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                    Marvel Super Hero Squad Infinity Gauntlet
                              Version 1.0
                            Created 12-1-2010

                     T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

            Version History................................[2.0]
                 Episode 1.................................[5.1]
                 Episode 2.................................[5.2]
                 Episode 3.................................[5.3]
                 Episode 4.................................[5.4]
                 Episode 5.................................[5.5]
                 Episode 6.................................[5.6]
                 Episode 7.................................[5.7]
                 Episode 8.................................[5.8]
                 Episode 9.................................[5.9]
                 Episode 10................................[5.10]
                 Episode 11................................[5.11]
                 Episode 12................................[5.12]
            Free Play......................................[6.0]
            Heroic Feats...................................[7.0]
            Challenge Mode.................................[9.0]

Introduction                                                            [1.0]

This guide was written based on the Normal difficulty level of the PS3 version
of the game. It should prove to be useful for the Xbox 360 version as well.
The finished version of the guide contains a walkthrough for all of the Story
Mode missions, a free play section, information on heroic feats, trophies, and
basically anything else you may want to know about playing the game. 

Version History                                                         [2.0]

Version 0.90
  -Submitted 12-1-2010
  -Walkthrough complete
  -Heroic Deeds listed
  -Trophies listed
  -Characters listed
      -Free Play section
      -Challenge Mode Section
      -Basics Section
      -More detailed Characters Section
      -CNTRL + F section headers

Version 0.95
 -Submitted 12-7-2010
 -Added more depth to character section
 -Added Collectibles Section
 -Free Play in progress

Version 1.0
 -Submitted 12-19-2010
 -Finished Characters Section
 -Finished Collectibles
 -Free play complete?
 -May add trophy tips when 100%
 -Guide complete except for updates to correct errors fix oversights

Basics                                                                  [3.0]


 X: Jump, Hold for temporary flight
 Square: Melee attack, Hold for a charged attack
 Triangle: Attack (varies by hero), Hold to charge
 Circle: Revive (down heroes), Block, Interact
 L2: Heroic Attack
 Left Analog Stick: Movement
 Select: Change heroes during Free Play
 Start: Pause


-S.H.I.E.L.D. Emblems - They come in two sizes (small and large) and build the
                        hero meter allowing for more Heroic Attacks.

-Infinity Stone Fragments - Collecting these helps gain trophies and unlock
                            Heroic Feats

-SHS Emblems - Gives the hero a Hero Up boost, increasing attack speed and 

-Health Packs - They come in different sizes and will replenish the hero's HP

Characters                                                              [4.0]

The following abbreviations are used in the character section:
     DESC: Description
     FCTR: Factor
     ATTK: Attacks (Triangle because square only punches and kicks)
     HRAT: Heroic Attack
     DLC: Downloadable Content (from the Playstation Network or X-box Live)

Black Widow 

 DESC: One of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top spies. Despite her sophisticated spy gear
       she can't shake the crowds of hopeful suitors
 FCTR: Tech
 ATTK: Wrist blasters, grenades (charged)
 HRAT: Wide sniper blast


 DESC: He talks with birds, flies on solid hologram wings, and has a lot to 
 FCTR: Speed
 ATTK: Dash charge, Fires feathers (charged)
 HRAT: Jumps into the air blasting feathers at everything in sight

The Incredible Hulk

 DESC: The biggest, strongest, smashiest squaddie. Nothing gets in his way,
       unless he has to think
 FCTR: Strength
 ATTK: Big Boot (well foot actually), Thunderclap (charged)
 HRAT: Ground Pound

Invisible Woman

 DESC: One of the Fantastic Four and a formidable fighter who can bend light 
       and force at will
 FCTR: Energy
 ATTK: Ranged energy orbs, radial force blast (charged)
 HRAT: Creation of force fields around multiple enemies and slamming them to
       the ground

Iron Man 

 DESC: Leader of the Squad, creates technological masterpieces... once he works
       out all the kinks
 FCTR: Tech
 ATTK: Repulsor blasts
 HRAT: Chest Repulsor blast


 DESC: The youngest squaddie, Reptil brings Dino Powers to the battle
 FCTR: Animal
 ATTK: Punches, Spin punch (charged)
 HRAT: Tail spin and smash


 DESC: An elite centurion of the intergalactic police force known as the Nova
 FCTR: Elemental
 ATTK: Engery beam, radial energy blast (charged)
 HRAT: Draws several enemies near then pushes them out with a radial blast

Scarlet Witch

 DESC: The squad's newest member, filing in for the Silver Surfer while he 
       protects the Infinity Sword
 FCTR: Energy
 ATTK: Hex blasts, Hex radial push (charged)
 HRAT: Lifts multiple enemies into the air with powers then smashes down


 DESC: Gifted science wiz who lives to protect the people of Super Hero City
 FCTR: Spider
 ATTK: Web pull, Web club (charged)
 HRAT: Fires multiple web blasts at surrounding enemies


 DESC: A highly regarded super hero attorney at law, and little cousin of the
 FCTR: Strength
 ATTK: Quick power kick, Scream (charged)
 HRAT: Jumps into air comes crashing down to ground for huge radial attack


 DESC: This god of thunder is big, hearty, operatic and loves a good battle
 FCTR: Elemental 
 ATTK: Hammer toss, Hammer Slam (charged)
 HRAT: Lightning attack against multiple enemies


 DESC: The nearly indestructible storm of metal tenacity with a bad attitude to
 FCTR: Animal
 ATTK: Claw dash, Claw Spin (charged)
 HRAT: Claw Lunge


 DESC: Quicksilver
 FCTR: Speed
 ATTK: Dash attacks
 HRAT: Dash Whirlwind

Captain America (DLC)

 DESC: He's a living legend, Cap is the peak of human potential
 FCTR: Strength, Speed
 ATTK: Shield Toss, Shield toss but spins around Cap (charged)
 HRAT: Shield Toss targeting multiple enemies

Bucky (DLC)

 DESC: Trained super soldier, Bucky is a fierce fighter and Captain America's 
       side kick
 FCTR: Speed
 ATTK: Electric blast from metal arm, Electric radial attack stuns (charged)
 HRAT: Electric radial blast from metal arm

Red Skull (DLC)

 DESC: An evil genius with an arsenal of menacing devices bent on world 
 FCTR: Tech
 ATTK: Pistol shot, Pistol Grenade (charged)
 HRAT: Red smoke poison grenades


Episode 1 Power of a Stone

Super Skrull has left with a gift the Super Hero Squad had planned to give to 
Thor for his birthday. Thanos is given the package from Super Skrull which 
should have a gauntlet in it. When opened the boots are removed. Iron Man and 
Hulk are also discovered.

Move to the right of the screen and jump with X. The door way is blocked so 
attack the debris with Square to open the path. Press the button to the right 
of Thanos to open the next door. In the next room Thanos and Super Skrull open 
a vent that pulls Iron Man and Hulk inside. They land in a room full of 
Skrulls. Defeat the Skrulls and pick up the Power Stone Fragments they leave 
behind. These fragments will be important for upgrades and unlockables.

Enter the next room to see Thanos again and collect some Power Stone Fragments. 
Exit through the door to find a meteor blocking the path. The removal of the 
large rock requires Strength. Fortunately, Hulk is on the team. Switch 
characters by tapping select then smash the rock by attacking with Hulk. Defeat 
a few more Skrulls and continue down the hall. The next door is locked tight. A 
security terminal next to the door controls it. Using Iron Man hack the 
terminal to open the door.

After the cinematic fire Iron Man's repulsers (Triangle) at the Skrulls on the 
other side of the gap. Switch to Hulk and smash the pipe in the back ground 
that is blocking the floating bridge. Fly across the gap with Iron Man by 
holding X and moving to the right. Press the switch. The bridge will lower and 
Hulk will cross. Defeat the incoming Skrulls and enter the next room. Your 
teammate is knocked out by Thanos. Move to the fallen hero and press Circle to 
revive him. With both heroes active exit the corridor.

