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Deception III: Dark Delusion FAQ V2.2
Written by Z-Force ([email protected])

Table of Contents

I.	Introduction, thanks, and disclaimer
II. Version History
III. Places to Get this FAQ
IV. Modes of Gameplay
V. Trap Making
VI. Walkthrough
VII. Trap License Mode
VIII. Expert Mode
IX. Special Traps, Combos and other cool stuff


This is a FAQ for the latest in Tecmo's Deception series.  For those who don't 
know, Deception is a game where you must kill people by utilizing traps.  It's 
an awesome series, and this latest one is the best yet!  I'd like to thank Tecmo 
for making this awesome and original series.  I'd also like to thank those who 
have sent me questions and submissions for my other FAQ's.  Also, this document 
is copyrighted by me Z-Force.  I don't mind if you want to use it, but please 
let me know, so I can add your site to my list.  Also, any submissions such as 
trap combinations, etc. will be greatly appreciated.  One of the nice things 
about Deception is that the game is very different for each person who plays it, 
as many different playing styles can be used.  Please refrain from sending 
story/walkthrough bits unless they are for chapters I've already covered.  I'll 
be writing this FAQ as I play through the game, so I don't want the story 

Version History

V0.1  (3-1-00)  The very first version.
V0.2  (3-1-00)  Added walkthrough for levels 6 and 7.  Added Trap Licenses up 
through C.  Added a really shocking combo to the combos section.
V0.3  (3-2-00)  Added 2 places with this FAQ.  Added walkthroughs for Chapters 
8, 9, and 10, as well as Grade B in Trap License.  Started the trap guide 
section, which lists traps you can make from each of the emblems.
V0.4  (3-3-00)  Added walkthrough for Trap License A, and part of S.  Added one 
more site with this FAQ.  Added info on 3 of the hidden traps.
V0.5  (3-4-00)  Added walkthroughs for Chapter 11 and 12.  Added a second combo, 
sent in to me.  Added one more site with this FAQ.
V0.6  (3-7-00)  Added walkthrough for Chapter 13.  Added several other things 
that were sent in to me by readers.
V1.0  (3-10-00)  Added the walkthrough for the rest of the chapters leading up 
to ending #1  (future revisions will reveal alternate paths.  Added a complete 
list of all the traps.  Added 2 new combos.  Added info on reaching the various 
endings (kind of a path tree)  Added some misc. tips.
V1.5  (3-14-00)  No new walkthrough sections yet, but I added a TON of other new 
info, including info on enemy types, new combos, and lots of other assorted 
goodies.  Much of the new info was sent in by Brian K Nii with help from Avanti
V1.8  (3-19-00)  Added in plenty of new stuff sent in by readers including 
combos and whatnot.
V1.9  (3-19-00)  Confirmed the method for getting the sound test.  Began 
walkthrough of alternate story path with Mission 15b.
V2.0  (3-20-00)  Walkthroughs of Chapter 16 and 17b.
V2.1  (4-9-00)  Added lots of combos and stuff from my backlog of e-mail
V2.2  (6-25-00)  I haven't updated in a looong while.  I just haven't felt like 
playing this game much.  Added one walkthrough stage, plus a lot of combos and 
such sent in by readers.  I apologize to all the people who have sent me stuff 
and have waited so long for me to put it in.

Places to get this FAQ

www.geocities.com/~z-force (My home page)
http://get.to/darkheimproductions  (This is a cool site in progress for 
Deception 3  Check it out!)

Modes of Gameplay

Story Mode:  The main mode of the game.  You follow the storyline, which I 
assume leads to several different endings (if for no other reason than the fact 
that the back of the box says there are multiple endings)

Trap License Mode:  A training mode.  More on this later.  I'm guessing you may 
be able to unlock hidden traps or something by completing it, but I don't know 

Free Training Mode:  Lets you practice free style with a training dummy, using 
any traps you have acquired.  Also lets you practice and invent new combos.

Expert Mode:  You can try puzzle missions with the traps you have so far.  I 
have yet to dabble in this mode. 

Trap Making

For those who have played Deception 2, you know that to get the really good 
traps, you had to work your way through the junky ones first and then proceed 
through the evolution tree.  Unless you were REALLY good at racking up combo 
points (or you used Gameshark, you little cheater you) by the time you had 
access to the most powerful stuff, the game was almost over, so you didn't have 
the chance to enjoy them.  In Deception 3, the trap building system is totally 
revamped.  You can take a base trap, add stuff to it and build almost any trap 
you want, provided you have the Dreak to do so.  You gain Dreak by doing good 
combos and such.  Actually you gain Ark, which I believe translates to Dreak 
somehow, or at least that's what the instruction book says.  Know this, the more 
combos and powerful hits you can do, the more resources you'll get to build 
better traps.  Now you may think that you can just build super big traps and 
breeze through the game now.  Well wait up.  The game counteracts nicely by 
awarding trap components at the end of certain levels.  There are 4 basic trap 

Base Circle:  This is the base trap.  There are 3 different categories:  
Ceiling, Wall and Floor.  These categories are broken into further categories as 

Ceiling Traps

Rock:  Rocks in general, drop down and crush people.  When dropped onto a 
staircase, they roll downward, crushing any unfortunate dolt standing in its 
path... including you, so watch out.

Pendulum:  A new type of trap, pendulums come out and slice anything in their 
path.  Useful in combos when there aren't any staircases to roll a rock down.  
Also, they charge faster than rocks.

Vase:  Vases drop from the ceiling onto an enemy's head.  I haven't gotten them 
yet in Deception 3, but in 2, they could be very dangerous on the high end of 
the building tree, but almost useless on the low ends.

Wall Traps

Push Wall:  A wall which comes out and pushes the enemy a distance.  Useful for 
throwing enemies into other traps or hazards.

Magnet Wall:  These suck in anyone who has metal and will hold them while you 
think of other ways to torment them.  Very useful against knights or other guys 
with armor or metal weapons.

Arrows:  Arrows come out of a wall and shoot chumps.  Generally are very fast to 
charge and are useful in combos and such.  Also, they're fast and can be 
upgraded with a wide ability of things.

Floor Traps

Spring Floor:  These spring out and throw the enemy a certain distance.  They 
are useful for starting combos or throwing your enemies into other stuff.

Vacuum Floor:  These are the same as magnet walls but are placed on the floor.  
Sometimes you'll wanna use a magnet, sometimes you'll wanna use a magnet floor, 
depending on your situation.

Blast Bombs:  These explode and throw your victim away.  They can also be used 
to set off other traps such as pillars.  Not too useful as a combo starter, 
since they are too unpredictable.

Bear Traps:  These are very useful.  They hold the foe in place while you 
deliver more punishment.  Great to place at the bottom of staircases, so you can 
roll a rock on them. 

The next element is the power orb.  When developing a trap, putting more of 
these on make the trap more powerful.  Generally, this will increase the damage 
done.  Also for some traps such as bear claws, they will raise other stats such 
as length of time for restraining the victim.  You can put up to 4 orbs on a 
trap, but it will cost you Dreak for each one.  I believe it costs 1500 Dreak 
for each orb you put on a trap.

Emblem:  Emblems are special crests that can be put on traps to give them 
special properties.  You can put one emblem on each trap.  Also, once you have 
gained an emblem, you have unlimited uses of it (in other words, you can put 
that particular emblem on as many traps as you want) but it will cost you Dreak 
to do so.

List of Emblems

Fire Emblem:  Gives the property of Fire to your trap  Adds 750 to the cost of 
the trap.

Thunder Emblem:  Gives the property of Lightning to your trap.  Adds 750 to the 
cost of the trap.

Impact Emblem:  Give Impact attribute to a trap.  Adds 1500 to the cost of the 

Cold Emblem:  Gives Cold attribute to a trap.  Very useful for containment traps 
such as Bear Claws.  Adds 1750 to the cost of the trap.

Chaos Emblem:  Heteromorphic trap is born.  Adds 1250 to the cost of the trap.

Cursed Emblem:  Gives condition change property to trap (i.e. poison, dark, etc)

Rising Emblem:  Gives Rising attribute to a trap

Slave  Emblem:  Trap becomes controllable.  Adds 2250 to cost of the trap.

For example, if you put a Thunder Emblem on a Rock, you will get a Volt Rock.  
Experiment to find plenty of various traps.

Rings:  Putting a ring on a trap gives it special properties.  There are 6 types 
of rings listed below

Charge Ring:  Reduces charge time by 20%.  Adds 800 to the cost of the trap.  
Good for putting on rocks and such.

Timer Ring:  When trap is activated, it becomes an auto trap which goes off when 
the enemy is in range.  It will also go off by itself after a certain period.

Summon Ring:  After a trap is activated, the ring summons all foes within 4 
blocks.  This effect expires after a time..

Auto Ring:  A trap will automatically be activated when an enemy is in range, 
but cannot be activated otherwise.

Damage Ring:  Increases damage done by 1.2

??? Ring:  Who knows.  The book rambles on about the mysterious effects of this 
ring.  Info on this ring was sent in by Brian K Nii.  This ring is actually the 
Zero Ring. It sets the trap charge time to 1!  (I'm drooling already at the 
implications of this ring.

You can combine the 4 elements as you like to create an almost limitless variety 
of traps.  If you come up with any cool ones, send em' in!


Chapter 1 Escape to Tragedy

Oh no!  Our lovely heroine is trapped in a dungeon and is about to be 
slaughtered by an evil bad guy!  Whatever shall we do?  Fortunately, a kid comes 
to help her by giving her the power of traps.  You can easily kill the guy who 
comes in by comboing the 3 traps that are set.  Once you kill him, another 
jobber will come after you.  I recommend leaving the room by ditching him, then 
ditching him again and going back into the cell.  This gives you the time to set 
up a combo.  I recommend using a Spring floor to throw him into the iron maiden, 
then hit him with an arrow or pendulum when he bumbles out.  This should kill 
him, and you get a lot of points for using the iron maiden in a combo.

Chapter 2 Alendar

2 peasants have come to try to capture you and get the reward money.  (fat 
chance)  You will be introduced to switches here, which set off various built in 
traps in each room.  The two peasants here are really easy, and you'll have no 
trouble disposing of them.  (If you do have trouble here, I suggest taking up a 
different hobby)

Chapter 3 Encounter at Old Castle

The two enemies here are a little tougher, so be on your guard.  The lady thief 
in particular is dangerous due to her speed.  Get used to this castle's layout.  
Several of the rooms have fun built in traps to dink around with.  Once you get 
past this level, you get the Fire and Thunder Emblems and can now make your own 
traps.  I suggest taking a couple of your favorite types of traps (I'm 
personally fond of Bear Claws and Rocks) and making a better one.

Chapter 4 Disaster

Here you meet your first major villain, Christina (watch out for her ranged 
attack!)  Once you hit her once, she'll run away (so she can annoy you another 
day) and leave you to deal with her beefy sidekick.  This guy's slow as 
molasses, but don't let him hit you.  He also causes the ground to shake when he 
attacks, stunning you briefly.  Deal with him as fast as possible, but beware of 
his high HP count.  Upon clearing this level, you get the Blast Bomb.

