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               The Basics......................................[BASC]

                                   THE BASICS

        Centipede: Infestation can be best described as a bird's-eye view
shooter game, as you control one of three player-characters (you only have one
to choose from at the very start of the game), and can move around the
battlefield, shooting a gun to down large insects, spiders, moths and the
titular Centipedes.

        In addition to your regular gun, you can also shoot spiders that drop
down from above in cocoons, which drop power-ups. You can upgrade a power-up by
collecting two drops of the same type, which gives you better range or strength
for the respective power-up.

        During gameplay, some enemies will also carry seeds on their backside.
If you shoot these enemies down, the seeds will plant into the ground and
sprout, forming turret flowers or bomb plants that can kill enemies for you.
However, they also take damage and can die (though their health bar is
invisible), so you should take good care to protect them.

        Besides just winning at each of thirty five levels and five boss fights,
you can also try for a Gold Medal in each stage, as well as a high score. Gold
Medals result from a combination of high score and the number of hits the
player-character has taken throughout the level (you can take up to 10 hits in
Normal difficulty before dying, 7 in Hard, and 4 in Insane difficulty).

        To obtain a better score, besides killing enemies, you will also
occasionally see Yellow Scorpions, called Scorepions, crawl across the screen.
When you kill one of these, you will get an active score multiplier, where all
kills give you 2x points. Killing another Scorepion accumulates your score
multiplier, going up to 3x, 4x, and so on.

        If you take a hit in a level, your Score Multiplier is knocked out, as
well as any active power-up you are currently using.

        In co-op mode, you and a friend (local multiplayer only) can play
together on any given level or boss. Two Nintendo 3DS units and two copies of
Centipede: Infestation are required. Co-op can make gameplay significantly
easier with two players, as well as increase your score.

        Start - Pause the game
        D-Pad - Move the player Character around
        X - Fire North
            Hold for autofire
        Y - Fire West
            Hold for autofire
        A - Fire East
            Hold for autofire
        B - Fire South
            Hold for autofire

        In addition to the four cardinal directions, you can also fire in the
four diagonal directions by holding down two buttons, as long as those two
buttons are not exact opposites (X and B, Y and A). For instance, holding down
both X and Y at the same time lets you shoot northwest.

        Whenever you kill a spider that drops-down, it will leave behind a
power-up. Some of these affect the player-character him/herself for a time, but
most are weapons power-ups.

        Shield - Gives you immunity to one hit. Gives your player-character a
                 yellow tint while in effect
        Speed Boost - Arrow-shaped. Doubles your speed for a while
        Rage - Sun-shaped, makes you invincible for awhile and increases the
               strength of your shots. Gives the player-character a red tint
               while in effect

        Flamethrower (red) - Spits out a continuous tongue of flame. Upgrading
                             causes enemies to burn for some time after having
                             been hit

        Missile Gun (purple) - Lobs out a rocket-shaped missile that moves a
                               short distance and detonates on impact. An
                               upgrade gives the detonation a larger blast

        Force Gun (purple) - Pushes enemies away, and also negates enemy fire.
                             Upgrading pushes enemies away further and makes
                             them catch on fire.

        Laser Gun (yellow) - Lets you send a continuous laser in the direction
                             you are shooting that pierces through everything.
                             Upgrading causes the laser to go both in the
                             direction you are aiming as well as the opposite

        Missile Gun (yellow) - Shoots out a fast spray of heavily-damaging
                               ammunition. Upgrading increases its speed.

        Freezethrower (blue) - Freezes enemies in place. Upgrading causes them
                               to shatter instead of thawing out after the
                               passage of a few seconds.

        Lightning Gun (blue) - Sends out a continous arc of electricity to shock
                               enemies. Upgrading increases range and damage.

        Toxic Gun (green) - Spits out toxic goop on the ground nearby which
                            wounds/kills any enemies caught in its path and
                            any bugs that walk into the goop thereafter.
                            Upgrading increases the amount of goop.