The duo find themselves back outside. Defeat the series of Skrulls that appear 
from the cylinders that rise from the ground. Some of them will have a weapon 
(electric baton or gun), others may have a shield that blocks ranged attack, 
but most will be unarmed. Once the numerous Skrulls are defeated. Super Skrull 
appears and thinks he is ready for a fight.

Super Skrull, in case you did not know, has the combined powers of the 
Fantastic Four. He will become invisible at times making it more difficult to 
hit him. His offense will primarily consist of tossing fire balls and punching 
with his rock hard hand. The punch can reach a great distance due to Super 
Skrull's Mr. Fantastic like flexibility. Also, a hero may find themselves 
trapped behind a energy force field similar to one the Invisible Woman would 
create. Since Super Skrull's ranged attacks are simple to avoid stay in the 
distance with Iron Man and continually fire repulsor beams at the enemy. For 
the most part Super Skrull will occupy himself with Hulk ignoring Iron Man. Be 
careful though, once Hulk takes too much damage he will be KO'd. Quickly move 
to Hulk, revive him, and continue the ranged attacks.

Iron Man and Hulk fly away after retrieving Thanos' power stone. Thats right 
Hulk flies away. The goal in this portion of the level is to avoid the meteors, 
lasers, debris, and blue crystals while flying through the asteroid field.

Episode 2 Rhythm of Olympus

Falcon and Thor are the squad members during this story mode mission. Using 
Thor, move to the "zipped" gate and press Circle to use his elemental powers to 
activate the Reality Rift. The gate opens allowing Thor to hit the switch 
inside. The other gate is opened by the switch. In the next room use Falcon to 
activate one of the small green switches. Once the switch is activated a button
sequence appears on screen. Hit the buttons (Square, X, Triangle) so that 
Falcon will go down, then diagonally up, then back down. Doing so opens the 
next gate.

Hercules is tied up by an ingenious trap. Loki and Enchantress have a race in 
mind. Run up the ramp jumping over the falling columns. Defeat the two groups 
of skeleton enemies and run by the broken cart to enter the next area. Inside 
the arena, a group of practice dummies will appear. The only way to hit them is
to stand in front of one and hold the block button (circle). Once an attack is 
blocked counter with one of your own. Defeat the initial set of enemies only to 
have a group of shielded dummies appear. Use charged attacks (hold square) to 
defeat this round. Once the charged attack connects the shield is broken and 
the dummy spins. This spin will cause damage to your hero if hit. So the best 
strategy is to charge attack and upon contact take a few steps back to avoid 
any retaliation. Move back in to finish off the dummy. Defeat all of them and 
more dummies appear. Try a Heroic Attack (L2) to eliminate all of the dummies 
at once. 

The next arena contains three dummies protected by a ring of fire. The only way
to damage them is with ranged attacks. Throw Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) at the 
dummies. Defeat each twice to open the next gate. Move forward to find more 
dummies circling this ring. Stand on the yellow dot with Thor and activate his 
elemental powers with circle. Move the vortex toward the dummies and activate 
it so that all three are stopped in place. Falcon will then attack destroying 
the dummies. Repeat the process again for the archer dummies.

The Hercules statue is altered. After the cinematic move up the ramp and stand 
on one of the yellow buttons to open the door. Listen to the conversation 
between Loki and Enchantress. Cross the bridge and eliminate all of the 
skeleton guards. Repeated tosses of Mjolnir works well. Once the skeletons stop 
spawning go down the stairs to enter the Mount Olympus Hall of Fame. The 
majority of the statues were Hercules, see if you can detect the one exception.

After passing through the Hall of Fame, use Thor to block the two dummy's 
attacks and destroy them. Switch to Falcon and activate both levers. This will 
change the location of the wooden walls and cause a small group of skeletons to 
spawn. Defeat the enemies then move Falcon to the upper right green switch. 
Perform a backwards dash hitting the switch to the right of the door next. Then 
hit the final two to open the gate and destroy more of the statue. The sequence
is Triangle, Square, X.

More of the statue is removed and we enter a new room. Thor and Falcon are
trapped behind a ring of fire. Using Thor move over the vortex activator. Press
circle to use the vortex then move the vortex over the pieces of block siting
on the three buttons outside the fire. Hit Square to make the vortex move the
blocks. Once each is removed the fire goes out. Take out the spinning dummy and
open a rift to create a block for the duo to reach the higher platform. Walk to 
the left of the screen with Falcon and when the fire goes out perform his dash
attack (triangle) to make it across without getting hit. Pull the lever to 
permanently stop the fire so Thor can cross. The lever also causes more
skeletons to spawn. Defeat them all and the large wooden door opens.

In the next room, jump on to the platforms at the back and defeat the two
spinning dummies. Using Thor, activate the Reality Rift in the back right
corner. Jump up and switch to Falcon. Activate all three switches to cause the
creation of two blocks and skeleton enemies. Destroy the enemies and pick up 
each block individually. The blocks should be placed on the two floor buttons.
Once in place move to one of the raised buttons and your teammate will go to 
the other. With all four buttons pressed a lever raises. Pull the lever and
dash across the fire with Falcon's triangle attack. Pull the lever on the other
side to stop the fire entirely. Defeat the two shielded dummies with charged
attacks. Now stand on the two floor buttons to open the door. 

Thor has won the raise but Hercules calls foul. He challenges Thor and Falcon
to a fight. The first stage of the fight is strictly brawling. Hercules will
primarily use punches to attack. He does have a ground slam and can pick up the
outer columns and use them for a weapon. Stay at a distance and constantly hit
him with Mjolnir tosses. This will allow you to avoid his punches and ground
slam. When he goes for the column just be sure to jump out of the downward
swing. At times a few skeleton creatures will spawn too. Take them out with
ease but always keep one eye on Hercules because he does the most damage. When
Hercules' health dips below half he causes the arena to rise and learns a new
move. Watch the ground for a yellow spark. A bolt of lightning will strike from
the sky on that spot. Trust me you do not want your hero hit by lightning.
Continue to attack and never forget to revive a fallen ally.

Episode 3 Hulk Have Nightmare

It ain't easy being green. Smash the pillars to get some stone fragments. Then
move to the door and press Circle for HULK SMASH! Inside the next room fight
off the nightmare trolls. When the trolls are screaming it acts almost as a
force field barrier preventing attacks. Defeat them all and move to the crack
wall HULK SMASH again. Jump into the hole after the cake.

Defeat the trolls spawning when you land. It is also a good idea to destroy the
four big green columns. Use Hulk's strength to lift the block next to the 
raised platform. Hit select to switch to She-Hulk and jump onto the platform
then the block held by Hulk. At the top use She-Hulk's strength to push the
two blocks together on the right. Now Hulk can jump up too. Step on the two
blue buttons to proceed.

Step on the blue buttons to raise the next platforms. Hulk sees more floor 
open thingys but She-Hulk isn't sure. Since Hulk get what Hulk wants step on 
the floor buttons anyway. It was a trap. The cakes inside this room are
actually trolls ready to attack. Defeat the trolls so HULK can SMASH a way into
the next area. Pull the block at the lower right corner to lower the other
set of blocks. She-Hulk will jump onto the lowered block. Now have Hulk push 
his blocks back together to raise She-Hulk's blocks. She-Hulk can grab the
Legal Brief and stand on the blue floor button. This causes a mild explosion
at the door and the creation of more trolls. Defeat the trolls, including a
new horned troll that will attempt to ram the heroes. Avoid the horned troll's
charge then attack. HULK SMASH your way into the next area.

Fight through a few more trolls and jump the broken road. The Hulks will be
armed with boulders to toss at the trolls popping out of the window. Toss
the boulders with the intent of hitting the trolls before they hit you with
their rocks. Take special note to hit the one with the big blue explosive 
balloon. Destroy each of the four portions of the building to proceed. We face 
a whole lot more trolls on this platform. Defeat them only to have Hulk not
listen to She-Hulk and fall again.

