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O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

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 - Introduction.......................................................[CQ-INT]
 - Game Basics & Tips.................................................[CQ-GBT]


 - Part 1: Chasing Kronoculus...................................[CQ-1]
 - Part 2: Escaping The Academy.................................[CQ-2]
 - Part 3: The Dental Compound..................................[CQ-3]


 - Costumes...........................................................[CQ-COS]
 - Achievements/Trophies..............................................[CQ-TRO]
 - Version History....................................................[CQ-HIS]
 - Credits............................................................[CQ-CRE]

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O==<                            Introduction                              >==O
 How cool is this? I loved Costume Quest, so the fact that they made another
one is awesome. This is one of the definitive Halloween gaming experiences
for me. Light-hearted with some RPG elements to it... what's not to love?

 The original Costume Quest was actually one of my first guides ever. That
was, what... FOUR years ago. I guess I'm slowly getting older. Well, I'm
glad I've stuck around long enough to bring this guide to you guys. Now...
let''s get our imaginations going and bring those costumes to life!

 ~ Bkstunt


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O==<                         Game Basics & Tips                           >==O

 A collection of tips to help you out.
 o Whenever you come to a new area, try to locate a fountain. You can use
   (and abuse) it to fight and heal, fight and heal. Very cheap, but very
   safe as well...
 o Don't forget to equip and use those creepy treat cards! No point in
   letting them go to waste!
 o Speaking of Creepy Treat cards, some combos and cards are INCREDIBLY
   POWERFUL. For example, the "Double Experience" card is fantastic.
   Add that with the "Kill all Minions" card and you can kill a three-man
   enemy party and get double experience. Then... on the next battle, use
   the "Refresh Creepy Treat Cards" card to do it AGAIN. RIDICULOUS!
   Of course those cards are found near the end of the game, but as you
   can see there are some very over-powered combos to be had.
 o Speaking of combos, your costume combos are important too. Each costume
   is strong and weak to different things. As a general rule, it is smart
   to have something strong against every enemy type (Monster, Technical,
   Magic). Still, the difference isn't HUGE, so go with whatever you want
   and whoever's skills you like.

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                / /__   O S T U M E   / /_/ /  U E S T   / __/
O==<                      PART 1: CHASING KRONOCULUS                      >==O


 Hey, we're back home! Yeah! Lucy and Everett will head off while we go
check in with Mom and Dad. Go check in and then start checking out the
neighborhood. Be sure to whack all of leaf piles, garbage cans and fire
hydrants out here. The block party is happening soon, apparently. We got
to wait though. Head north when you wish and you'll see an opening to the
north. A small gap with a weird clock-man hanging out up there. Once you
are done collecting candy, head up there to see a scene.


 WHOA! The... the future? No way. And Everett and Lucy! Hmmm...
 We'll get control soon and get a new quest.
 I'll be writing down quests like that so they stand out and we're all on
the same page. From here, head to the left and out to the shed. Open it up
and the chest after that for the [_SUPERHERO COSTUME_] and the [_CANDY CORN
COSTUME_]. On your way back though you'll be spotted by a drone! Thankfully
a raven-ninja (awesome!) named Corvus will come save us!

 This turns into a tutorial! Corvus will teach us how to attack, attack
with timing for bonus damage, defending with timing, and also using our
costume powers. Once that is over though, head back into the house, talk to
your friends if you wish, and jump in the portal.

 (-NOTE-) It is a bit crazy, but worth pointing out here: There is a trophy
          for playing through the entire game with Candy Corn in your party
          for EVERY FIGHT. It is the "Hardcorn Mode"... It isn't too bad
          once you learn certain skills (*cough, COUNTER, *cough) but it is
          still very silly...

 Well, where are we now? Who knows, but we have a new quest:
 Well, let's look for them. Smack the crocs and black thing for some candy
and head left. You'll meet some time minions here. Go ahead and beat up on
them. Do you like the Candy Corn's moves? Hahaha! It has excellent defense
and draws in attacks though. Very worth it. Head up and get a drink after
your first real fight to heal up.

 Continue to the left to have Monty yell out for help (a new quest!).
 Well, we can't help Monty, so gather up the candy nearby and head up to
see a pinata. Smack it good for all the candy and head south. Hit what you
can down here and then boost up the ramp to the gator pen (NOT a good idea
in real life!).

 Smack the gator with the wig for the [_RAINBOW WIG_] costume part (Clown 1/3)
and then keep smacking nearby gators as the one by the swamp has the [_SQUEAKY
HORN_] (Clown 2/3).  Smack the rest of these things for the [_FOAM NOSE_] to
complete the collection (Clown 3/3). Now boost over the right ramp and go see
Monty. He'll finally get the cloth and turn into his [_CLOWN COSTUME_]. When
Wren (or Reynold) tell him our goal, he'll agree to come along and lead us to
the bog witches.

 Sweet, three party members! Awesome. Head south and we'll need to get the
sleeping gator out of the way. To do this, switch to your new clown costume
and use its exploration ability SQUEAKY HORN to get the gator to move. Past
the gator, a kid will offer us a boat ride if we treat or trick the houses
for him. Eh, gotta do what we gotta do...

 Head south and hit up the first house for "House 1/18". May as well keep
track of them. Head south again and talk to the kid off to the left of the
trailer for a new quest:

 For 200 candy we can invest with the Baron. You may as well, so go ahead.
This better pay off! Hit up "House 2/18" here and then head to the next house
on the right for "House 3/18". Now talk to the kid with the card over his head
to get the next new quest:

 We have to find a dupe of the "Ghost Munch" card. Easy enough, I suppose.
Head to the right now and get "House 4/18" to get into a fight. Beat the
monsters here for level 2. Nice.

 Head left now and take the lower left path. Note the healing fountain here.
Also, talk to the kid hiding just to the south for...

 We found "Kid 1/6". Five more. Head to the left now and you'll see the path
goes to the left and to the right. Go right (this lead to the first house we
did) and hit up these two houses for "House 5/18" and "House 6/18". They are
probably both fights, and should net you one Ghost Munch card (we still need a
dupe). Note that the house on the left has a ramp by it (on the right side)
and you can head up it to another pinata for major candy...

 Head left now down the long path smacking things and head up the new path
you find. Get the first "House 7/18". The next house is destroyed, but you
can walk around it to a pinata. After that head north for "House 8/18". From
here lets head north and right. The "House 9/18" here has a deck to the left.
Head out there after knocking the door and fall down to the chest here for
some [_DINO SLIPPERS_] (Dino 1/3). Oh-ho. Head back to the house after that.

 Continue to the right "House 10/18" and then right again for "House 11/18".
One of these houses will likely give you the "Ghost Munch" card, so go return
it when you can to complete that quest. Also be sure to head down the ramp
from the top row of houses to find life-giving water and "Kid 2/6" who...
isn't really hiding that well...

 OK, from the top row of houses head left and out onto land again. There is
a wandering bad guy out here. Stick to the north path to find a croc sleeping
and guarding a chest. Hit him (for the candy) then use the clown to wake him
up for the [_GREENISH YELLOW FABRIC_] (Dino 2/3). Very nice!

