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LEGO Jurassic World (PC Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.0
E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Abilities
   3D. Hints/Tips
4. Island Hubs
5. Story Walkthrough
   5A. Prologue
   5B. Welcome to Jurassic Park
   5C. Park Shutdown
   5D. Restoring Power
   5E. Visitors Centre
   5F. Isla Sorna
   5G. InGen Arrival
   5H. The Hunter
   5I. Communications Center
   5J. San Diego
   5K. Landing Site
   5L. The Spinosaurus
   5M. Breeding Center
   5N. Eric Kirby
   5O. The Bird Cage
   5P. Welcome to Jurassic World
   5Q. Gyrosphere Valley
   5R. Out of Bounds
   5S. Under Attack
   5T. Main Street Showdown
   5U. Bonus Levels
6. Free Play Runthroughs (Minikits and Amber Bricks)
   6A. Prologue
   6B. Welcome to Jurassic Park
   6C. Park Shutdown
   6D. Restoring Power
   6E. Visitors Centre
   6F. Isla Sorna
   6G. InGen Arrival
   6H. The Hunter
   6I. Communications Center
   6J. San Diego
   6K. Landing Site
   6L. The Spinosaurus
   6M. Breeding Center
   6N. Eric Kirby
   6O. The Bird Cage
   6P. Welcome to Jurassic World
   6Q. Gyrosphere Valley
   6R. Out of Bounds
   6S. Under Attack
   6T. Main Street Showdown
7. Island Exploration
   7A. Gold Bricks - Isla Nublar Jurassic Park
   7B. Gold Bricks - Isla Sorna Lost World
   7C. Gold Bricks - Isla Sorna JP3
   7D. Gold Bricks - Isla Nublar Jurassic World
   7E. Red Bricks
   7F. Workers in Peril
   7G. Sick Dinosaurs
   7H. Photographs
   7I. Races
8. Characters, Dinos, and Vehicles
   8A. Characters
   8B. Dinosaurs
   8C. Vehicles
9. Secrets/Unlockables
   9A. How To Get 100%
   9B. Extras
   9C. Notes on Trophies/Achievements
   9D. Secret Codes
10. Standard Guide Stuff
   10A. Legal
   10B. E-mail Guidelines
   10C. Credits
   10D. Version Updates
   10E. The Final Word


Hello, everyone!  I'm CyricZ and... WELCOME... TO JURASSIC PARK!

Or more specifically, welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for LEGO Jurassic 
World!  In the grand tradition of guides you've come to expect from me on 
the LEGO series, you'll find a complete exploration through the game, 
including walkthrough on the story missions, how to find all the hidden 
collectibles, and how to navigate the parks.  I've put as much as I can 
into this guide, spared no expense!

2. FAQ

Q: What is LEGO Jurassic World?

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in 2015 based around the 
 "Jurassic Park" film franchise.

Q: What movies are in this game?

A: All four Jurassic Park feature films are represented in this game.  Each 
 film has its own island hub and five story missions associated with it.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptors of Cartoon Violence 
 and Crude Humor.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?

A: Depends on whether they think of big dinos as scary or cute.  All violence 
 is done to LEGO bricks, so there's no blood.  Almost all deaths that occur in 
 the movies are either not referenced or treated as if the character is being 
 humiliated or scared off by the dinosaurs.  For instance, Donald Gennaro 
 from the first movie is taken by the T. rex, but instead of being eaten, he 
 ends up brushing the T. rex's teeth, and then appears later in the game, 
 still alive.  As far as positive aspects of the game towards kids, the 
 gameplay is focused on exploration and experimentation, and rewards 
 discovery and critical thinking.  The co-operative gameplay and forgiving 
 difficulty allow parents to play along with their children.

Q: Are there voices in the game?  Do characters reprise their roles?

A: Major actors from the first three movies speak their lines as recorded 
 directly from the movies.  Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard 
 Attenborough, Julianne Moore, and William H. Macy, among others, all use their 
 movie lines, but have no extra dialogue.  From Jurassic World, all principal 
 actors lent their voices to this game having new recorded dialogue.  There 
 are also several other lines recorded by established voice actors.

Q: How many people can play?  Is there online play?

A: Two, and no.

Q: What's new about this game compared to the recent LEGO games?

A: Well have you heard of these things called "dinosaurs"?  Yes, you can 
 totally control all the dinosaurs in this game, although in the case of 
 the bigger ones, you're typically limited to enclosed areas to run around 
 with them.  Several situations will also require you to use dinos to 
 advance.  Beyond that, many of the open world aspects of recent LEGO games 
 are being reprised here.

Q: Can I save in the middle of a Story Mission?

A: Yes, at various "break" points in the action that are separated by 
 cutscenes, you may find a small marker with a blue JW logo on it.  Access it 
 and you can save and quit, then resume the mission later if you wish.

Q: Why can't my raptor use the pounce railing?  He keeps falling off!

A: This is an unfortunate bug that hampers gameplay a little.  With some 
 perserverance, I've found that every railing can be surmounted if you just 
 keep at it and try to walk/jump around the railing if it doesn't 
 automatically carry you past it.  Hopefully, a patch will be released that 
 makes this activity a little less frustrating.

Q: I've unlocked a dinosaur, but it's not on the Free Play character menu!  
 Where is it?

A: Larger dinosaurs require you to use a "Dinosaur Delivery Pad" in the 
 hub areas.  These pads vary depending on which one you find.  There are 
 pads for all walking dinosaurs, pads for only small and medium dinosaurs, 
 and pads for flying dinosaurs.  You're typically restricted to an 
 enclosed area when using them as well.

Q: I've found a piece of amber I need to roar away, but a T. rex won't fit 
 in this area.  What do I do?

A: Go to the custom dino lab.  You can create a small or medium dinosaur 
 with a roar by giving it a T. rex head.

3A. Controls =

These controls are based around using an XBOX 360 controller on the PC.  
Most other consoles have similar controls based on button positioning.

Left Thumbstick: Move your character.
Right Thumbstick: Move the camera.
A Button: Jump.
 - Press again for a relatively useless dive roll.
X Button: Attack.
 - If a character is holding a projectile weapon, like a gun, hold down 
  X, and you can target the shot.
B Button: Action.
 - Hold B near LEGO piles to build them.
 - B is also used for switches, cranks, and other character-specific 
 - Several characters have a special move that can be done by pressing or 
  holding down B.  Some characters have targeted B moves similar to using 
  the X button.
Y Button: Shift Focus.
 - Tap Y to switch to the nearest playable character.
 - Hold down Y while playing as a suit character to bring up the suit 
 - Also hold down Y to go to the character menu to easily pick a character to 
  select in free play missions or free play hub.
LB and RB Buttons: Used during Free Play to change characters on the fly.
RB Button: Centers the camera behind your character when exploring the hub 
LT and RT Buttons: Used in vehicles to accelerate and brake.  A and B serve 
 the same purpose.
Back Button: Brings up a map of the park you're in.
Start Button: Brings up Pause Menu.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu

New Game: Start a new game.
Load Game: Load a previously saved game.
Options: View the Options Menu.
Quit to Windows: Brings you back to Windows.


Pause Menu

Resume: Get back to the game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.
Extras: Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased 
 as well as enter secret codes.
Quit: Return to the Main Menu or exit missions depending on where you are.


Options Menu (from Main Menu)

Credits: Allows you to see who did this thing.
Control Setup: Allows you to adjust the button inputs for commands on 
 your controller.
Subtitles: Turns the cutscene subtitles on/off.
Effect Settings: Allows you to change effects for performance.
Video Settings: Allows you to change your graphics settings for performance.
Audio Settings: Allows you to adjust the audio volume and whether or not 
 the music plays.


Options Menu (from Pause Menu)

Vibration: Sets the vibration on the controller.
Audio Volume: Adjust the general volume of the audio, if you can't be 
 bothered to find your TV remote.
Music: Toggle music on/off.
Subtitles: Turns the cutscene subtitles on/off.
Minimap Rotation: If "On", then the minimap in the corner will rotate as 
 you rotate the camera.  If "Off", it will remain fixed with north at the 
Subtitles: Turns the cutscene subtitles on/off.
Splitscreen Mode: "Dynamic" changes the splitscreen as the two characters 
 get closer.  "Fixed Vertical" means they will always be separated by a 
 vertical line.
Controller Axis Setup: Allows you to change the camera and Y-axis settings.
Safe Zone Settings: Allows you to adjust how the game is displayed on 
 your monitor.
Control Setup: Allows you to adjust the button inputs for commands on 
 your controller.
Video Settings: Allows you to change your graphics settings for performance.
Effect Settings: Allows you to change effects for performance.

3C. Abilities =

Like every other LEGO game, each character will have a specific set of 
skills that they can use to help progress through the game.  Some of these 
skills are tied to items they're carrying.  Others are innate abilities 
that are related to their profession of choice or physical build.  Here's a 
breakdown of what you can use in this game.


Human Abilities -

Shoot - 
 This is a character that comes equipped with a projectile weapon that can 
 be used to shoot down red and yellow bullseye targets.  Typically, this will 
 be a tranquilizer rifle, but there are characters that have the ingenuity to 
 use other things as projectile weapons, such as baseballs or soda cans.  
 Stun Rifles can also serve as weapons that can affect these targets.
 Example: Robert Muldoon, Lex Murphy, Eddie Carr, Udesky

Tracking - 
 Certain objects lying on the ground have little blue footprints radiating 
 of them.  Pick them up with a character that can track and you can follow 
 those footprints to a spot where you can find and dig up an item that can 
 be of further use.
 Example: Robert Muldoon, Eddie Carr, Udesky, Barry

InGen Access -
 Employees of InGen have the ability to access code locks.  This presents a 
 minigame where you'll input a three digit code, but what you're really doing 
 is matching three directional inputs the game gives you.
 Example: Robert Muldoon, John Hammond

Stun Rod - 
 Certain park workers come equipped with stun rods that can be used to 
 shock dinosaurs away, but what you'll want to use them for is placing them 
 into a generator and mashing the button to charge them up.
 Example: Jophery Brown, Handler Ellis

Bone Assembly -
 While all humans (and raptors) can build using LEGO bricks, sometimes you're 
 called to piece bones together, and that's something for paleontologists or 
 other people with such a talent.  With this ability, you can assemble piles 
 of bones into something useful.
 Example: Alan Grant, Timmy Murphy, Gray Mitchell

Cut -
 Certain characters come equipped with an item that can be used to slash 
 through green sparkly vines that cannot otherwise be passed.  They can also 
 use this item to cut through ropes that suspend items aloft.  Most often a 
 knife is used, but some people like to employ raptor claws.
 Example: Alan Grant, Owen Grady, Velociraptor

Dig -
 As a paleontologist, it's important to know proper digging techniques so 
 one doesn't damage their find.  A character carrying a trowel can use it 
 to dig up in small brown LEGO dirt piles and find what's beneath.
 Example: Alan Grant

Agile -
 As is in the case in several other LEGO games, female characters are marked 
 by their agility.  They can jump higher than male characters, and they can 
 also grab onto things such as wall poles, they can wall jump on specially 
 marked walls, and they can vault over or slide under railings.  The important 
 thing to look out for is a pink and blue pattern on the LEGO pieces to 
 see if you can interact with it.
 Example: Ellie Sattler, Lex Murphy, Sarah Harding, Kelly Malcolm, Amanda 
  Kirby, Claire Dearing, Zara

Poop Dive -
 Certain scientists and other inclined people have the ability to analyze the 
 droppings of dinosaurs to figure out what they've been eating or if they're 
 sick on anything.  In essence, they're unafraid of searching through scat if 
 it means they'll find something inside.  In my wisdom, I've christened this 
 ability "Poop Dive" and it means the character will be able to search through 
 poop for anything inside.  Characters without this ability will recoil from 
 the piles.
 Example: Ellie Sattler, Sarah Harding, Eric Kirby, Owen Grady

Water Plants -
 Botanists have a great knowledge of plants, and as such carry around the 
 means to make them fluorish at all times.  Carrying a watering can means 
 that you can use sprouts that are planted in this ground and help them 
 grow, either revealing something or creating a path forward.
 Example: Ellie Sattler

Equations -
 Mathematicians and other smarty-pantses can use whiteboards that have 
 math equations written on them.  This triggers a minigame of following the 
 pattern.  Squares on the whiteboard will light up and you'll have to match 
 that same pattern to successfully solve the equation, which will reveal 
 Example: Ian Malcolm

Light -
 Certain characters carry objects that can be used for light.  This is used 
 when dark caves are encountered.  Most characters will back away in fear, 
 but some can fire up their light to explore inside.
 Example: Ian Malcolm, Timmy Murphy, Zach Mitchell

Hacking -
 A small number of characters are good at hacking.  Certain computer terminals 
 require hackers to access the network inside.  Each hack introduces a new 
 type of minigame to complete.
 Example: Lex Murphy

Scream -
 Some female characters are well-known for their powerful lungs.  Holding 
 down B will unleash the full force of their scream, which is enough to 
 shatter light blue LEGO glass.
 Example: Lex Murphy, Kelly Malcolm, Amanda Kirby, Zara

Repair -
 There are objects that are made out of blue LEGO pieces and smoke as if 
 in a state of disrepair.  If your character is carrying a wrench, you can 
 use it to fix up the broken object.
 Example: Eddie Carr, Paul Kirby, Zach Mitchell

Crowbar -
 Certain doors have red physical locks on them.  You'll need a character 
 with a crowbar to pry them open by mashing the B button.
 Example: Nick Van Owen

Bolt Cutters -
 A few crates or doors are tied up with chains with a red marking on them.  
 A character with a bolt cutter can time pressing the B button to remove 
 the chains.
 Example: Nick Van Owen

Camera -
 There's a lot to see at JP, and there are folks who want to capture that 
 memory.  Cameras serve two purposes: you can take pictures with them to 
 collect photographs in the hub (and certain mission areas), and you can 
 also use the flash to stun dinosaurs in particular areas.  Both are marked 
 by a camera icon on the ground.
 Example: Nick Van Owen, Sarah Harding, Billy Brennan, Gray Mitchell

Grapple -
 Some characters come equipped with grappling hooks.  These hooks can be 
 used with orange LEGO spots in the environment.  In some cases, you use 
 them to pull down some environment.  In others, you attach a rope to the 
 orange spot to have a rope you can climb.
 Example: Paul Kirby, Barry

Wall Climb -
 Special "adventurer" characters have the ability to climb along walls that
 have little LEGO squares dotted on them.  Simply jump into the wall and 
 you'll start climbing.
 Example: Billy Brennan, Owen Grady

Parasail -
 Partway through the third movie, you get access to the parasail, which 
 allows certain characters to have a glide jump that can carry them long 
 distances by pressing A while in the air.
 Example: Billy Brennan

Camouflage -
 A few lucky characters know enough about the island to be able to disguise 
 themselves to hide from the dinosaurs.  Hold down B to put up the 
 camouflage, then hold down B again to remove it.  With it, you can pass 
 by dinosaurs you'd ordinarily be too afraid to approach.
 Example: Eric Kirby, Owen Grady

Stun Rifle -
 Jurassic World outfits its animal control unit with the latest in 
 pacification technology.  These stun rifles can fire incapacitating shots 
 from long range.  Also, they can be used against blue squarish targets to 
 jumpstart something with an electric spark.
 Example: Barry

JW Access -
 High level Jurassic World employees have access to hand scanners.  These 
 scanners read the highly detailed markings on a person's LEGO claw-hand.  
 What this translates to in the game is pressing in three directions in 
 order as the game dictates to access whatever the panel locks.
 Example: Claire Dearing, Supervisor Nick

Tablet -
 In addition to hand scanner access, many high level JW employees get a 
 fancy cool tablet that they can use to wirelessly connect to objects that
 glow with blue sparkles in a field around them.  Press B nearby to use 
 one's tablet to access the hotspot and do something to the environment.
 Example: Claire Dearing, Supervisor Nick

Kid -
 Certain characters are just small enough to fit in tight spaces.  These 
 are represented by metal vents on the wall.  Press B in front to crawl 
 through one vent and come out the other.
 Example: Timmy Murphy, Eric Kirby, Gray Mitchell

T. rex Scent -
 Eric Kirby has done something rather unique: employed the urine of a 
 T. rex (Yes, it's urine.  The game doesn't clarify, but trust me).  You 
 can use vials of this scent to scare off small hordes of Compies that are 
 gathered around objects or dirt piles or people so you can access them.
 Example: Eric Kirby


Dinosaur Abilities -

Pounce -
 The marker for a pounce is a railing that's partly comprised of wood, 
 leaves, and bones.  Hold B and target those railings and the raptor 
 will leap onto the railing and either pull it down or pull itself up to 
 the next level.
 Example: Velociraptor

Raptor Switch -
 This looks like a pounce railing, but it's placed at eye level to a 
 raptor.  Press B while in front of it and the raptor will pull on it, then 
 press B again to release.
 Example: Velociraptor

Scent Trail -
 Sometimes you'll spot little clouds of brownish mist in the wild.  These 
 are scent trails for raptors.  Press B near one to start sniffing, then 
 follow the trail.  Sometimes you'll have to bounce between multiple spots 
 to reach the final point, which is usually something hidden in the ground.
 Example: Velociraptor

Spit -
 The Dilophosaurus has the ability to use its paralyzing spit.  This will 
 break down black rocks that have green bubbles popping out of them.  Hold 
 down X to target, then release to fire.
 Example: Dilophosaurus

Compy -
 The smallest dino has the ability to crawl through green tubes along 
 the walls.  Press B in front of the tube to enter.
 Example: Compsognathus

Smash -
 Several dinos have the ability to break apart objects with cracks in them.  
 Some dinos charge (hold down X and move forward).  Some dino swing their 
 tail (press B).  Either way, these will smash stuff a mere human could not.
 Example: Triceratops, Ankylosaurus

Roar -
 The biggest and meanest of dinos have the ability to unleash a mighty 
 roar.  Hold down X to unleash the noise.  This has the ability to shatter
 objects encased in amber, which is mostly done in the island hubs.
 Example: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Chomp -
 Having big teeth means being able to chow down.  In the island hubs there 
 are a few "cages" with red markings on the front.  A dino with big teeth 
 can press X in front of those cages to rip them open.
 Example: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Quake -
 Despite not being mean enough for meat, there are dinos large enough to 
 make some waves.  As the largest dinos, press B to stomp on the ground, 
 sending shockwaves and busting up cracked panels on the ground.  This is 
 only done in the island hubs.
 Example: Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus

Camouflage -
 Can't imagine it's something that's needed for a creature that size, but 
 the Indominus can turn effectively invisible by holding down B.  This is 
 done in one location on the island hubs, but by golly it works.
 Example: Indominus Rex

Fly -
 While it's only restricted to certain parts of the island hubs, it's 
 important to note that we have flying dinosaurus.  Jump to take flight and 
 use the Left Stick to steer.  Press A while flying for a burst of speed.
 Example: Pteranodon, Dimorphodon

Hover Switch -
 In the flying areas are some levers that require a Pteranodon to lift.  
 Stand in front of them and press B to lift, and then press B again to 
 Example: Pteranodon

Swim -
 It's just one guy and in one area, but the Mosasaurus has command of the
 ocean.  While in the Mosasaurus arena, you'll need it to swim around its 
 Example: Mosasaurus

3D. Hints/Tips =

My first advice is to go through the story before you seriously attempt to 
collect things.  A lot of stuff you will need to collect requires late-
game characters, so just relax and enjoy and worry about collecting stuff 

Smash freakin' everything.  Lay waste to any LEGO objects in the area and 
rack up that stud total.  Use your projectiles and dinos to demolish 
areas quickly.

Keep collecting studs.  Collecting a specified number in each mission will 
give you "True Survivor" status at the conclusion of it.  Once you hit the 
threshold, you cannot lose it, no matter how low your studs get afterwards.

Explore everywhere.  Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas 
you might be missing.  Big value studs are hidden in places where you can't 
normally see them.

Look out for visual cues to see how you can progress in a mission.  Look for 
soft glows next to dirt piles, for example, a purple and blue circle near 
where you need someone agile.

Collect Minikit boxes to assemble a dinosaur fossil.  Completing the fossil 
will allow you to use that skeletal dinosaur in the proper conditions.  Also, 
for completing a Minikit, you'll get 50,000 studs, except for the last one, 
which gives you 1,000,000.  Multipliers apply to these, by the way.

Don't be afraid to buy the Extras after you complete the Story.  This game 
gets a lot less frustrating if you're using the multipliers to rack up 
the stud count or the detectors to find collectibles.


Each movie has its own hub, and you'll begin on Isla Nublar when Jurassic 
Park was in preparation to open.  As you work on the story missions, you'll 
mostly be restricted to following a path towards the next story mission.  
Once you complete the fifth mission of said movie, that portion of the 
island will "open up" and you'll be able to travel at will around the 
island area.

It's also worth pointing that there are "Map Points" scattered throughout 
each island.  They appear green on your map.  These serve two purposes.  The 
first is if you select one then you can view what island collectibles are in 
that immediate area.  The second is that if you're in Free Play, you can 
"fast travel" between these Map Points by selecting them.  You can even 
fast travel between points on different island hubs.

Lastly, there are two important locations to note on the Island Hubs.  One 
is the Visitors Center in Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, and the other is the 
Innovation Center in Isla Nublar Jurassic World.  In the first, you can go 
inside and find a console at which to purchase Red Bricks that you've 
found, and you can enter a laboratory that allows you to make custom 
dinosaurs.  In the Innovation Center, you get both of those options, but 
also access to code input, a custom character creator, and viewing all the 
Minikit fossils you've assembled thus far.

I'll explain far more about the island hubs and all the goodies you can 
find in Section 7 of the guide, but that should suffice for now.


As you start a new game, you'll automatically begin the first story mission, 
getting the tease of things to come.

5A. Prologue =

True Survivor at 48,000

Characters: Robert Muldoon, Jophery Brown, Alan Grant (Montana), Ellie 
 Sattler (Montana)


Raptor Transfer -
 So we begin in control of everyone's favorite character from all the movies, 
 Mr. "Clever Girl" himself, Robert Muldoon, and his associate, Jophery 
 Brown.  What, you don't remember Jophery?  Well, never mind that!  We've got 
 a raptor to transfer!

 Smash the object in front of the generator (it has an electric warning sign 
 on it) and hold down B to assemble the generator.  Hold down Y to bring up 
 the Character Wheel, then switch to Jophery.  Have him stand in front of 
 the generator then hold down B to charge it up.  This will allow you to 
 climb up to where the cage is.

 Now, note the object with little blue footprints coming off it.  Switch back 
 to Muldoon and press B to pick it up.  Follow the footprints to track the 
 source of this object.  Once you reach the end, you'll find pieces for 
 the track.  Assemble them.  Now, look up and you'll see a red and yellow 
 target above one of the lights.  Hold down X and drag the reticle over the 
 target, then release X to fire on it.  You'll drop more pieces, so assemble 
 those.  This completes the track, so now it's time to push the crate into 
 position.  Get behind it and move into it to start pushing.  

 Now you'll need to open the door to let the raptor inside.  Go up the stairs 
 to the console and have Muldoon stand in front of it and press B.  To input 
 the code, copy the directions in order as you see them come up.  Switch back 
 to Jophery and have him climb up to the top of the crate and charge up the 
 generator.  This will raise the gate.

The Dig Site -
 We now take you live to sold out Montana.  Drs. Grant and Settler are trying 
 to find some decent fossils.  You'll need to find three before you can 

 1st Fossil - Go to the left and smash all the objects to find pieces for a 
  Road Sweeper.  Hop in with Y and drive it over the pile of dirt where the 
  diggers are gathered.  Have Grant dig up the dirt, and then assemble the 
  bones that appear (only Grant can assemble the bones).

