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By: Codebreaker1234

Copyright 2014
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4/23/14- Began guide

5/17/14- Submitted Guide to Gamefaqs [Version 1.0]
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This guide was written by James Alatis and may be not be reproduced under any
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web
site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
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Controls and Takedowns
Basic Controls

    L-Stick- Move
    R-Stick- Look Around/Move Camera
    D-Pad- Choose/Equip Gadget
    Square- Strike
    X- Evade/ Jump/ hold to Run
    R2- Crouch/Use Gadget (while holding L2)
    R3-Zoom In/Out
    L1- Detective Vision/Hold to Scan
    L2- Aim Gadget
    L3- Center Camera
    Start- Open Game Menu
    Select- Open Map

Combat Controls

    Strike- Square
    Counter- Triangle
    Cape Stun- Circle
    Evade- X+X
    Super Stun-Circle + Circle + Circle
    Air Attack- Circle + X
    Beat Down- Circle + Tap Square Repeatedly
    Ground Takedown- R2 + Triangle
    Batclaw Strike- R2 + Triangle, then Square
    Special Combo Takedown (Must Unlock) - Triangle + Circle (At same time)
    Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown (Must Unlock) - X + Circle (At same time)
    Special Combo Bat Swarm (Must Unlock) - X + Square (At same time)
    Special Combo Disarm and Destroy (Must Unlock)- Square + Triangle (At same time)
    Quickfire Batarang- Double tap L2
    Quickfire Batclaw- L2 + Triangle
    Quickfire Concussion Detonator- L2 + Circle
    Quickfire Explosive Gel/Detonate Explosive Gel- L2 + Square

Predator Takedowns

Most takedowns that require the triangle will prompt you when it is the proper
time to press the button.

    Inverted Takedown-While hanging upside-down from a vantage point, press
triangle as an enemy passes underneath you
    Grate Takedown- While hiding in a floor grate, press triangle as an enemy
passes over you
    Vent Takedown-While hiding in a vent, press triangle when an enemy approaches
the vent
    Batclaw Takedown-Use the Batclaw to pull an enemy off a ledge
    Ledge Takedown-While hanging over a ledge, press triangle when an enemy
approaches above you
    Inverted Ledge Takedown- While hanging over a ledge, press triangle when an
enemy passes underneath you
    Zipline Takedown-While ziplining across a remote claw rope, press triangle
when an enemy is near you
    Explosive Gel Takedown- Spray explosive gel on a weak wall, detonate when an
enemy approaches wall on opposite side of the gel
    Ice Smash Takedown-Freeze an enemy, press triangle while near a frozen enemy
    Silent Takedown-Sneak up unnoticed behind an enemy and press triangle
    Remote Control Batarang Takedown- Use an accelerated remote control Batarang
to knock an enemy off a ledge
    Corner Takedown- When covering a corner, press triangle when an enemy approaches


    Batarang- the most classic of all batman\'s gadgets, aim and throw at bad guys
to knock them down
    Batclaw- A claw that can be fired at enemies of hooks or a variety of other
things, is capable of pulling them toward batman, or batman toward them
    Explosive Gel- Gel that can be sprayed up to three times before detonating,
can be used to destroy weak walls, stun or even knock out enemies, and to create
loud noises
    Concussion Detonator- A relatively useless item that can be used to
temperately stun enemies in combat.
    Smoke Pellet- A small pellet that can be dropped or thrown in order to create
a large cloud of smoke around the Batman, or wherever it is thrown, Can only be
used once in a predator map.
    Cryptographic Sequencer- A minicomputer batman can use to hack passwords or
tune into radio frequencies
    Multi Target Batarang- A set of up to three Batarangs that can target up to
three enemies
    Disrupter- A one-to-three shot weapon that can turn off jammers and jam guns
    Sonic Batarang- A Batarang that attracts a predator enemy
    Remote Control Batarang- A Batarang that can be steered, accelerated or
decelerated, and can be electrified
    Remote Claw- Fires a rope that can be used to attach two points with a tightrope

A cold, cold introduction

I\'m baack. Hey guys it\'s been awhile since I\'ve been able to write about this
game, but this DLC proved the perfect time for me to get back into the game so to
speak, (get it, in the game) lol. Anyway, I\'m going to write the best guide for
the DLC that I can, and then I\'ll see what I can do about some other parts of the
main game, thanks so much to all my loyal supporters who helped get my other guide
to 100,000 hits and counting.
The Cold,  Cold Walkthrough
Wayne Mansion

The opening scene of the DLC is Ferris Boyle receiving a humanitarian award from
Bruce Wayne in hi own home. After he walks away with Alfred, a wall of ice crashes
through the wall along with many armed men, and then the main antagonist, Mr.
Freeze busts through and demands to know where Ferris Boyle is.