 Head north now to see... a devil on a stump? Yep!
 We want that pattern! GYAH! Since there's no "proper" place to put this
next info, let me just say that when you reach LEVEL 3 you will get a new
quest to go see Corvus:


 You can do this easily enough by going to the time portal and back to
Everett's House. Corvus is in the same place, and will teach you how to do
a FOLLOW-UP attack. VERY powerful and very worth doing ASAP. Seriously!

 OK, with that info out of the way head back to the devil kid and look to the
left to find "Kid 3/6". Sheesh, hiding in pink? Bah. Head to the left now to
find "House 12/18" and SHADY! Shady, the Repugian Vendor! He has some stuff
here to sell us:

 |   SHADY'S DEALS   |
 |                                                |
 | MAP: Lower Bayou                    20 Candy   |
 | MAP: French Quarter                 20 Candy   |
 | CANDY CORN UPGRADE: Brown Paint   1000 Candy   |
 | SUCK'EM                            175 Candy   |
 | GOOZERS                            225 Candy   |
 | CARAMEALS                          125 Candy   |
 | SNICKETS                           125 Candy   |
 | BONE-BONES                         175 Candy   |
 | TIN FOIL CHEWS                     225 Candy   |
 |                                                |
 | COSTUME: Robot                       5 Candy   |
 | COSTUME: Unicorn                     5 Candy   |
 | COSTUME: Pumpkin                     5 Candy   |
 | COSTUME: Eyeball                     5 Candy   |
 |                                                |
(-NOTE-) The costumes here are available if you pre-ordered the game, I
         believe. They were some of the starting costumes in the first
         Costume Quest!

 I would highly recommend the costumes if you can, and the maps. May as
well. You'll want all the cards if you are a collector as well, but that
Bone-Bones card in particular is... very nice. Like a free turn.

 Head north and you'll see a double-decker house up here. Nothing you can
knock on but the deck leads to a ramp that drops you in the yard by the chest
for a [_FUDGE CRYSTALS_] card. Easy. Use the ramp and head north to the French


 Hit the pumpkins at the wall and then get into the little garden area to
the right and talk to the kid for "Kid 4/6". Pretty easy. Now, exit and go
knock on the door to the left for "House 13/18". Shady is off to the left,
believe it or not. Already... heh. More importantly, there is garbage by
the house (not in the alley, to the right in the doorway) that you can wack,
then enter the door to climb up to the 2nd level. Follow this path to the
roof for "Kid 5/6". Heh. Go back down when you are done.

 Head up to the gumbo cart. Lots of tourists here. Hmm... just above the
gumbo card is "House 14/18" and "House 15/18" right next to each other.
Head north after getting them and near the lady just to the north is another
doorway hidden by garbage. Knock it out of the way and take the path it leads
to to some pigeons. Use the Squeaky Horn here on the clown to shoo them away,
then enter the next door to make your way to a pinata. Drop off the ledge
after you destroy it.

 To the left is a bunch of stuff to destroy and "Kid 6/6". That should be
the last of them! As a reward you will get the [_BURLAP SACK_], which holds
more candy than what you had...

 To the right is "House 16/18". Almost there. Nearby is a kid shooting
himself out of a cannon and a group of musicians. Talk to the lady musician
here for a new quest:

 Oooo, we need to drum up business. This is pretty easy actually, just honk
the horn at the below people:

 o Man admiring statues.
 o Man admiring kid shooting out of cannon.
 o Woman in the back of the line for the gumbo cart.
 After that, head back to the woman and you'll get to play in the band.
Doing this will play a song. Just press the button prompt when it is your
turn to play and you'll nail this and get music cred and complete this quest.

 It dawned on me right here (now that I had "Music Cred": Head back to the
Devil in The Bayou as the clown. This will let you duel him. Just, uh...
honk as loud as you can? Hehe... once you do you'll win the [_PTERODACTYL
PATTERN_]. One last Dino piece left!

 Head back to the French Quarter now. To the left of the cannon kid is
"House 17/18". One more! Go to the band and to the right is the last house.
Before knocking on it, knock the trash to the right and follow the path up
to the roof. Hit up the chest for the [_PAPER MACHE_] (Dino 3/3) which gives
us the [_PTERODACTYL COSTUME_]. Nearby is a ramp leading to a pinata. Heh.

(-NOTE-) The Pterodactyl has an exploration ability that lets you blow LEAF
         PILES OUT OF THE WAY! We'll need it coming up for sure!

 Drop down and hit up all the breakables here. Nearby is Mick's Place. The
Jazz Club. Enter in, make sure you are in your CLOWN OUTFIT, and talk to the
Sax Player, Mick. He will offer you a quest if you have Music Cred:

 This is really easy. Play with the band and hit the horn in time with the
music. There's no prompts here, but if you have a tad bit of rhythm this isn't
too hard. For winning you will get a bunch of experience. And some money...
[_FIFTY BUCKS_]. Good, we'll need it later.

 Now go ahead and get the last "House 18/18". This will prompt a scene
afterward where the weird kid will steal your candy. Head north once you are
free to see a scene. He hides behind the leaf pile, which means we need to
have our Pterodactyl Costume ready to go. Lucky for us, we already have it

 BEFORE you do that, head south to the Bayou, to the area where we found
Shady. To the south of him is a leaf pile leading to a wooded area where we
will fight a giant snail over a chest for the [_NUBBINS_] Creepy Treat Card.
Very nice card, too.

 We should also visit the GATOR AREA and head NORTH for another Leaf Pile.
Blowing this away lead to a [_SUGAR DROPPINGS_] card. Very powerful and
worth getting.

 It is also worth noting that Shady has some new items in stock:

 |   SHADY'S DEALS   |
 |                                                |
 | CLOWN UPGRADE: Rainbow Cloth      1000 Candy   |
 | SUPERHERO UPGRADE: Star Patch     1000 Candy   |
 | TOFFEE TAFFY                       475 Candy   |
 | SOUR DUMPS                         375 Candy   |
 |                                                |

 Very expensive!
 Time to continue. Head to the leaf pile just outside of the French Quarter
and blow it away. Take the path to a house and knock to see a scene. Well...
we know where the Dentist gets his fears from at least...

 Now take the candy to the skeleton kid, who is located in the French Quarter
to the right on the dock. He'll try to help us out, but the boat's fan will
fail. Gah... we have to find a mechanic. Head over to the Jazz Club now and
talk to the man to the northeast. For Fifty Bucks he'll fix the boat. Pay the
man and he'll give you an [_OAR_]. Are you kidding me!? Ha! Talk to him for
a sharp tale on what you can expect out of businesses nowadays...

 Take the oar back to the skeleton kid and he'll work with it. He'll leave
us when he get to the new area (while fixing the fan... somehow...).

 Well, here we are in the Witch's Bog. I got good news and bad news for you.
Well... depending on one thing: Have you wanted to grind up to now? Yes? GOOD
NEWS! This place has SPAWNING Clock Minions. Yeah, you can level up on them
here. Even better: there's a health font here! Go crazy. Note that to the
upper right there is also a unique mole enemy you can fight.