 2nd Fossil - Go to the right past the guy messing with the rope.  There's 
  another dirt pile here to dig up.  Assemble the fossil.

 3rd Fossil - Once the 2nd one is assembled, have Ellie jump on its back and 
  walk up to the ledge on the right.  Smash the box and assemble the ladder 
  so Grant can join her.  Head to the right and smash the objects to assemble 
  a jackhammer.  The fossil will pop out and you can assemble it.

 You now have the Raptor Claw.  Grant now has the ability to cut ropes and 
 vines.  Head back to the beginning of the area and press B in front of the 
 rope to cut it.  You can now hop up the boxes.  Move down the hill to the 
 right and you'll have to find pieces for the radar equipment.  To get the 
 wheel, go to the right and smash the wheelbarrow.  To get the handlebars, 
 go further right and use the claw to slash up the vines.  Take both pieces 
 back to the thumper and attach them with B.  Now, press Y to hop on board 
 and bounce it around to the three cracked floor panels in the area.

 Now, John Hammond makes his appearance.  Switch to Ellie and have her jump 
 up to grab the back of the truck that's nearly tipped over the side.  
 Assemble the bones that fall out into a trampoline, then bounce up to the 
 upper area.  Head to the right and enter the camper to complete this 


New Characters: Robert Muldoon, Jophery Brown, Alan Grant (Montana), Ellie 
 Sattler (Montana)
Available for Purchase: Dig Site Volunteer, Dig Site Kid

New Vehicles: Jurassic Park Responder
Available for Purchase: Fork Lift, Road Sweeper


Park Interlude: 

New Characters: Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Donald 

So you have a choice at this point: continue on to Jurassic Park on the 
left, or go to the monorail and proceed to Jurassic World.  For the sake of 
argument, let's go left and hop in one of the Responder jeeps.  Drive down 
the road until you reach a locked gate.  Use Grant to dig up the dirt pile to 
the gate's right and assemble the pieces, then have Hammond access the 
security panel you put together.  Drive through the gate to get to the iconic 

You can play in this area if you want, but the idea is to keep driving along.  
At the next gate, have Ellie hop up on the platform to the left and smash 
the boxes to find pieces for the gate.  On the right side, have Grant cut 
the rope and again have Ellie hop up to the red boxes and smash them.  With 
the gate opened, continue down the road and to the Visitor's Center.  Enter 
through the front gate.

5B. Welcome to Jurassic Park =

True Survivor at 60,000

Characters: Robert Muldoon, Dino Handler Vic, Ellie Sattler, Gerry Harding,


Raptor Enclosure -
 We're back at Raptor City, with Muldoon and Dino Handler Vic for feeding 
 time!  First head south and smash the smaller blue cages so you can 
 assemble a bigger one.  Track the object that pops out to the left and 
 then assemble the panel.  Open it with Muldoon, then head inside the cage 
 and use Vic to fire up the generator.  This will release the cow, so 
 press Y to hop onto it and ride it over to the cage.

 With the cage in place, you can now shoot the target on the crane to drop 
 a ladder.  Climb up to the crane and press Y to hop in.  Use the Left Stick 
 to move the crane.  As you pass over it, you'll automatically pick it up, 
 then you can swing it over the enclosure.

Triceratops Recovery -
 Yes, you heard that correctly.  Ellie wants to see some dino poop.  
 Fortunately, there's a pile just next to the triceratops.  As Ellie, press 
 B to dive in.  You'll learn what the trike needs to feel healthy again by 
 those three items spinning over her head.

 Yellow Popsicle - Use Gerry to pick up the nearby leaf and track it to find 
  a sprout.  Have Ellie water it, then climb up to the upper ledge and dive 
  into the poop pile.
 Carrot - Go to the left side of the area and dive into the poop pile.
 Apple - Near the left poop pile is a sprout for Ellie to water.  Climb 
  to the upper ledge and shoot the target to drop a vine to climb to the 
  top.  Under the green bush is a purple berry to track to another sprout.  
  Water it, then punch the apple out of the tree.

 Carry all three objects back to the Triceratops.


 You can switch to the trike at any time as if she were a normal character.  
 Experiment with her stomp (B) and her charge (move then hold X).  Charge 
 through the tree in the background.  Oops, smashed the car.  Continue down 
 the path and charge into the tree to knock it over the river.  Switch back 
 to the humans and cross the tree, then have Ellie water the sprout so the 
 trike can cross too.

 Near the gate, smash the tree and assemble the control panel, then have 
 Gerry access it to open it.  Head on inside.  There's another gate, but 
 first, shoot the target to drop the ladder, and have the humans go up and 
 across.  You now need to let the trike through.  Go to the right and hop up 
 onto the big crates as Ellie.  Push the crate off the edge, then assemble 
 the rotator switch.  Push it to open that little stable, then dive into the 
 poop and you'll find the crank for the gate.  Bring it back to the left and 
 open the gate, then have the trike smash the back wall and you'll be able 
 to escape.


New Characters: Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler
Available for Purchase: Dennis Nedry, Donald Gennaro, InGen Lab Technician


Park Interlude: 

You're in control of Grant and Malcolm in one section and Ellie and Hammond 
in another and can switch by holding down the Y button and accessing the 
Character Wheel.  Switch back to Ellie and Hammond if you want to access the 
Visitor's Centre, which has the custom dinosaur creator and the Red Brick 
store, but is not necessary right now, so let's stick with Grant.

Drive south using the car until you reach a rockslide.  You can't go further 
south, so head into the nearby enclosure.  Down the stairs is what's called 
a Dinosaur Delivery Pad.  If you have three Gold Bricks, you can put it 
together right now.  If you only have two so far, go south a little and 
use Grant's claw to free the guy hanging from the tree.

Use the Dino Pad to call in the Triceratops so it can smash down the tree in 
your path, then continue on and charge into the Dilophosaurii further in.  
Once they're down, you'll be able to climb the ladder and you'll be back on 
the track.  Head north and use Grant to dig up the little dirt pile near the 
rock slide and assemble the jackhammer.  Hop back in your car and continue 
riding it down to the gate.

5C. Park Shutdown =

True Survivor at 88,000

Characters: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Lex Murphy (Survivor), Alan Grant 
 (Survivor), Robert Muldoon (Raincoat), Ian Malcolm (Survivor)


T. rex Enclosure -
 Looks like we found Rexy!  You need to rescue the kids, but you won't be 
 able to get to them until you distract her.  Head to the far left and use 
 Grant to cut down the vines, then smash the generator behind for a wheel.  
 Place it on the socket just to the right and use it to remove the water.  
 Assemble the pieces into a music box and turn the crank on it.  Now, dig 
 near the jeep and assemble the pieces into a little jack you can jump on 
 to pull the jeep up.  Once Lex crawls out, pull on her to free her and add 
 her to the team.

 Next up, we need to get Tim out.  Switch to Lex and go to the right.  
 Stand next to the jeep.  Note the blue glass on it.  Hold down B with Lex 
 and she'll scream, shattering the glass.  After a couple of things happen, 
 Ian will run off.  Now, assemble the pieces on the front of the jeep and 
 mash B to pull a winch off it to attach to the crashed jeep.  Head back 
 to the jeep and press B pull Timmy loose.  Mash B next to him to pull him 
 out from under the jeep.

Rescue Timmy -
 Well, this is an odd situation.  You now need to get Timmy out of the tree.  
 Go to the far left and dig up a wheel, then head back to the right and 
 attach it to the water outflow door on the big wall and open it.  Assemble 
 the bones into a seesaw.  Put Lex on the circular pad in front of it and 
 press B, then switch to Grant and press A next to Lex to get tossed up to 
 the next branch.  Use Lex to hop across the poles to the right to the next 
 platform.  From here, target with Lex and hit the target with her baseball.  
 This will drop some pieces you can use to make a ladder so Grant can come 

 Next, have Grant slash the vines, which will drop hanging vines to the 
 left.  Swing across to the left, then from the next platform, jump across 
 the little ledges by tapping A.  At the end, have Lex throw her ball at the 
 target, then cross the branches and slash the vines at the other end.  
 Assemble the bones, then bounce off the trampoline you make and continue 
 jumping across the little platforms and trampolines until you reach a pink 
 and blue pair of walls.  Use Lex to jump up between these walls, then 
 have her ball a target on the right to drop a vine so Grant can come up and 
 cut the vines supporting the jeep, then have Lex scream at the window.

T. rex Chase -
 Hey, we're Muldoon, Ellie and Ian now!  There's not much to do here 
 except drive and try not to be chomped.  You can throw flares at Rexy if 
 you switch to Ian.


New Characters: Ian Malcolm, Lex Murphy
Available for Purchase: Ellie Sattler (Raincoat), Robert Muldoon (Raincoat)

Vehicle Available for Purchase: Jurassic Tour Vehicle


Park Interlude: 

New Character: Timmy Murphy (Survivor)

You're out of the tree, so now it's time to get out of this paddock, but the 
wall isn't an option.  Take control of Tim and have him crawl through the 
small passage on the right side of the water.  On the far side, turn the 
crank to extend a bridge, then use Grant to dig up the dirt for pieces to 
ledges.  You'll hop along these pieces, then continue down the trail for 
some time.  Near the end, use Lex's baseball to knock down a vine, then 
continue in the direction of the broken fence.  Hope through it and cut 
through the vines to enter the next area.

5D. Restoring Power =

True Survivor at 56,000

Characters: Lex Murphy (Survivor), Alan Grant (Survivor), Timmy Murphy 


Gallimimus Chase -
 Much like the previous chase, just run and don't get stomped.

Maintenance Shed -
 Head down the stairs and to the left.  You'll be stopped by a locked door, 
 so go back behind the bars and smash the tires to find a piece you can 
 track.  Follow it to the right to find the key.  Use it on the door.  Head 
 through and shoot the target above the pipes to drop one in your path.  
 Assemble the way up, then cross the pipe.

 Next you have to pass the steam pipes.  Pass the first one, then use Ellie 
 to grab onto the lever to shut off the second one so Muldoon can move ahead 
 and turn the crank to stop all the steam.  Continue on down the stairs.

 Down the hallway, shoot the target above the next steam pipe, then proceed 
 to the end.  Note the purple and blue railings at the end.  Stand next to 
 them as Ellie and press A to leap over.  Have her grab the lever on the 
 left to lower all the pieces, then assemble them into the power switch.  
 Press B and time your press to pump the primer.

The Raptor Pack -
 Head down the trail and hop over the log.  There's an object to track here, 
 so do so to find a sprout for Ellie to water, which will create a series of 
 poles along the wall to flip up to and reach the upper ledge.  Don't forget 
 to smash the leave and water the sprout to make a path for Muldoon.

 On the next ledge, shoot a target to drop a vine, then swing across to the 
 next ledge.  As you move down the path, you'll be attacked by a raptor.  
 Match the button prompts to push her off.  After the attack, continue up the 
 path and have Ellie use the poop pile to find pieces for a bridge to cross 
 to the next ledge.  Continue down the path for another raptor attack, then 

 At the rock wall, smash to find some pieces for a lever, then have Ellie 
 jump on it to roll the rocks down, then slide down the slope.  At the 
 bottom, track the raptor claw to find the raptors and start a mini boss 
 fight.  Pick up a rock with B and watch the bushes.  Throw the rock at the 
 last bush to move and you'll bean the raptor in the head.  Do this three 


New Characters: Timmy Murphy
Available for Purchase: Henry Wu (Jurassic Park), Jurassic Park 
 Veterinarian, Jurassic Park Warden

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Jurassic Park Responder (Soft Top)


Park Interlude: 

This interlude's pretty short.  Head up the path and toss Lex's baseball at 
the target which drops a crank for the mechanism on the left.  Use it to 
open the nearby door, then send Tim inside.  He'll put on his night vision 
goggles and can get the key inside.  Unlock the gate and head through.

5E. Visitors Centre =

True Survivor at 40,000

Characters: Lex Murphy (Survivor), Timmy Murphy (Survivor), Alan Grant 
 (Survivor), Ellie Sattler (Survivor)


Kitchen Escape -
 This area's a little interesting.  For now, you can't jump, because no 
 one wants to get the attention of those raptors, right?  Begin by going 
 left and throwing Lex's ball at the target near the delicious sausages.  
 This will distract the raptor on the left, so continue further into the 
 foreground, then to the right.  Switch to Timmy and crawl through the 
 vent, then turn on the stove.  This pops up another target for Lex, so 
 toss that baseball.  The raptor on the right is now distracted, so, as 
 Timmy, head to the right, to the foreground, then back left.  Push the 
 cart along the push track until it stops so Lex can join you.

 Go to the left and have Lex stand on the circle pad.  Press B so she'll 
 get ready, then switch to Tim and press A next to her to get boosted up 
 to the shelf.  Crawl through the vent and you'll come out on the far 
 right side.  Drop down and push the cart and Lex will again join you.  
 Now, head to the fridge on the right.  Knock the target down, assemble the 
 pieces, then have Lex hop on the railing to open the door.  Enter with 
 Timmy (he'll use his night vision goggles) and smash and assemble the 
 boxes inside.  You'll get a raptor into the fridge.  Sneak to the left 
 and the other one will eventually get bitey.  Assemble a little thing and 
 push on the green part to bonk the raptor on the head.

Control Room -
 Okay, now to get those doors locked.  Head to the right and smash the 
 shelf to get pieces for the push track.  Push the generator into the 
 wall and you'll boot up the computers.  Have Lex use the computer to start 
 a little minigame.  Move the cursor over all the circles to light them up 
 and make a circuit.

 Now, Tim's got to go down into the basement area using the tunnel on the 
 far left.  Once down there, head to the right past the generator, then 
 back into the dark passage.  Smash the box back there to find a replacement 
 tube for the generator, and install it.  With the computers back on again, 
 have Lex use the marked computer.  This requires a little game of Simon 
 Says.  You have to search through the files by tapping the boxes in the 
 same order and color as they light up first.  With that complete and the 
 doors locked, go to the right and assemble the bones.  Climb up the ladder 
 you make.

Main Hall -
 Move along the platforms and cut the rope.  In this area, smash the 
 brown stuff near the vent to find a sprout for Ellie, which will trap 
 the raptor.  Go through the vent as Timmy and smash all the planks in the 
 next area so you can build a walkway for the rest of the crew.  Jump up 
 onto the bones and cross them.

 Now you're on the ground floor.  Switch to the T. rex and you'll perform 
 what I call "Dino Combos" which is a cute way of saying "match the button 
 prompts to win".  Do a Dino Combo on the raptor, then switch back to the 
 crew.  Have Grant cut the rop holding the box over the raptor.  Do another 
 Dino Combo.  Have Lex throw her baseball at the target.  Do a final Dino 


New Characters: Alan Grant (Survivor), Ellie Sattler (Survivor), Ian 
 Malcolm (Survivor), John Hammond, Lex Murphy (Survivor), Timmy Murphy 
Available for Purchase: Dennis Nedry (Costa Rica)

Vehicle Available for Purchase: Jurassic Park Responder (Roll Cage)


Park Interlude: 

First movie complete!  Next up is The Lost World, so hop into the helicopter 
you're next to to head on in.

5F. Isla Sorna =

True Survivor at 75,000

Characters: Ian Malcolm (Isla Sorna), Eddie Carr, Nick Van Owen, Sarah 


Eddie's Workshop -
 Welcome to the Ian Malcolm show!  First thing to do is fix three jeeps in 
 the area.

 Jeep #1 - You need to paint the jeep in the back.  Go to the wall with 
  equations in the back left and use Ian on it.  Follow the pattern that 
  lights up and you'll get pieces for the painter.  Now, you can't just 
  paint it any color.  You have to paint it green, so go to the dials on the 
  machine and set one color to yellow and another to blue.  Jump on the 
  pump to get the paint squirting.

 Jeep #2 - The back-right jeep is having engine problems.  Simply switch to 
  Eddie and hold down B near the engine to repair it.

 Jeep #3 - The front-right jeep is missing tires.  Use Eddie to shoot down 
  the targets in the back to drop two tires.  Ride them over to the slots 
  next to the jeep.

 With all jeeps set to go, you'll get Nick Van Owen on the team.  Head to 
 the right and use his crowbar to pry open the door, then head through.  
 You'll now need to get an engine into place.  First, go to the back right 
 and use Nick again to open the next door with his bolt cutters, then have 
 Eddie fix the computer inside.  Have Eddie shoot the targets on the boxes 
 that appear, then assemble the rotator switch and push it to load up the 
 engine.  This will lower an elevator in the back left, so gather the guys 
 and ride up it.

 Head to the right and have Nick crowbar open the gate to go back down to 
 the ground floor.  You now need to put the roof on top of the mobile lab.  
 Head to the far right and smash some brown boxes to find pieces for the 
 stairs, then climb up and have Eddie repair the crane.  Use it and pick 
 up the roof, then place it on the mobile lab.

Finding Sarah -
 Head up the path.  Compies pop out at various points in this area, but 
 just smack them a couple of times and they'll be stunned.  Use Nick to 
 crowbar open the rock (and try not to think too much about that concept) 
 and have Ian go inside with his flare.  Bounce up the mushrooms to the 
 upper ledge, then head back to the end of the ledge and smash the gray 
 rock so you can make an anvil that drops a vine for the rest of the guys.  
 Go to the big root and pull down the vines with two characters, then have 
 the third go up the root to the ledge and kick down the ladder to the left.

 Go to the back of the area and shoot the left of the two targets (the other 
 has to do with a minikit).  This will drop pieces for a chopping machine.  
 Hop onto it to chop the brush covering the cave.  Have Eddie track the piece 
 inside to find pieces for a trampoline.  Bounce two guys up to the railing 
 to pull down the wood, then head to the left.  At the end, have Nick crowbar 
 open the rock, then hop up to the fallen tree trunk with Nick and press B to 
 have him take pictures on the markers in multiple locations.

Stegosaurus Herd -
 Now you have to deter this Stego who didn't like you getting too close to 
 her baby.  Head to the right and build the hollow log, then press B to 
 climb into it.  It will get its tail stuck, then you can take a picture to 
 stun it.  Do this two more times with two other logs.


New Characters: Eddie Carr, Ian Malcolm (Isla Sorna), Nick Van Owen, 
 Sarah Harding
Available for Purchase: Carlos, John Hammond (Lost World)

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Isla Sorna Gatherer, Isla Sorna Observer, 
 The Van Owen


Park Interlude: 

New Character: Kelly Malcolm

You've now arrived on Isla Sorna with five members of the crew.  Take a right 
and head down the path.  You'll soon reach some water.  Use the ledges on the 
wall to the left to climb up to a rock that Nick can upset so you can use 
the pieces to create a crossing.  Continue further and you'll reach a chasm.  
Have Eddie shoot the target on the opposite tree and cross using the vine.  
At the end, have Sarah dig in the poop to find pieces for a trampoline, then 
jump up.

5G. InGen Arrival =

True Survivor at 64,000

Characters: Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Eddie Carr, Ian Malcolm (Isla 


Camp Sabotage -
 Head to the right and bunch up the jerks, then use Nick's bolt cutters to 
 free the Pachycephalosaurus.  It won't be up and ready just yet.  You'll 
 need to feed it like you did with the Triceratops so long ago.  Search the 
 poop pile with Sarah.

 Mushroom - Head up into the camp.  Next to the cooking pot is a winch.  
  Smash it and reassemble the pieces so you can tip the pot over and take 
  the shroom inside.

 Ice Cream - Inside the camp is a pile of poop.  Search it as Sarah.

 Banana - At the far right end of the camp, use Nick to crowbar open the 
  box next to the light.

 You now have control of the Pachycephalosaurus, so head into the camp and 
 have it ram the log on the right, then smash the rocks further in on the 
 back.  That's all you need her for, so she'll run off after you assemble the 
 pieces to the stairs.  Head up them into the second camp.  In here you'll 
 need to free more dinosaurs.  First, use Sarah to jump up to the railing 
 to free the Stegosaurus.  Switch to her and have her smash open the smaller 
 cage to the left to free the baby.  This will crack two things near where 
 Peter is going on about the money.  Have Sarah go into the small cage and 
 pull a key out of the poop, then use it to open the Triceratops cage.  
 Use the trike to smash the cracked items, then assemble them into a pair 
 of lights.

Mobile Lab -
 Start climbing up the rope.  Swing to the left or right to avoid the 
 falling debris.  Once you get high enough, the lab will tip and you'll 
 have to switch to Eddie to fix it.  With him, track the piece that was 
 revealed to find pieces for a winch.  Connect the one on the jeep to the 
 lab and then get into the car.  Hold the car in the center using the Left 
 Stick to maintain it in the center of the arc and you'll be able to switch 
 back to the other crew so they can climb up some more.

 At the second tipping, have Eddie fix the engine while avoiding Compies and 
 you'll have to do the pulling minigame again.  Climb up some more to end 
 the mission.


New Characters: Ajay Sidhu
Available for Purchase: Deirdre Bowman, InGen Scout, Peter Ludlow (Isla 
 Sorna), Cathy Bowman

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Hunter Scout, Hunter Snare ATV


Park Interlude: 

New Characters: Ronald Tembo, Robert Burke

Ronald basically replaces Eddie at this point.  Head south down the trail 
and you'll reach a blocked path and a sick Triceratops.  Have Sarah use its 
poop and you'll learn what you need to heal it.  The blue ice cream is in 
a cave to the south behind a rock that Nick can open and Ian can enter with 
his flare to pick up.  The banana is found with Ronald.  Pick up the object 
that was under the poop and track it.  For the mushroom, use Robert and go 
east to find a small pile of bones.  Assemble them with Robert into a see-
saw, then get launched up to the upper ledge where you'll find the mushroom 
among a pile of other shrooms.

With the Triceratops healed, use it to smash the blocked path.  Continue 
down (ignore Dieter, you can't help him with your current crew), and use 
Nick on the rock so you can climb over the big tree.

5H. The Hunted =

True Survivor at 45,000

Characters: Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen, Kelly Malcolm, Ian Malcolm (Isla 


Attack on the Camp -
 This part is just running, like the others.  Step to the side to avoid 
 the T. rex and people running past you.

The Long Grass -
 Head straight to the right until you can't anymore.  In the right fore-
 ground is a pile of poop which has pieces for a lawnmower, which will mow 
 down the LEGO grass ahead of you.  Head further right and fend off a 
 raptor attack, then continue to the fallen log and crowbar open the rock.  
 Further down the path, use one of the girls and slide under the colored 
 railing, then smash the boxes and assemble the jack to raise the ribcage 
 so the guys can join you.

 Head to the right and smash boxes to uncover a chained box.  Use the bolt 
 cutters to open it to release Compies which will distract the raptor, then 
 continue on and use a camera to stun the raptor on the guy.  For the next 
 pair of raptors, go to the back to find a pile of poop and use the pieces 
 inside to make an ice cream truck.  Continue down the path to the right and 
 use Kelly's scream to shatter the glass on the jeep, then assemble the 
 burger thing to distract that raptor.  Head to the back of the path, and 
 stun the last raptor with a camera.


New Characters: Carter, Robert Burke
Available for Purchase: InGen Mechanic, Peter Ludlow

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Hunter Snagger, Hunter Harrasser


Park Interlude: 

This one's pretty simple.  Head down the track, use Kelly's scream to shatter 
the glass on the small cabin, then turn the crank inside to open the large 
gate, then head inside.

