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    ++*   +*    +*      +*  +*   ++*   +*    +*   +*   +*    +++*
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            |                                      |
            |             Azure Dreams             |
            |               FAQ v3.0               |
            |          -=Final Version=-           |
            |        Updated on: 06/23/99          |
            |                                      |
            |     Billy Sauls ([email protected])     |
            |                                      |
            |  This FAQ is dedicated to my sweet   |
            |  fiancé Jenny Farley.  I love you.   |
            |                                      |
            |                 NOTE                 |
            | When e-mailing me about the game or  |
            |  this FAQ, please put Azure Dreams   |
            |    somewhere in the SUBJECT line.    |
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|:::::::::::::::R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y::::::::::::::::::|

...........................=*= v3.0 =*=..........................
NOTE:  To keep from repeating myself a bunch, just look at the
credits for a fully detailed description of what was added and
which section it is in.
- The FAQ doesn't deserve a 3.0, only a 2.5 really, but what the
  heck does it matter, at least you'll know 3.0 was the last
  one :)
- Check out the new section 10 for some nice info about this FAQ.
- Decided to make this my final version, unless something really
  needs updating in it.  Why you wonder?  See section 10 :)
- Section 1.D Added (Frequently Asked Questions/Rumors)
- Sections 5.I and 6.E added (Tricks and Tips)
- Item replication trick!!! And get any egg trick! (Section 4.G)

...........................=*= v2.4 =*=..........................
- This will probably be my last update for a while (unless
  something really good crosses my path) because I will soon
  attempt an FAQ on "Legend of Lagaia".
- Reformat again.  I'm trying to make it a little bit easier to
  read and navigate for all my readers.  Without you guys, this
  wouldn't be a good FAQ :)
- Removed Section 10 because I never had any plans anymore.
- Rust Proof Trait and Holy Sword revealed!!
- Corrected the familiar amount on each Hut Expansion.
- I've realzied a lot of you guys don't have a book since I've
  recieved a lot of questions about controls of the game.  The
  1.  GETTING STARTED section has been updated to fit this.
- Added section 1.C to help those of you who need to have backup
- A new (possible) bug added.
- Contrary to what I hear about my Fur strategy, it worked for
  me (just tried it), so I have no clue if it doesn't for you.

...........................=*= v2.3 =*=..........................
- Added the NEW "items in the safe" trick.  It REALLY seems to
  work also.  Thank Tony Fernandez for it.  This is the only
  reason v2.3 was released with so little of an update.  See
  the new SECTION 4.G Tricks and Tips.
- Added a new programming bug and a possible solution to some
  or all of them.
- Added the Sleep Herb, something new of Dark Sword, and a new
  assumption about the Tovar Seeds.

...........................=*= v2.2 =*=..........................
- A few corrections and filling in of my unknown data.  Check
  the Credits section for information on what was updated.
- I realized I didn't have a Monster Egg section for the items.
  So I added one.
- Added alternate Cherll (for those of you who didn't remain
  anonymous) and Vivian strategies.
- For those of you who want a quick way to get stuff from a
  Barnog, check out the updated Barong Strategy section.
- Added a FAQ section on the Familiar magic to clear up some
  things that are confusing.
- Added a FAQ section on the Familiar fusing to clear up some
  things that are confusing.

...........................=*= v2.1 =*=..........................
- Monster book is finally done.  It includes an opinion on each,
  each monster's starting stats, and the story about each one
  in the monster book.  Enjoy.
- I dared to spell check it :)

..........................=*= v2.01 =*=..........................
- Very quick update.  I forgot to finish Mia's strategy on the
  girls section.  That's all.

...........................=*= v2.0 =*=..........................
- I changed it around totally, so this is pretty much a brand
  new FAQ.  I'm not going to list all the changes, so just
  act like you never even read my last version (if you have
  read it that is).
- Line width is now set to a max 65, and the FAQ has been
  reformatted to fit it.
- I had a few bad words in there, but hopefully they are
  all gone.  If anyone finds anymore mail me.
- Check for v2.1 every so often, because it shouldn't be
  too long before I finish the monster book.

...........................=*= v1.0 =*=..........................
- The first official release.  Kind of remedial because it
  is my very first FAQ.  I will fix it to be better!

|::::::::A U T H O R  N O T E S / I N T R O D U C T I O N:::::::|

At first, I thought Azure Dreams really sucked because the battle
system seemed too hard to use.  On top of this, after I died I
thought the game made me restart all over again every time.
Then, when my only familiar died,I thought he was dead for good

Because of all of this I didn't even play it for two or three
months except for here and there when I got bored.  However, I
always came to the same conclusion; it sucked.  Then, one day
I took some time to play it a little more than usual.  Now, I
know that I was definitely wrong about it sucking :).

This game is now one of my favorites and I can recommend it to
anyone for a good 30 hours of play, at least, before you should
become tired of it.

If you are just having trouble playing the game, then you
should just take a look at 1.  GETTING STARTED unless you don't
care to ruin some of the plot and suprises from the game.

I hope you enjoy my FAQ, but there is only one thing that I ask
from you, the reader.  Please don't steal my work and use it in
your own FAQ or something like that.  Just put yourself in my
shoes for a minute; a hard working person trying to help
everyone just a little so he can have a little joy, then all of
the sudden someone steals his stuff, reformats it a little, and
says it's theirs.  Now, how would that make you feel if you were
me and I did that to you?  Please, post it all you want, print
it if you like (it's big I will warn you ahead of time), send it
to sites, just don't claim it is your's.

In closing, let me just say that I'm not perfect.  I'm positive
I didn't write this thing with at least a few mistakes.So, if I
am making a mistake (big or small), please e-mail me.
Contributions are always welcome and enjoyed.  Even your
opinions are very welcome about my work.  If it makes sense,
even though I disagree, I will post it right with what I said
with your name above it.  In my views, just because I don't
agree with it, I shouldn't keep everyone else from choosing what
they think is right.

Thanks for reading and hope this FAQ will be of help.  However,
if you still have questions, just drop me an e-mail at
[email protected]

|::::::::::::::::T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S::::::::::::::::|

     1.A  General Tips
     1.B  Controls
     1.C  Tips On Saving Your Game
     1.D  Frequently Asked Questions (Rumors included!)

     2.A  Gaining Respect
     2.B  Building Buildings And Upgrading Your House
     2.C  Getting Girlfriends

     3.A  Navigating Around
     3.B  Leaving The Tower Alive
     3.C  Traps
     3.D  The Most Dangerous Monsters On Each Floor

     4.A  Edible Items (Fruits, Seeds, and Herbs)
     4.B  Weapons (Swords, Wands, Shields, and Troll Weapons)
     4.C  Useable (Bells, Scrolls, Sands, Crystals, Glasses,
                   and Loupes)
     4.D  Magical (Balls and Eggs)
     4.E  Special/Quest Items
     4.F  Obtaining Rare Items/Barong Guide
     4.G  Tricks and Tips

     5.A  Finding And Raising A Familiar
     5.B  Finding Another Collar (Having Two Familiars Out At
     5.C  Fusing Monsters
     5.D  (Fire)  Page 1 of Monster Book
     5.E  (Water) Page 2 of Monster Book
     5.F  (Wind)  Page 3 of Monster Book
     5.G  (Other) Page 4 of Monster Book
     5.H  Familiar Magic
     5.I  Tricks and Tips

     6.A  Getting A Good Weapon
     6.B  Getting A Good Shield
     6.C  Raising A Good Familiar
     6.D  Keeping Yourself And Familiars Alive
     6.E  Tricks and Tips





|::::::::::::::1.  G E T T I N G  S T A R T E D:::::::::::::::::|

.......................=*=*=The Story=*=*=.......................

A remote, frontier town, its streets powdered with the golden
sands of the desert.  Close by, the massive Monster Tower rising
high into the air.  As the name suggests, this ancient tower is
the lair of monsters ~ hordes of them!

Although the journey is a grueling one, this doesn't deter the
treasure-hunters from coming to the town.  They're driven by
desire ~ a desire to obtain the Monster's treasure, but more than
that, a desire to obtain the precious, rare Monster eggs.  For if
you raise a Monster from an egg it will become accustomed to
humans.  That's why the eggs, or a Monster which has been tamed,
will fetch a high price.

If it's a special Monster it can be sold for an astronomical sum.
The center of the Monster Egg Trade is the bustling town of

In this town there lives a boy whose father was one of the most
skilled Monster Tamers in history.  But while the boy was still
young his father died.  It was left to his mother to bring up the
boy and his younger sister.  They didn't have much money so
everyday living was difficult.  The boy would often think: "If
only I could get one of those eggs, I could sell it for a lot of

The boy had his father's blood running in his veins, and
eventually he began to feel it stirring.  All he could think of
was going in search of the Monster's eggs.  But there was one
problem.  He was not allowed to go into the Tower until he turned
15 ~ the age of adulthood.

The boy couldn't get the idea out of his mind.  He imagined going
into the profound reaches of the Tower where the never before
seen eggs were to be found.  And then, if he could just get ONE
of those eggs...

Now we come to today.  It is the boy's 15th birthday ~ the day he
becomes an adult!


When you start off, an Angle will ask you for your name before
you fall from the heavens on your parents.  After that, a
sequence of events will be shown in which you'll see some of
your childhood and your father disappearing.

Next, it's time to head to the tower.  Along the way, you'll meet
Kenwe, whom happens to be a talking monster.  He'll be your
first familiar and your best one (for a while).

The first time you enter the tower, Kenwe will take you through
a training session.  Be sure to listen and pay close attention,
because this will never happen again unless you re-start.

      |::::::::::::::::1.A  General Tips:::::::::::::::::|

Because the hardest part of this game is starting out, here are a
few tips for those of you who need them.

  1)  At first, you will die very frequently.  This is very
      normal.  However, you may get lucky and find a wind
      crystal (transports you out of the tower), but it isn't
      very likely you will until you start climbing a little
  2)  Every time your familiar and you gain experience, he
      keeps it after leaving the tower, even though you don't.
      So, even with you dieing all the time, his levels are
      going up each time, thus making him stronger.
  3)  When your familiars keep gaining experience, you will be
      able to climb to higher levels with them every time you
  4)  For a free Pita Fruit, always talk to your mom before
      leaving for the tower each morning.
  5)  After you start climbing to higher floors and finding wind
      crystals, try to always find two crystals each visit.
      After you use one to exit, hold onto the other one in your
      safe and take it with you whenever you are carrying any
      items you do not want to loose into the tower.  This works
      great, as you'll soon have a nice, ample supply in your
      safe to use at will.
  6)  The most important thing to remember is, the more you play
      the more addicted you will become.  You'll start to want
      to know what in the world happened to your father and what
      in the world do all those high level monsters look like.

      |::::::::::::::::::1.B  Controls:::::::::::::::::::|

Holding down the Select Button and then pressing and holding down
the Start Button for two seconds will return you to the title
screen.  Note: Any unsaved data will be lost!


L2 Button                        R2 Button
  (Not used)                       (Not used)

L1 Button                        R1 Button
  (Change viewpoint)               (Change viewpoint)
  (Rotate right)                   (Rotate left)

Directional Buttons              Triangle Button
  (Control the character,          (Jump)
   select menu items)

Select Button                    Circle (O) Button
  (Not used)                       (Cancels commands, return to
                                    previous menu, Press and
                                    hold to run.)

Start Button                     X Button
  (To begin game)                  (Choose menu commands)

                                 Square Button
                                   (Opens command menu)

...................=*=*=The Monster Tower=*=*=...................

L1 Button                        R1 Button
  (Change viewpoint)               (Change viewpoint)
  (Rotate right)                   (Rotate left)

Directional Buttons              Circle (O) Button
  (Control the character,          (Cancels commands, return to
   select menu commands)            previous menu)

Select Button                    X Button
  (Displays map)                   (Attack, choose menu commands)

                                 Square Button
                                   (Opens command menu)

...........=*=*=Controls Used In The Monster Tower=*=*=..........

Circle (O) Button (Hold) + Triangle Button
  (Skip your turn)

Circle (O) Button (Hold) + X Button
  (You can grasp an object which is one square away)

Circle (O) Button (Hold) + X Button (when holding an object)
  (You can throw the object you are holding)

Triangle Button (Hold) + Directional Button
  (Alter the direction you are facing without advancing)

Directional Buttons + Circle (O) Button (Hold)
  (If a monster is near you, you cannot run)

Triangle Button (Hold) + R1 Button
  (Adjust map zoom)

Triangle Button (Hold) + R2 Button
  (Change Status gauge display)

Traingle Button (Hold) + L1 Button
  (Adjust camera zoom)

Triangle Button (Hold) + L2 Button
  (Adjust camera tilt)

.................=*=*=Controlling A Familiar=*=*=................

L2 Button                        R2 Button
  (Blue Collar Quick Menu)         (Red Collar Quick Menu)

Quick Menu Commands:

R2 or L2 Button(s) + Directional Buttons
  (You can change the direction in which the familiar faces)

R2 or L2 Button(s) + Circle (O) Button
  (Displays the formation screen)

R2 or L2 Button(s) + X Button
  (Displays the health status)

R2 or L2 Button(s) + Square Button
  (Returns the familiar to the bag)

R2 or L2 Button(s) + Triangle Button
  (Displays the command screen)

      |::::::::::1.C  Tips On Saving Your Game:::::::::::|

A good rule to live by is this one:

Make sure to save often with your mom in one save slot, and use
another for saving in the tower only.

This should be done because once you save in the tower, load it
back up, it is reset to start you back in town without your items
(just as if you had died).  This is a big deal if you had taken
your best items to the tower, saved in the tower, opened it back
up, and then it locked up on you.  If you didn't have that backup
save at town with your mom, you no longer have your good items.