Chapter 5 Scratched Jewel 

Enemies:  Silvia (amazoness), Resphena (whitemagic user), Raditz (Hunter), Ares 

Silvia and Resphena will face you first.  Run from them and set up a combo in 
the next room.  Try to kill Silvia first so her boneheaded friend Resphena can't 
heal her.  (Priests in Deception have an annoying tendency to heal their 
allies.)  Deal with Resphena as you see fit, but watch out for her ranged 
attack.  She is cold resistant, but you don't have any cold traps at this point 
anyway.  Next, you'll face Ares and Raditz.  Ares is very fast and dangerous.  
He can leap a long distance to kick you.  Raditz isn't much to speak of, though 
he does have a long range attack.  At the end of this level, you get the Impact 

Chapter 6 Marco 

Enemies:  Garcia (Knight), Osborne (Sorcerer), Garnet (Thief), Sirado (Soldier)

You start off in a room alone, though Garcia and Osborne will be headed your 
way.  Set up a nice welcoming committee for them.  Garcia will get to your area 
first.  Zap him and then run past him into the next room, so that you aren't 
surrounded.  If you run past Garcia, you can set it up to whip fools into the 
Blade Pillars of Fun that are in the next room.  (Use a spring floor for this)  
Garnet enters the fray after Garcia goes down.  Osborne has a dangerous 
lightning attack, but little stamina.  Watch out for Garnet, she's fast and can 
do some damage if you don't watch out.  Finally, you must face Sirado.  Give the 
dope a quick hit and he leaves.  You get the Timer Ring for clearing this 

Chapter 7 Brute

Enemies:  Raven (Soldier), Liza (Ranger), Judeka (Darkwitch), Lorenz (Bruiser), 
Igor (Flame User)

Raven and Liza surround you at the start, so get the hell out of there.  Liza 
can get the drop on you if you're on a lower level, but a couple of solid hits 
takes her out of the picture.  Judeka will be her replacement.  Judeka has a 
fireball attack that you should be aware of.  She can also put you in a state of 
darkness, which is a pain.  Raven is mean up close, but is nothing special 
otherwise.  Once he has been sent to the land of Nevermore, Lorenz will come 
out. Judeka has high HP, but pretty weak stamina.  Igor is the last guy you'll 
face.  He has a lot of HP, and is immune to fire.  He is however quite 
susceptible to lightning, so if you have developed any lightning based traps, 
this would be a good time to use them.  (See FUN COMBO #1 in the combos section 
below for a real shocker)  Upon clearing this level, you get the vase.

Chapter 8 Price for Secret Arts

Enemies:  Sid (Assassin), Valletta (Bomber)

Start by going forward to the large room with the two waterfalls.  Then set up a 
nice trap for the two idiots coming after you.  Sid is an assassin so he has 
some tricky stealth moves, but little or no stamina.  Kill him quickly before he 
can be a threat.  Valletta can blow herself up, but she's pretty slow and can 
probably be taken out with the same trap you set up for Sid.  This is a quick 
and easy level.  You get the Cold Emblem after this board.  I'd recommend making 
a Bear Trap with it.

Chapter 9 AUO Raid

Enemies:  Miguel (Brute), Balboa (Torturer), Ortega (Swordsman), Cupido (Elites)

Run from Miguel as he has a powerful gun.  Set up a trap in the next room.  
After one hit, he leaves.  Ortega takes his place.  He and Balboa are nothing to 
worry about as long as you keep your distance.  Finally, Cupido appears.  He 
leaves after one hit.  You get the Magnet Wall after this board.  Rejoice!  You 
also get the Summon Ring.

Chapter 10 Vestiges of Distant Day

Enemies:  Gemini (Ninja), Dustin (Miner), Rutger (Soldier), Heisling (Alchemist)

Gemini and Dustin are your first opponents.  They are pretty dangerous.  Gemini 
uses cheap ninja tricks. She's fast and has two attacks.  The throwing stars are 
really weak, but her claw does lots of damage if you're up close.  Dustin stays 
back and throws bombs at you.  Rutger is the 3rd guy to come out.  Other than 
his decent speed, he's pretty much a run of the mill soldier.  Heisling throws 
junk at you, but can be dealt with fairly easily.  You'll get the Chaos Emblem 
upon beating this board.

Chapter 11 Blue Legend

Enemies:  Cross (Assassin), Shubaltz (Shadow)

This is a tough level despite only having 2 enemies.  Both of them are very fast 
and use cheap ninja tricks.  You won't be able to escape from them, so use 
powerful combos and try to kill them as quickly as you can.  You get the Vacuum 
Floor when you beat this level

Chapter 12 Tracking

Enemies:  Galahad (Goliath), Clayborne (Hunter), Althea (White Magic), Rebecca 
(Thief), Zeon (Mercenary), Sirado (Soldier)

6 guys to beat?  No sweat.  Let's get down to business.  Galahad and Clayborne 
are your first foes.  Set up an electrical trap in the room you start in, then 
advance to meet your foes, leaving traps as you go.  Clayborne is one of those 
annoying idiots who sits back and pecks at you with arrows.  Galahad is a human 
side of beef.  With size and brains to match.  Althea is really annoying, she 
can heal her allies (but not herself.)  Also, she can freeze you and shoot you 
from a distance.  Rebecca is fast, but you can easily kill her before she does 
anything dangerous.  Zeon and Sirado are run of the mill soldiers.  Sirado 
leaves after being hit (even though I killed him with a combo, he still gets up 
and leaves)  You get the Cursed Emblem for winning this level.

Chapter 13 Past Days

Enemies:  Rutha (Amazoness), Dorgev (Magnetman), Zardos (Torturer)

Rutha and Dorgev are your first opponents.  Run to the next room and set up a 
trap.  Rutha is very easy to kill with a Smash  floor, then drop your biggest 
Rock on her combo.  Dorgev is immune to magnets, but you should have plenty of 
other ways to whip him.  He will use his magnet powers to try to suck you to 
him, but if you stay far away, it's no big deal.  Zardos has no special 
abilities save for high HP.  You get the Auto ring at the end of this level.

Chapter 14 Crossroads of Destiny

Enemies:  Dyer (Fighter), Iliad (Hunter), Albatross (Soldier), Madula 
(Darkwitch), Barbarossa (Titan), Holvain (Flame User)

Get ready for a marathon session folks.  Dyer and Iliad are your first enemies.  
Dyer is very fast and Iliad can shoot at you, so you'll probably take a cheap 
hit or 2 here.  Run from them, then use the next room to set up a trap.  
Albatross will be next.  He's a run of the mill soldier, but he hits pretty 
hard.  Madula is next.  She can cast dark which is very annoying and also shoot 
guided blasts at you.  Barbarossa has a huge hammer and gobs of HP, but is slow 
and easy to outrun.  Holvain is immune to fire, but otherwise is nothing 
special.  At the end of this level, you must make a choice to go with Cecilia or 
not.  This choice will affect the outcome of the game.  In this walkthrough, I 
will not go with her.  In future revisions, I will explore other paths.  You 
also get the Rising Emblem.

Chapter 15 Poison

Enemies:  Garius (Sorcerer), Bolthead (Giga-Arm), Goa (Footman), Christina 

Garius and Bolthead are the 1st enemies.  Garius has a big lightning attack that 
is hard to avoid.  Goa has few discernable abilities.  Bolthead is a big hunk of 
a guy, who gets a burst of speed after you hit him.  He is also immune to push 
walls.  Christina appears after disposing of the goon squad.  She's fast, has a 
dangerous long range attack, and can poison you.  Unlike the first time you 
fought her, this time she stands her ground.  Most annoying is her ability to 
regain her energy.  Take her out ASAP.  Once you beat the level, you get the 
Charge Ring.

Chapter 16 Awakening from Nightmare

Enemies:  Moongram (Alchemist), Blade (Assassin), Karma (Ninja), Ophelia 
(Amazoness), Cecilia (Lady Guard)

Start off with Moongram and Blade.  Blade is dangerous if he gets the drop on 
you. Moongram can throw crap at you so watch out.  Since you start in the water 
wheel room, you may want to set up a spiffy shock trap.  Karma is another 
dangerous ninja fool so watch out for her.  Ophelia is fairly dangerous due to 
her decent speed. Try to kill her quickly.  Cecilia is the final foe.  She's 
fast and has a ranged attack.  Use a powerful combo to put her out of 
commission.  Once you beat the level, you get the Slave Emblem and the Damage 

Chapter 17 Revolt

Enemies:  Gardock (Elite), Krueger (Elite), Scorpio (Slasher), Cervantes 
(Armor), Gelfaust (Hellknight)

They've thrown out some heavy artillery for you in this board.  Head straight at 
the beginning to reach Gardock, your first foe.  Set up a trap, then stall him 
till they are ready to activate.  You won't be able to leave this room till you 
kill this guy.  He's fast and dangerous so be careful.  Next, go through the 
door by the water into the next room.  Here, you'll face Scorpio and Krueger.  
Krueger is similar to Gardock.  Scorpio is dangerous because he can heal 
himself.  Deal with these guys quickly.  Don't forget to utilize that big rock 
at the top of the staircase.  (A push wall will get it going.)  Always 
throughout this level, remember that there is a heal stone in the 1st room if 
you need it.  The 3rd room has Gelfaust and Cervantes.  These two guys are 
pretty slow, but STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!  You don't want to be on the business 
end of Gelfaust's big scythe.  He can also use a spell to increase his defense.  
After all of that hell, you don't get any more cool stuff at the end of this 

Chapter 18 For a Loved One

Enemies:  Amon (Swordsman), Balboa (Sorcerer), Anise (Ranger), Basural (Goliath)

Amon and Balboa will challenge you first.  Kill them quickly.  Anise appears 
after one of them kicks the bucket.  She has a ranged attack, but otherwise is 
nothing special.  Finally Basural appears.  He's another big slow guy with a 
hammer, so deal with him appropriately.

Chapter 19 Time Controlling Stone

Enemies:  Antinora (Whitemagic), Sieghardt (Armor), Ashley (Elite), Violet 
(Bomber), Phalangist (Master), Gordius (Titan)

Your first order of business should be to take out the priestess hanging around 
cause she can heal both herself and her allies.  The first couple of enemies are 
basic soldiers, so take Antinora out before the big guns appear.  After taking 
down 2 foes, Violet appears.  She can throw bombs at you from a distance, so 
beware.  After that will be Phalangist and his big sword which looks like he 
stole it out of Cloud Srife's collection.  He's strong up close, but fairly easy 
to deal with.  Finally, Gordius is another idiot with a hammer.

Chapter 20 Long Parting

Enemies:  Gejen (Bruiser), Weiss (Shadow), Ruin (Miner), Delvol (Alchemist), 
Spiral (Ninja), Cecilia (Lady Guard)

Start off with Gejen and Weiss.  Set up a trap in your starting room so you can 
throw guys into the pillar of fun!  These two use speed and stealth to attack.  
Watch out for Weiss especially.  Ruin and Delvol died too quickly for me to say 
anything about them.  Spiral is another cheap ninja.  Finally, you must face 
Cecilia again.  She's the same as before, but you start the fight in the entry 
chamber, so you'll have to run to where most of your traps are set.  Once you 
beat her, she's dead for good, and you get to watch an exciting cutscene!