        Every time you kill a bug carrying a seed, the seed will sprout into a
plant turret. These turrets appear to be based on the weapon you used to kill
the bug with, with the exception of Bomb Spiders - all bomb spiders with seeds
will turn into bomb plants.

Projectile Plant - The most common plant, shoots projectiles at any enemy
                    within firing range (Normal gun)

Poison Plants - Spits out poison sludge on the ground around them which injures
                or kills any enemies that walk into the poison (Toxic gun)

Ice Plant - Sprays a icy mist in front of it to freeze any nearby enemies

Laser Plant - Shoots a continous laser at a nearby enemy within firing range
              until the foe is dead (Laser Gun)

Bomb Plants - Spit out poisonous gas whenever an enemy gets close

Other Stuff
        Most of the stuff you can unlock in the game is done by completing all
the Achievements. For the points achievements, there are a few levels in the
game (not all explicitly mentioned) where you can have an endless flow of
enemies, due to the level conditions being something other than waiting out the
flow of bugs and killing the Centipede. It is in these levels that you should
look to rack up 75,000 points.

        I am not entirely sure, but I believe that getting Grab Bags allows you
to (slowly) unlock pieces of art and videos in the Gallery and Theatre,


        In this game, there are 35 normal Levels, and 5 Bosses. To get to the
specific level or boss you want, use the CTRL + F function to search for a
particular phrase within this guide. The particular 'search-code' to use should
be [LEVELXX] substituted by the level number you want ([LEVEL0X] for levels 0-9)
and [BOSSX] for the boss number you wish to locate.

Level 0 [LEVEL00]
        This is a basic tutorial level, so follow along as the game gives you
directions on how to play.

        With the XABY buttons, each of them causes you to shoot in one of the
four cardinal directions, aligned with the position the face buttons are on the
3DS unit. What the game does not mention is that if you hold two buttons down
that are not opposites, you can fire diagonally as well.

Level 1  [LEVEL01]
        Your first level is the stereotypical easy level to start off a game,
with mostly a large number of Grub burrowing up from underground or coming from
the fences on the area perimeter.

        Occasional larger enemies will come in - devote your attention to them
when they do, as Scorepions give you point multiplier bonuses until you take a
hit, while some of the regular enemies will drop seeds that morph into plants to
help assist in killing the smaller enemies.

        There are also occasional enemies that 'drop down' from

        At the end of the stage, your first Centipede will appear. To damage it,
shoot the middle flashing red spot, and it will split in half. Shoot the red
spots on each remaining half until the four back parts of the Centipede flash
white, and then only the head will remain to destroy. Once both heads are
destroyed, the level ends.

Level 2 [LEVEL02]
        In this area, the tempo picks up significantly in comparison to last
level, as more regular monsters appear, monstly Ants. The monsters can come from
the outside perimeter of the screen, but they also will pop out of the well in
the middle. Use the power-ups you get from the drop-down spiders freely, as many
of the ants will drop seeds, creating a strong army of plant turrets to fight
for you.

        A lone Centipede caps off the level.

Level 3 [LEVEL03]
        In this level, you must protect Maisy, the first of several stages in
which you do so. Here, all you have to do is wait the stage out, killing off
several enemies along with a Centipede at the end, making sure her health bar
does not follow to zero before the end.

        This level marks the first appearance of Bomb Spiders, nasty critters
that usually appear in hordes from the perimeter, take a bit of damage to kill,
and can explode after a few seconds if they get too close. However, if they drop
seeds they leave behind Bomb Plants, which spit out poison clouds that damage
enemies which wander too close.

        Two tanks are located in this level. To hop into one, get to the
backside of either of them and press the L button to enter. Inside the tank you
are invulnerable and can spam your ammo as much as you wish. However, you can
only shoot in the direction the cannon is located, and not the four cardinal
directions and four main diagonal directions.

Level 4  [LEVEL04]
        Level 4 does not really introduce any new mechanics, and so can be
considered retreading Level 2, as you stay in a single arena and slowly shoot
out enemies as they pop up, waiting them out for several minutes until the lone
Centipede of the stage comes along, and the the stage ending with the death of
the Centipede.

