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hi i'm the gamer boy and this is the second faq i have written and in this faq i 
will tell you how to defeat most bosses for zelda.

     copywrite 2004. [email protected] gamer boy

queen gohma
when you enter queen gohma's dungeon she will jump down it's eyes will turn red and 
when they do hit it with your'e sling shot and it will go down.slash it with your'e 
sword.and it will get up againe then it will climb to the roof and it's eye will 
turn red shoot it againe before it lays down it's baby's and then it will fall to 
the floor and kepp slashing queen gohma and she will die.

to defeat this huge monster you have to fling bombs in it's mouth.so when it's 
rolling along the ground run to the side of the wall and it will miss you follow it 
round and it will stop and face you it will open it's mouth to breath fire on 
you.But before you give it a chance fling a bomb in his mouth and it will explode 
and dodongo will fall down run over to him and slash him wuth your'e sword do this a 
few times and he will fall into the lava and melt.

phantom ganon
when he goes in the pictures he will come back out another one and when you see him 
come out before he does shoot him with your'e bow-and-arrow and he will go back in 
do it a few times and he will come off his horse.when he is off his horse he will 
fire lighting bolts out at you reflect them back with your'e sword and it will hit 
him.When he falls down hit him with your'e sword.and keep doing this a couple of 
times and you will have completed phantom ganon.

to complete this fire breathing dragon.when it pop's up from the hole hit it on the 
head with the megaton hammer and it's head will fall down then slash it with your'e 
sword and when it flies out the hole target it's head and shoot it with the bo-and-
arrow.and it will go back in a hole this time rocks will fall down try to doge them 
all and then repeat the same thing you did first.
bongo bongo
to defeat this ghostly monster you need to.doge it's hands when he goes to hit you 
and when he rests he will open his hand's hit them with your'e sword and they will 
freeze and then use the lenze of truth and you will see that he tries to attack you 
before he does shoot him with your'e bow-and-arrow.keep doing this for a couple of 
more times and he will vanish.

when he fires his lightning bolts you will have to dodge them but when he fires his 
dark ball shoot it with the light arrow and he will fall to the floor go over to him 
and slash him with your'e sword.do this a couple of times and you have defeated 

to defeat the last and final boss is not that hard all you need to do is.when he 
hit's your'e sword away take out the megaton hammer and hide under his legs target 
his tail and try to hit it with the megaton hammer keep doing this and princes zelda 
will finnaly come in and hold him down with her powers and the fire will go out go 
get the sword out of the ground and give ganon the final blow and he will die.and 
that's you defeated him.and you have completed the game.

                           THE END

copywrite 2004.  [email protected]   the gamer boy

                       allrights reserved.

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