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|                             Duke Nukem Forever                              |
|                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
|                       Contact: [email protected]                       |
|                                Version: 1.00                                |

                           ||                     ||
                           ||  Table of Contents  ||
                           ||                     ||

I. Walkthrough

  Duke Lives_______________________________________________________________[W1]

  The Duke Cave____________________________________________________________[W2]

  Mothership Battle________________________________________________________[W3]

  The Lady Killer__________________________________________________________[W4]

  Vegas in Ruin____________________________________________________________[W5]

  The Duke Dome____________________________________________________________[W6]

  The Hive_________________________________________________________________[W7]

  Queen Bitch______________________________________________________________[W8]

  Duke Nukem's Titty City__________________________________________________[W9]

  Crash Course____________________________________________________________[W10]

  The Duke Burger_________________________________________________________[W11]

  The Mighty Foot_________________________________________________________[W12]

  Ghost Town______________________________________________________________[W13]

  Highway Battle__________________________________________________________[W14]

  Dam Top_________________________________________________________________[W15]

  The Shrunk Machine______________________________________________________[W16]

  The Forkstop____________________________________________________________[W17]

  Generator Room__________________________________________________________[W18]


  The Clarifier___________________________________________________________[W20]

  Blowin' the Dam_________________________________________________________[W21]

  Final Battle____________________________________________________________[W22]

II. Technical____________________________________________________________[TECH]

                              ||               ||
                              ||  Walkthrough  ||
                              ||               ||

                                | ========== |
                                |            |
                                | Duke Lives |                             [W1]
                                |            |
                                | ========== |

After taking a piss, you can look around the bathroom and toy with some things
in here. If you go over to one of the toilets and grab the turd inside, you 
get an achievement. In the next room you'll find a white board that you can 
draw on, which also gives you an achievement. Keep going and you'll pass a few
aliens, but you won't have to fight them. You'll eventually come to an 
elevator with the Devastator on it. Pick it up and you'll ride the elevator 
up to the stadium. Here you finally get to fight your first enemy, which 
happens to be a boss: the Cycloid. Keep running around it and shooting it. It
shoots rockets, but as long as you're constantly moving, it won't hit you.

When you run out of ammo, just keep moving until you see red smoke on the 
ground. This indicates an ammo cache that's been dropped in. Around this time,
the Cycloid will start charging at you. It'll also hit the ground, sending a 
charge of energy your way, so keep an eye out for those attacks. Still, this 
"boss" fight is pretty simple and easy. When it goes down, get close to it and
press X. Tap A repeatedly when prompted to rip the tubing out of its back. 
When the eye falls out, kick the field goal.

After you've killed it, you find out it was all just a silly video game. You're
actually in Duke's penthouse. There's plenty of stuff in here to toy with. 
When you're ready, enter the elevator and press the buttons inside.

                               | ============= |
                               |               |
                               | The Duke Cave |                           [W2]
                               |               |
                               | ============= |

The "Damn! It's Late..." level has no action whatsoever. Just a lot of crap to
play with. When you get to the Duke Museum, sit on the throne to get to the 
next level. In the Duke Cave, after talking to the President on the big screen,
go through the door. Open the next door. It'll jam, and an alien will start 
swiping at you from the other side. Wait until the alien yells at you through
the door, then punch it a couple of times to put it down. Pry the door open and
pick up a trophy laying on the ground. Hit the alien ahead with a couple of 
trophies to kill him. In the rec room you'll find two more aliens. Throw stuff
at them or just punch them to put them down. In here, pick up a weight and 
curl it to gain some ego. Put the basketball through the net, hit the punching
bag, and hit the speed bag to gain more ego. Finally, search the area for round
weights to put on the bar. You should have three weights on each side. Now 
bench press it to get even more ego. You can also play the pinball machine if
you want, and getting a certain score might raise your ego further. Peel open
the vent cover to move forward.

After exiting the ventilation system, press Down on the D-Pad to drink a beer.
It makes you harder to kill, and you'll need it to take down the two aliens up
ahead. Two more aliens drop down after that. When the power goes out, press Up
on the D-Pad to turn on Duke Vision. Climb down the elevator shaft and take out
the two aliens below. In the next room there's another alien, and then there
are two more in the room after that. Punch the vent cover and drop down. There
are more aliens to take out down here. You'll reach a point where you can pick
up a trash can that's holding up a pipe. The pipe will fall. Get on it and go
to the other end. It acts like a seesaw, raising the first end back up. Run 
across it and jump up to the next pipe.