Level 5 [LEVEL05]
        Level 5 is a bit of a break from the first few levels. Unlike most
levels, your goal is not to wait out the time until a Centipede appears and then
kill it. Instead, you must use Stomp in front of each of the machines here to
activate them in turn to end the level.

        During this time period, multiple enemies will appear, as well as up to
two Centipedes. The level technically never ends on its own, only after you
Stomp all the machines, so if you want to rack up points for a Gold medal or to
get one of the Achievements for points (up to 75,000), you can draw out the
fight for as long as you need to until you get the necessary number of points.

Level 6 [LEVEL06]
        Level 6 is an extremely lengthy level in comparison to the last few
levels, with a long haul of enemies, especially many Bomb Spiders. The
battlefield takes place on top of a train, and so while the area is extremely
open, it is also considerably smaller than normal.

        All enemies either pop up from the side of the tracks or come from the
north end, or otherwise are drop-down spiders that give you power-ups.

        There are two Centipedes in this stage. The first one comes shortly in,
a little bit before the approximate mid-way point of the level, while the last
one bookends the full stage, wrapping the level up with its death.

Level 7 [LEVEL07]
        This is another extremely long level, with several waves of wasps and
ants, but no Bomb Spiders. A single Centipede is in the stage, approximately one
third of the way through the swarms.

        During the first bit of the stage, you can stick to the south side,
where no enemies will approach. After you destroy the Centipede, however,
grasshopper-like enemies will come from the south.

        Drop-down spiders appear only on an occasional basis, so use your Power-
Ups sparingly.

Boss 1: Milipede Boss [BOSS1]
        In some sense, the Milipede is a very overgrown Centipede. When it
slithers across the field, it has about twenty-odd bodies along its length, all
of which need to be hit with your Pea Shooter and turned red (aside from the

        During normal battle, the Milipede will travel underground, its length
indicated by the small dust cloud it kicks up. Keep away from this, then once it
emerges, get very close to its length and shoot (use the Flamethrower powerup
once you get it for continous firing). The Milipede likes to make sharp, abrupt
turns but it will not double in on itself, instead leaving a bit of room for
your player-character to stand right next to the Milipede and merely reverse
shooting directions.

        When the Milipede has all of its bodies damaged, it will travel around
for a while still, before eventually popping out of the ground at the top, and
spitting out bullet spray. The direction of the bullets will rotate slowly so
the Milipede's blind spot (where it does not fire energy pellets at) also
rotates. Use your Machine Gun to hit the Milipede from afar, and keep your main
focus on any bullets coming towards your player-character - move and doge any
bullets that come at you.

        Once the Milipede burrows itself, the pattern repeats.

Level 8 [LEVEL08]
        This is a fairly open, single-area battle.

        Drops are uncommon but not rare in this battle.

        During the initial bout with enemies, several of them will be carrying
plant seeds - watch out for those specific foes (as they actually carry them on
their back side) and snipe them down to sprout a hefty arsenal of turret plants
and bomb plants to help fight.

        After the first Centipede, stock up on power-ups. Once you fight the
second Centipede, as soon as you kill one of the halves, Bomb Spiders will swarm
the field in pursuit of your player character until you kill the second half of
the Centipede, so you want to be hefting some serious firepower to ward off the
Bomb Spiders.

Level 9 [LEVEL09]
        This is a fairly routine battle, open-spaced, single-area. Enemies swarm
in as always and it ends off with a Centipede.

Level 10 [LEVEL10]
        Level design is a bit unconventional here. You have two strips of
corridor connected at the bottom in a blocky U-shape, with an elevator at the
center that the player must wait to finally come down before you can step on and
end the level.

        The best spot to stick to for the most part is right in front of the
level, so you may see what is occuring on either side of the elevator, both in
the back and up close.

        During the early part of the stage, you will fight some purple moths who
let out a mist. Stay away from this mist, as it will gel up and create a sticky
gel on the floor that is hard to walk across.

        Power-ups are fairly generous in this stage, so during the parts of the
bout that get intense, feel free to let your power-ups rip through the bugs and
insects that swarm you.