5I. Communications Center =

True Survivor at 69,000

Characters: Ian Malcolm (Isla Sorna), Sarah Harding, Kelly Malcolm


Compound -
 Those darn raptors are still on your tail.  Head to the right and smash 
 up the blue and purple thing to make pieces for a railing that Kelly and 
 Sarah can hop over.  On the other side, head past the jeep to the poop 
 pile and dive in to grab the winch.  Stick it on the jeep and attach that 
 to the door.  With Ian back with you, head to the end of the path and 
 enter the dark building, then fire up the generator.  Head through the 
 garage and then head to the left.  Scream on the glass and enter the 
 next garage, then smash the stuff to find pieces for another generator.  
 Pump it, and then head out to the gas pump and stick it into the jeep to 
 fuel it up.  You can now hop into the car to move it out of the way.  
 Smash the stuff in front of the door and head inside.

Radio Tower -
 Ian is holding the door, so head to the left and a raptor will poke its 
 nose in.  Use a camera to stun it, then take the key that Mr. Skeleton is 
 holding and unlock the closet.  Scream the glass away, then assemble the 
 parts for the wall jump surface to get to the next level.  Kick down the 
 plank and cross it and grab onto the chain.  This will lower the other side 
 of the plank so the other person can cross it.  Have that person smash the 
 back wall and then you'll be able make a ladder so the first person can 
 also climb up.

 Have Sarah stand on the circle so she can toss Kelly up, then assemble 
 the pipe so you can climb up to the railing and then to the next ledge.  
 Shimmy along the ledge to the left and smash the stuff at the next landing, 
 then bounce off the trampoline you make to the next ledge.  Head to the 
 right and jump over the poles to flip to the wall surface and jump to the 
 very top with both characters.  Scream away the glass, then assemble the 
 pieces, then camera-flash the raptor so you can complete the platform, then 
 press the button to drop the high hide.

Rooftops -
 Head around the roof and ride down the zip line.  Head to the left and 
 smash the vent to find pieces to put atop the poles to the left, then hop 
 across them to the next building, then climb up the ladder and hit the 
 button prompts to pull the shingles off the roof so the raptor falls off.  
 Climb up the rest of the way, then smash the the antenna to find a red 
 crank, attach it and lower the tall antenna.  Slide down the zip line, 
 then head to the right to the helipad.


New Characters: Roland Tembo, Kelly Malcolm
Available for Purchase: Paul Bowman, SS Venture Crewman, InGen Guard Berner, 
 InJen Guard Jerry, Yacht Crewman

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Hunter Snare, Site B Transport


Park Interlude: 

This is a snap.  Just walk up to the helicopter.

5J. San Diego =

True Survivor at 60,000

Characters: Ian Malcolm (San Diego), Sarah Harding (San Diego)


San Diego Docks -
 The SS Venture has run aground.  First head to the left and yank the 
 reporter out from under the rubble.  The pieces under him will be used 
 on the poles over the water, so hop across.  In the next area, you'll find 
 a crank for the crane on in a white box to the left of it.  Crank it to 
 drop pieces so you can enter the hull of the ship.  Use Ian so he can 
 light up the area, then climb up to the deck of the ship.  Smash boxes to 
 find pieces for the ladder to the crane, then hop in and use the crane 
 arm to lift the big crate on the civilian on the dock.

 Drop down to the dock and cross the fallen crate, then have Sarah pull 
 down the anchor so both characters can get to the deck.  Head left and 
 smash a box to find pieces to get up to the control cabin.  Inside, solve 
 the equation wall with Ian, then assemble the pieces and head outside 
 down to the port side of the ship (left side, for those of you non-nautical 
 folks).  Smash the box with the purple and blue parts and assemble to 
 vault over as Sarah.  Vault over to the far side of the box on the 
 track, then push it to let Ian join you.  Head to the left and have one 
 character vault the other up to the left to end this section.

San Diego Streets - 
 This one's another simple chase.  Drive away from the T. rex and do 
 some cool stunts.


New Characters: Ian Malcolm (San Diego), Sarah Harding (San Diego)
Available for Purchase: InGen Harbor Master, InGen Investor Gerald, 
 Fisherman Jim

Vehicles Available for Purchase: San Diego Speedster, Police Patrol Car


Park Interlude: 

Two movies down, two to go!  Hop in the boat on the right labeled "Jurassic 
Park III".

5K. Landing Site =

True Survivor at 51,000

Characters: Alan Grant (Isla Sorna), Billy Brennan, Paul Kirby


The Landing Site -
 You will get annoyed by Amanda by the time this section is over.  I guarantee 
 that.  Head to the right side of the building to find a rock with an 
 orange plug on it.  Paul Kirby has a grappling hook that can be used to 
 pull it down by pressing B nearby (or by holding B and targeting).  Pull 
 down the hook to find a wall with squares on it.  Billy can climb such a 
 wall, so have him climb to the top, then run down to the far right.  Knock 
 over an electric pole to reveal another orange plug for Paul to use his 
 grapple with.  Instead of pulling it down, you'll attach a rope for 
 everyone to climb up.

 Have Grant dig up the dirt and assemble the bones so you can cross.  Have 
 Paul fix the engine and turn the crank to raise the platform so you can 
 cross further to the left.  Have Alan cut the vines at the top, then set 
 another grapple rope on the plug to cross to the roof of the building.  
 Pull down the orange plug here and use the pieces to make some stairs.  Cut 
 the vines at the far end of the stairs, then push them to the left to 
 reach Amanda.

Spinosaurus Escape -
 Like the chases before, just keep running, just keep running.


New Characters: Alan Grant (Isla Sorna), Billy Brennan, Paul Kirby, Amanda 
Available for Purchase: Cheryl Logan

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Site B Transport (Rusty), Pickup Truck


Park Interlude:

New Character: Udesky

Head up the path (AWAY from the Spinosaurus) and have Paul grapple the tree 
across the water to pull it down.  Cross, then have Grant claw down the 
vines to proceed.

5L. The Spinosaurus =

True Survivor at 65,000

Characters: Billy Brennan, Paul Kirby, Amanda Kirby, Udesky, Alan Grant 
 (Isla Sorna)


Spinosaurus vs. T. rex -
 No time to watch this sick fight.  First pull Dr. Grant out from under 
 the logs, then head to the right past the broken rocks and dig the pieces 
 out from the dirt.  Assemble and grapple to launch it at the Spinosaurus, 
 allowing you to switch to the T. rex as a character and do a Dino Combo 
 on it.  Once you finish, assemble the wood pieces so you can go up the 
 plank to the right.  Go up and shoot the target down with Udesky, then 
 assemble the pieces and track the remaining piece to find more pieces 
 to make a catapult.  Turn the crank on it and then cut the rope to 
 launch the eggs.  Do another Dino Combo.

 Head down to the right.  You'll need enough bones to build with, so smash 
 the skull, grapple the orange plug, and dig up the dirt.  This will 
 assemble a seesaw.  Launch anyone over to the right, then smash the red 
 and green plant and use it to assemble a rotator switch.  Spin it to 
 stun the Spinosaurus again.  Do another Dino Combo, then head your humans 
 to the right to move on ahead.

The Crash Site -
 Well, you've escaped that mess, but you still have to get out of the area.  
 Head to the west and have Udesky shoot down the target.  Assemble the 
 pieces into a rail for Amanda.  Climb up and cross to the right to find a 
 big piece of the plane.  Assemble the track pieces nearby and push the 
 piece off the edge.  Assemble the resulting wreckage into a seesaw, then 
 launch Grant up to the top and have him cut the luggage down.  This will 
 release a piece that Udesky can track to the right.

 Assemble the bones he finds to create a trampoline, then have Billy bounce 
 up to the upper area.  You'll find a parasail up here, which will give 
 Billy a glide jump by pressing and holding A while in the air.  Glide to the 
 right and push the plane engine over the edge.  Assemble it into a fan that 
 will push everyone up to the ledge, then grapple down the orange plug.  
 Climb up the wall and parasail to the right, then smash all the objects near 
 the wing and assemble them into a rotator switch.  Turn it to drop the 
 wing so everyone can join you.

 Continue to the right and cut down the vines, then move further right and 
 grapple down the plug to find a vest for Udesky to track.  This will find 
 you a video camera, so assemble it.


New Characters: Udesky
Available for Purchase: Cooper

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Hunter Command


Park Interlude: 

Head south and have Grant clear out the vines near the gate.  Have Amanda 
slide under the gap and use the winch on the jeep to pull open the gate, 
then move further down the trail and have Billy climb the wall to the top 
of the ledge.  Smash the blue barrels and assemble a grapple point from 
them so Paul can attach a rope to it.  Climb up and have Grant cut more 
vines to reach a gate.  Pull the hook off the side of the gate, track the 
piece to the key, then unlock it.

5M. Breeding Facility =

True Survivor at 60,000

Characters: Alan Grant (Isla Sorna), Billy Brennan, Paul Kirby, Amanda 
 Kirby, Udesky


InGen Facility -
 Head inside the door and cut the vines on the vending machine.  Have 
 Amanda scream away the glass, then track the little gear to the rest of the 
 parts.  Assemble them and turn the crank to open the door, then enter and 
 head right through the corridor.

 In this large main room, go down to the lower area and use Paul to fix 
 the blue arm in the back, then go back up as Billy and sail across the 
 gap.  Push the crate towards the edge, then switch to Paul so he can pull 
 it off the rest of the way.  Assemble the pieces to complete the arm so it 
 can close the breeding pod, then bounce off the pod to reach the upper 
 catwalk.  Drop down the other side.  You'll need a valve for the pod on 
 the left.  Go down and right and cut away the vines, then repair the blue 
 pipes.  The valve will pop off and you can use it on the left pod.  Turn 
 both valves to release the bones, then assemble them into a ladder.  Climb 
 up, then head down the stairs to the pod area.  Take pictures of the pods.  
 The only one you actually need to take a picture of is the one with the 
 green raptor head in it.

Corridor Chase - 
 Another chase.  Run your LEGO legs off!


Characters Available for Purchase: Cooper (Runway), Amanda Kirby (Dinner), 
 Nash (Runway), Paul Kirby (Dinner)

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Site B Saloon


Park Interlude:

The way back is blocked for now, so head east to find some fallen bones.  
Have Grant dig up a dirt pile nearby to find pieces for an agility bar.  
Have Amanda cross over and smash up some stuff to find pieces for a rock 
that will stop the Compies from spilling out and also yellow and black 
pieces so you can raise the bones, allowing the rest of the crew to pass.

5N. Eric Kirby =

True Survivor at 70,000

Characters: Alan Grant (Isla Sorna), Eric Kirby (Disguise)


Eric's Hideout -
 Grant is separated from the rest of the tour, but finally found Eric 
 Kirby, holed up and surviving for several weeks.  Head to the right and 
 hold down B as Eric to camouflage.  Pass by the raptor.  Once get close 
 to the boxes, decloak and smash them to find pieces for a little hot dog 
 car which will distract the raptor so Grant can follow.  Have him cut 
 down the vines on the front of the jeep, then pull the winch out and to 
 get the wood pulled off the vent so Eric can climb through.

 At the top, smash the baskets and assemble them into a ladder so Grant can 
 climb up, then have Grant cut the vines, which will release a hanging vine.  
 Swing across then head down to the ground.  Continue right and camo past 
 the raptor, then pump the generator on the right.  This will scare off the 
 raptor, so head to the back and crawl through the tunnel.  On the other 
 side, rotate the crank to open the gate.  You'll need to fix up that 
 Ankylosaurus.  Eric can poop dive to find out what you need for food.

 Banana - Under the poop pile.
 Carrot - In the dirt pile in the foreground.
 Candy Bar - In the vending machine in the back right.  Cut the vines off 

 With the Ankylosaurus healthy again, use it to fight off the raptors.  
 Head to the right and cross the poles to the island, then smash the boxes 
 to find pieces for a bridge to the back.  Have Grant cut the vines on the 
 truck to enter it.

The Coast -
 Now that you have T. rex Scent, you can hop across the lily pads and throw 
 a vial at the Compies assembled around some bones.  Assemble the bones into 
 a trampoline and bounce up to the next ledge.  Have Grant cut down the vine 
 on the left to release a hanging truck, then assemble its pieces into a 
 plank so you can move to the right.  Continue to the right to find another 
 pack of Compies.  Scent them off, then dig up the dirt to find pieces for 
 a ladder.  Climb up and throw another vial at another pack, then use that 
 spot to have Grant boost Eric up to the next ledge.  Up there, poop dive to 
 find another ladder for Grant.  Go to the back and scent away another Compy 
 pack to find more dirt.  Unearth binoculars so you can look at the coast.


New Characters: Eric Kirby (Disguise)
Available for Purchase: Mark Degler, Ellie Degler, Charlie Degler

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Hunter Transport


Park Interlude: 

Run up to the building and use Amanda to turn the crank to the left of the 
door, then use Grant and Paul to cut vines and fix the engine on the right 
of the door, then enter.

5O. The Bird Cage =

True Survivor at 48,000

Characters: Alan Grant (Isla Sorna), Billy Brennan, Paul Kirby, Amanda Kirby, 
 Eric Kirby


Pteranodon Nests -
 Head to the back and slash the vines on the doorway to enter.  Head right 
 and glide across the gap as Billy to the other side.  Smash up the objects 
 to create a plank bridge for the rest of the crew, then have Amanda jump 
 up to the poles to flip across.  Smash the objects and assemble a rotator 
 switch to drop the mesh so everyone else can cross.  Once the Pteranodon 
 shows up, cut the rope nearby to scare it off.  Have Paul pull down the 
 plug on the nest and Grant can assemble the bones to make a bridge.

 In the next area, smash some red stuff to make a little pump rocket to 
 jump on to scare off the Pteranodon, then have Billy climb up the wall to 
 reach a spot where he can glide to the right.  Push the box of stuff off 
 the edge and assemble it into a trampoline.  Head to the right and have 
 Grant cut through the vines, then continue to the right and smash stuff to 
 make a diving platform for Billy.  He'll jump off and glide with his 
 parasail through a course.  Steer through the rings to collect the 

Spinosaurus Showdown -
 Head to the left and smash all the stuff to make a pair of cannons, then 
 go to the right, Scent away the Compies, and dig in the dirt to find parts 
 for a box of flares.  Mount your flare cannon and fire it at the fuel drums 
 in the water.  Once you hit, you can switch to Paul and have him hop to the 
 right to reach the building.  Grapple the bunch of barrels to release them 
 into the water, and then shoot them.  For the last bunch, have Paul build 
 the trampoline to reach the crane and use it to move the last bunch into 
 position.  Fire at it to finish off the Spinosaurus.


New Characters: Alan Grant (Lecture), Soldier, Eric Kirby
Available for Purchase: Enrique Cardoso

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Hunter Trapper


Park Interlude:

And now for the final movie.  Head back to Jurassic Park using the helicopter, 
then select the monorail to head over to Jurassic World on Isla Nublar.

5P. Welcome to Jurassic World =

True Survivor at 120,000

Characters: Owen Grady, Barry, Velociraptor (Blue), Velociraptor (Charlie), 
 Handler Ellis, Supervisor Nick


Raptor Research Arena -
 You'll need to get that pig unstuck.  Smash up the nearby boxes and assemble 
 them into a wall that Owen can climb up.  Have him cut the vines to free 
 the crate, which will then crash onto a truck.  Assemble the pieces out of 
 the truck, then have Barry take the item that falls out and track it to 
 where the pig is hiding.  Once the pig is out, ride it back over to the 
 spot next to the cannon, then grapple the cannon with Barry.

 Next head up the ladder that appears and head along the catwalk to the 
 right.  Cut the two ropes and grapple down the middle part of the light 
 fixtures, then reassemble them.  Use Barry's stun rifle to target the 
 blue target, then fire to charge it up.  You're now in control of Blue 
 and Charlie.  Go over to the switches by the far gate and pull on them 
 with each of your raptors to raise up some blue targets.  Shoot them with 
 Barry to open the main gate.

Raptor Tracking -
 This next area is mostly Blue and Charlie going through their training 
 course.  Head to the right and smash the boxes and tires so you can build 
 (yes, raptors can build) a tire bounce to the upper level.  Head to the 
 right and drop down.  Smash the boxes and assemble a raptor ledge, probably 
 the most frustrating part of the game.  Stand a medium distance away, hold 
 B to target, and release B to leap onto the railing to pull yourself up.  
 That's how it's supposed to work in theory.  In practice, you usually don't 
 pull yourself up and have to wiggle and jump and attack just to struggle 
 your way onto the actual ledge.  It's doable but maddening, so keep at it.

 Follow the pig to the back and right.  Smash all the boxes to assemble 
 another raptor ledge.  This one you just grab and pull to break it, so it's 
 easier.  This reveals another raptor ledge for climbing, but this one seems 
 less broken.  Head to the right to find another enclosure.  Smash the 
 objects outside to find a raptor switch.  Pull it while the other raptor 
 is inside to switch the gates.  Switch to the other raptor and have it 
 pull on the switch inside, then have the first raptor join the second and 
 each will stand on the two big buttons to open the gate.

 Continue down the path and go to the cake.  Press B to start sniffing a 
 Raptor Scent Trail, which you'll then have to follow to its source: the 
 bush in the right corner.  This will scare up the pig, so assemble the 
 pieces for a raptor switch, have the other raptor stand on the elevator, 
 then throw the switch.  The raptor at the top can smash up pieces to 
 make another raptor ledge.  Climb up and head to the right.  Pull the 
 two raptor switches on either side of the gate to head back into your 
 pen.  Sniff out the pig using the cake to get him loose.

 Now you're back in control of the humans.  Use Owen to poop dive on the 
 left to find more pieces, then assemble them into a mobile.  Have Barry 
 shoot it.  Grab the crank that falls and go to the back to crank open 
 the gate.

Indominus Paddock -
 Time to find where the Indominus went to.  Head to the right and you'll 
 notice a blue glowing field near a terminal.  Have Supervisor Nick use 
 his tablet (press B) and he'll drop a ladder.  Climb up and over to the 
 other side and have Owen poop dive to find pieces for the wall.  Climb up 
 and over the fallen log, then slice the vines on the right side to drop 
 it.  Head to the right and fix the blue machine with Nick's wrench, then 
 jump on it three times to get the water flowing.  Jump across the hole.

 Once the rumbling starts, head to the right and have Ellis charge up the 
 generator on the wall.  Oh no!  Have Owen use his camouflage (hold down B) 
 and sneak past the Indominus.  Poop dive to find pieces to distract the 
 Indominus with.  You can now have Nick come to the right and use his 
 tablet to remove the cage, then head further right and use his tablet 
 again.  Climb up the ledges that appear, then cut the rope.  Head back 
 to the main gate and use Nick to open it.


New Characters: Owen Grady, Barry, Supervisor Nick, Handler Ellis
Available for Purchase: Jurassic World Worker

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Jurassic Constructor, Jurassic Buggy, 
 Jurassic World Transport


Park Interlude: 

New Characters: Zach Mitchell, Gray Mitchell

You're now playing as Zach and Gray, wandering around the main park.  You'll 
find that the JW hub has more going for it than the JP hub (assuming you 
haven't jumped straight here after the Prologue).  Behind where you begin is 
the Technology Center, where you can buy Red Bricks, input codes, look at 
your minikit fossils, and make custom characters and custom dinos.

Head down Main Street and take a left at the end (the way right is blocked 
for now).  Once you reach the exhibit, have Gray go through the tunnel and 
push the button on the other side to open the first gate, then have both 
brothers each hang from the levers above.  Once inside, smash all the stuff 
and assemble the Dino Delivery Pad.  Activate it to call in a 
Pachycephalosaurus, then steer it into the little elevator.  You'll now 
control the Pachy in a bit of bread and circuses for the masses.  Charge 
into the stone pillars, then fight off the other Pachys that show up, either 
by charging or pressing B for a tail whip.

With that done, the west boardwalk will be open, so head that way and up to 
the Gyrospheres.  You can explore a little more if you wish, but there's not 
that much else to do right now.  Once you reach the entry, poor Marty will 
beg you to help him fix the ride.  Use Zach's wrench to repair it, then 
hop in a sphere.  Ride it over to the blue and gray square object and roll 
inside it (this is a sphere switch) to open the way forward.  Continue 
down the field to the big gate at the end.  Bounce up to the platform on 
the right and use the sphere switch to uncover the vulnerable part of the 
gate, then use the bounce pad in front of the gate to smash it open.

5Q. Gyrosphere Valley =

True Survivor at 50,000

Characters: Zach Mitchell, Gray Mitchell


Gyrosphere Escape -
 Another chase scene, only this time you're rollin' rollin' rollin' WHAT!

Gyrosphere Attack -
 Zach's still in his gyrosphere, but Gray's loose.  Roll over the blue 
 objects to find pieces for a sphere switch.  Roll inside it to shoot the 
 beehive onto the Indominus.  Switch to the Ankylosaurus to do a Dino Combo.  
 Assemble a little ramp so you can both get to the next level.

 In this next area, go to the back right and clear away the tunnel for 
 Gray to crawl through.  Swing across the vines to the left, then use his 
 camera to stun the Indominus.  Do another Dino Combo, then build a ramp to 
 cross the tree to the other side.

 In this next area, have Gray build a bounce pad for Zach, then go to the 
 tree in the back and assemble the bones into a trampoline for him.  Climb 
 up the tree then slide down the zip line.  On the other side, drop down 
 and construct a ball-tossing machine, then do another Dino Combo.  Drop 
 down further and smash up the items to reveal some bones for Gray to 
 assemble.  Step on the launcher to toss the rock, then bounce off the 
 pad to clear the way for both brothers.

 In this last area, smash the bones and assemble them into a bone claw, 
 then hop into the sphere switch that opens.  Go down to pick up the jeep, 
 then back up to swing it into the Indominus.


New Characters: Claire Dearing (Lab), Gray Mitchell
Available for Purchase: Gyrosphere Operator Josh

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Jurassic World Observer, Gyrosphere


Park Interlude: 

Head north and you'll find a pad where Zach can boost gray up.  Have Gray 
hop across the poles to the opposite side, then smash the trunks and assemble 
them into a bridge.  Have Zach cross and fix the blue mechanism near the gate, 
then head up to the Visitors Center and smash and assemble the bones to 
unlock the gate.

5R. Out of Bounds =

True Survivor at 80,000

Characters: Zach Mitchell, Gray Mitchell, Compsognathus, Owen Grady, 
 Claire Dearing


Parking Garage -
 Awww, look, a poor sick Compy!  You should bring him back to health!

 Candy Bar - Smash the tire to the right, then have Zach toss Gray up to 
  the shelves, then crawl through the vent.
 Ice Cream - Go to the left and have Zach repair the blue thing to open the 
  shutter door.  Head inside as Zach, then have him pump the generator.  
  Smash the bones so Gray can assemble them into a connection to the fridge, 
  which will pop out the ice cream.
 Meat - Smash the cooler next to the Compy.

 The Compy is now on your team.  Send him through the green tube to reach 
 the other side.  Head to the left and smash the object with black and yellow 
 stripes to get a box over to the other side of the fence, which the boys 
 can build into a springboard to head over to the main part of the garage.  
 In this area, you'll need to refurbish an old jeep, and you'll need three 
 parts for it.

 Fuel - Send Zach into the dark alcove behind the jeep to find this.
 Wheel - Send the Compy up the tube in the back left.  Once it hits the 
  button at the end, it will drop wheels.  Roll one to the jeep.
 Engine - Go to the back right of the garage and have Zach fix the blue 
  part to get the door working for the Compy tube.  Send the Compy through 
  so he gets outside, then to the Compy tube by the door to open it.  Take 
  the boys outside and smash the boxes to the right of the wrecked jeep, 
  then assemble it into a tool which will knock the engine out (which looks 
  more like a battery).

