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Version 1.2  9/28/15                ////     \\\\
                                   ////       \\\\
                                  ////         \\\\
                                    /      \     \
                                   /        \     \
                           ______ |   @@@@@  | @@@ |
                     __   /      \|   @@@@@  | @@@ |
                    /  \ /       /|   @@@@@  | @@@ |___
          __       /    /       /  \        /     /    \
         /  \     /    /       /    \______/_____/      \
        |    \   |     |      /                          \
        |     \__|     |     /                            |
   _____|              |____/                             |
  /      \____________/          |\_______________/|     /
 /             _____             \                 /    /
|             |_____|             \               /    /
|                                  \             /    |
|      ___                          \___________/     |
|     /   \                                           |
|___ /     \                                 __________\
    |       |              _________________/           |
    |       |           __/___                          |
    |       |__        /      \              __________/
     \     /   \_____ /        \____________/   |     |
      \___/          |          |               |     |
                     |          |                \___/
                     |          |
                      \        /

Putt-Putt Enters the Race
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer ([email protected])
Copyright 2015

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Item Locations
004.  Walkthrough
005.  Credits

001.  General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Putt-Putt Enters 
the Race. To contact me about this guide, use my email 
address, [email protected] Alternately, you 
can send me a message directly on GameFAQs.

002.  Video Walkthrough

Do you want to see a video of how to beat the game, rather 
than read how to do it? You're in luck! I made a video 
walkthrough for this game, which can be found here:


The videos come complete with my live commentary.

003.  Item Locations

Putt-Putt's goal in this game is to collect four different 
items. Three of the item locations are randomized.

The helmet is either on the cat at Mr. Fender Bender's, or 
at the construction site. If it is at the construction 
site, play a round of the nail game to receive it. If it is 
at Mr. Fender Bender's, you must call 911 near the burning 
gazebo. Then, get a ladder from the fire station. Then, use 
the ladder on Mr. Fender Bender's tree to get the helmet.

The gas can is either at the recycling center or Mrs. 
Airbag's. To get it from the recycling center, do the 
sorting challenge. To get it from Mrs. Airbag's, talk to 
Betsy Bulldozer at the construction site. She wants a 
milkshake. Get a milkshake from the drive-in and give it to 
Betsy for a shovel. Use the shovel to dig in Mrs. Airbag's 
backyard. Dig up four hubcaps to get the gas can.

The flag is either with Outback Al or with Mr. Fender 
Bender. If it is with Mr. Fender Bender, you need to get 
milk from the drive-in. You also need to get a free brick 
from the construction site. Use the milk on the cat and the 
brick on the house, to get the flag. If the flag is with 
Outback Al, you need to look in a library book to learn 
what kind of food his animal likes. Get that food from the 
farm and give it to the animal for the flag.

004.  Walkthrough

The game begins with Putt-Putt getting a letter about the 
big race. Hot ziggety! Head to town. Uh oh! An animal is in 
the way! Use Pep on the animal to scare it away.

Red Line Rick tells Putt-Putt that he needs four things to 
enter the race. These items are gasoline, a helmet, a flag 
and tires.

Leave the race area and go to town. This first part of town 
has six places you can go to.

1. Cartown Color. For three coins, you can get Putt-Putt 
turned into a different color!

2. Carwash. For two coins, you can get Putt-Putt cleaned!

3. Gas Station. When you find a gas can, go here to get the 
special fuel for the race!

4. Baldini's Grocery Store. Mr. Baldini needs some help! 
Click on his help wanted sign, and he says that there are 
three items he needs. If you go to the farm and collect all 
these items, you can return them to Mr. Baldini in exchange 
for two coins.

5. Fire House. Smokey the Fire Engine lives here. He 
sometimes has a ladder leaning against the wall of the 
station. If you have earned a fire marshal badge (for 
reporting a fire at the gazebo), you can get the ladder 
from Smokey.

6. Toy Store. You can go into the toy store to get free 
batteries! There is also a pachinko game that you can play 

The dirt road leads to the north leads to the second part 
of town. On this road, you see Chuck. He owns the tire 
place. Sadly, he has a hole in his tire! Talk to Chuck, and 
he asks you to get a repair kit from his business. The hole 
in his tire is either a triangle or a square.

