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Thank you, and I hope BIOHAZARD fans will be able to use this guide for their
needs with BIOHAZARD CODE: VERONICA COMPLETE (AKA Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X
in America)!


I. Introduction/ Updates and FAQ History
II. Dreamcast and Playstation 2 differences
III. Controls
IV. Story/ History
V. Character Bios
VI. Area 1: Prison Part 1
VII. Area 2: Palace Part 1 and Airport Part 1
VIII. Area 3: Military Training Facility A
IX. Area 4: Private Residence and Palace Part 2
X. Area 5: Prison Part 2
XI. Area 6: Private Residence Part 2 and Palace Part 3
XII. Area 7: Airport Part 2
XIII. Area 8: Claire in Antarctica
XIV. Area 9: Chris and Military Training Facility B Part 1
XV. Area 10: Airport and Military Training Facility B Part 2
XVI. Area 11: Chris in Antarctica
XVII. Area 12: Controlling Claire Again
XVIII. Area 13: Chris in Antarctica Part 2
XIX. Area 14: Final Battle
XX. Battle Mode
XXI. Differences between CV and CV Complete
XXII. Frequently Asked Questions
XXIII. Conclusion

*I: Introduction*

BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil are trademarks of CAPCOM ENTERTAINMENT, so I have no
ownership over BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil. This guide is made to understand easily.
It is divided into "areas." Areas are sections in the game. Within an area are
puzzles and locked doors, etc. Areas end usually when you leave a certain area
of the game (ex: Prison) and begin whether you have gained new areas or have
beaten a boss. When fighting bosses, a special paragraph is available for each
boss, even if it is a boss you don't have to kill. This guide will be structured
to follow item needs as well and will follow "VERY EASY MODE" only, as this
guide is intended for players WHO NEED HELP AND ARE MOST LIKELY STARTING THE
GAME FOR A FIRST TIME. Experts won't have to go here, right? Good. Now on to the
game, BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil CODE: VERONICA COMPLETE (or X in America)

*II: Playstation 2 and Dreamcast Differences*

On March 22, 2001, in the country of Japan, BIOHAZARD CODE: VERONICA COMPLETE
was released for 2 different systems. SONY'S PLAYSTATION 2 and SEGA'S DREAMCAST.
Both games were considerably different in features, but not in story line. The
PLAYSTATION 2 version had fewer features than DREAMCAST'S. It didn't have
"Battle Mode" from the start, as opposed to having it automatically in DC's

Another difference is that in "Very Easy Mode" for DC, a Rocket Launcher with
unlimited ammo, but isn't in the PS2 version, bummer. But the PS2 gets the
graphical advantage, as the PS2 version's graphics are slightly better than DC's
by a notch. The PS2 uses a better color scheme and has a better "blur" effect,
as evidenced with Wesker.

PS2 also gets a better controller because it doesn't turn the character as much,
as the DC's controller isn't as controlled as DC's. Anyway, those are the MAJOR
differences. There may be others, but I haven't seen them. E-mail me if you do!

*III: Controls*


     R Trigger: Ready Weapon (press and hold)
     L Trigger: Change Targets (when R trigger is held)
     X Button: Action/Confirm Selection
     Y Button: Map Screen
     B Button: Status Screen/Cancel
     A Button: Dash (with D-button UP)/Cancel selection
     Start Button: Option menu, skip movie/cut-scene
     Analog Thumb Pad: Moves character and options
     D-Pad: Moves character and options

To move character:

     UP: Forward
     DOWN: Backward
     RIGHT: Rotate right
     LEFT: Rotate left


     Start Button: Starts game/Pauses game
     Select Button: Access Option mode from gameplay
     Directional Button: Selects mode and moves character
     X Button: Action Button/ Opens doors/ attack
     SQUARE Button: Run
     R1 Button: Draw Weapon
     O Button: Access Status screen
     TRIANGLE Button: Cancel previous action
     Left Stick: Move character
     Right Stick: Switch to sub screen
     ANALOG MODE SWITCH: Analog switch

*IV: Story/History*

BIOHAZARD CODE: VERONICA COMPLETE isn't the first game of its series. So far,
there have been 5 installments of the series. BIOHAZARD Director's Cut,
BIOHAZARD 2 Dual Shock, BIOHAZARD 3: Last Escape (RE3 Nemesis), BIOHAZARD Gun
Survivor (RE Survivor) and BIOHAZARD CODE: VERONICA COMPLETE. Each game was
unique with its own special features. BIOHAZARD Director's Cut featured many
endings, while BIOHAZARD 2 Dual Shock had the "zapping" scenario system where
you start with Leon Kennedy and end the game with Claire, or vice versa.
BIOHAZARD 3 Last Escape had live selections that would affect the game's ending.
BIOHAZARD Gun Survivor was a RE game in the first person. BIOHAZARD CODE:
VERONICA COMPLETE features things from all the games, such as different paths
(sorta), a first person mode, two characters and a minigame.

Those are all the games. I will give you a brief summary of all the games. If
you want detail, check out TWILDE'S RESIDENT EVIL PLOT ANALYSIS, found at
GameFAQS.com, where this guide can be found.

July 1998

Raccoon City, a mid-western U.S. town is experiencing reports of cannibalism
near its forest. The local police department sends in a special force to stop
it, called STARS, Special Tactics and Rescue Service, to seek information about
it. Umbrella Inc, a pharmaceutical, also controls Raccoon City. The STARS are
divided into 2 teams, Bravo and Alpha. Bravo heads in first. Bravo team is
consisted of Rebecca Chambers, Enrico Marini, Forest Speyer, Richard Aiken, Ed
Dewey and Kenneth Sullivan. Enrico Marini was the team's leader.

Bravo heads in to the forest were the attacks started. But soon Alpha, the other
STARS team, loses contact with them. Albert Wesker, their leader, sends in his
team, consisted of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Joseph Frost
and Brad Vickers. They eventually find Bravo team in a mansion. They are all
found eaten like the victims. Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca discover that
Wesker brought STARS to the mansion because he was working with Umbrella. The T-
Virus, which turned humans into the zombies STARS has been running into, is a
creation of Umbrella. After destroying Tyrant, a powerful T-Virus monster, they
try to escape.

Albert Wesker is killed and the surviving STARS get out alive. That was,
BIOHAZARD Director's Cut, the first BH.

September 1998

Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca must stop Umbrella for spreading the virus
through the mansion. Chris and presumably Rebecca go to Europe to take out
Umbrella, while Jill and Barry stay behind.

On the 22nd, a scientist named William Birkin finishes his G- Virus, an upgrade
of the T- Virus. Umbrella, impatient, sends a squat team that attacks Birkin and
steals his virus. Birkin injects himself with his G- Virus and becomes a
monster, worse than the zombies and Tyrant, kills off the squat members. Because
Birkin is now a monster, he causes a T- Virus leak and now the Raccoon citizens
are zombies.