Indominus Escape -
 You're now Claire and Owen on the run from the Indominus.  Head towards 
 the screen and cut through the vines.  Smash the boxes to find pieces 
 for the scaffolding on the right.  Have Claire hop up to pull parts down, 
 assemble them all and then grab your little chainsaw to buzz through the 
 tree.  Take Claire to the back of the room and use her tablet to start 
 up the sprinklers.  This greens up the vines so Owen can cut through them.  
 Assemble the pieces into a bridge you can use to cross to the left.

 Head to the left corner and poop dive to find pieces for a wall jump 
 surface.  Use Claire to grab the pole, then hit the wall jump surface to 
 reach the next level.  From there, have Owen stand on the lift so Claire 
 can turn the crank to lift him up.  He can climb along the wall to the 
 ledge, then push the box off so Claire can make a ladder and join him.

 Have Claire hop over the railing and then grab the lever on the right to 
 open the gate.  Send Owen through and have him camouflage to get to the 
 right side.  Smash up the boxes and barrels and assemble a giant spray can.  
 Bounce on the pad to squirt the Indominus away, then have Claire assemble 
 the colored pieces and slide under the gap.  Smash and build on the other 
 side so Owen can join, then have him cut the vines to the right.  Head 
 down to the right to complete this area.


New Characters: Claire Dearing, Zach Mitchell
Available for Purchase: ACU Trooper Female, ACU Trooper Male, Jurassic 
 World Veterinarian, Vivian

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Jurassic Park Responder (Rusty), Jurassic 


Park Interlude: 

Back in control with Zach and Gray.  The gate to the south is locked, so 
have Gray crawl through the tunnel to the ledge.  Smash the rocks and take 
the key underneath.  Unlock the gate and continue south.  At the end of this 
clearing is a gate and two guys near it.  Boost Gray up to the upper level 
from the nearby boost pad, then smash the stuff on the wall so you can 
assemble a ladder so Zach and climb up and fix the blue console.  Head 
through the now open gate.

5S. Under Attack =

True Survivor at 85,000

Characters: Zach Mitchell (Survivor), Gray Mitchell (Survivor), Zara, 
 Owen Grady (Survivor), Claire Dearing (Survivor)


Main Street - 
 We're back at Main Street, but it's not quite how we left it.  You're all 
 split into two teams now.  Zach, Gray, and Zara are on the right, while 
 Owen and Claire are on the left.  First, head left to the music store and 
 have Zara scream it open.  Smash the object in the back and have Zach 
 fix it.

 At this point, Owen and Claire get auto-switched to.  Head to the right 
 and find a spot to use Claire's tablet, which will shut the shutter.  
 Assemble the wall climbing surface so Owen can get up, then have him head 
 left and kick down the sign which will drop a rope for Claire.  Climb up 
 and head to the right and use the scanner with Claire to activate the 

 Now back to the other team.  Assemble the bones with Gray, then have Zara 
 flip over the poles to the left, then smash the blue signs and assemble 
 them into a bridge for the boys.  Have Gray use his camera to stun the 

 That Pteranodon kicked up a key near Owen and Claire, so grab it and 
 unlock the arcade.  Head inside to the left and vault over the railing 
 and pump the generator to get the ride outside going.

 Back with the other team, head to the left and go to the fountain and crank 
 the valve to get the water flowing, then assemble the rotator and push it 
 so it points to the left.

The Alpha - 
 The raptors have four mercenaries pinned down, so you'll need to save them.  

 Merc #1 - Have Barry track the nearby part to the left, which will make 
  pieces for the poles.  Boost Owen up to the jeep, then hop across to 
  the right until you can cut the vines holding up the jeep.  Also kick down 
  the ladder (which you can use if you sent Barry up instead).

 Merc #2 - With the parts you got from freeing the first guy, build a 
  rocket thingy and jump on the pump to shoot it at Echo.

 Merc #3 - Head to the right and fend off a raptor attack, then pull the 
  guy free.

 Merc #4 - Assemble the ramp and climb up, then poop dive to find pieces for 
  a ladder.  Climb up, then have Barry grapple down the stuff on the log.  
  To get past Delta, have Owen camo up, then go to the right and smash all 
  the stumps to make a spring-loaded launcher.  Crank it to toss Delta and 
  Barry will join you.  Grapple down the stuff on the ledge and use it to 
  make a trampoline, then bounce up.  You've finally reached the merc.  
  Head right around the log, then camo and assemble the blue target.  Shoot 
  it with Barry to scare Blue off, then head to the left and assemble the 
  pepper launcher.  Boost one of the guys up to it.

Raptor Pursuit (Part 1) -
 For this section, shoot the oncoming raptors with your stun rifles.

Raptor Pursuit (Part 2) - 
 This is more of the same, only you're shooting from Owen and Barry's 


New Characters: Scientist Phil, Zara
Available for Purchase: Vic Hoskins, InGen Mercenary, Raptor Handler Jenny

Vehicles Available for Purchase: Jurassic ATV, InGen Transport, Mobile 
 Veterinary Unit


Park Interlude: 

Time for the finale.  Head up Main Street to the Technology Center to end 
this!  But first, head to the right of the Center's door and use Claire's 
tablet to activate the wall for Owen to climb.  Push the dino skeleton off 
to the left and have Gray assemble it so Claire can bounce up and use the 
hand scanner to open the main door.

5T. Main Street Showdown =

True Survivor at 85,000

Characters: Owen Grady (Survivor), Claire Dearing (Survivor), Zach Mitchell 
 (Survivor), Gray Mitchell (Survivor), Velociraptor (Blue), Velociraptor 
 (Charlie), Velociraptor (Echo)


Innovation Center -
 Almost time for the finale.  Head to the right and use Claire's tablet to 
 make a climbing surface appear, then climb up with Owen to the pipe and 
 head to the left.  Well, you couldn't get upstairs, but at least you 
 scared up some bones.  Assemble them and climb the ladder.

 Head to the left and have Claire use the hand scanner, then have Owen cut 
 the rope.  Assemble the rotator switch and push it to smash the glass.  
 Send Gray through the vent and smash the big skull so you can assemble the 
 rest of the push floor.  Move the display case out of the way so everyone 
 can assemble.

 Have Zach go to the right and back into the dark tunnel.  Flip the generator 
 to start up a hologram of Jimmy Fallon.  Since the raptor is an avid Stephen 
 Colbert fan, it will go after the hologram.  Head down the spiral staircase 
 and to the right, then camo past Echo to get to the pizza display.  Smash 
 and assemble it, then fire it at Echo, then have Zach fix the nearby control 

Boardwalk Showdown (Part 1) -
 It's Indominus time!  Head to the right and smash the stuff near the garage 
 door to find pieces for a raptor switch.  Have Blue pull on the switch to 
 open the garage door, then Zach can enter with his torch and push the button 
 in the back.  Gray can go through the vent inside, then hop out onto the 
 amber structure and use his camera on the Indominus.  Assemble the pieces 
 that pop out of the amber.

 Now, use Blue to track the scent coming off the plushie and you'll find 
 pieces for a boost-up pad.  Boost Gray up to the top and have him use his 
 camera again.  Assemble the rest of the pieces.  Now, hop in the launcher 
 and start shooting at the Indominus and get a plushie in her mouth.  Once 
 it gets stuck, switch to a raptor and slash her twice.  Once she turns 
 her head, pounce her on the indicated spot.  Do this twice more.

Boardwalk Showdown (Part 2) -
 Now that you've called in a Rexy assist, head to the left and sniff the 
 raptor scent to find pieces for a raptor railing.  Pounce on it to drop 
 the big TV, then assemble those pieces into a ladder.  Up the ladder, go 
 into the poop to find a crank, then attach it to the skylift.  Have Claire 
 stand on it, then raise her up and jump to the wire.  She'll slide across, 
 then use the hand scanner on the right side to open an awning below so 
 everyone else can get up.

 Have Owen climb the wall and cut the rope to stun the Indominus, then do a 
 Dino Combo with Rexy.  You'll then switch to Echo and Charlie.  Have one 
 pull on the raptor switch on the right, then the other pounce up to the 
 upper level and leap onto the Indominus from the marker.  This will lead to 
 one final Dino Combo to finish her off.


New Characters: Claire Dearing (Survivor), Owen Grady (Survivor), Zach 
 Mitchell (Survivor), Gray Mitchell (Survivor)
Available for Purchase: Henry Wu (Jurassic World), Jimmy Fallon, Pilot Pat, 
 DJ Master Frank, Colin Trevorrow, Mr. D.N.A., Steven Spielberg

Vehicles Available for Purchase: InGen Command, ACU Transport


Park Interlude: 

Congratulations!  You've completed the story of LEGO Jurassic World!  Now 
go find all the collectibles, complete the bonus levels, and get all the 
characters for 100%!

5U. Bonus Levels =

Bonus levels are unlocked after completing the set of five missions 
comprising each movie.  They will appear on the map as light blue 
circles with a T. rex fossil inside, and they're stone markers with gold 
stars on them when you approach them in the island hub.

Every bonus level is a chase, or a pursuit.  Your objective is to survive 
the chase and get True Survivor.  That's it, really.  You can even use 
multipliers if you feel it's too hard to get True Survivor on a normal run.  
Also, if you look closely, you'll note that most of these are ripped right 
from story missions, only you're playing dinosaurs instead of your human 

Chase missions are you playing a dinosaur being chased by something.  
Usually a T. rex or something similar.

Pursuit missions put you in the scales of the big dinosaur, having you 
chase down the puny humans.

So, without further ado, here are the six bonus levels, which movie you 
have to complete, and the True Survivor threshold.


Gallimimus Escape -
Unlocked after Jurassic Park
True Survivor at 12,000

Tyrannosaurus Rex Pursuit -
Unlocked after Jurassic Park
True Survivor at 45,000

Tyrannosaurus Rex Escape -
Unlocked after The Lost World
True Survivor at 12,000

Velociraptor Escape -
Unlocked after Jurassic Park III
True Survivor at 12,000

Indominus Rex Escape -
Unlocked after Jurassic World
True Survivor at 25,000

Indominus Rex Pursuit - 
Unlocked after Jurassic World
True Survivor at 45,000


In this section I go mission by mission and list all eleven objects you can 
collect during a Free Play run.  Like many LEGO games in the past, how Free 
Play works is that you select your characters from whomever you've already 
unlocked, and then several more from your stable will be added so you can 
access as many secrets as you're able.  You'll be able to switch to these 
characters using LB and RB.

Furthermore, during Free Play you have access to your entire stable of 
characters, which you can access by holding down Y during play, although 
there will be some instances where you cannot change characters.

6A. Prologue =

Raptor Transfer -

Minikit #1 - Once you climb up the ladder to the upper area of the raptor 
 transfer, have Jophery use his taser to light all three light generators.

Minikit #2 - (Crowbar) In the upper area, crowbar open the gate on the left 
 and dive into the poop inside.

Minikit #3 - Shoot the light above the raptor cage.  Not the one on the left 
 that you have to shoot with the target on it, but the one on the right.

Minikit #4 - Around the cage are a bunch of small red lights, shoot the four 
 that you have close access to.


The Dig Site - 

Minikit #5 - Once you assemble the Raptor bones at the east end of the dig 
 site, hop onto them as Ellie and jump to the alcove where this is plainly 

Minikit #6 - Find and assemble four sand castles in the dig site.  One is 
 near the right-hand Raptor bones.  The second is near one of the tents on 
 the very left side of the area, on the upper ledge (jump up the left-hand 
 Raptor bones).  The third is in the radar area on the right side.  The 
 last is at the top ledge near the camper.  Just make sure you don't stumble 
 *into* the camper and end the chapter early.

Amber Brick - (Light) Just before you get to the radar machine, enter the
 dark cave to find the Gallimimus Amber.

Minikit #7 - At the top of the dig site area, slash the vines in the back 
 right to uncover this.

Minikit #8 - (Kid) Crawl through the tent near the camper to end 
 up far to the left.  Track the item on the ground, then smash the dumpsters 
 and you should have enough pieces to make the bellows.  Step on it.

Minikit #9 - (Kid, Tablet) Crawl through the enter near the camper, then 
 use Claire's tablet on the glowing box to open it.

Minikit #10 - (Bolt Cutters) Use bolt cutters on the crate to the right 
 of the camper, then assemble the street cleaner.  Drive it over three 
 small piles of bricks in the sand.

6B. Welcome to Jurassic Park =

Raptor Enclosure -

Minikit #1 - In the Raptor Enclosure are four security cameras.  Two are on 
 the upper level and two on the lower.  Shoot all four.

Minikit #2 - (Free Play) This is in the pile of poop to the right of the 

Minikit #3 - (Free Play) In the back left, have an agile character jump 
 over the purple railing.

Minikit #4 - Access the console that opens the enclosure before getting 
 the cow ready to have this come out.

Minikit #5 - (Compy) Head into the Compy tunnel in the lower left area 
 inside the big container and press both buttons inside.


Triceratops Recovery - 

Minikit #6 - (Light) Hop up to the ledge from the beginning of this area 
 and enter with a light.

Minikit #7 - Use the Triceratops to smash the wall near the plant you can 

Minikit #8 - Smash three rocks with the Triceratops.  Two are in the initial 
 area, and the third is after the river.

Minikit #9 - (Free Play) Before you go through the first metal gate, dig in 
 the dirt pile.

Minikit #10 - Once you get through the first gate in the Recovery area, 
 search in the front left for a sprout that Ellie can water.

Amber Brick - You'll receive the amber for the Triceratops upon smashing the 
 last wall in this chapter.

6C. Park Shutdown =

T. rex Enclosure -

Minikit #1 - (Grapple) There are three sets of goat bones to be assembled.  
 The first is near the cabin on the right side under a dirt pile.  The second 
 is in a box in a tree on the left side that needs to be grappled down.  The 
 last is found near the center of the area.  A tracking item can be found 
 under some stuff.

Minikit #2 - Use a shooter to hit the four red lights on the fence wall.

Minikit #3 - (Free Play) Use the poop pile in the far left corner of 
 the area.

Minikit #4 - (Free Play) On the right side in the back, use Ellie to water 
 a plant.

Minikit #5 - (Crowbar) Pry open the cabin on the right side.


Rescue Timmy -

Minikit #6 - (Free Play) Enter the dark hole at the base of the tree with a 
 light to find this.

Minikit #7 - Go to the left side of the tree and use Grant's claw to cut 
 the vines holding the pig captive.

Minikit #8 - (Crowbar) There's a rock on the paddock wall that needs to be 
 pried open.  The minikit is behind it.

Minikit #9 - (Free Play) Once you're about halfway up the tree, you'll 
 assemble some bones in front of a tunnel.  Have a small person crawl through 


T. rex Chase -

Minikit #10 - Switch to the person in the back seat and have them throw 
 flares at the T. rex.  Land three in its mouth as it roars.

Amber Brick - Hold to the left after about half a minute into the chase.  
 The brick is there for the Dilophosaurus.

6D. Restoring Power =

Gallimimus Chase - 

Minikit #1 - During the Gallimimus Chase, stick to the right and watch the 
 studs that appear on the trail.  When they form a small circle, jump, 
 and you'll clear a log.  Most logs have blue studs hovering over them; one 
 has a minikit.

Minikit #2 - You need to knock over three warning signs during the chase.  
 The first and second both are on the right-ish side of the trail.  The 
 third is after the cameras pans a bit, move left (or towards the back) 
 to get the last one.


Maintenance Shed -

Minikit #3 - (Crowbar) Early in the shed, there's a small staircase that 
 goes down to a door.  Pry it open with a crowbar.

Amber Brick - As you enter the maintenance shed, go down and to the right.  
 Have Ellie dig through the poop to find this, the amber for the 

Minikit #4 - (Free Play) In the area with a pit, use a stun rod to charge 
 up the generator to get the pieces for a minikit.

Minikit #5 - Shoot four red lights in the ceiling in the shed.  The first 
 is right at the beginning.  The second is down the stairs to the right.  
 The third is near the locked door.  The last is beyond the steam pipes 
 and down the stairs to the left, near a pile of poop.

Minikit #6 - After crossing the pit, smash the stuff on the left to find a 
 tunnel.  Crawl through it.

Minikit #7 - (Compy) After Hammond tells you to go down a metal staircase, 
 go far to the left and go into the poop to find pieces for a crawl tunnel.  
 Crawl through it to end up in a new area.  Run through all the Compy tubes 
 to find three buttons to open the canister at the bottom.

Minikit #8 - (Compy) As you go through the tubes to find Minikit #7, 
 continue to the upper right, smash the objects and assemble them for 
 another minikit.


Raptor Pack -

Minikit #9 - In the Raptor Pack area, there are four birds nests to be shot 
 at.  The first is just before the first plant-watering and pole-swinging.  
 The second and third are near the big poop pile, both in the far back left 
 of the woods (it might be tough to spot one of them).  The last is just 
 above you just after that poop pile.

Minikit #10 - (Velociraptor) Not long after the first raptor attack, smash 
 a bush to find a raptor smell, follow it back to the lower ledge.  Dig up 
 the dirt pile you discover.

6E. Visitors Centre =

Kitchen Escape -

Minikit #1 - (Free Play) Use InGen Access at the far right door in the 

Minikit #2 - (Free Play) Once you enter the door where Minikit #1 is, 
 assemble the three piles of bricks near the model.

Minikit #3 - (Free Play) Once you enter the door where Minikit #1 is, go to 
 the right and use the crane machine to get the pieces.


Control Room -

Amber Brick - In the Control Room, take Lex to the left side and have her 
 scream the glass off for the Tyrannosaurus Rex amber.

Minikit #4 - In the Control Room, knock down six monitors on the walls.  
 There are four on the left wall and two on the right side of the room.

Minikit #5 - (Bolt Cutters) Once you get to the lower area, go to the right 
 and use bolt cutters on the gate.

Minikit #6 - (Free Play) At the lower area, switch to Lex and have her 
 hack the computer near the pole in the middle.  Drive the little lifter 
 into all four boxes.

Minikit #7 - (Stun Rifle) In the lower area, go to the right and up the 
 steps, then shoot the blue target.


Main Hall -

Minikit #8 - (Bolt Cutters) Once you pass the first raptor, use an 
 agile character to jump over the wall, then cut the bolt on the back 
 door, and jump into the back area and head to the left.

Minikit #9 - (Free Play) Water two plants in the area.  The first is just 
 after the first raptor, and the second is through all the agile LEGO 
 objects to the left.

Minikit #10 - (Free Play) Go through all the agile LEGO objects to the left 
 of the start and smash the glass case holding this minikit.  It's next 
 to the second flower of the previous minikit.

6F. Isla Sorna =

Eddie's Workshop - 

Minikit #1 - (Free Play) There are three sets of chicken bones in the 
 garage.  The first is next to the Equation board.  The second is in the 
 second area, near the front of the room next to the break table.  The last 
 is in the last area, to the left of the mobile lab.

Minikit #2 - Once you knock down the tires, take one to the left where the 
 crank is roll it in.  Turn the crank to raise the minikit.

Minikit #3 - On the upper level of the workshop, use Nick's bolt cutters to 
 open the cabinet in the cafeteria area.

Minikit #4 - (Stun Rifle) On the upper level, shoot the blue target on the 
 back wall so the steam goes away, then use an agile character to jump 
 up the ledges to the top.  Jump over the railing and slide under to the 
 right and then avoid the steam jets to the minikit.

Minikit #5 - (Stun Rifle) Once you go down from the upper level, there's a 
 blue target under the stairs near a familiar looking "Telepod".  Out the 
 other one will spill some "hybrids".  Defeat ten.


Finding Sarah - 

Minikit #6 - When you're on the island, shoot down three bird nests with 
 big blue eggs in them.  The first is very early.  The second is before 
 you drop the big log to climb up a ledge, and the last is near the 

Minikit #7 - (Free Play) Use a charging dino on the cracked wall under 
 the branch that bends.

Minikit #8 - (Free Play) Dive into three piles of poop in this area.  The 
 first is near the beginning, the second is under a target on a tree, and 
 the last is near the Stegosaurus herd.

Minikit #9 - (Free Play) At the end of the area, dig up the dirt pile at 
 the far left corner and track it to the minikit.


Stegosaurus Herd -

Amber Brick - During the Stegosaurus attack, bait the Stego into smashing 
 with its tail so it smashes the logs and rocks.  Take care of all three and 
 you get the Stegosaurus amber.

Minikit #10 - (Free Play) Smash stuff in the back left to get some bones.  
 Assemble them, then shoot at the four targets that pop up.

6G. InGen Arrival =

Camp Sabotage - 

Minikit #1 - (Free Play) Fire up three generators in the area.  The first is 
 right at the beginning.  The second is in the nearby campsite before you 
 smash down the wall.  The last is in the large encampment in the back left.

Minikit #2 - On top of the Pachycephalosaurus cage.  Use Sarah to jump from 
 the jeep to the top of the cage and assemble it.

Minikit #3 - (Dilophosaurus) Spit on three rocks in the area.  One is 
 just before the large encampment.  The second and third are in the large 
 encampment, each near a cage.

Minikit #4 - (Tablet) Just before the big encampment, use a tablet in front 
 of the glowing area to reveal a cracked block.  Charge into it.

Minikit #5 - (Free Play) Near the tent where Ludlow is speaking, crawl 
 through the tunnel to its right and grab the minikit.

Minikit #6 - Once you release the Stegosaurus on the right, go into the 
 cage and dig through its poop.

Minikit #7 - (T. rex Scent) Once you release the baby Stegosaurus, go to 
 the back and throw T. rex Scent at the Compies, then water the sprout 
 that they were standing near.

Mobile Lab - 

Minikit #8 - As you hang on for dear life from the Mobile Lab, swing left 
 and right to pick up stuff, including a falling minikit.

Minikit #9 - (Free Play) On the ledge, smash up the bush in the lower 
 right and dig the dirt pile.

Minikit #10 - (Velociraptor) In the front left of the ledge, sniff out 
 the raptor scent, then track it to the back right and water the sprout.

Amber Brick - (Free Play) On the side of the mobile lab are a couple of 
 ledges.  Climb up with an agile character.  Just make sure it's not 
 tilted.  You'll get the Compy amber for your troubles.

6H. The Hunted =

Attack on the Camp - 

Minikit #1 - At the beginning, go to the left and you'll run down this one.

Minikit #2 - The camera will pan to the side, and then back to the front.  
 At that point, hug the right-hand wall to run over another one.

Minikit #3 - Near the end of the chase, just as the camera pans behind 
 your crew, jump over a small log to grab this minikit.


The Long Grass -

Minikit #4 - (Free Play) At the beginning of this area, track the item on 
 the left to get the minikit.

Minikit #5 - (Free Play) After passing the first hedge wall, go to the 
 dirt pile and dig it up, then reel in the hook.

Minikit #6 - (T. rex Scent) From the previous minikit, go towards the front 
 to find a small path leading to some Compies.  Throw Scent at them to 
 scatter them.

Minikit #7 - In the long grass area, after Nick pries open the hollow log, 
 go left inside it to pick up a slightly hidden minikit.

Minikit #8 - (Dilophosaurus) After the barrier you slide under is a black 
 rock.  Spit on it.

Minikit #9 - (Velociraptor) Near the end before you move towards the back 
 is a raptor scent.  Follow it to a little picnic area.

Minikit #10 - (Free Play) Go to the far right of the long grass and you'll 
 see some vines.  Cut them down, then crowbar the rock behind it.  Make 
 sure you have a light to go inside.

Amber Brick - In the long grass, you need to rescue five people.  They're 
 all pretty obvious and most need to be rescued as you progress the area.  
 Once you get the fifth, you get the Parasauralophus amber.

6I. Communications Center =

Compound - 

Minikit #1 - This is hidden at the very beginning under a leaf that's close 
 to the raptors.  As you get close, you'll back away in fear, but if you can 
 position yourself so you can smash the leaf and all the stuff around it, 
 you'll find pieces for the minikit.