 Once you are done (and ready to give up your very nice grinding spot), head
to the far right. If you have any costumes strong against MAGIC creatures go
ahead and equip them now. Over at the camp, talk to the family you find until
you get a scene. Oh, and here's the bad news: you failed your time quest! What,
you thought I forgot about the bad news?! Hahaha, boss time!

 | Boss Battle -                  Kronoculus                  - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Kronoculus is our first real minor challenge...   |
 |   with 500 HP he is the toughest enemy we've fought up to now. Still, I  |
 |   have no doubt you can do this easily.                                  |
 |                                                                          |
 |   Kronoculus is a magic being, so if you can bring costumes that are     |
 |   strong against that do so. Check out his moves below and lay into him. |
 |   All of his attacks are very bearable, but he does have one trick: his  |
 |   clock. Once he brings it out, stop what you are doing and TARGET THE   |
 |   CLOCK. He will refill his HP once he is done playing with his clock    |
 |   for a few turns, but once you break the clock you can then target and  |
 |   defeat him outright.                                                   |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Hand Smack: Just a basic attack. Hurts maybe a little more than what   |
 |   you are used to. but not very threatening. Let the damage get spread   |
 |   around and then use the Clown's special to heal everyone up a bit and  |
 |   this attack is negligible.                                             |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Minion Summon: Kronoculus will summon a minion. Honestly, the best     |
 |   way to handle this is with multi-hit specials. Either that or use      |
 |   a creepy card to stun / negate the minion for multiple turns until     |
 |   you can spread damage or take him out. Best to focus on Kronoculus     |
 |   and his clock...                                                       |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Stun Blast: Kronoculus will stun a character... gah! This does suck,   |
 |   and will stun a character for multiple turns. Not much you can do, but |
 |   fortunately he usually only does it near the end of the fight so keep  |
 |   pressing into him and finish him off.                                  |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 Watch the scenes and we'll soon be taken... BACK TO THE FUTURE!
 Yeah, sorry about that (how great is that movie!?). We'll be at the Tooth
Academy soon, to be... retrained...

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "Krono Trigger" trophy for defeating Kronoculus.

                  _____                 ____               ___ 
                 / ___/                / __ \             |_  |
                / /__   O S T U M E   / /_/ /  U E S T   / __/
O==<                     PART 2: ESCAPING THE ACADEMY                     >==O

 Well then... this sucks. Enjoy the dialog and answer the teacher when the
game prompts you. Soon, you'll be sent to detention for, uh... telling the
truth. The detention room is the only other open door in the hall...

 The teacher will have you sit down next to Halley, who turns out to be
Everett and Lucy's child! Wow! Hehehe... she joins our party even! Nice!
Soon the teacher will head off to the bathroom (after your poor attempt at
leaving) and we'll have control.

 Halley comes with the [_JEFFERSON PATTERN_], out upcoming costume. Head over
to the classroom to the right and check the desk for the [_POWDERED WIG_]
(Jefferson 1/3). Head up the hall now and enter the door on the left (the one
that was locked) for [_BUCKLED SHOES_] (Jefferson 2/3). Head downstairs now.
The janitor will tell us our costumes are in the closet, but won't let us past
quite yet. Enter the right door and check the chest for the [_CRAVAT_],
(Jefferson 3/3), which completes our [_JEFFERSON COSTUME_].

 This costume has a special exploration ability DIPLOMACY! Fitting, right?
Hehe. Go use it on the janitor now to get him to move, then go open the
closet and open the chest to get all your stuff back! Hurrah!

 Now, go ahead and exit the school. Principal BoJimm will stop us and read
off a list of infractions that we've done... time for a proper education!
While Principal BoJimm LOOKS like a boss, he really isn't... more of a power
check. He has a TON of HP but only uses basic attacks and has no other tricks
or moves, so keep nailing him and he'll fall.


 Once he is down the place is ours to explore! Equip Pterodactyl and head to
the right, and then up following the building. Blow the leaves and talk to
the kid to start:

 Well, that is "Kid 1/6". That's all that is up here though. Head to the left
of the entrance now and blow the leaves here, then follow the path down into
the sewers...

 Down here we'll meet... MONTY! He is down here with his gators and still
remembers us. How cool! He's much older now of course. Shady is also down
here despite it being the future:

 |   SHADY'S DEALS   |
 |                                                |
 | MAP: The Witches' Bog               20 Candy   |
 | MAP: Tooth Academy                  20 Candy   |
 | MAP: The Sewers                     20 Candy   |
 | PIE CAKE                           475 Candy   |
 | HEADLESS HORSEMINTS                475 Candy   |
 |                                                |

 There is also the items from before. There are likely a few costume upgrades
you couldn't afford last time that you can now. Up to you. I'd buy the maps
at the very least as they are cheap.

 After that talk to the man on the right and you'll get the password to the
speakeasy door. Go ahead and enter it. Inside gather the candy and talk to
everyone. Sadie is the key person here. You need to use your Diplomacy Skill
with Jefferson to talk her into helping you. Once you do:

 We need to go up to Old Auburn Pines next. Head out of the speakeasy and
south to get up there.

 Out here head to the left and talk to the kid by Everett's House. She will
end up telling you about a costume she stashed due to the heat and will give
you the [_WIZARD PATTERN_]. We get a quest too:

 OK, so let's get to some work. Head north and fight the DRONE you find. It
is guarding some leaves. Beat it and blow the leaves away, then open the chest
here for a [_ROBE_] (Wizard 1/3). Now, knock at the house for "Pickup 1/4".
There are a lot of houses here, but only four pickups that we need to get.

(-NOTE-) This is my first time playing this, so I hope these houses that I'm
         saying the pickups are at are correct. If someone can confirm and
         then email me, it'd help. I could easily see them making the right
         houses radomized or something like that...

 Cross the street to the right and knock at the door for "Pickup 2/4". The
house to the south has a battle. There is also a guard walking around the
street for another battle. It is worth noting that, when you get hurt, you
can head south and then west to find a fountain in a park.

 After that, head south from Everett's house to find a kid with a creepy
card icon. Talk to her for another dupe quest:

 We need a second Rice Creepies card. You likely already have one, I bet.
Just keep it in mind. Now, you can explore to the south if you wish (where
your house is / was) but there's really nothing down there. A couple of
things to hit, I guess....

 Head to the park now and go talk to the kid wearing the lincoln hat to the
south. This is "Kid 2/6". Four more to go. Now, talk to the adult here. Hey,
it is BARON! He will end up honoring his IOU, and gives us 1,000 Candy! See,
I told you it was worth it! BWAHAHAHA! This completes the "Investing in the
Future" quest.

 From the park head to the southwest and take out a drone guarding the ramp
to the backyard. Once he's down, follow the backyards gathering the candy
until you reach a chest with [_COTTON BALLS_] (Wizard 2/3). Hehe. In the
next lawn keep going right instead of up (which leads to the streets). Once
you are done, head back to the park.

 Let's get the other houses now. From the park head up the right side of the
street and hit up the house for "Pickup 3/4". The house to the north is a
battle, and there is also a guard wandering about. There is also a pile of
leaves between those two houses you can blow away with the Pterodactyl that
leads to a pinata.

 After the houses and guards, cross the street to the left side. At the very
top is a Dental Drone. Take him out and follow the path around to the back
of the house for a pinata and a [_GLOWSTICK_] in a chest (Wizard 3/3). Getting
this glowstick gives us the [_WIZARD COSTUME_]. YES! Note the exploration
ability: light! This means we can get through those dark sewer tunnels!