Jill Valentine manages to escape infection. Umbrella of Europe sends in a
"Nemesis", which is a Tyrant, but more intelligent, and is after Jill. Jill
meets Carlos, a UBCS member of Umbrella. Umbrella also sent in fighters to kill
zombies. Jill and Carlos try to fight their way out of Raccoon together. This is
part 1 of BH3:LE.

Meanwhile, Claire Redfield, the sister of Chris, comes to Raccoon to find him.
Leon Kennedy, a cop sent in to help fight off zombies, meets with Claire. They
find out Raccoon is infested with zombies and go to the police station to be

Claire meets with the chief of police, who was working with Umbrella. She also
meets Sherry Birkin, daughter of William Birkin, as she tries to get away from
her monster father.  Leon meets Ada Wong, who is really undercover to seek
Umbrella info. As Claire wanders, Umbrella sends in "Mr. X", a Tyrant seeker
unit out to destroy the William Birkin monster.

Claire, Leon, Ada and Sherry eventually destroy Birkin and Mr. X. Though Ada
makes it, she presumably didn't get the G- Virus she was after. She even helps
out Claire because of it. As Claire, Leon and Sherry escape, Hunk, the man who
attacked Birkin, escapes Raccoon with the G- Virus sample. Now Claire is looking
for Chris in Europe. This is the story of BH2.

Meanwhile, Jill and Carlos are fighting Nemesis off. They eventually destroy the
unholy creature. Thanks to Barry, they escape before Raccoon City is nuked. This
is the final part of BH3:LE.

3 months later, Claire Redfield goes to Europe to find Chris. She eventually
gets captured for trespassing on Umbrella's Paris Lab. She is taken to an island
near Antarctica and that's where BH:CVC begins...

*V: Character Bios*

Claire Redfield
Age: 19
Claire is a college student who loves motor bikes. She went to Raccoon to search
for Chris. She didn't find him, so went to Europe. She eventually is captured
and taken to Rockfort Island.

Steve Burnside
Age: 17
He was a prisoner on the island when things went wrong. He is cocky and seems
not to trust people. At 17, he is a crack gunman, pilot and operates
machinery!!! But after he lets his feelings out on his father, he slowly

Chris Redfield
Age: 25
Claire's brother, is a member of STARS of the RPD. He is tough with guns and
loves Claire to death. After escaping the mansion, he went with Rebecca and Jill
to find the truth. Now Claire is looking for him.

Albert Wesker
Age: Unknown
He is a betrayer of STARS. He led them into a trap and got most of them killed.
But now he is changed. He is VERY different and has superpowers. He isn't
working for Umbrella, though. He is working for HCF. Now that Chris is in the
area, he has new intentions...

*VI: Area 1: Prison Part 1*

After the cut-scene is over, equip the lighter. You'll see a scene with Rodrigo
Raval, where he needs Hemostat. If you play the game right, you'll be back in
this room later. Exit through the door.

You'll see a Typewriter. Save the game. Now climb the stairs. When you're at the
top, equip the Rocket Launcher (you are playing VERY EASY MODE). Walk passed the
burning truck until a cut-scene happens. After it, blast all 5 zombies with the
R. launcher and run toward the briefcase. It is surrounded by fire and you need
an extinguisher. You'll be back here. Exit through the door passed the open

Upon entry, walk and then you'll see a cut-scene introducing Steve. Claire now
has a Pistol. After he leaves, head through the door in front of Claire. Since
you have a strong amount of health, you can skip the Barracks.

Upon entry to the area around the Barracks, turn right to see a chain link
fence. You'll unlock it shortly. Go around the Barracks until you are on the
other side of that gate. Go through the last door.

You are now in the Guillotine area. Blast all the zombies. You can't get to the
ones behind the cage yet. Turn the corner and enter.

You are now in the Security Area. You'll see a metal detector. Insert your R.
launcher, Handgun, bullets, Lighter, everything except Herbs. Proceed through
the hall, passed the windows. You'll see another metal detector. Skip the door
for now and activate the Duplicator machine to the left of the metal detector.
After turning it on, go through the door to the right of the metal detector.

Inside, you'll see Steve. After he leaves, go examine that yellow clip. You'll
find a Hawk Emblem. Before leaving, examine the pad next to the blocked door.
After moving the lever, you can forget about this door. You can open it later,
but since you have the R. launcher, you don't need many items. Exit and head
back to the duplicator.

Put the Hawk Emblem inside the glass part and watch it scan. Now go back to the
first metal detector. Pick up the R. launcher and Handgun with bullets. Pick up
a First Aid Spray, too. Go back to the Guillotine Cage.

Go passed the roll-up gate. Press the button and the red gate will rise. Blast
the 2 zombies and the ones that escape the guillotine. In the garage, get the
Extinguisher. Now go inside guillotine and get the Padlock key from the slick.
Now go back to the Barracks with the Pistol equipped.

As you circle the area again, zombie dogs will come out and attack Claire. Use
the Handgun on them because the Launcher can't aim down. After killing them, go
to the chain gate and unlock. Now you can get back to the guillotine without
going all the way around! Now exit to the door leading back to where Claire
first met Steve. There, go back to the graveyard.

In the graveyard, use the Extinguisher on the fire and get the Briefcase. Check
the top with the "check" option and you'll find TG-01. Now you have to go back
to the duplicator passed the metal detectors. Go there now, using the shortcut
in the barracks.

Deposit your weapons and ammo and since TG-01 is alloy, can be taken passed the
detector. Once back at the duplicator, place it in the machine right of where
the Hawk Emblem is. The TG-01 slab will now be a Hawk Emblem copy that can be
taken passed the metal detectors. Get the Hawk Emblem Alloy. You'll hear
shattering glass and zombies, so run passed them. At the first metal detector,
take only the Pistol, Launcher, Hawk Emblem Alloy, Bullets and a First Aid
Spray. Anything else in there (Extinguisher) isn't needed anymore. If you are
playing on a mode other than VERY EASY, take it with you. Now go back to where
you first met Steve Burnside.

There, blast the zombies and look for the giant gate. Place the Hawk Emblem
Alloy and then go through. You are now out of the Prison- for now!

*VII: Area 2: Palace Part 1 and Airport Part 1*

Claire is now out of that damn Prison, but remember the area well because you
will be back much later in the game. Send Claire across the Bridge. You'll see
white crates. Push the far out one toward the fire. Then push it right over the
fire. Now climb over it. Climb the stairs. You are now in the Passage.

Blast all the zombies in sight. Now run passed the first door toward the gate.
Remember where that door is- it leads to the Military Training Facility. Climb
the stairs and you are now in the Palace's yard.