Amber Brick - (Stun Rifle) Once you cross the railing, there's a raptor scent 
 trail.  It will lead you to a blue target to zap with a stun rifle, which 
 will then reveal another target to drop the sign and get the amber for the 

Minikit #2 - There are three danger signs that need to be assembled.  One is 
 just after the agility gate in the beginning.  The second is near the 
 gas tank.  The third is after you use the jeep to knock over a raptor.

Minikit #3 - Once you use the jeep to knock over a raptor, head to the 
 darkened area to the right of the door inside the building to find this 


Radio Tower -

Minikit #4 - (Free Play) Once you cross the beam inside the tower and 
 assemble the first ladder, go into the darkened room with a light.

Minikit #5 - (Free Play) As you flip over the poles, instead of hopping up 
 the wall, drop to the platform and shoot the target near the skeleton on 
 the right.

Minikit #6 - (Free Play) At the top left of the radio tower, uncover a 
 tunnel and crawl through.  


Rooftops - 

Minikit #7 - On the rooftops, go down the zip line, then walk north from 
 where you land to find some ventilation work.  Punch the fan to get it 
 working and it will spit out the pieces to the minikit.

Minikit #8 - (Free Play) You need to repair three small blue dishes.  The 
 first is close by after the zip line.  The second is after hopping across 
 the poles.  The third is by the helipad.

Minikit #9 - (Free Play) At the helipad, shoot the target near the billboard 
 to drop some ledges so you can hop up the right side of the board and 
 cross to the minikit.

Minikit #10 - (Free Play) There's a minikit behind a gate that you can 
 crowbar open just beneath the helipad.

6J. San Diego =

San Diego Docks - 

Minikit #1 - (Free Play) From the beginning, go to the right and scream 
 away the glass.

Minikit #2 - Once you start fighting guards, note the poles in the water 
 nearby.  Hop across them, then shimmy along the side of the ship to this 

Minikit #3 - You need to save three civilians on the docks.  Two you'll 
 save as you go through normally.  The third is out of the way, though.  
 Once you go through the main control room to the other side of the ship 
 and push the box to let Ian pass, you'll see a yellow-marked floor that 
 leads off the ship onto the pier.  Follow that all the way to the left to 
 find a guy trapped under a truck.

Minikit #4 - (Free Play) Where you begin fighting guards, crowbar open the 

Minikit #5 - (Free Play) Before going into the cabin, use InGen Access on 
 the door leading to the stern of the ship.  Once there, use a Stun Rod to 
 open the cage on the right.

Minikit #6 - (Stun Rifle) On the stern of the ship, near Minikit #5.  Zap 
 the blue target to lower the crane, after a fashion.

Minikit #7 - (Free Play) On the stern of the ship, near Minikit #5.  Use 
 the tunnel on the back of the command cabin (to the right from the camera's 
 perspective) to reach the top of the cabin.  Repair the fog horn.

Amber Brick - Once on the far side of the ship, you'll see a darkened open 
 crate.  Go inside with Ian's flare to find the amber for Brachiosaurus.


San Diego Streets -

Minikit #8 - Switch to Sarah and have her throw chicken into the T. rex's 
 mouth when it roars.  You need to hit it three times.

Minikit #9 - During the chase, shortly after making the turn so the camera 
 is behind you, stick to the right.

Minikit #10 - Following that minikit, stay on the right so you launch 
 through the ramp and make a sick jump.

6K. Landing Site =

The Landing Site -

Minikit #1 - (Free Play) Using an agile character, jump up and open the 
 plane door.

Minikit #2 - (Dilophosaurus) Near the plane, spit on the black rock in the 
 back of the truck.

Minikit #3 - (Free Play) Shoot three red canisters with targets on them in 
 the site.  The first is next to the plane, the other two are further out 
 to the right.

Minikit #4 - (Free Play) In a crate on the right side of the area.  Use 
 bolt cutters to get it open, then enter with a light.

Minikit #5 - (Free Play) Crawl into the wooden building through the tunnel, 
 then use a hacker on the console.  Click on the plane as it appears on the 
 radar and it will drop off a minikit.

Minikit #6 - On the right side of the landing site, use Grant's claw to cut 
 a vine to make a climbable out of it.  Climb up and jump to the minikit.

Minikit #7 - (Velociraptor) Under some junk in the south part of the 
 area is a raptor scent trail.  Track it to the minikit.

Amber Brick - In the upper area near the radio tower, there's a blue and 
 pink wall panel within the scaffolding.  Jump up it with an agile character 
 to the amber of the Corythosaurus.


Spinosaurus Escape -

Minikit #8 - Hang to the right in the beginning to run over one.

Minikit #9 - During the chase, walk over three dino skulls.  The first is 
 in the initial area on the right side.  Once the camera pans to the side, 
 the second will be near the back part of the path.  Once the camera pans 
 back to the front, a third one will be in the middle.  There are actually 
 more than three just in case you miss one, but these are three you can 
 look for.

Minikit #10 - Once the camera pans to the side, go to the back and run up 
 a small hill to reach this one.

6L. The Spinosaurus =

Spinosaurus vs. T. rex -

Minikit #1 - (Velociraptor) In the beginning, follow the scent trail with 
 a raptor to the minikit.

Minikit #2 - Once the two dinos knock over the big log in your path with 
 their fighting, use Kirby's grapple on the tree with the orange hook to 
 find this minikit.

Minikit #3 - You need to assemble three bird nests in the first area.  One 
 is assembled before climbing the slanted plank.  The second is shortly 
 thereafter.  The last is after vaulting over the fallen T. rex.

Minikit #4 - (Free Play) Late in the area is a cracked rock.  Charge into 
 it with a charging dino.


The Crash Site -

Minikit #5 - At the crash site, once you release the luggage, drop down the 
 hole (or climb up it) to grab this obvious minikit.

Minikit #6 - Toss Paul up to the area where the luggage dropped and have 
 him grapple down the minikit hanging in the trees.  The plug isn't obvious, 
 so just hold down B to target the area and see what you get.

Minikit #7 - At the crash site, there are three branches with targets on 
 them to shoot.  Once is high on the left side.  One is high and far back 
 near the water.  The third is after the plane wing, just after fighting 
 the Dilophosaurii.  As long as you hold down the X button to target them, 
 you should be able to tag them from the ground.

Minikit #8 - (Stun Rifle) Shoot the blue target on the plane engine near 
 where you get the parasail for this one.

Amber Brick - (Velociraptor) Once you cross the water, dive into the poop 
 to find a raptor handle.  Pounce on it to get up to the amber for the 

Minikit #9 - As you cross the plane wing over the water, have Billy take a 
 picture of that awesome Brachiosaurus.

Minikit #10 - (Free Play) At the end of the area, crawl through the tunnel 
 at the right side.

6M. Breeding Facility =

InGen Facility -

Minikit #1 - (Free Play) Use a charging dino to smash the cracked jeep 

Minikit #2 - After entering the facility, have Udesky shoot all four 
 targets hanging above.

Amber Brick - In the first room of the building, get onto the counter and 
 jump up to the railing with Amanda, then to the rafters.  Proceed to the 
 back where the ladder is and climb up, then move to the right to get the 
 amber for the Troodon.

Minikit #3 - (Velociraptor) Once you enter the main room, look up to the 
 raptor ledge and pounce up, then run along the catwalk to the right.

Minikit #4 - (Stun Rifle) Once you enter the main room, drop down beneath 
 the entrance and shock the blue target.  Enter with a light.

Minikit #5 - (Free Play) After building bones into a ladder, you'll see an 
 Equation Wall on the back wall.  Solve it.

Minikit #6 - (Free Play) After Minikit #5, head to the right and use the 
 InGen Access panel to fire up some floor buttons to the right.  Step on 
 the fourth, third, and first.

Minikit #7 - (Free Play) After Minikit #6, head to the right into a little 
 computer room.  Hack the terminal, then complete the little game where you 
 maneuver a raptor to pick up all the dots (thank goodness there are no 
 dino ghosts).

Minikit #8 - Take pictures of the canisters that *don't* move the story 
 forward.  These are the three on the left, and the one on the far right.  
 The one that triggers the cutscene is the one with the raptor behind it.


Corridor Chase - 

Minikit #9 - This is on the right side of the corridor not far from the 

Minikit #10 - This is along the back of the corridor after you turn to 
 the right.

6N. Eric Kirby =

Eric's Hideout - 

Minikit #1 - (Free Play) After passing the first raptor, use a Grapple to 
 pull the door off the crashed jeep.

Minikit #2 - (Dilophosaurus) Just before the second raptor is a jeep with 
 some black parts.  After you get rid of the raptor, switch to the Dilo and 
 spit on it.  I had a hard time with this, but keep at it and it will fall 
 apart eventually.

Minikit #3 - (Stun Rifle) In the Ankylosaurus area, shoot the blue target
 above the poop pile, then shoot the box that moves into position above.

Minikit #4 - Right behind the Ankylosaurus is a cracked wall.  Use the 
 Ankylosaurus to smash it.

Minikit #5 - Once you hop across the poles to the small island, dig up 
 and assemble the scarecrow with Grant.  Continue to dig up two more 
 scarecrows and the minikit will appear.

Minikit #6 - (Free Play) This is on a raft in the water.  Use Ellie's 
 watering can on the sprout on the little island and hop over the leafs 
 that sprout.


The Coast -

Minikit #7 - After you scatter your first Compy group, look to the left to 
 find a target way up on a tree.  Toss a scent vial at the target.

Minikit #8 - (Free Play) After swinging a hanging jeep into a wall, you'll 
 find a climbing surface.  Climb up and switch to a charging dino to ram 
 the cracked wall, then go inside with a light.

Minikit #9 - Just before the area where Grant boosts up Eric, look for a 
 crawl gate to the right.  Once Eric goes through, continue to the right, 
 using camoflauge past the raptor and you'll find this minikit.

Minikit #10 - (Velociraptor) Just before reaching the cliffside over the 
 water, go left and parasail (there will be a target to jump from), then 
 use the raptor scent trail and follow it.

Amber Brick - (Free Play) Just before reaching the cliffside over the 
 water, go left and parasail, then hop over the purple railing with an 
 agile character.  Grapple open the crate to get the Pteranodon amber.

6O. The Bird Cage =

Pteranodon Nests -

Minikit #1 - (Free Play) Once you pull down the mesh wall with the 
 railings, enter the darkness behind with a light.

Amber Brick - (Free Play) After chasing off the Pteranodon, water the 
 sprout, then bounce up to the left, climb the wall to the left and 
 take the Spinosaurus amber.

Minikit #2 - (Free Play) After the first Pteranodon, use a crowbar on 
 the box to the right.

Minikit #3 - (Free Play) There are three targets in the first area, one 
 near the beginning, the second near the push track that drops a box.  The 
 third is to the right of the diving board.

Minikit #4 - (Compy) Near where you put the diving board, go up the Compy 
 tube, then follow the maze to the little enclosure in the center.

Minikit #5 - Once you build a diving board for Billy, continue down the 
 path to the right and you'll find the minikit under a bunch of junk.

Minikit #6 - As you glide down the parasailing area, you'll find a minikit 
 in one of the stud circles.


Spinosaurus Showdown -

Minikit #7 - During the Spinosaurus fight, shoot the four buoys in the water 
 with the flare cannon.

Minikit #8 - (Velociraptor) There's a raptor smell near the bottom of the 
 area.  Follow it to the minikit.

Minikit #9 - (Free Play) Once you get access to the back right, crawl 
 through the tunnel to the minikit.

Minikit #10 - Climb past the crane during the Spinosaurus fight to find 
 pieces of an ammonite.  Assemble it.

6P. Welcome to Jurassic World =

Raptor Research Arena -

Minikit #1 - On the far right side of the Raptor Arena, just to the left 
 of the tent with the notice board outside is one of the rectangular boxes.  
 Smash it to find pieces for a minikit.

Minikit #2 - (Hacking) At the far right tent is a hacking station.  Click 
 on the helicopter on the radar to call it in.

Minikit #3 - (Crowbar) In the back of the truck on the right side.  Crowbar 
 it open.

Raptor Tracking -

Minikit #4 - After you build the first tire bouncer with the raptors, enter 
 the wire enclosure to find this minikit.

Minikit #5 - (Dilophosaurus) After travelling across the water, spit at the 
 black rock in the back.

Minikit #6 - At the enclosure at the end, smash all the stuff in the back 
 right, then assemble the box and use the raptor switch on it.

Indominus Paddock - 

Minikit #7 - (Hacking, Smash, Equation) Go down into the lower trench 
 in the paddock and charge into the cracked wall to access this back area.  
 Go to the computer terminal and hack it to move a ball over the two red 
 squares.  Once the shelf opens, solve the Equation Wall.

Minikit #8 - (Smash, Compy) Go down into the lower trench in the 
 paddock and charge into the cracked wall to access this back area.  Go 
 to the right and put someone on the elevator, then turn the other character 
 into a Compy and enter the tube.  Have it push the upper button to raise 
 the elevator to reach the minikit.

Minikit #9 - (Light) After passing the wall climb, go into the darkness 
 with a light, then smash some bones and assemble a lamp so you can use a 
 Grapple to pull down the turtle bones on the wall.

Minikit #10 - (Camera) Once the Indominus makes its presence known, you'll 
 want to take three pictures of stuff on the walls of the paddock.  The 
 first is the scratches.  The second is further down the wall near the 
 generator.  The last is to the right of the main door.

Amber Brick - You'll get this through the story as you try to avoid the 
 Indominus.  It's the Pachycephalosaurus amber.

6Q. Gyrosphere Valley =

Gyrosphere Escape -

Minikit #1 - There are signs in the area to roll over with your gyrosphere.  
 The first is on the right, so hang there until you hit it.  The second 
 is on the left.  You'll hit it after you enter the woods.  The last is 
 found once you pass the ramps.  Hang out along the back of the trail (as 
 the camera will be on the side).

Amber Brick - During the chase, once the camera pans to the side and 
 you're rolling to the right, hang back so you can jump over ramps to an 
 upper area with this brick at the end, the Ankylosaurus amber.


Gyrosphere Attack -

Minikit #2 - (Smash) Use a dino to smash the rock on the left as you begin 
 this area.

Minikit #3 - (Free Play) Use the grapple point up in the tree and climb 
 up to the minikit.

Minikit #4 - (Free Play) After the first Ankylosaurus fight scene, go up 
 to the next platform and cut the vines on the rock to reveal a bounce 
 pad.  Use it with the Gyrosphere to bounce to a lower area with this 

Minikit #5 - (Dilophosaurus) In the second area, spit on the black rock.

Minikit #6 - (Free Play) This minikit hangs way above the tilting 
 platform after the second Ankylosaurus fight.  The only way I've found to 
 reliably get it is stand on the platform and jump up as a velociraptor.  
 Your height will make the connection.

Minikit #7 - (Crowbar) After the second Ankylosaurus fight scene, go down 
 into the small river and crowbar open the rock.

Minikit #8 - (InGen Access) After the third Ankylosaurus fight scene, drop 
 down to the lower area and dig up pieces for an access panel.  Use it to 
 open the floor grate.

Minikit #9 - (Free Play) In the last area, clear the bones away near where 
 you assemble the crane claw and water the sprout.

Minikit #10 - (Free Play) Use Claire's table on the crane on the far right 
 side to make this appear.

6R. Out of Bounds =

Parking Garage -

Minikit #1 - (InGen Access) Go to the far left of the first area and 
 use the access panel to release a bunch of Compies.  Beat up twelve.

Minikit #2 - (Crowbar) In the garage with the wrecked jeep, go to the back 
 and crowbar open the cabinet.

Minikit #3 - (Free Play) At the far right outside part, use wall climbing up 
 the back wall, then use a light in the dark cave.

Minikit #4 - (Free Play) At the far right outside part, poop dive to get 
 this one.

Minikit #5 - (Free Play) At the far right outside part, shoot the target 
 above and track the meat.  Fight off the raptor to get the minikit.


Indominus Escape -

Minikit #6 - Once you get control of Owen and Claire, go into the poop with 
 Owen behind you to find the pieces for the minikit.

Minikit #7 - Just to the right of the beginning is a dark passage that 
 you might stumble past if you weren't looking.  Hug the wall and go in 
 to find a minikit.

Minikit #8 - (Free Play) This is behind the green vines that hang down 
 on the right side of the initial corridor, but you can't just bypass those.  
 Go down and find an item to track back to it, then water the sprout.

Amber Brick - (Free Play) You need to shoot down three purple flowers along 
 the walls of the area.  They're pretty easy to spot.  You'll get the 
 amber for the Indominus Rex.

Minikit #9 - While hiding from the Indominus, go to the far left corner of 
 the building, near the pile of poop and have Owen cut the rope holding the 
 pieces for a minikit.

Minikit #10 - (Free Play) After passing the Indominus by spraying bug 
 repellent in his face, slide under the next door and use a crowbar on the 
 back door.

6S. Under Attack =

Main Street -

Minikit #1 - (Dilophosaurus) There are three black souvenir stands to 
 spit on.  One is at the beginning of each side's area.  The third is just 
 to the left of the big fire in the center.

Minikit #2 - (Crowbar) On the left side, near the theater projector, use 
 a crowbar on the door inside and then smash the popcorn machine.

Minikit #3 - (Free Play) Before reaching the center on the right side, go 
 up the tunnel and dive into the poop.

Minikit #4 - (Hacking) In the arcade, play the game on the right.  Guide 
 the dino head over all the dots and out the other end.

Amber Brick - After having Zara cross the electrified stream of water, 
 have her slide into the clothes shop in the back to get the amber brick 
 for the Dimorphodon.

Minikit #5 - (Free Play) Just to the left of the fire, water the sprout 
 behind the overturned van and climb up to the roof.  You may need to jump 
 onto the vine to avoid the thorns at the bottom.


The Alpha - 

Minikit #6 - (Free Play) Just after saving the first merc, water the sprout 
 near where he was hanging from.

Minikit #7 - (Smash) Near the second merc, charge into the cracked rock on 
 the right.

Minikit #8 - Before bouncing up to the ledge leading to the last merc, go 
 to the right and dive into the poop to find pieces for this minikit.

Minikit #9 - (Free Play) At the end, go to the left and use the raptor 
 scent trail.  You'll have to clear Blue out from the area before you 
 can get to the second part of the trail.


Raptor Pursuit (Part 2) -

Minikit #10 - Make sure you're controlling the driver and move towards 
 the back of the road to hit this minikit.

6T. Main Street Showdown =

Innovation Center -

Minikit #1 - Right at the beginning, go left and have Claire use the 
 hand scanner to get pieces of a minikit from the vending machine.

Amber Brick - (InGen Access) At the beginning, use the access panel to go 
 back into the lab.  Camouflage to get past the camera, then use the JW 
 access panel to release the amber for the Mosasaurus.

Minikit #2 - (InGen Access, Equation) From the Amber Brick, continue left.  
 Use the Equation Wall to the left to start up the sequencers.

Minikit #3 - (InGen Access, Hacking) From Minikit #2, continue left and 
 use the computer to hack some DNA.  Pick the complimentary DNA strand 
 from the choices.

Minikit #4 - (InGen Access) From Minikit #3, continue left, smash up all 
 the stuff, then assemble two egg hatcheries.

Minikit #5 - (Free Play) Go to the right from the beginning and dig up the 
 dirt pile.


Boardwalk Showdown (Part 1) -

Minikit #6 - (Smash) Go to the left and charge into the cracked door.

Minikit #7 - (Free Play) Once you crawl up the tunnel on the right side, 
 switch to a screamer to break the glass on the right.

Minikit #8 - Once you have the plushie launcher ready on the boardwalk, 
 fire it at the three Dimorphodons hanging out watching the action.  They're 
 all perched high up on the buildings, so look for movement among the 


Boardwalk Showdown (Part 2) -

Minikit #9 - Once the T. rex shows up, head to the right and have Zach fix 
 the blue vending machine.  It'll cough up pieces for a minikit.

Minikit #10 - Once the T. rex shows up, head to the right and have Owen dive 
 into the poop pile to find these pieces.


Once you complete the story, you'll find yourself spending a ton of time 
exploring the islands for all the loose gold bricks and everything else 
that this game is asking of you.

First off, let me just say that you shouldn't make a serious effort on this 
until you at least complete one of the movies.  While in the middle of the 
story, the game pretty much railroads you to the next mission and you won't 
have a lot of freedom.  Also, you'll unlock hub Free Play once you complete 
the movie, meaning you'll be able to hold the Y button to pick any character.

The best way to go about it is to complete *every* story mission so that 
you'll at least have all the types of characters you'll need to find 
everything.  That said, you'll need several types of dinosaurs, too, so 
make a point to go back through the missions to pick up Amber Bricks.


The most important thing you'll want to do in the island hubs is find all 
the map points.  Map Points are marked green on your map.  Once you find 
them, you'll get three things:
 1) A picture of where most of the collectibles are in that area, marked 
  by colored circles.
 2) A listing of all the collectible items that can be found in the area 
  if you select that Map Point again on the map.
 3) The means to fast travel to that Map Point if you select it on the map.

It should be noted that you have to be in Free Play for 2 and 3 to apply.  
Once you have all that Map Points marked, it's a task of simply going 
through the areas and solving each puzzle to find each collectible.

I should also note that I refer to the territory names that the Map Points 
give more than once, so if you're missing something, I suggest going to 
your map and selecting each Map Point to figure out which needs to be 
found, then searching for where I listed the territory.  I've organized 
these according to item first, then by area, then by territory.

The areas are as follows:

Isla Nublar Jurassic Park - The island in the first movie divided into 
 the following territories:
- Isla Nublar Helipad: The southern helipad near the lagoon.
- Brachiosaurus Field: The large field in the southwest.
- Visitor Center: The area surrounding the building.
- Raptor Territory: The transfer and paddock in the northwest corner.  To 
 get inside here, go northwest from the Visitors Center and poop dive to 
 find a key to the lock on the gate.
- Jurassic Park Gate: The main gate to Jurassic Park, east of the Visitors 
- Tour Route Exit: Not far south of the main gate, mostly restricted to the 
 road itself.
- Gallimimus Territory: This is the large paddock in the west portion of 
 fenced area.  It also covers the smaller fenced area to the west of the 
 Tour Route Exit.  To get inside this area, you'll need a wrench on the 
 gate near the west end of it, and you'll have to pass under the road.
- Dilophosaurus Territory: The smallish northern paddock and the nearby 
- Triceratops Territory: The large eastern paddock and the nearby road.
- Herbivore Territory: The southeastern paddock and nearby road.
- Tyrannosaurus Enclosure: This is the rather small southeast area where 
 the T. rex breaks out of.  It's obvious by the broken fence.
- East Dock Route: South of the paddocks, in the southeast corner.
- Carnivore Territory: This is the southwestern paddock that runs along 
 the west side.
- Tyrannosaurus Territory: This is the "central" paddock.  Basically a 
 thin area that you run through after the third mission.  To get here, 
 you'll need to walk from the Gallimimus Territory to the northwest if you 
 didn't already activate the map point for fast travel.  There's also a whole 
 section that's normally sealed off just north of it.  You can enter there 
 by firing a stun rifle at the ladder to the left of the Map Point.

Isla Sorna Lost World - The eastern part of the island in the second movie.
- Stegosaurus Territory: Essentially the entire eastern path from the dock 
 up to the lab site.
- Mobile Lab Site: The northeastern corner.
- Hunting Plains: The open central area stretching from the water in the 
 north down to the camp in the south.
- Hunter Camp: The southwestern camp going up to near the waterfall.
- Long Grass: Starting from the waterfall along the path to the north.
- Communications Center - The fenced area at the west end.