You eventually drop down into the reactor room. It has a few aliens in it, but
when you kill the first one, you can pick up the AT Laser. Take out the rest 
and put two of the energy cells in the room into the reactor. At this point, 
more aliens come out of the door. They are also in the next room. Keep going
until you reach an RC control. Pick it up and you'll take control of the RC
monster truck in the room here. Right Trigger makes it accelerator, Left 
Trigger brakes and reverses. Drive to the ground, then use the ramp to get 
back on the shelf. You need to drive around until you can get onto the shelf
running right in front of the window. This shelf has the last energy cell on
it. Knock it onto the ground with the truck, then push it over to the hole by
the broken door. You can then grab it from the outside and put it into the 

Grab the steroids when they pop up and use them. It makes your melee attacks 
an instant kill for most things, so use your fists on all of the aliens that 
drop in. Two pig cops come through the now open exit door, so put them down.
You'll come across a pistol. In the next room you'll find plenty of aliens, 
along with some propane tanks that you can pick up and throw. Kill the aliens 
tearing up the turret in the middle and hop in.

                             | ================= |
                             |                   |
                             | Mothership Battle |                         [W3]
                             |                   |
                             | ================= |

When you can fire the turret, start laying into the mothership's cannon thing.
Soon enough, drop ships will come down and start dumping out aliens with 
jetpacks. Try to take them out before they can even leave the ship, then take
out the ship too, if you want. After a while, alien fighters will swoop in 
and do strafing runs on you with a laser. Take these guys out before they hit
you. If they do hit you, your health will be dropped to almost nothing. The 
key to making it through this part is to keep your eyes open. Always be 
watching for dropships and especially fighters. After the turret sequence is 
over, just move through the ventilation system until the level ends.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | The Lady Killer |                          [W4]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

When you reach the elevator, wait for it to start falling, then pull the 
brakes. You can't stop it before it reaches a certain point. The goal here is
to simply have it going slow enough when you reach that point. Just try not to
overheat it too much. Pull it a bit, then let it go a bit, rinse and repeat 
until you reach the bottom. You'll soon be shrunk. Go over to the luggage cart
and walk against it to move it. The kid on the other side has an RC car you 
can get into. Keep driving around until you reach the bottom of the theater 
area. Here, you'll need to get up some speed and drive off the ramp resting 
against the central fountain. You'll also ramp off of the broken sculpture 
in the middle of the fountain and get over to the other side that way.

After driving a bit more, you reach part 2. Drive through the first room and 
avoid being shot. You'll reach a gate that your car won't fit through. Crouch
under it and jump up the suitcases to get up to the roulette table. Keep 
jumping across the tables and stools until you reach the couch. Jump on it to
bounce up to the ledge. Your goal is the switch by the gate you came through.
Be careful, as there are rats up here, and you're small enough to be hurt by
them. Hit the switch and get back in the car. Keep driving and you'll soon 
reach some hallways with pig cops running down them that you have to avoid.
Shortly after this you trash the car. Move up to the gate and push the luggage
cart over to the button. Now use the ramp/poster to get onto the couch and 
make your way over to the button and push it.

In the next room you come back to full size. Break the glass ahead of you and
grab the shotgun. You'll now be trapped in the room as aliens teleport in all
around. Some of them also have jetpacks. Once they're all gone (and after 
they've snatched your babes), head back through the closed gate. You'll be 
going back the way you came, so watch out for pig cops running down the halls.
In the casino, you'll be trapped with a few berserk pig cops. Take them down
and more come through the ceiling. Eventually, regular pig cops toting shotguns
also drop in, followed by aliens with jetpacks and teleporting aliens.

Keep going and you'll reach yet another room with a car in the middle where
you're trapped with aliens. Teleporting aliens are everywhere, and berserk pig
cops also drop in from time to time. Keep moving, because the cover isn't going
to mean much against these particular types of enemies. Once they're down, 
play one of the slot machines. If you win (and you will, at least two of the 
machines are rigged), then you'll get an ego boost. This only works one time 
though, so after you get the boost, open the gate and head on to part 3.

Take out the aliens until you reach the room with a big statue of yourself 
standing in the middle of some skyscrapers. Some of the skyscrapers will lower,
but don't hop on them just yet. Use the console in front of the exhibit. You'll
need to climb up the skyscrapers and then up the Duke statue to get to the 
next floor. Using the console, hold up to get the statue to raise it's pistol
all the way. Now, holding left or right, rotate the statue so that the pistol
is pointing at the EDF soldier on the next floor. Now, when you're ready, 
press the Right Trigger to lower the skyscrapers again. Climb onto and across
them, then jump onto the statue's horizontal pistol. Jump up the statue, onto
the other arm, and up to the next floor.

Kill the pig cop and go through the ventilation shaft. When you land, look 
behind you for an ammo crate. Shoot the trip mines here to make them explode.
You can crouch under the next set, and use crates to hop over the set after
that. Keep making your way past the trip mines until you start a fire by 
shooting them. At that point, shoot the fire extinguisher on the wall to put 
some of the fire out. Keep doing this and you'll soon gain some trip mines of
your own. Press the Left Bumper to place one. The next room is the perfect 
place to try them out. You'll be in a small hallway of sorts, and pig cops will
come charging at you. In the actual room part, some pig cops drop in along with
an alien that hovers around and shoots rockets at you. It can also charge at 
you, so be on the move constantly. Take it down to finally end this chapter.