        When the elevator comes down shortly after fighting the stage's lone
Centipede, you can step in and end the level right away. You may also choose to
stick around and fight some more foes for a while, but the enemies will
eventually run out.

Level 11 [LEVEL11]
        The rooftop in this battle is fairly narrow, and there are a couple of
spots that you do not want to get trapped by, mainly the corners and the fences
near the tower.

        Keep Stomping near the tower to activate and reactivate it, as it will
province some unseen interference towards the roof's edges, stopping a few
enemies from coming up.

        When the Caterpillars come along, kill them right away. If you leave
them to long, they will turn into indestructible cocoons before hatching into
purple moths, the same as you saw in the last level.

        Yes, there will be a Centipede up here.

Level 12 [LEVEL12]
        Another Protect Maisy level.

        Unlike previous levels, you do not stick to one area over the course of
Level 12. Instead, you shoot down bugs, insects and especially wasps that swarm
the rooftop you are on, waiting for Maisy to activate a pedway that allows you
to cross over to a second rooftop. This is repeated twice more, for a total of
four rooftops you will cross over.

        The key in this level is to use your power-ups mainly on the Wasps, as
they come numerously enough to be especially annoying.

        On the fourth and final rooftop, you will go through enemies as is
routine for awhile, eventually followed by the Centipede, whose death ends the

Level 13 [LEVEL13]
        Regular swarms of bugs and spiders come in throughout the level.

        After fighting off several waves, you can go either northeast or
northwest over a bridge, and repeat on a second rooftop. Repeat once more to get
onto the third rooftop.

        One Centipede to end the level.

Level 14 [LEVEL14]
        At the start of the stage, Stomp in the vicinity of the radio tower. The
tower will turn on indefinitely, and send out waves of energy which shock and
kill any enemies that get caught in its range.

        After taking out lots of bugs, move southeast and east following the
arrows to get to the second part of the stage. Stomp the tower here as well.

        Following the second section of the rooftop, the third section will be
the last.

        One Centipede.

Boss 2: Queen Wasp [BOSS2]
        At the start of the battle, several wasps will circle around the Queen
Wasp, forming a protective barrier. If you spam your Pea Shooter at the Wasps,
they will eventually turn red. Once all of them have been damaged, the Queen
will expel the wasps from herself for a period of about fifteen seconds, before
the wasps come back and form a protective barrier again. During this time
period, she is open to taking damage.

        When the wasps are circling the Queen Wasp, they will direct their fire
at the player-character - as there are several wasps, the bullet spray will be
numerous and unorganised, spreading out in several directions. Back up so that
the bullet spray becomes more spread out, allowing yourself to navigate more

        Once the Queen Wasp is on her own, run around her in a circle if you
must get up close - she will fire in a circular motion, starting at one end and
then rotating her fire around her body.

        My main recommendation is to stay away from the Queen Wasp for the first
bit of the battle, until Drop-Down Spiders appear. Kill them off, and hope to
get the Machine Gun or the Laser Gun (the yellow power-ups). With anything else,
which is close-range, you can use it to attack the protective wasps around the
Queen Wasp. Once they leave, use the Machine Gun or Laser Gun to keep your
distance from the Queen while inflicting her with a massive amount of damage.
Rinse and repeat once she gets her protective layer around her again.

Level 15 [LEVEL15]
        There will be four towers in here. Stomp the upper-right one to activate
it, and fight off several enemies. Following a good chunk of time, the upper-
left one can be stomped (once the L button icon appears), then the lower-left,
and finally the lower-right.

        This stage is populated by a great deal of Grub enemies, so you will
have plenty of mushrooms popping up. Use them as a wall to isolate enemies.

        Once all four towers have been activated, the lone Centipede of the
level will appear. After taking it out, the level will continue for a bit, until
the elevator comes up on the north end. Enter it to end the level.

Level 16 [LEVEL16]
        Stage 16 is fairly fun. Get behind the tank (from the north side), and
press L to enter the tank.