Chapter 21 Dying Lamp

Enemies:  Shroud (Footman), Gustaf (Villageman), Deathmask (Giga-arm), Edgar 
(Slasher), Lavaan (Slasher), Dizhak (Flameman), Vergilius (Sage)

Woo hoo!  SEVEN guys to break.  Let's get down to business.  Gustaf is your 
first opponent and I am offended to have to take on such a weak foe at this late 
a stage in the game.  Shroud is a little tougher, so try to get rid of him fast.  
Deathmask is dangerous up close and has tons of HP, so wear him out however you 
can.  Edgar is next.  He didn't get to be Prime Minister by being a pansy.  He 
can heal himself, so try to drop him quickly.  He also has a powerful distance 
attack, although you can see it coming.  He has at least 2 distance attacks.  A 
fire one and a lightning one.  The best way to take him out is to stick a vacuum 
floor underneath the guillotine and catch him under it.  After disposing of 
Edgar, 2 more friends join the fray.  Lavaan and Dizhak.  One guy shoots 
lightning, the other fire.  Dispose of them as you see fit.  Finally is 
Vergilius.  You can't hit him with magnets and his attack REALLY hurts.  Don't 
go for anything fancy.  Your best bet is to hang near the exit of a room, lay a 
trap near where he's coming in, then set it off when he comes in.  If you miss, 
run.  Best idea is to use a smash floor to dump him in a corner, then drop a 
rock on him.

Chapter 22 Strategem

Enemies:  Bradley (Knight), Stanford (Knight), Gandolph (Hellknight), Chestbarn 
(Goliath), Baldwin (Magnetman)

You start off surrounded by Bradley and Stanford.  Turn right and hightail it 
out of there.  These guys are basic soldiers and are easily destroyed.  Your 
next foes, Gandolph and Chestbarn are a different story.  I came up with a neat 
combo for the cell room, see fun combo #4 for details.  If you have the Slave 
hammer, you can use a combination of fun combos 3 and 4 to kill everyone here.  
Baldwin is a little trickier since you can't get him with a magnet.  You can try 
fun combo 3 with a claw if you want.

Chapter 23 Queen Margareta

Enemies:  Mildred (Knight), Duigal (Titan), Garland (Flameman), Rafalga (Elite), 
Belstein (Hellknight),  Nirvana (Darkwitch), Lordbaran (Armor), Margareta 

Prepare to run the gauntlet boys and girls.  Mildred and Duigal are the first 
challengers.  Set up fun combo #4 and wait for them.  Both guys should get there 
at about the same time.  Combo #4 will probably kill Mildred, thus bringing in 
Garland.  This should give you a clear path to the Coliseum so you can prepare 
combo #3.  You will want to have this ready for when the Queen comes around.  
Once you've dealt with these fools, you can either stay in the Coliseum and use 
Combo #3 to dispose of everyone that comes, or you can explore the castle and 
have some fun trying out stuff.  There are lots of devices in Hades Castle for 
you to enjoy.  Watch out for Nirvana, she's one of those annoying witches who 
can put you in darkness.  You may want to use combo #3 to kill her before she 
can become a pain.  Next comes Lordbaran, a big dumb guy with armor.  Use one of 
your combos to kill him.  Same thing with Belstein.  Just stay away from him and 
his big weapon.  One bit of fun to have in Hades Castle.  Use a Vacuum floor to 
hold the guys in the middle of the bell tower so you can use the switch to drop 
the bell on them.  Also, an interesting point about Hellknights.  They like to 
teleport.  If they teleport in the Coliseum, they show up right in the middle of 
the room.  And of course, you have your vacuum floor set up there, right?  Your 
last challenger is Queen Margareta herself.  Stay in the Coliseum and use combo 
#3 to deal with her, as she has high HP and the ability to regenerate.  She also 
teleports.  Combo #3 will kill her with little hassle.  At the end of the level, 
you must choose to return to the past or use the longevity effect of the stone.  
For this walkthrough, I will return to the past.

Chapter 24 Back to the Beginning.

Enemies:  Grayhawk (Mercenary), Elisuon (Sage), Daidalos (Giga-arm), Lamia 
(Whitemagic), Miguel (Brute)

You have 5 tough enemies to deal with and a small area to deal with them in.  
Grayhawk is a pretty standard guy, but he hits hard.  Elisoun is very dangerous.  
His magic can kill you in 2 or 3 hits.  Take him out of the picture ASAP.  Next, 
Daidalos and Lamia appear.  Use the variation of combo #3 that applies to the 
home scenario to take them out in an enthralling manner.  Finally, Miguel will 
appear.  You can use the same combo to take him out without a hitch.

Here's another strategy for the level, sent in by shaun Q

First, the brute in the same room as u isnt immune to summons, so if u like S-
Claws like i do, chuck one in the middle of the room in line with the fire, then 
set up a slave hammer to knock him into the fire...if u want u can aim a buzzsaw 
(level 3 at least) at the door where the sage is going to come in, but if u 
manage to hit the brute guy with the full combo once or twice, he's gonna be 
dead before the sage gets there so no need to hold the sage off... the sage is 
harder to fight (duh), so the best thing to do is chuck a smash floor at the 
door he comes in to smash him to a wall, or prepare a quick buzzsaw 3 in the 
same direction if u aren't sure of your smash floor timing...then of course drop 
a big rock on him...I use a C-Bound Rock-3...with the charge ring, it takes only 
6 secs to charge and deals 75 damage...(it's also a good keep-away when u chuck 
one at the doorway so no one dares to come in cause it bounces)...anyway, this 
smash floor-buzzsaw-rock combo works on any door with a wall nearby hehe...oh 
*important note* to keep the combo going, whack
the guy with the buzzsaw to drive him to the corner again once he gets up, then 
u have some time for the rock to charge and drop it again...trust me it works 
=)...this same combo is even easier for a dumb twit like Miguel...=P

This is the last level of this particular scenario.

Result:  Ending #1 Clear.  You receive the Hell Emblem upon clearing this 
ending.  You also get 50000 Dreak.

Now for the next part of the walkthrough, I will go with Cecilia at the end of 
Chapter 14.  This will lead us down a different plot path.

Chapter 15 Darkness Stomper

Enemies:  Gardock (Elites), Krueger (Elites), Dizhak (Flameman), Cervantes 
(Armor), Gelfaust (Hellknight)

You get to play this level in the Dark Ruin, where there are plenty of fun 
combos just waiting for you to exploit them.  Gardock and Krueger will be 
heading your way.  Cut them off at the pass and set up a trap.  These bums have 
no real powers and you should easily dispose of them.  Dizhak is next.  He has 
some resistances you should watch for, but is not too tough.  You should watch 
out for his long range attack however.  Cervantes is next out of the gate.  He's 
pretty average, just stay away from him.  Finally is Gelfaust.  As with most 
Hellknights, he is powerful and dangerous, so try to take him out with a big 

Chapter 16 Betrayal

Enemies:  Anise (Ranger), Amon (Swordsman), Vanessa (Thief), Daidalos (Giga-
Arm), Elisuon (Sage), Siva (Mercenary), Christina (Boss)

Start off in a room with Anise and Amon.  Run from them to get some bearing, but 
watch out for Anise's ranged attack.  Have some fun by dropping the bell on them 
if you want.  Amon has a dangerous swooping attack you should be aware of.  
Vanessa will be the next fool to oppose you.  She's fast and can do some fair 
damage if she gets close to you, so get rid of her fast.  Daidalos comes next.  
He has lots of HP, so pick at him from a distance as needed.  After this comes 
Elisuon, who has a VERY dangerous magic attack.  Siva is next, but other than 
his BIG sword, poses little threat.  Christina however, is a dangerous opponent.  
Try to work her into the big Coliseum combo to kill her quickly.

Chapter 17 Friend

Enemies:  Clarevil (Amazoness), Bradley (Knight), Stanford (Knight), Varjes 
(Miner), Lancehorn (Armor)

Early in this board, you are given the option to rescue the girl.  I chose to 
rescue her, don't know if this has any bearing on the story.  Clarevil and 
Bradley attack immediately, so run from them and set a trap.  Once you have 
distance from these fools, killing them should be little hassle.  Neither is 
Stanford, the next dope to oppose you.  Varjes can throw junk at you, so watch 
out.  Lancehorn is a basic knight so kill him any way you please.

Chapter 18  Shrouding Dark Cloud

Enemies  Aljail (alchemist)  Volcannon (Giga-arm)  Tillis (Bomber)  Joseph 
(villager)  Vincent (Knight)  Falgas (Goliath)  Bergman (Footman)  Landan  

Aljail and Volcannon are your first two foes.  Set a trap in one of the rooms in 
their path and wait for them.  The room with the coal carts is a good choice.  
Aljail can throw stuff so be careful.  Volcannon has much power, so pick him off 
from a distance.  Tillis can throw crap at you so watch out.  Joseph is a 
useless villager.  Having to face such a weak foe at this stage of the game is 
an insult.  Vincent is a mediocre fighter, but don't underestimate him.  Falgas 
is a big dumb idiot with a hammer, so he can be taken out any way you wish, just 
don't get close to him.  The last 2 guys are nothing special, just take em out 
quick as you can.

Chapter 19 Ice Judgement

Chapter 20 Dying Moment Guard Stone

Chapter 21 Fall of Imperial Family

Chapter 22 At The Massacre's End

Chapter 23

Chapter 24  Answered Wish

Trap License Walkthrough

Grade F

These lessons are really easy.    They just teach you the basics of setting off 

Lesson 1:  Just press the button that they tell you to do.

Lesson 2:  Wait for the schmuck to be slightly before the trap area, then set it 
off.  This allows time for it to explode.

Lesson 3:  Just wait for the arrow to charge up, then let him have it when he 
walks in front of it.

Lesson 4:  Be sure to allow some time for the rock to drop, as it takes a couple 
of seconds.

Exam:  Just combine the hints from the previous 3 lessons.  You have plenty of 
time, so this should be easy to clear

Grade E

These are lessons in luring intruders

Lesson 1:  Just lure the guy over to the blast bomb site and blast him with it.

Lesson 2:  The same as lesson 1, only this time the guy can attack you.

Lesson 3:  Same as lesson 2, except this time you must lure him into an arrow 

Lesson 4:  Same as 2 and 3, but you use a Mega Rock.  Give him the runaround to 
give the rock time to charge.  Then wait for him to get by the rock and drop it.  
Remember to allow time for the rock to drop.  Don't be afraid to take a hit if 
you can't get the timing down.

Exam:   This is a little tricky.  You must nail the enemy with all 3 traps 
within the time limit.  Again, don't be afraid to take a few hits in order to 
nail the guy.  He has to hit you plenty of times for you to lose, time is a more 
pressing concern.

Grade D

This is another section on trap setup.  Now however, you also learn how to set 
up traps.

Lesson 1:  All you have to do is set a bomb where the guy is standing and 
detonate it.

Lesson 2:  Same as lesson 1, but this time the guy comes after you.

Lesson 3:  Same as lesson 2, but you set up an arrow slit

Lesson 4:  Same as 2 and 3, but you must set up a pendulum

Exam:  You must hit the enemy with all 3 traps within the time limit.  Similar 
to E's exam, but you set the traps.  Actually, you need to reduce his power to 
0, you don't have to use all 3 traps.

Grade C

This section teaches you how to do combinations

Lesson 1:  You must do a basic 2 hit combo with a bear claw and arrow

Lesson 2:  You must do a 2 hit combo with a spring floor and a mega rock.  Lead 
the guy around a bit to let the rock charge up.

Lesson 3:  Here, you have to do a 3 hit combo with the bear claw, arrow, and 

Lesson 4:  You must do a 3 hit combo with the push wall, spring floor and mega 

Exam:  You have to do a 3 hit combo using any of the traps you are given within 
the time limit.  Best bet is a simple bear claw - arrow slit - mega rock or 
pendulum combo

Grade B

These lessons concentrate on using the terrain of the room, and also traps 
within a room.  This is the first lesson that's useful to Deception 2 vets, 
because it shows how the new  in room traps and switches function.