                               | ============= |
                               |               |
                               | Vegas in Ruin |                           [W5]
                               |               |
                               | ============= |

You'll come across a turret that you can man. Get on it and start taking out
pig cops. Teleporting aliens and jetpack aliens come in eventually. After a 
while, a dropship flies in. You can take it out, but immediately get off of 
the turret, because a couple of pig cops like to come from behind at this 
point as well. Keep going and you'll fight more pig cops. When Jenkins dies,
fight off the two jetpacking enemies and drop down. You'll find some pipe bombs
in the white box next to the car. Use them to help you thin out the enemies 
ahead. A heavy enemy also appears on top of the semi, and he likes to shoot
rockets at you.

There's a turret up ahead. Use it to deal with the berserk pig cops that drop 
in. Don't worry about the dropship, it flies away too quickly to kill. Keep 
going and you'll drop into a pit. Shortly afterward, you and the two soldiers
will need to fight off enemies that drop in. After killing all of them, you'll
be trapped in the pit with a boss: the Battlelord. He fires off blue rockets
that home in on you, and he also likes to rush forward from time to time and 
then hit you with his machine gun. Keep that RPG constantly filled up by 
using the ammo crates. After hitting him with enough rockets, he'll drop to 
his knees. Climb on him and rip out the spike, then let him have it right in
the jewels to end this fight.

                               | ============= |
                               |               |
                               | The Duke Dome |                           [W6]
                               |               |
                               | ============= |

Move through the canal. Watch out for the electric water. When you get to the 
fire, you should find a fire extinguisher in the school bus. Keep going until
you get to the two guys trapped on a container. Soon the crane will bring down
something that you can hop inside of. A hovering alien will kill the guys and
then fly away. At this point, you'll be stuck inside the container as it 
rotates around to the car park. You'll need to fight off a load of various 
aliens in the car park itself. After you get knocked out of the container, 
shoot the lock off of the gate. You'll need to fight off several pig cops 
in the area with the now destroyed Duke statue. Shoot the explosive barrel 
when they're gone to lower a container.

In the next area, go around the back of the trailer and climb the ladder.
You can get inside from the top. Use the photo copier to get some more ego.
Pull the switch inside and prepare for an onslaught of enemies. After a while,
some berserk pig cops will come out and turn the trailer over. Take them down
and hit the switch by the exit gate. Open it up manually to finish the first

In the second part, keep going until you see a blue container to your left 
with some blue barrels in it. These barrels are heavy. You need to carry these
barrels around to the other side of the red container in front of you and drop
them at the end with the doors. These will wait the container down, making it 
drop. You'll need more barrels than are in the blue container though, so use
the ladder on the side of the blue container. Once on top, shoot the explosive
barrels to make the other container drop. Collect one of the blue barrels that
has fallen out and put it in the original red container. Now climb the ladder
again and jump across to the scaffolding.

Drop down and head up to the crane. You'll fight a couple of jetpackers here.
Climb up the crane and walk across it to get over to the construction site.
Drop down until you're one level above the ground. There's a container 
suspended between the two buildings. Shoot the explosive barrels inside the 
container to open the doors, then use it to get from one building to the other.
Get to the top of this second building and grab the battery. At this point, a
gunship will start shooting rockets and bullets at you. There's plenty of 
RPG ammo laying around, including some in the elevator shaft (accessible from
the second floor of the building) and some in the bed of the truck. There's
also an ammo container in the front corner.

Once you've taken it down, head back up to the crane and insert the battery.
Now, raise the crane as high as it can go and slam it into the wall above the
scaffolding to your left. Do this a few times (some dead aliens will fall out)
and the wrecking ball will fall off. Leave the crane raised up and move it next
to the wall. Now climb on top of the crane and use it to get inside the hole.

                                 | ======== |
                                 |          |
                                 | The Hive |                              [W7]
                                 |          |
                                 | ======== |

Take the lower path to find a Ripper and a pipe bomb. Take the upper path and
continue ahead. After you open your first "door", go left to find another 
Ripper/pipe bomb combo, next to a familiar helmet. Keep going and after 
destroying some egg pods, you'll encounter your first octobrain. There are 
more of these as you make your way through the level, along with more egg pods
to destroy. There are also babes hanging around. You can put them out of their
misery if you want. You'll eventually come across the two babes from your 
penthouse. They've been impregnated, and after a bit of dialogue, they 
promptly explode and send out baby octobrains.

The next room has more pods and baby octobrains. There are also boobs on the
central pillar that you can slap to increase your ego. Go left and you'll 
reach a dead end with an alien that emits light. If you hit him, he'll curl up
into a ball and you can roll him back to the room with pods. You'll face three
octobrains on the way there. In that room, roll the light bug up to the 
circular thing next to the door and he'll open it.