Walk down the street to encounter a giant Hulk head statue. Defeat the trolls
and more importantly destroy the green columns. Doing so will cause a giant
cake to fall from the sky. Pick up the cake and set it on the platform in front
of the Hulk head. The Hulk enter statue Hulk's mouth. Inside we find more
trolls. Trust me there is a lot of them. Continue fighting the trolls until
a giant gear falls from the sky. Pick up the gear and wall to the platform on
the left. Your teammate should stand on the blue button to raise you and the
gear to the top. Move to the gap in the floor and switch heroes. Using the
other character push the gray block in the center to raise the gray block
below the gap in the floor. Switch back to the higher hero and cross the now
non-existant gap. Attach the gear to the wall. A bridge to the next door is
extended. Open it with HULK SMASH!

After the cinematic, HULK SMASH the next door to arrive at the boss battle
against Nightmare. The boss will attempt to go toe to toe with the Hulks. Has
he never read a comic book. Fighting a Hulk straight on is not a good idea.
Once Nightmare realizes he isn't getting anywhere with his fists, he will
perform a radial attack and surround himself with bombs. While surrounded the
Hulk's can not get to him to do their smashing. Nightmare will also toss 
energy orbs from his safe haven. Move to one of the stone columns. Use a 
Hulk's strength to bring the column crashing down onto Nightmare and his bombs.
The pattern repeats as Nightmare will try melee attacks again.

Episode 4 Time to Find Time

MMMMM! Negative Zone blueberry waffles. Defeat the creatures and move through
the door to the right. There are three power coils that are needed to turn
the juice on the big gun. Using Nova move to the yellow circle on the floor to
utilize a vortex. Hit circle to control a vortex. Move it near the battery
behind the wall with a small opening near the floor. Hit Square to activate
the vortex and the battery will move through the opening. Now to the right is
a place where Nova can create a Reality Rift to acquire the next battery. At
the furthest right point, you should see a shiny substance on the rock wall. 
Have the Invisible Woman use her energy powers to open a portal. Move Nova
through the portal and use the vortex up here to pull the third battery onto
the ground. With all three batteries available move to each and press Circle
to levitate the object. Use in the analog stick direct each of the batteries
into one of the square openings in each of the three power coils. Numerous
creatures will now attack. Fight off all the bugs as the power coils charge.
Once successfully charged a door opens.

The duo returns to the previous room and Annihilus attacks. Stand back with
Invisible Woman and continually toss energy orbs at him. He runs into the room
on the left. Follow him. Initiate a Reality Rift with Nova and attack the 
open portion of the device to remove the bugs jamming the pumps. Switch to
Invisible Woman and levitate the portion of pipe into place. Fight off the bugs
that try to damage your hard work. Using Invisible Woman to defend the pumps is 
not a bad idea. She has a good ranged attack and her Heroic Attack can defeat 
multiple bugs at once. The pump starts working and a bridge is created. Cross 
it and turn the next corner. Now we have to repair and protect two pumps. The
best tip I can give is to stand near the lower right corner when defending 
the set of pumps. This provides a good angle to attack bugs trying to claw the
ground at anyone of the spots in the area. Head back and check on the laser gun
when the pumps start working.

Fight off the bugs in the gun room then use one of the sparkling cylinders that
are released from the wall to destroy the device on the back wall. Move through
the door. Go up the ramp and activate the vortex. Use it on the laser grid 
blocking access to the control panel. This will draw the explosive cylinders to
the vortex creating an explosion that destroys the grid. Enter to find Herbie
Parts. Activate the console and power crystals will emerge from the wall. Have
Invisible Woman levitate one into each of the open power terminals. That is 
when she isn't squishing bugs. Return to the laser gun room to find more bugs
and now turrets. Defeat the bugs and head to the elevator in the bag.

On the roof we have to align the antennae. Defeat the bugs on the ground and 
interact with the three console to position the antennae. Once they are locked
in place bugs attack from space and the camera changes to almost a first person
view. Fire at the incoming bugs to protect the antennae. With the incoming bugs
destroyed return to the laser gun room.

The gun is operational. Move to the throne and hit the button. It will destroy
the shield that was protecting Annihilus and Nebula. Annihilus has the standard
punching attack but can also fly in a swooping motion for an attack as well. 
At times he will run to the center of the battlefield and create a series of
bombs around the area. Avoid their blast and watch for him to shoot a green 
laser and rotate. Jump over the beam to avoid damage from the laser. Finally,
beware of the bugs that occasionally spawn. Stay at a distance and repeatedly
shoot Invisible Woman's energy orbs at Annihilus. Mix in a Heroic Attack every
now and then. Most importantly be sure to revive Nova when necessary.  

Episode 5: Soul of a Maze

Smash everything in the room to get the door open. Controlling Iron Man move
to the tech panel to the right. Use it to control a robot and drive it into
the openings on the panel to the left of the screen. A block will be released.
Switch to Wolverine and carve the block into a shape. Place the shaped block
onto the corresponding floor panel to see what is behind the door. The first
door may contain a grill. The second will have enemies. The final door contains
a fake Soul Gem. The heroes have to collect three Grandmaster Gems before 
earning the opportunity to get the real gem.

The next Grandmaster Gem is obtained by having Wolverine carve up boxes. Iron
Man will then take the object under the box and place it in the appropriate
floor panel. All you have to worry about is moving Wolverine from box to box 
carving. The trick though is some of the boxes will have a bomb under it.
Watch as the boxes fall to get a quick peak of what is under each. Carve the
boxes as quickly as possible. If you find all the pieces and put them in place
before the timer runs out you get the gem. If not you may have to face some 
enemies and will have to start from scratch carving.

That is actually one on-line school that would be interesting to attend. I 
wonder what tuition costs. Anyway, move to the lever and pull it to spin the
wheel. For me it stopped on one and the first door opened releases enemies.
Defeat them and pull the lever again. The second spin netted a three and more
enemies. The final spin was a two. This time though more enemies were released.
The duo has acquired all three Grandmaster Gems opening a door. Chase all the
enemies inside.

Slice through the door and head to the upper left portion of the maze to find
a Tech Package. Fight off the Skrulls and head to the upper right corner of 
the maze. Stand on the button to move the trap door. Head back the way you came
and move to the northern part of the maze. A new door is now open. Pass
through. Inside the next room if you pass through the opening in the wall an
electric current will zap your hero. Carve the object in the lower right 
corner to create a statue. Pull it to the opening in the wall. Now push it up
through the opening. The statue will protect Wolverine from current. Switch
to Iron Man and activate the Tech Panel to the left. A timed mini-game will
start. Press X when the rotating portion of the circuit is in line with the 
previous portion. When successful the door opens releasing numerous Skrulls.
Defeat them and exit.

Move to the upper left and down to find the floor button that opens the trap
door that will allow passage to the next room. Circle back around to the start.
Now move to the far right to enter the next area. Defeat the Skrulls inside.
Now activate the tech panel on the right with Iron Man. Drive the robot up the
ramp and into the opening in the wall. A block will be released. Carve the 
block with Wolverine and push it to the other side of the barricade. This will
draw the current, protecting the next robot which should be driven into the
opening to the left of the door. More Skrulls in need of destroying enter.

We have found the next maze. Move north and activate the trapped door. Take 
a left after defeating the Skrulls. Down this path is a dead end but there 
is a switch nearby. Pull the switch and switch characters. Move one through the
door then switch back and pull the switch again. Now the other character can
move completely through to find another switch. Pull this one to open the doors
for the other hero. Now that the team is reunited, defeat the Skrulls to find
the next switch. Activate it to move Wolverine through. Hit the switch again
to move through the second door. One more time and Wolverine can move deeper
into the maze. Find the switch up here to let Iron Man pass through. Except 
before meeting back up with Wolverine stay in the center of the four doors 
having Wolverine hit the switch until the two side doors are open. Move over
to activate the other trap door then reunite with Wolverine. Pull the two 
switches next to the exit. Destroy more stuff in this room and the lady will
open the door.