 Check the nearby house for "Pickup 4/4", which is our last one. The house
just to the south has a battle in it, so go fight it for the experience.
That's all we can do here, so check out the note below and head back to the

(-NOTE-) I hit level 6 out on these streets and went to see Corvus just for
         the heck of it. He taught me to COUNTER in a fighting session, but
         no quest accompanied this action (unlike when we hit level 4 and
         were told to go see him...). So... go chat with him behind Everett's
         house just to be safe. Let me know via email if this is level
         dependant or not too, would you!?
 Head back to the sewers. Shady has some new items here:

 |   SHADY'S DEALS   |
 |                                                |
 | MAP: Auburn Pines                   20 Candy   |
 | PTERODACTYL UPGRADE: Fanny Pack   1000 Candy   |
 | MYSTERY LUMPS                      475 Candy   |
 | DELECTA-BULLS                      375 Candy   |
 |                                                |

 Go give the candy to Sadie now to finish her quest. She'll give you the
password to the east speakeasy. Uh.. thanks, jerk. Head to the tunnel now
and use the Wizard's Glowstick to get through it (the lights will come on
once you get through the tunnel). Gather the candy here and then head past
the door and talk to the monster for:

 Hmm, those are scary claw marks! Light them up with the glowstick and
follow the tracks to the ladder. Hmmm... Before we pursue that, go interact
with the door and enter the second speak-easy. Here talk to the man at the
counter (Blob) for:

 Looks like we have to get three more deliveries. Great. Man, these people
are not very generous at all, are they? Time to head up to the streets yet

 Up here, talk to the miner to the north for some dialog and a new quest:
 Oooo, a new costume coming up. To get past this miner, equip the Jefferson
costume and use diplomacy on him. He'll move out of the way. Gather up the
candy here and talk to the kid for "Kid 3/6" (for the hide and seek), then
equip the Pterodactyl and blow away both of the trash piles. One of them has
the [_PHARAOH PATTERN_]. Nice. The door up here also has "Pickup 1/3".

 A good haul. Exit the upper area and visit the house to the left for a
fight (I should note that the FOUNTAIN in this area is to the south, close
by, on the right side of the street and easy to find). In the alley here is
more claw marks that lead south to another alley between buildings.

 Talk to the monster to the south to learn he is guarding a treasure and
isn't about to move... yep, time for more diplomacy! Talk to him with the
Jefferson Costume and he'll move. Now, follow the doors and ramp to a chest
with a [_BLACK SCARF_] (Pharaoh 1/3). Use the clown costume to get past the
pigeons and back to the street.

 Now, head to the fountain. To the south is a pile of paper. Blow it away
with Pterodactyl and follow it to a grubin. He'll complain about working for
the rich and walk away. Heh. Head to the chest and fight the mole that pops
up (a good time to double XP). Go grab the [_FLIP FLOPS_] (Pharaoh 2/3) after

 Now, head to the left side of the street and get the last house down here.
This is a fight, so be ready. It gave me the [_RICE CREEPIES_] card after
the fight, so be sure to go back to the Auburn Pines map and give it to the
kid to complete the "Creepy Creepies" quest.

 Once you get back, search near the house you last fought at to see more
scratch marks. Use the Wizard Light to follow the marks to the south to see
whatever it was jumped over the security barrier. Head east now and there
will be some garbage to the south. Blow it out of the way and gather the
candy. There are marks here that lead up and north across the street. The
beast jumped ANOTHER fence. Sheesh...

 The house nearby is "Pickup 2/3" by the way. From here the road goes north
and east. Explore the east portion for a dead end and candy. After that go
north and talk to the monster guarding the door. Yep, use the Jefferson
Costume to get him out of the way. Follow the door now, get the pinata and
then open the chest for the [_HANGER_] (Pharaoh 3/3), which leads to the

 With this new costume we can finally slide down those ropes you've no doubt
been seeing. Slide down this one and then head to the fountain. Now go across
the street and enter the door to head up to the area where we got the Black
Scarf. There is a line here that Pharaoh can slide down for another chest with
the [_HAPPY HEADS_] creepy card.

 With that treasure obtained, head back to the far right street. To the north
are two more houses: one battle and one "Pickup 3/3", which is out last one
for Blob. Also, near the lower end of the street are more claw marks. Follow
the tracks north to see them hop another fence... sheesh!

 Time to head back to the Sewers.

 Here we'll see the marks head off to the left. I should note though that
there are new items in Shady's Shop. Lot's of new upgrades that you have to
check out:

 |   SHADY'S DEALS   |
 |                                                |
 | MAP: New Repugia (East Side)        20 Candy   |
 | JEFFERSON UPGRADE: Red Dye        1500 Candy   |
 | WIZARD UPGRADE: Bleach            1500 Candy   |
 | ROBOT UPGRADE: Red Paint          1500 Candy   |
 | MORONS                             475 Candy   |
 | PAMPLA-MOOSES                      475 Candy   |
 |                                                |

 Once you spend all that candy, head to the speakeasy and deliver the candy
to Blob. He'll end up giving us... the Elite Speakeasy Password! Gah, these
speakeasy people are killing me...

 Head to the left and then use your Pharaoh costume to get over the rope.
The Dr. White Compound Door is near here. You can also go under the steps
here to find "Kid 4/6". Now, head to the speakeasy and say the password.
The Elites here sure are stuck-up. Talk to the king-looking dude to get out
inevitable next quest:

 Well, time to go get more deliveries. Four this time. Head out and up the
steps to get to the next ladder and the next part of town.

 Let's head up and hit the house up here first. It is a battle, so be ready.
After that, head to the left of the sewer and you'll see the claw marks again.
Follow them into the "Grubin Grotto". I'm bound to run that darn monster down!

(-NOTE-) Shady is out here in downtown. He MAY give you 10% off for buying
         here and adds in the "New Repugia, Downtown" map.


 In here, talk to the Grubin Elder to the south for a courier quest:
 We have to get a signature to finish this one. Let's focus on the monster
for now though. Head down the stairs to the right and then go NORTH (use the
clown's horn) to find a pinata. Head back and go down the stairs again to a
house with "Pickup 1/4". To the south you can break some garbage bags and find
a catwalk that leads to a chest for the [_CANDY TEETH_] creepy treat card.

 Head up now and then head SOUTH through the lighted tunnel. Fight your way
south to a fountain, finding marks that lead east. Keep heading east following
the marks when you see them and you will pass over a long catwalk. Head north
now to see a scene.

 Annnnnnndddddd..... we got the [_WOLFMAN COSTUME_]! Sweet, a whole costume
for free! Worth it, right? Head back to the fountain now and head west, off
the ramp. The door here is a fight, and the path up above and to the east is
a shortcut back to the fountain. Head west again past another tunnel and
take out the drone. Note the "Kid 5/6". Nearly done!

 Head SOUTH of the drop and right to get the [_SCHAFER'S WAFERS_] card from
a chest. Head left to the zipline and follow the path to get back up. Head
up the stairs and use the ziplines to be dropped in front of a crow. This is
Mr. Crestwailer. He is the man we need to sign the contract. Talk to him and
then use some diplomacy to learn of his problem (which is of course going to
be our problem...).

