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                         BBB   L     IIIII N   N X   X
                         B  B  L       I   NN  N  X X
                         B  B  L       I   N N N   X
                         BBBB  L       I   N  NN  X X
                         B   B LLLLL IIIII N   N X   X
                         B   B
                         BBBB      The Time Sweeper

Version 0.10
Sheldon Zamora-Soon
Updated 10/16/2002

I    - Introduction
II   - Controls
III  - Crystals
IV   - Time Control
V    - Shops
VI   - Prizes
VII  - Trash Exchange Rates
VIII - Levels
IX   - Credits
X    - Contact Information
XI   - Update History

I - Introduction:

Blinx is a time patroler for the Time Factory, which makes and delivers time
to various dimensions.  Supervisors monitor time, and make sure there aren't
any glitches.  Giltches are cleaned up by the time sweepers.  The Tom-Tom gang
are invading dimention B1Q64.  They are stealing the time crystals to sell
them to other dimentions, and have captured the princess. But something
unexpected has happend.  Some of the Time Crystals have begun to turn into
monsters.  With the world in danger of destruction, the Time Factory orders
all personal to clear the dimention so it can be cut off from it.  Bravely,
Blinx charges into the Time Gate to rescue B1Q64 and the princess.

II - Controls

Left Control Stick    - Move Blinx
Right Control Stick   - Move Camera
A Button              - Jump
A Button (after jump) - Double Jump
Left/Right + A        - Cartwheel
Back + A              - Backflip
Hold X/Right Trigger  - Suck with Sweeper
Tap X/Right Trigger   - Fire Time Sweeper

III - Crystals

There are 5 Different Time Crystals, plus retry crystals

Blue Moon Shaped Crystals      - Pause
Yellow Star Shaped Crystals    - Slow
Purple Cross Shaped Crystals   - Rewind
Green Diamond Shaped Crystals  - Record
Orange Pyramid Shaped Crystals - Fast Forward
Red Heart Shaped Crystals      - Retry

Gold looks like crystals, but are gold in color and can be in any shape, but do
not affect combinations.

A combination is grabbed by collecting 4 Crystals.  If three of them are the
same, you gain that ability.  For example, if you grab 3 Slow crystals and one
Pause crystal, you will gain one Slow.  Also, if you get all 4 crystals of the
same type, you will get 2 of that ability!  Any other combination will result
in a bad combo, which will have no power.  Be careful!  If you collect more
time controls than you have slots (available slots shown under pause icon),
whichever time control you got first will be lost.

When you get hit, you lose.  But if you have a retry, everything will rewind
about 5 seconds (yes, everything, including you, collected items, enemies hit,
ect ect)

IV - Time Control

To activate a time control, hold down B and move the cursor to the time control
you wish to use.

Pause (Pau) will cause time to stop.  Falling objects will stop in the air,
enemies will stop moving, and you are free to move without distraction.

Rewind (Few) will cause everything to move backwards, while you can still move
normally.  Broken objects will reconstruct, enemies will move backwards,ect.

Fast Forward (FF) will cause everything, including you, to move much faster
normal.  Use this to improve your time when going for rank.  But be careful,
the enemies move faster as well.

Slow (Slo) will cause everything except for you to slow down.

Record (Rec) will record your actions for 10 seconds.  After that, it will
rewind back to when you first activated record, and a "ghost" of you will
repeat exactly what you did.  You cannot touch it, but it can push switches and
perform other actions you can normally do.

V - Shops

Retry                   - 200  G
Retry Holder            - 1000 G (allows you to hold one more retry)
Time Holder             - 500  G (allows you to hold one more time command)
Sweeper Pack 1          - 1500 G (Round 3+, Allows you to hold more trash)

TS-1000         - Lv 1  - 500  G
TS-4000 Star    - Lv 2  - 2000 G (Round 2+)
TS-2000 Aladdin - Lv 1+ - 3000 G (Round 3)
TS-4000 Spiral  - Lv 2  - 2000 G (Round 3)

Bomb                    - 300  G  (Round 2+)

Blue Set                - 3000 G (Round 1)
Red Set                 - 5000 G (Round 1)
Orange Set              - 7500 G (Round 2)
Desert Set              - 10000G (Round 3)

VI - Prizes

Every 10 Medals, you get a prize
Prize 1:  See a Tom-Tom lifting another Tom-Tom and.... um... tossed salad,
anyone?  If you don't know, don't ask.

VII - Exchange Rates

At the end of each level, you will receive gold for each item in your sweeper.

(Found on round 1)
Clock Ball              - 100G
Small Weight            - 30 G
Full Trash Can          - 15 G
Large Gear              - 10 G
Large Trash Can         - 8  G
Small Gear              - 5  G
Small Trash Can         - 3  G
Bench                   - 2  G
Large Flower Pot        - 1  G
Small Flower Pot        - 1  G
16 Ton Weight (Lv >2)   - ?