Lesson 1:  Drop a rock so that it roll onto the guy walking.  Wait till he's 
about at the middle of the stairs going either way.  Then you'll have to light 
up a Spark Rod so that the guy gets zapped when he walks in the water.

Lesson 2:  First use a push wall to flip a switch that will make the guy slide 
down the stairs.  Second, run into the switch so that the chandelier falls on 
the guy.  The bear trap is not necessary.

Lesson 3:  Here we shall demonstrate one of my favorite moves.  Use the spring 
floor to throw the poor sap into the fire place.  Second, drop a vase on the 
guy's head, causing him to bumble forward into the pit.  Wait till he's walking 
toward the water and allow a couple seconds for the vase to drop.

Lesson 4:  Use the push wall to drop the pillar onto the guy who is attacking 
you.  Catch him in the bear trap first.

Exam:  Take the guy out of commission using any traps you want, though you must 
use at least one room device.  I recommend using the bear claw to hold him, then 
drop a pillar on him with the push wall.

Grade A

These are some more advanced techniques for you to learn

Lesson 1:  Drop the vase on the foes head so that he is covered with oil and 
stumbles into the fireplace.

Lesson 2:  The blast bomb here goes off when someone is near it.  Sucker the 
opponent into setting it off.

Lesson 3:  Drop the rock, then use the push wall to shove it into the enemy.  
This is a little tricky, and requires good timing.

Lesson 4:  First drop a rock on the guy.  That didn't work too well, did it?  
Now, use the Spring Floor to launch the guy, then crush him while he's down.

Exam:  You have to beat the guy ASAP.  He is unaffected normally by rocks, but 
you have to hit him with one at some point.  Best strategy is to fling him in a 
corner, drop a rock on him, then lure him by the fire pit and use another Spring 
Floor to toss him in.

Grade S

These lessons will teach you the finest in tricky maneuvers.

Lesson 1:  Catch the guy by setting off the Spark Rod, then drop the Volt Rock.  
There will be voltage running between them that you must zap the guy on.

Lesson 2:   Here you learn the intricacies of the Slave Emblem (a new feature in 
Deception 3)  You have to hold the triangle button, then use the pad to roll the 
rock into the guy.  Very Cool!

Lesson 3:  Learn to use the vacuum floor here.  Use it to suck the enemy in, 
then use the nearby switch to drop a chandelier on his head.  You'll have to 
coax the guy toward the vacuum floor, as he tends to keep his distance.

Lesson 4:  You're supposed to hit a 4 hit combo on the guy, but it's very vague.  
If anyone knows how to do it, let me know.  Here are a couple solutions.  The 
1st was sent by Brian K Nii:  Although there are many ways to do this, I've 
found this method to be the easiest. First off, set the vacuum floor directly 
underneath the chandelier. Then set the push wall to knock over the pillar 
towards the center of the room where the vacuum floor is. Finally, set the vase 
on the first row at the bottom of the stairs in the center. When this is set up, 
stand next to the door at the bottom facing the stairs with the chandelier 
switch to your right. The intruder will try and shoot you from the stairs so be 
sure to sidestep (not roll) left and right to avoid them
and try to remain as close to the door as possible so that the intruder will 
come down the stairs near the center. When the intruder gets within vase range, 
drop the vase on his head. He'll walk towards the center of the room. When he 
gets close enough to the vacuum floor range, activate the vacuum floor which 
will pull him to the center of the room. When he gets to the center quickly run 
to the right and hit the chandelier switch to drop it on him, then activate the 
push wall to knock the pillar on top of him. If this is timed correctly it will 
be a 4-hit combo.

Here's another solution sent in by Jesse Yu:

Since the guy follows you rather than attacking you, stand facing the spring 
floor so that he backs up into your back....then run forward and veer off to the 
right towards the flame...activate the spring floor (1st hit) so that he flies 
towards the press wall...as he's flying, activate the press wall (2nd hit) a 
little late so that it hits him, and sends him towards the area where the vase 
is...it may take a couple of tries but if you get it right, the press wall will 
fling him so that he lands exactly where the vase hits as well as facing the 
pitfall in the water area... time the vase to hit his head as he is getting up 
(3rd hit)....if it's successful, then he will stagger towards the pitfall and 
fall in (4th hit)

Here's a few more sent in by Psychocatt

The 4-hit combo can be done a couple of ways in this room. The easiest is to let 
the guy start up the stairs, then push the switch to make him slide down. Then 
activate the smash floor to knock him twords the wall, then use the wall to 
fling him to the vase which you drop on his head.  I have also done it where I 
run down and lure the guy to the smash floor, then use the wall, then the vase, 
and he then walk (and falls into) the pit. Either way should get you the 4-hit.

Exam:  You have to set up and hit any 4 hit combo.  The annoying bastard here 
keeps his distance.  Here's one way to do it, sent in by Kaleb:

Once the mission starts, put a spring floor at the bottom right of the stairs 
where the archer is located.  Have the spring floor point to the right where 
there is a pit.  Then place an arrow trap in the bottom right corner of the room 
so that its facing the pit.   Once you do that, get out of the trap placing mode 
and immediately run to the lower right hand corner where you place the arrow 
trap.  Wait until you see the archer run around the pillar and immediately run 
up the stairs and wait behind the swtich that activates the floor slide.  If 
you've done everything correctly, the archer should be running up the right side 
of the stairs.  Once he does, quickly activate the floor slide trap (hit#1) then 
hit the spring floor trap (hit#2) as he slides over it to flip him into the pit 
(hit#3).  Then just wait for him to climb out of the pit and nail him with the 
arrow (hit#4) for the forth and final combo.

Another Solution sent in by Doug Type E

Place a vacuum under the chandelier.
Place a wall trap by the pillar.
Place a rock on the stairs.

I lured the archer towards the vacuum and sucked him in, hit the chandelier 
switch, hit the rock switch and then hit the wall switch.  What happened was the 
vacuum sucked in him, the chandelier dropped on his head, the rock rolled right 
over him, then the pillar dropped on him for the finale.  4 hits.  :)

Expert Mode

Coming Soon!

Special Traps, and Combos

FUN COMBO #1:  (created by me)  In castle agony, in the room with 2 staircases, 
a stream and the statue that electrifies the water when you hit the switch, you 
can do a cool combo by setting up a thunder claw in the stream.  Lure the enemy 
into it, then catch em with the claw.  They'll get quite a charge out of this.  
Then, hit the nearby switch, so that the stream is electrified some more.  If 
you have time, shoot em with an arrow or something.

FUN COMBO #2:  (sent in by electric tekken pickle)  You can do this combo in the 
first castle (room with the pillars and collapsable staircase)

put a push wall facing a pillar
put a boulder in the midle of the stairs
place a spring floor at the bottom of the stairs (in the middle square)

Stand at the top of the stairs and have an enemy follow you, when he gets to the 
centre of the stairs hit the switch, he will fall down, just as he is getting up 
activate the spring floor and the boulder. By now the stairs should be back to 
normal, make your way towards the chandelier lever while activating the press 
wall.  Befor the opponent can get up the pillar should hit him allowing you to 
activate the chandelier. Place the bear trap under the enemy. As the chandier 
and boulder are doing  their damage set the press wall at the other pillar.  
Activate the bear trap asap and then the press wall to bring down the other 
pillar.  As an added bonus to this trap if the boulder hits the first pillar 
(which should be on the enemy at that point) it will do damage and bounce a 
little against the pillar, doing more that one hit.  This combo is WAY more than 
enough to finish anyone off.

FUN COMBO #3  (sent in by Brian K Nii)

My prefered combo involves the Spark Vacuum and the Slave Hammer. With both of 
these traps at level 4, you can pull off some spectacular combos.  At level 4, 
the Spark Vacuum draws in everyone within a two block radius, then shocks them 
(it also has an incredibly long holding period, which is useful for trapping). 
When the victims are in the center block, use the Slave Hammer to wack them in 
the direction you selected (I like to send them close to a wall). With the Slave 
Hammer at level 4, it will swing back. When it comes back the second time, hit 
the triangle button a second time when it starts swinging upward towards the 
victim (like an underhand throw) which sends the spiked ball crashing into them 
when they get back up. This combo works well on multiple victims as well as some 
of the more tougher opponents (like Armor, Knights, HellKnights, etc.)

A few good places to use this combo are the Colusseium in castle Hades (the one 
with the huge fan on the side of the wall). Simply place the Spark Vacuum in the 
center on the room alligned with the fan in the target square. Then aim the 
Slave Hammer towards the fan. Using this combo in this way pulls everyone to the 
center (great since they have to go through the middle of the room to get to the 
other side), knocks them into the fan, and when they get back up you can hurl 
the ball back into them to knock them back into the fan again. This combo does 
spectacular damage (not to mention it looks pretty damn cool and racks up ark 
like crazy).

FAQ Author's note:   I've used this combo personally.  I usually stick the guy 
with an arrow after trapping them with the magnet.  Then I proceeded as 
mentioned above.  When done this way, this combo can up an astounding eleven 
hits!  It will pretty much kill anyone who you are facing.

The best way to use this combo is the Home area in the Past ending scenerio with 
Reina in the room with the thresher. Put the Spark Vacuum so that it is alligned 
with the thresher (should be the second target block) and set the Slave Hammer 
to knock the victim into the thresher. Then Activate the combo (but don't 
release the ball until the combo misses and the victim hits the floor). If timed 
correctly when set off, the Slave Hammer will hit the victim into the thresher, 
the thresher will send the victim into the air into the Slave Hammer, and be 
knocked back by the Slave Hammer into the thresher, and so on back and forth 
like a ping pong ball. I've seen victims get hit about twice by this combo, 
which has to be one of the funniest and most spectacular in the game.

FUN COMBO #4 (created by me)

This is a Hades Castle variation on the Slave Hammer combo above.  Do this trap 
in the small room with the iron maiden.  Use a Spark Vacuum to hold the enemies 
down, then shoot them with an arrow of some kind (that part is optional) 
finally, use the slave hammer to throw them into the iron maiden.  This combo 
works well to wear out the powerful guys in Hades Castle.  Just be very cautious 
and allow your positioning of the vacuum floor to allow yourself a safe spot 
where you won't be sucked in yourself.

FUN COMBO #5 (sent in by LuckGod)

The traps I use to do this is:
    S-Heavy Claw-4   This trap is my personal favorite
    C-Smash Floor
    Smash Wall

You can use substitutions for the claw and the vase as long as they do the same 
basic function, also I'm pretty sure you don't need the C-Smash Floor but it 
sure dose help.  I don't have a regular Smash Floor to try it so i don't know

For this combo you need to make sure the guy you killing isn't a wimp or he will 
die before you get to finish the combo.  This is easily done by killing any 
little guys elsewhere and saving one of the huge guys for this combo

It takes place in Hue Castle in the Blue Chamber. It starts near the door that 
leads to the Yellow Chamber.  Place a Heavy Claw 2 spaces Below the river in the 
center it should be on the same line as the last part of the stairs.  Also place 
a Smash Wall Right next to it and a vase in the river next to the stairs where 
the guy lands.  Catch The guy in the trap for hit #1 then Smash him with the 
wall for #2 he will land under the vase.  Now here is where the tricky part 
comes in.  Watch you trap meter and as soon as the Heavy Claw starts charging 
again go into camp mode.  Set up a Smash Floor next to the guy in the direction 
you just sent him with the wall.  As soon as you exit the screen drop that vase 
on him for #3.  Now you have a bit of time for the floor to charge because he 
will walk against the wall.  As soon as you can set up the smash wall 6 spaces 
down from the floor.  Now Hit the floor for #4.  Now set the Vase up on the top 
level right next to the launcher.  As soon as you can set up the Smash Floor 
parallel to the launcher right next to the water wheel.  Don't hit the wall as 
soon as he gets there you have some time as he's getting up hit it for #5.  This 
launches him into the water wheel for #6.  He will spin on the wheel and land 
right on the Smash Floor.  As soon as you can set up the Smash Wall on the same 
level as the vase so that it will launch him back into the center.  Hit the 
floor for #7.  That will land him on the launcher for #8 and it will send him up 
right next to the vase. Drop the vase on him for #9.  Right now you should be 
able to set up the Floor again.  Put on space toward the direction of the guy.  
Let the guy walk all the way to to end of the wall.  *NOTE* right now you should 
be standing kinda close to where the action is taking place because you will 
have to hit the switch to drop the bridge for the grand finish. Use the wall for 
hit #10 this will launch him right on the floor you already set up.  Use the 
Floor for #11 and run over and trip the switch for #12.