The Soul Stone is in the center of the room locked away. At the far end of the
room are paintings that spawn enemies. At the bottom portion of the area a 
green vortex will appear that duplicates Iron Man and Wolverine. While not 
fighting off the bad guys that appear move Iron Man to one of the three 
console and hack it. The spinning portions of the circuit need to be stopped
creating a continuous (not necessarily straight) line. Finish hacking all three
terminals and the case opens allowing you to obtain the Soul Gem.

Episode 6: Offspring of Villainy

Head up the path to meet the welcome wagon. Drop below and start welcoming the
bots by destroying them. When the bots are gone look for the portal opening to
the right of the gate. Activate it and switch to Quicksilver. Move to the
lower left switch and press circle. Now tap X, Triangle, then Square to move
through the other switches. The next room houses a lift that will get the
brother and sister to the next floor. The only problem is once it starts moving
an army of bots attack. Fight of the bots until you get to the top and go 
through the door.

Switch to Quicksilver at the electric wall and dash across (triangle). Once
across pull the switch to allow Scarlet Witch to pass. Destroy the green
blocks, especially the one near the next electric barrier. This box hid a 
portal. Activate the portal with Scarlet Witch and the team will by pass the
barrier. Defeat the bots and move through the next door. 

The checkered floored room has a giant gap in the center. Use Scarlet Witch's
levitate ability to move the large t.v. on the left side wall to make a bridge.
Now take Quicksilver to the switch to the left of the next door. Hit each of 
the switches and an explosive will eject from the wall. Defeat the bots coming
across the t.v. bridge. Now levitate the explosive to the control box above
the door with the barrier. Exit the room.

Run by the turret and fight off the bots. Scarlet Witch can open the portal
for safe passage to the next platform. Portions of this walkway will cave in
as you move across it. Jump the gaps until you reach the switch at the end.
Pull the switch to power up the gondola. Run away from the turrets and avoid 
the blasts of steam coming from below. Enter Magnetos high speed gondola to
reach the other side. Fly over the gap in the path with Scarlet Witch. 
Levitate the bridge into place so Quicksilver can follow. Stand on the buttons
to open the door.

The start of the next room will have a battle against more bots. Defeat them
and use the portal on the rock wall ahead. The only problem is that the exit
is blocked. Levitate the explosive to the higher ledge to remove the blockade.
Use the portal to get to the elevator up. Pull the switches to reach the top.
Shoot the explosives passing through the tubes on the wall. This will damage 
the wall enough for the siblings to pass.

Walk by the first two sets of flames as the flames die down. The next set 
will be too quick for Scarlet Witch, instead change to Quicksilver and dash
by them when the shut off. Hit the control box on the other side. Now destroy
the box to reveal a bunch of bananas. Levitate them with Scarlet Witch and use
them to plug up the exhausts. Enter the opening in the tube to raise to 
Magneto. Have Scarlet Witch open the portal on the left side of the room and
levitate Magneto to the gap on the right. Now switch to Quicksilver. Move
the speedster to the box at the front of the room. The path will be a square
around the room. You should hit the portal after the box. From the portal its
the shard in the upper left corner. Quicksilver should then pass the "bridge"
at the back of the room to get the fragment in the upper right corner. Pass
from the upper right down over Magneto to get this fragment. The final piece 
will be the shard near where Magneto was originally positioned.

The resulting cinematic has the appearance of Dr. Doom. Doom will attack with 
fists but his primary method of fighting is with ranged electric attacks. 
This includes one in which he overs overhead. Keep your distance and fire 
Scarlet Witch's Hex Powers at him constantly. When multiple Doom's appear, take
Quicksilver to one of them and use his speed powers to hit each of the Doom's
making them drop their shards. The fight continues with a few more members
added to Doom's side. Take them out quick so as to turn the primary attention
back to Doom. Continue the process until the amusing cinematic.

Episode 7: City of Doom

Defeat the enemies attempting to protect Abomination. Move through he antique
shop and exit. There are a couple more enemies around some spinning blades. 
Defeat the bots then web up the blades. While the blades are stuck in place
attack them to destroy them. Web and destroy the other set of blades. Now use
Reptil's Animal Factor to cut the rope creating ramps to move up. Abomination 
will turn this game (Marvel Super Hero Squad Infinity Gauntlet) into a form
of Donkey Kong (hopefully that doesn't date me to much). Move up the ramps and
leap over the barrels to reach the top.

At the top Abomination flees to higher ground. Defeat the bots and web up the 
spinning blades. When the area is clear two more bots are lowered by a lift.
Use Spider-Man to web the two bots down from their higher position. Once they
are lowered destroy them and jump onto the lift. Once at the higher level
destroy the spinning blades and the bots that spawn. Once everyone is defeated
another lift lowers with two more bots. The lift stops at point that is too 
high for Spidey and Reptil to reach. Have Reptil carve the net on top of the 
glowing green part of the ground. Once the net is gone jump into the cavity 
created by the missing net with Spider-Man. Tap circle to create a web 
trampoline. Jump and web each of the bots then defeat them. Now jump up to the
lift and rise to the next level.

The duo faces more bots and spinning blades. This time though the bots on the
lift will start to fire early. Either hero should be able to jump onto the 
lifts so you do not have to web these enemies off of the lifts before fighting
them. Once the two lifts are cleared another appears with two more enemies. 
Defeat them and the heroes can use this lift. The next sequence involves a 
free fall section. During the free fall, the goal is to avoid all of the 
debris that will impede your downward progress. This includes when Abomination
starts to tear up the building leaving only small windows to fall through. 

At the bottom, fight off the bots and watch for the wrecking ball to smash 
down on the heroes heads. The large shadow on the ground provides an idea of
where it will land. Just stay away from the shadow and you should not get hit.
Once the area is clear of enemies move to each of the two green power sources
at the back of the area. This will draw the wrecking ball to the green blocks
as well. When the wrecking ball begins to descend move out of the way so it 
smashes the generators. When both are destroyed the wrecking ball will crash 
into the ground creating a small crater where Spidey can create another web
trampoline. Have Reptil bounce up and use his Animal Factor on the rope to 
destroy the generator behind the lasers.

Move through the gate and fight off the enemies that appear. Around the corner
will be more bots, a lift with bots. and a laser gun at the end of the path.
Defeat the nearby bots then move toward the gun. Create a web trampoline in
the crater below the gun. Leap with Reptil to carve the rope releasing a large
weight that destroys the gun. Jump to the area vacated by the destroyed gun
and move through the door. 

Pull the bots off the lift and defeat them. Use the lift to reach the bridge.
At the end of the bridge the camera will shift and we see another turret. 
Defeat the bots including two more on a lift to the right and head toward the
gun. Create a web trampoline in the crate and use Animal Factor on the rope.
This misses the gun leaving a green block on the ground. Carve the block into
a female robot and push it onto the yellow lift. Hit the button to activate
the lift so that the bot manning the turret will notice it. The distraction
worked and we can move into the next room.

Here we find Abomination on a higher ledge than our heroes. The area will flood
with bots while Abomination will throw bombs down from his perch. Avoid being 
hit by the bombs and fight the bots. Use Spider-Man's Heroic Attack as much as
possible. The web bullets will hit many targets with the single maneuver. As
the crowd of bots diminishes, Abomination decides to take a more hands on 
approach. He will drop to your level and fight. His only attacks are melee in
nature. Mix it up with him but be sure to revive a fallen teammate quickly. 
When his health approaches half he leaves. Exit the room and move up the next
set of stairs.

