kill the 2 AST another 2 will take 
their place, make your way to the PISTONS and break them, jump down and SLOW 
DOWN by using L1/R1 so you don’t die when you fall, start walking and you will 
get hit by FIRE, look for the YELLOW CIRCLE if you cant find your way, when 
you reach the MISSILE, unload everything you got on it.

You will be semi-conscious and will have to help GIDEON shoot 5-6 GUYS and 
then you meet IRONS which freeze your EXO SUIT, get free by pressing the [], 
start chasing IRONS where you will have some QTE, when you are holding onto 
IRONS you have to press [] to bring the KNIFE closer to your ARM and then 
MELEE to cut it off and you are finally done this great campaign. 

18. Achievements/Trophies						[018]

There are a total of 51 trophies;
42 Bronze, 6 Silver, 2 Gold and 1 Platinum

A New Era [Silver]: Complete the campaign on any difficulty
How to Get: Complete the campaign on any difficulty

Advanced Soldier [Bronze]: Spend your first Exo upgrade point
How to Get: Spend your first Exo upgrade point

Betrayal [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Utopia'
How to Get: Complete 'Utopia' on any difficulty

Carma [Bronze]: Kill an enemy by throwing a car door at them
How to Get: Kill an enemy by throwing a car door at them, this can be in the 
very first mission when you have to get the CHARGES from the DEMOLITION TEAM

Class Warfare [Bronze]: Play 30 minutes with each class online in Exo Survival
How to Get: Play 30 minutes with each class online in Exo Survival, you need 
to play with LIGHT, HEAVY and SPECIALIST

Crates on a Plane [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Sentinel'
How to Get: Complete 'Sentinel' on any difficulty

Deadeye [Bronze]: Score 'excellent' in the shooting range in 'Atlas'
How to Get: All you have to do is beat ILONA score to get this

Escape Artist [Silver]: Avoid 20 grenades by dodging with your Exo
How to Get: You can do this either by boosting on the ground or air

Exo Flip [Bronze]: 'Flip' a map
How to Get:

Exo Survival Veteran [Bronze]: Play 50 Exo Survival Matches
How to Get: Play 50 Exo Survival Matches

Exo Survivor [Bronze]: Successfully complete the Exo Survival Bonus Wave
How to Get: Successfully complete the Exo Survival Bonus Wave

Ferrum Absconsum [Silver]: Collect all the Intel 
How to Get: Collect all the Intel

Fire and Forget [Bronze]: Kill 10 enemies with Mobile Turret missiles in 
How to Get:

Flip Flop [Bronze]: 'Flip' a map twice
How to Get:

Fly Swatter [Bronze]: Knock 25 Drones out of the sky with EMP grenades
How to Get: Knock 25 Drones out of the sky with EMP grenades

Flying Ace [Bronze]: Shoot down 10 enemies with machine guns in 'Throttle'
How to Get: Shoot down 10 enemies with machine guns in 'Throttle'

Genius [Bronze]: Kill 4 enemies with a single smart grenade
How to Get: Kill 4 enemies with a single smart grenade, this can be done in 
the first mission when you get SMOKED in the SUBWAY

GG [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Collapse'
How to Get: Complete 'Collapse' on any difficulty

Grenadier [Bronze]: Score 'excellent' in the grenade range in 'Atlas'
How to Get: Beat ILONA score to get this

Hard Hitter [Silver]: Complete the campaign on Hardened difficulty 
How to Get: Complete the campaign on Hardened difficulty

Heavy-Handed [Bronze]: Go through 20 gun drops in one-armed combat in 'Captured'
How to Get: Go through 20 gun drops in one-armed combat in 'Captured', this 
means you pick up 20 different weapons from dead enemies

History In The Making [Bronze]: Collect over half of the Intel 
How to Get: Collect over half of the Intel

Irons in the Fire [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Bio-Lab'
How to Get: Complete 'Bio-Lab' on any difficulty

Life in the Fast Lane [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Traffic'
How to Get: Complete 'Traffic' on any difficulty

Look Both Ways [Bronze]: Kill all the KVA in the traffic section without 
damaging a civilian vehicle in 'Traffic'
How to Get: Can be difficult sometimes as you will maybe hit civilian when you 
are trying to hit an enemy car

Loud Enough For You? [Bronze]: Kill 10 enemies or drones while affected by a 
sonic blast
How to Get: Kill 10 enemies or drones while affected by a sonic blast