I know it sounds complicated but it is very easy to get off with a bit of 
practice.  In practice mode I get 240 damage and 8400 combo ark.  In a real game 
though its less that that but not much.  Also If the final hit doesn't kill the 
guy you could extend the combo even further but I don't think that anyone would 
survive that beating.

FUN COMBO #6  (Sent in by Hu Shunjie)

This is a simple 4-hit combo I devised meant for killing small guys outright. It 
consist of a Vacuum Floor 4 with lightning element, Thor hammer 4 and a 
Lightning wall 4. It is real simple for the damage it gives. First, position the 
vacuum Floor so that it is 4 squares away from a piece of wall. Place the 
lightning wall on that piece of wall and a Thor hammer behind the Vacuum  Floor. 
When enemy approach, use the vacuum floor. When he is restrain, use the Thor 
hammer 4, which will force him 4 squares away. When he is in midair, use the 
Lightning wall 4 and he will smash against it and at this time, the Thor hammer 
will swing back, hitting him again, causing him to fly away from the trap, doing 
middle-high damage. The best thing is when there is other trap in the room, like 
a barrel. We can position the trap so that when the Thor hammer 4 hit him last 
time ( he will fly 4 squares away), he will yet again be hit, doing a 5-hit 
combo. That trap is good as it allows enough trap lapse for the vacuum floor to 
be completely charge up again.

The next two combos were sent in to me by Doug Type E

LOOPING COMBO: This one works great, in fact, a little too great! I managed an 
18-hit combo using this. Anyways, here's what you need:

- You need a push wall attack (my choice was the thunder wall).  The push   wall 
needs an attack element to knock the guy down.  Those breath walls or regular 
push walls won't cut it.
- Spring attack (I used blast or spark)
- A nice rock

The Setup:
The great thing about this attack is that it works pretty much anywhere.  Drop 
your wall and rock trap so they share the space.  Next drop the spring trap at 
the the very end of the wall trap.  If your wall extends 3 spaces, drop the trap 
on the fourth space. Point it towards the wall trap.

How it works:
Trigger the wall so it pushes the enemy onto the spring trap.  When the enemy is 
getting up, hit the spring trap.  When he gets up from the spring trap, drop a 
rock on him.  Timing is crucial as it allows the traps to
recharge, thus letting you repeat the process.

This combo doesn't work well with the big guys... the ones that block wall 
traps.  The trick here is to nail them while they're blocking.  If  possible, 
drop the rock on them.  They'll catch the rock... with both arms occupied, this  
exposes them to the wall trap and then the spring trap.  Time permitting,   you 
can drop another rock on them and try to repeat the process.  All of these must 
be performed before they get back up!  

DOOR SETUP: When you gotta keep them out... Using this setup, no one can enter 
your room.

- Pendulum (I chose the thor's hammer since it belts out 60 damage)
- Spring trap (I used blast or spark)
- Buzzsaw. I think that's what it's called. It shoots a circular saw from the 
wall and blows the enemy back 3 spaces.

Place the pendulum right next to the door. Aim it at the door and make sure that 
yellow placemarker is right next to the door. Second, place the spring trap 
right in back of the pendulum. Finally, drop the buzzsaw on the wall right 
across from the door.

How it works:
Right when someone walks in, hit the pendulum. If you nail them, they'll be 
thrown back in the corridor. If you miss, you still have your spring trap to 
blow them back into the corridor.  If you miss with spring trap, you can hit 
them with the buzzsaw, but they'll probably be far away enough from the door 
that it will close.

This trick also works great when there are two guys following each other. When 
the first guy walks in, nail him with the hammer.  When the second guy is in the 
doorway, hit him with the buzzsaw.  Doing this will allow the other trap to 
recharge and allow you to repeat as necessary.  The spring trap is a back up, in 
case you miss.

If a heavily armored guy walks in and the pendulum is still recharging, you can 
buy yourself an extra second or two by hitting him with the buzzsaw.  Although 
he'll deflect it, you'll still have a second or so before he moves again, giving 
you a chance to use the pendulum once more.

If you're dealing with a slow guy, the pendulum will recharge just in time for 
you to whack him again when he comes back into the doorway.

Timing is easy.  For moderate to fast guys, hit the trap as soon as the door 

Oh yeah, always stand by another exit when you're activating your traps.  If you 
have a warper and they warp, pull a 180 and head on out towards the next room.  

Here's a potential infinite combo sent in by Hu Shunjie

The barracuda, with an Auto rising floor + a lightning wall can does what I can 
an 'infinite hit combo' trick. First, use a spark vacuum ( or any other magnets) 
to suck the enemy beside a wall, then use lightning wall to smash him away. The 
moment he lands, use the barracuda ( a amazingly 2 charge time!) and it will 
behave like a vase, running to the end of the room. Then place a rising floor + 
a lightning wall(or any other type of wall) at the place he is at. The barracuda 
will hold him long enough for both trap to be charged. use the rising floor, 
then follow by the pushing wall, place another barracuda on him again and repeat 
the  whole thing. In this way, infinite combos can be done . Finish him off with 
a rocking stone instead of a barracuda when you are finished! 

Here's an infinite combo sent in by Rinden King

The needed traps are Magnet Wall, Vaccum floor and any boulder or guillotine 
(just for added SPICE).This is how to do it, first set the M. wall,if it is a 
two block long set the V. floor at the second block if it is a 3 block set it in 
third(NOTE:  If your V. floor has a long range say about 3 blocks range do what 
is above, but if it is 2 to 1 in range put the V. floor to a spot nearest to the 
wall so that when you activate the V. floor again  it will suck the ENEMY 
again)Now put the boulder or guillotine right next to the magnet wall.  Now lure 
the PREY to the range of the V.floor then hit it. Once caught hit the magnet 
wall then lastly the boulder or  guillotine.  This works well if the magnet wall 
does some damage and most specially if the equipments have charge rings,The 
timing is self thought so practice it well, but once mastered  you're 
invincible. As a last remark,  this will not work  to those who are immune to 
V.floor and mag. wall

Here's 2 15 hit combos sent in by Sleeping Dragon.

In Hue Castle, in the Red Chamber:

1. Set up a Heat Breath 3 or 4 in the center of the wall on top of the two 
flights of stairs.  The Heat Breath should push the person into the Guillotine 
if done correctly.

2. Set up any Spring Floor that will launch the person back into the wall  
(where the Heat Breath is) right underneath the center of the Guillotine. My 
favorite is the Spark Floor 4, but anything that throws them back into the wall 
will do.

3. Set up any Vase with a charge time of 3 or less over where the Heat Breath is 
located. I prefer either the Blitz Vase or the Genocide Eye, but any vase that 
hold them in place for 6 or more steps will do. 

Lure an enemy to where the Heat Breath is and activate.  This should push them 
into the Guillotine. After the Guillotine hits, wait about 2 seconds and then 
activate the Spring Floor.  When the body hits the ground, drop the Vase. While 
the vase is still on his/her head,  wait for the Spring Floor to recharge.  This 
should also give time for the Guillotine to recharge. When the Spring Floor is 
ready to go,  activate the Heat Breath again and repeat the cycle until you hit 
them 15 times. Note that this combo DOES NOT work against people immune to fire, 
but this shouldn't be a problem, since they only send two people immune to fire 
into Hue Castle.

In Reina's Home, in the Sitting Room:

1. Set up a Spark Floor 4 three spaces away facing the deer antler on the wall. 
If done correctly, the Spark Floor should launch the person into the deer 

2. Set up any Vase with a charge time of 3 or less over the deer antler.  Any 
Vase that keeps the person walking for 6 or more steps should work here.

3. Set up a Buzzsaw 3 or 4 on the wall under the deer antler facing toward the 
Spark Floor. The Buzzsaw should have a Charge Ring for this combo to work.

Lure the person to where the Spark Floor is. Activate the trap and the body 
should fly toward the deer antler and drop to the floor after being skewed.  
Just as the body hits the floor, drop the Vase. Wait for the Spark Floor to 
recharge. When its set to go, release the Buzzsaw. Since the Buzzsaw pushes the 
person towards a wall, time it so that you activate the Spark Floor just as the 
body flies by underneath it. Then, just repeat the cycle until you get 15 hits. 
Note that this combo DOES NOT work against Migual, since he is 
immune to Spring Floors. But, you could always use a vacuum or magnet wall under 
the deer antler and then drop the vase on his head to set up first, then proceed 
as usual. This combo can earn you lots of cash, since the deer antler gives you 
a 2.8 ark bonus, plus most vases give you 1.7+ ark bonus. Too bad you only play 
this area once...:-(

Note that using charge rings on all your traps greatly increases your chances of 
success for these combos.

Here's a combo sent in by [email protected]

Traps used:
c-mega yo-yo lvl 4
c-lift claw

Place the ant-magnet on a wall.  Place lift claw on square in front of anti-
magnet.  Place Mega Yo-Yo four or five spaces away from wall the anti-magnet is 
on.  Trap someone in the anti-magnet.  When they get pushed all the way back hit 
the mega yo-yo.  They'll go flying towards the wall. Hit the lift claw when they 
land.  While they're hanging the anti-magnet should  be ready or close to ready 
to go again.  Wait for the lift claw to let go of your victim.  Drop the anti-
magnet--you have to wait until the lift claw has disappeared though or else the 
anti-magnet will stop on the top part of the claw and not descend all the way.  
The victim will get pushed back again--repeat combo.  With the right timing you 
can do this in an endless loop and repeat until your victims die.  It is also 
very easy to get two attackers in this loop.

I've also noticed that if you manage to throw people in both the mad pillars and 
bonfires you get lots of combo points.  I've gotten over 5000 by using a cold 
vacuum, mega yo-yo, mad pillar, bonfire, smash wall, and then mad pillar again.  
Wiht just mega yo-yo, mad pillar, bonfire you get a bit over a 1000.

Cheesy yo-yo combo (sent in by Celyne)


- Vacuum Floor - to hold an opponent
- Smash Hammer - To pummel the opponent towards a SMASH WALL
- SMASH WALL - To pummel the opponent back towards the VACUUM FLOOR.

A medium to large room (just so the heroine will not get accidentally sucked 
into the vacuum floor and has enough room to run around if another opponent 

How this trap is supposed to work:
VACUUM FLOOR in an opponent. When he hits the center of the trap, release the 
SMASH HAMMER and send him flying to where your SMASH WALL is waiting. As the 
enemy is standing up, activate the SMASH WALL and send him back near the VACUUM 
FLOOR. When the V.FLOOR is ready, vacuum him back in and repeat the process. 