After this, you gain control of Bruce Wayne and are immediately punched in the
face by a thug, and then held at gunpoint. A short scene involving Alfred will
play and then you will be prompted to counter the thug with the gun, do so, and
then take out the three remaining thugs. You are not batman yet, so all you can do
is punch, counter, evade, disarm and destroy and ground takedown. Also, you will
have minimal heath due to having no armor upgrades. Alfred will instruct Bruce to
become Batman after the thugs are down, and tell him to go to the study, so follow
Alfred until he gets to a door at the end of the hall, and enter it.

You will now be in the study, where Vicki Vale will appear and ask Bruce some
questions. Then Alfred will stay with the people and tell Bruce to go to the wine
cellar, once you gain control of Bruce, go through the door opposite to the one
you came in through. You will arrive in a predator room.

There will be four enemies in this room, the first is right in front of you with
his back to you, walk up and take him out with a silent takedown. The next two
will be standing together on an elevated platform admiring some pearls, sneak
behind them and perform a double silent takedown. The final enemy will begin
walking toward your position, wait until he reaches the display case between you
and him, crouch and walk around the case in the direction opposite of him until
you are behind him, preform a silent takedown and get rid of him. Now walk through
the north door that the last thug had been guarding. It is important to note you
do not have access to any gadgets or detective mode, so be careful.

On the other side of the door, you will be in a long corridor, walk down and
around the corner until you come to a railing with five unarmed penguin thugs on a
lower level on the other side, one has a pipe. Jump down and take out the five
thugs with your limited arsenal, and then you will receive a call from Alfred,
telling you to go to the tasting room and check the statue. From the balcony head
to the northwest corner of the room and walk through a golden gate, you will walk
into the tasting room. Here walk straight ahead until you see a strange statue on
your left, activate it to open a secret passage in the wall with a door at the
bottom of some stairs, go through the door.
The Batcave

Now you are in a secret tunnel connecting the manor to the Batcave, walk down the
corridor until you reach a break in the walkway, jump over the gap and then slide
on your hands across a narrow ledge until you can pull yourself up again. Continue
through another corridor, then through two automatic doors until you reach the
elevator platform, press the button and you will receive another call from Alfred,
telling you to put on the \"XE Suit.\" When the elevator stops follow the pathway
under the batwing until you go up two sets of stairs and see the Batsuit chamber
(near the batcomputer). Walk up to the suit container and you will get a look at
this XE suit, but it isn\'t ready yet, so you will instead don the normal batsuit,
and gain access to all your upgrades, with the exception of the glue grenades.

Now that your batman, glide back over to the elevator that you used to enter the
Batcave, and ride it back up. Once you activate the elevator, Alfred will inform
you that the formula used for the glue grenades was unstable, and they now cannot
be used.
Wayne Manor

As you walk toward the automatic door, the power will go out and Alfred will be
abducted. Charge the nearby power generator with your shock gloves, and then the
door will open, continue along the pathway, over the gap, and then you will have
to grapple to the other part of the catwalk, continue to through the door into the
wine cellar. The door once guarded by the statue is now steaming, and you will
have to force it open. The cellar will be on fire, wine bottles exploding
everywhere and you will be able to hear thugs nearby. Head left and you will
notice the golden gate is blocked, but there are grates that run under them, go
down into the grates and get under the the nearby armed thug, and perform a
takedown. Then take out the seven remaining unarmed thugs (2 Pipes, 2 Wine
Bottles, 1 gun on the ground). Once they\'re all down, grapple up to the upper
balcony and walk through the corridor, the door at the end will now be blocked by
flames, so activate detective mode and search for a nearby vent on the wall, pry
it off and crawl through it. Inside, you will be in a small hole in the wall,
grapple up onto a nearby ledge, then climb over a wall then up a ladder into the
Library, and it will once again be a predator room.