If for some reason you find an item in the tower, here is a way
to back-up that save game (it is quite confusing, so it is listed
step by step) (Thanks to Landstalker):

Note:  It is assumed you are saving in Slot 1 all the time.

  1.  When you are asked to quit after using an elevator say Yes.
  2.  Save the game, then when the Azure Dreams logo appears turn
      off the Playstation.
  3.  Now open the cover of the Playstation (leave the CD in) and
      turn the Playstaion on after the CD stops spinning.
  4.  Now insert another memory card in Slot 2.
  5.  Choose Memory Card from the menu then copy the saved game
      from the card in Slot 1 to the card in Slot 2.  There, now
      you have a back up save.
  6.  Exit the Memory Card screen then remove the card in Slot 2,
      then close the cover of the Playstaion, the game will start
      to load.
  7.  Now you can use the save in the card in Slot 1 to return to
      the tower in the next floor BUT you can only use it once!
      Thats way you have a back-up save in the other memory card,
      just in case the game gets stuck or something.
  8.  If the game then goes wrong, then you can copy the back up
      save from the other memory card to the original card and
      return to the next floor in the tower again!!

Note: Whenever you copy from the original card to the other card
      make sure that you delete the outdated back up save on it
      or else nothing will be copied from the orignal card to the
      other card.

      |:::::::::1.D  Frequently Asked Questions::::::::::|

Question:  !!!The big one first!!!  Can I get married?
Answer:    No matter how many times you try people, you can not
           get married unless you are playing the Japanese
           version.  Azure Dreams has an "E"veryone rating, and
           it's not acceptable in the US to be married at 15,
           which is Koh's age.

Question:  The 8th diamond sucks...Why isn't it a girl?
Answer:    Again, in the Japanese version it was a girl, kinda.
           Actually it was Ghosh whom you could get as a boy-
           friend, but hey the US would kill over that and much
           give it an "E" rating.

Question:  Can I do anything on the 40th floor after when I re-
           visit it.
Answer:    Only hope to God you didn't forget a wind crystal :)

Question:  Is it true you can talk to Guy's Ghost?
Answer:    He'll sometimes appear on floor 39 only and have a
           little chat with you...

Question:  Why can't I build a Gym or Amusement Center?
Answer:    Talk to the people from the side or from behind!  This
           is the only way they will suggest the buildings.

Question:  What is so special about his "Training Wand" thing?
Answer:    Well, consider this.  It doesn't rust, does killer
           mixture magic, and is the only wand that can be temp-
           ered with red sands.

Question:  Can you get into Ghosh's house if I beat him 150
Answer:    Not that I know of...I've beaten him well over 150
           times, but never made it to the back of his house :)

|::::::::::::::::::::2.  T H E  T O W N:::::::::::::::::::::::::|

The town is where you'll spend close to no time at first, but
more and more as the game progresses.

You'll later be able to play games and meet girls, but at first
don't worry about it because you need gold from the tower in
order to do all this.

      |:::::::::::::::2.A  Gaining Respect:::::::::::::::|

At first, everyone in town will act like you are just a little
spoiled brat.  Later on, you'll work your status up to being
almost as admired as your dad was.  It takes time to do it all,
but remember to be nice to everyone except Ghosh.

The three ways to get respect are to:
  Build buildings
  Get to a higher level in the tower
  Return the special quest items

A good point to start trying to get girls (except of Selfi,
because you see her in the tower all the time) is after you've
built the temple upgrade.

      |:2.B  Building Buildings And Upgrading Your House:|

To gain respect (and easy ways to get gold), you have to start
building some places.  I've listed them in order from what
I felt was most important, to least important.


Cost:          4000g
Suggested by:  Your Mom
Purpose:       Gain respect and get new building ideas from
               Jorda in the future.

The temple should be built first because it is cheap and it
will give you enough respect to start finding some girls. Also,
it is the only way to get a Casino later.

.....................=*=*=House Expand=*=*=......................

Cost:          6000g
Suggested by:  No One
Purpose:       More room for furniture and safe now holds 30

This should be the first thing on your mind to build, because
you need the extra items in your safe at home.

......................=*=*=Hut Expand=*=*=.......................

Cost:          4000g
Suggested by:  No One
Purpose:       Room for 9 familiars (3 x 3)

You may not need this yet, but you will later.  When you start
climbing to higher floors, you'll find a lot of eggs along the

.....................=*=*=Hut Expand 2=*=*=......................

Cost:          6000g
Suggested by:  No One
Purpose:       Room for 16 familiars (4 x 4)

Since this expansion is still cheap, go ahead and build it.
You will need it later.

....................=*=*=Racing Circuit=*=*=.....................

Cost:          30000g
Suggested by:  Silver (guy who lives in the NW corner of town
               and has Nyuels in his house)
Purpose:       Race on Nyuels

This will be your first way of gaining gold.  Look at the odds
of winning and bet on the highest numbers (excluding the ones
involving Jockey 1, because that is you).  When you make your
bet, go out and just loose the race.  Hopefully the two you
bet on will win.

Another way to make sure of it is to try and get in front of
the other Jockey that you didn't bet on.  This will make him
and yourself loose the race for sure.  The only downfall to
doing this, is that sometimes you get in front of the wrong

You can earn up to 60000g from this place each race.


Cost:          2000g
Suggested by:  Nico (she will take donations for it)
Purpose:       Become more "cultured".  (Win over Nico)

You may not be able to do this yet, but do it as soon as you
can.  Unless you don't want Nico as a girlfriend.


Cost:          8000g
Suggested by:  Dr. Hal (Lives in NE corner of town in a house
               with a bunch of books)
Purpose:       Meet Mia.

You will have to talk to Dr. Hal several times before he asks
you to build it.  Don't worry about it if you don't want to
meet Mia.

.....................=*=*=Bowling Alley=*=*=.....................

Cost:          40000g
Suggested by:  Jorda (after you build his temple upgrade)
Purpose:       You can bowl.

Bowling is "ok", but I don't' care for it.  Just build this
mainly so you can build a Casino.  And try it out, because
you may like it.

                    :::Quote of Mike Davis:::
  If you don't like the bowling alley don't get it.  When Jorda
  suggests it, go to the tower, come back, and he should suggest the
  casino (if not try again).  Without buying the alley.


Cost:          4000g
Suggested by:  The doctor in the Western side of town.
Purpose:       Meet Cherrl

If you don't want to meet Cherrl or are no were near making
it to the 28th floor, don't worry about this yet.


Cost:          8000g
Suggested by:  Fon (the guy outside the carpenters house)
Purpose:       Do stand-up comedy and watch Vivian dance.

I don't like stand-up comedy, so here are the answers:

O, X, O, O, X, O, O, O, X, X, O, X, O

I wouldn't even build it if you don't care about meeting


Cost:          100000g
Suggested by:  Jorda (after you build the Bowling Alley)
Purpose:       Gamble, gamble, gamble

This is where you win the money at.  Once you build this
thing, don't worry about money ever again.  Just practice on
the slot machine until you get its timing down a little.  After
that, just keep trying for lucky 7s.  Here is a list of what
you get for lining each one up:

   Picket Face  - 3 Copper (300g)
   Pulunpa      - 9 Copper (900g)
   Troll        - 12 Copper (1200g)
   Dog With Hat - 1 Silver & 14 Copper (2400g)
   Kiwi         - 5 Silver & 10 Copper (6000g)
   Bell         - 15 Silver (15000g)
   7s           - 5 Gold & 10 Silver (60000g)

The roulette game isn't that fun, but it is an easy way to win
2x your money if you can play it good.  I prefer the slot
machine though.

.....................=*=*=Hut Expand 3=*=*=......................

Cost:          20000g
Suggested by:  No One
Purpose:       Room for 36 familiars (6 x 6)

If you haven't already done this out of necessity, do it now.
You will need the room.

...............=*=*=House Expand 2 (optional)=*=*=...............

Cost:          60000g
Suggested by:  No One
Purpose:       More room for furniture, multiple girls at once,
               and the safe now holds 60 items.

This one is totally optional.  I personally wish I didn't build
it because more than one girls at once is annoying every
morning because they ALL have to kiss you good-bye.  If you
like furniture, do it.  It holds a lot more.

................=*=*=Hut Expand 4 (optional)=*=*=................

Cost:          60000g
Suggested by:  No One
Purpose:       Room for 64 familiars. (8 x 8)

If you don't plan on trying to collect one of every familiar,
don't worry about this.  Otherwise, you'll have to have it
because there are lots of familiars out there to find.

...................=*=*=Amusement Center=*=*=....................

Cost:          30000g
Suggested by:  Carpenter's assistant (He don't suggest it
               until later in the game)
Purpose:       Play a few games with no prizes.

There is a mole hitting game and a batting game.  They could
be fun, but I don't think so.  Definately better than a gym


Cost:          30000g
Suggested by:  Barry The Blacksmith (He don't suggest it until
               later in the game)
Purpose:       Weight lifting contest (more like weight

This place is pretty much useless.  You don't win anything for
tossing weights back and forth and it isn't that fun.  Don't
build it unless you have extra gold.

....................=*=*=Swimming Pool=*=*=......................

Opened by:  Find the water medal on floor 25 and give it to the
            guy who runs the pool.
Purpose:    To see your girlfriends in bathing suits.

Plain and simple, the pool is just to see your girlfriends in
bathing suits.  Unless you like swimming around the pool for
no apparent reason.

..................=*=*=Octopus Ball Stand=*=*=..................

Opened :    It opens up after you return Guru's Pot
Purpose:    To buy Octopus Balls

They will restore HPs in the tower and everyone will eat them
if you give them to someone.  Fur loves them, so if you want
her as a girlfriend, be sure to give these to her.

....................=*=*=T-shirt Stand=*=*=......................

Opened :    I think it opens when you reach level 20 or 25 in
            the tower.
Purpose:    Just to know that people like you enough to buy a
            T-shirt with your face on it.

You can't do anything here, I just thought it was neat that
people liked you this much.

      |:::::::::::::2.C  Getting Girlfriends:::::::::::::|

Girls are a cool feature of this game.  There are 7 you can get
along your adventure.  Each one occupies one of the 8 ? marks
in your save game.  The 8th you will get when you beat the
game.  I've numbered the steps you need to take.

I'm writing these from memory, so correct me if I'm wrong.


Your childhood friend.  She'll wake you up every morning with a
smack to the head until you win her over or get another

1.  Whenever she starts taking donations for the fountain,
    donate 1000g twice.
2.  After it is built, she'll go for Ghosh because he talks
    about culture.
3.  After a little while longer, a person in a green hood &
    cape will be at the fountain, ask him to play some music.
4.  Ghosh will try to drive him away because he is ruining the
    fountain, so protect him.
5.  Nico will finally realize you are cultured after all and
    starts to love you.

......................=*=*=Fur Gots=*=*=.........................

She runs the general store in town.  She likes the finer things
in life and constantly wants money.

1.  Buy some furniture from her store.  I suggest something fun
    like an Aura Bike.
2.  After a while, Ghosh will be there trying to impress Fur.
    She will then get annoyed and embarrass him.
3.  Talk to her and choose the option to forget it and she'll
    act mean towards you.
4.  The next day, go around the side of the counter to talk to
    her.  Choose the option saying you don't like her anymore
    and tell her it's because you hurt me.
5.  She'll feel sorry (and probably realize you have lots of
    money) and start to love you.

-Alternative Strategy-
Instead of telling her 'forget it' and then that you don't like
her any more, you can choose one of the others, get thrown out
of her store, and then come back, acting as though nothing
happened. She'll ask you about it. Just act casual, but nice
and she'll start to love you in just the same way.

.....................=*=*=Selfi Rhodes=*=*=......................

She is Ghosh's younger sister, whom he doesn't want talking to
you.  She seems a little spoiled, but her true feelings will
show later on.

1.  Sometimes in the tower you'll see Selfi instead of Ghosh.
    When you do, always make her feel good by answering yes or
    tell her it's true, no matter how dumb the question.
2.  One day you'll save her from a Pulunpa monster, then she'll
    run off like usual.
3.  On another visit, she'll save you from a U-Boat (how did she
    manage to kill a U-Boat, but not a Pulunpa?).
4.  Visit her back in town and she'll ask why she would risk her
    life for Koh.  Tell her it's because she loves you and then
    she will laugh and run off.
5.  The next time you come back to town, she'll ask the same
    thing, and you should answer the same.  She will then
    realize that she does love you.

......................=*=*=Patty Pan=*=*=........................

Patty is the restaurant owner's daughter, whom enjoys cooking.
She thinks it is the only thing she does good.

1.  Try to order everything on the menu at least once.  You'll
    know if it is something new, because Koh will describe each
    item the first time you order it.
2.  One day you'll come in and Patty will say the restaurant is
    closed.  Accept her offer to fix you a dish of something.
    Order what you'd like and tell her it is good.
3.  The next day when you go in, Patty asks you not to tell any-
    one about the other day.  Ghosh overhears and then insults
    Patty.  Tell Patty it's your and her secret. Order Shining
    Prawn (her specialty).
4.  The next visit, Ghosh will insult her again and she'll want
    to prepare your order.  Answer yes, and order Shining Prawn
    again.  Ghosh will walk out without paying.  Tell Patty he
    left when she comes back, and that the food looks good.
5.  The next visit Ghosh will want Patty to fix him something,
    but she refuses.  She now knows she loves you.


Vivian looks like the more mature type.  She dreams of nothing
more than being a dancer.