 Seems like we need to get the billboard owner to sell... as a note, the 
zipline near Mr. Crestwailer leads to the area where the kid was, and the door
by him leads up to the roof and a dental drone and another zipline that leads
to the fountain. Feel free to explore. To continue though, head north and go
down the stairs. You'll find the Trowbog Elder here. Talk to him and he'll
refuse to talk until he's had a laugh...

 Put on the clown outfit and talk to him, then honk your horn a ton. EVEN WHEN
HE SAYS IT IS TIRING, KEEP DOING IT (seriously, I stopped thinking it wasn't
working and the solution is to do it more... jeez!). He'll eventually agree to
the billboard and will sign off on it.

 Head east to a fountain and up the stairs. This door is "Pickup 2/4" actually.
Head AROUND the back of the building to get to the roof. Follow this path to
get above the party and find a pinata. After that, return to Mr. Crestwailer
and give him the contract. He'll sign off on it and the party will move... now
head back to the Grubin Elder and give him the contract. This will actually net
you "Pickup 3/4". Enjoy the scene! That's business, sucka! Hehe...

 With all of that done, let's head back to downtown.


 Back here. Head south and right now. The first house here has "Pickup 4/4",
which is nice. The next is a fight. Continue right to a fountain and then
to the right check behind the statues to find "Kid 6/6". This will net you
the [_GHOSTPAIL_] upgrade, so you can carry more candy!

 That's all there really is to do here. Check out the statues to the north
and talk to people if you wish. When you are done, head to the sewers and
and turn in the speakeasy quest for the key. Save up and then enter the
Dr. White HQ. Ready for a boss battle?

 | Boss Battle -                   Ophirion                   - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Calling Ophirion a BOSS is... a bit of a stretch. |
 |   Or maybe I'm just that good? Haha, hey I can be cocky sometimes! The   |
 |   main reason I question his boss status is because he only really does  |
 |   one charge attack... and that's it. Pretty lame. Still, he looks       |
 |   really cool and I like using these boxes, so...                        |
 |                                                                          |
 |   Go in with a healer and two Monster Damage costumes for maximum        |
 |   effect. The biggest thing to note during this fight is that Ophirion   |
 |   LOVES to broadcast his attacks. For example, I had the unicorn costume |
 |   as my healer, right? He told me to "quit horsing around" and attacked  |
 |   my unicorn. Or, for example, he'll say "I'll show you why diplomacy    |
 |   doesn't work!" and will attack Jefferson. The key here is to get your  |
 |   COUNTER ready and then let him have it, since you know who he is       |
 |   about to attack. Do that and lay on the damage and you'll be good.     |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Charge Attack: Ophirion's basic attack. Very easy to counter if you    |
 |   use the trick above, and doesn't hurt TOO much even if you miss the    |
 |   counter. This is all he has, so make him pay for it...                 |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 Watch the scene afterwards.... yes, we are rather pathetic. Oh well...
 (-NOTE-) After defeating Ophirion you will get the "Counter Feat" trophy.

                  _____                 ____               ___ 
                 / ___/                / __ \             |_  |
                / /__   O S T U M E   / /_/ /  U E S T   / __/
O==<                     PART 3: THE DENTAL COMPOUND                      >==O


 Captured again. We'll get a quest here:
 Note the big pile of trash though... yep, use your pterodactyl and blow
it away. Hit the crack and BAM! Escape route! Follow it down and use the
Wizard Ability to get through the dark spot. You'll come to a ladder and a
note, which gives you the [_GHOST PATTERN_]. Looks like Corvus left us a
costume to find. Head up now to the Dental Compound.

(-NOTE-) Once you reach level 9, you should get the quest "CORVUS' CONCLUSION".
         You should hit level 9 somewhere in this area. We'll be able to visit
         Corvus soon...
 Out here, head to the southeast to find a chest with a [_SHEET_] (Ghost 1/3).
Good find. Head north now to find a kid hiding behind the hedge. Talk to him
to start the next hide and seek game:

 He is "Kid 1/6". Good to keep track. Head to the west for candy, and then
south after that to blow away some leaves and find the [_TECH CLOTH_]
(Ghost 2/3). Coming along quickly. Now, head to the SOUTHEAST CORNER of the
garden. Here you'll see you can drop down. Do so and fight the snail you
find, who is guarding the [_SCISSORS_] in the chest (Ghost 3/3). This will
give you the [_GHOST COSTUME_]. Note the exploration ability. That is bound
to help rescue Lucy and Everett...

 Jump the ramp and talk to the creepy treat kid:
 The kid needs a dupe Smoochies card. We'll find it! There is a fountain and
Shady down here as well. Before we get to those, head west and blow the leaves
out of the way. There is a pinata here and "Kid 2/6". Now, check out shady
for a whole new set of deals:

(-NOTE-) The 10% off carries over to here. I'm going to adjust the prices
         with that in mind. I'm sure you likely have the 10% off as well...
         I can't imagine you wouldn't.
 |   SHADY'S DEALS   |
 |                                                  |
 | MAP: Security Building                18 Candy   |
 | MAP: Dr. White's Inner Sanctum        18 Candy   |
 | WOLFMAN UPGRADE: Letterman Jacket   1350 Candy   |
 | PHARAOH UPGRADE: Dog Ear Headband   1350 Candy   |
 | UNICORN UPGRADE: Styrofoam Horn     1350 Candy   |
 | GARLIC CRUNCH                        430 Candy   |
 | CHERRY KLOTS                         430 Candy   |
 |                                                  |
 Cherry Klots is super powerful. I like the healing upgrades as well. Worth
getting. Now, head to the garden and go to the right. Follow that path up to
see a chest behind some leaves. It has the [_KING SIZE FUN SIZE BAR_] in it,
a creepy treat bar. Head up to the street now on the right side and go sotuh.
You'll find "Kid 3/6" hiding right by a guard shack. Very brave!

 Head north now to see the "Research Lab. Head in to find "Kid 4/6" by the
stairs. These stairs lead up to the ramparts. Worth going up to. Head up and
then north to a pinata. Follow the ramparts around all the way to the west
side of this compound. You'll see a place to drop off. Do so and check the
chest for the [_FLING-A-LINGS_] card.

 Head back to Shady and the Fountain now. There's some new stuff here. Some
of it you may actually have seen before (For example, in my game I got the
ghost AFTER visiting Shady up above, but re-worded it to make it flow better
for you guys). Still, be aware there's new stock here:

 |   SHADY'S DEALS   |
 |                                                  |
 | MAP: Research Lab                     18 Candy   |
 | MAP: Dr. White's Inner Sanctum        18 Candy   |
 | PUMPKIN UPGRADE: Burger Crown       1350 Candy   |
 | EYEBALL UPGRADE: Pink Paint         1350 Candy   |
 | GHOST UPGRADE: Green Dye            1800 Candy   |
 | CTHULHU CHEW                         430 Candy   |
 | PEANUT BUTTER BOMB                   430 Candy   |
 |                                                  |