In the yard, use the Handgun on the zombie dogs. You'll see a green glowing key,
but you don't need to get it until the end of disk 1(DC Version). PS2 Version
only has one disk. Enter the main doors into the mansion. Inside, go to the
computer and type in the code: NTC0394 and the northwest door will open. The
west door does NOT need to be explored. Enter the door you just unlocked.

Blast all the zombies and head through the only open door. Go to the right of
the table and press the button to watch a movie. Watch the movie closely, as it
will be a clue to a puzzle at the end of disk 1 (DC Version). A panel will then
open. Inside, grab the Steering Wheel. Now go back to the entrance of the

When you try to exit, Steve will scream. Go back to the room where you saw that
movie and now go to where the projector screen used to be. Examine the computer
and enter options C and E and then DECIDE. Steve will come out with 2 Gold
Lugers. Claire needs those and you'll find out why. After Steve leaves without
giving them to Claire, go back to the main hall.

When there, Alfred Ashford, the boy from the video, will attack Claire. He'll
babble about the island and the zombies and then leave. Go up the stairs to
where you saw him. Climb another set of steps and enter the door.

You are in the game's first save room. Look in the crate. Deposit the Handgun
and bullets and withdraw the Assault Rifle (VERY EASY). Now turn the corner of
the room to see another door. The door is locked and needs to be unlocked with 2
Gold Lugers. Steve has those Lugers. Make sure you save the game and exit the

In the Palace yard, turn right from the entrance and down another gate. You'll
see a dock. Use the Steering Wheel on the dock and then turn it. The dock will
move and a Submarine Elevator will rise. Go inside.

Inside the Submarine, equip the Side Pack on the bench. Now press the glowing
button and the Submarine will descend. When it stops, climb the ladder and you
are now in the Airport Steve was talking about when you first met him. Go down
the tunnel until you reach a door. Go through.

You are now in the Fork Room. Go to the gate at the right fork. You are now in
the Bridge. Cross the Bridge with the Lighter equipped to fend off the bats. Go
through the other gate.

You are in the Cargo Room now. You'll see a lift in the corner. Ride it up to
the crane controls. Operate them. Push the control pad up until it stops. Then
push it left all the way until it stops. Passed the crane controls, you'll see a
door leading to the Bridge control. It is missing a lever. Don't worry about
this puzzle for now- it is for the end of disk 1 (DC Version). Go ride the lift
back down.

Now go to where the crate was. Operate the cargo elevator. When it rises, kill
all the zombies. Grab the Biohazard Card. Now cross the bridge again and head
back to the Submarine. Press the button again and the Sub will rise back to the

Exit the Sub and use the Steering Wheel to push it back toward the pier. Now
climb the stairs back to the Palace yard. Pass the Palace entrance and through
the gate leading to the Passage. In the Passage, head into the door leading to
the Military Training Facility.

*VIII: Area 3: Military Training Facility A*

*Note: Th reason why I call this Military Training Facility "A" is because when
you control Chris, he explores the MTF as well. But what he explores is quite
different from what Claire explores. So try not to get mixed up with Chris and
Claire's MTF missions.

As you enter, a HUGE worm will attack Claire. Let it have a rocket and it will
die. After it dies, enter the building. When you enter, go to the shutter on the
far back and use the Biohazard Card to open it. When you pass through, it will
lower again. Pass through the door into the courtyard.

When you enter the courtyard, Alfred will try to shoot you with his Sniper
Rifle. Evade by running up the stairs. Go passed the locked brown door and the
blue box on the balcony handle. Enter through door Alfred went through. Remember
where that blue box is! You will be in a hall. Go down and then to the gray
door. It is a save room. Make sure you have 3 spaces at least. Save the game and

Now go through the brown door. Alfred will lower a shutter and lock you in. Go
through the brown door. Turn left and collect the pair of Machine guns. Now
attempt to go down the stairs and a Bandersnatch will appear. Blast it with the
Rocket Launcher. A door at the bottom of the stairs will open. Go through it and
another Bandersnatch will attack Claire. Steve then comes in "Matrix-style" and
blasts the Bandersnatch with the 2 Lugers. After it dies, Claire trades the 2
machine guns for the 2 lugers. Now Claire can access that door in the Palace
Save Room.

The floor starts to lower. Then you will control Steve. Steve is now in Steve
Room 1. Blast all the zombies and then head to the door on the left. That is
Steve Room 2. Blast all the zombies in here and remember that green bottle in
this room. Chris will need that.

Go back to Steve Room 1 and head through the door next to the gate. You are now
in Steve Room 3. Blast all the zombies. Now climb the stairs and then exit into
the Sewer Balcony. Steve will rant and then you are in control of Claire again.
Claire and Steve ride an elevator up. When you control Claire, follow Steve
through a door.

You are now on 2F of the Steve's Dad room, and you'll soon see why it is called
the "Steve's Dad" room. Go to Steve and you will fall down into 1F of Steve's
Dad room. Steve will suddenly see a zombie and empty his Machine guns into. He
will then say father...

Steve tells Claire about why he is on the island and that he just killed his
zombie dad. When the scene is over, head to the door left of Steve. Blast all
the zombies and then head to the door at the end.

You are in the Model Room. Grab the Eagle Plate and then head back to Steve's
Dad Room 1F. Head through the double doors to the Tank Room. Exit the Tank Room
through the single door. You are back in the yard where you fought the worm.
Head into the door you went through before.

Inside the Main Hall, head to the far shutter and raise it. Go through the door
to where Alfred attacked you. Kill the dogs with the Assault Rifle and then go
to the blue box on the balcony. Insert the Eagle Plate and the box will reveal
an Emblem Card. Now go back through the door to the Save Room. Use the Biohazard
Card to raise the shutter Alfred lowered. Put the Lugers inside the Item Box.
Collect the Hemostat from the Save Room and deposit it, as well. Now go back to
the yard where Alfred attacked you.

Go down the stairs and then through the gate passed the fire. You'll see a
ladder. Go down. Go passed the lever to the gate. Remember that lever when you
play as Chris. Use the Emblem Card on the gate. Climb down the step and you are
now back in Steve Room 3. Head back to Steve Room 1. Raise the gate next to the
door and then take the Grenade Launcher if you want, although there's already
one in the Item Box. Now go back through Steve Room 3 to the Sewer Balcony.

In the Sewer Balcony, head through the elevator and ride it to 2F. On 2F, go to
the gate and use the Emblem Card on the blue gate. When it rises, discard the
Emblem Card. Run passed the brown door to the main screen. Examine the computer
and then take the Army Proof. You need that Proof for the end of disk 1 (DC
Version). Examine the camera computer and you will see an infra red scope of a
room. Zoom in on the Skeleton Picture and remember the code "1126".