Note:  You need a Casino and Theater built

1.  Get the Blue Cloak on Floor 20 and enter the bar with it in
    your inventory.  The bar owner closes the bar because she
    thinks she has no reason to keep it open.
2.  Keep visiting until one day you can get something to drink.
    You will humor the bar owner, and she'll re-open.
3.  When you come back, you'll see Vivian dancing on stage.
    Talk to her for a while until one day she isn't there
    when you come in.
4.  Go to the Casino and she'll be there.  Talk with her.
5.  Keep visiting the theater until you see her dancing on the
    stage when you enter.  Choose the 1st option, then the 2nd.
6.  Then, one time you will see her without the group.  Talk to
    her to try to cheer her up, and then ask to take a walk with
    her.  Along the way Ghosh will appear and talk.  Ask her to
    dance at the bar and (for the only time) be nice to Ghosh
    and ask him to join you.
7.  Vivian then dances and you agree with Ghosh and then agree
    it's not so bad.  You and Ghosh have a small bonding moment.
    Vivian then decides she wants to dance at the theater.
8.  The next day at the Theater, Vivian will be dancing like she
    was except this time she won't make a mistake.  Talk to her
    and tell her she did great and tell her you look forward to
    her next show.  Ghosh will show up and give Vivian flowers.
9.  Visit two more times to see her move up a row each time.
10. Talk to her after she makes it to the front row and she'll
    now be yours.

......................=*=*=Mia Myria=*=*=........................

She likes to read and will become very easily obsessed with you.
Take her to the pool is all I have to say about this girl.

Note:  You need a Library built

1.  Keep visiting her in the library and talking to her.  Make
    sure to act like you like hearing her mumble over and over.
2.  One day Ghosh will come in and knock her over then insult
    her.  Pick up her glasses and talk to her.  You get a
    small glimpse of what she really looks like.  Then she is
    mad and mumbles some more.
3.  Come and talk to her again and choose the 2nd option both
4.  The next time you come in she should ask you to go to the
    pool with her.  Agree and you'll see what she looks like
    without her glasses.  A big improvement.  Ghosh will then
    show up and ruin it, she leaves.  Get dressed and go to the
    library and talk with her.
5.  Keep talking to her every time you exit the tower, until one
    day she won't be in the library.  Then keep exiting and
    entering (you'll notice she'll be on the right side and then
    just run away) until you catch her.  Then ask why she is
    following you and tell her it's not okay.  You now know she
    loves you, have fun (too bad she has to wear those stupid
    glasses all the time).

.....................=*=*=Cherrl Child=*=*=......................

This one is my favorite, I guess because I felt sorry for her.
She is very sick and can't do much without getting tired.

Note:  You need an upgraded Hospital built

1.  Walk by her house (it's behind the hospital) and you'll see
    a bear flying out the window.  Pick it up and return it.
2.  She'll talk with you some.  Talk with her mom.  Now, visit
    her frequently.
3.  One day, she'll ask you to go for a walk.  Ghosh shows up
    and she faints.  You then take her to the hospital.
4.  The next visit, Cherrl's mom has to go out and asks you to
    look after Cherrl.  Agree to do so and talk to Cherrl.
5.  Get the Healing Herb off Floor 28 and bring it to the
    doctor.  Make sure you ask him to remain anonymous.
6.  After some time, Cherrl finally returns home from the
    hospital and tells you she wants to become a nurse.  Tell
    her she should do it.
7.  Visit her at the hospital until one day when she is off
    getting supplies for the doctor.  Talk to him about Cherrl,
    and then of course Cherrl happens to hear everything and
    now knows that it was you that got the herb.
8.  She'll then wake you up the next morning, but you will need
    to visit the Hospital to see Cherrl before she falls in love
    with you.

-Alternative Strategy-
Instead of remaining anonymous (or if you accidentally didn't)
Cherll will stay home and start making a Koh doll.  She'll give
you one and try to sell them.  To make her love you just keep
visiting her frequently.

|:::::::::::::::::::3.  T H E  T O W E R::::::::::::::::::::::::|

The tower is where you will spend most of your adventure.  Be
careful, because it isn't an easy track to the top.

      |::::::::::::::3.A  Navigating Around::::::::::::::|

The biggest thing people don't know is that getting to a higher
floor takes time; finding a good familiar takes time; and of
course making it to the very top takes a lot of time.

Remember that making it to a high floor isn't worth dying for,
so don't try to take on something you can't handle.  If you
get into a situation you can't handle and you have a wind
crystal, don't take a chance.  Use it!  I've lost many good
items that way, when I could have had them with me if I had
just used that wind crystal instead of being brave.

To go up a floor, just look for the elevator (sometimes a level
will have 2 of them, but either will take you to the same
place).  It's a green dot on your map and a green dot on the
ground.  I recommend you find all the items on the level before
you move up one, because even on Floor 1 there can be some
great items.

      |:::::::::::3.B  Leaving The Tower Alive:::::::::::|

There are two ways to leave the tower, other than getting
killed.  One way, and the best way, is to find a wind
crystal.  Use it anytime for immediate transportation
back to town.

The second way is to use an Oleem fruit on one of your familiars.
Use this only as a LAST resort, because once you give them one,
you'll never see that familiar again.  If you have one that
you hatched in the tower, this is great though because once you
leave you won't see it again anyways.

      |::::::::::::::::::::3.C  Traps::::::::::::::::::::|

Traps are certain tiles on a Floor that will react certain ways
when stepped on.  You, your familiar, or an enemy monster can
activate a trap.

Name          Description

Bomb          4-way damage that destroys any items it hits
Slam          Drops a large spiked ball on the target for medium
                to low damage
Poison        Causes target to have a poison status
Blinder       Causes target to have blind status
Chaos         Causes target to become confused
Prison        Causes target to become paralyzed
Sleep         Induces sleep on the target
Slow          Causes target to slow to half speed
Seal          Makes target unable to use magic
Frog          Turns target into a frog
Reversal      Flips the room upside down
Rust          Weakens (adds -1) to equipment, unless it is rust
Bump          Wakes up any sleeping enemies in the
Crack         Causes a certain area of the floor to do random
Upheaval      Causes a certain area of the floor to do random
Warp          Warps target to a random room on that floor
Go Up         Sends the target to the next level up
Monster Den   Drops a huge amount of monsters into a room when
                you walk in.  Kiss your butt good-bye on higher

      |::3.D  The Most Dangerous Monsters On Each Floor::|

Along your journey, there are plenty of monsters waiting to
kill you.  Here is a list of the most dangerous on each floor.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 1 - 2=*=*=....................
Troll - These guys are pretty strong against a brand new
        monster tamer.  Make sure you fight with your
        familiar by your side until you get a sword and a
Ghosh - This guy is annoying.  He'll be hard until you get
        a descent sword and shield.  Then beat him for a free
        Medicinal Herb and sometime a Wind Crystal.

.......................=*=*=Floor(s) 3=*=*=......................
Balloon - These guys are hard at first, but once you get past
         level 3 you shouldn't have much problem.

.....................=*=*=Floor(s) 4 - 7=*=*=....................
Blume - This guy isn't so much a threat, but his skill can hurt.
        He will brainwash your familiar and turn it against you.
        Can be deadly if you have a strong familiar.

.....................=*=*=Floor(s) 8 - 9=*=*=....................
U-Boat - This guy will almost always get first attack and will
         hit pretty hard until you get some good equipment.
Clown - These guys are annoying.  They lower your level, but
        also hit for a lot.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 10 - 11=*=*=...................
U-Boat - (see above)
Clown - (see above)
Griffon - Now you will start seeing a strong monster.  These
          guys will kill you quickly unless you take them out.
          They won't be as hard if you put a water familiar up
          against them.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 12 - 13=*=*=...................
Griffon - (see above)
Kraken - These guys are tough.  No matter how strong you are,
         you will always need the help of a familiar when
         battling more than one in a row.  The more damage you
         deal to them, the more they deal in return.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 14 - 15=*=*=...................
Garuda - They will hit hard at first and steal your familiars
         with their abduct ability.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 16 - 17=*=*=...................
Picket - They will almost always hit for 1 damage, but they will
         steal random items from your inventory.  You must find
         them and kill them to get it back.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 18 - 19=*=*=...................
Picket - (see above)
Arachne - These little guys will pack a big amount damage.  They
          have the Double Attack ability, so be prepared for a
          heavy hit from them.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 20 - 21=*=*=...................
Arachne - (see above)
Viper - These guys always hit for a good bit, and will sometimes
        lower your attacking power (even if they miss you!).

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 22 - 23=*=*=...................
Viper - (see above)
Pulunpa - The darker colored ones only.  You'll notice that they
          won't attack you.  If they get close to your familiar
          they will collar jack it.  This just puts your
          familiar back in the bag and your collar is lost until
          you kill the Pulunpa.  This is deadly when facing hard
          monsters and you need your familiar's help.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 24 - 25=*=*=...................
Viper - (see above)
Zu - These guys are pretty strong, but have a paralyze attack
     too.  So, be careful.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 26 - 29=*=*=...................
Zu - (see above)
Naplass - These guys have a fair amount of strength and a lot
          of HP due to their HP Doubled trait.  If you see
          one sleeping, try to kill it ASAP.
Snowman - These guys may be small, but they pack a lot of
          strength and a good bit of HP as well.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 30 - 31=*=*=...................
Naplass - (see above)
Killer - When you see these guys, you know you are around the
         big bad guys.  These guys will kill you in a few hits
Dragon - Just hope you can kill them in one hit, because it
         will only take 2 or 3 at most to kill you.

....................=*=*=Floor(s) 32 - 39=*=*=...................
Killer - (see above)
Dragon - (see above)
Glacier - They will create ice rocks that knock you back and
          have a pretty good defense.
Golem - These guys are bad.  Probably the hardest.
Maximum - If Golem isn't the hardest, these bad boys sure are.

......................=*=*=Floor(s) 40=*=*=......................
The Last Boss - nearly impossible it seems, yet not as hard as
                you think...

|:::::::::::::::::::::::4.  I T E M S:::::::::::::::::::::::::::|

Along your journey, you will run into a lot of items.  Each one
has a practical use, even if they don't look like it.  I've
put a description after the items that I think need further
explaining.  As of now, I've found every item in the game at
least once, but most several times.  It seems like the Dark
Sword, Holy Sword, and Training Wand were really easy to find
after I didn't need them anymore :).  Even still, consider
yourself blessed if you find a Roche Fruit.  I've only seen

You can throw an item (any item with a use, almost) at an enemy,
and it'll take effect on them. For instance: throw a Tumna Fruit
at an enemy, turn it into a frog, and then kill it like that.
Same XP, easier fight. Or an Oleem works well, to get those
pesky ones out of your way. You don't leave the tower, but they

Items that have special uses that are not obviously shown, I
have put a reference to a certain section which explains it's
special use.

NOTE:  * - Denotes rare item.

      |:::::::::::::::::::4.A  Edibles:::::::::::::::::::|

Any food that can be eaten (even with negative effects) will
give your monster back some of it's MP.


Fruits generally deal with monsters, so they work best when you
feed them to your familiars or enemy monsters.

Name        Usage                                      Sell Price

Pita        Restores 50 MP to your monster (see 6.C)           5g
Big Pita    Restores 100 MP to your monster                   10g
Limit       Become angry and raise critical hit %            100g
Laev        MP of user decreases faster                       20g
Leva        Familiar will not change form after               20g
               next fusion
Oleem       Vanishes monster and returns player to           100g
               town (later only if used on your
Tumna       Turns user into a frog                            20g
Leolam      MP will not decrease for a while                 100g
Geropita*   Reduces user's MP to 0                           100g
Roche*      Causes monster to revert back to an egg         5000g


It's pretty pointless to use any seeds on yourself because your
stats reset every time you enter the tower.  Use them on your
familiar or enemy monsters.

Name        Usage                                      Sell Price

Light       Changes genus to fire                            150g
Wind        Changes genus to wind                            150g
Sea         Changes genus to water                           150g
Mahell      Increase speed temporarily                        50g
Lar*        Lowers level                                      50g
Slow*       Decrease speed temporarily                        50g
Hazak       Increases attack power                           500g
Shomuro     Increase defense power                           500g
Mazarr      Increase level                                   200g
Tovar*++    Increase luck                                   1000g

++ The Tovar Seed is a mysterious thing.  It is believed that
it increases your evade % by a lot of people.

                 ::Quote of Patrick Hogg::
...the Tovar seed which increases luck is a very handy
thing to get.  It does just what it says increases your luck.
Your ability to deflect at hit or magic to be inefective, to
find better items, not have traps go off when stepped on and
more powerful eggs.  All that stuff is generated ramdomly with
common items having a greater chance of being generated.  The
rare items after eating a tovar seed have a better chance of
being generated.  Very Handy indeed!!!


These are good to use on yourself or familiar or use them on
enemy monsters.

Name        Usage                                      Sell Price

Wake-up     Wakes up sleeping monster/familiar                20g
Medicinal   Restores HP (see 6.C)                              7g
Roeam       Restores sight when blinded                       20g
Antidote    Restores normal status when poisoned              15g
Antichaos   Unconfuses target                                 20g
Hazak       Recovers weakened attack power                    80g
Cure-all    Recovers all status                              200g
Sleep*      Causes sleep effect                              100g
Shomuro*    Recovers weakened defense power                   80g
Horrey*     Weakens defense                                   10g
Harash*     Weakens attack power                              10g
Toxic*      Causes poison effect                               5g
Paralyze*   Causes paralyze effect                            10g

      |:::::::::::::::::::4.B  Weapons:::::::::::::::::::|


Swords provide raw attack power.  They work pretty good with
mixture magic, but don't have too great of an effect, so
only expect within 15 to 20 points of damage maximum added on to
your normal attack.