This time, Alfred will be in the center of the room, and there will be nine armed
thugs walking around, while you are on a ledge on the south end of the room. Start
by grappling one vantage point to the left, then jump down and take out the lone
thug here silently. Now grapple back up, and go two more vantage points due north
over the head of another lone thug, silently take him out and grapple back up to a
vantage point. Now, once again head two vantage points south and you will be
directly above the north door, but it is blocked. There will be a lone thug
standing either under or near this vantage point. Jump down and take him out
silently without being seen. Don\'t use the inverted takedown because it will alert
the other thugs to your position. By now, the thugs should notice one of the
bodies in the room, and three or four of them will go to it. If you have been
following this guide and all is well, the body should be under a vantage point, so
use your remote claw to take out one of the thugs by hanging him from a vantage
point, and then use another remote claw to tie the two remaining thugs together
and knock them down, then perform a ground takedown on both of them. For me, this
attracted the last two thugs to my location, so I quickly dropped a smoke pellet,
and used my fists to take out the last two thugs.

Now that the thugs are gone from the room, head to the northern door and push the
large crest blocking it out of the way. The civilians and Alfred will leave the
room, and you will be informed that Farris Boyle is in the next room, go through
the north door. In this room you will face five thugs tormenting a Farris (1
armed, 1knife, 1 pipe), take them all out and Mr. Freeze will appear from around a
corner and a scene will begin. Batman will be frozen and Freeze will take Farris
away, then three thugs will run up and attack you (1 Taser). Spam the X button to
break out of the ice and then take the thugs out and run around the corner after
Freeze. When you round the corner you will see the new enemy of this DLC, an ice
gun thug. He will have frozen the stairs, so grapple up onto the balcony where he
was and go through the door around the corner. You will see a short scene with
Freeze escaping, and then you will be left to take care of the eleven enemies in
this room (two pipes, two ice guns). These ice gun enemies are...annoying. To beat
them you must treat them like armored enemies, and perform a beatdown to put them
down for the count. Their ice guns will immobilize you if you get hit, and they
deal massive damage. The best way to beat them is to throw a double Batarang at
them and then glide to them and cape stun the both. Perform a beatdown on one, and
then you will have a high enough combo to perform a takedown on the one that is
remaining. Now that the two annoying enemies are down, take out the remaining nine
enemies, and then interrogate the final enemy.

Once they\'re all out a scene will begin and Batman will call his batwing, and will
fast travel automatically to the Coventry district.
Anarky in a Frozen Gotham

As soon as you arrive in the city, you will notice, it has been greatly reduced.
You will only have access to the Coventry, and Diamond districts in this DLC, and
in addition the areas are somewhat...different. This is caused by all the ice,
well you know. As soon as you arrive you will get a radio call saying that Anarky
is causing trouble again, so let\'s deal with him first. If you look at your map
you will see three red fists near your current location, set the one due west of
you as your waypoint and make your way there.

On your way to this marker, stop at the radio tower that you will pass and enter
detective mode. If you are standing directly behind the tower facing the bat
signal, if you look to the left or right at street level you will see two, strange
looking orange people with jagged exteriors. These are two police officer who have
been frozen by these new freeze guns. Glide to the one on your left if you are
facing the bat signal over Anarky riots. Walk up to him and analyze him (Cop
1/20), you will need the XE suit to free him, but now he is marked on the map.
Return to the tower and then find the other officer, and analyze him (Cop 2/20) to
put him on the map.

When you arrive at the riot, you will see seven unarmed rioters rioting, jump down
and take them all out. That\'s one riot down, two more to go, for now. Set your
waypoint for the north most riots, and make your way there. Here, you will see
eight enemies (three baseball bats) arming a bomb, take them out quickly, as a
timer will appear as soon as you engage them, you have to disarm the bomb in 90
seconds. As soon as they are beaten, disarm the bomb by walking up to it and
pressing the X button when prompted by the game. From the location of where you
diffuse the bomb, look due east in detective mode to see another frozen cop,
analyze him (Cop 3/20) to mark him on your map. If you look due east of this cop,
you will see another one, these guys are everywhere. Run to this next cop and
analyze (Cop 4/20) him so he will be on your map. Now that that\'s done, set a
marker for the final riot that you can deal with right now, the south most riots.