(Found on round 2)
Broken Car (Lv ?)       - 70 G
Large Barrel (Lv ?)     - 60 G
Broken Cart (Lv ?)      - 22 G
Bomb                    - 20 G
Broken Refrigerator     - 18 G
Broken Radio            - 16 G
Broken Dresser          - 15 G
Empty Drum              - 10 G
Large Rusted Tire       - 10 G
Open Refrigerator       - 10 G
Broken Television       - 8  G
Barrel                  - 7  G
Small Rusted Tire       - 6  G
Log (Lv?)               - 5  G

(Found on round 3)
Large Log (Lv?)         - 60 G
Furnace                 - 6  G
Large Coral Rock (Lv?)  - 5  G
Small Coral Rock        - 1  G

VIII - Levels

Round 1: Time Square

Round 1 Stage 1:
A+ time - 1 minute

Cat Medals
Gold   - To get this medal, let the statue at the beginning of the stage
collapse.  Stand on one of the pieces and use the rewind command.  This will
bring you up to the medalion and a platform with lots of gold.
Silver - There are 2 ways to get this one.  Imidately activate
a pause and grab it from under the statue before it collapses.  Or you can
rewind after it collapses to grab this medal.
Red    - Once again, there are 2 ways to get this one.  The first is to suck up
the 16 Ton Weight, but you won't have a strong enough sweeper the first time
around.  To go in the other way, grab a large trash can before the exit.  Then
shoot that trash can against the wall.  Double Jump from it to the platform
above, where the 4 pause (blue) crystals are.  Beyond those are the medal and
the weight.

Walkthough - As soon as you enter, you'll see several crystals in front of you,
as well as a ramp going down.  As you reach the bottom of the ramp, a statue
will collapse in front of you.  You'll see another ramp to the left.  Go up
that and suck the trash.  Just beyond is a Chrono Blob.  Hit it with a piece
of trash to destroy it.  Step on the blue switch to open the gate.  After the
gate, go up the ramp and destroy the Chrono Blob waiting at the top.  Follow
the walkway to the next blue switch.  Step on it to open the door to the left.
A couple pieces of gold will be in frong of you, as well as a series of ramps
going down will be to your left.  The last Chrono Blob is on the ramp.  Destroy
it and head to the exit.

Round 1 Stage 2:
A+ time - 1:30

Cat Medals
Red    - found beside the blue switch after the boss
Silver - stand on the flat stone after the statues collapes near the boss.  Use
the Rewind function to make the statue reform.  The medal will be above you.
Gold   - go up the secret passage after the first boss

Walkthough - There will be a ramp going down in front of you.  There will be 2
gold pyramids at the bottom of the ramp.  A Chrono Blob will be waiting for you
along the side of the ramp.  Through the arch into the next section, you'll see
a Spiker, which looks like a Chrono Blob, but if it gets close enough, it will
flash and grow spikes.  If it does this, GET OUT OF THE WAY.  There is also a
Chrono Blob and a Dust Hearder.  Kill the blob and Spiker first.  The Dust
Hearder will launch trash at you, so either dodge it or suck it with your
sweeper.  Also, take the Clock Ball he's standing on. Go up the ramp with the
barrels rolling down.  Have lots of trash ready, this boss takes about 3 hits
He'll take all the gold until it's all gone or he is defeated.  Go to the left
and hit the blue switch.  Back where the boss was, a door will be open.  Go up
the ramp and destroy the Spiker and Dust Hearder.  Hit the blue button.  Go
back to the boss' room and go through the other door.  It will lead to the

Round 1 Stage 3:
A+ time - 1:30

Cat Medals
Red    - found on a small ledge on the far side of a roof
Gold   - hidden behind the first 16 Ton Weight (I can see it, but can't pick it
up yet)
? (Medal 3.  Silver? behind the 16 Ton Weight behind the exit?)

Walkthought - As soon as you appear, you'll see several barrels rolling down a
series of ramps going up.  Go up the ramps.  Pick up the weights, those are
worth a lot of gold at the end of a level.  Cross the wood bridge to the
Don't worry if you fall here.  You can take the blue spring at the bottom back
to the top.  Barrels will be rolling down part of the roof.  Past those is the
first enemy, a Chrono Blob.  Kill it and proceed across the next bridge.  On
the next platform, an octoballoon will be there.  This will lead you to a
series of rooftops.  Be careful for the Dust Hearder.  He will probably shoot
trash at you before you can hit him, so be ready for that.  After another
Chrono Blob, you'll come to a wooden platform on the right side.  A Chrono
Blob and and Octoballoon are there.  These are the last two enemies.  Cross
the next roof top, and cross the bridge.  Barrels will be rolling down the
next roof top.  Watch out for exploding barrels, they have sticks of dynamite
out each side.  Then go through the exit.

Round 1 Boss:
A+ time - 0:50

Walkthough - The boss will immidiately shoot trash at you, so hide behind some
of the trash to either side.  When he bounces, he will bounce between 4 points
which form a square around the outside of the area.  If he lands near you,
he'll spin and grow, which may hit you if you aren't careful, and he can't be
hit during this attack.  From time to time, he'll shoot trash at you.  He takes
4 hits, and is invulnerable right after he is hit and while he is blinking.
Use Pause or Slow so you can collect all the gold after you defeat him, and
don't forget to grab the most valuable garbage.

Round 2: Deja Vu Canals

Round 3: Hourglass Caves

IX - Credits
All characters/scenerio are copyright to Microsoft.  Enemy names taken
from Instruction Booklet.  All other information found in the game by me.  You
may not copy this work without my permission.
Copyright 2002 Sheldon Zamora-Soon

X - Contact information
If you feel that some of my information is incorrect, email me at
sheldon[email protected]  Please do not request information beyond what is here, as
this is an incomplete FAQ.  Thanks.

XI - Update History
Yeah, I know this is supposed to go at the beginning, but who really reads this

10/17/2002, Version 0.10 - Added info for R1S3, as well as R1Boss Info,
exchange values for Round 2, added Prizes section.  Added information for shops
2 and 3.  Added exchange values for R3S1.  Added weight level to garbage.

10/16/2002, Version 0.07 - Started FAQ.  Added all information for Round 1
Stages 1 and 2.

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