        Inside the tank, you can turn around three hundred sixty degrees. Your
gun can be spammed endlessly and you can hold your button down for autofire -
however, it may only be fired in the direction the tank is actually pointed.

        For the majority of the battle, you should be hit with waves upon waves
of enemies. If you get any attack plants to grow, keep an especially good eye on
them and protect them if bugs get too close to them, as the plants can help
significantly through a lengthy battle.

        A plethora of enemies will come directly from the sides, so focus your
fire on the two sides when there are no enemies on-screen to batter a wave
before it has the chance to come on-screen.

        After most of the battle is over, the Centipede will come along. Hit it
on its weak point in the center, then eliminate the remaining two halves.
Following that, the battle will drag on for a bit longer before finally ending.

Level 17 [LEVEL17]
        Despite what the mission statement says, there is nothing to 'protect'.
Rather, as always, you must blast bugs.

        Do not be afraid to use your power-ups in here. All that the drop-down
spiders drop in here is Laser Gun and Missile Gun power-ups, so you can
replenish lost power-ups quickly (and the rate of drop-down spiders is fairly

        Once more, the lone Centipede will bookend two halves of the battle,
with the first half being significantly longer than the period of fighting you
must still go through after killing the Centipede.

Level 18 [LEVEL18]
        Here, you need to Stomp on each of the machines in turn as they display
the L icon.

        In between machines while waiting for your Stomp action to regenerate,
you will have to deal with bugs enemies. A Centipede will come in for action
sometimes during the battle as well.

        Once all the machines have been activated, the battle will end.

Level 19 [LEVEL19]
        The battlefield for this stage is a bit different than normal. Instead
of having a regular square battlefield, this one is tilted at about a 45 degree
angle, going northwest-southeast.

        The train platform is small and can get fairly crowded with enemies
quickly. As the number of drop-down spiders is numerous in this level, you can
feel free to spam your power-ups nonstop to wipe out the enemies as they come
on, as you will probably never run out of power-ups.

        One Centipede.

Level 20 [LEVEL20]
        A new mechanic comes into play in this area. You do not have a gas mask
on, so most of the battlefield is toxic for the player-character to wander
around. When you do, the green meter on the bottom screen reduces, and if it
hits zero, you lose a hit and your current power-up. To replenish the meter, you
must step into and stay in a green space.

        Stick to a green space where you can and venture out to shoot enemies
only with short-range power-ups or to destroy drop-down spiders to get more

        Many of the enemies that you destroy will create (non-attacking) plants
that will create a small radius of green space around them. Use these green
spaces to slowly advance north, east, north, west and then north, fighting a
Centipede enemy along the way. However, these plants are temporary, with only a
couple of permanent green spaces along the way.

Level 21 [LEVEL21]
        This is another protect Maisy mission.

        In the three sections of the level, Maisy will go to one end and stand
next to a dead tree for a few minutes before it shrivels up and allows you to
pass. When going along past the first two sections, there are a couple of
islands which will give you some free drop-down spiders to shoot for power-ups.

        Power-up drops are very common in this level so use your power-ups to go
through the innumerable number of scorpion enemies that appear. There are some
Caterpillar enemies that will also burrow underground, leaving a sort of cloud
above it while it travels. Move near the burrowed Caterpillars to make them rise
up to eliminate.

        The lone Centipede of the level comes in the third segment. Be wary once
it splits, as the two parts will go from the left and right side and travel
towards the center, and they can crush the player-character in between the two
parts in the center of the battlefield.

Level 22 [LEVEL22]
        Fairly routine battle, with having to kill lots of bugs and nothing

        The drop-down spiders (and therefore power-ups) come sparingly in this
battle, so hold onto your power-ups for a bit until enemies begin to swarm the
marsh area (do not forget that you can also use your Stomp).

        There are two Centipedes in this level. The first one comes about
halfway through the skirmish, while the second one bookends the level. Killing
this second one will end the area.

Boss 3: Armored Beetle Boss [BOSS3]
        As the name of the boss suggests, it is armored and takes considerably
little damage. The Pea Shooter is pretty much useless in this battle as far as
weapons go, as it would probably take around ten minutes of solid shooting to
fell the Armored Bettle with the Pea Shooter alone.