Name      Power   Attributes                           Sell Price

Gold        1     Don't rust                                1000g
Copper      2                                                 50g
Iron        3                                                100g
Steel       4                                                150g
Gulfwind    5     Wind genus                                 400g
Blizzard    5     Water genus                                400g
Fire        5     Fire genus                                 400g
Vital       5     Prevents Manovea from splitting            800g
Holy*+++    7     Holy sword with divine protection        10000g
Seraphim    8     Guy's keepsake sword (Appears to          1000g
                    be a plain, normal sword)
Dark*++    10     A cursed sword                           10000g

++Dark Sword - It is known for sure that the curse on the sword
lowers your hit % by a lot, making it hard to hit the enemies.
What is puzzling to me is why some people can sell it for 50,000
and other only for 10,000.  My guess is some of these are
actually Cursed Dark Swords, making them sell for higher.  I
don't know really...

+++Holy Sword - Contrary to what was believed for so long, the
powers of the Holy Sword come out when the sword is at +20.  When
this is accomplished a light blue thing will be created every
time a monster is hit.


Wands have one purpose, mixture magic.  Don't use a wand unless
you plan on using mixture magic with it, because 1 attack
is really low.  However, the exception to this is the Training
Wand which can be tempered.

Name      Power   Attributes                           Sell Price

Wooden      1                                                 10g
Paralyze    1     Randomly paralyzes an enemy when           100g
                    you attack
Seal        1     Randomly seals an enemy's magic            500g
                    enemy's magic when you attack
Scarlet     1     Fire genus                                 150g
Stream      1     Water genus                                150g
Gulf        1     Wind genus                                 150g
Life        1     Gain 1-4 HP when you attack an            1000g
Money++     1     Randomly turns a killed enemy into        1000g
Trained*    1     Can be tempered with red sand             5000g

++Money Wand - goes by current floor: On lower floors it is
copper, mid-floors it is silver, and on higher floors it is


Shields are your only means of defense.  You'll need a good one
if you plan to beat this game.  I recommend Diamond Shield, but
some people like the Mirror Shield.  Either would be fine.

Name      Power  Attributes                            Sell Price

Leather     1    Don't rust                                   30g
Wood        2    Don't rust                                   50g
Mirror      3    Don't rust, sometimes reflects             1000g
Copper      4                                                100g
Iron        5                                                150g
Scorch      5    Fire genus                                  600g
Ice         5    Water genus                                 600g
Earth       5    Wind genus                                  600g
Live        5    Sometimes retaliates when                   600g
                   you are attacked
Steel       6                                                300g
Diamond     7    Don't rust                                 1500g

.....................=*=*=Troll Weapons=*=*=.....................

Troll Weapons should be sold for money, unless you plan on
using a troll familiar.  Trolls aren't that good though.

Name             Attributes                            Sell Price

Hammer                                                      1000g
Sword            Can't be blocked by shields                1000g
Bow Gun          Range weapon                               4000g

      |:::::::::::::::::::4.C  Usables:::::::::::::::::::|


Bells have no real practical use most of the time, but are
great when you have them at the right times.  If you need
item space, I'd just trash them.

Name        Usage                                      Sell Price

Familiar    Calls all familiars back to you                  400g
Holy        Forces enemies out of a room                     100g
Malicious   Increases level of enemy monsters                800g
              (see 6.C)


Scrolls can be good if used correctly.  I never really worried
about them too much myself, but the Holy Scroll is great on
high levels.  However, if your familiar is Brainwashed, they
can still attack you.

Name        Usage                                      Sell Price

Holy        Creates a field around user that                 150g
              prevents enemy attack
Malicious   Causes confusion (throw it at an enemy)          150g
Restore     Revives a fainted familiar                       400g
De-curse    Removes curse from cursed equipment              100g
Trap        Resets all used traps and makes them             400g
              invisible to you
Flat*       Makes a floor terrain all the same               100g
Alchemic*   Turns all items on the current floor              80g
              into gold coins


Sands should be cherished.  Keep your Red and Blue sands in
your safe until you find a good weapon and shield.  White
sands should be used on a ball that you plan to sell, so
that its value increases.

Name        Usage                                      Sell Price

Red         Increase weapon power +1                         100g
Blue        Increase shield power +1                         100g
White       Increase ball uses +1                            100g


Crystals are great.  I recommend picking up any of them until
later in the game when you are really strong.  Save extra wind
crystals in your safe at home.  Fire crystals are good on
lower levels but don't do enough damage on higher ones.  Water
crystals are great to have when you are in the tower.

Name        Usage                                     Sell Price

Wind        Allows you to exit the tower                 200g
Water       Restores collard familiars hp and mp and     400g
              returns status to normal
Fire        Summons a salamander to attack enemies       400g


Glasses should always be picked up.  Use them whenever you
think they'll be handy.

Name        Usage                                     Sell Price

Star        Reveals entire level, including items         50g
Truth       Identifies items in green lettering          100g
              (eggs, weapons, shields, balls)


Loupes are really a waste of space.  Unless you are really
anxious to leave a level quickly, don't bother picking them
up.  However, traps loupes reveal traps that give you 8 EXP when
you disarm them, and if you want to avoid rust traps, these
are the thing to have.

Name        Usage                                     Sell Price

Trap        Reveals location of all traps                100g
Exit        Reveals elevator location of current          50g
Monster     Reveals location of all monsters on           50g
              current level
Treasure    Reveals location of all treasure on           50g
              current level

      |:::::::::::::::::::4.D  Magical:::::::::::::::::::|


Considering this is the only magic you can get in the game for
yourself, balls are neat.  Use them up, but keeping one around
is pretty pointless unless it's an Acid Rain with a lot of

Name        Usage                                     Sell Price
                                                     (0 charges)

Acid Rain  Rain hits all enemies in room for             800g
             heavy water damage
Binding    Lightning causes paralysis                    400g
Blinder    Causes blindness on target                    500g
Poison     Chance of poisoning all enemies in            800g
             current room
Blaze      Mild fire damage                              500g
Fire       Medium fire damage                            300g
Flame      Medium fire damage                            800g
Pillar     Heavy fire damage                            1000g
Ice Rock   Water creates heavy ice barrier               800g
Recovery   Water healing                                 800g
Repel      Water causes magic reflection                 500g
Water      Water creates water barrier                   500g
Sleep      Wind induces sleep                            800g
Weak       Wind causes target to go down 1 level         500g


Eggs are where you'll get your familiars.  You can sell them,
but I wouldn't unless you need space in your monster hut (which
you will if you play it as much as me).

In an emergency you can pick up an egg and throw it at an enemy.
If the egg misses the enemy, it shatters, and nothing happens.
However, if it hits the enemy, it will hatch into the monster,
give the enemy one good SWAT (good, as in lots of damage) and
vanish. Not usually something you want to do, but if you're
about to die, and you have an egg in your inventory, give it
a try. You will loose the egg anyways if you die.

Monster          Egg Price                    Hatched Price

Kewne               N/A                         Can't Sell
Dragon              N/A                           3000g
Kid               15000g                          1000g
Ifrit               N/A                            600g
Flame               600g                            50g
Grineut             N/A                           3890g
Griffon            2000g                           325g
Troll               800g                           200g
Balloon            1000g                           135g
Volcano            1600g                           200g
Barong             8000g                          2600g
Weadog             3000g                           625g
Naplass            7600g                          1400g
Killer             8000g                          1600g
Tyrant            10000g                          2000g
Maximum           35000g                          6400g

Death               N/A                            375g
Clown              1000g                           150g
Univern             N/A                           1250g
Unicorn            3200g                           500g
Metal               N/A                           2000g
Block              4000g                           800g
Noise               600g                            40g
Dreamin            1300g                           150g
Cyclone             800g                            70g
Picket             2400g                           320g
Stealth            3600g                           700g
Zu                 5000g                          1000g
Garuda             2400g                           280g
Golem             23000g                          4000g

Saber               N/A                           3000g
Snowman            6000g                          1200g
Ashra               N/A                           1000g
Arachne            2400g                           400g
Battnel             N/A                            500g
Nyuel              1800g                           200g
Pulunpa             400g                            20g
U-Boat             1200g                           120g
Blume               800g                            80g
Manoeva             800g                           100g
Kraken             2200g                           280g
Viper              4500g                           840g
Mandara            5000g                          1100g
Glacier           12000g                          2000g

Hikewne           50000g                         12500g

It puzzles me how Koh would just sell away something that
they said could destory the world. :)

      |:::::::::::::4.E  Special/Quest Items:::::::::::::|

Special items aren't necessary to get, but play a role in the
story somehow (with the exception of "Meat").

Name        Found From  Usage

Blue Collar  Level 12   Allows 2 familiars at once and allows
Guru's Pot   Level 15   Allows restarting of windmills
Meat         Weadog     It throws them to distract your familiars
                          and will restore mp
Octopus      Stand in
 Dumplings     Town     Restores hp and Fur loves them
Blue Cape    Level 20   The cape of the bar owner's lost lover
Water Medal  Level 25   Allows the pool to re-open (kill the
                          white picket to get it)
Healing Herb Level 28   Heals Cherrl's illness
Ultimate Egg Level 40   Contains the most powerful monster
 Sword       Level 40   Your father's keepsake sword

      |::::::4.F  Obtaining Rare Items/Barong Guide::::::|

Rare items are very rare :).  The rarest seems to be a Roche
fruit, but of course it is the most useful too. Who wouldn't
want to be able to turn any monster they wanted back into an

Most people spend their time walking around just hoping to run
across these items.  Well, I've been in the tower over 150
times, and rare items haven't showed up hardly any!  I've seen
a Dark Sword and Roche Fruit out of all those times.  So, I'll
explain an easier way to come across them.

An easier way than waiting around hoping to find one of these is
to find a monster called Barong.  He is located on floors 16, 26,
and 36, but doesn't always show up.  My advice is to wait around
until an Earthquake happens, because sometimes you'll find 4 or
5 of them in the same level if you get lucky (but, again you
may find 0 in that time).

When you successfully find one, just throw any item you don't
want at it (Put HAVE command in, then press X + Circle) and
he'll spit up a totally new one (85% of the time it is a better
one).  You can do this about 4 or 5 times until his mp is
depleted.  But, if you have any extra herbs just throw it at
him when his mp is gone and bam, he'll have enough mp to spit
up another item.  Repeat this for as many herbs as you have.

If he happens to spit up a Roche fruit (which would be nice),
you could use it on him to have your own Barong.  If you get
one, fuse him with a Cyclone for a MP Consumption Halving, and
make twice the items.  Also, there is more to him than it seems.
He is the only monster in the game with the poison spell and
he also has the trait "Growth Promoted".  From what I can tell,
this trait just gives a massive amount of HPs each level
gained.  I've notice that it gives around 7 to 8 each time.
If you get an extra one of these, fuse it with a Naplass for
some seriously high HPs!

Also, save four of those Manovea eggs for when you get your
Barong.  Take them all and have each transform into Barong
after its MP runs out.  Using this technique, each Manovea will
be able to spit out items until its MP runs out.

Adam Smith sent in a new bug.  You still need a Manoeva though,
but only one this way.  Here is how to do it:

  1)  Get your Barong (or the enemy one) down to 0 MP by
      throwing stuff at it.
  2)  Pull out your Manoeva (at full MP of 70+) and transform
      him into the Barong.
  3)  Throw 4 items at him (Tranformed Manoeva) to get him down
      to 6 MP.
  4)  Put the Manoeva back into your bag to give him back full
  5)  Repeat steps 1-4 as long as you want.  You just have to
      make sure the Manoeva doesn't reach 0 MP or his MP will
      not refill once you put him in the bag.

      |:::::::::::::::4.G  Tricks And Tips:::::::::::::::|

                  ::Quote of Tony Fernandez::
...I recently started playnig the game and was pleasently
[suprized] to the that the more items I had in my safe, the more
of them I will find. It has been the roache fruit that has
gotten half of my familiars and I have three geropitas in my
safe and now I find them practically everywhere.
                       :=My Testings=:
I've tested this and it really seems to work!  The more red
sands I kept in my safe, the more easily I found them in the
tower.  The same for Wind Crystals, and so forth.  Give it a
try.  Keep at least 3 of the item you really like in your
safe, and you'll find it easier.

                    ::Quote of Scott Spencer::
                  ...an egg replicating trick.
Have a Maneova transform into one of your familiars.  Now throw
the Roche Fruit at the Maneova.  It will freeze at first, but
wait for a little bit (30 seconds or so) and the game will
start going again.  At least it does when I play. Your
Maneova should be just as it was before you threw the Fruit
at him, but he will leave behind an egg for whatever type of
creature he was.

                      Item replication trick
Have a Maneova, Picket and a Roche Fruit/ or whatever item you
want to do this with.

  1: Take out Picket and Maneova.
  2: Tell Maneova to tranform into the Picket while you put
     the Roche Fruit on the ground next to the Maneova.
  3: Tell the Maneova to steal the Roche Fruit so it is in his
  4: Go to items selection and select your Maneova, and select
     the return option.
  5: The Roche fruit should still be in his inventory.
  6: Now tell Maneova to transform back into the picket.
  7: Tell Maneova to throw up the Roche fuit onto the ground.
  8: Tell Maneova to return in the items command to make him go
     back to normal.
  9: There is now a Roche Fruit on the ground AND still in
     Maneova's inventory! This is because the game saves Maneova
     when he transforms, so the ony thing you lose when he
     changes back is a mp or 2 for stealing and throwing up.
     Repeat the steps of transforming, throwing up and returning
     until you have plenty of the item. When you're finished,
     go ahead and have the other Picket steal the Roche Fruit.
     This works on any item, even the Ultimate Egg! I have
     5 Hi-Kewnes in my hatchery.  Make sure you treat the
     Ultimate egg like coins, however. If you walk on it, it
     doesn't show up in your inventory. You must pick it up and
     then say put in to get it.  Now with all those Hazak and
     Shomuro seeds, you can make an Ultimate Palunpa.

|:::::::::::::::::::5.  F A M I L I A R S:::::::::::::::::::::::|

Familiars (or your monsters) are the whole purpose of this game.
You raise them and they help you climb the tower.  Hopefully,
you'll eventually find one that you really like.

      |::::::::5.A  Finding And Raising A Familiar:::::::|

Throughout the tower you'll run across eggs.  Each egg will
contain a monster, which you can hatch at any time.  However,
if it you don't hatch it at your home in your monster hut, the
monster will leave you once you exit the tower.  This makes it
impossible to raise a good one by hatching it in the tower.
Thus, the best thing to do is always hatch them in your hut at

At first, you won't be able to find any good eggs.  You will
need to give yourself some time, because you got to face it.
The monsters on lower levels suck, so owning one will suck
too.  Just stick with your Kewne for a while.