***Timing is crucial as the Vacuum floor usually takes time to re-charge. ***
***Personally, after the enemy is vacuumed, I count to 4 after the SMASH WALL 
becomes fully charged, then, I release the SMASH HAMMER. That way, the VACUUM 
FLOOR has a few extra seconds to charge up before the enemy stands up and gets 
out of range. ****
***Careful calculation of how far a TRAP will fling an enemy should also be 

Other tips: 
For brutes and other enemies who can push a SMASH WALL back - SMASH WALL them 
just as they are standing, or before they even get on their knees.

Variation for extra hits/charge time: 
Set up the VACUUM FLOOR near a room device, such as a fan on the wall or a 
furnace.   When the SMASH WALL smashes him, he would fly directly into the room 
device. As he gets out, activate the VACUUM FLOOR  and repeat the process.

Ark Building Combo sent in by William Miller

I have found a disgusting way to get some serious ark in a combo. Here is what i 

banana peel
chg. foot cutter 4       barracuda
chg. rising floor 4      basin 4
chg. mega yo-yo 4        chg. vampire wall 4
chg. upper wall 4        killer top

I know, yes there is alot of special traps, but thats the cool part since you 
will able to get the hell traps quicker.

the best place I found to do this in is the castle that has the collapsor, the 
pit and that giant pillar that only falls one way.

1. start with the banana peel one space in front of the door( not directly in 
front of the door) then set up the mega yo-yo two spaces from the banana peel ( 
the mega yo-yo should be 4 spaces long, set it up so that the third space 
crosses where the guy will land.) have it send him to the wall near the water. 
set up the upper wall there.  stand next to the giant pillar to lure him over 
the banana peel,the set off the yo-yo then the upper wall

2. after the banana peel starts to charge, change it to the foot cutter, and 
place it one space away from the wall in front of the upper wall. then after the 
mega yo-yo starts to charge, change it to the barracuda and place it where he 
will land from the foot cutter (3 spaces). after you have set off the upper 
wall, once it moves out of the way, set off the foot cutter. once he lands, hit 
him with the barracuda. he will get up and run directly across the room to the 
other wall.

3. while he is running to the wall, set up the rising floor and the vampire wall 
so you can crush him when he gets there. once he is standing there, set off the 
rising floor first.( once you trigger the rising floor, you can set the basin at 
the space where the vampire wall will leave him) then the vampire wall. once he 
lands, hit him with the basin, but be quick about it because there is a good 
chance that they are dead already.

this is a 10 hit combo that should get you around 76,000 ark( since all of the 
traps have and ark rate of at least 1.5 with the banana peel and basin having 
ark rates of 2.0 and the barracuda has an ark rate of 2.5.

the most I've ever gotten in one combo was a whopping 100,884 ark.

This combo was sent in by de ja vu, and lets you use 4 rocks in the same combo.

For the combo I use a vacuum floor cold or electric, a  rock (not iron ball or 
snowball) and a smash wall. I have also only tried this combo in the bell tower. 
What you need to do is place the vacuum floor at the bottom of the stairs 
(nearest the hidden door) place it so that when an enemy is caught in the middle 
of the vacuum floor they are exactly 2 spaces away from the wall facing the 
stairs (so there is a one space gap between the enemy and the wall), place the 
smash wall on the wall facing the stairs so that the enemy will get smashed up 
the stairs. Lastly, place the rock 2 spaces up the stairs and we are now ready. 
When the enemy comes in range, activate the vacuum floor and wait for them to be 
pulled into the centre, release the rock for (hit 1) the rock should go past 
them and hit the wall. Before it disappears activate the smash wall which will 
push the rock into the enemy (hit 2) the it will smash into the enemy. The rock 
will then go up 
the stairs and as it does it will hit the enemy that is in the air from the wall 
(hit 3). This collision will cause them to fall to the ground. By the time they 
hit the ground the rock will be on its way back down the stairs 
and roll over them (hit 4.)

This Combo was sent in by Mike Vallas, and can net you over 150000 ark!

Traps you need

CSlave Mask 4 (or 3)
Ccrane 4 (or any other fast charging mask)

Cbuzzsaw 4 (or 3)
CSmash Wall 3 or above
CBlast Magnet (any level)

Banana Peel
Csmash floor
CRising Floor 3 (or 4)

Location - Castle Hue
Room - blue chamber
Note: you can work the collapsing bridge into the first initial combo! The 
details below are for when the bridge is already removed.

Start off by placing a buzzsaw over the waterfall, on the side with the 
waterwheel (just a few spaces from the door) Then place a smash floor at the 
foot of the waterfall - pointing towards the waterhweel (note that the person 
goes past the right side of it) Lastly a crane (or other fast charging - long 
duration mask) in the very back corner of the middle groove (along the path with 
the spring floor)

Here we go:
1) nail the person on the top with a buzzsaw    Buzzsaw pushes person forward 
and over waterfall
2) wait until wall trap starts charging. Soon as it starts, hit the smash floor.  
At the very moment of the smash floor strikes, go into trap setup and place a 
smash wall where he will land, which should be the back-right corner by the 
3) As soon as Smash wall charges - activate it and send them landing right by 
the crane (or other mask). N
4) hold them with the crane (or other mask)
5)during this time, you should be able to do two things: 1) the smash wall 
should be done and you can set up a blast magnet next to the person (pointing 
towards the spring floor) and also set up a Rising floor on the
other side of the spring floor.
6)Once the person is released by crane or when the magnet is done charging -
activate magnet. The force should immediately destroy the mask if you're using 
one. As soon as the ceiling trap is charging, go and place a barracuda three 
spaces in front of the magnet (this is where he will land)
7)Nail person with the baracuda. The magnet will be destroyed a this point, so 
place a smash wall right over the rising floor (pointing back towards the 
original buzzsaw location - just one space to the left)
8) Person runs into spring floor & baracuda is destroyed. Immediately set up the 
slave mask where the smash wall will land the person, which should be diagonal 
of the waterwheel against the wall.
9)person lands from spring floor, launch rising floor
10) When person lands, activate Smash Wall. When floor trap begins charging, 
place a banana peel in front of the waterwheel near the slave mask.
11) As soon as person touches wall and is about to hit floor, launch the
slave mask. It should catch them no mater what their health is.
12)their health should be quite low! Use the slave mask and have them walk to 
the right - spin them around and walk directly to the waterwheel.
13)when at the banana peel, activate it. He'll hit the peel and go flying into 
the Waterwheel.

Note that the banana peel will practically double your ark count!!! God bless 
ark multipliers!

Note: If the opponent is already at zero health, the blast magnet will not work 
on him. 

Sorry if this trap text is a bit convoluted, but it does work and is very easy 
to do!

Nebular sent in this combo, useful for quick kills

Ya need Dvolt magnet4+Devil upper4+Dvolt rock4.  put magnet one flat square from 
steps.  Put evil upper on that square pointing to magnet. put rock on steps 
beside it. It goes like this.  You'll be the king of the hill.  The fools will 
be chasing you up there or leading them there, when they come in close to steps, 
hit the
magnet. activate the rock and when the scene shows it hitting the fool, 
IMMEDIATELY activate evil upper. it  will push the rock back on steps to hit the 
fool again. DEATH. This cuts time playing the game and it gives a lame-ass 1300-

Infinite combo sent in by Trent Mendez

It's easy and is seriously helpful in beating lvl. 20 of the expert mode (combo 
damage of 200+).  All you need is a vacuum floor, buzzsaw (3 or 4 orbs), and a 
regular old pendulum.  Set the vacuum floor directly under the pounding weight 
in the middle of the Prison Room in Castle Agony.  The pendulum goes on the 
wall next to the stairs, in line with the vacuum floor and pounding weight.  
Face the pendulum so it swings into the room, but make sure the green globe of 
the trap itself is situated flush with the wall.  The buzzsaw is placed on the 
wall opposite the pendulum.  Trap the victim in the vacuum and wait until they 
get pounded.  As they're getting up, set off the buzzsaw and then IMMEDIATELY 
set off the pendulum - don't wait for them to be hit or it'll be too late.  
They'll get caught in midair by the swinging blade and get thrown 
back within the floor's area of effect.  When they start to get up the floor 
should be charged and then lather, rinse and repeat 'til your fingers fall off.  
I got over 600 damage in before I got bored...

Trap Guide:  This is a listing of the 106 traps in the game.  The complete list 
was sent in by Brian K Nii.  Some of the comments are mine, some are his, some 
are that of others.

Trap Family
1. Base Trap
2. + Thunder Emblem 
3. + Fire Emblem
4. + Cold Emblem
5. + Impact Emblem
6. + Rising Emblem
7. + Cursed Emblem
8. + Chaos Emblem
9. + Hell Emblem
10. + Slave Emblem

1. Mega Rock
2. Volt Rock   will electrify further if dropped in water.
3. Flare Rock  one of the most damaging rocks
4. Snow Ball  
5. Iron Ball  These are attracted to magnets, thus adding to versitality
6. Bound Rock
7. Vampire Rock
8. Stealth Rock
9. Evil Stomp
10. Slave Rock  You can hold down the triangle button to control this monster.

1. Pendulum
2. Thor Hammer 
3. Fire Hammer
4. Snow Cradle
5. Smash Hammer:  Sends enemies flying in direction of your choice
6. Mega Yo Yo
7. Poison Blade
8. Mega Buzzsaw
9. Evil Shoot
10. Slave Hammer  The ball is launched when you press the button.  Can set up 
some awesome combos (see fun combos below for some ideas)

1. Vase
2. Blitz Vase 
3. Bomb Vase
4. Freeze Vase
5. Basin
6. Crane
7. Oil Vase
8. Confuse Gas
9. Genocide Eye
10. Slave Mask

Push Walls
1. Push Wall  Push walls are useful for knocking pillars on top of people.
2. Thunder Wall 
3. Heat Breath
4. Cold Breath
5. Smash Wall:  Sends enemies flying quite far away.
6. Upper Wall
7. Vampire Wall
8. Expander
9. Evil Kick
10. Hunter Blade

Magnet Walls
1. Magnet Wall
2. Spark Magnet  A useful trap as it pulls enemies toward it and gives em a 
3. Blast Magnet
4. Cold Magnet
5. Anti Magnet
6. Float Magnet
7. Berserker
8. Warp Hole
9. Call of Hell
10. Slave Magnet

1. Arrow Slit
2. Volt Javelin:  Good damage and can hit multiple enemies if packed closely.
3. Fireball
4. Cold Arrow
5. Buzzsaw
6. Rising Ball
7. Flash Arrow
8. Chain Needle
9. Hell Laser
10. Rolling Bomb

Spring Floors
1. Spring Floor
2. Spark Floor 
3. Blast Floor
4. Ice Blizzard
5. Smash Floor:  Sends enemies flying very far away.  Useful for putting fools 
in corners to drop rocks on them.
6. Rising Floor
7. Footcutter
8. Catapult
9. Evil Upper
10. Slide Floor

Vacuum Floors
1. Vacuum Floor
2. Spark Vacuum  Probably my favorite containment trap.  It has a long range, 
catches almost anyone and gives em a jolt.
3. Blast Vacuum
4. Cold Vacuum
5. Anti Vacuum
6. Float Vacuum
7. Panic Vacuum
8. Graviton
9. Hell Vacuum
10. Slave Vacuum

1. Blast Bomb
2. Spark Rod  Useful to stick on water to shock people
3. Hellfire
4. Cold Blast
5. Shockwave
6. Rising Mine
7. Flash Bomb
8. Quake Bomb
9. Hell Judge
10. Slave Bomb

1. Bear Trap
2. Thunder Claw  Great for use in water, they'll take extra damage from 
3. Blast Claw
4. Cold Claw  These hold enemies for a longer period than most claws.
5. Heavy Claw
6. Lift Claw
7. Oil Claw
8. Magic Sac
9. Evil Claw
10. Slave Claw

Specials  4 of the hidden traps have been revealed.  Gregory Donachricha sent in 
the info that he got the following 3 traps upon getting Ending #3  He also sent 
info on the 4th trap listed.  Also Brian K Nii has sent in some of the info on 
hidden traps.
1. Tombstone:  Ceiling trap. Nulls defense.
2. Barracuda: Ceiling trap.  Super fast charge time. High damage. Causes the 
victim to run 15 blocks in the direction they are facing.
3. Teleporter: --- Its a ceiling based trap. What it does is drop/ teleport you 
from where you are at in a room to the point of where you set it.  I found it 
useful if set in the proper spots.  Placement of this trap is really the Key, 
especially if your planning multiple hit combos.
4. Killer Top:  Wall trap. Shoots a spinning top from wall that pierces the 
enemy and forces them away 3 blocks. The top rebounds off of walls at 90 degree 
angles a total of 4 times. It moves up and down inclines as well.
5. Banana Peel : Floor Trap. It forces the intruder two blocks in the direction 
they are facing.
6. Delta Horse: Comes up from the ground and crotches anyone standing under it.