Man Overboard! [Bronze]: Melee an enemy so they fly off the side of the ship 
in 'Armada'
How to Get: Melee an enemy so they fly off the side of the ship in 'Armada', 
this is best done after you clear the MESS HALL and get outside, run to the 
enemy near the edge across from you to get them

Manticore Unleashed [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Throttle'
How to Get: Complete 'Throttle' on any difficulty

Maximum Overdrive [Silver]: Kill 50 enemies while using Overdrive
How to Get: Kill 50 enemies while using Overdrive

Motor City [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Aftermath'
How to Get: Complete 'Aftermath' on any difficulty

Never Saw It Coming [Bronze]: Boost jump, dash forward then air stomp on an 
How to Get: This can be done when you are learning the TUTORIAL in first 

Not on my Watch [Bronze]: Prevent the walking tank from being destroyed by the 
Drone Swarm in 'Induction'
How to Get: In the first mission after leaving the COMMAND POST, look for the 
CAR DOOR to when the SWARM comes to make your way safely to the TANK

Party Crasher [Bronze]: Kill 20 enemies with the Grappling Hook in 'Sentinel'
How to Get: Kill 20 enemies with the Grappling Hook in 'Sentinel'

Power Changes Everything [Gold]: Completely upgrade your Exo 
How to Get: Completely upgrade your Exo, for you to do is for you to find the 

Radioactive [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Fission'
How to Get: Complete 'Fission' on any difficulty

Restricted Airspace [Bronze]: EMP 10 enemy aircraft out of the sky with the 
hovertank in Bio-Lab
How to Get: EMP 10 enemy aircraft out of the sky with the hovertank in Bio-Lab

Riot Control [Bronze]: Kill 20 enemies while linked to the Mobile Cover Drone 
in Fission
How to Get: Kill 20 enemies while linked to the Mobile Cover Drone in Fission

Second Skin [Bronze]: Spend 10 Exo upgrade points
How to Get: Spend 10 Exo upgrade points

Seoul Mates [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Induction'
How to Get: Complete 'Induction' on any difficulty

Sitting Ducks [Bronze]: Kill 3 enemies with one shot of the Sniper Drone in 
How to Get: This done when you have to lure the 3 enemies with a CAR ALARM, 
get level and kill them

SP Prestige [Gold]: Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty
How to Get: Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty

The Destroyer Returns [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Crash'
How to Get: Complete 'Crash' on any difficulty

The End of War [Platinum]: Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty:
Advanced Warfare
How to Get: Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The Wheat from the Chaff [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Captured'
How to Get: Complete 'Captured' on any difficulty

Threat Detected [Bronze]: Paint 10 enemies with a single threat grenade
How to Get: You can get this in the first mission after getting the DEMOLITION
CHARGES which you make your way to the WARBIRD

We Have the Technology [Silver]: Spend 20 Exo upgrade points
How to Get: Spend 20 Exo upgrade points

Welcome to Atlas [Bronze]: Complete 'Atlas'
How to Get: Complete 'Atlas' on any difficulty

Wheelman Bronze]: Finish the hoverbike sequence without hitting any walls or 
obstacles and taking no damage in 'Aftermath'
How to Get: This is extremely hard to do and the best way to do this is on 

Where Are You Going? [Bronze]: Stop an AST with an EMP grenade
How to Get: You can get this in the mission 

Wrath of Atlas [Secret/Bronze]: Complete 'Armada'
How to Get: Complete 'Armada' on any difficulty

19. My Opinion/Review							[019]

Many people just assumed that this game is just another waste of time and is 
just the same thing like the few games in the franchise but in my opinion they 
have done a great job in bringing new life to the franchise but enough of that 
and lets get to the PROS and CONS


- Single Player in done really well and are invested into the story

- Graphics are amazing for next gen consoles

- Cool about being in the future with advancements in the way war is done


- Kind of stupid how the AI can hit you from like half way across area and you 

- Ridiculous on how much damage you take from the enemy and they don’t take as 
much or don’t even flinch and just rush you and you just die

- Glitches in some missions which don’t allow you complete the mission and 
must either restart the whole mission or reboot your system

20. Special Thanks							[020]

I would like to thank some people but cant as I did this guide by myself. If 
you want to help me please do and you will be credited in my guide. 

21. Contact								[021]

If you got any tips or information that is useful for the FAQ, please email me 
@ [email protected], you get credited for sharing this info with 
me but make sure you check the FAQ before emailing me, it might be covered in 
the FAQ.


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