Some good monsters to have with you at the beginning are a
Manoeva or Flame.  A Manoeva will be great all through the
game (I personally used one all the way) and a Flame is good
because at level 20, it'll transform.  In my opinion, you should
try to steer clear of Wind Genus monsters, because there are
way too many Fire Genus monsters in the tower to make them
effective.  If you really find one you want, try to give it
a good Magic spell (see below on fusion) and change it to a
Fire or Water Genus.  The best monsters to look out for would
be a Griffon, Naplass, Killer, Dragon, Maximum, Arachne, Block,
or Golem.

      |::::::::::::5.B  Finding Another Collar:::::::::::|

Having two familiars sounds really good, but it's not that great
of a thing.  The only time that it would be good is on the
higher levels when you need the extra help.

Having two out takes away your experience even more, because it
is now divided among 3 things, instead of 1 or 2.  Use two
familiars at once only when you have to.

      |:::::::::::::::5.C  Fusing Monsters:::::::::::::::|

Fusing monsters is a very nice feature of this game.  In order
to fuse you must have two familiars out at once, then choose
fuse under your main menu.  The two monsters being fused will be
on the left and the result will show up on the right.  The only
thing that fusion is good for is making hidden spells available,
transferring spells to another monster, or transferring special

When you fuse, certain rules are followed.  The monster with
on the highest level will always absorb the lower leveled one.
The only exception to this is if the lower leveled has eaten a
Leva fruit, which prevents any monster that eats it from changing
form after it's next fusion.  The resulting genus is just like
the rule for attacking; fire beats wind, water beats fire, and
wind beats water.

The only unusable monster is Hikewne.  Any time you try to fuse
it with any other monster, it will always be absorbed.  I guess
this is because he is already extremely powerful.

Every monster has a magic spell waiting to be unlocked.  To
make it usable, you must fuse some other monster that has no
magic spell available with your original one.  The resulting
monster will have a spell.

If you fuse two monsters that both have spells already, the
resulting monster will have two spells.  However, each monster
can have a maximum of two spells.  When fusing this way, the
spells will keep any levels they have on them.  So, if you were
to feed a Leva fruit to a level 1 monster with a level 1 spell,
and fuse him with a level 20 monster with a level 20 spell, the
resulting monster will be a level 1 monster with a level 1 spell
and a level 20 spell.

Another part of fusion is special traits.  Certain monsters you
will come across contain these and can be passed onto your other
monsters.  However, your other monsters can only have one trait
at a time.  Monsters that already have a special trait can
inherit one to have two traits though.  Also, once that trait
is passed on, you can't fuse the resulting monster with another
and expect to pass it on again.  It won't work.  A good example
would be fusing a level 12 Manoeva with a level 2 Arachne.  The
resulting monster would be a level 12 Manoeva with the Double
Attack trait.  However, if I fused that same level 12 Manoeva
with a level 1 Block, it would result in a level 12 Manoeva with
the Hard trait, and the Double Attack trait would be lost.

A common misunderstanding is about the doubling traits.  Some
people think you must fuse them on a low level, because the
trait only works when you level up.  In reality, as soon as
you inherit the trait, the item(s) are doubled immediately.
So, if you are saving a familiar because you want him to have
double strength, go ahead and level him up some until you
find an Arachne egg (this is just an example).

Here is a chart of traits and the monsters that contain them.
I've included a short description for each, unless of course
I don't know what it does.  Please e-mail me if you know what
one of them does and I don't.

..................=*=*=Fusion Trait Chart=*=*=...................
Monster Name        Trait

Arachne/Ashrua      Attack Doubled
Barong              Growth Promoted
                      (Gives you a bunch of HP each level up)
Block/Metal         Hard
                      (Defense Doubled)
Clown/Death         Magic Increased
                      (All spell levels are doubled)
Cyclone             MP Consumption Reduced
                      (MP used is halved)
Dreamin             Sleep-Proof
Kewne               Unbrainwashable
Killer              Atrocious
                      (Gives 2 STR each level gained)
Kraken              Electric Shock Body
                      (Counter attacks with electric shock when
                       hit doing approximately 1/4 damage of the
Naplass             Hit Points Doubled
Noise               Spell-Proof
Nyuel/Battnel       Poison-Proof
Pickett             Quick
                      (Like eating a Mahell seed, your monster
                       gets 2 turns for each 1 turn other
                       monsters get)
Stealth             Rust-Proof
                      (Good for trolls only.  It keeps their
                       equiped weapons from rusting)
Unicorn/Univern     Blind-Proof
Viper               Attack Lowering Attack
                      (Has a change of lowering attack power with
                       each attack)
Zu                  Paralysis-Proof

Here is some of the best fusion combinations in my opinion.  If
you have any, send them in and I'll put them up here.  Note that
the first mentioned monster should be the resulting one.

Naplass + Dreamin
  Naplass tend to sleep, so fuse them with a Dreamin to make them
  sleep proof.

Killer + Arachne
  Killers are already extremely strong, but fuse it with a
  Arachne for double strength and it will literally kill

Block + Naplass
  Blocks have a double defense, but fuse them with a Naplass to
  give them double hit points and they can walk through a mine
  field it seems.

Block + Arachne (make it water genus)
  This is probably the best combination ever.  At around level 30
  or so, this monster will kill anything in one hit and will not
  receive over 1 damage from anything.

Barong + Cyclone
   Barong and a Cyclone for Reduced MP Consumption so you can
   make twice the items.

Weadog + Picket
   This combination is unique. Instead of wasting two attacks per
   turn when one attack kills a monster, it will only attack
   twice if the first hit is not enough.

Golem + Block
  Might as well. With the talent "Hard", the Golem will actually
  have a higher DEF than the Block and it would have gained
  LoBind anyways.

........=*=*=Frequently Asked Questions About Fusion=*=*=........

Question:  How many traits can each familiar have?
Answer:    Only one.  The only exception is if a famliar already
           has a trait then one may be added.

Question:  If I use an item (Like Hazak Seed gives +1 STR) to
           gain a stat on a monster with a doubling trait for
           that stat will it increase by 2?
Answer:    Yes.

Question:  If I fuse my level xx monster with a stat doubling
           one, will it still gain 2x of the stat it already has?
Answer:    Yes, anytime you fuse a monster with another with the
           2x trait, the resulting monster will gain 2x that stat

Question:  Can I fuse monsters in my hut?
Answer:    Nope, only in the tower when you have two collars.

      |::::::::5.D  (Fire) Page 1 of Monster Book::::::::|

Fire monsters are basically for attacking.  Their magic is made
to inflict damage to the enemy and most of the monsters in this
category are pretty strong.

NOTE:  Transformations take place when your familiar is on level

===1.  Kewne===

Starting Stats:  HP 12   MP 100
                 ATK 6   DEF 6

Magic Spell: Brid (Natural)

Habitat: Monsbaiya

Fusion Traits: Unbrainwashable

Command(s)/Ability: None

  A KEWNE is a dragon which was popular several hundred years
ago for personal protection. However, it became extinct due
to its poor reproductive ability.
  The name comes from their cry that sounds like "KEWNE."

**My Opinion**
Well, not much to be said about this guy.  He will be your
faithful follower no matter what you try to do to him.  He will
be your first monster, so use him until you find what could be
called a better one.

===2.  Dragon===

Starting Stats: (see KID)

Magic Spell: Breath (Natural)

Habitat: Cave

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Eats Metal

  Its fame and strength won the name, "King of the Monsters."
  A wild dragon usually lives deep in a cave.  Its intensely
hot breath and hard scales distinguish it. It is extremely
difficult for a human to raise one.

**My Opinion**
(see KID)

===3.  Kid===

Starting Stats:  HP 12  MP 60
                 ATK 7  DEF 5

Magic Spell: Breath (Natural)

Habitat: Cave

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Eats Metal

  The word "KID" in the Monsbaiya Region means an infant dragon.
Compared to a dragon, a Kid's magical power is weaker.
  Although it can be tamed by the person who hatched its egg,
it is still difficult to raise one since it has a severe temper
and it only eats metals.

**My Opinion**
Contrary to what the game says, this monster is the easiest to
raise and is one of the best in the game.  Fuse this guy with an
Arachne and you got yourself about the best.  You'll NEVER run
out of MP with this guy because all you have to do is feed him
any sword or metal shield, or even some Copper coins to give him
full MP again.

Also, his Stats will level up weirdly.  Sometimes each will
level up by 2 or 3, other times only 1 but instead the rest goes
to his MP which also levels up.  So, if you find one of these
guys, consider yourself lucky :)

===4.  Ifrit===

Starting Stats:  (see FLAME)

Magic Spell: Sled (Natural)

Habitat: Volcanic Crater

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: None

  This is a malevolent deity that fules fire.  It is a spirit of
fire when it obtains a high magical power.
  In its body is a compressed flame, and its punch is said to
melt even steel.  It is highly loyal, absolutely obedient to its
master, but will never listen to others.

**My Opinion**
(see FLAME)

===5.  Flame===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 80
                 ATK 5  DEF 5

Magic Spell: Sled (Natural)

Habitat: Volcanic Crater

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: None

  A kind of a spirit of fire born from sparks.  It is a common
monster which can be spotted anywhere, and is used to build a
fire in the Monsbaiya Region.
  Its appearance looks like a fire dressed in armor.  Its
knight-like appearance represents its loyalty to its master.

**My Opinion**
Well, this guy isn't terrible.  He would make a really nice guy
to have in the beginning if you could just find one.  I only
have been able to find one of these eggs, but if you get
lucky, that would be great.  Use him away until you start
climbing higher and find another better one.

===6.  Grineut===

Starting Stats:  (see GRIFFON)

Magic Spell: Rise (Hidden)

Habitat: Rocky Mountain

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: None

  A GRINEUT is a transformed GRIFFON which has lived with
humans for an extended period of time. It is sometimes called a
  Its wings are metamorphosed into arms, and therefore it cannot
fly anymore.  Still, its strength and courage remain strong.

**My Opinion**

===7.  Griffon===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 80
                 ATK 6  DEF 5

Magic Spell: Rise (Hidden)

Habitat: Rocky Mountain

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: None

  This is a monster that originally lived in nests in a rocky
mountain area.
  It looks down from the top of a cliff for its prey.  It will
dive and attack with its sharp claws even if its prey is several
times larger that itself.  It has both strength and courage.

**My Opinion**
A Griffon seems like a great monster to have, but it could fall
short in the upper floors if you didn't fuse it with an Arachne
or Block.  It has good mixture magic you could use on the upper
floors however without that fusion.

===8.  Troll===

Starting Stats:  HP 6   MP 60
                 ATK 4  DEF 5

Magic Spell: Brid (Hidden)

Habitat: Mountains

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Equips Troll Weapons

  This is a monster, curious about everything, and is very quick
to learn how to use the tools humans use just by observing them.
  However, they can be a threat to travelers going over the

**My Opinion**
Trolls are cute and I wanted one at the beginning, but it didn't
live up to my expectations.  Maybe if you fused it with a
Arachne it would be ok though.

===9.  Balloon===

Starting Stats:  HP 8   MP 70
                 ATK 6  DEF 5

Magic Spell: Breath (Hidden)

Habitat: In the Air

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Fly Command (Flies up to the next floor)

  A monster which floats in the air without its own nest. Its
shape resembles a balloon.
  A balloon-like portion is its exposed lung which enables it to
elevate by inhaling air. It is sturdier than it looks, and is
difficult to be penetrated.

**My Opinion**
Balloons aren't even worth the trouble.  The only reason to keep
them would to transfer their Breath spell to another monster or
if you wanted to try climbing the tower a little faster with
their command.

===10. Volcano===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 80
                 ATK 4  DEF 5

Magic Spell: Sled (Hidden)

Habitat: Volcano

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Create Rock (creates a barrier blocking
                                 the path)

  This monster lives on a volcano in a group.  It is basically
omnivorous, but favors lava.  Once the lava is all consumed,
the entire group moves onto another volcano.
  It excretes the stored lava from its behind to build a nest.
Its temper is violent, and is considered to be dangerous.

**My Opinion**
Volcanos are another one of those monsters that you probably
don't want to even worry about.  Use it for bringing out
hidden spells only, there are better monsters to use.

===11. Barong===

Starting Stats:  HP 6   MP 60
                 ATK 5  DEF 4

Magic Spell: Poison (Hidden)

Habitat: Prairie

Fusion Traits: Growth Promoted (A lot of HP is added each level
                                up instead of only a few)

Command(s)/Ability: Regurgitate Items

  A strange monster consumes any substance, transforms it inside
its body after ingesting enough nutrients, and then vomits out a
new substance.  Its internal constitution is currently unknown.
  It does not live in a pack, and is a loner.

**My Opinion**
This is a MUST have monster.  Consider yourself lucky if you
happen to find one (I found an Egg on floor 18).  With this
monster, throw any item you don't want at it and it will spit
up a completely new one (usually better than what you gave it).
If you find one, be sure to Fuse it with a CYCLONE in order
to give it Half MP Consumption.