In part two, you'll come across webbed up corpses. Beat them down to get 
ammo. You'll fight a few octobrains who like to hurl pods at you. Shortly
thereafter you'll need to jump across some rocks and you'll soon wind up at a
dead end with an explosives cache. You should see a bounce pad on the wall of
the pit ahead, and there's a light bug above you. Toss a pipe bomb onto the 
bounce pad and it'll bounce right up to the bug. Detonate it to get the bug
to come down to you.

Don't worry about those rows of tanks with octobrains. Only the last one comes
out to fight. In the next room you'll have to worry about a whole lot more 
though. When you get to the point where you have to drop down, try to get as 
close to the edge as possible. You can trigger the octobrains in the small 
area here without actually having to drop down and trap yourself with them.
Continue on. After putting the light bug into the slot, go through the door
and hit the bounce pad. You'll face a lot of pods and eventually you'll come
across a new type of enemy. They are small insect-type things that like to 
jump around and latch onto your face. You'll have to press A repeatedly to 
get them off.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Queen Bitch |                            [W8]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

There's an explosive cache in the room to the right. Throw a pipe bomb into the
tunnel to the left so that it hits the bounce pad and enters the room with the
explosive barrels. Detonate it and move on. You'll come to the Alien Queen 
soon enough. You need to throw a pipe bomb onto one of the bounce pads on 
either side and let it bounce around, then detonate it to make the queen 
expose herself (literally). Hit her anywhere with rockets. She'll attack back
with her claw and a beam weapon, both of which can be avoided by staying at 
the far end on either side. She also throws out one of the facehugging 
insects. Keep doing this and she'll eventually throw out an octobrain. The 
bounce pads will also explode, and she'll simply be exposed all of the time.
She'll also attack all of the time.

                          | ======================= |
                          |                         |
                          | Duke Nukem's Titty City |                      [W9]
                          |                         |
                          | ======================= |

You'll need to find some popcorn, a vibrator, and a condom. Enter the men's
restroom and use the condom machine to get that. You can also use the glory 
hole in the stall to increase your ego. Use either exit door and follow it up
to an employee only room. There's a bag of popcorn in here that you can 
microwave. There's another employee area down some stairs behind the main 
stage. You'll find more popcorn here and some vibrators. After gathering these
items, look around the place for a bit, then head upstairs and get a lap dance
from the stripper to end this chapter.

                                | ============ |
                                |              |
                                | Crash Course |                          [W10]
                                |              |
                                | ============ |

Once you land on the structure, get onto the walkway, then work your way down
using the tentacles. You'll have to deal with pods along the way. When you 
drop down onto a rail gun, bust the blue pods next to you and squeeze through,
then drop down to another walkway. There are frisbees here that you can 
throw for some more ego. At the end of the walkway you'll encounter a few 
jetpack aliens. Keep going and use the bounce pads to get over to a ladder
that leads up to the crashed ship you were just in. Hop on the turret and 
prepare to take out some passing ships, then some alien fighters mixed with
dropships and jetpack aliens. After a while a gunship comes by. Lay into it, 
and it'll fly off screen, then come back and shoot the ship. Jump out of it 
before it slides off of the tower.

Keep going and you'll come across the Devastator. Use it and the ammo crate
to take out the gunship once and for all. Hop around to the other side of the
walkway and go to the end. A jetpack alien drags you over the side. Hit the
button commands when prompted to end this chapter.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | The Duke Burger |                         [W11]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

The first part is pretty simple. Make your way inside the bathroom and head 
into the stalls area. First, note the air vent on the floor by the door you 
can't enter. Next, look in one of the stalls for a magazine that boosts your
ego. Now, go back to the area with the sinks and use the shrink pad. Enter 
that open air vent by the door and grow up. Turn off the power, shoot the 
planks, and exit. Hit the shrink pad again, but this time, climb up onto the
bench and the sinks and make your way into the hole in the wall. Drop down and
climb your way to the second part.

You'll fall through the ceiling. Use the particle accelerator and go through
the doors. You'll notice a bunch of cups laying around that are turned over.
One of them starts coming towards you. All of those cups are hiding shrunken
pig cops. When you go to the other side of the room, shoot all of those cups
before you drop down, because you'll be shrunk when you do. Use the boxes in 
the corner to get up onto the counter. Climb the hose and get onto the 
tentacle so you can get over to the next area. In here, take out the rats and
some full-sized aliens will come through the closed door. You'll need to lure 
them into one of the many shrink pads, then take care of them.