Spidey and Reptil end up on a helipad. Numerous Doombots will spawn and try to
destroy the three power nodes. Protect the power sources by defeating the
enemies. Abomination will blast through the roof carrying Dr. Doom's cell. The
villains attempt to escape. Spidey and Reptil jump off the side of the building
to give chase. Fight Abomination in this confined space by constant use of 
melee attacks. When Abomination jumps away to one of the outer platforms be 
prepared to do so as well. If you remain on Doom's cell the duo will receive 
a jolt of electricity. When Abomination returns continue the fight. Constant
punches with as need revivals will win the battle.

Episode 8: Taste of a Throneworld

When the level starts begin by defeating the incoming Skrulls. Once the aliens
are cleared move to the terminal in the lower left corner and start a hack with
Black Widow. The mini-game begins and you want to adjust the circuit so that it
is moving down. This ignores the top piece completely (it will not be involved
in the continuous circuit). Use the lift to reach the turret and shoot the
tops off the columns attached to the security gate ahead. With the gate closed,
move to the upper right. The heroes drop out of sight.

After the cinematic we find Black Widow and Wolverine under a large ship. Its
thrusters are emitting an enormous amount of heat. Avoid the flames as the 
ship passes overhead. As you move to prevent burns Skrulls will arrive from
below. Defeat them by attacking or allowing them to burned by the flames. The
ship passes by and we are not so cramped anymore. More Skrulls attack. The 
heroes will also face fire from four turrets. Using Wolverine carve the glowing
box in the center of the screen. This should reveal a console. Interact with
the console using Black Widow. This console will operate the crane. Using the 
crane pick up the silver canisters of explosives. Move the explosives to one of
the four conveyor belts under one of the four turrets. The explosives will
destroy the turret. The cycle of defeating Skrulls and placing an explosive on
a conveyor belt continues until all three turrets are destroyed.

Silver Surfer warns of Galactus' hunger. The goal is to find a way to power
up the shields that the Skrulls do not seem to care about. On both sides of the
room a crane holds a block in the air. Use the lift on the right to raise up 
to a console Black Widow can hack. This releases the block. Now move to the
opposite side and use Wolverine's Animal Factor to slice the ropes and release
a second block. The Animal Factor will work to carve each of the boxes into
the parts needed to repair the shield. Pick up the newly carved parts and place
them on either side of the tubes at the back of the room. This should cause
a console to rise and Skrulls to enter. Defeat the enemies. Now use the console
(Black Widow) to drive a small robot into the opening in the under the pinkish
barriers on the left and right sides of the room. The bot has to enter when the
area inside is not charged. Exploding a bot inside each area will cause power
cells to be dropped inside the current room. Grab a power cell and press X to
jump. The power cell explodes elevating your jump even higher. This allows the
heroes to reach the high platform and pull the switches to open the door.

The Skrulls are in there homes watching the Skrull Bowl (I didn't think that 
was until next month). Black Widow's plan is to move the satellite signal and
divert energy to the shields. The first two homes are easy. Wolverine just
needs to slice the box on the outside of the home to the left while Black Widow
hacks the terminal on the house to the right. Move down the left ramp to find
more Skrull homes. Wolverine can slice the box outside the house to the right
of the screen. Find the large box in the lower left corner and carve it into
a fan. Move the fan to the panel on the middle house then hack the console
with Black Widow. The house to the left has a barbed wire fence protecting a 
console. Slice the fence with Wolverine and hack the console with Black Widow.
Return to the first set of houses and continue to the right. Slice the box
outside the first house. Black Widow can hack the terminal at the middle
home. The last house has a box Wolverine can slice hidden behind a purple 
crate. Defeat all the Skrulls that appear once the satellite dishes are in

The fight against Galactus is not really a fight but a feeding. The big guy is
standing in the distance while Wolverine and Black Widow will fire tacos and
ice cream respectively. Avoid Galactus' punches. He will swing from one side or
the other. Also watch for the lasers from his eyes. The laser attack will come
from the top or the bottom. Continually fire the food at Galactus' mouth. The
more he feeds the quicker the battle ends. The meter at the bottom will fill
as Galactus fills.

Episode 9: Carrier Full of Infinity

Nova and the Invisible Woman are on the outside of the ship. Missiles are
flying in from every direction. Target and shoot down as many as the missiles
as possible for as long as possible. Even your best efforts will eventually
fail as a giant fist punches through the ship's hull. Thor and She-Hulk are
inside to face the exiting Skrulls. There will be a lot of them but continually
tossing Mjolinir their way will make short work of them. Do not forget about
your Heroic Attack if you get overrun by Skrulls.

Black Widow sees an incoming force. Wolverine and Reptil man some cannons to
shoot down the attackers. If any of the bugs end up attaching to the ship, 
shoot them off as soon as possible to keep the vessel from being severely 
damaged. The scene shifts back to the inside of the ship. Falcon and Hulk
are in the dinning hall being invaded by bugs. A larger bug will create holes
in the wall and ceiling. Enemies will exit from these openings and attack the
heroes. Fight them off using the available super powers. Falcon's Heroic 
Attack works very well to damage numerous enemies at once. 

Next up are Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. They are behind the controls of
the ship's missile launchers. Doom's ships are attempting to land on the deck.
Shoot down the ships before they have the chance to land. The missiles can 
not be fired as rapidly as the turrets Wolverine and Reptil used. Another
difference is that when firing the missiles its best to fire out in front of
the target, otherwise the missile is likely to miss its desired destination.

Invisible Woman has left the deck of the ship and found Thor inside. A little
white bot will be trying to work at one of the two consoles. Doombots will
enter the area and try to eliminate the white bot. Protect him from the 
enemy by defeating them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we have Invisble
Woman and Thor to use during the fight. Each hero has a very good Heroic 
Attack to clear out numerous enemies. Keep your little friend safe until 
the scene shifts to Doom's cell. He has escaped. Defeat the remaining bots.

Wolverine and Hulk are tasked with defending the door to the Infinity Stones.
Neither character has a good ranged attack so its melee all the way. The door
eventually gives way no matter how well you fight. The result is Hulk and
Wolverine must fight off an army of enemies entering a narrow hall. The bonus
is that there are turrets there to help. Punch and Heroic Attack your way to 

Episode 10: Moons Over My Thanos

Open both portals with the Scarlet Witch. Use the one on the right to reach a
switch that turns the electric barrier around the button and terminal off. 
With the barrier gone move to the portal on the left and go up to hit the
button. This reveals an opening in the gate near the space shuttle. Return to 
the switch again and turn off the barrier. This time switch to Iron Man and
operate the console. Drive the bot toward the opening in the gate. It may take
a couple turns of the off switch to get it there. The resulting explosion 
creates a door way.

Enter the next room. The monitors shows Hercules and Nightmare. Shadows of the
two bosses will exit the monitors. Stay back with either of the heroes
and constantly fire ranged attacks. Try to focus on getting rid of one enemy
first then fight the second one. When both shadows are pushed back into the
monitors more on to the next room.

Here we fight Super Skrull. This boss has the combined powers of the Fantastic
Four. This will not help him in this fight though. Pick one of the heroes and
simply stand at a distance and repeatedly fire ranged attacks. Super Skrull
will likely try to block some but most will hit. This is especially true since
he will frequently attack the other hero while your are firing. The trouble 
comes when he uses his invisibility to stop the pattern. When he does he will
likely get in some offense of his own, using either melee or ranged attacks.
Stay focused on attacking from a distance and as always revive downed 
teammates. When Super Skrull's health is depleted move to the control in the 
center of the area that control the crane. Pick up Super Skrull with the crane
and move him to the back center of the area. Drop him in the container then
quickly move to the switch. Pull the switch to flush your troubles away.