The second part of town has only four locations, but two 
pathways. The top pathway leads to the gazebo and farm 
area, while the left pathway leads to the construction 

The four locations in this part of town are...

1. Mr. Fender Bender's house. Mr. Fender Bender's cat Bonzo 
has probably gotten into some trouble here! If the cat is 
in a tree, you will need to get the ladder from the fire 
house to get him down. This gets you a helmet. If the cat 
is trapped under the house, you will need milk from the 
drive-in to lure him out. After luring him out, use a brick 
on the house to get the flag.

2. Mrs. Airbag. Sometimes, the Airbag family dog has dug 
four hubcaps in the backyard. That's not good! You need a 
shovel to dig up the hubcaps. To get a shovel, get a 
milkshake from the drive-in. Then, give it to Betsy the 
Bulldozer at the construction zone. She gives you her 
shovel. Return to Mrs. Airbag's house, then go in the 
backyard. Dig everywhere until you find the hubcaps. The 
dog barks when you are close to a hubcap, but I personally 
did not find this to be an accurate way to discover their 
locations. Once you dig up all the hubcaps, you get a gas 

3. Outback Al's. Outback Al has an animal here. You can go 
to the library and look up what kind of the food the animal 
likes. Depending on what type of food you're looking for, 
you can get the animal's food from the farm, the grocery 
store or the drive-in. If Outback Al has a flag for you, 
you must feed the animal in exchange for the flag.

4. The Library. At the library, you can look up information 
about animals. You can also use the scissors on the left to 
cut a patch for Chuck's tire kit. You can also use the 
numbers to stamp a number on your flag.

As said earlier, the top pathway leads to the gazebo and 
farm area. If the gazebo is on fire, use the pay phone here 
to call 911. This gets you a fire marshal badge. You can 
also get a coin here, by checking the coin slot of the pay 

Farther down the road is a one-way tunnel. You must use 
Putt-Putt's horn, before entering the tunnel. The tunnel is 
dark inside.

The other side of the tunnel leads to the farm, where you 
can get a flashlight. Take up the flashlight. Use batteries 
(from the toy store) on the flashlight, so it works. Then, 
go back in the tunnel. Use the flashlight in order to find 
a crane.

On the farm, you can either talk to the farmer or go right 
to a vegetable maze. In the maze, you can find food for 
Outback Al's animals and/or Mr. Baldini's grocery store.

The construction zone has two parts. On the inside part, 
you can meet Betsy Bulldozer. If Mrs. Airbag's dog has 
buried hubcaps, you can give Betsy a milkshake in exchange 
for her shovel. Also in the inside part, you can do a 
hammering game. If Mr. Fender Bender's cat is NOT in a 
tree, then you get a helmet for doing the hammering game, 
and you can get a brick from this location.

The outside part of the construction zone has Pete Crane. 
If you have gotten the crane hook, from inside the tunnel 
by the farm, you can give him the hook. This clears the 
pathway to the final part of the town.

The final part of town has three locations.

1. Drive-in. You can get free milk and milkshakes here. 
Sometimes, you need a milkshake for Betsy, and sometimes, 
you need milk for animals like Outback Al's pet or Mr. 
Fender Bender's cat.

2. The Auto Store. This is where you can get a tire patch 
for Chuck. You'll have to cut the patch in the correct 
shape at the library, after getting the patch. Then, give 
the patch to Chuck. He will return to the auto store, where 
he will sell Putt-Putt a set of fancy tires in exchange for 
four coins.

3. Recycling Center. Glass bottles appear randomly, all 
over town. Pick up as many as you can find! For every three 
bottles you put into the recycling machine, you get a free 
coin. Also, Mr. Crankcase is here. He lets you do a sorting 
puzzle. Sort all the items to solve the puzzle. If Mrs. 
Airbag's dog has NOT buried hubcaps, you will get a gas can 
from solving the sorting puzzle.


Once you find all four items, Putt-Putt returns to the race 
track where he enters the race! In the race, move your 
mouse left and right to guide Putt-Putt. There is no way to 
change Putt-Putt's speed in the race. Try your best to 
avoid potholes, oil spills and ducks. If you're lucky, 
you'll win the race! You can always do the race over again, 
if you happen to lose.

The game has two endings: one if you win the race, and one 
if you lose. 

005.  Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2015.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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