===12. Weadog===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 80
                 ATK 6  DEF 5

Magic Spell: Brid (Hidden)

Habitat: Monster Tower

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Throw Meat (throws out some meat that
                                attracts all monsters to it)

  A kind of monster that has been protecting the Monster Tower
since the days of antiquity.  Why it protects the tower is unknown.
  It is skilled in taming other monsters, and is said to be
capable of pacifying even the most atrocious monsters at once.
  Some people say that is a "Servant of the God of Monsters."

**My Opinion**
Don't bother with it.  Unless you like Dogs, this monster is
nothing special.  I guess you could fuse it with something to
make it a little better if you wanted to use it.

===13. Naplass===

Starting Stats:  HP 22  MP 80
                 ATK 6  DEF 6

Magic Spell: Rise (Hidden)

Habitat: Wetland

Fusion Traits: HP Doubled

Command(s)/Ability: Sleep (sleeps to regain HPs)

  This monster loves to nap, and spends most of each day dozing.
It is, however, very sensitive to the slightest noise, and will
attack angrily if it hears a loud noise.
  A NAPLASS deprived of sleep is the most powerful weapon.  It
butts with its head which is harder than steel.

**My Opinion**
If you find one, great.  They will make a good companion on your
journey because they have good stats.  Use it if you manage to
run across one.

===14. Killer===

Starting Stats:  HP 10  MP 60
                 ATK 8  DEF 5

Magic Spell: Sled (Hidden)

Habitat: Tropics

Fusion Traits: Atrocious (Don't know what it does)

Command(s)/Ability: Get Serious (just like eating a limit fruit
                                 I think)

  This monster has a giant axe-like hump on each arm.  The humps
used to be nails in ancient times, but are thought to have
evolved to their present shape to cope with their fighting
nature and environment. It can smack rocks with awesome
destructive power.

**My Opinion**
If you are looking at power, this is your guy.  He has low
defense, but what good is defense if he can kill in one hit :).
Fuse him with an Arachne for a real Killer.

===15. Tyrant===

Starting Stats:  HP 10  MP 70
                 ATK 6  DEF 6

Magic Spell: Rise (Hidden)

Habitat: Desert

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Berserk (It raises his Critical Hit Rate and
                             possibly raises his STR.  It also
                             makes him attack anything, friend
                             or enemy)

  A violent monster also known as a "Desert Ruffian."  It is
extremely greedy, and is quick to jump to any feed given it.
Male TYRANT fight duels over females. Once this monster starts
rampaging, even the most famous tamer cannot stop it.

**My Opinion**
Tyrants seem like they would be a fun monster to have.  Give
them a try before you decide you don't like them.  Just
because they are little doesn't mean they aren't strong.

===16. Maximum===

Starting Stats:  HP 16  MP 80
                 ATK 8  DEF 9

Magic Spell: Breath (Hidden)

Habitat: Monster Tower

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: None

  A MAXIMUM was born in the Monster Tower, the strongest of a
completely new species.
  Since it lives near the top floor of the tower, no one has
seen it in the past except the famous Beastmaster "Guy" from

**My Opinion**
I think the name says it all.  If that's not enough to convince
you this guy is probably the best, his stats go up pretty
rapidly.  Fuse him with something else just for the heck of it
to get his spell, unless you want to fuse him with an Arachne
or Block to boost his stats even more.

      |::::::::5.E  (Water) Page 2 of Monster Book:::::::|

Water monsters tend to be the best fighters, but the only magic
that is useful is DeForth and DeHeal.

NOTE:  Transformations take place when your familiar is on level


Starting Stats:  (see SNOWMAN)

Magic Spell: DeWall (Natural)

Habitat: Snowy Mountain

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Break Obstacle (Will break something laying
                                    in your path like a volcano

  A grown up SNOWMAN is called a SABER.
  Its name comes from its long sword-like canines. The teeth,
however, don't seem to give much edge in hunting prey, and
SABERS mostly use their strength for hunting.

**My Opinion**

===18. Snowman===

Starting Stats:  HP 10  MP 90
                 ATK 5  DEF 5

Magic Spell: DeWall (Natural)

Habitat: Snowy Mountain

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Break Obstacle (Will break something laying
                                    in your path like a volcano

  This monster lives in the coldest and snowiest of mountains.
Its body is covered with hair, protecting it from the cold.
  The monster is easily tamed, but has a tough life force that
allows it to survive in the severe weather condition, as well as
the power of a wild monster.

**My Opinion**
Although when you fight a Snowman in the monster tower, they
seem good, in reality they aren't that great.  I wouldn't even
bother with them unless you are collecting monsters.

===19. Ashra===

Starting Stats:  (see ARACHNE)

Magic Spell: DeMirror (Natural)

Habitat: Water's Edge

Fusion Traits: Attack Doubled

Command(s)/Ability: None

  An ARACHNE metamorphoses into this figure over a long period
of time.
  It has 3 faces and 6 arms, and has a powerful attacking force.
Because of its belligerent nature, it is often worshiped among
warriors as a god of war. It only appears to brave boys.

**My Opinion**

===20. Arachne===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 70
                 ATK 12 DEF 5

Magic Spell: DeMirror (Natural)

Habitat: Water's Edge

Fusion Traits: Attack Doubled

Command(s)/Ability: None

  ARACHNE is a monster which has 8 limbs, resembling a spider.
  At water's edge, a typical habitat of ARACHNES, one can often
see an ARACHNE weaving a spider's web on a tree to hunt prey. It
eats prey that are larger than itself, but seldom attacks

**My Opinion**
This little guy may not look it, but he is extremely strong.
Whenever you fight one you'll see.  His Double Attack trait is
extremely useful, so don't waste him by fusing him with
something not that great.  Although, he himself, is a great
familiar to have if you don't want to fuse him.

===21. Battnel===

Starting Stats:  (see Nyuel)

Magic Spell: DeHeal (Natural)

Habitat: Plain

Fusion Traits: Poison-Proof

Command(s)/Ability: None

  A BATTNEL is a NYUEL raised for battles. Since a NYUEL has
superior adaptability, it will transform into this figure as
long as it keeps fighting. However, as its natural fighting
power is poor, it is difficult to raise one without it being
killed in battle.

**My Opinion**
(see Nyuel)

===22. Nyuel===

Starting Stats:  HP 10  MP 80
                 ATK 4  DEF 5

Magic Spell: DeHeal (Natural)

Habitat: Plain

Fusion Traits: Poison-Proof

Command(s)/Ability: None

  A domestic monster used for traveling through deserts and for
pulling carriages. It is very friendly to people, and even a
wild one is not much of a threat.
  It can adapt to almost any environment, and transforms
differently depending on how it is raised. The monster
represents the personality of its master.

**My Opinion**
Forget it.  This monster isn't worth taking with you.  He won't
live long enough to be useful.  However, if you raise him enough
to be a Battnel, his STR will raise enough to make him a
fighter.  Fuse him with something to give him higher stats.

**John Som's more enlightened opinion :)**
...OK,first of all, you notice their spell - Deheal. Deheal,
when at a high level can heal almost 3 times as much as a
Medicinal Herb. 3 times! That alone makes a Nyuel worth keeping
- your proverbial healer.

But thats not it - don't bother feeding a Nyuel/Battnel a Pita
fruit - feed it ANY kind of herb ( like something not worth
being in your inventory like Antichaos or Roegm ) and ALL - yes,
ALL - of it's MP will be restored! So you got a healer that can
save your butt any time that is also economically sound.  If you
ask me, with that factor in mind, a Nyuel/Battnel probaly can
seriously save your butt when you're getting pounded on a higher
level ( and you thought their money making skills on the
racetrack was all that was cool about them. Plus they're
cute! ^_^

===23. Pulunpa===

Starting Stats:  HP 8   MP 40
                 ATK 4  DEF 4

Magic Spell: DeHeal (Hidden)

Habitat: Streets

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Collar Jack (Certain ones you meet in the
                                 tower on around floor 25 will
                                 use this to force your familiar
                                 back into the bag)

  The weakest and most timid kind of monster.
  It used to live on prairies and in deserts a long time ago,
but now lives in a city since it is such easy prey for other
monsters. One can be sometimes seen in a back alley.

**My Opinion**
Basically, all I can see a use for is making Hidden spells
available through fusion.  This guy is the weakest as the
description says.

===24. U-Boat===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 80
                 ATK 6  DEF 5

Magic Spell: DeRock (Hidden)

Habitat: In the Sea

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Submerge (Hides underground, fight a U-Boat
                              to see it for yourself)
                    Scout (Performs the same action as Star

  A monster submerged in water like a submarine. The
periscope-like part is an eye, and it also has countless small
holes from which it inhales air from above the water. It mainly
feeds on small fish.
  In the Monster Tower, it can also go underground because the
ground has some magical properties.

**My Opinion**
This guy is a good one to have.  Use him for a while if you get
lucky and find one.  Be sure to unlock his Hidden magic though,
because its pretty cool.

===25. Blume===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 80
                 ATK 5  DEF 4

Magic Spell: DeWall (Hidden)

Habitat:  Plateau

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Brainwash

  Although it is a insectivorous plant, it lays eggs. Its male
flowers release pollen, and the pollinated female flowers lay
eggs. The pollen have a special scent that control monsters as
they wish. The purpose probably is to make the monsters carry the
  Its flower language is "indiscretion of youth."

**My Opinion**
Nothing much to say about this guy.  Brainwash would be cool if
you wanted to take the time to play with it, but I sure don't.
Don't use him unless you are desperate.

===26. Manoeva===

Starting Stats:  HP 10  MP 70
                 ATK 5  DEF 6

Magic Spell: DeForth (Hidden)

Habitat: Marshland

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Transform (changes its shape into anything
                               it sees, except Koh)

  An amoeba-like single cell life, the MANOEVA behaves as its
instincts command.
  It is capable of transforming into the shape of what it has
seen and is capable of dividing. It attacks animals that
approach marshes by pulling them into the marsh, and absorbing

**My Opinion**
This was my first monster, and he stuck with me to the very end
of it all.  He has pretty good stats when you level him up and
his mixture magic can help kill anything on the higher floors.
Give him a try unless you just plain don't like him.

===27. Kraken===

Starting Stats:  HP 8   MP 70
                 ATK 6  DEF 6

Magic Spell: DeWall (Hidden)

Habitat: Deep Sea

Fusion Traits: Electric Shock

Command(s)/Ability: None

  A mollusk-like monster, resembling a squid. It surfaces in the
sea, and occasionally attacks ships.
  Its entire body is electrically charged and generates intense
electricity when it senses danger. Since the electric current
amplifies as it travels through metals, use of weapons resistant
to electricity, or attack from a long distance is recommended
when fighting against one.

**My Opinion**
The trait is cool.  I'd use one of these guys if you run across
one.  The more the enemies hit him, the more he electrocutes
them back.

===28. Viper===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 80
                 ATK 6  DEF 5

Magic Spell: DeMirror (Hidden)

Habitat: Jungle

Fusion Traits: Attack Lowering Attack (Sometimes lowers an
                                       enemy's attack power)

Command(s)/Ability: Eat Eggs for MP  (Well, if you want to
                    feed him your hard earned eggs, this is
                    your guy, but I don't recommend it)

  A monster shaped like a viper and human combined. It hides in
a dense forest, and attacks invaders.
  Its claws and fangs have poisons that paralyze nerves, and
the power of the attacker is weakened by it. This poison cannot
be neutralized with the common Antidote Herb.
  Its favorite food is eggs, gulping them down no matter how big
they may be.

**My Opinion**
These guys have no real purpose.  Their stats are ok, but their
trait sucks.  Who cares about lowering a monster's attack power
when it'll be dead in a few hits?

===29. Mandara===

Starting Stats:  HP 11  MP 85
                 ATK 6  DEF 6

Magic Spell: DeForth (Hidden)

Habitat: Ruins

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Spin (confuses nearby enemies)

  Incredible monsters that attack villages and cities in a
group, and then live in the ruins. And yet, they are very
  They have their own language, incomprehensible to humans.
Spotted patterns on their body can make humans go dizzy and
fall over.

**My Opinion**
These guys are cool.  They have good stats and their little
Spin can be useful when you are in a group of enemies.  Try
one out if you can find one.

===30. Glacier===
 10 80 5 6
Starting Stats:  HP 10  MP 80
                 ATK 5  DEF 6

Magic Spell: DeMirror (Hidden)

Habitat: Iceberg

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Create Ice (creates a giant ice berg that
                                hits an enemy for damage and
                                propels them backwards until
                                they hit a solid object)

  Its characteristics is the crystal shaped wart on its back,
which helps to camouflage itself in its habitat: icebergs.
  Despite its frightful appearance, it is timid. Its exhales
air that is chilled inside its body, and creates ice walls to
protect itself.

**My Opinion**
I don't like these guys too well.  Their command is a pretty
good one, but I'd pass them up any day for one of their more
powerful buddies from the top (Maximum, Killer, Golem).

===31. Takopoo===

Habitat: Tidal Pool

Note: You cannot obtain this monster as a familiar.

  It is often seen in a tidal pool on a beach, or hanging along
rocks in shallow waters.
  What differentiates it from an ordinary octopus is that its
ink comes out as a ball rather than liquid, as it tightly
compresses the ink inside its body. It is edible.

===32. Mushroom===

Habitat: Pond

Note: You cannot obtain this monster as a familiar.

  A stationary monster clinging onto a decayed tree trunk with
radiating foot-shaped roots.
  It does not harm people, or harbor any malicious intent.
Still, it is hated as it glares at anything that comes close to
them. It is used as pins in bowling alleys.

      |::::::::5.F  (Wind) Page 3 of Monster Book::::::::|

Wind monsters defiantly contain the most fusion traits and
the most natural spells.  However, they don't hold up all
that great in the tower due to all the fire genus monsters.