Some Skrull soldiers appear on the higher level. Find the Portal to the far 
right and activate it with Scarlet Witch. Move through the portal and into the
next room. Defeat the Skrulls then use Scarlet Witch's levitate ability to 
raise the battery in position over the console at the back. Have Iron Man to
hack the console to open the door. The now open door reveals a button that 
opens a small portal on the lower right portion of the wall. Levitate the 
ramp that is just in front of the door to the depressed area near the console.
Using Iron Man operate the console and drive the robot up the ramp then through
the hole created by pushing the button. When the robot is in place detonated
it. This opens a small vent next to the area protected by the force field. 
Drive a bot through the opening to destroy the device creating the barricade.
Activate the portal with Scarlet Witch. At the top, hack the terminal and two
buttons appear in the door way. Press the buttons, you know you want to. Wow
another button. Push it and a hatch opens. Move through the hatch to see Thanos
in the distance. Move down the hall to an explosion.

When the dust settles its, Iron Man and Scarlet Witch versus Thanos. Attack 
Thanos with ranged attacks or melee attacks, it doesn't really matter because
while he is wearing the Infinity Gantlet he is impervious to pain. Attack for
a while anyway. A cinematic will show Iron Man saying, "Its time to Hero Up".
This boost in power allows the Squad to actually inflict damage on Thanos.
Do so until Super Skrull reenters the game (boy we really can't get rid of that
guy). Thanos will fight mostly with melee attacks. He can be quite slow moving.
That is until he disappears or creates clones of himself. When there are
multiple Thanos clones present attack them all until its one guy again. When
Super Skrull does appear, unless he is presenting major problems for you, I
would recommend you simply stay out of his way and ignore him. Place the focus
of your attacks on Thanos. Once Thanos goes down the mission ends.

Episode 11: Dark Infinity

Silver Surfer is quite powerful. His offense consists of strong melee attacks,
a radial blast, and the creature of henchmen that resemble the heroes. Move to
the pictures in the back to disable the creation of more enemies. Once the
stone is owned by the heroes again the scene shifts to...

Falcon and Quicksilver are facing another iteration of Silver Surfer. This 
version will be equipped with flight and surf board. This time Silver Surfer's
primary attack is a strong energy beam. Attack the Surfer with all your
available weapons. The environment will shift and multiple Surfers will appear.
Move to one and using either character's speed. Hit all four targets by
pressing the appropriate on screen button sequence. The key is to initiate the
speed attack on a Surfer where the button sequence will allow the hero to hit
all four of the clones. When Silver Surfer is back he can perform some very
powerful ranged attacks. He may move to the top of the screen and fire a steady
beam of energy that must be leaped over. He will then move to the corner and
fire a wide beam that is difficult to avoid. He does telegraph the move by 
appearing to power up. When you see that movement run to a corner and try to
avoid the blast. Keep up the fight and use the Speed Factor to win the fight.

Hulk and She-Hulk are up against the next Silver Surfer. Back on his board
Silver Surfer has the same primary attacks as in the fight against Falcon and
Quicksilver. Avoid his beam blast when he powers it up and counter with your
own. Its easy to move to his back when he begins to power up and attack. The
new wrinkle that is added is his ability to surround himself with mines/bombs.
When he does just move away, grab a column and bash him with it.

Thor and Nova versus an Infinity Gem possessing Silver Surfer now thats a 
fight I'd like to see. Again, Surfer will use the powerful beam blast. The
strategy remains the same. He will also create lesser enemies spawning them
from the mirrors. Thor's Heroic Attack works well to attack Silver Surfer's
goons. Next Surfer will enter the mirror and attack with enlarged fists. Stay
toward the center of the area to avoid the fist slams. When Surfer returns
continue the fight until the gem is in your possession.

The portal creators, Invisible Woman and Scarlet Witch are the next heroes to
battle Silver Surfer. The ladies are attempting to win back the Time Stone. 
Silver Surfer's unique ability during this fight is to create bombs and a 
wave of energy that can freeze the heroes in time. In order to avoid the wave
use the portals to cross the room to a section where the wave has already
passed. When not avoiding bombs or a time stopping wave, attack Silver Surfer
and his minions with repeated ranged attacks.

Now lets see what Iron Man and Black Widow can do against the Silver Surfer.
The heroes seem over matched but they get help. Tech boxes will fall from the
sky. Move to one of the boxes and bust it open. The possibilities are a bot
bot or an orbital laser attack. The orbital laser is the better of the two. Use
it as often as possible to target and fire on Silver Surfer. he will likely
be so intent on destroying the other character that he will ignore you while
you operate the laser. The rest of the game is cinematics so sit back and 

Free Play

Episode 1

During the first time enemies are present to fight switch to a hero with 
Animal Factor (Wolverine or Reptil) and shred the gate at the top of the screen
to find more Power Stone Fragments

Episode 2

One you move through the arenas the heroes will be on a bridge. Do not cross.
Instead head back toward the arenas and find the glowing statue. Switch to a 
character with strength (She-Hulk or Hulk) and smash it for some Rhythm Stones.

Fight through the arenas and just before reach the Mount Olympus Hall of Fame
there is a fight with numerous skeletons. In the background find the blue
glowing statue. Select a character with Strength Factor (Hulk, She-Hulk) and
smash the statue.

Episode 3

At the very beginning of the level look in the upper left corner for a zipper.
Using Nova or Thor's Elemental Factor open the Reality Rift to reveal some
Mind Stones and a Bouquet of Flowers.

In the first area with enemies look for a Portal near the wall that needs 
smashing. Switch to Scarlet Witch or Invisible Woman and activate the portal to
grab some more Mind Stones.

After throwing the boulders at the trolls in the building, the heroes have a 
big fight against countless enemies. On the higher platform to the left you
should see three switches. Before defeating all the enemies use Falcon or
Quicksilver's Speed Factor to activate each switch. The refrigerator will open
releasing some Infinity Stones.

Episode 4

Look in the lower left corner of the room with the large laser gun, you should
see a portion of cracked ground. Switch to a strength character (Hulk, She-Hulk
and smash the ground. Collect the Stones that were hidden underneath.

In the first room after seeing the large laser gun, the team has to place power
cells in three devices then protect them. On the right side under the platform
that can be reached using the portal is a wall that can be opened with Animal
Factor. Destroy the "eggs" in front of the wall then slice it open to find some
Time Stone Fragments.

When the heroes have to repair and defend the individual pump, look for a tech
panel along the rock wall. Once the pumps are safe, switch to Iron Man, Black
Widow, or Red Skull (DLC) and complete the hack mini game. A Stark Tech piece
and Time Stone Fragment will appear from a panel in the wall.

Episode 5

Thor or Nova can open a Reality Rift in the opening room.

In the center of the first maze is a cube that blocks some Soul Stone 
Fragments. To get the fragments break the block with Strength Factor (Hulks).

Bottom right corner of 2nd maze has a Portal that can be activated by 
Scarlet Witch or Invisible Woman. Doing so transports the team to a blocked
off portion of the maze with Soul Fragments.

Episode 6

Hulk SMASH, the wall on the right side of the first battle to reveal some Space
Stone Fragments.

After the battle on the cargo lift, switch to Thor or Nova to open a Reality
Rift. This reveals some Space Stone Fragments.

Upon exiting the high speed gondola, switch to a Hulk and bust through the
wall to find some Space Stones.

In the area with the elevator leading to the section where you shoot at 
canisters in the wall, use the explosive canister to perform a canister jump
onto the cliff on the left. Slice through the gate using Animal Factor
(Wolverine or Reptil).

Episode 7

Near the beginning switch to Thor or Nova to open a Reality Rift. Inside are
stone Fragments and a Herbie Upgrade.

When chasing Abomination up the building, look for a terminal on the right at
the second fight against the doombots. Hack the terminal with Black Widow or
Iron Man (Red Skull too if you have the DLC) to reveal some Infinity Stone 

Destroy the first turret by cutting the rope to a crane. On the way to the 
second turret look for a blue flashing portion of wall after defeating the 
sniper bots on the floating platform. Smash the wall with a Hulk to get some
Infinity Stones and a Legal Brief. If you get to the 2nd turret you have went
too far.

After the fight where Abomination start throwing explosives canisters from a 
higher position, look for a terminal to the right of the stairs. Hack the
terminal with Black Widow, Iron Man, or Red Skull to open a panel with Reality
Stone Fragments.