After that, enter the supply closet and start making your way up the shelves.
There will be pig cops on the other shelf from time to time, so watch out. 
The next room has you jumping around a LOT, trying to avoid the electric floor.
At one point you'll need to use the spatulas as bounce pads. A little bit after
pushing the button and moving through the dishwasher, you'll face a lot of 
pig cops. You'll also come to a stove where the burners turn on and off, and 
after that you'll need to hop across some hamburger buns to get across a hot
grill. After that, jump onto the overturned cart and then onto the dead guy.
Make your way over to the toaster. Hit the button then jump on top. When the 
waffles come up, you'll be bounced into the air. Get onto the shelf when that
happens. Use the line with pots and pans to zip down to another grill. Also,
note that that isn't water at the end of the grill, it's a fryer, so don't 
jump in. Hit the breaker and move through the door when the girl opens it, 
then jump your way up to the next ventilation shaft.

Drop out of the shaft and use the pad to grow. On the roof you'll have to fight
off several waves of enemies brought in by dropships. The first few involve
pig cops, mainly of the berserk variety. Look for the shrink ray by the dead
scientist and another on the second roof thing accessible via stairs. 
There's also a holoduke in the small structure here, in the white box. After a 
while, enforcers start coming, and they'll also start dropping their guns, 
which helps a bit. The final wave involves two of the fat hovering rocket 
launching guys.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | The Mighty Foot |                         [W12]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

You'll be in a heavy turret. Take out the pig cops as you go, and don't mess
around. They'll already be shooting rockets at you before you can even kill 
them. Eventually you'll come to two garage buildings with a bunch of towers 
by them. There are pig cops everywhere here, so take them all down. You'll 
circle this area a bit as more enemies pour out or are dropped in. When it's
all clear, get out of the ship and enter your truck. Follow the dirt trail and
drive right into the cave.

The second part involve more driving, except this time there are enemies on 
the ground and jumps to go off of. You'll eventuall get onto the highway, and
soon thereafter you'll run out of gas. Get ouf of the truck and dig in where
all the ammo's at. A few waves of baddies will come for you. After the ship 
blows up the EDF vehicle to your left, two enforcers drop down. Take care of 
them and move forward. Bust the lock by the building to your right and go 
around back. Jump up the spools and get onto the roof, then drop down inside.
You can use the computer in here to cycle through some pictures of babes and
get an ego boost in the process. Grab the gas can off the wall, then smash 
the boards in front of the door and head back to the truck. Fill it up and 
drive to the end of the highway, then off of it.

                                | ========== |
                                |            |
                                | Ghost Town |                            [W13]
                                |            |
                                | ========== |

When you reach the first collection of structures, you'll find pig cops. 
Most of the structures can be broken by driving through them. The long trailer
in the back is the exception. If you go to it and climb the tractor behind it,
you can get inside of it, where you'll find ammo and supplies. Use the ramp
to the right of the "town" to get over to the next area. After crossing the 
bridge, you'll reach the town of Morningwood. You run out of gas here, so get
out and look inside the church, the first building on your right. You'll find
a magazine in here. Pick it up to get an ego boost. You'll also find a paper
airplane on the floor in here. Pick it up and throw it for more ego.

The actual town is filled to the brim with pig cops. Almost all the buildings
have weapons or equipment of some kind. The outhouse behind the saloon has 
some steroids, and there's an RPG on the top floor of the saloon. Some heavier
enemies occupy the barn at the end of the street. Take them out and a fat 
hovering guy shows up with a couple of berserk pig cops. Once they're down, 
enter the barn and head up to the second floor. Use the crank here to get 
the wooden pallet to the middle of the room, then jump across. Go up the 
stairs here to get to the top floor, and turn this crank to the left to drop 
the ladder. Now go down the ladder and use the other crank again to send the
wooden pallet back to the right. Use the ladder you dropped to get back over 
to the other side, then jump onto the wooden pallet and get over to the gas 
cans. Grab one and head back to the truck. You'll face a few more pig cops on
the way. Drive through the back of the barn and go off the ramp just after 
that to end this chapter.

                              | ============== |
                              |                |
                              | Highway Battle |                          [W14]
                              |                |
                              | ============== |

Drive around until you can go up a dirt hill. You should find a pig cop up 
there, along with a billboard. Run into the billboard to knock it down, then
use it as a ramp to get onto the highway. Here you'll have to deal with pig 
cops on the back of semis throwing explosive barrels at you. Try to boost past
them whenever you see an opening. After dropping off of the highway, you'll
have to deal with scattered enemies and gunships shooting the area up. They 
cause boulders to start rolling around, so watch out for that. Keep driving
until you run out of gas.

Get out of the truck and proceed forward. There are plenty of pig cops roaming
around this next area. In particular, watch out for pig cops on the turrets
in the middle of this place. You need to make your way around to those 
turrets. Hop on one of them and start blasting the pig cops that are dropped 
in. After they're all dead, immediately get off of the turret, because a 
gunship comes in and it will start firing at you. There's an RPG in the 
wrecked ship. Once it's down, move across the gap and head left into the cave.