 The Peanut Butter Bomb in particular is OP to hell. I recommend it! BWAHAHA!
 Now, let's go explore the northern part of this area. This leads to a "Private
Residence" that is locked. Go figure. Head around the house and head to the
northeast corner. There is a mole here and a pinata. The mole drops one of the
"Smoochie" cards the kid wants, but we need one more. Now, go check the right
side of this area to find "Kid 5/6" hiding out.
 Let's continue on now. From the fountain area head to the LEFT street. There
is a "Security" building over here with a laser gate. Use your  ghost costume
ability to get past it and enter the security area. Hit the Grubin from behind
when you are ready (note that the boss battle comes up soon) and defeat him.
This gets Halley's parents free and also frees:
 | Boss Battle -             Kronoculus (Round 2)             - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: DESPITE being locked up by Overlord White, he     |
 |   still wants to fight us. Honestly, this match is much easier than the  |
 |   first time we fought him. Hardly a boss battle. He doesn't have his    |
 |   time piece, for starters. He also doesn't call for back up (either     |
 |   that or I just killed him to fast...). So while he has more HP and     |
 |   can still stun people, he is easy to take out. Bring along costumes    |
 |   that are strong against magic if you want a slightly easier time.      |
 |   Pour into him and he'll fall easily...                                 |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Hand Smack: Just a basic attack. Hurts maybe a little more than what   |
 |   you are used to. but not very threatening. You will likely kill him    |
 |   long before his basic attacks take you down. If you are overly worried |
 |   you can bring in a healer.                                             |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Time Freeze: Kronoculus will stun a character... again. His best move  |
 |   here without a doubt as the character is stunned for multiple turns.   |
 |   Not much you can do about it. Just keep on pouring on the damage and   |
 |   you'll be fine.                                                        |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 I guess he should have done more pushups... Note that he drops a "Smoochie"
card... which is the dupe the kid needs. Sweet!
 After the scene you'll be outside. First things first: go BACK INSIDE the
Security room. "Kid 6/6" is hiding out in there. Tag him and you'll gain the
[_INFINITY BUCKET_], an experimental candy bucket. I'm going to go out on a
limb here and guess it holds infinity candy...

 Head back to Everett and Lucy. Fight the enemies in the way as you lead them
over to the Research Lab. There's quite a few. Don't forget to stop by the
fountain area and give that kid his "Smoochie" card. Once you fight your way
to the Research Lab, Everett will pick you up and get you in the side window.

 Whatever they are building in the central part of this area is probably
going to be bad news later...

 Head to the left and use the ghost to get past the door. Kill the foe in
here and then check the desk for the [_GREEN CARD_]. Head back out and head
to the right. This door opens now. Kill the enemy here and check the desk for
an [_ORANGE CARD_]. Now, head up the stairs, use the fountain if you want
and go into the right room. Two enemies here. Kill them both and claim the
[_HOT DOG COSTUME_] floating in the glass chamber. Free costume. Heh...
Wait, why does he have costumes being worked on? Bah...

 With the Hot Dog Costume you can head to the left room and the enemy will
come running out to you, thinking you are food. Kill them off and then enter
the room and claim the [_BROKEN CLOCK_]. Next, bash the northern wall and
drop down to meet up with Lucy and Everett. This will actually complete our
quest but gives us a new one:

 Time to go back up once again.

 (-NOTE-) You can go get the HOT DOG UPGRADE: Felt Squares from Shady if you
          wish. It costs a whopping 1800 Candy. Yikes.
 Not much to do up here. Head to the left street and go north. You'll see a
scene with Dr. White. Now, head back to Halley's parents and report. They will
open up a portal to the past and head out. BYE HALLEY! SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE!

 Once you head to the past you'll scare a kid. Go ahead and talk to him,
then use your Jefferson Diplomacy to get the [_MYSTERY CANDY_]. What to do
with this? Well, plant it in the nearby dirt, of course (naturally!). This
will turn into a tree in the future that gives candy over and over when you
hit it. Y'know... if you are OK getting 2 candy per hit... Head up to the
French Quarter now.


 Out here, Wren and Reynold will discuss how to get Orel to help. May as
well start at his house...

 If you want, go visit the statue kids. You can use diplomacy on them to
have them come together and breakdance! Ha!

(-NOTE-) This actually unlocks the "Breakdance Broker" trophy.

 Head over to Orel's house and knock on the door. Nothing... well, what we
have to do here is equip the Wizard Costume and look around. You'll see spots
on the ground leading away from Orel's house... follow it into town and then
to the left. Head into the door, make your way to the roof, and use the
Pharaoh ability to reach Orel! After talking with him, he'll agree to come
with you, giving us three party members again!

 Drop down the ramp and check the chest for the [_NOUGAT NUGGETS_] card.
 (-NOTE-) This should be the 45th card you pick up, and will get you the
          "45 Card Pickup" trophy.

 Head back to the portal and head to the future now. Before heading to the
dental compound, take the time to go right to New Repugia and go find Corvus.
He will end up giving you the [_SPECIAL METER MOD_] that will charge up your
special meters faster. That is his last gift to us.

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "Fight Club" trophy now, after getting that
          last item from Corvus.
 There's one more thing we can do... one very special, hidden costume.
 To get it, go to the garden and head to the right street. Right below the
Research Lab is Dirtanian, the Grubin, who is peaceful to us. He'll have some
problem remembering a movie. Use your diplomacy skill on him and we'll try to
help him remember.

 He'll first state that at the movie he had hotdogs. Equip your Hot Dog
Costume and talk to him. Note that to pass this you must have the UPGRADED
HOT DOG COSTUME. This may require some money spending...

 Nest up, he will remember a super hero. This means you need your UPGRADED
SUPER HERO COSTUME. This one you likely have. Note that you have to wear
the super hero AND the hot dog costumes at the same time to advance.

 Finally, Dirtanian will remember someone furry. This requires the UPGRADED
TEEN WOLF COSTUME. That will probably be even more grinding (it did for me
at least).

 Once you do all that, he'll give you some fertilizer. Take it back to the
past and use it on the tree sapling, then go to the future and enter the
SIDE DOOR of the Research Lab. Go up the stairs and then south on the ramparts
to see the tree has grown! Go out to the branch and head south. Break down the
door shape and climb the tree... at the end you'll be out in space with a chest
that has the [_SOLAR SYSTEM COSTUME_].

 (-NOTE-) That should be the final costume in the game. Finding this costume
          will net you the "Cosmonaut" trophy.
 With that done, head over to the compound now and interact with the Top Secret
Warehouse. Enjoy the scenes here. So much wrong...

 Well, note the fountain behind you and head down the street. You can in
fact trick or treat at these doors. The southern one has a [_SERVO_] piece
after you hit the robot (always hit the robot!). You can get around most of
these houses for candy as well.

 Continue down the road and get the third house to the left, then head up.
There is a scientist wandering around here, by the way. Hit up the houses
on the left to find some [_WIRES_] as you go, then follow the road south and
hit up the houses to the north for the [_ROBOT BODY_].

 Head to the right now and swipe the [_PERSONAL FLOSS ROBOT_] plans from
the table. This completes the set and gets you the [_FLOSS ROBOT COSTUME_].
Man, we have a lot of costumes. Head to the crate now to see a scene.

 We'll be in Dr. White's bedroom now. Exit the crate and nab the [_TALISMAN_].
Use the Pharaoh costume ability on the zipline out the window to escape...
and mess up... all at once. Well great...

 Go ahead and heal up. Get whatever costumes you want ready and get whatever
cards you want ready. Once you are ready, pick up the talisman and get ready
to face the final boss...