Episode 8

Between the gate and the turret at the first part of the level switch to one of
the Hulks and use their strength on the boulder to reveal Infinity Fragments
and a Legal Brief.

Invisible Woman or Scarlett Witch can activate an energy portal on the Skrull
house on the far left when disabling the cable boxes.

Episode 9

Episode 10

Defeat Hercules and Nightmare then switch to one of the Hulks for their
Strength Factor. Move to the back wall near the console and jump unto the
monitor to the left. There is a well hidden wall that can be smashed.

Episode 11


Heroic Feats

Black Widow

FEAT: I Spy, with My Little Eye
DESC: Collect 3 secret comminuques
RWRD: Classic Costume

FEAT: I'm Firing My Laser!
DESC: Defeat 50 enemies with the Hero Up Pickup
RWRD: Challenge Map - Galactus

FEAT: Deadly Darling
DESC: Complete all previous feats


FEAT: Fear of a Bird Planet
DESC: Defeat 100 enemies with feather projectiles
RWRD: Challenge Map - Sparring Pit

FEAT: Rhythm Stone Fragments
DESC: Collect 100 Rhythm Stone Fragments
RWRD: Ultimates Costume

FEAT: Flying High
DESC: Complete all previous feats


FEAT: Let Them Smash Cake
DESC: Hit Nightmare with 3 candles during one fight
RWRD: Challenge Map - Cake Nightmare

FEAT: Mind Stone Fragments
DESC: Collect 100 Mind Stone Fragments
RWRD: Red Hulk Costume

FEAT: The Hulkster
DESC: Complete all previous feats

Invisible Woman

FEAT: He Is Perfect Just the Way He Is
DESC: Collect 4 Herbie Upgrades
RWRD: Challenge Map - Lost in the Negative Zone

FEAT: Time Stone Fragments
DESC: Collect 100 Time Stone Fragments
RWRD: Classic Costume

FEAT: Clearly Forceful
DESC: Complete all previous feats

Iron Man

FEAT: Inventions Inbound!
DESC: Find 3 Stark Tech Packages
RWRD: War Machine Costume

FEAT: Power Stone Fragment
DESC: Collect 100 Power Stone Fragments
RWRD: Challenge Map - Asteroid Field

FEAT: Stark Certified
DESC: Complete all previous feats


FEAT: Cantankerous!
DESC: Defeat 100 enemies with Reptil's Heroic Attack
RWRD: Challenge Map - S.H.I.E.L.D. Building Rooftop

FEAT: They are collectables!
DESC: Find 4 Ultra Rare Stark Saucer Toys
RWRD: Dino costume

FEAT: T-Rex Nino
DESC: Complete all previous feats


FEAT: The Exterminator 
DESC: Shoot 100 objects out of the sky
RWRD: Challenge Map - Bug Rush

FEAT: Power Overwhelming
DESC: Defeat 100 enemies with Nova's Heroic Attack
RWRD: Classic Nova Corp Uniform

FEAT: The Human Rocket
DESC: Complete all previous feats

Scarlet Witch

FEAT: Cerebro? No, Magneto
DESC: Defeat 50 enemies with Scarlet Witch's Heroic Attack
RWRD: Challenge Map - Magneto's Observatory

FEAT: Brain Over Brawn
DESC: Defeat 10 enemies with levitated objects
RWRD: Ultimates costume

FEAT: Woman with Vision
DESC: Complete all previous feats


FEAT: Reality Stone Fragments
DESC: Collect 100 Reality Stone Fragments
RWRD: Venom Costume

FEAT: Flying is Falling with Style
DESC: Hit no obstacles during the base jump sequence in Super Hero City
RWRD: Challenge Map - Base Jump

FEAT: Webslinger
DESC: Complete all previous feats


FEAT: The Offices of Walters, Lee, and Awesome!
DESC: Collect 4 misplaced legal documents
RWRD: Challenge Map - Whack an Imp

FEAT: Jaw of Death
DESC: Defeat 100 enemies with She-Hulk's scream attack
RWRD: Savage World costume

FEAT: Law and Order
DESC: Complete all previous feats


FEAT: Love is a Rift!
DESC: Find 3 Bouquets of Flowers
RWRD: Challenge Map - The Colosseum

FEAT: Forsooth!
DESC: Defeat 100 enemies with Thor's Heroic Attack
RWRD: Classic Costume

FEAT: Mightier Than Thou!
DESC: Complete all previous feats


DESC: Defeat 100 Doombots as Wolverine
RWRD: Brown and Gold Costume

FEAT: Soul Stone Fragments
DESC: Collect 100 Soul Stone Fragments
RWRD: Challenge Map - Grandmaster's Stage

FEAT: Slice 'N Dice
DESC: Complete all previous feats


FEAT: Captain Circiutous!
DESC: Solve a hidden factor dash puzzle in freeplay mode
RWRD: Classic costume

FEAT: Space Stone Fragments
DESC: Collect 100 Space Stone Fragments
RWRD: Challenge Map - Asteroid M Elevator

FEAT: Speed Thrills
DESC: Complete all previous feats

Captain America

FEAT: Living Legend
DESC: Defeat 50 enemies with Cap's Heroic Attack
RWRD: Nomad Costume


FEAT: Cold Winter
DESC: Defeat 50 enemies with Bucky's Heroic Attack
RWRD: Winter Soldier Costume

Red Skull

FEAT: A Victory of Science!
DESC: Defeat 50 enemies with Red Skull's Heroic Attack
RWRD: Captain America Costume


Some collectibles found on the helicarrier my not be available until the 
character it is meant for is unlocked. So if you don't find it try back later
it will eventually be there.

Stark Tech Packages

-First room of Helicarrier after passing the Free Play Console

-During free play this Stark Tech Package is obtained by hacking a console in
 the area where the team must repair and protect the first pump during Episode

-Upper left portion of he first maze in Episode 5 Soul of a Maze

Legal Briefs

-On the Helicarrier enter the third room after the passing the Free Play

-Episode 3 Hulk Have Nightmare solve the block puzzle in the section after
 the cakes that end up to be traps but before the boulder tossing sequence.
 This collectible can be obtained during story mode. It requires heroes with
 Strength Factor to push and pull on large blocks to raise platforms.

-Free Play Episode 7, on the way to the second turret, immediately after
 destroying the first one. Look for a blue portion of wall flashing after 
 defeating the two sniper bots shooting at the heroes from the raised platform.
 Smash this wall with a Hulk. If you make it to the second turret you have went
 too far.

-In Free Play mode during Epidode 8 defeat the enemies at the beginning then
 switch to a Hulk. Along the wall on the left will be a portion that can be
 destroyed using Strength Factor. Smash it for the Brief.

Herbie Upgrades

-Room near the kitchen of the Helicarrier

-Episode 4 Time to Find Time, the Herbie Upgrade is found in the room during 
 Story mode where Invisible Woman is tasked with levitating crystals into 
 power nodes to provide enough juice to operate the laser gun. (You get to this
 section by entering the room to the north in the area where the laser gun is

-Activate the Reality Rift with Thor or Nova at the beginning of Episode 7 in
 Freeplay mode

-During Freeplay defeat Hercules and Nightmare in Episode 10 then switch to one
 of the Hulks for their Strength Factor. Move to the back wall near the console 
 and jump unto the monitor to the left. There is a well hidden wall that can be 
 smashed. The upgrade should be in the back right corner.

Bouquets of Flowers

-Inside the Kitchen of the Helicarrier

-At the beginning of Episode 3: Hulk Have Nightmare, switch to Nova or Thor 
 during Freeplay. Find the zipper in the upper left corner and activate the 
 Reality Rift. Once open the Bouquet is visible

-During Free Play in Episode 5 switch to Thor or Nova to open a Reality Rift in
 the opening room


-The command center of the Helicarrier near the Free Play Console

-Episode 8 on the roof of the first Skrull home on the right side when
 disabling the cable boxes. Drive a robot into the opening on the far right.
 This causes a device to release explosive cylinders. Pick one up and jump onto
 the home in the middle. Continue to the left to grab the device.