NOTE:  Transformations take place when your familiar is on level

===33. Death===

Starting Stats:  (see CLOWN)

Magic Spell: LoDown (Natural)

Habitat: Ravine

Fusion Traits: Magic Increased (All the spell levels are

Command(s)/Ability: None

  An adult CLOWN turns into this shape. Its cruelty does not
change, and is feared by travelers.
  Despite its doll-like appearance, swinging a sickle with an
expressionless face gives it an eerie aura.

**My Opinion**
(see CLOWN)

===34. Clown===

Starting Stats:  HP 8   MP 80
                 ATK 6  DEF 5

Magic Spell: LoDown (Natural)

Habitat: Ravine

Fusion Traits: Magic Increased (All the spell levels are

Command(s)/Ability: None

  A monster that lives in a windy place, mainly in ravines.
  It hovers in the air in high speed, and cuts off the neck of
a prey with a large sickle. Its rather innocent look conceals
its cruelty. It is also called "Devil of the Wind," and is
feared by people who travel through the valley.

**My Opinion**
Clowns are pretty cool.  If you find one, they are great to
play with.  I would recommend changing them to fire genus and
giving them a fire spell, then using mixture magic.

===35. Univern===
Starting Stats:  (see UNICORN)

Magic Spell: LoBlind (Natural)

Habitat: Tree Top

Fusion Traits: Blind-Proof

Command(s)/Ability: None

  A grown UNICORN is called a UNIVERN.  Its wings are solid
enough to support its body weight, and it can fly freely in the
  The bond between parent and offspring is strong, and the
parent will be protective to the death.

**My Opinion**

===36. Unicorn===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 80
                 ATK 5  DEF 5

Magic Spell: LoBlind (Natural)

Habitat: Tree Top

Fusion Traits: Blind-Proof

Command(s)/Ability: None

  This monster has horizontal stripes all over its body.
  It spends its childhood in a nest built by its parents on a
tall tree. Since its wings are too weak to fly, it is fed by the
parents. It lives exactly like a bird chick, but it fights
bravely against invaders.

**My Opinion**
Unicorns pretty much suck.  Too bad though, because Univerns, in
my opinion, look pretty cool.  If you find one, you may just
want to use it to see a Univern.

===37. Metal===
Starting Stats:  (see BLOCK)

Magic Spell: LoBind (Natural)

Habitat: Mine

Fusion Traits: Hard (Defense is doubled)

Command(s)/Ability: None

  This is an aggressive BLOCK monster. It is tempered in
battles, and its guarded body is like a sharpened blade.
  It is a little more belligerent than BLOCK, but still remains
friendly to humans. It will be a reliable comrade in battle.

**My Opinion**
(see BLOCK)

===38. Block===

Starting Stats:  HP 10  MP 80
                 ATK 6  DEF 16

Magic Spell: LoBind (Natural)

Habitat: Mine

Fusion Traits: Hard (Defense is doubled)

Command(s)/Ability: None

  This monster is a kind of magical one with a body made of
metal. Although its movements are slow and heavy, its body is
extremely hard and resistant to conventional attack.
  It is also very friendly to humans, and is indispensable for
tasks requiring physical strength such as construction work.

**My Opinion**
This guy has the potential to be the most overpowering character
in the game!  Fuse him with an Arachne, and then you'll see what
his true power is.  Just be careful if he gets confused though,
because you won't be able to stop him either, especially when
he gains up to about level 30.  An example is this, mine is on
level 45 or so and gets confused.  I have a Diamond Shield +78,
but still get whacked for about 150 damage.  Needless to say,
he kills anything in one hit :)

===39. Noise===
Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 70
                 ATK 6  DEF 5

Magic Spell: LoSleep (Hidden)

Habitat: Forest

Fusion Traits: Spell-Proof (Protects against magic.

Command(s)/Ability: Play Flute (Seals an enemy's magic from
                                being used)

  A music-loving cheerful monster. The sound of the flute it
plays can block the magic of veteran magicians.
  However, even if you run to their recital in a forest, you
should not be deceived by the cheerful music and approach

**My Opinion**
Uhh, no.  This guy just totally sucks.  Finding him ONLY on
floor 1 of the tower and no where else should help you realize
that.  Keep one only for his trait.  Fuse him with something
that you want to be immume to all those nasty spells the enemies
will cast on you.

===40. Dreamin===
8 70 3 5
Starting Stats:  HP 8   MP 70
                 ATK 3  DEF 5

Magic Spell: LoSleep (Hidden)

Habitat: Monster World

Fusion Traits: Sleep-Proof

Command(s)/Ability: Hypnotize (Puts an enemy to sleep)

  This monster used to be a devil that gave nightmares to
humans, but its magic is not as potent anymore and is just
enough to put people to sleep.
  It is mainly nocturnal and active in the darkness. It is so
dazed in the daytime that it is difficult to believe it is a

**My Opinion**
They are ok monsters.  Just don't use them for attacking
directly.  Their mixture magic hits multiple enemies and if
you find yourself against hard enemies, this little guy could
put them to sleep for you.

===41. Cyclone===

Starting Stats:  HP 9   MP 80
                 ATK 5  DEF 5

Magic Spell: LoGrave (Hidden)

Habitat: Wasteland

Fusion Traits: MP Consumption Reduced (Halves the amount of MP
                                       that is used)

Command(s)/Ability: Cure Anorexia

  This monster has a large eye. It is well known that anybody
who meets its eyes cannot swallow any food.  However, 12 years
ago, it was discovered that if an anorexic person looks at the
eye of a CYCLONE, the disease is cured. Since then, its eggs
have sold like hot cakes to women on diets or to anorexic

**My Opinion**
Cyclones don't make much of a familiar.  I mean, their command
is totally useless.  How many times has a Cyclone monster
actually caused Anorexia on you or your familiars?  Just keep
them around because their trait is very useful, especially in
the beginning when you need your familiar's help constantly.

===42. Picket===

Starting Stats:  HP 8   MP 65
                 ATK 3  DEF 4

Magic Spell: LoDown (Hidden)

Habitat: Bush

Fusion Traits: Quick (just like eating a Mahell seed, movements
                      are increased by 2x)

Command(s)/Ability: Steal Item
                    Vomit Item
                    Can eat any edible item for a huge MP
                      re-fill.  Almost up to MAX MP every

  A monster that loves to steal. It steals anything whether it
be money or other objects.
  It often hides in an ordinary bush, and if you step on it,
your belongings could be stolen.

**My Opinion**
While a Picket seems like it's useless, I love mine!  I fused
him with a Clown to give him descent magic for mixture magic and
I take him with me every time.  Why you ask?  Because of his
commands.  If I have an important item, I lay it down and use
his Steal Item on it.  Now, until he Vomits it back up (lovely
word by the way), he keeps it.  Even if I die, I'll still have
it in his Stomach.  Not to mention, other Pickets can't steal
it now.  Give him a chance before you disown him :)

===43. Stealth===

Starting Stats:  HP 8   MP 80
                 ATK 4  DEF 5

Magic Spell: LoBlind (Hidden)

Habitat: Subterranean

Fusion Traits: Rust-Proof (I have no clue)

Command(s)/Ability: Disappear (Makes him invisible)

  This monster has a hard shell and a powerful pair of scissors.
  It uses the scissors like a drill and moves by drilling holes
in the ground. Since it lives underground, its eyes have
  Its shell acts like the skin of a chameleon, which can protect
itself with its changing color.

**My Opinion**
This is a weird one.  I wouldn't personally use him, but his
Disappear could be useful.  Maybe his trait is really useful if
I could just figure it out.  It's up to you on this guy.

===44. Zu===

Starting Stats:  HP 10  MP 80
                 ATK 6  DEF 5

Magic Spell: LoGrave (Hidden)

Habitat: Marshy District

Fusion Traits: Paralysis-Proof

Command(s)/Ability: Bark Loudly (Paralyzes the enemy)

  This monster is like a mix of lion and bird.
  It threatens its enemies with loud barking. Its barking seems
to make the air tremble.
  It usually flies over wetlands like a dragonfly, but will
persistently pursue prey, and expose its violent nature.

**My Opinion**
My thoughts on this guy are about like Dreamins, except he can
handle some direct attacking.  Take him along if you think you
want to Paralyze some enemies.

===45. Garuda===

Starting Stats:  HP 10  MP 80
                 ATK 5  DEF 5

Magic Spell: LoDown (Hidden)

Habitat: Monster Tower

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: Abduct (Takes an enemy to a random location)

  This is a kind of monster that has been protecting the Monster
Tower since ancient times.  Why they protect the tower is
  Its body is half machine and is thought to be a magical life
form created by a magician.
  Once it detects danger, it attempts to divide the enemy.

**My Opinion**
This guy would be your best familiar up until around level 25 or
so.  He is pretty strong, but his only downfall is the wind
genus.  Change him to another one for maximum effect.

===46. Golem===

Starting Stats:  HP 15  MP 70
                 ATK 7  DEF 20

Magic Spell: LoBind (Hidden)

Habitat: Monster Tower

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: A Charged Punch

  This has been protecting the Monster Tower since ancient
times. Why they protect the tower is unknown.
  It is a magical life form created by a magician, has no
emotion, and it executes commands of its creator alone.
  Its movements are slow and heavy, but it has a powerful
defensive force and endures well.

**My Opinion**
These guys are the next best thing to a Maximum.  They could
even be better with that ranged attack of theirs.  Consider
yourself lucky if you find one and definitely use it (which
I'm sure you will after you see how good it fights against

===47. Maliling===

Habitat: Monsbaiya

Note: You cannot obtain this monster as a familiar.

  A quiet monster which likes to change into a ball and roll
around. Since it cannot roll by itself once it is in the ball
shape, it is often spotted at a top of a hill waiting for a wind
to blow. As it generates electricity inside its body from
rolling, it is also used as a generator.

===48. Soil Claw===

Habitat: Subterranean

Note: You cannot obtain this monster as a familiar.

  This is a subfamily of the monster, STEALTH.
  Since it eats garbage in the soil and converts it into energy
within its body, this monster is often used in vacuum machines.
  Since it is gentle, it does not get angry even if it is hit
in a "Hit-A-Mole" game.

      |::::::::5.G  (Other) Page 4 of Monster Book:::::::|

I guess this page is just the leftover Frog from water and the
ultimate monster of all three geneses.

===49. Hikewne===

Starting Stats:  HP 15  MP 120
                 ATK 7  DEF 7

Magic Spell: Dark Wave (Natural)

Habitat: Monsbaiya

Fusion Traits: None

Command(s)/Ability: None

  This monster used to be an egg of KEWNE which was laid and
left on the highest floor of the Monster Tower where the magical
power is strongest.  Over time, it has become "the Ultimate
  The legend of "The Ultimate Egg" which is said to be capable
of ruling the world, has now been unveiled in Monsbaiya.

**My Opinion**
Well, what can I say.  I believe the name Ultimate Egg says it
all.  I don't play as this guy much because its no fun killing
everything in one hit (his mixture magic does) or being
invincible all the time (which his Dark Wave magic does).  What
really sucks though is this guy can't be fused with anything, if
you try he will always be absorbed by whatever else you are
trying to fuse him with.

===50. Lazy Frog===

Habitat: Pond

Note: You cannot obtain this monster as a familiar.

  The academic name is Monsbaiya Lazy Frog. Just like the name,
it is a new species of frog discovered in Monsbaiya. Since it
does not protect itself from enemies, it has earned this name.
  The frogs are traded frequently as an ingredient for magic.

      |::::::::::::::::5.H  Familiar Magic:::::::::::::::|

Every monster has a spell, most of them are hidden though.  To
unlock a monsters spell, just fuse it with any other monster.
However, it always starts on level 1, but it will usually catch
up quickly to your level until it is one below it and it will
stay that way.  Also, spells are genus specific to leveling up.
If a spell icon has a white box around it, it will level up for
that genus.  If the icon has nothing there, it will not level up
because you are the wrong genus.

......................=*=*=Magic List=*=*=.......................

Spells only level up when they are with their natural genus.  Here
is a list of the base spells (natural spells):

                      ---Fire (Attack)---
Name         Effect                        Mixture Magic

Breath       Flame Shower Attack           Flame Sword
Brid         Fire Bullet                   Flame Sword
Poison       Causes Poison                 Heat Wave
Rise         Fire Pillar Attack            Flame Sword
Sled         Fire Runs Over Enemy          Flame Sword

                  ---Wind (Status Changing)---
Name         Effect                        Mixture Magic

LoBind       Thunder causes paralysis      Earth Shaker
LoBlind      Blind target with darkness     Earth Shaker
LoDown       Causes target's level to      Thunder Wave
               decrease by 1.
LoGrave      Tornado Attack                Thunder Wave
LoSleep      Wind Induced Sleep            Earth Shaker

                   ---Water (Heal/Protect)---
Name         Effect                        Mixture Magic

DeHeal       Bubble Charged Healing        Blizzard Sword
DeForth      Water Charged Healing         Blizzard Sword
DeMirror     Anti-Magic Shield             Aqua Blade
DeRock       Ice Obstacle                  Snow Shoot
DeWall       Water Protection              Aqua Blade

When you change to a non-natural genus, the spell will have
a similar effect, as will the mixture magic.

........=*=*=Frequently Asked Questions About Magic=*=*=.........

Question:  If I give my famliar two spells and set it to an AI
           of 3, which will he use defaultly?
Answer:    Most likely it will use the one that attacks a single
           enemy (Fire/Ice Sword, etc) over the one that attacks
           multiple enemies in order to conserve MP.  It will
           cast the others on occasion though.