Keep going until you see a gap that you can't cross. Make your way up the mine
tracks until you see a cart. Take all of the barrels out and push it up the 
tracks. At the top it'll stop. Hop in and pull the lever to go sailing over the
gap. There's a gas can over here. Pick it up and deal with the baby octobrains
and other insects. Soon enough a spool falls down and knocks some planks off
of the scaffolding by you. Climb up it and you'll come across another mine 
cart. Push it and pull the lever and it'll take you all the way back to the 
truck. Kill the pig cops here and hop in. Use the ramps to get over to the 
next area.

                                  | ======= |
                                  |         |
                                  | Dam Top |                             [W15]
                                  |         |
                                  | ======= |

Drive around the boulders and crap for a bit. You'll hit a jump where you 
destroy a ship and then land in the water. Climb up the ladder and keep going
until you hit the highway. Fight your way forward through the pig cops and 
eventually another Battlelord will climb onto the highway. This part is 
definitely easier, since you can just grab an RPG, back up a lot until you're
next to an ammo container, and let loose. Unfortunately, after you rip out his
spike and stab him, he's not dead. He regains his health bar and runs right up
to you. You need to back up all the way and use the large vehicle on the right
side of the road as cover. It can't be destroyed or moved, so it's going to be
your lifeline. Dart out from cover and use the ammo container across the road
when he stops shooting. He does take increased damage though, so it won't take
quite as long to put him down. After you stab him with another spike, he's gone
for good.

                            | ================== |
                            |                    |
                            | The Shrunk Machine |                        [W16]
                            |                    |
                            | ================== |

Keep going down as far as you can go and turn left. Take out the pods and
the little grabbing tentacles further on and you'll find a strung up body.
Knock him down for an RPG and some steroids. Now go back and head through the
door. You'll come across three people talking. There's a freeze ray here that
you can pick up. There's also a locked gate here. Bust the lock and hit the
vent cover on the floor. Drop in and move through the vent system, taking out
baby octobrains as you go. At the end you'll find some explosives and a 
holoduke. Head back to the three people and one of them will open the door
for you.

In the next area you'll face a lot of pig cops. Note that the freeze ray is 
a weird weapon. It has infinite ammo, and recharges when it's not being used.
It also only works at close range, so thin the crowd a bit and then lure the 
rest of the enemies to a chokepoint and let it rip. If you go straight ahead 
you'll come to a set of double doors. The office inside has a locker with 
steroids in it and a calendar that you can look at to boost your ego. After
clearing the entire area of pig cops, a few enforcers, including one with a 
shield, will bust through the locked door near the beginning of the area. 
Take them out and the engineer will come through and unlock the next door for

Go through the door and move forward. Watch out for the jets of hot steam.
Head to the first valve and turn it left to let out some steam onto the pod
things. It'll kill them out. Turn the steam off. You can go through the doorway
to your left now, which has ammo and supplies, including a holoduke. In the 
next area you should see another valve. Don't turn it yet. First, you need to 
use those lever things. Use the first one to unlock the pipe. Now you can 
rotate the pipe around. You need to rotate both pipes around so that they're 
all connected in a straight line. Now use the valve to put hot steam on the 

In the next large room you'll face more enemies. There are some berserk pig 
cops too, so be careful. Jetpacking aliens and rocket launching aliens also 
come into the mix. After killing all of them, bash the plank holding the crank
to make the ladder come down. Climb it. Once you get to the long hallway, 
you'll find a rocket launching pig at the other end. Kill him and you'll find
another pig cop down there as well. Keep going until you hit the shrink pad. 
Kill the rats and explore one of the open vents for some explosives. Unscrew
the vent cover and hop in. Once you hit the bottom, hop on top of the fan and
hit the broomstick. You'll fly up. Break the vent cover at the top and keep 
going, through a mini-platforming section, until you reach a fan. Shoot the 
cylinder on the "ceiling" and it'll turn, stopping the fan.

You'll now be at another platforming section where you have to jump across and
through some gears. Once you get through them, use the pipes to climb up to 
an area where pistons are moving up and down. Before you start to move 
across them, look to your right. There's a vent cover here with an electrical
cylinder thing behind it. Shoot it to turn it off. Now move straight forward 
through the next vent cover. Turn the electrical cylinder in here off as 
well. Now move under the pistons and you'll find another vent cover to your 
right. Turn that electrical cylinder off and stand back. The pistons will blow
up and the main fan up here will stop.