On the way there, if you have been following this guide, you will arrive between
the two radio towers on the way to the riot, there will be a road sign for
Blackgate prison to your south, and towers to the east and west. Enter detective
mode and look to the east, you will see a frozen cop on the ground level a bit to
the east of your location, go to him and scan his position (Cop 5/20). He is
located along the western edge of the Diamond District if you have trouble finding
him. From his location, turn your back to him and activate detective mode. Look to
the south west, in the direction of the Anarky riot, you will see another frozen
cop in this direction, go to him and scan his location (Cop 6/20). Now grapple up
onto the building directly west of the frozen cop and walk across the buildings
south edge of the roof until you see a large pipe coming out. Near the pipe, you
will see an Anarky tag; scan it (Tag 1/12). You will be extremely close to the
riot now, but we have a few more things to do first, so return to the location of
the previous frozen cop (Cop 5/20). Once again put your back to him, this time, if
you look east you will see an Anarky symbol on the back of a bus station, go to it
and scan it (Tag 2/12). Now from the symbol walk onto the main road, about three
or five steps away and you will see another frozen cop across the road and around
a corner, analyze him (Cop 7/20). If you look due north you will see another
frozen cop, walk in his general direction until you come to a staircase down, go
down it and you will see an Anarky tag on the wall, scan it (Tag 3/12). Now keep
walking in the direction of the unscanned cop until you reach the bottom of the
stairs, and are at a wall, grapple up onto it and walk into the nearby street.
Look left (west) in detective mode to see another Anarky tag, run up and scan it
(Tag 4/12). Now if you look at the Cop we have not analyzed yet, you will notice
he is surrounded by armed men, ignore the cop, as he is at the same location as
penguins dealer, so now let\'s go take care of that Anarky riot.

This third riot is rather mundane compared to the other two, there will be six
enemies (two baseball bats, one knife) beating up a cop, take them all out to end
this third riot, there will be one more riot to complete, but its not happening
yet, so for now, let\'s run a few errands before we get the penguins man. There is
one more cop we should mark right now, he is located in the south-west most corner
of the accessible map, it was the locations of one of the bird riots in the actual
story. Head to this corner from your current location, it should be rather close,
and you will see the cop inside a warehouse guarded by five thugs (one armed).
Take out the thugs and then you will notice this cop is inside this warehouse and
you cannot analyze him. Instead enter detective mode, then press R3 and zoom in on
the cop, then press and hold L1 to mark him on the map (Cop 8/20). The next cop is
on the maps other extreme, head to the south eastern most part of the diamond
district, immediately south of the Gotham Royal Hotel\'s parking garage, on a small
ally with a railing facing the water. Analyze this cop to add him to the map (Cop
9/20). Now for the Royal Anarky tag, if you look at the royal hotel on the map
(the huge building on the far east part of the diamond district), you will notice
the front juts out a little bit, go to the point where the building is farthest
west, and face the building in detective mode. Just north of the west most part of
the hotel, on the wall, is the Anarky tag; scan it (Tag 5/12). Head due north from
here and on ground level and you will see a building appear to your right (east),
on the western edge of this building at street level is an Anarky tag, scan it
(Tag 6/12).The next tag we can find is on a building directly east of here, look
on the map for the small boat-shaped corner in Coventry, and if you look north you
will see it is a building that ends just east of one of our frozen cops we already
scanned. Go to this building and you will find a tag on a roof near a catwalk.
This one is hard to describe it location, so I\'m sorry if it is hard to understand
(Tag 7/12).  From this tag head due north until you come to a factory like
building with many pipes coming out of it located in the northwest most part of
the Coventry district. On the north side of the roof you will find an Anarky,
facing out toward the water, scan it (Tag 8/12). The next tag is directly east of
the cop south of this building, on the wall in a train tunnel, go inside and scan
the tag (Tag 9/12). Now return to the location of the previous tag (Go to Tag
8/12). From here, set your marker for the closest cop due east of your current
location, go to his location. From there, grapple up onto the building due south
of the cop, look for this tag on a wall on the end of a catwalk on the northern
part of the roof, the tag is facing the east; scan it (Tag 10/12). Now from this
location, head toward the story marker, but approach from the east. As you pass
between a building and the sea closest to the marker from the location of that
last tag, you will see a balcony on a building just east of the story marker, and
on that balcony is an Anarky tag, scan it (Tag 11/12). That is the last tag we
will be able to find for a while, and there\'s only one left too, figures. Anyway,
now that we have a few frozen cops on our radar and we scanned a bunch of tags,
it\'s time to continue with the story, head toward the green marker that shows
where penguin\'s arms dealer is.
The Penguin Strikes Back

You are already pretty much on top of this group of thugs, but when you see them,
notice that there are about eight armed thugs in an extremely open area, and a
frozen cop in the middle of them,  so that means...ITS PREADITOR TIME!