Isla Sorna JP3 - The western part of the island in the third movie.
- Rescue Site: The south beach.  Notable in that it has no collectibles.
- InGen Compound: Northwest of the beach, fenced in.
- Crash Site: West of the compound, comprising of the area of the wrecked 
 plane and some raptor nests.
- Spinosaurus Territory: The northwest corner area.
- Eric's Hideout: North of the compound is this blocked-off area with a 
 cliff to the north.
- Ankylosaurus Territory: The eastern part of the area.
- Isla Sorna Aviary: The northernmost area.  Most of the action is inside 
 the aviary, and you'll need a Pteranodon to get everything.

Isla Nublar Jurassic World - The refurbished Isla Nublar in the fourth movie.
- Main Street: The street running from the Innovation Center in the north 
 to the fountain in the south.
- East Boardwalk: To the right of Main Street, including the 
 Pachycephalosaurus Arena and the petting zoo.
- West Boardwalk: To the left of Main Street, including the arcade and the 
 T. rex enclosure.
- Mosasaurus Arena: The south area near the lagoon.  You'll need a Mosasaurus 
 to do most of the stuff here.
- Gyrosphere Valley: Northwest of the West Boardwalk, starting from where you 
 pick up the spheres up to where you break through the wall.
- Shady Grove: In reality the old Visitors Center and the surrounding path 
 in the northwest.
- Indominus Territory: The giant paddock in the north and surrounding path.
- Isla Nublar Aviary: The enclosed aviary in the northeast.  Again, you'll 
 need a Pteranodon for most of the stuff there.
- Safari Plains: The plains in the east.

7A. Gold Bricks - Isla Nublar Jurassic Park =

Since there are so many Gold Bricks, I've separated them by island, then by 
territory in each section.  This section deals with the first movie.  
Reminder that this does not cover ALL Gold Bricks listed under the Map Point, 
since the Point counts those that are also Sick Dinos, Races, etc.


Isla Nublar Helipad -

#1 - Just west of the helipad, shoot the target in the tree, then use a 
 raptor to follow the scent trail around the local area, which reveals a 
 sprout that Ellie can water.


Brachiosaurus Field -

#2 - In the east side of the Brachiosaurus field.  Use a Dilophosaurus to 
 spit on the black rock and assemble the bones to make a trampoline, then 
 shoot the target above to release the brick.

#3 - In the west side of the Brachiosaurus field.  Use a baby dino to smash 
 the cracked rock and go inside with a light.


Visitors Center -

#4 - South edge of the Visitors Center.  There's a box on top of a 
 scaffolding.  Near that box is a blue pad that two characters can use to 
 boost up to push the box off.  Assemble the ladder, then climb up and 
 shoot down another ladder leading up to the roof.

#5 - North side of the Visitors Center.  Use a Raptor to pounce up the bone 
 railing and jump onto the brick.  Make sure you target the railing by holding 
 down B.

#6 - Pond east of the Visitors Center.  Use a grapple to pull down the 
 orange hook and cross the fallen tree to the island.


Raptor Territory -

#7 - Northwest Raptor Transfer.  Use a short person to crawl through the 
 hatch near Dino Handler Vic to reach the upper area, then ride the zipline 

#8 - Northwest Raptor Transfer.  Have a raptor pounce on the shipping crate 
 near the race marker to release a bunch of Compies.  Take out twelve within 
 the time limit.

#9 - Northwest Raptor Transfer.  Use a Stun Rifle on the two blue targets 
 on the cage to move the lights, then Grapple open the box that appears.

#10 - Northwest Raptor Transfer.  Use Claire's tablet on the pen to open 
 the gate and get the brick.


Jurassic Park Gate -

#11 - East of the Visitors Center.  Main Jurassic Park gate.  Jump up the 
 ledges on the left side of the gate to this one.

#12 - East of the Visitors Center.  Main Jurassic Park gate.  Use a wrench 
 to fix the gate on the jeep.


Tour Route Exit -

#13 - West part of the island track, near cliffs with poles.  Crawl through 
 the tunnel with a short guy, then swing from the poles with an agile 

#14 - West part of the island track.  Crowbar open the gate and use a 
 tablet inside to drop a ladder.  Climb up to the top of the tower.


Gallimimus Territory - 

#15 - South of the main Jurassic Park gate.  The thatched roof cabin has a
 box nearby that you can smash to make a catapult.  Launch over the roof 
 to grab the brick on the scaffolding.

#16 - South of the main Jurassic Park gate.  Use a scream to shatter the 
 glass on the vending machine.

#17 - Southeast of the main Jurassic Park gate.  Go down to the underpass and 
 use a wrench to fix the gate mechanism.  The brick is just inside.

#18 - Small paddock just east of the Visitors Center.  Use Claire on the 
 hand scanner to open the door, then use a light to enter.

#19 - Large western paddock with the feeding machine.  Pull a T. rex out 
 of the dino pad, then use its roar on all three amber blocks to get the 
 Gallimimus herd back to their pads.  Hold down X to use the roar.

#20 - Large western paddock with the feeding machine.  Use Ellie to water 
 three sprouts in the area.

#21 - Large western paddock with the feeding machine.  Pull a T. rex out of 
 the dino pad and walk to the east side and pull the rock off with a jaw 
 bite.  Head inside the cave with a light.

#22 - Large western paddock with the feeding machine.  Use a Brachiosaurus 
 or another very large dinosaur to stomp on the three floor panels.


Dilophosaurus Territory -

#23 - On the track surrounding the park, halfway along the north end.  Have 
 Grant dig up the dirt pile, then track the object to the dino bone pile.  
 Assemble the bones and bounce off the trampoline to the roof.

#24 - On the track surrounding the park, halfway along the north end.  Use 
 Grant to slice up the vines, then enter the cave with a light.

#25 - On the track surrounding the park, halfway along the north end.  
 Shoot the targets on the palm trees.  One will drop the brick.

#26 - Inside the paddock, use a charging dinosaur on the yellow dumpster.

#27 - Inside the paddock, use a Grapple to pull down the nest, then use a 
 raptor to track the scent to the gold brick.

#28 - Switch to a Dilophosaur and spit at the black coconuts hanging from 
 the palm trees.  Spit on all three to get the brick.


Triceratops Territory -

#29 - On the track surrounding the park, in the northeast corner.  Smash 
 the purple bush and track the item inside to find a sprout.  Water it with 
 Ellie to bounce off the flower to the ledge where the brick is.

#30 - On the track surrounding the park, near the northeast corner.  Take 
 a light into the dark cave and build the object inside.

#31 - Call in a large quaking dinosaur in the paddock, then walk east to 
 the cracked floor and smash it, then ride the water geyser up to the brick.

#32 - A charging dino can smash the small pillars on the brown platforms in 
 quick succession in a short amount of time to make this brick appear.

#33 - In the southeast part of the paddock, use T. rex scent to scatter the 
 Compies and smash the bones they were guarding.

#34 - The south part of the paddock has a small river.  Hop across the 
 poles to the brick.

#35 - Call a T. rex into the paddock and have it bite open the cage on the 
 south side.

#36 - Call a T. rex into the paddock and have it roar the amber away in 
 the northeast part of the paddock.  Assemble the bridge, then cross and 
 track the cherry to the gold brick.


Herbivore Territory -

#37 - On the track surrounding the park, at the east side.  Climb up the 
 wall, then parasail to the right to grab the brick.

#38 - There are blue targets on the walls by the track.  Shoot both with a 
 Stun Rifle.

#39 - Near the walls in the southeast part of this area is a pile of poop.  
 Jump in and track the raptor scent that emerges.

#40 - Inside the paddock, spit on the black rocks near the Dino Delivery 
 Pad with a Dilophosaurus.

#41 - Inside the paddock, use a raptor pounce in the southwest corner to 
 climb up to this one.


Tyrannosaurus Enclosure -

#42 - Near the parked car.  Dig up the dirt pile and assemble the car.

#43 - West of the parked car.  Dig in the poop pile, then track the little 
 gold you pull out to a small clearing.


East Dock Route -

#44 - South corner of the island.  Hop up the poles to the top.

#45 - South corner of the island.  Use a Dilophosaurus to spit on the 
 black rock, then assemble the shaving cream can.

#46 - South corner of the island.  Use a tablet on the webbed up wall to 
 remove the webs, then use a Dilophosaurus to spit on it.

#47 - South corner of the island.  Go to the security hut and scream the 
 glass in the window, then head inside to the brick.


Carnivore Territory -

#48 - The brick itself well away from the paddock, to the southeast, almost 
 next to the Tyrannosaurus Enclosure.  You'll find some vines to slash with 
 Grant's claw.  Crawl through the tunnels to reach a dark cave.  Use a light 
 to get the brick inside.

#49 - Southwest corner of the island track.  Near the vehicle dispenser is 
 a banana tree.  Knock a banana out of it with a projectile, then use it to 
 track to a sprout that Ellie can water into a trampoline to the roof.

#50 - Mid-south portion of the island track, near a gate with a blue marker.
 Use a Stun Rifle on the marker, then use a light inside the bunker to find 
 the brick.

#51 - Inside the paddock, go about midway in and you'll find a brick on a 
 ledge.  Climb up the poles, then parasail across the gap.

#52 - Halfway into the paddock, find a raptor smell spot and follow it to 
 a trophy, then to the brick.

#53 - Go all the way into the paddock and smash the cracked block and at 
 the end you'll be able to fight a bunch of Compies for a brick.

#54 - In the east end, shoot the target above the Compy tube to connect 
 it, then become a Compy and move through the tube to the button.


Tyrannosaurus Territory -

#55 - This is in the central little water circle, which you can access from 
 the map point by going west, or going southeast from the Gallimimus Territory 
 map point.  Climb up the wall.

#56 - The rest of these are in the middle grassy area, which you'll need a 
 stun rifle to hit the blue target near the map point to access.  In the 
 upper corner of the grassy area is a black rock for Dilophosaurus spit.  
 Under it is a target.  Shoot it, then shoot all the targets that pop up 

#57 - Use a charging dino to smash the cracked rock on the east side of 
 the grassy area.

#58 - At the south end of the grassy area is a parasailing jumping point.  
 Parasail to the south to reach a ledge and climb up to the brick.

7B. Gold Bricks - Isla Sorna Lost World =

Stegosaurus Territory -

#1 - There is a Stegosaurus trapped on a log on the Dino Pad.  Use a crowbar 
 to pry the log open and get a brick.

#2 - Halfway up the trail, switch to charging dino and smash the square 
 lantern-like object, then fend off all the hunters that come after you.

#3 - Halfway up the trail, spit on a black rock, then crawl up the tunnel and 
 push the box off.

#4 - About two thirds of the way up the trail, look for a Raptor pouncing 
 ledge on the west side.  Hop up it and grab the brick.


Mobile Lab Site -

#5 - In the muddy clearing is a sprout.  Water it with Ellie.

#6 - Near the cliffside is a wall of black rocks.  Spit at them with a 

#7 - North of the map point, slice through the vines and continue up the 
 trail to the high hide, then slice through the rope holding it up.


Hunting Plains -

#8 - Call in a Brachiosaurus or an Apatosaurus at the Dino Pad and have it 
 stomp the three cracked floors.


Hunter Camp -

#9 - Hunter Johnny wants his gun back from the trees.  Take a small person 
 and crawl through the tunnel at the base of a nearby tree to get the 
 gun, then bring it back to him.

#10 - Smash all the green boxes around the camp to find a bunch of pieces.  
 Assemble them all to make a big smore stick.

#11 - In the camp is a sprout for Ellie to water.  Four blossoms will appear 
 and start a little Simon Says game.  Match the notes and colors to get the 


Long Grass -

#12 - At the waterfall, Grapple the orange hook, then climb up the ledges 
 to the top.

#13 - Just north of the waterfall, pry open the rock with a crowbar.

#14 - North of the waterfall, have a raptor pull on the switch on the blue 
 machine, then let go.


Communications Center -

#15 - Use a Dilophosaurus to spit on the Jurassic Park sign in the center 
 of the area.

#16 - Use a charging dino to smash the wall on the garage, then use the 
 raptor switch inside to open the garage door.  Repair the car inside to 
 get the brick.

#17 - Get to the roof of the garage by raptor pouncing onto the railing, 
 then use the scent trail to find the brick.

#18 - On the west side of the area, use a small character to crawl up to 
 the roof of the building, then scream the glass away on the window to get 
 the brick.

#19 - Bounce up to the helipad on top of the south building, then use a 
 Compy to crawl through the tube.

7C. Gold Bricks - Isla Sorna JP3 =

InGen Compound -

#1 - In the center of the compound, smack the Compy around to summon some 
 more.  Beat up ten in time to get the brick.

#2 - Use a raptor to pull on the vehicle in the compound to get a brick.

#3 - Use a stun rifle on the blue target in the compound above the red 
 generator to get a brick.

#4 - Scream to break the glass on the compound wall, then enter and use 
 the equation wall with Ian to get the brick.

#5 - You need to replace three letters on the InGen sign.  The first is 
 suspended by a red target on the fence.  The second is inside the building.  
 Break the glass by screaming, then use a crowbar to open the red cupboard.  
 For the last letter, use a raptor to track the scent near the sign.


Crash Site -

#6 - North of the Crash Site map point is a bunch of raptor eggs, and you'll 
 need to return three to their baskets.  One is to the north in a pile of 
 poop.  The second is in a dig pile near the crashed plane.  The last is 
 north of the crash site, in a tree with a red target under it, so shoot it 

#7 - In the crash site, use a charging dino on the plane with the cracked 


Spinosaurus Territory -

#8 - Call in a T. rex on the Dino Pad and roar away the amber egg to call in 
 some dino skeletons.  Smash ten in the time limit to get the brick.

#9 - Next to the Dino Pad is a sprout.  Water it with Ellie then climb up the 
 plant to the brick.

#10 - Next to the Dino Pad is a pile of poop.  Search it for pieces to make 
 a phone booth and a brick.

#11 - Use a light to enter the darkened cave up the ledge from the Dino 

#12 - This actually starts down at the crash site.  There's a raptor scent 
 there.  Follow it all the way back up to the ledge to get this brick.


Eric's Hideout -

#13 - Use Claire's tablet on the tower to crack the wall, then have a 
 dino charge into it and a small person climb through the tunnel.

#14 - Use a Dilophosaurus to spit on three black rocks in the hideout 

#15 - On the cliffside north of the hideout, use a Dilophosaurus to spit 
 on the black rock, then enter with a light.

#16 - On the cliffside north of the hideout, use Ellie's watering can on 
 the sprout, then bounce across the flowers to the brick over the water.

#17 - Use Eric's T. rex Scent to remove the Compies around the van in 
 the water.


Ankylosaurus Territory -

#18 - Throughout the area you'll find rocks with cracks on them.  Charge 
 into all four of them with a charging dino.

#19 - Near the Dino Pad are a flock of Compies.  Use the T. rex Scent to 
 scare them off and dig to find the brick.

#20 - For this one encased in amber, you'll need to create a custom dino 
 that's small or medium and has the head of a T. rex so it can roar.  Roar 
 away the amber.


Isla Sorna Aviary -

#21 - You need a flying dino for most of these.  Fly down to the water and 
 under a rock arch to get this brick.

#22 - Fly down to the eggs and slap the dinos.  Slap ten within the 
 time limit to get the brick.

#23 - Take a Pteranodon and crash into three skeletal picnics inside the 
 aviary, scattered around various rocks.

#24 - Use a Pteranodon to pull on the hover switch on the main gantry and 
 drop it to reveal a door that needs to be crowbarred open.  Head inside 
 to the right and use a parasailer on the diving board.  Steer your parasail 
 through the eight rings.

#25 - After pulling open the first hover switch, go to the left and pull 
 another to open an elevator with this brick inside.  You'll have to get it 
 as a human, though.

7D. Gold Bricks - Isla Nublar Jurassic World =

Main Street - 

#1 - With a gun character, shoot the shooting gallery in the middle of 
 Main Street and shoot all the targets.

#2 - Near the Innovation Center, jump on the little ledges up to the 
 roof of the eastern rooftops to reach this brick.

#3 - Near the arcade, shoot a stun rifle near the ride to get it moving.

#4 - In the arcade, have a hacker use the driving minigame and avoid the 
 other cars to reach the goal in time.

#5 - Near the East Boardwalk, use a Compy to climb up the tubes and 
 smash the saxophones above the store to drop a door to the brick.  Use an 
 agile character to jump to it.


East Boardwalk - 

#6 - In the petting zoo/feeding area is a soccer ball.  Kick it into the goal 
 three times.

#7 - Enter the Pachycephalosaurus arena and smash the back wall.  Fight 
 off all the dinosaur challengers that show up.

#8 - At the bottom of the Pachycephalosaurus arena, use a stun prod on 
 the charge station on the right to release a chicken into the arena, 
 then sent a raptor in and have it follow the scent trail.


West Boardwalk - 

#9 - To get most of these, you'll need Claire to enter the T. Rex arena and 
 then get inside the actual paddock.  Use the hand scanner in the viewing 
 area.  This will call the elevator and activate a blue target.  Go down the 
 elevator and shoot the blue target to release the T. rex and get a brick.

#10 - Having done the previous stuff, call in a charging dino and have 
 it smash all four rocks in the arena.

#11 - Take control of the T. rex and roar to remove the amber from the 
 Dino Pad.

#12 - In the back of the arena is a Compy tube.  Crawl up it to the top.

#13 - Take control of the T. rex and roar on the amber by the door to reveal 
 an equation wall.  Use it to release a bunch of Gallimimus.  Smash them 
 all to get the brick.


Mosasaurus Arena - 

#14 - Go down the elevator into the lower area and assemble the skull with 
 a someone who can put bones together.

#15 - Put together the Dino Pad in the lower area and become the Mosasaurus.  
 Let's start by going through three objects in the water: a shell, a starfish, 
 and an ammonite.

#16 - In the Mosasaurus area, swim into a brick in the middle of a circle 
 of yellow studs.

#17 - The Gold Brick Detector points to the viewing area for this one, 
 but what you have to do is chomp on six sharks that are in the pool.


Gyrosphere Valley - 

#18 - While riding through the Gyrosphere exhibit, Marty will mention pads 
 that bounce your sphere.  Ride into the one by the water to get tossed 
 through a brick.

#19 - In the water is a raft with a brick on it.  Use a Grapple to pull it 
 up so you can reach the brick.

#20 - Once you clear the Gallimimus off the Dino Pad, call in a huge 
 dinosaur to stomp the three cracked floors in the area.


Shady Grove - 

#21 - Near the water west of the Visitors Center is a dark cave.  Go in 
 with a light.

#22 - Near the water west of the Visitors Center is a series of red and 
 white barriers.  Shoot Dilophosaurus spit at the black rock across the 
 way then parasail over to the brick.

#23 - Near the Map Point near the old Visitors Center, beat up the Compies 
 that spawn in.  Take down twelve to get the brick.

#24 - West of the Visitors Center, use bolt cutters to open the gate.


Indominus Territory - 

#25 - Get a charging dino and smash the four trees inside the paddock.

#26 - Using a huge dino, stomp on the cracked floor in front of the water.

#27 - Take the Indominus from the Dino Pad, camouflage by holding down 
 B, then head past the camera.  Roar at the amber to release the brick.


Isla Nublar Aviary - 

#28 - This is floating low to the ground inside the aviary.  You'll actually 
 stumble over it as you go through the race.

#29 - This is outside the aviary, far to the east.  There's a black rock 
 for Dilophosaurus spit, and underneath is a raptor scent trail.


Safari Plains - 

#30 - At the north end, over the bridge, spit on the black rock with a 
 Dilophosaurus, then Compies will spill out.  Smack twelve of them within 
 the time limit.

#31 - In the plains, use a charging dino on the four rocks with cracks on 

7E. Red Bricks =

Much like Gold Bricks, Red Bricks are simply just dotted around the islands.  
You'll collect them in much the same way.


Isla Nublar Jurassic Park -

#1 - This is behind the Visitors Center.  Once you have a character with a 
 Stun Rifle, shoot the blue target on the gate door to open it, then enter 
 with a light to find the brick.
Unlocked: Score x2

#2 - This is in the Gallimimus Territory that you access by repairing the door 
 to the west of it.  Turn the crank on the feeding machine, then smash the box 
 and put together the raptor handle.  Use it as a raptor, then release to dump 
 a whole bunch of studs out.
Unlocked: Hybrid Disguises

#3 - This is in the Tyrannosaurus Territory in the grassy area.  Call a 
 T. rex in from the Delivery Pad and have it chomp on the cage at the north 
Unlocked: Red Brick Detector

#4 - This is in the Dilophosaurus Territory inside the paddock.  Charge 
 the fallen log on the east side, then spit acid on the black rock, then 
 have Ellie water the sprout underneath.
Unlocked: 8-Bit Music

#5 - In the Herbivore Territory, the marker appears to be on the street, but 
 it's actually inside the pen.  Use the Dino Pad to get a Triceratops or 
 something that can charge into the rock on the east wall.  Go inside as 
 someone with a light to grab the brick.
Unlocked: Score x8

#6 - In the Triceratops Territory, you need to get further inside, and you'll 
 need InGen Access for that to create the bridge to cross.  Head to Scientist 
 Maria with the Triceratops in the pen.  Smash the brown boxes near the pen 
 and build the computer terminal.  Hack it with Lex and use X to select three 
 parts of the bones.
Unlocked: Nedry Disguises

#7 - In the Carnivore Territory, you'll need to collect three eggs.  This 
 one's a little obtuse as you'll need to go to the Visitors Center and create 
 a custom small (or medium) dino that has a roar that can shatter amber, and 
 to do that, give them a T. rex head.  Once you do that, it's easy.  Get one 
 egg from the amber, one from the purple railings further north (use the 
 raptor switch to shut off the electricity), and one behind the vines to the 
Unlocked: Attract Studs


Isla Sorna Lost World -

#8 - As you go up the trail on the east side (Stegosaurus Territory), charge 
 into the cracked wall about halfway up (before the ledge you jump up with 
 a mushroom).  After you hit that cracked wall, continue smashing other 
 walls that appear.
Unlocked: Helium Voices

#9 - In the Hunting Plains area, call in a Gyrosphere from the vehicle pad 
 and use the bounce pad near the rock at the center of the area.  Next, 
 pull a T. rex out of the Dino Pad and have it roar at the amber underneath.
Unlocked: Score x4

#10 - In the Long Grass area, near the Dino Pad is a raptor smell.  Track it 
 back south to the brick.
Unlocked: Gold Brick Detector


Isla Sorna JP3 -

#11 - In the Spinosaurus Territory in the northwest, become a Compy and 
 find a small maze of hollow logs near the Dino Delivery Pad.  You walk 
 into them on the west side, then move around them to the brick.
Unlocked: Fast Build

#12 - In the Ankylosaurus Territory, bring three eggs to a larger egg in 
 the background.  To get to the big egg, use a charging dino to knock over 
 a cracked tree.  There's also a small egg to get there.  The second is  
 behind some vines near the sick dino.  The last is near the base of a tree 
 nearby where the tunnel is, so hunt near those tree bases to find the egg.
Unlocked: Amber Brick Detector

#13 - In the Aviary, take a Pteranodon to the gantry system just next to 
 the entrance.  Use the hover switch and then switch to the baby Pteranodon 
 inside.  Walk through as far as you can go, then switch back and release 
 the lever.  The baby can then move further.  Next, grab the lever again 
 so the baby can get through the last part to reach the brick.
Unlocked: Score x6


Isla Nublar Jurassic World -

#14 - In the Pachycephalosaurus arena, use a raptor to pull on the switch, 
 then switch to a Dilophosaurus and spit at all the targets in the stands.
Unlocked: Minikit Detector

#15 - In the T. rex arena in Western Boardwalk, use the T. rex to pull on 
 the rock near the door and then climb up the rocks to the windowed area 
 with the brick in it.
Unlocked: Collect Ghost Studs

#16 - In the Mosasaurus arena, roar at the three amber objects in the 
 water with the Mosasaurus.
Unlocked: Compy Mode

#17 - In Gyrosphere Valley, clear the Gallimimus off the Dino Pad and pull 
 out a T. rex.  Head back east and roar the amber off the rock, then 
 assemble the raptor railing and pounce up it, then switch to a Dilophosaurus 
 and spit on the black rock.
Unlocked: Fast Interact

#18 - In the Indominus Territory, take the Indominus from the Dino Pad and 
 camouflage by holding down B.  Pass the camera, then use the dino strength 
 box that has the red brick inside.
Unlocked: Score x10

#19 - In the Isla Nublar Aviary, take a Pteranodon to the bottom and use 
 the hover switch near the back right blue platform.  Quickly use the other 
 platforms' switches in succession to unlock the brick.
Unlocked: Invincibility

#20 - In the Safari Plains on the east side of the island, there is a small 
 hut with a red and white striped awning at the north end.  Have a raptor pull 
 on the switch on its side to lower the awning, then jump up with the same 
 raptor (or an agile character).
Unlocked: Destroy on Contact

7F. Workers in Peril =

Each Worker you find gets you a Gold Brick, and a lot also give you a 
character to purchase.