        Fortunately, the Armored Beetle does not actually pay attention to the
player-character for the most part - until you hit it with a power-up attack, it
will shuffle left and right at the top side of the screen, completely ignoring
any Pea Shooter damage. During this time, hedgehog-like red enemies will hatch
from the ground, and attack the player-character.

        The hedgehog foes take a significant amount of damage to kill, and they
have medium-range ice mist attacks that they spit out. Shoot at the Armored
Beetle as you want, but especially make sure to reduce the hedgehog population
whenever they pop up so they do not interfere with the general battle.

        The main goal is simply to wait for drop-down spiders to appear at the
bottom, one who will drop a Machine Gun, one who will drop a Flamethrower. Wait
until the spiders have dropped down twice to give yourself two full power-ups
instead of two weak power-ups, then use one of the power-ups to hit the Armored

        Once the Armored Beetle has been hit, it will move to the center of the
top, and face south. Its first attack will be to send out energy beams. It can
do this one of two ways - either it will send a straight spray of energy beams
that it will slowly rotate around to either the left or right side, or it will
send out multiple sprays of energy projectiles south, and then slowly move the
energy spray up to the sides. It should be noted that the Armored Beetle itself
does not actually move.

        Its second attack will be to shoot out a semicircle of thorn arrows,
then shoot another semicircle out a bit further, and repeat, with the thorns
sticking in the ground, and eventually sailing off-screen. The Armored Beetle
then uses gravity to pull the thorns in on itself - this is where it can get
tricky. You must navigate your character in-between the thorns that return to
the Armored Beetle while pushing away so the gravitational attraction does not
pull you north as well.

        While the Armored Beetle is doing either of its attacks, continue to
focus your attack. If your power-up runs out, switch to your other power-up.
Once the Beetle is done both its attacks, it will return back to its normal
shuffling along.

Level 23 [LEVEL23]
        Fairly routine level

        Kill all the bugs on the initial platform. The yellow arrow may be
difficult to notice when it appears, so once bugs stop showing up, head
southeast and east across some islands.

        In the second area, once enemies stop swarming in, go north and shoot
down the two walls here to continue.

        After some battling in the fourth area, defeating the lone Centipede
that appears will wrap the level up.

Level 24 [LEVEL24]
        This is another protect Maisy level.

        There are three sections to the area. All three sections are fairly
large, so while killing off enemies, it is quite possible that you will fall out
of sight of Maisy and her HP bar, so return from time to time to make sure she
is alright and not being attacked by numerous enemies.

        Power-Ups are rare for the first two sections, so use them sparingly as
you make your way along. To clear out the first two areas, make sure to
eliminate all enemies first (as there are Grub enemies that can wander around
and get stuck on Mushrooms).

        In the third and final area, it will be capped off by a battle with the
lone Centipede.

Level 25 [LEVEL25]
        This is a fairly routine kill all the bugs level, with a small, confined
arena. Shortly after the level, the walls will be destroyed, allowing bugs to
come in.

        Level 25 is almost exclusively full of Aphid Spiders and Bomb Spiders,
who will come swarming in. Power-ups are about medium-common, with Missile Guns
and Flamethrowers being dropped, so use them when they are fully-powered to mow
down the spider legions as they come in. As always, protecting your plants is a
good idea so as to reduce the amount of work you must do yourself.

        There is a single Centipede that comes in, about midway through the

        Once all the Aphid and Bomb Spiders have been cleared out for the level,
step into the center of the arena to trigger the end of the level.

Level 26 [LEVEL26]
        In the underground, you will need to travel along several short, narrow
sections. During these parts of the level, enemies, particularly numerous Bomb
Spiders, will come from even deeper in the cave up to the section where the
player-character is. Hold onto power-ups until you get swarmed, then use them to
bat them away. Stick close to your plants at all times and protect them as some
of the passageways will get large swarms before you can finally continue on.