Above all these thugs is a series of iron beams you can hide up on, grapple up and
get a look at the area. In the north eastern corner of this \"room\" is an elevated
platform with a crate and two enemies on it, the enemies are far apart, so glide
there and silently take them both out, then grapple back up to the beams. About
four enemies will be close to the cop, and three will be in the far west part of
the room. The three will be in an L- pattern, one north, one south and one west,
all with their backs to each other. Take the north thugs out first, then
immediately the southern one. Finally, take out the relatively isolated western
thug, this leaves four enemies left, grapple back up to the beams. By now, two
thugs should have split off from the four watching the cop, and one should have
gone behind some boxes extremely close, but out of the sight of the others.
Silently take him out and grapple back up to the beams. The next thug will by now
be behind a truck, near the ladder used by normal people to access the elevated
platform, the others can\'t see him, so take him out. The last two thugs are
extremely close to this position, standing next to each other watching the cop,
crouch behind them and perform a double takedown to end this.

Now that that is over, you will have to conduct a crime scene to find clues to the
location of Penguin\'s dealer. Enter detective mode and scan the red triangle above
the frozen cop(Cop 10/20). You will learn the cop has been cryogenically frozen,
now scan the next triangle right next to the first to reconstruct the crime. Scan
the third and final triangle under the cryogun to reveal a path directly to
penguin\'s men. As soon as you climb over the fence and see the first drop, you
will get a call from Alfred telling him to start fixing the XE suit, but until
then, keep looking for Penguin\'s dealer. Along the way, you will encounter a group
of four thugs (two armed) robbing a bank, show them crime doesn\'t pay, then
continue following the trail. Eventually you will find the trail leads to a group
of five thugs (one Cryo-Gun, one knife). Take out the Cryo-gun enemy first, then
the other four. After beating everyone a thug will surrender, interrogate him.

The thug will tell you Penguin went to GothCorp to get weapons as per his deal
with Freeze, only problem is that GothCorp doesn\'t make weapons...strange. Anyway,
you have the entry codes, so head toward the story marker at the GothCorp building.

Head to the green story marker that appeared after the confrontation with those
thugs, it will land you right in front of the GothCorp headquarters, and there,
standing guard will be four enemies (one Cryo-Gun, one Baseball Bat). Take out the
thugs by the door, and then use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the security
box keeping the door locked (Password: UNDERTHEWEATHER), then go through the newly
unlocked door.
GothCorp Headquarters (Part 1)

As soon as you enter the lobby, a short scene will play showing the Penguin and
Mr. Freeze shoving Boyle into another room, and Penguin telling his thug to come
running if there is a problem, then you gain control of batman. As soon as you do,
enter detective mode and run forward, analyze the frozen security guard in the
north part of the room to add him to the map (Cop 11/20), then do the same for
another guard on the western balcony (Cop 12/20). Look across to the other balcony
and you will see three thugs (two armed), so glide over and hang on the ledge, and
perform a ledge takedown on the two armed enemies. Take out the one unarmed one
that is left, and then a conversation will begin with the security guard, who will
tell you that you need to find his boss in the organic labs to get the codes for
the door Penguin and Freeze went through. With this knowledge, jump down and go
through the room\'s northern most door.

In this room there will be seven enemies (Two Armed, Two Cryo-Gun), but only two
armed and one Cryo-Gun enemy will be near you. Perform a double takedown on the
two armed enemies, then perform a beatdown on the remaining Cryo-Gun enemy. You
will notice a large ice wall blocking your path, so look for a vent on the east
wall, pry it open and crawl into it. You will notice the inside of this vent is
circular, I just think that\'s kinda cool is all... anyway, perform a vent takedown
on the enemy on the other side of the vent, then take out the Cryo-Gun thug along
with the two remaining unarmed thugs on this side of the room. With that done, go
through the room\'s north door, and enter the next predator room.