Now exit the room through the brown door. You are now back on the balcony where
you got the Emblem Card. Go down and back into the Main Hall. Now go to the
first shutter and use the Biohazard Card. Discard the Biohazard Card and then
climb the stairs. Pass the door with no doorknob. Chris will open that door. Go
through the open door. Inside, look for the other door and enter the "1126"

Enter and collect the Skeleton Painting. An Albinoid will then escape. Dodge
them and run for the Main Hall before you get trapped. Go back to where Steve
shot his dad. Head into the room where you got the Eagle Plate. Put the Painting
there and a wall will slide up. A model of the MTF will appear. There's a Gold
Key on it. Grab it. Now leave the MTF and head back to the Palace.

*IX: Area 4: Private Residence and Palace Part 2*

Once back in the Palace, go through the door you unlocked with the computer.
Inside, pass the door where Steve got the Lugers. Unlock those double doors with
the Gold Key and discard it.

Inside, press these paintings in order. Press the women painting first. Then
press the painting with the man and 2 babies. Then press the red-haired man
holding a teacup. Then press the other red-haired man painting with a plate in
the back round. Then press the painting with a guy holding paper. Then press the
painting with the man wearing blue. Then press the giant painting. It will spin
and a vase will be revealed. Grab it and check the inside. A Queen Ant Object is

Now go to the Save Room. Grab the Lugers and use them on the door. The door will
now open. Go through and find the computer on the desk. Enter the code "1971"
and then a shelf will slide, revealing a passage. A Bandersnatch will appear.
Use the Launcher to blast it. Go through the door in the tunnel.

Follow the tunnel until you reach the stairs. You are now in the Private
Residence. In the yard, blast the Bandersnatch and then enter the building with
the Lighter equipped.

Inside, climb the staircase until you reach a door. Go through. Claire will then
hear Alexia Ashford talking to her brother, Alfred. After "they" leave, go
inside the nearest door. Examine the Music Box and close it. The bed will drop
and reveal a Silver Key. You can't climb the ladder on Alexia's bed right now.
Go back to the Palace.

Once back, use the Silver Key on the door across the save room. Inside, are a
casino and a piano. Collect the Herbs if you want to heal. Now go back through
the door you unlocked with the computer.

There, go to the nearest double doors and unlock them with the Silver Key.
Discard the Silver Key and enter. Launch a rocket at the 2 Bandersnatch. Now go
to the floor between the two desks and collect another Eagle Plate.

Go back to the Save Room and grab the Hemostat medicine. Now gear up with the
Hemostat and Eagle Plate because you are going back to the Prison! Head back to
the Passage and down to the Bridge. Head through the giant gate.

*X: Area: 5: Prison Part 2*

When you are back in the room where you met Steve for the first time, head to
where Rodrigo is. Claire will feed him the hemostat and trade her Lighter for
the Lockpick. After the scene, go back to the Guillotine. Inside, passed the
slick, use the Eagle Plate on the door. When it slides, blast the zombies.

Go through the door. Blast the zombies and head through the left door. You are
in the Doctor Room. Pass through the room to another door. Pass through that
door and go back into the Doctor Room. You'll see a Doctor zombie and a normal
zombie. Blast both of them. The Doctor Zombie dropped a Glass Eyeball. Pick it
up. Now go to the back area of the room and place the eyeball in the cadaver. A
secret stairway will form. Go down.

Cross the Bat Hall and go through the door to the Torture Room. Blast the
zombies and go down the stairs into the door. You are in the Armor Room. Grab
the Rusted Sword. The middle statue will rise and gas will begin to spread. Push
the bar on the statue counter clock-wise and the gas will stop. The statue you
got the Rusted Sword from will spin into an armor. Insert the Rusted Sword in
and a zombie comes out. Blast it and collect the Piano Roll. You have now
explored EVERY room in the Prison! Go back to the Palace.

*XI: Area 6: Private Residence Part 2 and Palace Part 3*

After getting the Piano Roll, go back to the Casino Room in the Palace.
As you enter the yard, a new scene will occur between Albert Wesker and Claire.
Wesker has superpowers and is after Chris and Alfred. He beats Claire up and
tells her that he attacked the island. Wesker then jumps for the airport.

Insert the Piano Roll into the Piano and one of the slot machines will open.
Grab the King Ant Object. Now go back to the rooms of the Private Residence
where you saw Alexia talking to Alfred.

Go to the room where you got the Silver Key. Insert the Queen Ant Object into
the Music Box and it will open. Grab the Music Box Plate. Go back out the hall
and head into Alfred's Room. Put the King Ant Object into the music box in this
room. When it opens, put the Music Box Plate in. Alfred's bed will lower,
revealing a ladder. Climb it.

You'll be on a carousal. Step off toward the ant painting. Circle the carousal
until you see a glittering object- a Silver Dragonfly. Check it and remove the
wings. Go back to the ant painting and insert the Dragonfly Key. The carousal
will spin and a ladder will be revealed. Climb the ladder.

There, push the crate right toward the bookshelf. Climb it and then grab the
file and Airforce Proof like the one you got in the MTF Control Room. Now
descend down the ladder to that carousal and down the ladder into Alexia's Room.

As you leave Alexia's Room, you'll see a cut-scene involving Steve shooting
Alexia. As Claire gives chase into Alfred's Room via a secret door, you find out
Alfred has been dressing up like his fake sister, Alexia. After the cut-scene,
head back to the yard of the Palace.

When you get there, grab the Navy Proof. The self-destruct system will then
activate. After a cut-scene with Steve, go to the dock leading to the Airport.

*XII: Area 7: Airport Part 2*

At the dock, Steve will lead you to the Sub and the Airport. Follow him to the
Fork Room. This time, go to the left fork. You'll be at a seaplane terminal. On
the loading lift, insert the Navy, Army and Airforce Proofs and go into the
plane. Steve is in control. Climb the stairs in the plane and a scene with Steve
occurs. Claire needs to raise the bridge to fly off the island. Grab the lever
and head back to the Fork Room.

Go to the Right Fork again. Cross the bridge into the Cargo Room. Ride the lift;
pass the crane controls and head through the door. Insert the lever and raise
the bridge to level 2. Cross the bridge to the Oil Room. You'll find out why
it's called "Oil Room" when playing as Chris.

Go to the pile of dead zombies and get the Airport Key. Go back to the Cargo
Room and use it on the gate next to the lift. Go through to the Airport Save
Room. Equip the Rocket Launcher. Crates jam the elevator. Push the right crate
into the elevator. Now push the left most crate all the way right and then push
it in.

Now board the elevator. It will rise while Alfred, still talking like a woman,
releases something familiar- it's Tyrant from RE2! And it's out for Claire.
Also, there's 5 minutes until detonation. When the elevator stops, head out.
Claire is now in the MTF yard where she fought the worm. Head toward the Palace.