        When you get into a large area that is spread out compared to the narrow
path earlier, save your long-range power-ups (Laser Gun mostly), as a Centipede
will be coming at the end of your time in the level. Why you may want to retain
a fully-powered Laser Gun or even two is for a good reason - as soon as you
strike the center of the Centipede and split it in half, dozens of Bomb Spiders
will unburrow and throw themselves at the player-character in an endless horde.
If you can keep a Laser Gun on hand, then you should hopefully be able to defeat
both halves of the Centipede quickly, and if not, at least use the Laser Gun to
quickly demolish the Bomb Spiders and push their numbers down momentarily.

        With the death of the Centipede, go northeast after a few seconds have
passed to end the level.

Level 27 [LEVEL27]
        This is a basic continuation of the last level, as you continue to go
through the underground depths.

        There are no really narrow passages in this level, instead there are
three large sections wherein you must defeat all the enemies in each area before
you can continue on to the next. At the end of the third level you will battle a
Centipede, finishing up the level as you kill it.

Level 28 [LEVEL28]
        This is more of the same as Level 26 and 27, with three more sections of
fighting swarming spiders, bugs and wasps.

        There are two Centipedes in this level, one coming at the end of the
second and third level each.

Level 29 [LEVEL29]
        For the last regular level before another boss battle, action is
restricted to a single large area. Numerous drop-down spiders will show up, so
do not be afraid to use up your power-ups to kill off the many enemies that
spawn and show up.

        A lone Centipede will cap off the action to the level.

Boss 4: Spider Boss [BOSS4]
        In fighting the Spider Boss, only its carapace is vulnerable to damage,
and its carapace is usually high off the ground. To get to its weak spot, you
must shoot at the four legs of the spider within visible view, two on either
side, until they all turn red. At this point, the spider will collapse for about
ten seconds to take damage.

        While the spider has at least one of its legs undamaged, it will raise
one of the legs and then slam it back down, sending a shockwave towards the
player-character. This shockwave will veer around to home in on the player
character, so the best technique is to stick to one spot and continue shooting
whatever leg you are on until the shockwave gets close, then quickly moving far

        This is particularly important later on, as once the spider loses over
half of its health, the shockwaves will come faster, and curve at far greater
angles to attempt to hit the player character.

        As for when the spider is down, during the very first time in the
battle, ignore the two drop-down spiders and instead focus on the big spider,
shooting it until it gets back up. At this point, feel free to go and shoot the
two smaller spiders, the left one dropping a Laser Gun, the right one a

        In subsequent fights, strike the spider as soon as it falls using the
Laser Gun. Once it rears back up, turn the direction of your Laser Gun left and
right to shoot the two drop-down spiders for the two power-ups. Use your
Flamethrower once you get close to the front leg of either side of the spider -
if you aim particularly well, you can get a good few seconds of flame hitting
both legs, and repeat until you run out of time for the Flamethrower power-up.

        As earlier mentioned, make sure to stay safe and not get hit during the
earlier section of the fight, as the Spider Boss gets more vicious once it drops
below half health. This way, you can take a couple of hits without needing to
worry much.

Level 30 [LEVEL30]
        Following the boss battle, Level 30 is a lot like Level 29 before it,
with a single-area battlefield that will be swarmed by plenty of spiders, wasps,
and other assorted insect and bug enemies throughout the duration of the level.
Once again, a Centipede concludes the level.

Level 31 [LEVEL31]
        This area is similar to Level 20 in that the air is toxic except for in
green spaces. However, unlike Level 20, you cannot create new green spaces by
downing enemies. Here, though, you only have one area of the level, so you do
not have to wander out far from the center.

        Once you get power-ups, start spamming them like crazy, occasionally
making journeys out of the center to get more power-ups. The more bugs you can
kill, the more of them will drop a seed (with their ability corresponding to
whatever power-up you downed them with), and so the more they can take the
burden off the player-character.

        As always, the level ends off with a Centipede enemy, but again be sure
not to let yourself be pushed out of the green space too far or for too long if
it rushes towards the center of the screen.