As soon as you enter the room, you will see the security guard\'s boss being
interrogated by thugs, many, armed thugs, so, grapple up onto the nearest vantage
point and check detective mode, you will see that it is jammed. Grapple two
vantage points to the northwest and you will find the thug with the jammer pack on
a catwalk near this vantage point, behind an armored sniper thug, jump down and
silently take him down without alerting the sniper, with him down grapple up to
the nearest vantage point and look around the room in detective mode, you will
notice there are nine remaining armed thugs in the room. Next look for the other
sniper, the unarmed one and you will see he is right under a vantage point,
grapple above him, jump down when he is alone and silently take him down. Quickly
grapple back up to the vantage point and another thug will walk up and probably
see the snipers body, quickly jump behind him and silently take him out as well.
Go to where the armed sniper is, jump down and get onto the ledge under him, then
take him out with a ledge takedown, then quickly get back up onto the vantage
points. At this point there will be six thugs left. Four of them will go to where
the snipers body landed, and one will be walking toward where the sniper was on
the catwalk, silently take out the lone thug on the catwalk near where the sniper
was. At this point I was seen by the thugs because of an accident, so the
information may not be perfectly accurate, I simply used my disruptor to take out
two of the thug\'s weapons, then using the remote claw, string up two of the
remaining armed thugs. Finally, perform an inverted takedown on the last armed
thug as he goes under a vantage point, and just punch the two thugs whose guns
don\'t work to clear this room. Before we talk to the security guard, there are two
frozen guards here, so lets mark them on the map. The first is on a high balcony
over the eastern door to this room, grapple up and analyze him (Cop 13/20), now
jump down and use detective mode to look through the eastern door at the frozen
guard inside, scan him because you can\'t analyze him, and he\'ll be added to the
map (Cop 14/20). Now, go talk to the boss security guard, and he will give you the
access codes that you need. Exit the room through the south door, the same way you
came in.

Back in this room, head through the vent again and on the other side batman will
call Alfred and ask about the XE suit. You will learn that it will not be ready
for a while, so you must stay as you are. Or now, exit this room through the south
door. Back in the lobby, there will be six enemies (One Armed, One Cryo-Gun, One
knife) and one enemy on a higher balcony. Grapple up through a hole in the wall,
as the doors have been frozen shut, and take out the five enemies on the ground.
After they are down, two Cryo-Gun thugs will bust through the door, and then five
unarmed thugs will jump down from the balconies, take them all down so you can get
to Freeze. Once they\'re all KO\'d, grapple up to the Eastern balcony and hack the
door with your new codes (Password: PHILANTHROPY), then go through the newly
unlocked doors.

In this hallway, you will see three thugs (one knife) saying Penguin is in
trouble, beat them up and then follow the path into a side room until you see a
trapdoor in the floor, enter it. You will be in a large rocket ship room with
cryogenic liquid leaking everywhere, be careful as it can hurt you. Start by
waiting for the gas in front of you to stop, then quickly slide under the wall and
you will be sideling across a small ledge on your fingers, move right being
careful of air being sprayed from above until you get to a point where you can
grapple, do so and then climb up onto the ledge. Charge the power station near the
rocket to open the door, then once inside jump down the hole to the bottom of the
rocket, here you will see a vent, pull it off with the Batclaw and crawl through
it. When you arrive on the other side, go through the north door. Walk forward and
a cutscene will play. Walk around the room and then crawl into a floor grate to
start another scene. During this scene, Freeze will make a wall of ice totally
blocking your progress. Penguin will tell you that to break through the ice, you
must first obtain a Cryo drill located at the My Alibi nightclub. Leave the room
you are in through the north door in the room.

In this hallway, scan the security guard that you pass (Cop 15/20) and continue to
the end of the hall. At the end you will see the floor has been flooded with
Cryo-vapor and you have to use the remote claw to get across it, do so and then
take out the four enemies (one Cryo-Gun) that are near the door. Take them out
then charge the voltage box to stop the ceiling fan from spinning, allowing you to
grapple up through it. Here, grapple up again and go through the vent on your
right. You will see a frozen guard, analyze him (Cop 16/20) and continue through
the door back into the organic labs. These labs will be filled with Cryo Vapor,
take out the three enemies (two armed) and then you will be returned to right
outside the building.
Drill, Cop and Anarky Hunting

As soon as you get outside, you will hear from Alfred that the XE suit is ready,
and will be dropped at My Alibi. Follow the story marker leading there and you
will have to defeat five enemies (Two Armed, One Cryo-Gun) before the XE suit will
be delivered. Grapple to the roof of My Alibi and activate the drop container to
get the XE suit.