On your way, Tyrant appears. Trapped, blast it with the Launcher and it will
fall down. Run passed it and head passed the Palace for the dock. Call the Sub
with the Steering Wheel and then head down. Get to the Fork Room and take the
left into the plane.

The seaplane flies off the exploding island. Steve and Claire apologize for
everything that happened. Alfred, still talking in a girl's voice, escapes the
island via an airport under the MTF's tank. Remember that for Chris' game.

Back on Claire's plane, the Tyrant gets into the back area of the plane. Load
the R. launcher and enter through the door next to the item crate. Tyrant has

*BOSS # 1                                                             *
*Tyrant                                                               *
*Difficulty: Easy                                                     *
*Since you so conveniently have a R. launcher, simply fire two rockets* *and
then press the catapult button to the right of the door. A crate * *will launch
out of the plane and Tyrant will get pushed off. Your    *  *first *boss battle
won in 10 seconds. Return to the cockpit.         *

Once back in the cockpit, Steve will lose control of the plane. Alfred seems to
have put it in auto pilot mode. It then goes to Antarctica after another cut-

*Dreamcast players switch to Disk 2 after the "free" save. PS2 players can
simply start playing after the cut-scene. *

*XIII: Area 8: Claire in Antarctica*

After Steve leaves, head to the right of the busted seaplane. Climb down the
ladder and go further right. Pass the door and go down the stairs. You are in
the Moth Room. Arm the Assault Rifle. Go to the door ahead. It is a Save Room.
Grab the Grenade Launcher with Grenade Rounds. Look at the bookshelf behind the
desk. Push it forward and then turn right in the new passage. You'll see
lockers. Run toward them and a mouse will pop out and run. Examine the locker
and you will find a button that doesn't work yet. You need power for it to work.

Go back to the Moth Room. You should have the R. launcher, G. launcher and
Assault Rifle. Arm the Assault Rifle. Turn the corner and you'll see a moth.
Blast the moth before it poisons and sends a parasite to Claire's back. Whenever
you enter this room as Claire, blast the moths with the A. Rifle. Enter through
the door into the Production Room. Blast the zombies with the R. launcher.

Turn left and go passed 2 doors and then turn right toward the Gun Room. Blast
the zombies and then collect the Mining Room Key. Go back to the Production
Room. Go to the first door you passed and use the Mining Room Key. Go through.
You are in the Mining Room (duh!). turn right and climb 2 sets of stairs until
you reach an Octa Valve Handle hole. MAKE SURE YOU EXAMINE IT. Now go back down
the stairs and turn right toward a door. It's called the Power Room. Inside the
dark Power Room, use the A. Rifle on the dogs. Now find the generator runner.
Push it. To get to it, turn left from the entrance and then make a right. Keep
going and turn left and then right again to reach it. Now go back to the
entrance of the Power Room and find the power switch. Turn it and the base now
has electricity. Go back to the Production Room.

In the Production Room, go to the only door you haven't gone through- the BOW
Room. Inside, use the G. launcher to blast the spiders. Then look on the silver
crates and collect the Bar Code Sticker. Near the door, you'll notice a Gas Mask
you can't get yet. Go back to the Production Room.

Back there, go to the conveyer belt area near the Mining Room entrance. Power up
the conveyer belt and a crate will enter the Gun Room. Forget that. Attach the
Bar Code Sticker to the crate on the belt and press the button. The crate will
go to the BOW Room. Head back to the BOW Room now.

Grab the Gas Mask and then exit. Now go back to the save room. Go back to that
locker where the mouse came from and press the button. The locker will slide,
revealing a chamber. Inside, underneath the grating, is Nosferatu, a monster.
You'll be fighting him soon, so beware.

In that same area, look for a pot. Grab it and check the bottom for a key. It's
the Machine Room key. Now go back to the Moth Room and climb the stairs. Go
passed the door (never go there!) until you see double doors. Go through and you
are in the Upper Production Room.

Go to the door left of Claire and use the Machine Room Key. You are in the Upper
Mining Room. Go through the other door in this room. You are now in the Upper
Power Room. Collect the Valve Handle and then exit back into the Upper Mining
Room. Steve is there and after the cut-scene, you'll be back in the Upper
Production Room.

Go to the other door in the Upper Production Room.  It is the Valve Handle Room.
Using the machine in the back, change the Valve Handle to an Octagon Valve
Handle. Now go back to the save room. Put the R. launcher in there so Chris can
use it. Bring the Magnum and bullets instead.

Now go back to the Lower Production Room.  Enter the Lower Mining Room and equip
the Gas Mask. Go to the Valve Handle Hole and insert the Octagon Valve Handle.
After a cut-scene involving Alfred falling into a chasm, go and get his Sniper
Rifle. After more cut-scenes you will be on a helipad battling Nosferatu.

*BOSS # 2                                                             *
*Nosferatu                                                            *
*Difficulty: Medium                                                   *
*Nosferatu is a little harder than Tyrant because you don't have the  *
*launcher. To make this fight quick, arm the Magnum, get away from    *
*Nosferatu and shoot until he falls. If the 8 Magnum Bullets aren't   * *enough,
use the Assault Rifle until he finally falls. Also, make sure* *Claire doesn't
get poisoned. If she does, Chris' game will be        * *affected.

After Nosferatu dies, Alfred will release his monster sister, Alexia. She
actually DOES exist. She has psychic powers and attacks Steve and Claire. Alfred
also dies.

As Alexia causes havoc, the island Claire was taken to has a new visitor; a man
named Chris Redfield.

*XIV: Area 9: Chris and Military Training Facility B*

*The reason why this is called MTF B is because the place has changed due to the
self-destruct sequence.

After the cut-scenes, Chris will be in a cave. Walk up and talk to Rodrigo.
He'll tell Chris that Claire left the island with Steve, etc. If you fed him the
Hemostat as Claire, the Gulp Worm that Claire fought in the yard will swallow
Rodrigo whole! If not, Rodrigo will just die.

After the scene, go to the nearby item box and grab the R. launcher and deposit
the Pistol and Knife. Now enter through the next door and fight the worm.

*BOSS # 3                                                             *
*Gulp Worm                                                            *
*Difficulty: Easy                                                     *
*With the R. launcher, this boss is wimpy.  When it pops up, fire a   * *rocket
and it will die. If Rodrigo was swallowed, he'll be coughed up* *and he'll give
you the lighter before dying. If he died in the first * *cut-scene, he won't
give you the lighter.                            *

After the cut-scenes, activate the elevator at the end of the hall where you
killed the worm. Ride the elevator up and Chris will end up in the room where
Steve killed his dad. A barrel blocks the single door leading to the Elevator
Hall, so take the double doors to the Tank Room.

In the Tank Room, crates block the door leading to the Main Yard. Remember when
Alfred escaped the island, he pressed a button on the tank? Well, look on the
tank for that button and press it. The Tank will move, revealing a lift. Go down
into the Harrier Jet Hallway.