 (-NOTE-) For this fight I went with the Solar System, Wizard and Unicorn
          costumes. I was level 11 I believe. I used the healing move once.
          The cards to negate all damage in one turn (I'll throw in the name
          of it later) helps a ton, especially with his smile attack.

 | Boss Battle -                Orel White DDS                - Boss Battle |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - General Information: Here we are, the final boss battle. Orel is a     |
 |   decent boss at least, with his high health and, well... more than a    |
 |   single move. First of all, Orel will use his suit to bring out some    |
 |   "minions". These can be things like two picks or two toothpaste        |
 |   blasters. When any of these "minions" are out, Orel himself takes      |
 |   VERY LOW DAMAGE. Meaning you pretty much have to take out any devices  |
 |   he pulls out to hurt him.                                              |
 |                                                                          |
 |   That's not too bad though. Very do-able. Once you have his minions     |
 |   down, lay into him hard. To refresh his tools, he will always do his   |
 |   smile attack on you, which takes a turn to charge (and gives you time  |
 |   to get ready for it). Heal up afterward, use your cards wisely, and    |
 |   keep laying into him and the battle is yours.                          |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Basic Attack: Orel's basic attack. Does fairly minor damage if you     |
 |   can block. Nothing to be really worried about until your health goes   |
 |   below half.                                                            |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Tool Refresh: Orel is able to refresh his tools mid-fight. You must    |
 |   defeat these tools before you can attack Orel. The tools can switch    |
 |   between weakness types, and always get refreshed after the Bright      |
 |   Smile attack below. They each also have their own turn. Take them out  |
 |   ASAP.                                                                  |
 |                                                                          |
 | - Bright Smile: Orel's big attack. He takes an entire round to charge    |
 |   this move (which means you can prepare for it). Once he fires it, it   |
 |   will hit EVERYONE for moderate damage. It will also refresh his tools  |
 |   as well. Heal up afterward and then repeat the tool-destroying cycle.  |
 |                                                                          |
 |                                                                          |

 Once you defeat him, you'll get to watch some scenes. You'll actually be
back in the present, and the block party will be open. Go interact with
everyone as the credits roll. As far as I know, you just need to manually
quit the game once you are done.

 (-NOTE-) When you beat the game, you'll unlock the "Hallo-winners" trophy
          and, if you followed the guide, the "Quest Love" trophy. Congrats!
(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email!
                  _____                 ____               ___ 
                 / ___/                / __ \             |_  |
                / /__   O S T U M E   / /_/ /  U E S T   / __/
O==<                               Costumes                               >==O
 Here I'm going to type out all the costumes and what you can expect out
of them. Just for the heck of it. Why not!

 (-NOTE-) Some of these are upgraded and have upgraded descriptions, but
          not all of them. Hey, don't judge me! Hehe...

  - Description: A dollop of sugar, corn syrup and wax shaped to look like
                 a piece of corn. Now with a defensive chocolate stripe!
  - Focus: Inaction
  - Combat Special: None, but Candy Corn looks more delicious to enemies and
                    draws more attention.
  - Exploration Ability: None
  - Where I got it: This was out in Everett's shed in the future. I don't
                    know why he saved this silly costume. Maybe for sentimental
  - Description: A being imbued with amazing supernatural powers of the stars.
                 Evil-doers beware!
  - Focus: Powerful Attacks
  - Combat Special: Sweet Justice - Superhero hefts a candy filled bus filled
                    (sic) and hurls it at an enemy for massive damage. Even
                    more now that he has solar power!
  - Exploration Ability: None
  - Where I got it: This was out in Everett's shed in the future. I don't
                    remember him having this one. Must be new.
  - Description: A grease paint laden buffoon in a rainbow bodysuit that will
                 do anything for a laugh.
  - Focus: Healer
  - Combat Special: Laughter is the Best Medicine - Clown executes a perfectly
                    timed pratfall to bring healing laughter to his allies It's
                    (sic) even funnier in his rainbow outfit!
  - Exploration Ability: Squeaky Horn
  - Where I got it: Monty lent us this costume after we helped him round up
                    the pieces from his gators.
  - Description: A Jurassic era carnivore with elite flapping skills and a
                 weakening multi-egg attack.
  - Focus: Weaken Enemies
  - Combat Special: Terrordactyl - Pterodactyl swoops towards the enemy for a
                    weakening egg attack. Now even more weakening with a
                    multi-egg attack!
  - Exploration Ability: Flap
  - Where I got it: Won the pattern by besting a devil kid with my clown horn.
                    Found the other pieces in treasure chests around the bayou.
  - Description: An enlightened forefather whose flaming pen is mighter (sic)
                 than any sword!
  - Focus: Nuke
  - Combat Special: Declaration of Destruction - Jefferson pens a masterwork
                    and delivers it with explosive effect.
  - Exploration Ability: Diplomacy
  - Where I got it: Halley gave me the pattern. The rest of the materials were
                    in the teachers' desks at the Tooth Academy.
  - Description: This enrobed geezer fiddles with the dark arts. Not afraid
                 to wear white after labor day.
  - Focus: Splash Attacks
  - Combat Special: Doomstick - Wizard stabs his staff into the ground to
                    unleash maximum fury with this lightning attack! White
                    wizard's attacks are somehow even more furious!
  - Exploration Ability: Glowstick
  - Where I got it: Naomi gave me the pattern. The pieces were hidden in
                    backyards, guarded by Dental Drones.
  - Description: This wolfman is younger, hipper and probably plays sports
                 really well. That obviously results in more damage over time.
  - Focus: Damage Over Time
  - Combat Special: Night Terrors - Teen Wolfman whips himself into a frenzy
                    and heads toward an unfortunate enemy leaving lasting
  - Exploration Ability: None
  - Where I got it: This one was a pain to find! I had to track a kid all
                    over the city to get it.
  - Description: An jackal faced ancient Egyptian ruler with the power of
                 full resurrection.
  - Focus: Resurrection
  - Combat Special: Gift of Life - Pharoah gives a healing touch so powerful
                    that it can bring the dead back to life with more health!
  - Exploration Ability: Crook Slide
  - Where I got it: Found these pieces as relics that were dug up from the
                    candy mines in the east side of the city.
  - Description: This spooky spectre is the perfect way to haunt your enemies.
  - Focus: Defense
  - Combat Special: Mourning Coughy - Give the gift of invisibility to a
                    friend to reduce their damage taken!
  - Exploration Ability: Invisibility
  - Where I got it: I found this costume scattered around Dr. White's
                    dental compound.
  - Description: A fully loaded three headed dog made of all of the worst
                 parts of the pig.
  - Focus: Multi-Attack
  - Combat Special: Super Sized Combo Meal - Chicago Style Cerberus savagely
                    spews condiments in every direction coating all enemies.
  - Exploration Ability: None
  - Where I got it: I found this costume in Dr. White's secret stash.
  - Description: A Personal Floss Robot disguise, sized for a shipping
  - Focus: Subterfuge
  - Combat Special: N/A
  - Exploration Ability: Disguise
  - Where I got it: Dr. White's Secret Trick-or-Treat Warehouse.
  - Description: A sun surrounded by heavenly bodies and some stars.
  - Focus: Defense
  - Combat Special: NooooooOOOO! - Ships from the corners of the galaxy come
                    to blast your enemies!
  - Exploration Ability: None
  - Where I got it: I found it in space after climbing that giant space tree.
 (-NOTE-) These last four costumes are a bonus for pre-ordering the game.
          Pretty sure that's the only way you get them. Just an FYI
  - Description: A futuristic mech equipped with highly effective energy
                 shields and ion-propelled booster rockets.
  - Focus: Attack
  - Combat Special: Missile Barrage - Damages and applies a damage-over-time
                    fire effect to all enemies.
  - Exploration Ability: None
  - Where I got it: Shady
  - Description: This rare beast uses its two-pronged heals to rejuvenate
                 the party.
  - Focus: Heals
  - Combat Special: My Pretty Panacea - Revives a KO'd party member and
                    heals them to full health.
  - Exploration Ability: None
  - Where I got it: Shady
  - Description: The classic Halloween Jack-O-Lantern come to life!
  - Focus: Nuke
  - Combat Special: All Hallows' Eve - A powerful tornado that cuts all
                   enemies' health in half.
  - Exploration Ability: None
  - Where I got it: Shady
  - Description: An eyeball.
  - Focus: Attack
  - Combat Special: EYE-agara Falls - The Eyeball gushes forth a powerful
                    torrent of tears that damages one enemy.
  - Exploration Ability: None
  - Where I got it: Shady