Now that you have this, you will be able to free all of the cops located around
the city that you have marked on your map, but first, head to the sight of the
final Anarky riot that has just appeared, it is located in the Diamond District.
When you arrive all you will see is a large truck with a speaker in it, Anarky
will be speaking in a loud voice through them. Use the cryptographic sequencer to
hack the panel on the truck (Password: REVOLUTION), this will cause the bombs to
activate, the second detonator is located on a nearby roof, find it and deactivate
it to silence Anarky for good. With that taken care of, you will now be able to
use a new upgrade, quickfire thermal Batarangs. Now that you have done that, head
into the My Alibi restaurant. When you arrive, a block of ice will cover the door,
break through it with your new suit and enter the club.

Inside there will be six enemies (One Cryo-Gun, one martial artist), and three
frozen cops. Start by going around the corner and check out the stalactite on the
ceiling. You can use one of your new thermal Batarangs to send it crashing down on
top of the thugs, and take some out right away. Do so, and then jump down and take
out the remaining thugs in the room, then, free the two cops in this part of the
club (Cop 17/20) (Cop 18/20). Then, use a thermal Batarang on the lock and then
hack it to gain access to the back room. (Password: DISCRETION)In the back room
you will see \'Loose Lips\' interrogating a civilian who is frozen. Interrogate him
to learn he split the drill into pieces and sold them, so now you have to go find
them all, but first, free the cop in here. (Cop 19/20) Now leave the club and go
to the new story marker that is where the first piece of the drill is.

When you arrive you will see five armed enemies on a roof guarding the drill. Time
to take them out predator style. This is actually rather east, use the disruptor
to take out the weapons of the two nearest enemies, and then take them out, drop a
smoke pellet when the others get close and take them out in the smoke. With
everyone out cold, grab the Cryo drill part and check your map for the next location.

This location is the parking garage of the Royal Hotel...again. Head there and
when you arrive three enemies will come out (one shield, one knife). Take them out
and then use one of your new thermal Batarangs to melt the ice around the button
next to the door. This will allow you access to the inside where you will find
seven thugs waiting (one Cryo-gun, three pipes). As soon as you enter, look up and
notice a large icicle above three thugs, throw a Batarang at to knock it down and
take three thugs out, then deal with the rest. After everyone is beaten, enter
detective mode to notice the final Anarky tag here, scan it (Tag 12/12) for a
thermal glove upgrade. Now get the drill part, with the drill finish, you will now
be instructed to return to GothCorp and get a fuel source from Freeze\'s lab. Head
to GothCorp.
GothCorp Headquarters (Part 2)

As soon as you enter there will be six enemies (One Cryo-gun, One Martial Artist)
for you to beat, and then once they\'re down, ten more will appear (one Enforcer).
Free the guards, then melt the ice blocking the way north and head into the
northern room. In here, the wall of ice cannot be melted, so head for the vent,
which has been frozen shut, so melt the vent, and on the other side you will see
three enemies (one armed, one pipe) and a icicle. Knock the icicle down to take
one enemy out, then take the others out and go through the door.

 In here, you will notice all the vantage points are frozen, throw Batarangs at
them to thaw them, then grapple up and make your way to the  north end of the
room. There, in detective mode, you will see wires going into the greenhouses. At
the end of each wire is a frozen box, you must use remote control Batarangs to hit
them both, in no particular order. Do so, and the reactor will stop spraying
Cryo-vapor. You will be directed to a switch on a control panel, hit it with a
Batarang unfreeze it, then hack it by standing on a greenhouse (Password:
CRYOGENICS) to clear the room. Eight enemies will enter the room to be taken out
predator style. Their movements are sporadic and change often, so I cannot offer
an effective strategy for their defeat, simply takes them all out. Then exit the
room via the east door, unfreeze the security guards here on the way.