Question:  Do spells get their levels independent of the
           familiar's levels?
Answer:    Yes, they do.  If you were to fuse a level 20 monster
           with a level 20 spell together with a level 15
           monster with a level 15 spell, the result will be
           a monster with a level 15 spell and a level 20 spell.
           Each spell will now gain levels up from their current
           if they are on their correct genus.

Question:  Is there any way to let my familiar use a spell on
           itself or can I use a spell ball (like recovery) on
Answer:    If you have a mirror shield on, any spell your
           familiar casts on you will almost always reflect on
           it.  If you cast Repel on a monster or your famliar,
           you can use Recovery, etc on it to have it reflect
           back on you.

                      ::Quote Of Jimaera::
Sometimes a magic is better in an altered genus.  For example,
DeMirror in fire genus is reduced only to being able to reflect
wind magic, but the mixture magic WILL blind an enemy with any
successful hit. Likewise, DeMirror in wind genus can only reflect
water magic, but the mixture form will Always cause paralasis
with any successful hit. Experiment with other magic.

      |:::::::::::::::5.I  Tricks And Tips:::::::::::::::|

                    ::Quote of Ninja Angel::
You can pick up and throw some enemies!  Just get close to them
as if you were going to attack and instead hold circle and
press X.  Some enemies are too heavy to lift, and others don't
like to be lifted.  But if they are too heavy, you won't lose a
turn trying.

                     ::Quote of Joseph Tai::
...trick on how to level a familiar quickly......here goes:  When
you have a level 1 familiar, get his MP down to zero. dont let it
level at all.....apparently when you are in level 1, you get
double exps (....but strangely only from certain enemies)...
anyway....what you do is dont let the level 1 familiar regain any
MPs..Get up to level 20+, then after exploring the whole
floor.....find a nice corner where you can protect the zero MP
familiar..and keep on killing monsters, and it will keep on
getting double exps (most of the time)  when you think you have
done it enough, let the familiar gain some MPs, then go and kill
another monster, and sit back and watch how many levels your
familiar will raise. note that even if you return to the town, or
if the familiar is killed, the exps gain will be kept, and when
you restart the tower, the familiar would still be level 1...and
you can repeat this process again......I have done the tower 2x
for each familiar, only up to level 30 something.  My Block
jumped 28 levels and my tyrant raised 30 levels :)

|::::::::::6.  M A K I N G  I T  T O  T H E  T O P::::::::::::::|

Making it to the top is a hard job, but somebody has to do it :)

      |:::::::::::::6.A  Getting A Good Weapon:::::::::::|

If you are going to start adventuring into higher levels, you
need build a good weapon up.  I recommend a gold sword (unless
you have been lucky and found a training wand).  Even though
either of them have only 1 attack, they don't rust.  Rust traps
are everywhere, and they suck.  Just keep all those nice Red
Sands in your safe at home until you find which ever of those
you want to use (I wouldn't wait too long for a training wand
though, they are extremely rare), then temper it with them all.
Each time you add +1, your weapon will hit for more.  A +40 or
so can kill anything in one shot (on higher floors, only if you
with mixture magic with it though).

      |:::::::::::::6.B  Getting A Good Shield:::::::::::|

A shield is the most important thing to have.  I recommend a
diamond shield, but you could use a mirror shield.  Diamond
shields are already 7 defense, while mirror is only 3 but
reflects spells.  But, not many enemies use spells that often,
and if you have a diamond shield built up they won't take off
hardly any damage at all, so mirror isn't worth it in my
opinion.  But use one or the other because they are both rust
proof.  Save all your blue sands at home until you find the one
you want.  Having a +30 to +40 and a decent sword will easily
allow you to travel to around level 28 without using a familiar
at all.

      |::::::::::::6.C  Raising A Good Familiar::::::::::|

To make your familiar better there are a few tricks you can do.

The first is increasing its MP.  To do so, just feed it a Pita
Fruit whenever it has FULL MP, it's max MP will increase by 1

Another neat thing is to give it extra HP by giving it a
Medicinal Herb (it must be found in the tower) when it has full
HP.  Its max HP will increase by one permanently.

The third thing you can do is find a Malicious bell and use it
whenever your familiar is confused to give it a level up.

      |:::::6.D  Keeping Yourself And Familiars Alive::::|

The best way to keep yourself and your familiars alive is to not
take any chances.  If your familiar is getting rocked by a
monster you are fighting, don't let it stand there and die.
Make it move out of the way so you and it can both get a hit in
before the enemy can attack.

The only exception to this is when you will get killed.  Never
let yourself get killed just to save your familiar, unless you
don't care about your items.

Here are a few other tips:

  1)  Feed your monster any Herbs you don't want.  This will give
      it back some MP (the amount depending on the type of
      monster you are using)
  2)  Don't let your monster wonder off if it (or you) are too
      weak to play that floor alone.  This could result in a big
  3)  Save those magic balls that contain fire spells.  Use them
      on strong enemies like Golems that are weak against fire.

      |:::::::::::::::6.E  Tricks And Tips:::::::::::::::|
                    ::Quote of Ninja Angel::
                         !Triple attack!
Make it so the enemy you want to triple attack is one space away
from you and it will be adjacent in one move.  When an enemy is
one move away, it usually moves right next to Koh, so you can
usually count on it.  Tell your familiar to attack where the
monster will be when it moves.  Then wait a turn (hold circle and
press triangle).  The monster will move and then your familiar
will hit it.  Now it's your turn hit the monster, and then your
familiar will get another attack on it----Triple attack!  Before
they even get a shot in!

                  !Holy Scroll Force Alliance!
Throw a Holy Scroll at any monster on the current level to have
an instant helping hand.  The monster will follow you around and
attack for the duration of your stay on that level...Nice...:)

                    ::Quote of Scott Spencer::
If you have maneova and picket, have them keep items in their
inventory when you leave the tower.  Probably your sword and
shield. Now when you're in the town, you can bring more items in
since it counts only the Maneova and Picket as items!  You could
use this smuggling technique to bring in extra items since the
familiars have your weaponry.

|:::::::::::::7.  P R O G R A M M I N G  B U G S::::::::::::::::|

Along the way, I've got pretty pissed off when my game crashed
and I lost that Dark Sword or when I really wanted that Clown
familiar and it locked up on me after I had an egg.  Here are a
few tips of what not to do so maybe you won't have the same
problem.  If someone else knows of a bug, send it in.

                     ::Quote of Chuck Vial::
...The game froze, but I found that if you opened the
Playstation, waited for the disk to stop spinning, then closed it
again, the game would continue normally. This may work for some
of the other bugs as well...

When you transform your Manoeva into an item, don't try to put
it back into the bag until it is no longer an item or you
will be stuck in an infinite waiting time for him to get in
your bag.

If you have two familiars out and one can heal, you could be in
trouble.  If for some reason one has very low life and it gets
killed in the same turn the other was going to heal it, kiss
your current game good-bye.  It's locked up big time, even
the music is frozen.

The Manoeva monster regains all MP if transformed into an enemy
and put back into the bag before leaving the level or it gets
all the way to 0 MP.

                   ::Quote of Tony Fernandez::
If you throw a roache fruit at a converted moneava, the game
will freeze. I encountered this on the 30th floor. I threw a
roache at a killer, and it turned out to be a moneava ang the
game froze, I tried it again with a naplass and again the game
froze. Its a pain in the butt to go through all those floors to
have the game freeze.

                    ::Quote of Landstalker::
I can't garantee it 100% but if you throw a Water Crystal
followed by a Fire Crystal at a Barong the game gets stuck!

  Note:  Untested by myself.

                      ::Quote of John Som::
When you have a familiar that you can't "Have" (it says its too
heavy to lift) and it becomes a frog, DONT pick it up ( since you
CAN "Have" it when it[']s a frog ). If it reverts to normal while
you're carrying it, the game will freeze.

..............-=Possible Explanation To These Bugs=-.............
                     ::Quote of Mad Jack::
Azure Dreams was apparently written in console assembly code more
friendly with the revised SCPH5500 system BIOS (On the Dual Shock
System) than the 1100, 4400, and other BIOS's used on the other PSX
systems. I had the same crash problems in AD with my old PSX
(Manufactured in early 1996) but when I recieved a Dual Shock edition as
a gift (More like replacement; It fell out of a box during transit in a
stairwell. It went down twelve floors..) the problems seemed to subside,
if not show up as often. It may just be a coincidence, or it may be the

|:::::8.  C O P Y R I G H T S  A N D  D I S C L A I M E R:::::::|

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 1998 Billy Sauls.

  1.  You may not use it in any publication without my expressed
      written consent.
  2.  You may not modify it in any way.
  3.  It may be distributed only in it's entire, unmodified form.
  4.  It may be printed in it's entire form for PERSONAL use only
      (no companies, only a personal home user who uses it for
      themselves, or with friends)
  5.  You MAY NOT in any ways re-use any information found in my
      FAQ without my permisson.
  6.  Failure to comply with any or all of these rules could
      result in legal action.

                      D I S C L A I M E R
Everything in this FAQ is my view.

  1.  If I'm wrong about something that is a fact, let me know.
  2.  If I'm wrong about something that is my opinion, then you
      can let me know your opinion in a nice manor.  Just
      remember, it's my opinion and I can't be wrong about it.
  3.  This FAQ is a service to people who want to learn about
      Azure Dreams, please don't abuse it by sending me
      meaningless e-mails.
  4.  Suggestions and corrections are welcome, no flames about
      how I hate wind genus or something.

|:::::::::::::::::::::::9.  C R E D I T S:::::::::::::::::::::::|

If you send me something I put in my FAQ, then your name and
e-mail will be here unless you tell me not to put it here.

.....................=*=*=v3.0 Credits=*=*=......................
Mike Davis [[email protected]]
 - How to get a Casino without building the bowling alley.
   (Sec. 2.B)

Ninja Angel [[email protected]]
 - Finding a useful way to lift up monsters :) (Sec. 5.I)
 - Triple Attack!  Usefull (Sec. 6.E)

JIMAERA [[email protected]]
 - The Holy Scroll trick (sorry everyone, first contribute, first
   credit) (Sec. 6.E)
 - New familiar magic info! (Sec. 5.H)
 - New fusion combinations (Sec. 5.C)

John Som [[email protected]]
 - A new Nyuel look. (Sec. 5.E)
 - Another bug. (Sec. 7)

Chuck Vial [[email protected]]
 - A possible fix to some bugs. (Sec. 7)

Joseph Tai [[email protected]]
 - Quick falmiliar leveling (Sec. 5.I)

Scott Spencer [[email protected]]
 - Hikewne Selling Price
 - Item replication trick! (Sec. 4.G)
 - Get any Egg trick! (Sec. 4.G)
 - Sword & Shield hiding. (Sec. 6.E)

.....................=*=*=v2.4 Credits=*=*=......................
John Douglas [[email protected]]
 - The Holy Sword info.
 - The Rust Proof Trait info.

James (Jeb) Lowe [[email protected]]
 - Corrections on the Monster Hut Expansion.

Yusri Johan [[email protected]]
 - The Herb MP Restore trick.  I had it somewhere in the FAQ, but
   now it is in Section 6.D for sure.  It was obviously
   overlooked, and he let me know :)

Landstalker [[email protected]]
 - New (possible) bug.
 - Tower Save Game walkthrough.

 - Corrections on mispelling on Garuda and Pulunpa
 - Monster Hut Expansion corrections
 - Wind Crystal Tip

.....................=*=*=v2.3 Credits=*=*=......................
Tony Fernandez [[email protected]]
  - The new "items in the safe" idea/trick.
  - Finding yet another bug with the Manoeva, but the Roche
    Fruit is involved this time.

Mad Jack [[email protected]]
  - Providing some insight on why and how to possibly get rid
    of those nasty bugs in the game.

Patrick Hogg [[email protected]]
  - For alerting me that I was missing the Sleep Herb
  - The instinctive Dark Sword 50k and 10k thing...
  - A new look at the Tovar Seed.

.....................=*=*=v2.2 Credits=*=*=......................
Brian Ross [[email protected]>]
  - for letting me use his egg prices.
  - lots of other stuff
  - visit his Azure Dreams page at

Tracey McGowan [[email protected]]
  - pointing out Toxic & Paralyze Herbs were rare items
  - what the curse on the dark sword does
  - how the money wand works
  - telling me a few typos
  - fur's alternate strategy
  - item generalizations about using them, edibles, loupes and
  - info on monster abilities (Tyrant, Viper, Picket)and
    influencing my opinion on a few (Battenel, Noise)

Adam Smith [[email protected]]
  - asking questions that helped me want to write the new FAQ
    section for magic of monsters.
  - figured out the manoeva/barong strategy that is also a game
  - gave me assumptions on what Tovar Seed and Holy Sword may do

Enrico Aryaguna [[email protected]]
  - the altnerate Cherll strategy.

.....................=*=*=v1.0 Credits=*=*=......................
ShadowX [[email protected]]
  - making the only remotely useful FAQ I could find (didn't
    steal his info though).

|:::::::10.  I N F O  Y O U  N E E D  T O  R E A D : )::::::::::|

Well, this is my little speech section to everyone.  It's been a
great time writing this FAQ and I hope everyone has enjoyed it
and lots of people will continue to enjoy it.

I'm ending it here because I think this FAQ is very complete at
it's current point.  What more could a person want than
this? :)  Don't worry though, if for some reason I get something
you guys REALLY should see, it'll be here in a new version, but
I don't think that the discovery of something shocking will come
in this game.

If you are still interested in my work, visit my message board at
http://www.insidetheweb.com/mbs.cgi/mb565959 and leave a message
or two.  I'm not sure how long this place will be here, but hey
why not give it a try :)

Cya laterz....

You must have liked my FAQ to read down this far :)
-Billy ([email protected])

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