Isla Nublar Jurassic Park -

#1 - This guy is in the Herbivore Territory, hanging from a vine.  Cut 
 him down.  You can even free him during the story after the second mission.

#2 - West side of the Visitors Center.  Use Jophery Brown to zap open the 
 shuttered gate that the worker is trapped under.
Unlocked: Dino Handler Bob

#3 - East side of the Visitors Center.  A raptor's pounce (hold B and 
 target) can get you up the bone railing near the Gold Brick, so use an 
 a wall climber to continue climbing up to the roof, then cut through the 
 rope holding up the worker.

#4 - In the Raptor Territory, Dino Handler Vic has locked himself in the 
 little room, so crowbar it open.
Unlocked: Dino Handler Vic

#5 - In the Raptor Territory, take a picture of Ray Arnold being harassed 
 by the raptor to free him.
Unlocked: Ray Arnold

#6 - This is found near the Tyrannosaurus Enclosure on the southeast part of 
 the island, near the parked car on the track.  Use a crowbar to open the 
 bathroom and release Donald Gennaro.
Unlocked: Donald Gennaro (Bathroom)

#7 - In the East Dock Route area you'll find Dennis Nedry in a jeep.  
 Crowbar open the door to his jeep to let him out.
Unlocked: Dennis Nedry (Raincoat)

#8 - This is part of Tour Route Exit, but waaay southeast of the Map Point.  
 Use Eric Kirby's scent vial to scare off the Compies and free the worker.
Unlocked: Jurassic Park Driver

#9 - In the Tyrannosaurus Territory in the center of the island.  Call a 
 T. rex from the Dino Delivery Pad and roar the amber that the worker is 
 encased in.
Unlocked: Juanito Rostagno


Isla Sorna Lost World -

#10 - Southwest of the Hunting Plains map point in an alcove.  Throw Eric
 Kirby's T. rex scent at the Compies.
Unlocked: Unlucky Bystander

#11 - Far south of the Hunting Plains map point, cut down the vines and use 
 Eric's T. rex scent on the Compies.
Unlocked: Dieter Stark

#12 - North of the waterfall in the Long Grass area, pull the worker out 
 from under his car.
Unlocked: InGen Hunter


Isla Sorna JP3 -

#13 - In the northwest area in the Spinosaurus Territory.  Use the Dino Pad 
 to call in a T. rex to chew open the bone cage.
Unlocked: Nash

#14 - Near the Crash Site, use a knife to chop down some vines and then a 
 rope to lower the guy.
Unlocked: Ben Hildebrand

#15 - In the Ankylosaurus Territory, simply pull this guy out from under 
 the tree.
Unlocked: Udesky (Alt)


Isla Nublar Jurassic World - 

#16 - Near the arcade on Main Street, use a raptor on the switch to raise 
 the shutter gate.
Unlocked: Lowery

#17 - Just outside the Indominus paddock, cut down the rope that the guy 
 is strung up in.
Unlocked: Hamada

#18 - Go east along the road from the Indominus paddock and use bolt cutters 
 on the big blue crate.
Unlocked: Young Raptor Handler

#19 - Inside the Aviary, take control of a Pteranodon, then drop down and 
 use the hover switch to pull the helicopter away from Simon.
Unlocked: Simon Masrani

#20 - This is in the Safari Plains.  There's a guy being harassed by some 
 Gallimimus.  Call a T. rex up from the Dino Pad and have it roar at the 
 amber to scatter them.
Unlocked: Jurassic World Ranger

7G. Sick Dinosaurs =

Much like in the second story mission of Jurassic Park, there are dinosaurs 
around the park that need to be healed of their sicknesses, and you'll need 
to find three items to get them back on their feet.


Isla Nublar Jurassic Park -

#1 - This is in Gallimimus Territory (which you access using an underpass 
 gate that needs a wrench to fix).  The Gallimimus' poop is nearby, so 
 dive in.  
 Carrot - Track the item from the poop pile.
 Banana - On a nearby ledge near some mushrooms (use a boost up pad)
 Apple - In the fallen log, and you need a Dilophosaurus to spit away the 

#2 - This is in the Dilophosaurus Territory.  
 Bone - In the very nearby pile of bones.  
 Sausage - In the grill on the north wall.  
 Drumstick - Found by tracking a feather that's to the east near the yellow 

#3 - This is a Triceratops deep in said Territory.  All three food items are 
 found behind vines in the immediate area that need to be cut.


Isla Sorna Lost World -

#4 - Center of Isla Sorna, a triceratops that you need to heal as part of 
 the story.

#5 - In the Long Grass area is a sick raptor.  
 Drumstick - Can be found by digging in the nearby dirt and tracking the item. 
 Sausage - East under a sprout.  Water it with Ellie.  
 Pork Chop - Under the orange barrier.  Smash it and reassemble it.

Isla Sorna JP3 -

#6 - This Ankylosaurus is in his Territory on the east part.  His poop 
 is nearby.  
 Mushroom - Under the log to the right under the Grapple plug.  
 Leaf - Found in the tree in the middle of the area.  To get there, crawl up 
  a tunnel at the base of a nearby tree, then parasail across the gap.  
 Banana - Near the big egg in the background, so you have knock down the tree 
  with a charging dino.  Go across the tree as a human, then change into a 
  raptor on the other side (it's difficult but can be done) and sniff out the 
  banana using the scent trail.

Isla Nublar Jurassic World -

#7 - Well, he's not quite sick, but there's a hungry baby Triceratops in the 
 East Boardwalk area.  
 Apple - Found by tracking the purple cherry, then watering the resulting 
 Croissant - Found by using the equation wall with Ian.
 Carrot - Found in the blue object that you need to repair.

#8 - There's a sick Gallimimus on top of the Dino Pad in Gyrosphere Valley.  
 First, hit the pile of poop next to him.
 Carrot - Go to the other pile of poop.
 Apple - Shoot the nearby tree.  
 Banana - Bounce a Gyrosphere to the upper ledge to grab it.

#9 - East of the old Visitors Center is a sick Pachycephalosaurus.
 Banana - In the medkit hanging from the tree that you need to shoot down.
 Leaf - In the nearby pile of poop.  
 Mushroom - In the black rock that you need Dilophosaurus spit for.

#10 - In the Safari Plains, you need to first get the Gold Brick in the 
 northern ledge area with the Compies.  After that, leave and come back and 
 you'll find a sick Gallimimus.  Use the poop nearby to find what you need.  
 Ice cream - Behind the blue targets.  Stun rifle them.
 Cherry - In the rocks that you need to Grapple.  
 Leaf - A little distance away, but still in the same area.  There's a sprout 
  for Ellie to water that spits out the leaf.

7H. Photographs =

These are probably the easiest collectibles.  Simply stand on the spot with 
some with a camera, and as long as there's a tripod there and a marker on 
the ground, press B and you get a cute picture.


Isla Nublar Jurassic Park -

#1 - In the helipad area right next to the Prologue chapter.  Drop from the 
 helipad into the rocks and smash a rock to find the spot.

#2 - In the Brachiosaurus Field.  Near the side of the road is a dirt pile 
 that Grant can dig up, which uncovers an apple that Muldoon can use to 
 track to the photography spot.

#3 - Pond east of the Visitors Center.  Use a grapple to pull down the 
 orange plug and cross the fallen tree to the island.  Smash the boxes on 
 the little dock to find a piece to track to the center of the island to 
 find the tripod.

#4 - East of the Visitor Center on the road.  Use Grant's claw to cut the 
 vines, then assemble the tripod.

#5 - In the Tyrannosaurus Enclosure area, near the parked car.  Use Grant to 
 dig up the dirt pile and assemble the tripod.

#6 - East Dock Route, near Nedry's crashed jeep.

#7 - Small western paddock east of the Visitors Center, technically part of 
 the Gallimimus Territory.  Use a Dilophosaurus to spit on the black rock 
 inside to uncover the tripod.


Isla Sorna Lost World -

#8 - Just north of the Hunting Plains map point, go up onto the rock ledge 
 and smash a rock to find the tripod.


Isla Sorna JP3 -

#9 - In the Aviary, go to the back window and use the tripod.


Isla Nublar Jurassic World -

#10 - Right next to the fountain on Main Street.

#11 - In the feeding area in East Boardwalk.

#12 - In the center of the T. rex arena in West Boardwalk.

#13 - In the Mosasaurus arena, climb the ladder up to the upper seating area 
 and shoot the blue target with a stun rifle.  This will make the shark 
 slide down and the tripod marker will appear.

#14 - In the Gyrosphere entry area in front of the sign.

#15 - In the middle of the Gyrosphere Valley area is a flock of Compies.  
 Use T. rex Scent to scatter them.

#16 - In front of the old Visitors Center in Shady Grove.

#17 - In the Indominus Territory just outside the paddock.  Track the banana 
 to the tripod.

#18 - In the Indominus Territory.  Throw T. rex Scent at the Compies around 
 the tripod.

#19 - In the Isla Nublar Aviary, right on the observation platform.

#20 - In the Safari Fields, look for a raptor scent spot.  Track it to the 

7I. Races =

These are all marked by a upright hexagon in the area.  Either as a dinosaur 
or in a vehicle, approach these and press B to start the race.  Your task is 
to run, drive, fly, or swim through all the markers until the finish.  Each 
marker you pass will add time to your total.  It's important to note that 
the next marker to pass through will always be rotating.


Isla Nublar Jurassic Park -

#1 - In the water east of the helipad.  First, go across the poles to the 
 dock and use a crowbar to pry open the box.  Assemble the console, then use 
 it to control an RC boat, which is what actually does the race.

#2 - Raptor Territory in the northwest.  Use a raptor and use its pounce 
 to climb over the crates and around the paddock area.

#3 - East of the main Jurassic Park gate.  Take a car for this race because 
 you're going around the entire island track.

#4 - In the Gallimimus Territory with the feeding machine.  This is a race 
 for a Gallimimus or something fast, but a raptor works just fine as well.

#5 - This is in the Triceratops Territory.  Use at least a raptor to run 
 around the paddock.

#6 - This is in the Carnivore Territory (the southwest paddock).  I suggest 
 taking something small like the Jurassic Pursuer (the bike) inside and hit 
 the race, because you don't have much time to hit the first marker.


Isla Sorna Lost World -

#7 - This is near the Mobile Lab Site map point.  Take a vehicle from the 
 pad and ride it south towards the docks.

#8 - Just south of the Hunting Plains map point, take a vehicle from the pad 
 and ride it around the area.

#9 - In the Communications Center, get to the roof of the garage by raptor 
 pouncing onto the railing.  The race will take you around the grounds and 
 up to the helipad.


Isla Sorna JP3 -

#10 - Found near the Aviary, use a charging dino for this race that 
 goes south and then back north.

#11 - This is found inside the Aviary (go down the stairs) and you need 
 a flying dino: Pteranodon or Dimorphodon.  The race start is just above 
 the Dino Pad.


Isla Nublar Jurassic World -

#12 - This is in the feeding area on the East Boardwalk.  You can take a 
 vehicle or a dino for it.

#13 - This is in front of the T. rex arena in the West Boardwalk.  Use a 
 crowbar to release the pig, then ride him around through the checkpoints.

#14 - This is inside the T. rex arena in West Boardwalk.  Race through the 
 arena with a charging dino.

#15 - This is at the entry to Gyrosphere Valley, and a Gyrosphere is fine 
 as the vehicle.

#16 - This is east of the Visitors Center and rides all the way down to 
 the East Boardwalk.  Use a vehicle.

#17 - This is in the Indominus Territory.  Best if you take a charging 
 dino to run around the inside of the paddock.

#18 - This is in the Isla Nublar Aviary.  Take a flying dino through the 
 rings, starting in the back.

#19 - This is on the Safari Plains and runs north.  Use a fast dino to 
 run around the plains and hop over the logs.

#20 - This is in the Mosasaurus Arena.  Once you become the Mosasaurus, 
 swim through the race marker.  Try not to adjust your depth too much so 
 you don't accidently swim over or under the race markers.


This section covers information on all the characters you can find in the 
game.  In the game there are:

- 122 human characters (including costumes for the same character) 
- 10 custom characters
- 20 small dinosaurs (including color variants and skeletons)
- 10 medium dinosaurs
- 12 large dinosaurs
- Customs for each base breed of dinosaur
- 35 vehicles

The majority of characters and vehicles are either unlocked or made available 
for purchase as the story progresses.  However, there are several characters 
that are "Workers In Peril" in the hub, and you can't purchase them until 
you save them.

For unlocking dinosaurs, you must either pick up their respective Amber 
Brick in the story mission, or you must find all ten Minikits in the same 
story mission to get access to its skeleton.

8A. Characters =

* Alan Grant (Montana) * - JP1-1
* Alan Grant * - JP1-2
* Alan Grant (Survivor) * - JP1-5
* Alan Grant (Isla Sorna) * - JP3-1
* Alan Grant (Lecture) * - JP3-5

Dr. Alan Grant is a paleontologist that Dr. John Hammond invites to the 
island with the hopes that he'll endorse the upcoming park.  He has a 
fascination with dinosaurs but is not so great with kids.  He returns in 
Jurassic Park III to help the Kirbys find their missing son.

 Bone Assembly


* Ellie Sattler (Montana) * - JP1-1
* Ellie Sattler * - JP1-2
* Ellie Sattler (Survivor) * - JP1-5
* Ellie Sattler (Raincoat) * - JP1-3 (85,000)
* Ellie Degler * - JP3-4 (50,000)

Dr. Ellie Sattler is a paleobotanist and Alan Grant's partner and love 
interest.  While she works with Dr. Grant in helping him dig up dinosaurs, 
her real interest is in starting a family.

 Poop Dive
 Water Plants


* Jophery Brown * - JP1-1

One of the workers assigned to the Raptor Transfer.

 Stun Rod


* Robert Muldoon * - JP1-1
* Robert Muldoon (Raincoat) * - JP1-3 (85,000)

A hunter from Australia, Muldoon is the game warden at Jurassic Park.  He 
and John Hammond are old friends and Hammond trusts him to maintain the 
wildlife in the park.

 InGen Access


* Gerry Harding * - JP1-2

One of the veterinarians of Jurassic Park, Gerry meets Ellie when they run 
across a sick Triceratops.  Also, he's the main character of Telltale's 
Jurassic Park: The Game.

 InGen Access


* Ian Malcolm * - JP1-3
* Ian Malcolm (Survivor) * - JP1-5
* Ian Malcolm (Isla Sorna) * - JPLW-1
* Ian Malcolm (San Diego) * - JPLW-5

A mathematician who specializes in "chaos theory", Dr. Malcolm was invited 
by John Hammond as an insurance consultant and to help him find any 
issues with the park.  He returns in The Lost World to search for his 
girlfriend, Sarah Harding.



* Lex Murphy * - JP1-3
* Lex Murphy (Survivor) * - JP1-5

The elder of John Hammond's grandchildren, Lex is not quite as interested in 
dinosaurs as other visitors to the park.  She has a talent as a hacker and 
is quite the tomboy.

 Shoot (baseball)


* John Hammond * - JP1-5
* John Hammond (Lost World) * - JPLW-1 (145,000)

The CEO of InGen and the Hammond Foundation, Dr. John Hammond is a venture 
capitalist who envisioned the idea of Jurassic Park as a place where people 
could finally see the long-extinct dinosaurs in real life.

 InGen Access


* Eddie Carr * - JPLW-1

Eddie is a field equipment expert who was sent to Isla Sorna as part of 
John Hammond's team to recover Sarah Harding.  He designed and provided 
most of the equipment used by the InGen group.



* Nick Van Owen * - JPLW-1

Nick is a photographer who accompanied Ian and Eddie to Isla Sorna.  He 
has considerable field experience in hostile situations, and was sent to 
document the dinosaurs there.

 Bolt Cutter


* Sarah Harding * - JPLW-1
* Sarah Harding (San Diego) * - JPLW-5

Upon John Hammond's request, Sarah is sent to Isla Sorna to document the 
dinosaurs there.  She is a scientist who specializes in animal behavior.

 Poop Dive


* Ajay Sidhu * - JPLW-2

A hunter from India, Ajay is part of Roland Tembo's crew.  He doesn't much 
care for long grass.



* Carter * - JPLW-3

One of the hunters in Roland Tembo's crew, Carter is also Dieter Stark's 
driver.  He really enjoys listening to his headphones.

 Bolt Cutter


* Robert Burke * - JPLW-3

Burke is a paleontologist, but not nearly as good as Alan Grant.  He was 
on Peter Ludlow's team to Isla Sorna.  He's not a fan of snakes.

 Bone Assembly


* Roland Tembo * - JPLW-4

Tembo is a big game hunter from Mombasa, Kenya.  He is sent along with his 
crew to Isla Sorna by Peter Ludlow.  He believed no quarry on Earth could 
be as good as he was.

 Wall Climb


* Kelly Malcolm * - JPLW-4

Ian Malcolm's daughter, who stowed away on the trip to Isla Sorna.  Kelly 
is a talented gymnast and puts her skills to good use when the raptors come 



* Billy Brennan * - JP3-1

Billy is an associate professor in paleontology and the site manager of 
Alan Grant's dig site.  He may like eggs a little too much.

 Wall Climb


* Paul Kirby * - JP3-1
* Paul Kirby (Dinner) * - JP3-3 (60,000)

Paul introduces himself to Alan Grant as the owner of Kirby Enterprises, and 
offers him and Billy a million dollars for an aerial tour of Isla Sorna.  
This turns out to be a ruse to help him find his son, stranded on the island.



* Amanda Kirby * - JP3-1
* Amanda Kirby (Dinner) * - JP3-3 (50,000)

Amanda is Paul's ex-wife, who joins him in his ruse to trick Alan Grant to 
go to Isla Sorna to rescue their missing son.  She's a little too attached to 
that megaphone of hers.



* Udesky * - JP3-2
* Udesky (Alt) * - Worker in Peril (65,000)

A mercenary and pilot, Udesky is part of the group the Kirbys organize to 
Isla Sorna.



* Cooper (Runway) * - JP3-3
* Cooper * - JP3-2 (75,000)

One of the mercenaries hired by the Kirbys.  Cooper's one dream in life was 
not to be eaten by a dinosaur.



* Soldier * - JP3-5

When Ellie hears Alan is trapped on Isla Sorna, she has her husband Mark 
call in the US Marines to extract them.  This is one of those proud members 
of the Armed Forces.



* Owen Grady * - JW-1
* Owen Grady (Survivor) * - JW-5

A dinosaur researcher for Jurassic World, Owen doesn't live all that close 
to the park, instead living in a far-off bungalow.  His work involves 
communicating with the velociraptors and attempting to work with them as a 

 Wall Climb
 Poop Dive


* Barry * - JW-1

One of the trainers in Owen's velociraptor team, Barry knows French!  Don't 
know how he expects that to help him with the raptors, but who can say?

 Stun Rifle


* Supervisor Nick * - JW-1

Poor Nick is the paddock supervisor for the Indominus.  Spoiler alert, there's 
a reason he wasn't given a last name.

 JW Access


* Handler Ellis * - JW-1

Poorer Ellis works under Nick in the Indominus paddock.  Guy never had a 

 Stun Rod


* Claire Dearing (Lab) * - JW-2
* Claire Dearing * - JW-3
* Claire Dearing (Survivor) * - JW-5

Claire is the park operations manager at Jurassic World.  She focuses on the 
business aspects of the park and is quite the workaholic who unfortunately 
has little time for her nephews.

 JW Access


* Zach Mitchell * - JW-3
* Zach Mitchell (Survivor) * - JW-5

Zach is the elder of the Mitchell brothers.  He has a penchant for fixing 
cars and seems to have a great interest in girls that supercedes the BIG 



* Scientist Phil * - JW-4

One of the scientists at Jurassic World.  Has a magnificent beard.

 JW Access


* Zara * - JW-4

Zara Young is Claire's personal assistant, who Claire sends to take care of 
her nephews while she takes care of business.



* Dino Handler Vic * - Worker in Peril (40,000)
* Dino Handler Bob * - Worker in Peril (45,000)

These guys are in charge of the raptor paddock in Jurassic Park.

 Stun Rod


* Dig Site Volunteer * - JP1-1 (30,000)

This young lady works at Alan Grant's dig site.

 Bone Assembly


* Juanito Rostagno * - Worker in Peril (40,000)

Juanito is the proprietor of a mine in the Dominican Republic.  His workers 
pull up an amber, which he hands off to Jurassic Park.

 Bone Assembly 


* Dennis Nedry * - JP1-2 (100,000)
* Dennis Nedry (Raincoat) * - Worker in Peril (125,000)
* Dennis Nedry (Costa Rica) * - JP1-5 (145,000)

Dennis is a computer programmer at Jurassic Park.  He looooves his snack 
food.  He's also having money problems and accepts a little job from 

 InGen Access


* Donald Gennaro * - JP1-2 (75,000)
* Donald Gennaro (Bathroom) * - Worker in Peril (85,000)

Donald is a lawyer for InGen who was inspecting Jurassic Park's business 
viability.  Apparently has to go to the bathroom a lot.



* InGen Scientist * - Triceratops Territory (20,000)

This lady runs the labs in Jurassic Park.  She can be found in Triceratops 
Territory on Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, and you'll need to help her out 
to get some other stuff as well.

 InGen Access


* InGen Lab Technician * - JP1-2 (20,000)

This guy is a lower-level worker in the labs.

 InGen Access


* Henry Wu (Jurassic Park) * - JP1-4 (80,000)
* Henry Wu (Jurassic World) * - JW-5 (100,000)

Henry is the chief genetics engineer in Jurassic Park, and later Jurassic 
World.  He really enjoys doing science, but as the years go, it seems he 
loses sight of the science he should be doing.

 InGen Access (JP)
 JW Access (JW)


* Jurassic Park Driver * - Worker in Peril (10,000)

This guy drives the cars at Jurassic Park.

 InGen Access


* Ray Arnold * - Worker in Peril (125,000)

John "Ray" Arnold is the chief engineer at Jurassic Park.  He is fond of 
making sure everyone is holding on to their butts.

 InGen Access


* Jurassic Park Veterinarian * - JP1-4 (65,000)

Despite having little experience working with these dinos, JP employs a 
staff of vets to make sure the dinos are healthy.

 InGen Access
 Poop Dive


* Jurassic Park Warden * - JP1-4 (35,000)

The wardens of Jurassic Park are in place to keep the animals from 
socializing too much with each other.