JUmp around until you get to a room with a dead body in it. Kill the baby 
octobrains and make your way over to the elevator. Press the button and a 
whole lot of baby octobrains will come out. Kill them all and move to the big
box in the middle of the room. When the elevator comes down, you'll have to 
deal with a full-sized enforcer. Just keep running around the box, hitting 
him with everything you've got. He takes a lot of damage, but you don't have 
to use explosives to take him down. Note, however, that the freeze ray is 
useless here. Once he's dead, enter the elevator. The damaged railing functions
like a see-saw, so use it to get over to the other railings and around to the 

                               | ============ |
                               |              |
                               | The Forkstop |                           [W17]
                               |              |
                               | ============ |

You'll find a particle expander after you come out of the elevator. In the 
next room, make your way over to the area behind the window. There's a button
in here you need to push, along with a magazine that boosts your ego. Now go 
and open the garage door. You'll need to move past some electric currents. 
They have a pattern, so just watch them for a bit. When you drop down, take
out the octobrains and keep going. You'll face a few pig cops after that, 
and one of them is on a turret. More octobrains show up once they've been 
dealt with. After you kill them, you'll need to fight the Octoking. As soon
as he shows up, get on the turret and start hammering him. He's a lot easier
to deal with when he's simply throwing stuff at you. His energy blasts are a 
lot more frequent and a lot more annoying. If you need it, there's an RPG by
the stairs leading up to the turret. Take him down, then open the garage door
to end the first part.

Use the button to lower the forklift, then hop in. You can raise and lower the
lift. Plow through the boxes ahead and then plow through the pig cops after 
that. Just keep going, plowing through pig cops, until you come to a dead end
with a broken forklift at it. Get out and climb onto the broken forklift and
over the fence. Keep going, through the dark room and up to the button. Flip 
it to turn on the power. The room will then be flooded with pig cops of almost
every variety, so be ready. Once you finally clear it out, lower the forklift
and drive it over to the other button, the one that controls the lift 
surrounded by posts. Hit that button. The lift stops halfway down, so use the
forklift to get up onto it and into the next area. Take the elevator to 
finish this chapter.

                               | ============== |
                               |                |
                               | Generator Room |                         [W18]
                               |                |
                               | ============== |

After talking to the other people, keep making your way through the next room,
past the electric hazards and the pods. You'll soon come to two pipes being
held up by a cable. Use the nearby ladder to get up to a control. Move those
pipes so that you can jump on them and get over to the generators. You'll 
come across some face huggers over here. Use the tentacles to get across this
area, then use the tentacle to get up to the walkway. The guy operating the 
big crane thing will move you across, so get on it and stock up on ammo. You
will have to fight off a bunch of jetpacking aliens as the platform moves 

After a while, the Octoking will show back up, along with some octobrains.
There should be a devastator laying on the ground here. Use it and the ammo
container to obliterate all of them. Make sure you take out the smaller ones
quickly, because dodging all of those energy blasts is a pain. Once the 
Octoking's health bar hits zero he'll collapse onto the walkway at the back 
and begin pulling you towards him. Take out his health bar again to finally
put him down for good. Get on the walkway when the stairs lower and make your
way inside the elevator shaft. Jump into the water after the elevator falls a
bit to end this chapter.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Underground |                           [W19]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

Get out of the water and make your way forward. You'll soon be in a room with
three spinning rods. To get past the second one, drop into the pit and you'll
find a ladder that lets you out on the other side. The third one requires you
to drop into it as well, except there's a turbine in it. Push the big red 
toolbox into the turbine. Now head into the side passage and push that one in
as well. Go back into the side passage and go up. You'll find a third toolbox
that you can push down into the turbine. This will stop it. Keep going until
you kill some baby octobrains. You can climb the ladder to the right here for
a freeze ray. Go up the stairs and enter the air vent to end the first part.

If you use the ladder, you can get an AT Captain Laser. Dive down underwater.
You can use the air bubbles to refill your air supply. Keep going until you 
reach a valve. Turn it to the left to open the door. Move through the room 
with the turbine until you reach another open door. Go through it, but then 
come back out again and find some bubbles. A load of baby octobrains will come
for you, and it's easier to deal with them out here. You'll surface not long
after this. You'll come to a some platforms with the spinning rods in the 
middle. Just drop down here. A rocket destroys the next turbine thing and 
the lights go out. Flip on Duke Vision and enter the side passage. You'll need
to move fast to the left. There's a side passage over here that should offer
some relative safety from the enemies in the room, which include at least one
pig cop, a bunch of facehuggers, and a hovering fat alien with a rocket 
launcher. After you take them all out, another pig cop comes in, then an 
enforcer busts through the exit door. Eliminate them and keep going until this
chapter ends.

                               | ============= |
                               |               |
                               | The Clarifier |                          [W20]
                               |               |
                               | ============= |

You'll face a couple of berserk pig cops. When you reach a room where the exit
is blocked by wooden crates, look on the desk for a cigar. Pick it up to boost
your ego. Bust through the crates and you'll face some regular pig cops, 
followed by an enforcer. You'll need to move the yellow thing up to the 
building ahead, then climb on top of it and drop into that building from the 
roof. Before you drop into the building, look in the area ahead for a pig cop
on a crane. Shoot the barrels next to him to break the crane.

