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About the game
Information about Levels, Buildings and Monsters here

Wondering, if you there will be added more free shiny?
Probably not. Read: Thinking of asking for free daily shiny
Stuck? not enough bank capacity to upgrade town hall?
Build a second silo and upgrade your silos!
See protection, monsters, towers, walls, Truce, Defending and attacking tips and 
General Tips [attacking] aswell.

How can I attack?
You need a locker to research monsters, a hatchery to produce them, a monster 
housing to store them, a map room to find enemy bases and a flinger to fling 
monsters into battle.
1. If you have an army to attack with, view the map and find a target. 

Only do this if you are ready to lose your starter protection!

My base gets destroyed every day, what can I do?
See truce aswell!
Upgrade your defence! redesign your base! 

You can also buy protection for shiny. 
see defending tips aswell: General Tips [defense], Defending and attacking tips, The 
basic defence FAQ aswell.

Can you collect quest rewards when your bank is full?
Yes, you can.
Will you receive resources if you recycle buildings, when your bank is full?
No, you won't.

Why can't I send gifts to anyone?
You can only send gifts to someone, if he didn't receive a gift from someone else 
Monster Acadamy
Read this Mini FAQ.
Statistics about monsters

Can monsters defend my base?
No, but it will be added soon! There will be a monster bunker.
How can I destroy my own monsters?
If you do not want to lose your protection: leave your housings without defence and 
hope for wild monsters to attack them. Or recycle your monster housing. If you do 
not have protection or do not care about losing it: attack a player with them. You can 
fling them in far away from the base and click "end attack", to prevent any damage. 
As soon as you have a Monster Juice Loosener, you can recycle your monsters 

Is it possible to remove them?
Yes. Click on them and click "Pick". Some mushrooms even contain 3 - 10 shiny! 
Mushrooms regrow slowly.
Do they work as walls?
Yes. Make sure, there are no gaps between the wooden/stone blocks and the 
See Truce aswell

When does someone get damage protection?
If someones base is 30-60% destroyed, he gets 18 hours protection, >60% he gets 
36 hours protection. If someone gets attacked 4 times within 1 hour, he gets 1 hour 
protection, beginning with the last attack.
If someone attacks the one person 10 times within 24 hours, the target will be 
removed from the attackers map room. 
If someone gets attacked 10 times within 48 hours, he gets 24 hours protection, 
beginning with the last attack.
Read about it here.

Read Researches on health of buildings/damage protection. aswell
How long is Starter protection?
14 days. But it ends, as soon as you attack any player!
Can you get attacked while playing ?
No, but soon it will be possible. Wild monsters do only attack you while you are 
How does protection work?
While you are under protection, you can not get attacked by any player. Wild 
monsters still can attack you. As soon as you attack any other player, you will lose 
any protection.
See reset, bank or shiny.


Can someone reset my base? is there a reset button?
No, it is not possible.
Will the game reset, when its out of beta?
No, the developers are not "planing to do so".
Can someone reset my quests?
If the quests had a bug, try reloading the page. If it does not help, send David a 
message about it.

How can i make a screenshot and upload it to this forums?
Read this guide.
See Thinking of asking for free daily shiny aswell.

How can I get more shiny?
Do free offers or buy shiny here. You get some shiny for picking mushrooms aswell!
Why didn't I receive shiny after I completed an offer?
Either you didn't complete the offer successfully or it's a bug which should be 
reported. Go to the "get more shiny" page and click "missing shiny" to do so.
Are the offers safe?
Downloads may contain viruses.
I didn't get any shiny for the quests, what can I do?
Make sure you collected the quest rewards and try reloading the game. If that does 
not help, try to contact David Scott.
for statistics, such as range or attack, see here.

Do towers defend while being upgraded?
Will there be more towers soon?
Yes, a Tesla and a Laser tower!
Why is there no range displayed for the towers?
You can see the range, as soon as you have a yard planner!

How does truce work?
If two players accept truce on each other, they can not attack each other anymore. 
To request truce with someone, click on the map room, search for the player you 
want truce with and click on "Call A Truce". Now, send a message to that player, 
which might move him to accept your truce. Do not write anything insulting nor start 
crying like a baby. Instead, write calm and polite things, which will convince the other 
player to accept your truce.
If someone requests a truce from you, you can decide to accept or reject the truce. 
If someone rejects a truce, you can send a new truce request after 2 days. If 
someone accepts it, it expires after 14 days.

Can monsters go through small gaps or diagonal walls?
Yes, they can slip through the smallest gaps and aswell through diagonal walls.

Do monsters destroy walls?
Yes. If the distance, a monster will have to walk, if it does not attack the wall 
compared to the distance, if it attacks the wall is too long, the monster will attack the 
wall. Eye-ra always attacks walls, unless there is no wall in range.
Is there a way to build or move multiple blocks at the same time?
No. It might be added in future.

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