 InGen Access


* Dieter Stark * - Worker in Peril (75,000)

Another member of Ronald Tembo's team, Dieter is a hunter of Swedish 
descent.  He's a bit of a mean person.

 Stun Rod


* Carlos * - JPLW-1 (40,000)

The captain of the Mar Del Plata, Carlos ferries Ian Malcolm and the rest of 
the crew to Isla Sorna.

 Bolt Cutter


* Deirdre Bowman * - JPLW-2 (40,000)

The mother of the Bowman family who stumble upon Isla Sorna.  She doesn't 
like snakes and REALLY doesn't like Compies.



* InGen Scout * - JPLW-2 (20,000)

This fellow is part of the InGen advance team.

 Stun Rod


* Peter Ludlow (Isla Sorna) * - JPLW-2 (120,000)
* Peter Ludlow * - JPLW-5 (90,000)

John Hammond's nephew, Peter takes over InGen after the Jurassic Park 
incident.  He's more interested in bringing dinosaurs to the mainland to 
exploit them for the money.

 InGen Access


* InGen Hunter * - Worker in Peril (30,000)

This InGen employee comes equipped with a nice tranquilizer rifle.



* InGen Mechanic * - JPLW-3 (30,000)

This InGen employee trades weapons for neat tools.

 Bolt Cutter


* Paul Bowman * - JPLW-4 (20,000)

Paul is the father of the Bowman family who stumble upon Isla Sorna.  He 
owns a yacht!

 Wall Climb


* SS Venture Crewman * - JPLW-4 (20,000)

The SS Venture is the large ship used to transport dinosaurs, and this is 
one of its crewmen.



* InGen Guard Berner * - JPLW-4 (45,000)
* InGen Guard Jerry * - JPLW-4 (40,000)

Berner and Jerry are actually police officers who responded to the SS 
Venture running aground in San Diego.

 InGen Access


* Yacht Crewman * - JPLW-4 (25,000)

This fresh fellow works on the Bowman yacht.



* InGen Harbor Master * - JPLW-5 (20,000)

A harbor master is the guy who runs a harbor.  Look, this guy really has 
very little stake in this.  I don't really have any flavor text for him.

 InGen Access


* InGen Investor Gerald * - JPLW-5 (35,000)

Apparently this is one of the guys that Peter Ludlow was pitching the 
idea of the mainland park to.



* Unlucky Bystander * - Worker in Peril (20,000)

This poor resident of San Diego probably did not expect to go by being eaten 
by a T. rex.



* Fisherman Jim * - JPLW-5 (30,000)

Poor Fisherman Jim did not expect to hook an abandoned ship with a T. rex 
on board.



* Cheryl Logan * - JP3-1 (40,000)

Cheryl is a graduate student at Alan Grant's dig site.  I've heard she likes 
Billy, but don't tell.

 Bone Assembly


* Ben Hildebrand * - Worker in Peril (65,000)

Ben is Amanda Kirby's boyfriend following her divorce.  He took Eric to Isla 
Sorna and is the reason they're missing.

 Wall Climb


* Nash * - Worker in Peril (65,000)
* Nash (Runway) * - JP3-3 (65,000)

M.B. Nash is another of the mercenaries hired by Paul Kirby.



* Mark Degler * - JP3-4 (10,000)

Mark is Ellie's husband by the time of Jurassic Park III.  He works for 
the US State Department, and as such, has a bit of clout to get military 
help when needed.



* Enrique Cardoso * - JP3-5 (50,000)

Enrique runs a little operation called "Dino-soar", a parasailing trip 
around Isla Sorna.  It's not entirely above board.

 Wall Climb


* Young Raptor Handler * - Worker in Peril (70,000)

This guy works with the raptors in Jurassic World, but has a lousy sense of 

 Poop Dive
 Stun Rod


* Jurassic World Worker * - JW-1 (20,000)

This guy is... self-explanatory.

 JW Access


* Jurassic World Ranger * - Worker in Peril (40,000)

This ranger does field work in Jurassic World.

 Poop Dive
 JW Access


* Hamada * - Worker in Peril (85,000)

Katashi Hamada is the captain of the Animal Control Unit in Jurassic World.

 Stun Rifle


* Lowery * - Worker in Peril (90,000)

Lowery Cruthers is one of the tech operatives working in the control room 
at Jurassic World.  He reeeeeally likes dinosaurs.

 JW Access


* Gyrosphere Operator Josh * - JW-2 (45,000)

By his own words, this guy just works here.

 JW Access


* ACU Trooper Female * - JW-3 (25,000)
* ACU Trooper Male * - JW-3 (20,000)

The ACU is on hand to help control animals that go off the grid in Jurassic 
World.  They actually appear to be decent at their jobs, but even they have a 
tough time with the Indominus.

 Agile (Female only)
 Stun Rifle


* Jurassic World Veterinarian * - JW-3 (65,000)

Much like the Jurassic Park Veterinarian, only World-ier.

 Water Plants
 JW Access


* Vivian * - JW-3 (80,000)

Vivian Krill is an operator in the control room at Jurassic World.  
Apparently, she has a boyfriend that Lowery is unaware of.

 JW Access


* Vic Hoskins * - JW-4 (145,000)

Hoskins works for InGen in its current form.  He's looking to weaponize the 
velociraptors for military use, despite how much of a really bad idea it 

 InGen Access
 JW Access


* InGen Mercenary * - JW-4 (40,000)

This is one of Hoskins' cronies that he calls in to deal with the Indominus 

 InGen Access


* Simon Masrani * - Worker in Peril (150,000)

Masrani is the CEO of Masrani Global Corporation, who acquires InGen and is 
the finance behind Jurassic World.  He's about to complete his helicopter 
license training.

 InGen Access


* Raptor Handler Jenny * - JW-4 (50,000)

Jenny's moving up in the world after what happened to Nick and Ellis.

 Stun Rifle


* Jimmy Fallon * - JW-5 (250,000)

Comedian and host of his own late night show, Jimmy Fallon is a super real 
person who plays himself in Jurassic World as the talking guy in the 

 JW Access


* Pilot Pat * - JW-5 (250,000)

This is likely a reference to someone real, but I have no clue who.

 InGen Access


* DJ Master Frank * - JW-5 (250,000)

This is Frank Marshall, producer of Jurassic World.  Yes, he's actually a DJ!

 InGen Access


* Colin Trevorrow * - JW-5 (250,000)

Director of the 2012 indie comedy film Safety Not Guaranteed... oh and also 
of Jurassic World.

 InGen Access


* Mr. D.N.A. * - JW-5 (500,000)

The lovely animated mascot of Jurassic Park, Mr. D.N.A. is formed purely of 
adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.

 Bone Assembly
 Poop Dive
 InGen Access
 JW Access


* Steven Spielburg * - JW-5 (250,000)

A director of some renown, Mr. Spielburg is known for such classics as E.T., 
Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, and of course, Jurassic Park.

 Bone Assembly
 InGen Access


* Timmy Murphy * - JP1-4
* Timmy Murphy (Survivor) * - JP1-5

The younger of John Hammond's grandchildren, Tim is far more into dinosaurs 
than his sister.  He also idolizes Alan Grant and has read his book.

 Bone Assembly


* Eric Kirby * - JP3-5
* Eric Kirby (Disguise) * JP3-4

The son of Paul and Amanda Kirby, he's lost on Isla Sorna.  What people 
didn't expect is that he manages to look after himself rather well with no 
adults around.

 Poop Dive
 T. rex Scent


* Gray Mitchell * - JW-2
* Gray Mitchell (Survivor) * - JW-5

The younger of the Mitchell brothers, Gray is quite the smarty and loves 

 Bone Assembly


* Dig Site Kid * - JP1-1 (45,000)

Apparently, Dr. Grant just lets kids run around his dig site.



* Cathy Bowman * - JPLW-2 (50,000)

The daughter of the Bowman family.  She thinks Compsognathus are cute.



* Charlie Degler * - JP3-4 (30,000)

Ellie's son with Mark Degler.  He also loves dinosaurs, so he must have good 


8B. Dinosaurs =

* Velociraptor * - JP1-4 Amber
* Velociraptor (Charlie) * - JP1-4 Amber or JW-1
* Velociraptor (Blue) * - JP1-4 Amber or JW-1
* Velociraptor (Echo) * - JP1-4 Amber or JW-1
* Velociraptor (Delta) * - JP1-4 Amber or JW-1
* Velociraptor (Skeleton) * - JP1-4 Minikit

Meaning "swift thief", the velociraptor is styled as the intelligent hunter 
of the dinosaur world.  They work in packs, can set traps, and are serious 
threats in a one-on-one fight.

 Raptor Switch
 Scent Trail


* Dilophosaurus * - JP1-3 Amber
* Dilophosaurus (Skeleton) * - JP1-3 Minikit

Meaning "double crested lizard", the Dilophosaurus is a predator that has 
a frill it can inflate, and a venomous spit.



* Gallimimus * - JP1-1 Amber
* Gallimimus (Skeleton) * - JP1-1 Minikit

Meaning "chicken mimic", the Gallimimus has no teeth, so it doesn't pose a 
credible threat to humans.  Of course, if a flock of them veers towards you, 
you may still want to steer clear.



* Troodon * - JP3-3 Amber
* Troodon (Skeleton) * - JP3-3 Minikit

Meaning "wounding tooth", the Troodon (pronounced "tro-oh-don") is a 
carnivore which likely ate smaller animals, as it's one of the smaller 



* Compsognathus * - JPLW-2 Amber
* Compsognathus (Skeleton) * - JPLW-2 Minikit

Meaning "elegant jaw", the Compy is a rather small dinosaur.  They are 
meat-eaters and typically scavenge in groups for safety.



* Pachycephalosaurus * - JW-1 Amber
* Pachycephalosaurus (Skeleton) * - JW-1 Minikit

Meaning "thick-headed lizard", this one was known for the hard surface on the 
top of its head.  He could use this to charge, likely to fend off predators.  



* Velociraptor (Baby) * - JP1-4 Amber

They look cute when small, but they'll crawl ya.



* Triceratops (Baby) * - JP1-2 Amber

This cute little baby three-horn has all the abilities of its mother.



* Tyrannosaurus Rex (Baby) * - JP1-5 Amber

Not quite the fearsome king, but a baby T. rex becomes an important plot 
point in The Lost World.



* Stegosaurus (Baby) * - JPLW-1 Amber

Unlike the baby Trike, this little guy doesn't have the talents of its parent.



* Triceratops * - JP1-2 Amber
* Triceratops (Skeleton) * - JP1-2 Minikit

Meaning "three-horned face", the triceratops was largely a peaceful leaf-
eating dinosaur that traveled in herds.  It's most well-known for the the 
three horns, two above its head, and one at the front of its beak.



* Stegosaurus * - JPLW-1 Amber
* Stegosaurus (Skeleton) * - JPLW-1 Minikit

Meaning "roofed lizard", the stegosaurus had a series of plates that ran 
along its spine, and spikes at the end of its tail.  It used these to 
defend itself from predators.



* Parasaurolophus * - JPLW-3 Amber
* Parasaurolophus (Skeleton) * - JPLW-3 Minikit

Meaning "near crested lizard", the Parasaurolophus' most distinguishing 
feature is the bony protrusion that curves back from its head.  It is 
believed that this crest helped it with making sounds to communicate.


* Corythosaurus * - JP3-1 Amber
* Corythosaurus (Skeleton) * - JP3-1 Minikit

Meaning "Corinthian crested lizard", this is an herbivore that travels in 
herds.  Its most prominent feature is the bony crest atop its head, more 
round and spiny than the Parasaurolophus' tubular crest.


* Ankylosaurus * - JW-2 Amber
* Ankylosaurus (Skeleton) * - JW-2 Minikit

Meaning "fused lizard", this herbivore is built like a tank.  It has plates 
all along its back, with spikes on the sides and a club like tail.



* Tyrannosaurus Rex * - JP1-5 Amber
* Tyrannosaurus Rex (Skeleton) * - JP1-5 Minikit

Meaning "tyrant lizard", this is the main predator of the North American 
dinosaur scene.  It ran on two legs to chase down its prey, and has massive 
jaws to chomp down on them.



* Apatosaurus * - JPLW-3 Amber
* Apatosaurus (Skeleton) * - JPLW-3 Minikit

Meaning, "deceptive lizard" due to it displacing the brontosaurus, this is 
one of the largest dinosaurs, with a long neck and tail, and trunk like legs.



* Brachiosaurus * - JPLW-5 Amber
* Brachiosaurus (Skeleton) * - JPLW-5 Minikit

Meaning, "arm lizard" for the long length of its humerus bone, the 
brachiosaurus was likely one of the tallest of dinosaurs, able to take 
leaves from treetops.  It is also one of the dinosaurs with no natural 
predators, due to its size.



* Baryonyx * - JP3-2 Amber
* Baryonyx (Skeleton) * - JP3-2 Minikit

Meaning "heavy claw", this is a carnivore from Africa.  Its skull and jaws 
make it seem like a crocodile's and it likely ate a lot of fish.



* Spinosaurus * - JP3-5 Amber
* Spinosaurus (Skeleton) * - JP3-5 Minikit

Meaning "spiny lizard", this is another carnivore from Africa, but can get 
bigger than even the Tyrannosaurus.  It likely ate other dinosaurs.



* Indominus Rex * - JW-3 Amber
* Indominus Rex (Skeleton) * - JW-3 Minikit

A specially genetically engineered dinosaur, the Indominus was designed to 
be a new attraction for Jurassic World.  She contains genetic info from 
the Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor, among others.  Slightly bigger than a 
Tyrannosaurus, she also has more operable arms, spines along her back, and 
can mask her heat signature to camouflage herself.



* Pteranodon * - JP3-4 Amber
* Pteranodon (Skeleton) * - JP3-4 Minikit

 Hover Switch

Meaning "toothless wing", this a flying reptile (not technically a dinosaur) 
that could glide and eat fish.


* Dimorphodon * - JW-4 Amber
* Dimorphodon (Skeleton) * - JW-4 Minikit

Meaning "two-form tooth", the flying Dimorphodons were unique in that they 
had two types of teeth in their mouths much like a mammal would.



* Mosasaurus * - JW-5 Amber
* Mosasaurus (Skeleton) * - JW-5 Minikit

Meaning "Meuse lizard", referring to the river where it was first found, 
this is a large swimming lizard that eats fish and other animals.  The 
Jurassic World Mosasaurus is actually much larger than they were typically.


8C. Vehicles =

* Jurassic Park Responder * - JP1-1
* Fork Lift * - JP1-1 (50,000)
* Road Sweeper * - JP1-1 (50,000)
* Jurassic Tour Vehicle * - JP1-3 (50,000)
* Jurassic Park Responder (Soft Top) * - JP1-4 (50,000)
* Jurassic Park Responder (Roll Cage) * - JP1-5 (50,000)
* Isla Sorna Gatherer * - JPLW-1 (50,000)
* Isla Sorna Observer * - JPLW-1 (50,000)
* The Van Owen * - JPLW-1 (50,000)
* Hunter Scout * - JPLW-2 (50,000)
* Hunter Snare ATV * - JPLW-2 (50,000)
* Hunter Snagger * - JPLW-3 (50,000)
* Hunter Harasser * - JPLW-3 (50,000)
* Hunter Snare * - JPLW-4 (50,000)
* Site B Transport * - JPLW-4 (50,000)
* San Diego Speedster * - JPLW-5 (50,000)
* Police Patrol Car * - JPLW-5 (50,000)
* Site B Transport (Rusty) * - JP3-1 (50,000)
* Pickup Truck * - JP3-1 (50,000)
* Hunter Command * - JP3-2 (50,000)
* Site B Saloon * - JP3-3 (50,000)
* Hunter Transport * - JP3-4 (50,000)
* Hunter Trapper * - JP3-5 (50,000)
* Jurassic Constructor * - JW-1 (50,000)
* Jurassic Buggy * - JW-1 (50,000)
* Jurassic World Transport * - JW-1 (50,000)
* Jurassic World Observer * - JW-2 (50,000)
* Gyrosphere * - JW-2 (50,000)
* Jurassic Park Responder (Rusty) * JW-3 - (50,000)
* Jurassic Pursuer * - JW-3 (50,000)
* Jurassic ATV * - JW-4 (50,000)
* InGen Transport * - JW-4 (50,000)
* Mobile Veterinary Unit * - JW-4 (50,000)
* InGen Command * - JW-5 (50,000)
* ACU Transport * - JW-5 (50,000)

Now, as you can see, all vehicles, apart from the first one, cost 50,000, 
and you unlock them progressively as you go through the story.  By and large, 
there's very little separating each vehicle.  They're typically the same 
four wheels with a different paint job and some move slightly slower.  There 
are a couple of exceptions, though.  The Gyrosphere is particular in that it 
can use special Gyrosphere Pads to bounce around.  Also, the Jurassic 
Pursuer is a motorcycle, and thus it's small enough not to get stuck in 
most situations.


Here's where I put all the stuff that's not a mission.  You'll find a quick 
list of basic unlocks, how all the Extras work, and a few notes on 

9A. How to Get 100% =

For 100% in this game, you need all Gold Bricks, all Characters, all 
Red Bricks purchased.  Y'know. Everything.

First priority is always the stud multipliers.  Once you can rack up a big 
stud count, everything is a cakewalk in comparison.  The first stud 
multiplier is x2, which you'll need a stun rifle for.  You'll have to 
have chosen Jurassic World first to get it early, otherwise, you'll be 
going the long way around.  Of course, by then, you'll likely have close 
to a million studs, anyway.  Get the x4 next and so on.

While you get all the human-related abilities you need from the story 
characters, you'll have to ensure you get the dinos you need in order to 
get everything.  To get all the Gold Bricks you'll need a Dilophosaur, a 
Velociraptor, a T. rex, a Compy, a Pteranodon, and a Mosasaurus.  A few 
of those ambers require a separate trip back in.

Lastly, you'll also need to make sure to make a custom dinosaur: one that's 
small in stature, but has the head of a T. rex so it can roar and destroy 
amber.  A couple of Gold Bricks require that.

9B. Extras =

All Extras are activated via Red Bricks, and all Red Bricks are found on 
the island hubs.  Seven are in each of the Isla Nublar hugs, and three are 
in each of the Isla Sorna hubs.  Once you find the brick, you still need to 
purchase it to unlock it, and you'll do so either at Jurassic Park's Visitors 
Center, or at the Innovation Center in Jurassic World.  After that, go to the 
Extras menu to turn it on.

Section 7E of the guide has the "where" and "how" to get the bricks.  This 
section describes their functions and cost, with a quick note on what part 
of the island.

Score x2 -
Cost: 1,000,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, Visitors Center
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 2.  All multiplier bricks stack, 
 potentially giving you a multiplier of 3840.

Score x4 -
Cost: 2,000,000
Area Found: Isla Sorna Lost World, Hunting Plains
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 4.

Score x6 -
Cost: 3,000,000
Area Found: Isla Sorna JP3, Isla Sorna Aviary
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 6.

Score x8 -
Cost: 4,000,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, Herbivore Territory
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 8.

Score x10 -
Cost: 5,000,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic World, Indominus Territory
Effect: Studs collected multiply by 10.

Invincibility -
Cost: 5,000,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic World, Isla Nublar Aviary
Effect: You will take no damage from enemies.  You'll still receive knock 
 back from attacks, but will lose no hearts.

Minikit Detector -
Cost: 200,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic World, Eastern Boardwalk
Effect: During missions, white arrows will point towards minikits, or 
 objects needed to get minikits.

Red Brick Detector -
Cost: 200,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, Tyrannosaurus Territory
Effect: In the hubs, red arrows will point towards red bricks.

Gold Brick Detector -
Cost: 200,000
Area Found: Isla Sorna Lost World, Long Grass
Effect: In the hubs, yellow arrows will point towards Gold Bricks.

Amber Brick Detector -
Cost: 200,000
Area Found: Isla Sorna JP3, Ankylosaurus Territory
Effect: During missions, a brown arrow will point towards the Amber Brick.

Fast Build -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Sorna JP3, Spinosaurus Territory
Effect: This will make building go a lot faster.

Attract Studs -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, Carnivore Territory
Effect: Studs will be collected from further away.

Collect Ghost Studs -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic World, Western Boardwalk
Effect: The blue studs that point you around will give you actual studs.  
 You can also use the green studs that guide you to waypoints you set.  You'll 
 get 1,000 for each one collected.

Compy Mode -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic World, Mosasaurus Arena
Effect: This will shrink your character to mini size.

Destroy On Contact -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic World, Safari Plains
Effect: Something that should have been in for a while.  This will destroy 
 destructible LEGO objects just by walking through tehm.

8-Bit Music -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, Dilophosaurus Territory
Effect: This will change the soundtrack to a jazzy 8-bit piece.

Nedry Disguises -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, Triceratops Territory
Effect: This gives all characters snazzy Costa Rica flower shirts and pants.

Fast Interact -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic World, Gyrosphere Valley
Effect: This will speed up interacting with many things that require button 
 presses or little minigames, in that you won't have to do the minigames 
 at all and will automatically pass.  This works on InGen Access, JW Access, 
 cutting, pumping a generator, solving an Equation wall, using a Stun Rod, 
 a crowbar, or bolt cutters.

Hybrid Disguises -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, Gallimimus Territory
Effect: This changes your character to part dino.  You get a little dino 
 mask, basically.

Helium Voices -
Cost: 100,000
Area Found: Isla Sorna Lost World, Stegosaurus Territory
Effect: Many of the character voices will be raised on pitch, as if they'd 
 just inhaled helium.

9C. Notes on Trophies/Achievements =

So in past guides I'd write every trophy and how to get it, but most of them 
are so self-explanatory that there's really little point, so this is just a 
short list of ones that may give you trouble.  Actually, most of the cheevos 
in this game are very self-explanatory, even the goofy character based 
ones, but here are a few:

Anybody want a Soda?
- As Dennis Nedry, throw a soda can at another character.
Note: You cannot actually target the other free play character, so it has 
 to be some human in the area that you can target with X, like an InGen 
 guy in "InGen Arrival" or a guard in "San Diego".

Clever Goal
- As a Velociraptor, score a goal in the Jurassic World Petting Zoo.
Note: Go to the petting zoo in the Eastern Boardwalk and you'll find a 
 soccer ball.  Walk it over to the goal as a raptor three times.

The Human Piece Of Toast
- Give Timmy a shock
Note: Set one character as Timmy and the other as, say, Jophery.  Have 
 Jophery attack with his stun rod and eventually he'll zap with it.

10A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2015 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
Give me some credit.

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the LEGO Jurassic guides, but, 
trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites 
that I trust.

10B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
- Make sure it has something to do with LEGO Jurassic.  I don't want spam, 
chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you want, 
- Make sure you say LEGO Jurassic at one point in your e-mail.  I have more 
than one LEGO FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I beat the 
last level?" doesn't tell me much.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile.

10C. Credits =

CJayC, SBAllen, and all respective webmasters for having this on their sites.

Michael Crichton for creating this universe and Steven Spielberg for bringing 
it to life on the big screen, as well as all cast and crew involved in the 

10D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - 7/12/2015 - Sorry this took so long.  Life and stuff, y'know.

10E. The Final Word =

Good entry.  I like the fact that you get dinos, even if what you can do 
with them is relatively limited.  Only thing I didn't like was that the 
combination of movie dialogue and original dialogue was a bit jarring.

At this point, I'd like to announce that I will NOT be doing a LEGO 
Dimensions guide.  Sorry, but I just don't have the money to sink into all 
the items required to completely cover all that the game will have to offer.

But I will see you all for LEGO Avengers coming out this holiday, so look 
forward to it!

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