 You will be in the security room, unfreeze the guard and crawl through the vent,
on the other side knock the icicle down to take out three enemies, then pound the
remaining two (one armed, One martial artist). Then continue along the path until
you come to a door surrounded by vapor and three frozen buttons. Use Batarangs to
hit all the buttons, drain the vapor and open the door.
A Cold, Cold Mystery

Welcome to Mr. Freeze\'s lab, in this room you will learn exactly who Freeze is and
why he is doing what he is doing. Walk forward and you will see a dead guard on
the ground, enter detective mode and scan the red triangle over the body, the next
triangle is right next to the first. Break the ice and go into the lab room.
Follow the trail in detective mode, using Batarangs to hit two more buttons on the
way, until you re-enter crime scene mode. Scan the triangle at the end of the
trail to see more of the crime, two more triangle are on hand prints on the nearby
window, then the next on a lab station. The next triangle is on the reactor, scan
it and then scan the dead frozen guard. Rewind the crime to where Freeze got hit,
and then follow the gun and scan it to find the assailant was....spoiler alert,
I\'m not telling. Then scan the triangle next to the gun to see more. The final
triangle is in the center of the room, scan it to learn Freeze\'s origins and find
the fuel you need right in front of you. Now with that in hand and the mystery
solved, leave the lab.

Take a left outside the door and you will get a call from Alfred, and learn a sad
truth. Now that you are inspired to find justice, unfreeze the guard and exit
through the south door. Here, you will see six enemies (One Cryo-Gun, two knife,
one shield). The Cryo-Gun enemy will be right under an icicle, take him out with
the icicle and then beat the rest of them up. Approach the ice wall and press X to
use the Cryo-drill, then head through the newly made hole, unfreeze the last guard
(Cop 20/20) and then go through the door at the west end of the room. Follow the
path to the end of the room, then climb up and slide through the vent, inside,
continue following the path until you can bust out, and be in the room with Freeze
and Boyle, a cutscene will play and then the battle will begin

Boss EX- Mr. Freeze

The main point of the first phase of the fight is to take out three thermal
generators positioned on three platforms at different parts of the room. As soon
as the fight begins, four armed enemies will enter the room, and they are
extremely annoying. As soon as you can, grapple to a vantage point and look around
the room for three generators. Find one that Freeze is not looking at, glide down
and charge it like an electric generator until it is overloaded. Freeze will see
you too late and fire at you, grapple to a vantage point and lose him. Repeat this
one more time on the second generator, most of the thugs should be in the same
place, so take out the generator they are farthest away from. The third tank is
much harder, as freeze will constantly stare at it, so to take it out, make your
way there as quickly as possible, and Freeze will still be looking around the room
after you escape. Take the tank out quickly to move on to the next stage of the fight.

When the second phase starts, you will be totally frozen, so quickly break the
ice, and then escape to a vantage point. This is extremely similar to the Arkham
City fight now, you must perform silent takedowns and many other forms of fancy
takedowns to damage Freeze, but the easiest way is to drop icicles on him.
Whenever he stands under one of the many in the room, throw a Batarang at it to
drop a lot of his health. Aside from that, simply take out the thugs around him
and perform a silent takedown when you can, however this specific takedown you can
only do once, as he will gain a shield behind him, but others like Zipline and
grate takedowns will still work. Occasionally Freeze will call in more armed
thugs, but simply deal with them as they become an issue. After you drop his
health to Zero, a cutscene will play, and Freeze will run to his wife\'s container.
There is a vent under the platform Freeze is on, crawl into it and then perform a
takedown to end the fight.

After the fight, batman will be frozen again, when prompted to, break the ice and
press triangle to perform a takedown. This will mark the true end to the battle,
one final scene will play, the credits will roll and then the DLC will be truly
over.  Thanks for reading this DLC guide.
Contact Information

If you have any questions about anything in this guide, or about anything that
involves this game please email me at [email protected]  or follow me on
twitter @wetcodebreaker . When you email me please include a subject that says
something along the lines on \"Arkham Origins Guide Question\" if you want me to
read it. If you do not include this subject it is more likely than not that I will
ignore it. I would like to get a FAQ for this guide up as soon as I can so for a
while I will be accepting any and all questions on my email. Also, I know I am not
perfect so if there is anything that you would like to see added to my guide or
any problem you may notice, please email me about it.

I would like to post some questions in this section, but i have yet to be asked
any, please email me some questions and i will post some of the good ones here.
Special Thanks

I must thank all the users of Gamefaqs who have taken the time to write a
walkthrough. Thank you to  the helpful video from the Video Game Blogger website,
those facts helped me to locate the Anarky tags from A Cold, Cold Heart DLC. Thank
you all very much

I hope I was able to help anyone who took the time to read this, and I plan to
continue to improve this guide in the future. Thank You

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