Level 32 [LEVEL32]
        This is a fairly routine, typical level of blasting bugs from beginning
to end, with no gimmicks, and sticking in a single solitary battlefield. A
Centipede splits the duration of the level in half, with massive amounts of
enemies swarming the area in the second half (thus, you should probably use up
your power-ups as quickly as you get them to deal a bug apocalypse out).

Level 33 [LEVEL33]
        Another routine clear-out-all-enemies battle on a single screen.

        Drop-down spiders come in large bunches, with as many as up to ten at a
time, so do not be afraid to break out your Power-Ups and keep one activated at
all times throughout the battle.

        Most of the battle is straightforward, but you may notice a few large
black petal-like flowers that will erupt from the ground after killing some
enemies later on. When they hatch, they will give way to giant purple moths.
Keep your distance from these moths, as the mist they spray out can gel over the
battlefield into a fluid that will slow your player-character down if he or she
walks over it.

Level 34 [LEVEL34]
        This is, much like most of the last few stages have been, a single-arena
battlefield, with enemies swarming the area attempting to injure the player-
character. There will not be many plants grown here, however, as bugs rarely
drop seeds here.

        In this level, the battlefield is a junkyard, with many piles of junk
sitting around which will slow you in moving around the battlefield. There are
plenty of drop-down spiders in the area, but you may want to rush and grab Laser
Gun power-ups whenever you see them, as their range goes past the junk piles
unlike all the other power-ups.

        A Centipede comes near the end, followed by a little bit more fighting
after its defeat.

Level 35 [LEVEL35]
        Level 35 is the last regular level in the game, and may also be its
longest. It takes place in the same junkyard environment as Level 34, but is
significantly larger, with many smaller pieces. If enemies stop coming at you at
any point in time, search around - a smaller bug may have gotten caught on one
of the junk objects or a mushroom.

        Power-up drops come fairly generously throughout the stage, so make use
of them as soon as you get a full power-up. The enemies will litter plant seeds
throughout on a fairly regular occasion, so try to protect your plants to keep
the advantage tilted towards your side with many erstwhile allies.

        This level has two Centipedes present. The first one shows up at about
the halfway point of the battle, while the second one bookends the lengthy
second part of the final level. With its death the level ends.

Boss 5: Alpha Centipede [BOSS5]
        For the first half of the fight, the screen is static. The Alpha
Centipede will start its pattern off by quickly striking out of the cavern it is
holed up in thrice, once to the left, right and center. It will show which
direction it intends to strike first by the bobbing of its head, so if it is
bobbing towards your direction, move away to escape the attack, then head back
to that spot (since it will not attack the same place twice).

        Once it has headbutted out of the cavern three times, it will spit out
lots of pink bullet fire, leaving a small break in its circular spray. This
break will rotate around slowly, so move around to keep in the Centipede's
blindspot as it does this. Use the Missile Gun straight at the Alpha Centipede
once you get a power-up, but hold onto the Flamethrower power-ups.

        When the Centipede is down to half its life, it will leave its cave, and
start moving south towards the player character. In turn, you must constantly be
moving away from the Centipede. There will be Flamethrower and Missile Gun
power-ups littered across the battlefield as you move south, but there will also
be small pieces of junk. Keep moving south, and if you stop moving, quickly move
left or right to get out of the way of a small piece of junk.

        Constantly use your power-ups once the last one wears out on the
Centipede, as you are now in close range. Fortunately, as long as you keep
slightly ahead of it it will never damage you.


        These codes can be entered in-game on the cheats option. Everything that
is gotten from here is eventually unlocked by playing the game and getting all
the achievements, however.

                Additional Pea Shooters                 691472
                All 3rd Costumes                        431154
                Maisy Model + Insane Difficulty         837367
                Maisy's Second Costume                  134787
                Max's Second Costume                    112969
                Rivet Model and Riveter gun             121213
                Rivet's Second Costume                  941233

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       ..  ;;ii....LL##########GG..  ;;KK########;;
           ii..    KK########DD..      iiWW######ii
                 ii########KK,,          jj######LL
                 LL######WW;;              LL######;;
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