                  _____                 ____               ___ 
                 / ___/                / __ \             |_  |
                / /__   O S T U M E   / /_/ /  U E S T   / __/
O==<                        Trophies / Achievements                       >==O
 Here's all the achievements in the game. I imagine that as Costume Quest 2
get's put on other platforms, these will be trophies and who knows what else.
Go for the Hardcorn Mode! Hehe.

 __|   45 Card Pickup   |_____________________________________________________
    Description | Collected all Creepy Treat Cards
  How to Obtain | These either come from after battle, from the shop or from
                | various chests in the game. If you follow the guide and
                | don't run from fights, you should get this easily.

 __|   Flappy Bird   |________________________________________________________
    Description | Used the Pterodactyl Costume to flap 10 flappy things
  How to Obtain | I have no idea what "flappy things" are. I, uh... let's
                | assume they mean leaf piles and such. If that is the case,
                | you'll likely get this trophy naturally.

 __|   Monster Bash   |_______________________________________________________
    Description | Bashed 10 Monster Patrols
  How to Obtain | Hit 10 enemies from behind. This does some initial damage
                | to them when you do it so it is worth doing. You should get
                | this easily.

 __|   Krono Trigger   |______________________________________________________
    Description | Defeated Kronoculus and his Kronys
  How to Obtain | This one is story-related so you can't miss it.

 __|   Counter Feat   |_______________________________________________________
    Description | Defeated Ophirion
  How to Obtain | This one is story-related so you can't miss it.

 __|   Fashionista   |________________________________________________________
    Description | Tried on 5 different costumes
  How to Obtain | Pretty sure you can't miss this one. Five costumes is
                | nothing by the end of the game.

 __|   Candy Cornucopia   |___________________________________________________
    Description | Collected over 4 thousand candies
  How to Obtain | 4,000! That's quite a bit. I got it naturally, but if you
                | didn't just grind in the garden area of the dental compound
                | until you get this. It won't take too long and will let you
                | buy all those costume upgrades!

 __|   Cryptozoologist   |____________________________________________________
    Description | Found the Wolfman
  How to Obtain | If you're following the guide you are bound to get this one.
                | It is fairly easy, but takes awhile. It is all contained in
                | Part 2.

 __|   Cosmonaut   |__________________________________________________________
    Description | Found the Solar System
  How to Obtain | Near the end of the game, you can find this special hidden
                | costume. Check out the guide if you need help.

 __|   Breakdance Broker   |__________________________________________________
    Description | Got the liberty kids to bust a move
  How to Obtain | Hah, this is a fun one. I actually got it without even
                | knowing it was a trophy. Basically, once you get to the
                | French Quarter with the Jefferson Costume, use diplomacy
                | on one of the statue of liberty kids...

 __|   Quest Love   |_________________________________________________________
    Description | Completed all quests in the game
  How to Obtain | Pretty self-explanatory. If you follow the guide, you'll
                | get this trophy once you beat the game (yes, the final
                | battle counts as a quest). Not too hard.

 __|   Hallo-winners   |______________________________________________________
    Description | Restored the timeline to save Halloween
  How to Obtain | This one is story-related so you can't miss it.

 __|   Fight Club   |_________________________________________________________
    Description | Mastered all combat techniques from Corvus
  How to Obtain | Before you finish the game (or even better yet, as you level
                | up), visit Corvus from time to time to learn some new combat
                | moves. These do help a ton so be sure to do it!

 __|   Mod Culture   |________________________________________________________
    Description | Upgraded 3 costumes
  How to Obtain | Very easy to do. This will likely come to you naturally as
                | you play through the game.

 __|   The Clown That Honked 1000 Ships   |___________________________________
    Description | Used the clown horn 1000 times
  How to Obtain | What a silly trophy. Jeez... well, if you want it get out
                | there and start honking that horn!

 __|   Gathering the Magic   |________________________________________________
    Description | Used every costume special in combat
  How to Obtain | Another one that you may not get unless you try... or are
                | just naturally curious. You should have all the costumes by
                | the end of the game, so spend some time and try all those
                | specials out if you want this trophy.

 __|   Creepy Card Shark   |__________________________________________________
    Description | Tried every Creepy Treat Card in combat
  How to Obtain | This can take some time, but is fun to do. You won't get
                | this until near the end of the game, but if you follow the
                | guide it is just a matter of using them all in combat...

 __|   Hardcorn Mode   |______________________________________________________
    Description | Finished the game having fought every battle with Candy Corn
                | in your party
  How to Obtain | Haha, another great trophy. This one is "Hardcorn" indeed.
                | I haven't personally done this, but I can't imagine it would
                | be TOO hard. Especially with the Candy Corn upgrade. Once
                | you learn to counter, this would be a good costume to have
                | as well!
                  _____                 ____               ___ 
                 / ___/                / __ \             |_  |
                / /__   O S T U M E   / /_/ /  U E S T   / __/
O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 1.00: October 7th 2014 - October 12th 1014

 Got the guide done. The game isn't very long, but this time includes the
formatting and some work days throw in for good measure. Because, you know,
life... Still, very glad I got this done. Going to be working on The Evil
Within soon, hope you all join me for that.

                  _____                 ____               ___ 
                 / ___/                / __ \             |_  |
                / /__   O S T U M E   / /_/ /  U E S T   / __/
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o Mattwritesstuff. I don't really know Matt at all, but that's a website
   out there with the only other Costume Quest 2 guide I've found. His
   site helped me realize what the hell I was doing wrong with that Trowbog
   Elder. Thanks Matt!

 o Double Fine and everyone else associated with making this game! Thanks
   for bringing us such a great follow-up to Costume Quest. You guys are
   working on some DLC now, right?!
 o My fabulous family for giving me the time to work on this! I love you
   guys! :)

 o Maybe you? Send me an email!

REMEMBER THIS:                                       Document © Bkstunt_31 2014
ALL TECHNOLOGY                               Costume Quest 2 © 2014 Double Fine
CAN BE PUNCHED                                    E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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