In the Harrier Jet Hallway, look for the double doors. It needs a Halberd to
open. So, you need to find an Eagle Plate. Didn't Claire use one in the balcony?
That's where we are headed. Ignore the other door in this hall for now. Pick up
the Battery. Spiders will then attack, so hurry and get back to the room where
Steve killed his dad.

Back there, look for the yellow lift over by the elevator leading to where
Rodrigo died. Insert the Battery. Then ride the lift up and you will now be on
2F Steve's Dad Room. Look at the desk to the left of the lift and collect the
file and Chemical Storage Key. Head through the door to the Control Room.

Upon entry, you'll see a cut-scene involving Alexia singing and Wesker sending a
monster after Chris. In the Control Room, head through the brown door to the

In the Balcony, the Eagle Plate is gone. It fell into the sewer. Also, the
ground has broken so you can't get to the Main Hall yet. Go into the door
leading to the hall outside the save room. When you get there, the wall is
crumbled. But there's a hole in the wall leading to the room where Claire got
the Skeleton Painting. Collect the Side Pack on a table and then leave the way
you came. Go back to the Control Room.

There, go to the elevator and ride it to the Sewer Balcony. On the Sewer
Balcony, don't bother going to Steve Room # 3 because there's gas in the room.
Instead, there's a set of stairs that weren't there before. Walk down them and
you'll see a Shotgun. DON'T GRAB IT YET! Go to the near the Shotgun. It is the
Tyrant Storage Room. It's called that because this is the room Tyrant was stored
in. Proceed through this room into the Turn Table Room.

In the Turn Table Room, proceed to the door on the left. Proceed through slide-
up doors until you reach a room called the Chemical Room. Find the storage
fridge and use the Chemical Storage Key to open it. When it says to set the
temperature, set it at "12.8". You'll then get an item called Clement E. Grab it
and the head back to the Turn Table Room. You'll find a Doorknob on the ground.
Grab it and Hunters will appear. Blast them. Beware that there are seeker
machines. If they sense Chris, Hunters will come and attack him.

Go back to the room where Claire got the Skeleton Painting. In that room, avoid
the sensor and head out through the other door in that room. In the hall, attach
the doorknob into the other door in that hall. Enter and you are on the other
side of the broken catwalk in the room where Steve shot his dad (remember when
Claire and Steve fell through?). Turn to Chris' left to see a desk. Grab the
Mini Tank. Now go back to the elevator and ride it to 1F.

Once there, head to the room with the MTF model. Place the Mini Tank in the
model and a painting will slide to reveal a Turn Table Key and a note. There are
also 3 holes and a lever behind lasers. The 3 holes are also in the shape of
those that Claire used to board the plane. Go back to the Tyrant Room.

There, Wesker will confront you and virtually kick Chris' ass. After the cut-
scene, use the R. launcher on the Bandersnatch. Now go to the Turn Table Room.
Use the Turn Table Key and the Turn Table will rise. When it stops, head out of
the hole in the wall. You are now in the Main Hall of the MTF. Head into the

*XV: Area 10: Airport and Military Training Facility B Part 2*

In the yard, blast the Hunters. The path to the Palace is blocked by rubble, so
enter the giant elevator leading to the Airport Save Room. Once there, make sure
you have 3 spaces open. Enter the Cargo Room and blast the Hunter. Then ride the
lift up to the room with the crane controls. Go to the door passed the crane
controls. You are now in the Upper Bridge.

The lever machine isn't working, so cross the bridge into the room where Claire
got the Airport Key- the Oil Room. To the left of the door, is an oil machine.
You'll see cylinders with oil in them. Press the button with the 3 twice. Then
press the 5 button once. Then press the 10 button once. Then press the 3 button
twice and then press the 5 button once. The puzzle will finish. Zombies will
also rise, but you don't have to kill them.

Get back to the bridge lever and push it to lower the bridge. Now go back to the
Cargo Room. Now go to the bridge. Cross it and kill the Hunter. Now go to the
Fork Room. Blast the zombies and then head to the left fork. Go to the boarding
lift, kill the Hunter and grab the Army, Navy and Airforce Proofs.

Don't bother going to the submarine because it isn't there. On your way out of
the airport, pick up the Grenade Launcher with Explosive Rounds or the Bow Gun
with Explosive Arrows. Go back to the Main Hall of the MTF, blasting Hunters and
Sweepers (poison Hunters) that get in your way. In the Main Hall, go into the
brown door you never have gone through yet.

Inside, blast the zombies. Then head through the open door. You'll see a hole in
the wall. Go through and head through the final door. You are now in the lower
balcony on the other side of big hole. Kill the zombie and head down the ladder.

You are now in Steve Room # 3. To the right of Chris is a lever. Pull it and the
gas in the room will dissolve. Now go to Steve Room # 1. There, blast the Hunter
and head into Steve Room # 2. In the back area of that room, look for the green
liquid and grab it. It is Clement A. Combine it with Clement E and you have
Clement Mixture. Go back to the room with the MTF model.

There, place the Army, Navy and Airforce Proofs in the 3 slots. The MTF model
moves and a ladder is revealed. Go down. Go down the tunnels, blasting the
Spiders with the Grenade Launcher. Collect the Grenade Rounds and go down the
other ladder.

Down there, is another boss, called Albinoid Adult. It seems the Albinoid that
escaped that room reached this area and has grown.

*BOSS # 4										    *
*Albinoid Adult                                                       *
*Difficulty: Medium                                                   *
*The only reason why this boss gets a medium is because it's hard to  * *hit.
Switch to the Grenade Launcher for this one. As it swims to the * *shore, hit it
with a Grenade. Repeat this pattern until the Albinoid * *dies.

After the Albinoid is dead, jump into the water and grab the Eagle Plate.
Combine the Eagle Plate with the Clement Mixture and you have the Halberd you
need. Go back to the Sewer Balcony.

There, go down the stairs and take the Shotgun this time. The stairs will rise
into the position it was in when Claire was here. Go into the water the stairs
were blocking and then get onto another platform. Climb the ladder and you are
now back inside the Harrier Jet Hallway.
Go to the door I told you to ignore. It is a save room.

Save the game and inspect the chest with 4 drawers. Open the top one, the third
one and then the second one. Open the bottom one and you will get a Luger
Replica. Deposit the Luger Replica, as it has no importance in the main game.

Deposit the G. launcher into the box. Now go to the Harrier Jet Hallway. Use the
Halberd on the double doors and they will open. Chris gets on the last harrier
jet and flies to Antarctica.

*XVI: Area 11: Chris in Antarctica*

When the FMV is over, go through the double doors. You are now in the Main
Terminal. Blast the Tentacles. Then go passed the seaplane wreckage and down the
ladder. Head towards the save room.