-During Freeplay defeat Hercules and Nightmare in Episode 10 then switch to one
 of the Hulks for their Strength Factor. Move to the back wall near the console 
 and jump unto the monitor to the left. There is a well hidden wall that can be 
 smashed. On the other side of the wall will be a Speed Factor Puzzle. Start at
 the top right corner then move to the switch directly below it. From here hit
 the switch between the steps then move to the one in the lower right corner.
 Finally go up the stairs across the platform then up to the highest switch.
 If the switches were numbered in correct order it would look something like

   |    7                           8                               1     |
   |                                                                      |
   |                                                                2     |
   |        stairs                                                        |
   |                                                                      |
   |  6                                                                   |
   |                                                                      |
   |          3                                                           |
   |                                                                      |
   |                                                                      |
   |                                                                      |
   |  5     stairs                                                 4      |
   |                                                                      |
   |                                                                      |
   |                                                                      |

Stark Saucers

-2nd door in the Helicarrier after passing the Free Play Console

-In Episode 2 during Free Play use a Hulk to Smash the statues after exiting
 the arena and crossing the bridge. The statue is in the back of the area 
 where the heroes will be attacked by skeletons. The statue is glowing/flashing

-During Free Play in Episode 4 switch to a Hulk and smash the ground at the
 lower left.

-On the roof during Episode 7 when you have to defend the power nodes. Use 
 Spider-Man to web the hole in the ground then jump up to the spot where the 
 bot is shooting down from. 

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is the multiplayer portion of Marvel Super Hero Squad Infinity
Gauntlet. There are several modes that you can compete with or against a
friend (depending on how you look at it). Included in this is on-line
leaderboards that allow you to compare your scores to those of others around
the world.
                             |Game Modes|


 DESC: Relentless waves of enemies, can you survive till the end?
 LVLS: Skrull Ship Aft, The Colosseum, Big Rush!, Asteroid M Elevator,
       Construction Site, New Zenn La
 GOAL: The overriding goal is to not die. The more enemies killed the more 
       points gained.


 DESC: Grab points and narrowly avoid obstacles in this high flying challenge
 LVLS: Asteroid Field, Base Jump, Galactus
 GOAL: Fly through the map collecting as many point orbs as possible while
       avoiding obstacles


 DESC: Turn your aim to the sky and take out the threat from above
 LVLS: Whack an Imp, Radar Riot, Earth's Orbit
 GOAL: Target the enemies and fire


 DESC: Be a true hero and protect the objective to win
 LVLS: S.H.I.E.L.D. Building Rooftop, Lost in the Negative Zone, Battle Floats
 GOAL: Keep the important materials safe from the invading enemies

Super Smash

 DESC: Prove you are the smashiest hero by destroying the most stuff
 LVLS: Skrull Shenanigans, Sparring Pit, The Cake Nightmare, Granmaster's Stage
       Magneto's Observatory, Spire Pinnacle
 GOAL: Destroy as many of the objects that appear within the allotted time

Iron Man Robo Racing

 DESC: Pilot Stark-O-Matics through perilous race tracks. Can you handle it?
 LVLS: Track Mark I
 GOAL: Race around the track completing the appropriate number of laps as
       quickly as possible

Hack Attack
 DESC: Put your brain and reflexes to the test in a race to complete the
 LVLS: Circuit I
 GOAL: This is the hack mini-game from story mode but timed and against other
       opponents the first one to complete all the hacks successfully wins.



The Power Stone
     -Collected the Power Stone
     -Tips: The power stone is obtained by defeating the Power of a Stone level

The Rhythm Stone
     -Collected the Rhythm Stone
     -Tips: The Rhythm Stone is obtained by defeating the Rhythm of Olympus

The Mind Stone
     -Collected the Mind Stone
     -Tips: The Mind Stone is obtained by defeating the Hulk Have Nightmare 

The Time Stone
     -Collected the Time Stone
     -Tips: The Time Stone is obtained by defeating the Time to Find Time level

The Soul Stone
     -Collected the Soul Stone
     -Tips: The Soul Stone is obtained by defeating the Soul of a Maze level.

The Space Stone
     -Collected the Space Stone
     -Tips: The Space Stone is obtained by defeating the Offspring of Villainy

The Reality Stone
     -Collected the Reality Stone
     -Tips: The Reality Stone is obtained by defeating the City of Doom Level.

The Large One!
     -Saved the Skrull Throne World from Galactus
     -Tips: At the end of Episode 8, Taste of a Throneworld, Galactus is the 
            boss. Instead of fighting him try to feed him by shooting food into
            his mouth. The key is to avoid his attacks: an arm punch from the
            left or right side or laser from his eyes coming from the top or 
            bottom of the screen.

Lost, then found, then lost again
     -Defended the Helicarrier from Assault but lost the Infinity Stones
     -Tips: Fight through the onslaught during Episode 9.

The Overmaster's Underworld
     -Infiltrated Thanos' Hideout
     -Tips: Obtained by moving through Episode 10 Moons Over My Thanos

Nothing is Forever
     -Saved Super Hero City and Redeemed Silver Surfer
     -Tips: Use each duo of heroes to fight the multiple iterations of Silver 
            Surfer during Episode 11 Dark Infinity.

Squad Initiate
     -Completed Story Mode on Easy difficulty 

Squad Member
     -Completed Story Mode on Normal difficulty

Squad Hero
     -Completed Story Mode on Challenging difficulty

Safety First
     -Defend the S.H.I.E.L.D. Building without losing a power node

Elite Hack Master
     -Completed every Hack Challenge

Robo Racer
     -Completed every race challenge

Challenge Master
     -Completed every challenge at least once

Stark Certified
     -Completed all of Iron Man's Heroic Feats

Deadly Darling
     -Completed all of Black Widow's Heroic Feats

Slice 'N Dice
     -Completed all of Wolverine's Heroic Feats

T-Rex Nino
     -Completed all of Reptil's Heroic Feats

The Hulkster
     -Completed all of Hulk's Heroic Feats

Law and Order
     -Completed all of She-Hulk's Heroic Feats

The Human Rocket
     -Completed all of Nova's Heroic Feats

Mightier than Thou!
     -Completed all of Thor's Heroic Feats

Clearly Forceful
     -Completed all of Invisible Woman's Heroic Feats

Woman with Vision
     -Completed all of Scarlet Witch's Heroic Feats

Flying High
     -Completed all of Falcon's Heroic Feats

Speed Thrills
     -Completed all of Quicksilver's Heroic Feats

     -Completed all of Spider-Man's Heroic Feats

Super Achiever!
      -Completed all Heroic Feats!

You've got the Super Power!
      -Collect all Power Stone Fragments

You are feeling the Rhythm!
      -Collected all Rhythm Stone Fragments

Time Management!
      -Collected all TIme Stone Fragments

Mind over Mind Fragments!
      -Collected all Mind Stone Fragments

The Soul of a Hero!
      -Collected all Soul Stone Fragments

Shiny Space Fragments!
      -Collected all Space Stone Fragments

Reality Fragmented
      -Collected all Reality Stone Fragments

Fragment Collector
      -Collected all Stone Fragments

Heroic Attack!
      -Performed a Heroic Attack

Heroic Hero!
      -Defeat six  or more enemies with a single Heroic Attack

      -Reflected an enemies attack back at them

Take that Villain!
      -Defeated an enemy with a parry

Super Hero Up!
      -Revived a teammate

Super Revive Hero
      -Revived a teammate 10 times

Hero Punch
      -Broke through the defenses of a defending enemy

Big Red
      -Complete all of Red Skull's Heroic Feats

      -Complete all of Captain America's Heroic Feats

Not just a side kick
      -Complete all of Bucky's Heroic Feats


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

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