Data on Room Devices (sent in by Brian K Nii)

Doorway: Fire Pit - Burns intruders.
- Topple-Prop x 2 - Pillar to knock over onto intruders.
- Chandelier - Switch drops to floor.
- Slide Stairs - Switch slides intruders down stairs.
- Waterfall - Trips invaders over waterfall.
- Pitfall - Hole for invaders to fall into.

Prison Chamber: Lumber Saw - Cuts intruders.
- Thorny Ball - Rises and falls automatically, crushing intruders.
- Death Needle - Retracting spikes on wall. Throw intruder into.
- Volt Chair - Shocks intruders.

Bright Courtyard: Bridge - Switch drops bridge, dropping or crushing intruder.
- Wall Spear - Retracting spikes on wall.
- Healstone - Recovers heroine's life.

Church: Topple-Prop x 2
- Holy Volt - Switch shocks all intruders in water.
- Stained Glass - Switch drops glass from ceiling.

Cliff Chamber: Fallen Angel - Switch drops angel statue.
- Floor Pike - Retracting spikes on floor.
- Launcher - Sends person up to next floor level.
- Healstone
- Great Falls - Larger version of waterfall.

Agony Chamber: Punisher - Statue cuts intruder with switch.
- Mad Pillar x 2 - Cuts intruder when knocked into it.
- Bon Fire x 2 - Burns intruder when thrown into it.
- Cerberus x 2 - Pours lava onto intruder with switch.

(Castle Hue)
White Chamber: Chandelier - Activated with switch.
- Topple-Prop x 4
- Launcher
- Healstone

Red Chamber: Topple-Prop
- Pendulumax - Large pendulum from ceiling.
- Guillotine - Activates automatically. Slices intruder from ceiling.

Hellfire Chamber: Death Flame - Switch from outside of room. Burns entire room.

Blue Chamber: Waterwheel - Impales intruders.
- Slashfan - Auto combo when intruder knocked up into it.
- Waterfall x 2
- Launcher
- Healstone
- Bridge - Switch activated.

Yellow Chamber: Cart x 2 - Push with trap into intruders.
- Wall Spear
- Powder Box x 2 - Explodes with blast/fire trap.
- Incinerator - Burns intruders.

Black Chamber: Silde Stairs - Switch activated.
- Black Torch x 2 - Knock over onto intruders.
- Pitfall - Switch activated.

Ceremony Room: Magic Square - Shocks intruders when switch is activated.
               Topple-Prop x 2

(Dark Ruin)
God's Gate: Healstone
- Guardian x 2 - Push statue onto intruder.
- God Gate - Switch closes gate on intruder.

Dead Metropolis: Collapsor - Falls on intruder when pillars knocked down.
- Pitfall
- Big Pillar - Large Topple-Prop.
- Prop x 2 - Topple-Props that hold up Collapsor.

Hidden Grave: Tomb Rock - Push to send rock moving to intruders.
- Fire Breath - Switch activates fire breath from dragon statue.  
- Healstone

Guardian Stairs: Guillotine
- Ark Ship - Switch on wall activates laser.
- Oil Barrel x 2 - Explodes (fire, blast). Releases oil (push).
- Big Cerby - Switch sends fire blast from fire pit.

Darkness Worship: Healstone
- Mad Pillar x 2
- Bonfire x 2

(Castle Hades)
Execution Jail: Hanging Ceil - Switch outside drops spiked ceiling.

Jail Passageway: No traps.

Dungeon: Casket - Crushes intruder.

Bell Tower: Hang Bell - Switch drops Bell from ceiling.

Machine Room: Swing Cutter - Large blade swings from ceiling.
- Clock Gear - Crushes intruder when knocked into it.
- Oil Barrel

Audience Room: Healstone

Waiting Room:Topple-Prop x 2

Note:Ever notice how much the Audience and Waiting Room resemble the Timenoid 
castle in Kagero?

Doorway: Chandelier - Slices intruders when knocked into it.
- Iron Fence - Automatically drops onto intruders.
- Big Gear x 2 - Crushes intruders.
- Healstone

Power Center: Mad Ceily - Slices intruders thrown into the ceiling.
- Volt Wall - Shocks intruders.
- Furnace - Burns intruders.
Note: You cannot use ceiling traps in the Power Center.

Coliseum: Killer Wall - Slices intruders.
- Mobile Saw - Slices intruders thrown into it.
- Floor Pike x 2
- Launcher x 2

Work Chamber: Rotagear - Crushes intruders.
- Lumber Saw
- Pan - Drops intruder into oven when landed on.
- Oven - Burns intruder.
- Topple-Prop
- Ceil Spear - Drops on intruder when switch is activated.

Warehouse: Tumble-Prop - Rolls down on intruder when switch is activated.
- Hook - Smashes intruders.
- Oil Barrel x 3
- Volt Wirenet - Shocks intruders when switch is activated.
- Healstone

(Secret Base)
Entrace: Healstone

Strategy Room: Powder Box
- Spear Rack x 2 - Stabs intruder when thrown into it.
- Oil Barrel

Sitting Room: Pit Fence - Stabs intruders when thrown into it.
- Antler - Stabs intruders when thrown into it.
- Fire Pit
- Oil Lamp - Spills oil when knocked over.

Shed: Footing Prop - Drops Foot-Dropper when knocked over.
- Foot-Dropper - Drops or crushes intruder when Footing Prop is removed.    
- Thresher - Slices intruder and knocks them away.
- Oil Barrel x 2
- Healstone

Intruder Data  Sent in by Brian K Nii

Torturer - S&M bad guys.
Gordon(ch.1), Balboa(ch.9), Zardos (ch.13)

Soldier - Average intruders.
Jade(ch.1), Wolf(ch.3), BOSS:Sirado(ch.6,12), Raven(ch.7) Rutger(ch.10), 

Villageman (and the Villagegal) - Targets.
Hans(ch.2), Ellena(ch.2), Gustaf(ch.21a), Joseph(ch.18b)

Thief - Very fast. Attacks with a multi-hit combo.
Gina(ch.3), Garnet(ch.6), Rebecca(ch.12), Vanessa(ch.16b)

Boss - Regenerates and summon immune. Very fast. Quick long range attacks.

Goliath - Causes earthquake with weapon. Big, slow, and powerful.
Jeguard(ch.4), Galahad(ch.12), Basural(ch.18a), Chestbarn(ch.22a,21b), 

Amazoness - Leaps down stairs. Average invader.
Silvia(ch.5), Rutha(ch.13), Ophelia(ch.16a), Clarevil(ch.17b)

White Magic - Regenerates. Heals others. Cold immune.
Rephena(ch.5), Althea(ch.12), Antinora(ch.19a,22b), Lamia(ch.24a,24b), 

Hunter - Multiple long range crossbow attacks. Keeps distance.
Raditz(ch.5), Clayborne(ch.12), Iliad(ch.14)

Fighter - Dives through doors. Very agile and fast.
Ares(ch.5), Dyer(ch.14)

Knight - Strong opponent with long distance rush attack. Blast immune.
Garcia(ch.6), Bradley(ch.22a,17b), Stanford(ch.22a,17b), Mildred(ch.23a,21b), 
Maclean(ch.24b,21b), Vincent(ch.18b)

Sorcerer - Attacks with lightning blasts. Shock immune.
Osborne(ch.6), Garius(ch.15a), Balboa(ch.18a), Rudolphus(ch.19b)

Ranger - Attacks with boomerang.
Liza(ch.7), Anise(ch.17a,16b)

Darkwitch - Darkens room. Flash and summon immune.
Judeka(ch.7), Madula(ch.14), Nirvana(ch.23a,20b)

Bruiser - Dives through doors. Strong martial arts attacks.
Lorenz(ch.7), Gejen(ch.20a), Landau(ch.18b)

Flame User - Uses flame breath attacks. Fire and blast immune.
Igor(ch.7), Holvain(ch.14)

Assassin - 'Teleports' to your location when entering room. Flash immune.
Sid(ch.8), Cross(ch.11), Blade(ch.16a)

Bomber - Self-destructing bomber. Fire and blast immune.
Valetta(ch.8), Violet(ch.19a), Tilis(ch.18b)

Brute - Summon immune. Long distance explosive attack (except ch. 24a).

Swordsman - Long distance sword rush attack. Anger and summon immune.
Ortega(ch.9), Amon(ch.18a,16b)

Elites - Strong invaders.
BOSS:Cupido(ch.9), Gardock(ch.17a,15b), Kruger(ch.17a,15b), Ashley(ch.19a,19b), 

Ninja - 'Teleports' to your location when entering room. Leaps down stairs.   
Gemini(ch.10), Karma(ch.16a), Spiral(ch.20a)

Miner - Self-destructing bomber. Blast, fire, and flash immune.
Dustin(ch.10), Ruin(ch.20a), Varjes(ch.17b)

Alchemist - Regenerates. Activates traps. Uses various status attacks.
Helsing(ch.10), Moongram(ch.16a), Delvol(ch.20a), Aljail(ch.18b)

Shadow - Attacks opponents shadow. Very fast.
Shubaltz(ch.11), Weiss(ch.20a)

Mercenary - Invaders with large swords.
Zeon(ch.12), Grayhawk(ch.24a,24b), Siva(ch.16b)

Magnetman - Magnet immune. Uses magnet field to attract opponents.
Dorgev(ch.13), Baldwin(ch.22a,21b), Piruzen(ch.22b)

Titan - Causes earthquake with weapon. Stronger version of Goliaths.
Barbarossa(ch.14), Gordius(ch.19a,22b), Duigal(ch.23a), Garbaldi(ch.20b)

Giga-Arm - Runs fast when angry. Brutal arm grab attack.
Bolthead(ch.15a), Deathmask(ch.21a), Daidalos(ch.24a,24b,16b), Volcanon(ch.18b)

Footman - Martial artist. Flash immune.
Goa(ch.15a), Shroud(ch.21a), Bergman(ch.18b)

Lady Guard - Very fast. Leaps across room. Long distance poison/shock attack.