There, look at the display cabinet. To the right is a Halberd engraving. Put the
Halberd in there and the bottom cabinet will open. Grab the Paperweight and the
file. Forget about the Ink Ribbon. Now go to the Upper Production Room.

There, you will notice the place is filled with ice from when Steve and Claire
tried to escape. Go to the Upper Mining Room. Since the Lower Mining Room is
filled with ice, walk on the ice to where Claire left the Octagon Valve Handle.
Grab it and zombies will attack. Blast all of them.

Now go back to the Upper Production Room. Go to there the catwalk is broken
(near the door leading to where Claire modified the Valve Handle). Step into the
ice and then climb to the other side of the broken catwalk. Go to the door

You are in the Scanner Hall because there are scanners that belong to Wesker's
Hunters. You'll automatically be scanned, so kill the Hunter. Ignore the double
doors for now and head down the hallway to an elevator. Take the elevator down.

When you are out of it, you are in the Carousal Room. Go through the door in
front of Chris. You are in the Ice Hall. Go to the door closest to Chris. It is
the Power Save Room. Save the game. Then bring the Combat Knife. Now inspect the
machinery. You'll see a hole you need to use the Octagon Valve Handle in. Use it
and then get turn the switch. Now there is power to the lower areas of the base.
Go back to the Ice Hall.

With caution, proceed down the Ice Hall. Blast the zombies you see and head
through the door at the end. You are in the Tiger Statue Room. Does it remind
you of anything? Anyway, go down the red hall, passed the door until you reach a
Tiger Statue (does THAT remind you of anything?). Inspect it and pull the blue
eye out. The tiger will spin, revealing a Square Valve Handle Socket! Combine
that with the Valve Handle so the Handle is square again. Now put the blue jewel
eye back in. The statue will return to normal position. Now go back to that door
you just passed and enter through.

That door is really another elevator. When it stops, you'll lots of ants. Just
step on them. After a cut-scene involving that HUGE anthill, grab the nearby
Wing Object. Then turn left and then turn right until you see blood on a wall.
Enter the double doors into the storage room.

In the storage room, go up the flight of steps and inspect the computer right of
the capsule. Examine it and you will have to press the code in order. Press the
AA, then the CROWN, then the SPADE and finally the HEART. A little compartment
will open. Put the Paperweight in there. The capsule will then open and Alfred
Ashford's dead body will fall out. Inspect his hand and you will get Alfred's
Ring. Check it and it will turn into Alfred's Jewel.

Now go back to the Scanner Hall. Go through the double doors. You are in the
Water Tank Room. Go passed the huge bottle and ride the lift up. Proceed until
you see a Square Valve Handle hole. Insert the Square Valve Handle and the water
will vanish. Go down the ladder to the tank and grab the Crane Key. After you
grab it, a Sweeper will come in. Blast it with the R. launcher. Now go back to
the Production Room.

There, find the crane to the right of the door leading to the Scanner Hall. Use
the Crane Key and Nosferatu's body will rise from the ice and a green jewel
drops near him. Alexia will appear. After she leaves, another boss will appear.
RE1 players will recognize this boss as the Black Tiger.

*BOSS # 5                                                            *
*Black Tiger AKA Giant Spider                                        *
*Difficulty: TOO easy                                                *
*This boss is TOO easy! Get on the ice. When it is on the ice, send a*  *rocket
into it and the Giant Spider is finished.                    *

When the Giant Spider is dead, go to Nosferatu's body. Near him is Alexander's
Pierce. Check it and it will turn to Alexander's Jewel. Now go back to the
Carousal Room.

*NOTE: Nosferatu is really Alexia and Alfred's "father", Alexander. Alexander
was turned into a monster thanks to Alexia and her experiments with the T-
Veronica Virus, explained in the "Frequently Asked Questions" Section.

Once back in the Carousal Room, blast the Sweeper. You'll also notice more wing
objects, so pick them up. Now enter through the double doors. You are now in the
Mansion Hall. Does it look familiar?

Anyway, go up the staircase and inspect the painting on the top. Attach Alfred
and Alexander's Jewels into the painting and go back downstairs. No go behind
the staircase and you will find Claire. She is wrapped in some gooey crap, so
use the Combat Knife to free her.

She'll regain her senses. After that, one of 2 things will happen. If she was
poisoned during her fight with Nosferatu, she'll collapse. If she wasn't, you
can continue on with the next section. If she was poisoned, you have to find

                *****CLAIRE IS POISONED*****

If she was poisoned, go back to the room where you got the Crane Key. Over by
the big barrel, there is a lift that goes down. Take it down and you will be in
the Gun Room. On the shelf is Serum. Take it and get back to Claire.

                *****END OF CLAIRE IS POISONED*****

After she is cured, Alexia will appear again. She taunts. After the cut-scene,
you will temporarily be in control of Claire again.

*XVII: Area 12: Controlling Claire Again*

Your next objective is to find and save Steve. Claire starts out in a room.
Ignore the Shotgun rack and check into the Item Box. Grab 1 First Aid Spray.
Also, heal if you were poisoned. Arm Claire with the Assault Rifle or the
Grenade Launcher and head through the other door.

You are now in the Tentacle Hall. Pass through the hall and kill Tentacles that
appear. Pass the locked door and enter through the other door at the end of the
hall. You are now in the Jail Cell Room.

Go up the small flight of stairs passed the locked steel door. Grab the file
near the cannon. Then, inspect the cannon and push it down to reveal a Crystal
Ball. A slab of concrete will then fall and pull back up.

When it rises, quickly grab the Crystal Ball before Claire gets crushed. After
you get it, go UNDER where the slab falls and quickly use the Crystal Ball.
Claire automatically backs up. The concrete falls and crushes the Crystal Ball.
The Security Card can now be taken. When the slab will rise, grab the Security
Card and the trap will disappear.

Now go to the silver you door you passed and enter. You'll see a gate with a
Security Card reader. Swipe the Security Card. Now run passed the armors to
Steve. After the cut-scene, he'll be a monster.

*BOSS # 6                                                             *
*STEVE TYRANT                                                         *
*Difficulty: Impossible                                               *
*OK. Even if Claire brought the R. launcher, it's impossible to kill  * *Tyrant
Steve so just run away. If you get hit twice, heal and then   * *keep running
for the door.                                           *

A cut-scene will occur. It is about Steve saving Claire before he dies.
After this sad death scene, we return to action as Chris.