Go downstairs and you should notice three garage doors here. Go wander around
by garage door 1 until a guy on a lift comes barreling through it, followed by
pig cops. Take them out. Now go to the end of the crane in the middle of the 
room. There's a blue barrel in the holder. Take the blue barrel on the platform
right by the holder and stick it in as well. Now get on the lift and drive it 
around to find the other two blue barrels. One is on some scaffolding, the 
other is on top of the room you passed through earlier. Raise the lift to reach
these barrels, then stick them into the holder at the end of the crane. AT 
this point, pig cops will come busting through the other two garage doors, 
along with enforcers. Take them all out and look behind garage door 2 for the 
last blue barrel. Stick it in, then climb the scaffolding so that you can hop
onto the crane arm and use it to get over to the other side.

In the next area, you'll need to move into a large room with some facehuggers.
There are also pipe bombs being lobbed at you. Use the bounce pad to your 
right to get up to the walkway where you'll find two octobrains. There are 
some strung up corpses floating around here if you're low on ammo. Before
dropping down to the other side, deal with any insects. Now go over to the 
right and climb onto the scaffolding. Hop onto the large pipe and use the 
tentacle to get over to the other one, then use the smaller pipes to enter a 
ventilation tunnel. At the end, bust open the grate and drop down. Go right
and look for a piece of railing that's gone. You can drop down onto a very 
thing platform directly below you here. Now jump your way across the spools 
floating in the water.

Keep going until you come out onto a broken walkway that begins to fall. Hop
onto the red pipes to your left and get on that walkway. Talk to the guy here
and pick up the bombs next to him. Now head down the ladder and use the button
to move the platform to the left. A bunch of octobrains will stop you, so deal
with all of them, then continue moving the platform. Once it stops, move 
across the walkway and shut off the power. You can now go back and jump in the
water. Turn the valve down here to open the doors at the bottom and head on 

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Blowin' the Dam |                         [W21]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

Move forward and turn the valve when you get to it. Go up a bit and look for 
an opening you can move through. It's above the yellow pipes with air bubbles 
on them. You'll have to fight some octobrains in here. You should see three 
large yellow pipes forming arches. Go under them and plant the first bomb on
the circular grating here. Now go to the left of that grating and turn the 
next valve to allow air to pass through the next pipe. Take out the octobrains
that show up and move on, through the large hole in the rock. Keep following
the pipe until you reach another valve and more octobrains. There's one last 
valve to turn, sans octobrains, and then you can plant the bomb on the grating.

Excepting the grating flies off and the energy leech comes through it. Yes, 
you'll have to battle this guy underwater, which means you'll be relying solely
on your eyes to let you know what's going on. Grab an RPG and make sure you 
know where the air bubbles are at. Also note the ammo containers on either 
side. The leech likes to slam down on you, which is easily avoided by 
constantly moving. It'll also shoot electric rockets at you from time to time.
These too can be avoided by constantly moving. Sometimes it'll try to suck
you in towards it, which can be cancelled by hitting it with a rocket. 
Overall, this boos fight isn't too hard, but it is easy to lose your bearings
or forget that you need air. Once you've taken it down, pry open the vagina
on it's head and shove a bomb in there. After it's blown up, enter the tunnel
it came out of and go up when you reach the end.

The second part of this is fairly straightforward: just run! You'll come 
across a few berserk pig cops along the way, but it's nothing big. After the 
rock falls onto the bridge (and the guy), use the ladder to get down below, 
then circle around to the other ladder and make your way back up top on the 
other side. Go right and crouch down, then drop into the big tunnel.

                               | ============ |
                               |              |
                               | Final Battle |                           [W22]
                               |              |
                               | ============ |

You'll be fighting the Cycloid Emperor...again. Except this time, it's no 
video game. Sort of. Anyway, his attacks remain roughly the same. He'll 
charge at you and shoot rockets and occasionally stomp the ground, which sends
a ball of energy your way. However, the only way to get ammo is by killing 
whatever pig cop happens to be unlucky enough to get dropped off into the 
middle of this fiasco. They are actually pretty easy to kill though and almost
always come equipped with an RPG.

After you've taken it's health bar down once and ripped out the hoses, the bar
refills. This time, it'll hit the ground twice and send out two balls of 
energy along the ground. It also shoots out a flare from time to time. Finally,
jetpacking aliens have been added to the mix. Continue shooting RPGs and pipe 
bombs at the thing until it goes down again. Rip the tubing off of the other 
arm. It'll get back up, and its attacks and movement will generally be faster,
though it's still not hard to avoid. The area will start to fill up with 
other enemies however, so you need to constantly be on the move. You can 
pretty much ignore them after the EDF drop in ship with ammo containers and 
a Devastator inside. Just keep your finger on the trigger and your reticule
pointed at the emperor and he'll be down in no time. Go over and rip out the 
tubing behind his head, then piss in his eye socket. When the friendly 
dropship close to you, go up to it and grab on. This ends the game.

                               ||             ||
                               ||  Technical  ||                         [TECH]
                               ||             ||

Any website may use this guide, as long as it is kept intact and proper credit 
is given. Contact me at [email protected] if you have any
questions about the guide or the game.

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