Slasher - Regenerates. Shock immune. Activates traps. Various element attacks.
Scorpio(ch.17a), BOSS:Edgar(ch.21a), Lavan(ch.21a,19b), Wilhelm(ch.24b,21b)

Armor - Fire, blast, and arrow immune. Very powerful armored invader.
Cervantes(ch.17a,15b), Sieghardt(ch.19a), BOSS:Lordbaran(ch.23a,21b), 

Hellknight - Warps. Summon, blast, arrow immune. Becomes 'invincible'.
Gelfaust(ch.17a,15b), BOSS:Gandolph(ch.22a,22b), Belstein(ch.23a), 

Master - Intruder with a very big sword.

Flameman - Fire, blast, cold, and arrow immune. Flame attacks. Defensive.
Dizak(ch.21a,15b), Garland(ch.23a,19b), Browning(ch.21b)

Sage - Magnet and summon immune. Warps. Powerful explosive attack.
BOSS:Vergilius(ch.21a,19b), Elisuon(ch.24a,16b), Godfried(ch.22b)

Queen - Regenerates. Anger and summon immune. Warps. Uses laser attack.

King - Regenerates. Uses cold attack. Has snazzy theme music. Runs away.
Trips. Pleads for life when cornered.
BOSS:(if you can call him that) Frederick(ch.21b)

Other Misc Info and secrets:

Hell Emblem (sent in by Brian K Nii):
There is a secret Emblem available when you get the Reina Goes to the Past 
ending. To get this ending, choose not to go with Cecelia to the Queen, then 
choose to to back to the past with the Legendary Stone. When you get this ending 
you will receive the Hell Emblem which allows you to make powerful (if 
expensive) traps which cannot be defended against (such as the Evil Stomp from 

The next 2 tricks were also sent by Brian K Nii

Knights (the ones without visors) are immune to blast traps, even though it 
doesn't say so in the descriptions.

Intruders with the arrow immunity are immune to the Volt Javelin as well (unlike 
the Laser Arrow in Kagero) even with its pierce ability. However, a level 4 
Hunter Blade (one of my favorite traps) does slice through armored enemies even 
though it's considered an arrow trap.

The next set of tricks were also sent in by Brian K Nii (A Deception 3 master, 
he is :P)

You get a bonus of 50000 dreak every time you finish the game. Unlike Kagero, 
you also get to keep the traps and dreak you had when you finish the game, and 
you do not have to make the Special Traps to get them.  (Author's note:  Thank 
goodness.  I always hated getting almost all the traps toward the end of Kagero, 
then having to build them all back up after beating the game.

Invaders that have arrow immunity can be hit with arrows when caught in a magnet 
trap, but not claw traps.

Traps that 'null defense' can knock HellKnights out of their 'invincibility' 
mode (you can tell when a HellKnight is 'invincible' when they take 1 damage 
from all traps).

Trap switches can be activated by any trap at moves across it (i.e. push walls, 
arrows, rocks). This is important for those hard to reach switches  (like the 
laser device in the Dark Ruins where the switch is high on the wall, you can use 
a rock to trigger it).

Finishing an area adds that map to the trap practice mode (you can get the 
Secret Hideout and Home maps from the Ending No. 1 route).

Here's a chart showing paths to the different endings, and the rewards you get.  
Ending #2 is unknown at this time.

David Choi sent in info regarding ending #2.  He says you can get it by killing 
yourself when you go back in time and are in the home scenario.  (Don't go with 
Cecilia in Chapter 14.)  I haven't tested this myself yet.  It has been 
confirmed by various sources that this is how to reach ending #2.  Just die in 
any way, shape, or form in level 24.  Here is another bit of info about ending 
#2, sent in by Jamie Aczel.  Interesting note... if you lose in Chapter 24, you 
aren't given a chance to replay like other missions. Instead you get a very cool 
"poor man's (or girl's) ending." Miguel takes your older self's body to 
Margareta, who gets the Core Stone off of it. But then, Cecilia shows up with 
the other Core Stone (from the younger Reina in Chapter 1... why didn't she get 
it before?), and the two Stones cause a paradox or something, sucking the Queen 
and Cecilia (well, she disappears) into oblivion. In the future, Miguel is 
apparently raping Christina, when they both start to disintegrate... I'm not 
sure about why this happens, the AUO is disbanded or the world ends due to the 
paradox or something? Finally, there is a very cool clip of the tapestry, with 
what I THINK is Reina using her traps drawn into the end...The "Mission All 
Clear" screen lists this as Ending No. 2

(Game Start)
Chapter 1
Chapter 14 -> [Go with Cecilia] -> Chapter 22 (Ending No. 4)
[Don't go with Cecilia]         
Chapter 23 -> [Use life prolonging effect] -> Chapter 24 (Ending No. 3)
[Go back in time]
    V                       die on L24
Chapter 24 --------------------------- > Ending 2
(Ending No. 1)

Ending No. 1 - Hell Emblem
Ending No. 2 - Killer Top
Ending No. 3 - Banana Peel, Baraccuda
Ending No. 4 - Banana Peel, Delta Horse, Teleporter
There seem to be discrepancies as to what endings reap what rewards, I'll check 
into it more as I get different endings, but people have told me that they have 
gotten other rewards than the ones listed.

Brian K Nii also mentions that there is a sound test, but isn't yet sure of the 
requirements for unlocking it.  Rinoa_sama wrote in saying that finishing the 
Trap License mode unlocks the sound test.  I have confirmed this myself as I 
just unlocked the sound test.  You can listen to all of the BGM and also the 
various death screams when you kill people (very cool)

These next bits of info were sent in by Electric Tekken Pickle.

While playing through the game (after choosing to go with cecilia in chapter 14) 
i was able to kill miguel and i noticed something odd..  along with a pool of 
blood he left behind a white glowing mark on the floor, unfortunately i killed 
him in an area i couldnt reach so i was unable to try to get the glowing 
object... It is my guess that this could be the ??? ring that the instruction 
book mentions, since it says there is something special you must do to get it.

Also.. tips on beating the hellknight without talking any damage:
1:  set a trap in the exact middle of a room because they always teleport to the 
precise middle square whenever they can.
2: they will not attack across a pendulum room trap, or other such device.. to 
murder a hellknight easily just keep sucking them into the pendulum as they are 
walking around it to get to you.. always keep on the other side and away from 
the vacuum and you should win without a problem.  
3: easiest room to kill a hellknight in is the large room in the queens castle 
with the Fan on the wall.  Just stand on the opposite end of the room with a 
large area vacuum trap (preferably with a long duration and charge ring) and a 
charge ringed slave hammer or similar trap ready to bash the vacuumed person 
into the fan.  When the hellknight teleports in you automatically have him in 
the vacuum and then you hammer him to the fan.  If your vacuum has a decent 
charge time (hell vacuum has too long a charge time even with the ring) you can 
pretty much keep doing this.  Proper setting of a cold arrow will also insure 
that even if the vaccuum doesnt suck him to the centre on the first try, youll 
always have time to try again.

Here are a couple notes on traps sent in by pscion

Stick a Chain Needle aiming over a waterfall. It'll push the enemy over the 
fall, and combo all its hits as well! (BTW, Chain Needle doesn't combo with 
itself if the opponent isn't about 2 - 5 blocks from it. And sometimes you can 
hit an enemy immune to arrows with it, as they won't be fast enough to deflect 
every-other hit.)

Hellfire is tall enough to reach device triggers high on the wall, such as the 
one for the Ark.

The launchers (those squares in the floor allowing your character to jump) can 
throw people in the middle of your combos, although it does not damage.

The spinning Mad Pillars can deflect a Buzzsaw. Sometimes, it reflects right 
back at itself, and sometimes it'll deflect at a 90-degree angle. In the room 
w/2 Cerbes, I bounced a Buzzsaw between the two pillars before continuing it's 
trek across the room. It does not carry an opponent after ricocheting, though.

Nebular sent in that you obtain the Zero Ring for completing expert mode.  You 
also get 200000 dreak.  However, it costs 100000 to add the zero ring to a 
trap... ouch.

Here's a tip sent in by de ja vu:  Those enemies in the game with the giant 
hammers that can cause earthquake can sometimes be a pain. However I have found 
a way to compensate for this. When they are about to use earthquake, just before 
the hammer hits the ground, if you press o you will go to the trap select 
screen. Exit the screen and the game will continue but when the hammer hits the 
ground nothing will happen and you will not be stunned.

More tips sent in by pscion

1) During play, don't touch the controller for about 30 seconds and Reina will 
strike a pose. :) Tres cool.

2) Normally, the between-chapter loading screens show a black & white full body 
portrait of the recently deceased. There are a few exceptions. After completing 
chapter 3, Reina herself is pictured. This occurs when the player finally gets 
the ability to construct new traps. (I idly wonder if, by being merciful in the 
first three chapters, Reina can postpone "turning to the dark side".)

3)The magic formula for computing the amount of Ark gained per trap combo is:

[Sum of all damage done so far in the combo] multiplied by [Product of all trap 
Ark Rates used in the combo so far] multiplied by 1.5 for *each* combo meter tag 
on *that* hit (like, "Core Hit", "Rapid Fire", "Midair hit", etc.).

So, if you had 2 traps with stats:
A   Damage=20  ArkRate=1.5
B   Damage=40  ArkRate=2.0

And the combo goes:
A hits, "Core Hit"  (20) x (1.5) x 1.5 = 45 Ark for first hit

Then B hits, "Rapid Fire", "Midair Hit"
(20 + 40) x (1.5 x 2.0) x 1.5 x 1.5 = 405 Ark for second hit

Total Ark = 45 + 405 = 450 Ark for 2-hit combo

Then trap C hits, no combometer tags; its stats are Damage=60 ArkRate=1.2

(20 + 40 + 60) x (1.5 x 2.0 x 1.2) = 432 Ark for third hit,

Total Ark = 45 + 405 + 432 = 882 Ark for 3-hit combo.

Oddball cases:
If you use the same trap in a combo more than once, it gives you no Ark. It 
pretty much acts like that hit never happened.

I haven't yet pinned down how multi-hit traps, like Blast Magnet and Chain 
Needle, act. Nor have I yet studied room devices.

4) Neat Bug: When I try to blast someone from the bottom of the waterfall, over 
the edge and put them on top of the waterfall, (by Hellfire, for example), the 
character goes into the "slipping off the ledge" animation in mid-air, falls 
onto the high-end of the waterfall, immediately goes into the animation *again*, 
and falls off of the waterfall. It's cool, but WTF?

5) Another Deception trademark: errors on the back of the CD cover: The text 
there names the main character Layna instead of Reina. I seem to remember the 
Japanese language having a single sound with is translated either as a R or a L 
sound, since neither appear in the language.

Zanzibar sent in this tip

I have found that the easiest way to kill a hellknight in deception 3 (castle 
hades ONLY!!) is with a c-mega yo-yo!! All you have to do is lure the sucker 
into the throne room, go into the hallway (through the double
doors!!) and quickly set up your c-mega yo-yo in the EXACT center... set it in 
such a way that only 1 square of the range is in the room (the rest needs to go 
through the double doors). As soon as the doors open, hit the trap... the 
hellknight will go flying back into the throne room... repeat until the sucker 
is dead... And yes, this will get around his nasty teleport ability!

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