*XVIII: Area 13: Chris in Antarctica Part 2*

Meanwhile, Wesker is challenging Alexia to a fight because he wants her T-
Veronica Virus. Alexia suddenly turns into gray monster that resembles
Nosferatu. Wesker will then run and punch Alexia before seeing Chris. After
Wesker leaves, Chris will have to fight Alexia. Notice that she drops her

*BOSS # 7                                                             *
*Alexia I                                                             *
*Difficulty: Fairly Easy                                              *
*After the cut-scene, arm the R. launcher. Then fire 1 or 2 blasts and* *Alexia
is down. The R. launcher is REALLY a lifesaver!               *

After Alexia is down, go to where she dropped her necklace by the stairs.
Collect Alexia's Choker and check it to become Alexia's Jewel. Go up the stairs
and attach Alexia's Jewel to the painting. The painting will then slide to
reveal a door. Go through that door to the Y-Shaped Hall. As you leave the room,
Alexia will rise. She isn't done for yet.

In the Y-Shaped Hall, pass the double doors and turn left. You'll see a door. Go
through. This is the Desk Room. Search the desk without the Typewriter on it and
you'll find the Sterile Room Key. Go back to the Mansion Hall (where you fought

Back here, go to the double doors and use the Sterile Room Key to unlock them.
Go through and you are in the room with the Tiger Statue. Go back to the Power
Save Room. There, switch off the power. Now go back to the Mansion Hall via the
Carousal Room.

Back in the Mansion Hall, go though the double to the Tiger Statue Room. Go to
the Tiger Statue and take both of the jewels from the eye. Now go back to the Y-
Shaped Hall.

There, go passed the Desk Room to another door. Enter. You are now in Alfred's
Room. It is exactly like the one from the Private Residence. Look at the Music
Box and insert the Blue Jewel from the Tiger Statue in. The box opens. Now go
through the door with the woman on it to Alexia's Room. In her Music Box, shut
it off and place the Red Jewel in. Then grab the Music Box Plate. Go back to
Alfred's Room and put the Music Box Plate in his Music Box. The bed will lower a
ladder. Climb it to the Dinner Table Room.

There, look for a container and collect the Dragonfly Object. Combine the Wing
Objects with the Dragonfly Object. Now go back to the Y-Shaped Hall. Remember
the double doors by the entrance? Go through them now.

You are now in the Computer Room. Ride the lift down and you'll see a Wing
Object in a glass casing. Examine the nearby computer to open the case. Grab the
final Wing Object and combine it with the Dragonfly Object to get a Gold
Dragonfly. Ride the lift up and go through the door up the stairs.

Chris is now in the Tentacle Hall. Go through the door at the end to the Prison
Cells. There, Claire will be crying because Steve died. She will hand Chris a
Security Manuel. Check the inside of the book (where you can see the pages) and
it will open. You will now have the Security Card. Since Claire is trapped,
Chris has to set the self-destruct system to unlock the doors.

*XIX: Area 14: Final Battle*

Now go to the end of the room, passed the brown double doors to a flight of
stairs. Go up and you will be in the Upper Anthill Room. Go to the door and
attach the Gold Dragonfly to open it. Go through.

You are now in the Security Room. Blast the zombies and go to the computer.
Swipe the Security Card and type in the code: Veronica (duh!). The self-destruct
systems will activate. Go back to the Upper Anthill Room.

There, Claire will rejoin Chris and then Alexia will come back. As she morphs
into a monster, the Linear Launcher is activated, but you have to wait for it to

*BOSS # 8                                                             *
*Alexia II & III                                                      *
*Difficulty: Medium                                                   *
*After the cut-scene, fire a shot at Alexia before she kills Claire.  * *Claire
then runs off. Alexia then becomes a BIG blob. When you regain* *control of
Chris, fire 3 rockets until Alexia morphs into a Dragonfly* *monster. The Linear
Launcher will then finish charging. Grab it. When* *you fire, a periscope will
appear (first person like BH:GS). Fire one* *shot at Alexia and she will finally
die.                             *

After Alexia dies, you have officially defeated BIOHAZARD CODE: VERONICA
COMPLETE on VERY EASY MODE!!! Watch the new ending theme involving Chris and

Now, try the game on Easy and Normal Mode!

*XX: Battle Mode*

For Dreamcast players, Battle Mode can be accessed without beating the game
once. For Playstation 2 players, they have to beat the game once.

Battle Mode is a mini game. It has nothing to do with the storyline, but it is
fun. You control either Claire, Alt. Claire (with a different costume and
arsenal), Steve, Wesker and Chris.

Whichever character you control has different infinite ammo weapons and runs
through a fixed arena, killing everything in sight. There is also a boss at the
end of the game. Claire must fight Nosferatu, while Alt. Claire fights Tyrant.
Steve fights the Gulp Worm and Wesker fights Alexia I. Chris battles Alexia II
and III.

DC players also get a Linear Launcher in their arsenal, while PS2 players must
earn it in Battle Mode by getting an "A" Rank with all the characters.

For DC and PS2 players to access Steve, you must have gotten the Luger Replica
in Military Training Facility B. PS2 players get to access Wesker by beating
Chris' game.

That's all there is to Battle Mode! You can also play it in First Person, like

*XXI: Differences between CV and CV Complete*

So what's the difference between BIOHAZARD CODE: VERONICA and BIOHAZARD CODE:

Well, there are new cut-scenes in COMPLETE that weren't in the original.

The new cut-scenes happen when:

1. Claire returns to the Palace with the Piano Roll
2. Wesker sees Chris on the Airport Monitor
3. Alexia and Wesker's Battle
4. The Ending
5. The Ending Music

Another difference is Steve's haircut. In COMPLETE, it is sloppier and more
random, while in the normal one it is combed back.

Something in COMPLETE that wasn't in the original is that there are difficulty
levels. They are VERY EASY, EASY and NORMAL. VERY EASY starts the game with a
Rocket Launcher. This guide is for the VERY EASY difficulty.

That's about it. Those are the only differences. It's still worth buying even if
you have to original.

*XXII: Frequently Asked Questions*

I'll update this section as soon as some people e-mail me with some questions.
E-mail me at [email protected]!

*XXIII: Conclusion*

the American version comes out, I'll make any changes necessary. To find out
more about the story of BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL, go to the RE/BH Plot Guide,
which is written by the wonderful authors of President Evil and TWilde. E-mail
them for any story questions.

I hope you found this guide useful. Perhaps I'll add an "Optional Areas" section
where you can see what's in those areas you never go to.

Oh well, it's all done. Keep playing BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL and hope BIOHAZARD
o and BIOHAZARD 4 come out soon!

Special Thanks to:
*Capcom, Sony and Sega for releasing BIOHAZARD CODE: VERONICA COMPLETE
*CJayC for posting this Game Guide
*All the guys at the PSX RE2 & DC CV boards (itfc shev, Jenny, meboy1, *Berry
Burton, grandtheftkiller, solid_snake25, A k u m a, Metal Gear *Solid and
everyone else for loving BIOHAZARD)

[email protected]
CVXFREAK at the GameFAQS Message Boards


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